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Review #1, by Karen 31. Closer to the Heart

6th December 2017:
Good read and yes I read the whole thing and I appreciate the effort you put in. Thanks for sticking with it to the end.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for sticking with it with me!


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Review #2, by Hidebehind 31. Closer to the Heart

29th May 2017:
So my favourite part of this story was that you made bunnies the bad guys - are you a Buffy fan perchance? :)

Your imagery is fantastic, you've captured the adolescent pangs of first love perfectly whilst keeping it very much grounded in the magical world (which a lot of fics seem to lose along the way!)

Anyway, congrats on a great piece - I didn't cheat and skip ahead, but then again I read the whole thing in about a day... keep writing!

Hidebehind x

Author's Response: Haha, I am a HUGE Buffy fan!

I see a lot of readers skip ahead to the "good parts", but really, I tried to make the plot of this thing relevant throughout (and really, if you're reading this story and think that rabbits or vampires or teen-ish stuff is 'boring', then you picked the wrong fic, is all I'm saying). It's nice to know you read it all. I appreciate that!

Thanks so much for your words. I'm still writing, but I like to wait until I have a grounded idea before posting. It might be a while. Thanks so much for your kind words. Readers like you make writers like me keep going. :)


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Review #3, by Betsy Marshall (no pen name) 31. Closer to the Heart

16th May 2017:
Found your story thru the Dobby Awards list, really want to congratulate you on your sense of timing; dropping bits of info and hints about the unseen actions throughout, rather than big expository passages. The pacing was excellent, cliffhangers are expected in this episodic form, and the characters really seemed to be part of the HP world.

Author's Response: Wow, I'm so happy you gave my story a chance. I did work hard on the structure, even if it's just a little romp through HP world with rabbits and blood. :) Thanks so much for appreciating this tale. It means a lot to me to hear from readers like you.


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Review #4, by October27 31. Closer to the Heart

30th April 2017:
All I can say is woah, and thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable well-written inventive read.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.


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Review #5, by 800 words of heaven 2. Trusting Hearts

3rd April 2017:

Hey, Pix! It has been a ridiculously long time since I read chapter one of this story, but I remember that you blitzed through Like a House on Fire for me, and Iíve always wanted to return the favour. This seemed like a good excuse.

I am immediately struck by how sweet Wren is. She makes my heart ache with just how much she cares for her great-grandmother. What a sweetheart. Theyíre both trying to adjust to this massive change, but Wren understands that itís much more difficult for Augusta than it is for herself, which shows a lot of emotional maturity.

Ah, so thatís whatís going on with Augusta! It is actually horrible, but I remember feeling a little confused and very curious as to what was ailing the strong old woman. ďDiseasesĒ of the heart are the hardest to fix, even with magic, I think. Wren is starting to understand that better than most.

Oh, gosh! Iím really feeling for the Longbottom family! I think Wren is handling this marvellously so far, considering how young she is. This young woman will go far, I can tell.

Your description is always on point. I donít know how you do it Ė itís like magic to me. London felt so busy and confusing, mirroring the way Wren is feeling so well. Sheís gone out onto the streets to lose herself, almost.

Well, isnít Dillon creepy. Also, his mother is strange, too, telling this little boy to go find his magic ďon his ownĒ. That doesnít sound like a very pleasant experience for anyone. I have a bad feeling about thisÖ


This kid gets weirder and weirder. Consider me intrigued. I thought this story was going in one direction, but it is clearly not. I cannot wait!

Author's Response: Hi!!

I'm glad you came back to the story, and I hope you get to read through the whole thing, now that it's finished. It really was a fun thing to write. Of course I say that now, feeling my betas looking over my shoulder and shaking their heads at me. I tend to get insecure during editing... anyway...

The Longbottoms have some bad turns here at the start of the story. There's a lot that Wren has to deal with, and it doesn't really matter how old she is. It's hard for anyone to deal with, but that's life, hey?

Aw, thanks for the kudos on description. I try. :) Dillon IS a creepy thing. By design. I'm pleased that you felt that.

Thanks for the words!


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Review #6, by Marshal 29. Secrets of the Heart

2nd April 2017:
Pieces are finally coming together and things are making more sense. Of course the sensible thing to do would be to read things in order but that cannot be done this day.

