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Review #1, by Beeezie The Lucky Girl

11th July 2014:
It was really interesting to read this right after Anachronous! I'm not sure if in your head-canon they're connected, but when Tonks started talking about her mother, I could hear Andromeda's voice from Anachronous, and it was a really interesting way to fill in some blanks that Tonks touched upon but didn't really expand on, particularly when it came to Andromeda's relationship with Ted.

Regardless - this is primarily about Tonks, and not her mother. And I thought that you did a great job at showing her in this moment. I loved the insight and advice from both of her parents and how she took it to heart - I could really get a sense of Ted and Andromeda's personalities and background solely from the advice they gave her, which was really cool. I also loved the brief mention of Charlie - from what little we see of him, I can see him and Tonks getting along wonderfully.

The conversation Tonks had with Arielle was also lovely. For a moment, I was afraid that it would turn really sad - she wasn't going to get a letter because she was a Squib, or something - but instead, it was just a nice way to showcase a little more of Tonk's personality, and it was perfectly handled.

You really managed to give off a really strong sense of who Tonks is as a person in a very limited amount of time. Great job.

House Cup 2014 Review - Ravenclaw

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Review #2, by greenbirds The Lucky Girl

4th March 2014:
Hey! I'm Bea, and here from the Ravenclaw Review Battle.
So I LOVE Tonks and this automatically attracted me. I was really excited to see how you'd portray Tonks, I personally think she's quite a difficult canon to write especially in narrative but you did her justice. In fact, I'd say you did her more than justice, you spun a whole new dimension of Tonks who wasn't that explored in the books (not enough for me, anyway).
I loved her conversation with Arielle, and I loved how you added in that snippet about Charlie Weasley. It just struck me how young she was! Additionally, I'd like to say how much I appreciated a stand-alone Tonks story; almost all the ones I read are linked in with Remus.

"It was when her father began talking this way that her mothers face lost its hint of a smile. As a child, she had wondered why they didnt talk often. Now she understood it better."

Noo, I love Ted Tonks and Andromeda (perhaps my affection for this ship has been emphasised by the frequent romanticism of it in fanfiction, though)- could you potentially explain that? Why don't they talk often?? My heart welted ever so slightly at that sentence.
This was a really great one-shot; I have no criticisms, and I think you're a fantastic writer! I look forward to reading more of your work.
Bea xx

Author's Response: Hello, thanks for stopping by!

Oh, I'm so glad you liked my characterization! I agree that it seems like she's usually written alongside Remus or Charlie and I liked being able to just explore her on her own. She's really a fascinating powerhouse of a character.

I also love Ted and Andromeda, and I don't think that line should be interpreted to mean that they aren't close or in love. They definitely are. But their relationship grew in trial and turmoil and they knew they'd be putting their daughter in harm's way by defying social convention to even have her. It pains Andromeda, especially, to think about Tonks growing up and facing all the complications of the wizarding world, particularly in such a dangerous, direct way. So it's not that Ted and Andromeda aren't close, it's more that they don't like talking about things that could remind them of the past. They have other ways of expressing their affection for one another. I hope that makes sense!

Thank you so much for your kind review :)


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Review #3, by m_vicky The Lucky Girl

28th February 2014:
I always thought Tonks was a very interesting and kind of underrated character and it was really nice to reas a story from her point of view.Even as an one-shot, it was very enjoyable and helped me get a real feel of Tonks,as well as her life, her past and family. I liked it very much!

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for coming by :)

I agree that Tonks is kind of underrated and I wish people would explore her more often! I'm glad you felt like I exposed her character effectively and explored her life in interesting ways.

Thanks so much for your kind review!


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Review #4, by Kinnu The Lucky Girl

31st January 2014:

I loved the start of your story. Unconventional, but hey... it had me hooked as soon as I read it.

I've read it twice but I didn't understand the last sentence:
"Perhaps my stealth skills are improving after all." Could you please explain?

Anyway, I loved your writing style. On my favourites!

Happy writing and looking forward to reading more of your stories,


Author's Response: Thanks so much for this very kind review!

Well, we know from canon that stealth was one of the areas in which Tonks wasn't exactly top Auror material. She's a bit clumsy and she has a vibrant personality, both of which make it tough for her to blend in. With that line, I meant to show that she was able to sneak onto the lift and follow Moody up to the correct location without giving herself away, which she saw as a sort of personal stealth-related victory. It underscores that she is cut out to be an Auror after all. Hope that makes sense.

Glad you enjoyed the story! Thanks again!


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Review #5, by True Author The Lucky Girl

23rd January 2014:
Hi there!

I really loved your plot! Not many authors around here try to right more about the time when Remus and Tonks hadn't met, so I found this very original and nice. I thought you captured the tension and all the emotions in her mind really well and your Tonks was highly believable. :)

I also love that Charlie and Tonks were best friends! That sort of explains why Molly knew Tonks so well and why she was trying to get Bill fall for her. That must have been because she knew Tonks for years and was sure Tonks was a nice person. And they have so much in common! Like the love for adventure and thrill.

I thought you wrote the Ministry part really well. I particularly enjoyed the conversation she had with that small girl. It was just so. nice.

The ending was hilarious and perfect. Haha, I just loved it! :)

Great job! Enjoyed reading this very much. :)


Author's Response: Hey, thanks for stopping by!

I'm really glad Tonks was believable and that you liked reading about her friendship with Charlie. I like how you connected Molly's trust of Tonks with her friendship with Charlie. That's a nice thought :)

Thanks for your kind review!


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Review #6, by toomanycurls The Lucky Girl

22nd January 2014:

Doing our review swap! I can't believe I haven't reviewed this yet! I love Tonks. ^_^

I really like the apprenticeship aspect of her Auror training. I can imagine how stressful it must have been to complete her training and then wait months for a job offer. I thought having her struggle with imposter syndrome was very realistic and relatable. I've always thought that Charlie and Tonks would have been friends and I like that you have that too!! Her struggle to control her appearance and the hair color being a nervous tick was really interesting to me also. I've seen other people do that but I like how you did it better (I think others have it as a mood ring almost which gets to me).

Watching Tonks interact with the little girl was heart warming. It felt as if Tonks gained a bit of confidence once she reassured Arielle. Having Tonks be good with children felt just perfect for her too. She would have been a really good mom.

This is a really nice one-shot. You've covered so much of Tonks' personality and quirks. I thought her first day stress was completely relatable.


Author's Response: Hey there, thanks for the swap!

I'm happy that Tonks felt so realistic and that you could identify with her feelings. I agree that in the past I've seen her Metamorphagus traits being treated as more of a "mood ring effect" and I'm glad you like my treatment of it better.

I do think she would have been a good mom :( And a real natural with children. I thought she would want to do what she could to help soothe the little girl's fears given that she's a really good person at heart.

Thanks for your kind review!


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Review #7, by daliha The Lucky Girl

20th January 2014:
I love your characterization of Tonks, I think it's spot on, I love it from beginning to end, but me favorite scene was the one with the little girl, it broke my heart and the way that Tonks handled it had me going awww! It's a beautiful one-shot. :)

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for coming back by my page after our little Review Tag snafu. In the future, I'd suggest waiting to post until after you've finished your review; that's the best way to avoid this kind of confusion :)

I'm glad my characterization of Tonks worked well and you liked seeing her interact with Arielle. This was a fun one-shot to write.

Thanks for your kind review!


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Review #8, by LightLeviosa5443 The Lucky Girl

16th January 2014:
Hi! Here for the BvB review battle!

I loved this chapter! It was so fun and interesting. I've never really read a story about Tonks without Remus in it, and he always seems to take the spotlight because he's well... Remus. So this was a refreshing change.

I kind of really loved Tonks in this story, it's nice to see that she's nervous, I always pictured her as never nervous (no idea why) so I like reading her in this light. I love love loved the scene with the little girl on the bench too. It's so cute that she was nervous that she hadn't gotten her letter yet. And believable, I can only imagine how nerve wracking it must be to live with the idea of not getting your acceptance letter.

Brilliant story, I loved it!

xoxo LL

Author's Response: I've gotten that comment from a lot of people - that Tonks is usually only written about in terms of her family, I mean. Glad to know this story was a bit different.

It's great that you liked seeing the change of tone with Tonks and enjoyed seeing her bond with the little girl over their mutual anxiety. I'm happy to hear that you felt like the scenario was realistic, too.

Thanks for your very kind review!


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Review #9, by ReeBee The Lucky Girl

10th January 2014:
Hi there! I'm here with your requested review! :D okay, so u only put down two points on your 'Areas of Concern' so I wasn't sure whether to address only the two or all bases. So, I decided to do all bases; after all, better to be safe than sorry. :)

Characterisation: I don't think there was anything wrong with Tonk's characterisation! Though, I would have liked to see more playfulness and cheekiness, I could sill see that if was Tonks :)

Description: lovely! I lived it! It was so sweet and really vivid! Great job!It was such a fluffy sweet one shot! No CC there! :D

Plot/Flow: I personally found it very entertaining! I really lived reading this little slice of life! :D flow was a bit slow, but still entertaining! The description would have made it slow (especially in the first half), but it was lovely to read, so don't worry too much about that! :D

No major grammar/syntax to worry about!