Anyway I love the start of the chapter - dire situation and the girls talk about Wren's crush on Albus. Many authors who try to weave romance or moments like these into dire situations fail horribly at it and I'm talking published works here, but you managed it well and realistically. I didn't find myself scoffing at them and I think it helped that you acknowledged that to some this is the worst time to talk about romance and tease a person about a potential love interest but then gave a good reason why to do it. Honestly that was brilliantly done on your part!

I also love the interaction between James and Albus you write them well as brothers, I loved them passing the map back and forth between than. That was so brotherly and I like how James encouraged Albus to be with his girl and try to help her.

As for the end of the chapter you've certainly set up a true cliff hanger I'm very much wanting to know what happens next, fill in the gap between this chapter and the last!

Again while I'm jumping all over the place on this story I have been enjoying and it is very well written.

Author's Response: Ah yeah, this chapter would put things together for you. I really hope you get to read this thing in order one day. I'd love to know what you thought about all the little things and how they came together. That would be so awesome and cool. Maybe we could do a review swappy thing sometime?

Awww... your compliments made me all tingly. I knew it was the worst time, but if you think you're going to die, there's no time like the present to clear the air. Teens tend to have that immortality vibe going on, so I didn't want a lot of regret, just the "now or never" feel. So I'm glad that worked for you without it feeling hokey or misplaced, or awkward... actually, it was supposed to be awkward so...

James was written as a jerk through a bit of the previous chapters. This was his reconciliation scene. :)

I truly have enjoyed these whirlwind reviews and I hope you at least got to enjoy the parts of the story that you read. Hopefully, you'll get to come back one day and read it all in order.

I'm serious about the review swap thing...

Thanks so much! I loved all of your words!


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Review #7, by MalfoysAngel 27. Racing Hearts

2nd April 2017:
It's the bunny apocalypse! I'm loving the action in this lead up. I can tell the final showdown is going to be one of epic proportions and I'm loving the suspense you are adding to this. For not knowing much about what's going on, you are snagging my attention easily and I'm dying to know what happens next (And the lead up to this event) Why are the bunnies controlling Madame Prince and Madame Pomfrey and just what is in that punch? The idea that something so innocent and cute can be the spawn of Satan terrifies me more than clowns do and I hate clowns. I remember reading Bunnicula in school and it pales in comparison to what you have done with this story. Of course that rabbit only sucked the juice out of vegetables and not the juice out of humans so your's is a major step up and adds the perfect amount of terror. I feel like I'm watching a horror movie when I read this. And I love it! I really do need to go back and read the previous chapters to find out how they discovered that the bunnies are evil and out for blood.

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Review #8, by Marshal 27. Racing Hearts

2nd April 2017:
Ooo! The tension really ante's up here at the end of the chapter! Dillon is coming in! Though I know very little that is terrifying.

The Thrall thing to control the people is interesting and I wonder what the issue with not using the concept of zombies. Why people don't want to think about it or speak it. The characters under the Thrall seem a bit zombie like.

Also I'm thinking it is normal tea rather than special tea that counter act the Thrall? I'll have to find out I suppose by reading earlier chapters.

As for the vampire bunnies... wow that is ingenious and different! They are totally not cute and sweet like Bunicula. Also the bunnies if faced with them would terrify me! They sound super creepy.

Also - the shoe phone - I love how no one thought much of it and honestly the visual being all serious talking to a shoe - though maybe just a little grody as that is what one walks on. Still I love how ALbus is managing the dire situation he's in and trying to do what needs to be done to save people it is very clear that he is a hero type. Over all the visuals from Albus to Wren were fantastic and the transitions between characters worked really well. I look forward to learning more!

Author's Response: Alrighty, well... now I'm all confused. Where are we in the story now?... Ah, there it is.

This skipping around thing is tough!

The thing about zombies is a Wren thing, and it's covered in a different chapter... not a big thing, but it's part of Wren so I'll leave it at that. Yeah, and the tea too.

Yep. Totally not cute. And not like Bunnicula either.

I LOVED the shoe phone bit. I have no idea what made me use it, but I thought it would make people smile, or at least make me smile, which is the whole point. Albus is TRYING to be a hero, he really is, but he has no idea what to do - really no one does.

Thanks for another review!


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Review #9, by Marshal 31. Closer to the Heart

2nd April 2017:
The end of the line here I know I skipped a lot but the ending was great. I had a feeling there were vampires involved based on what I read in chapter 17 and the discussion between Albus and Wren about them.

Anyway I loved the sweet moment between Albus and Wren I was litterally going aww yay when they kissed. I loved the line about the difference between doing what she wanted in regards to Albus compare to Dillon - that was a beautiful line! It just really struck me that.

Anyway the sweetness of the two characters is perfect and so innocent, it is clear that the two are smitten with eachother and I can see the looks and smiles they give one another in my head - you conveyed the young love from best friends very very well.

Also I'm sad to hear about Madame Pince and that she is going to die - but at the same time I'm glad that while the main characters get their personal happily ever after not everyone gets it.

Also with you mentioning that Wren can now sense vampires, it makes me wonder if you are going to do anything new or additional with the character of Wren. There is a lot of potential there - but it isn't a must do you did a lovely job of giving the story a sense of completion where a reader is not left hanging.

I look forward to filling in some of the gaps and I'm also astounded that you packed soo much story in such a short span of time (Wren waking up just before Halloween)! One random note, Wren being bed ridden to being able to just jump up and go take pictures all in the same day is a little wow but then again magic so what do I know. Great story!

Author's Response: Aww, hey, but you got to see things come together, I hope. :)

"I had a feeling there were vampires involved..."

Hahahaha! *snort* Bwahahahaha!

That's what happens when you skip around. lol! Anyway. That line about comparing Wren's motivations being influenced by Albus, and the things she was involved in with Dillon, that was a big deal in the story. Wren had a lot to sort out there. I'm glad the scene worked for you. My goal was to make this an "innocent romance" story, so it makes me happy that you saw it that way.

Pince didn't get a great recovery, but after everything, someone had to bite the dust. She was old. And I couldn't do it to Augusta. Short straw for the librarian, I guess.

I don't know if I have another Wren story in me either. I knew that it wouldn't be right to ignore the long-term consequences of what had happened. It was a big enough deal that someone had to carry some scars away from the story. I figured a new ability might do the trick... and make her sort of a wizard superhero... sort of... maybe... it sounded cool in my head, anyway.


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Review #10, by MalfoysAngel 31. Closer to the Heart

2nd April 2017:
I'm glad to see that everyone got a happy ending...well mostly everyone (Poor Madam Prince). I love it when a final chapter ties up all the loose ends with a pretty bow and this did that quite nicely.

I have to admit I skipped ahead to the last chapter to see what happens but I do that with books too so I have to make sure to go back and read what happened to get to this point. And what led up to the final showdown with the bunnies.

I'm glad to see that despite everything that happened (or that I'm assuming happened) Albus and Wren are still friends and developing into something more in a way that seems natural and not forced. If you haven't already, I wish you would write a sequel or at least a companion piece to see where they end up and how Wren's ability can benefit her in the future. If vampires were real, I would love the ability to detect them. That would be my superpower of choice, or to have the ability to be a human lie detector. I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed reading this chapter and once real life slows down I will have to come back and take the time to start from chapter one instead of jumping around to random chapters. (I really have to break that habit)

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Review #11, by MalfoysAngel 17. Whispering Hearts

2nd April 2017:
AMAZING! I'm glad I was able to make sense of what was going on even though I skipped a few (16) chapters and I was on the edge of my seat. I'm glad to see a more than platonic relationship developing between Albus and Wren. Now if only Wren could get the rabbits from Hades and Dillon out of her head hopefully she could see it too. The way you changed points of view was seamless when you changed during the library scene.

If it wasn't explained in previous chapters, I'm interested in finding out what the connection is to the restricted section and why A monster rabbit would be hiding there. It seems like it has some sort of hold on Madam Prince because as protective of her library and her books as she is, I can't picture her not noticing a monster in her library or Wren and Albus' attempt to catch it. From what you wrote the stench of rotten apples alone would make me want to investigate.

I'm curious to see what hold Bunny has over Wren, and why having the voice of a rabbit in her head calms her down. And just what was in that tea? I will have to go back and start at the beginning to see what happened to Gran and why Wren is having trouble with her magic. Hopefully I'm able to manage it soon.

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Review #12, by Marshal 17. Whispering Hearts

2nd April 2017:
WOW - like seriously wow! I know I jumped ahead several chapters and I'm missing a few things particularly in regards to Gran but aside from that I was able to pick up a lot of what is going on.

There is a whole load of creep factor going on - like crazy amounts of it. Dillon and Bunny speaking in her head. She's struggling with magic... just wow.