Great one shot! Lived it! Feel free to rerequest! :)


Author's Response: Hey there, thanks for stopping by!

Well, I only put down what my specific concerns were. I sort of expect that reviewers will cover the bases anyway. I'm glad you decided to go that route :)

I felt like the theme of the piece didn't really leave room for too much cheekiness, aside from the anecdote about setting the drapes on fire. But I'm glad Tonks still resembled her canon self.

Sorry to hear the flow was a bit slow - I was worried about that. But I'm glad the description kind of made up for it.

Thanks for your kind review :)


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Review #10, by smitlikesllamas The Lucky Girl

9th January 2014:
Hi! Oh my gosh, I am so sorry for the long wait. D: I don't know why it took so long, I really don't. So, here I am, with a review that will hopefully make up for the ridiculous wait!

Anway, I really liked this. It was cute! It was entertaining in that it was relate-able because everyone has been nervous about a job interview before, right, especially if it's an interview for your *dream* job!

I thought the way Tonks interacted with the little girl was cute, and I would expect anything different from canon Tonks.

You mentioned that you were concerned about the characterization and how entertaining this was, but I don't think you have to worry. I thought it was well-written and totally canon. I also didn't catch any spelling or grammar problems, so that's good too. :)

Thanks for waiting so long for this review, and thanks for requesting it! Feel free to request anything else; I will try to not take so long next time. :P


Author's Response: Hey, thanks for stopping by!

Oh, definitely. It was relatable for me, at least. When I woke up the morning of my number one grad school interview, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. But hey, everything worked out for me, and fortunately things went well for Tonks, too.

I'm glad the story felt canon and that you liked Tonks's conversation with Arielle.

Thanks again for your kind review!


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Review #11, by Cavell The Lucky Girl

6th January 2014:
Hi, old friend :D It's certainly been a while, hasn't it? Anyway, I'm now here to review this very lovely-looking one-shot of yours, which I've been meaning to read for a while anyway, so this is all very good for me.

Firstly, I quite liked the idea of this one-shot -- I've never read that much of Tonks, and the few stories I have read tend to focus on her joining the Order and falling for Remus etc. so this was definitely a nice change from the usual! While this piece of yours was also a little short, it provided a really nice glimpse into canon that I enjoyed a lot, and I just loved the little nods to canon you sprinkled here and there, like Moody's constant vigilance! and Tonks was just so natural in this and her thoughts and actions were so normal and realistic, like how she thought about her exam scores and practiced fixing her appearance in the mirror. Little details like those just made my stomach flip and think that this would definitely be something that would have happened in canon.

I definitely thought there was enough imagery in this, and it was very well-balanced with Tonks' thoughts and the actual dialogue, and I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before a while back about how I love the way you describe things because it sounds so natural, except I'm not sure I said it in so many words, but there you go. The flow too, was perfect -- it was slow enough for readers to get in every detail but quick enough so you didn't get bored with the story.

I thought Arielle was very sweet, and her interaction with Tonks was very natural (I've said this a lot, haven't I?) and in-character for a girl and an adult, but at the same time, it fit Tonks' character too like how she noticed the colour of Arielle's dress first and helped her feel better by telling her a funny memory. Honestly, Amanda, you're lovely at writing canon characters -- I couldn't find a single fault about this one-shot and everything was just perfect. Well done, and thank you for requesting!


Author's Response: Linn! It's awesome to hear from you and I'm so glad to see you around HPFF again :)

Yeah, it was fun to explore Tonks; she was a character I'd wanted to try for a long while but I couldn't find the right angle to get into her head. Turns out we have a lot in common in terms of not always feeling adequate and being afraid of the unknown. I'm really glad the details worked and that my Tonks felt like the one from canon.

I'm also pleased to hear that the imagery worked well and didn't impede the flow. This one wasn't as heavy on imagery as some of my other pieces, but I felt like the story was more plot- and character-driven so I tried to just weave in the description throughout Tonks's journey to her first day of work.

It was really fun to write Arielle and to allow Tonks an opportunity to play the adult (haha) and be a comfort to a little girl. It's great that you felt like it was integrated well and liked seeing little hints of canon Tonks come out in the moment.

Thanks so much for your sweet review :)


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Review #12, by Remus The Lucky Girl

4th January 2014:
Hey, Amanda!

Perelandra here from the forums! :D Sorry that I've taken a while, life and all, but I'm here to review your story! :)

I have to say, I was very excited to read this one. Pack of Four has started on the whole Remus/Tonks deal so it's always nice to see how people perceive her.

In the books I felt she came across as this woman with a firmed reassurance of herself. This Tonks is different. She's nervous, a bit insecure of her abilities even though she a Metamorphmagus!! But I really liked that! It's refreshing to see a different perspective to a character that I've grown to really love.

What I enjoyed the most about this fic was that all of her emotions were very reletable because once or twice I've been in her position.

That bit about Charlie was cute, by the way! I wouldn't doubt for an instant about Arthur having muggle books. Possibly would read them to the kids when Molly wasn't there.

This was a short and sweet story and I kind of wanted more! Wanted to see the now confident Tonks take the job that she wanted, stalk Moody, possibly scare the old man. Haha! But I guess I'm going to settle with what you gave us. :)

I really liked this, Amanda! Thanks for giving me the link to read it!!!

Until next time!


Author's Response: Hey Rosie, thanks for coming by!

I'm glad Tonks felt slightly different but still in character. I think it would take some time and experience to build up that confidence we saw in the books, and Tonks clearly went through some challenges and dangerous, character-building situations between now and when she met Harry.

I'm glad you liked the emotion and the little details, like the anecdote about Charlie. This was just a little snapshot, but I'm sure you can imagine Tonks growing into the slightly clumsy Auror we love :)

Thanks for your kind review!


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Review #13, by kenpo The Lucky Girl

2nd January 2014:
Hey! I'm here for the 'Claw battle!

The banner was gorgeous, firstly.

I loved this!! Tonks is usually portrayed as lathered with confidence, and I liked seeing that she's not always that way. The bits about her hair, and having to force it to be "normal" I found really interesting. You can't be "normal" to be an Auror, so she should just let her true colors (literally) show!

You decided to make her and Charlie friends! Love it! Charlie is one of my favorite characters, it was like a little wave from him!

Tonks' conversation with the little girl was great! I loved that!

I'm just repeating myself over and over... I'm not being very eloquent, but I don't have much to say other than how fantastic this was!

You very may well have missed 70% of the commas, but I wouldn't've noticed because I was just enjoying the story. Great job!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I also really love the banner :)

I agree; Tonks is best when she's being herself. It was nice to be able to write her in this moment when she realizes that, despite her ongoing nervousness.

Yeah, I know people sometimes write her and Charlie as a couple, but I think of them more as partners in crime a la Fred and George. Glad that worked well, as well as the interaction with Arielle.

Goodness, I hope I didn't miss a bunch of commas! Glad you enjoyed the story, and thanks for stopping to leave a kind review!


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Review #14, by UnluckyStar57 The Lucky Girl

2nd January 2014:
Hello! Happy Seventh-Day-of-the-Twelve-Days-of-Reviewing! :D

Tonks is a really good character to write about, not only because she hasn't been explored much in fanficiton, but because she's absolutely amazing! She's a Metamorphmagus, which is COOL, she's an Auror, AND she was in Hufflepuff! There aren't many cool Hufflepuffs in canon, which is sad, but Tonks is one of the best ones!

Tonks' insecurities about the Auror test and her first day on the job were very real--when I was applying to colleges and then moving off to college, I felt the same way! This moment that you chose to write about, the moment before she would finally get to start her dream job, is one that we all experience, and it's full of nerves and doubts. You did a wonderful job of capturing that feeling.

I love the way that, even though she was wrapped up in worrying about her first day, Tonks stopped to console Arielle. That really helps characterize her--she might be a big, bad, tough Auror, but she still cares about people. And best of all, you did all of that characterization with showing and not telling--that's my favorite thing to see. :)

This was a great one-shot! 10/10!


Author's Response: Hi there, thanks for stopping by!

Yeah, Tonks was cool to write about. I found her to be surprisingly relatable once I found a situation we sort of had in common :) I drew on many of my own thoughts and emotions in writing this piece, so it's great that they felt realistic to you.

I do think Tonks's compassion is really at the heart of her character, and it was nice to explore that here with Arielle. Glad you liked it, and felt like I did well with showing rather than telling.

Thanks for your sweet review!


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Review #15, by HeyMrsPotter The Lucky Girl

2nd January 2014:
Hello Amanda, I'm here for the Review tag :)

I really love reading stories about Tonks, she's a character I've never been brave enough to attempt myself because I'd probably get her all wring but I think you did beautifully. I adored the first few paragraphs where you talked about her hair changing colour involuntarily, I can just picture her sitting in front of her mirror scrunching her nose up in frustration. Lovely!

You've captured her forgetfulness and clumsiness in just the right amount too, some stories I've read featuring Tonks have her tripping over something every five minutes and it can be a little tiresome but small details like "Unfortunately, none of its beautiful facets helped her remember which floor she was supposed to be on." and the story about setting the curtains on fire work really well in your story.