It is interesting that Wren is realizing how creepy Dillon is - but sad that she can't see it with Bunny - bunny has a huge hold on her it seems!

Anyway the scene with the monster rabbit I was on the edge of my seat eyes racing to the next sentence the next word. The action was incredible and hyped up all the more with the rabbit being in her mind.

I have to say I can't help but wonder if Rabbit has gotten to Pince. The way she didn't see the food trail, just suddenly left and never returned, then the fact that rabbit is huge. The story has some major interest points that have me realling. Like I have questions but a lot of them I'm sure would be answered if I jump backwards and I'll see if I can but still just wow. It kind of puts me beyond words what is going on here. I just know that in some ways I'm getting a little bit of Little Shop of Horrors vibe here only Hogwarts style and with bunny rabbits (which is way more creepy than a large plant). I have a feeling you are going to make me hate my childhood favorite animal. Still I shall be reading other chapters when I can!

Author's Response: Hey!

Yeah, that's the thing with these events, but it makes me happy that I got a wow from this chapter. :) You got the setup, and here's where it gets messy.

Yay for creepy rodents!! I'd love to comment more, but I'm still hoping that you'll get a chance to read the whole story one day and I don't want to give away too much of the mechanics. I worked hard on those you know. :P

Ahh, the action rabbit scene! That had to work, or this whole story wouldn't be right. I'm glad you enjoyed what you saw. It was interesting writing the "inside the mind" and the "outside action" sequences, and I wasn't sure the pacing would withstand such things, but nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say. I had to try it out.

I'm really enjoying your reviews! Thanks so much!


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Review #13, by ABlack 3. Cold Toes, Warm Heart

2nd April 2017:
Why am I getting Bunicula vibes off this bunny? There is definitely something going here. How did it get out of its hatch/cage and end up on her pillow? Creepy factor one.

The way Wren has episodes of brain fog is clearly more than typical teenage spacing out. She seems to be having visions from her innocent petís point of view and losing large tracks of time. That her hair has grown out and she didnít notice is†quite telling. But why hasnít any of her friends or family noticed her distraction yet? Creepy factor two.

And along the lines of family, whatís up with Gran? Iím beginning to think that the bunny is not only affecting Wren, but also Gran. Creepy factor three.

Speaking of bunny, somehow you managed to take something rather innocent Ė a fluffy bunny Ė and make it somehow sinister. Kudos to you for somehow pulling that off because I honestly didnít think it was possible.

Unlike most next-generation stories, this one is very original. Yes, it has Albus and gang, and itís painfully obvious Albus has a thing for Wren (Iím curious as when heíll start picking up vibes about bunny). But for all that, the story doesnít feel like a tired retread. I donít think Iíve ever come across anything quite like it, and Iíve read more than my fair share of HP tales.


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Review #14, by Marshal 3. Cold Toes, Warm Heart

2nd April 2017:
Hmmm there is so much to say here I am not sure where to start. In some ways my head is spinning right along with Wren in this chapter. The fogs and hazes you have created as well as the distance and almost missed time is interesting and I can help but wonder what is going on. I feel like a lot of this relates back to what happened in the previous chapter. Like maybe something happened when she met Dillon or something I don't know. I am certainly intrigued and curious now to know what exactly is going on. Particularly with the obsession of with Bunny and the sudden and sort of unexplained panic attack Wren had. Curiouser and Curiouser.

The oddness that has my head spinning aside, I really like the awkwardness between Albus and Wren. It is soo dead clear that the boy is smitten with her! I know she doesn't see it and it is hard to see it when you are on the receiving end but as an external observer it is adorable and I look forward to seeing more. I just feel bad for Albus becuase Wren is in an odd spot and in some ways is brushing him aside without realizing it and it isn't fair to the poor boy - but life isn't fair in the end. It will be interesting to see what comes next and how my questions will be answered!

Author's Response: Hi again!

Yeah, I apologize for the spinning thing, but it was necessary to bring the disorientation out in front and have people get that bit about what Wren was going through. At this point, if Wren knew what was going on, we'd have the story finished up in about three chapters. Unfortunately, we can't have that and I had a lot of stuff to play with. You're definitely on the right track with Dillon though.

I wanted Albus's feelings to be clear, and also play with the realism in situations like that. It shouldn't be easy. It should be a challenge, and with Wren in the position she's in, she wouldn't be in the right frame of mind to deal with it anyway, so there you are. It does make it extremely unfair to Albus. I felt just about as sorry for him as you do. Poor guy!

I hope you get to read more!


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Review #15, by Marshal 2. Trusting Hearts

2nd April 2017:
So heart breaking! The part with Gran, my goodness seeing such a strong woman fall apart is so heart wrenching. I think it gets to me more as I have a family member who is loosing it mentally as well so I can relate and what you have here is realistic. I like the touch of wandless magic with pillows though. It makes sense that a older witch or wizard who is loosing it would possibly do accidental magic as it were.

I feel so much for Gran and her loss and all the more for Wren who is dealing with so much turmoil. That said I really like Wren as a character she is unique having her own style and flair that isn't a carbon copy of something I've seen before or of her parents. Kudos on making her original and yet having a flair that says yes she is Neville and Hannah's daughter.

Then the bit with Dillon, I can't help but wonder if he is a squib maybe - he's an interesting character and so sweet and innocent. It will be interesting to see what becomes of him in the coming chapters. Also Bunnies! I love bunny rabbits and seeing them featured in the fic is awesome, of course it makes sense considering the title of the fic but honestly you are weaving a nice story here and I look forward to seeing more!

Author's Response: Hi Marshal!

Welcome to my crazy story. I know you're blitz reviewing, but I appreciate all of your words, and I love it when people read my story! I mean, who doesn't? Right?

I figured that to get someone like Augusta in a bad place, it'd have to be something quite serious. She's old, which means there's a lot of weight on her, and things tend to pile up on people when they're faced with years and years of "stuff".

Wren was a character that required a bit of wrangling, but then when I got her, she was fully there, if you know what I mean. Thanks for the compliments on her individualistic style. Wren and I thank you!

Dillon was supposed to be this creepy enigma through the first half of the story, and then do a BAM somewhere in the middle. Hopefully I pulled this off for you. Thanks so much for reading!


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Review #16, by LageddyAngie 31. Closer to the Heart

14th March 2017:
This was really great, I could read your work all day. Actually I have. Thanks for sharing!!!

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm so happy you enjoyed reading my story!


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Review #17, by John George 4. Hearts and Minds

6th February 2017:
I can't stop reading. This is great!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading! You just made my day!

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Review #18, by Mel 31. Closer to the Heart

12th July 2016:
I have never written a review for any story here before, but after reading this one I felt I must. This story kept me fascinated from beginning to end. I actually felt like I was reading a book, that I would want to re-visit over and over. Thank you for writing, you definitely have a gift.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your words! I am so glad you enjoyed the story. Reviews like this mean the world to writers like me.


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Review #19, by SnowFeather 15. Heart Tracks

6th December 2015:
What happened to Sloan? I feel something weird is going on. Nate is a good guy and smart enough to notice that Albus has the biggest crush on Wren.
But Wren, why is she so stubborn to admit his true feeling for her? Poor Albus.

It's progress that Albus and Wren were talking about the tactics against bunnys. I expect you'll show us the team Albus and Wren find the clue against Dillon's evil plan.

You showed us when Wren was taking photos, her condition became carefree. And I could feel how Albus cared about her. I also enjoyed the Quidditch scene.

It's restless for Albus that James kept doing pranks on him. Finally the map was gone. It's annoying for Albus everything including soap, are enchanted, especially in the shower, feeling being exposed and defenseless.

Wish you and your family happy winter holidays!

Author's Response: Hi!

Yes, something weird is going on. Nate is very observant. I bet he wishes Albus would notice as much as he should as well.

Wren loves being a photographer. I think she will be taking lots of pictures for a long, long time. I'm glad you enjoyed the Quidditch scene. It's not easy for me to write, but it's fun to do some action now and then.

Albus is not enjoying this prank war that his brother insists on. Even though James is the older brother, he doesn't act as mature as his age sometimes. That is unfortunate.

Thanks for the review! I love hearing from you!


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Review #20, by wolfgirl17 1. Have a Heart

1st December 2015:
Hey Pixi!

Wolfgirl here from the forums with your requested review. Finally. I'm so sorry it took me so long.

I have to admit, I was a little hesitant to give your fic a try, what with the rabbit and all, but I'm pleased you requested. This chapter was a fantastic intro into what I don't doubt will be an entirely thrilling read. I really enjoyed the way you introduced Wren and the other characters.

Wren seems really layered. I like that you had her currently experiencing a psychological and physical upheaval in her life, what with the sudden bad turn her Gran has taken, in addition to the move and all. The way you depicted her as still being irritated by little things - such as Rose's packing skills - whilst trying to hold it together and not break down in tears over everything that's happening was really well written.

I've got to admit, this business with the rabbit has me intrigued. Rabbits can be tricksy little fellows, I've found, and I'm kind of looking forward to seeing how you go about writing an animal into the fic.

Keep up the great work. You know you're awesome.


Author's Response: Aww, hey!

You meant the cute little innocent rabbit on my banner actually made you NOT WANT TO READ THIS FIC???

Amazing. LOL! Though I stretched things a bit and tried really hard to remain unpredictable throughout the plot, this is by far not some silly romp through Hogwarts with cute, furry critters. I mean, honestly, there aren't even any unicorns or anything.

But seriously, when I was in revision with this, I had to fire my previous MC. Like, just rip her right out of the story and insert someone who could live up to the expectations that I had. I am so pleased that she's working out for you in chapter one. People have commented that I was a little too hard on her, but you know, no pain, no story. Also, I take it from your lack of commenting on it that the slight issue that my beta pointed out to me in this chapter wasn't noticeable. Fantastic!

And I promise, this story isn't ALL about the rabbit. ;)

Thanks for the review. I hope you get the chance to read the rest of this sometime!


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Review #21, by Akussa 4. Hearts and Minds

8th November 2015:

Alright I'm slowly working on this story, reading a couple chapters at a time and review as a whole. I have not read the next chapter so I might be wrong but I feel like we just closed a story arc.

The characters are really, really interesting. Wren is interesting, mysterious, real, painful. Clearly something else is going on with her but the melting pot of her gran's illness and clear descend, being a teenager / moving toward adulthood is having an effect on her. I like how she seems to lose her grasp on reality at times, losing the sense of time and her ability to socially interact.
Clearly that can't be her normal ways (a least not that intense) if she has so many close friends. I'm really curious about her.

Albus is really quite sensible. He really cares about her and makes her needs go before his so that is very selfless.

Now my question : is Wren going to be allowed to bring her bunny to Hogwarts?

Alright, there are more pressing questions like who was the boy? What's his story? How does he fit in all this?

So far, I like the flow, the rythm is interesting. No matter how Wren seems to have difficulty keeping her line of thought, you make this enjoyable and easy to follow. I'm really interested in finding out more about this story. I'll read more and review more my dear!


Author's Response:


I'm so glad you stopped in and read a handful of chapters! I am still meaning to get to your story, and I promise that I will very soon. NaNo was a great experience for me, but I ended up having to drop a lot of other stuff to make it work.

Ah, but that's done now.

Well, of course Wren gets to bring Bunny to Hogwarts! Otherwise, I wouldn't have 31 chapters to this story... and that would be sad. Unfortunately, I can't answer your other questions. I hope they make you want to keep reading though. Then you can tell me if you had any guesses and whether they were close.

Thanks so much for the review!


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Review #22, by matthew 31. Closer to the Heart

4th November 2015:
A really great story

Author's Response: It means a lot to me that you stopped to leave a note. Thanks for reading!


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Review #23, by gingerbutnotaweasley 31. Closer to the Heart

7th October 2015:
I think you've givien me a fear of rabbits.

Author's Response:
Uh oh. I hope you enjoyed the story anyway. :)

Thanks for reading the whole thing!


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Review #24, by Liana 3. Cold Toes, Warm Heart

1st October 2015:
Wren seems like another Luna right now, although maybe a little more frantic and prone to worry. I'm wondering if she has some sort of special power. Interesting that Scorpius is part of this group of friends. Love this story so far.

Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying the story! I hadn't thought of Wren being similar to Luna before, but you're right that at this point she isn't thinking as clearly as her friends.

Thanks for keeping on!


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Review #25, by Liana 2. Trusting Hearts

30th September 2015:
Now there are two mysteries. What happened to the first bunny and who is the strange little boy with the basket of rabbits. I'm not sure if I'd be happier in the country or in Diagon Alley. You'd think a teenager would like living on Diagon Alley. It's hard to see Augusta Longbottom in such a poor state. She was so strong.

Author's Response:

Yes, I'd think I'd be happy living in Dragon Alley too, but Wren misses her home so much and August a makes things even harder on her. She's got a lot to deal with right now.

I hated putting Augusta in such a state too.

Wow, thanks for the reviews! You made my night!


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