Something I noticed about your writing style in this and 'Spies' is that you have this wonderful talent for adding little details in to your story that really gives them character. Like this:

He had always talked about the possibility of teaching them to jump through fiery hoops, like in one of his fatherís books about Muggle circuses

Just so perfectly Arthur. I love it.

There are also some really wonderful descriptions throughout this, the Ministry being my favourite, I adored the idea of the mosaic tiles :)

I'm afraid I don't have any advice to offer you with this at all, it was lighthearted, fun and a thoroughly enjoyable read!

Author's Response: Hey there, long time no talk!

Tonks was really intimidating to me at first, but I tried to put myself in her shoes and remember a time when I was trying something new and felt like maybe I wouldn't be good at it. From there, it was pretty easy to make connections between my experience and how she might perceive it :)

Yeah, I made sure not to make her too clumsy but also not to pull her out of character. I'm glad the details worked well, too. I liked adding in that little bit about Arthur and Charlie, so I'm happy you picked up on it. I think Charlie and Tonks could have gotten into quite a bit of trouble and made a few messes over the course of their friendship!

Thanks for your lovely review!


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Review #16, by 800 words of heaven The Lucky Girl

1st January 2014:

A wonderful new story for the new year! Yayayayayay! I love Tonks as a character, but I don't often read her because stories tend to focus on darker times, which always just makes me feel sad, but this was just great!

I really liked how you focused on such a pivotal moment in her life. Those feelings of not being good enough, and starting out on something new, and just trying to fit in were feelings that were really relateable. There were moments in here where I was like, "Is this me?"

I also really enjoyed the subtle way you described Andromeda and Ted's marriage. Nothing was ever said explicity, but I still got a good impression of what their relationship was like. The best part was that it wasn't a complete impression. It was more like an inkling as to the inner workings of their marriage - just like Tonks was beginning to understand.

I really don't have much more to say, because your writing is always so fantastic, and I always come across as a bit of a fangirl in my reviews (because I secretly am a bit of a fangirl of your writing). This was really wonderful as always!

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for stopping by!

I definitely felt like I could relate to Tonks's feelings and hoped that others could, too. It can be so scary to try something new without knowing whether it will work out or if you'll be good at it.

I'm glad you liked my little hints about Andromeda and Ted's relationship. Andromeda retains some of her old-world sentiments and worries about her daughter, whereas Ted is a little more open but still wants the best for his little girl. I like how you said that Tonks was just beginning to understand it along with the reader, because I think that's true.

Thank you so much for your kind review!


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Review #17, by patronus_charm The Lucky Girl

1st January 2014:
Ah, this is so exciting seeing you writing again because I really missed reading your work! Plus, this is a Tonks story and she is one of my favourite characters :D

I really loved seeing this aspect of Tonks being explored because usually itís her more confident side but seeing this vulnerability about her really made me warm to her because you just made her situation so relatable and one of nerves is something weíve all experienced so it was a nice touch. I think the thing which really made it work was how you made her more introspective than usual and that change in her behaviour, again, reflected her nerves really well.

I really liked seeing how all the figures of support appeared in her mind and cheered her along the way. Not alone did it mean we all got a snippet of all of their characters (Charlie and Moodyís did make me chuckle a lot!), but, again, it was just a true and lovely reflection of how when youíre always feeling down those people will always be there for you to cheer you and that was so lovely!

The encounter with Arielle was really sweet too, because it was a good reflection of how much Tonks had grown and how she was now this figure of confidence for this girl and that she should be brave about this because this girl believed in her. I really hope that everything with the Hogwarts letter worked out though because in that short moment I really did want everything to be ok for her. Plus, the way she mentioned the hair was so sweet.

The ending had such a great sense of optimism and rounded off the story really well! I found it funny how in reality there was no sense of hope for her stealth skills given what she was like in the books, but seeing she wanted to do her mentor proud was really sweet!

Aw, this was such a lovely one-shot Amanda and itís so great to see you back around again because Iíve missed you! ♥


Author's Response: Hey Kiana, thanks for your lovely review!

Yeah, I liked getting to play with Tonks's characterization before she became more comfortable as an Auror and really found herself. Like Lily and James, she was so young when she died, and I'm sure that she felt a lot of pressure trying to prove herself as an Auror at such a young age. As you pointed out, Tonks was fortunate to have a lot of support, and that probably helped her to move on despite her nerves.

I wanted Arielle to represent the turning point of the story and the moment when Tonks realized that she underestimated herself. Not only was she capable of what she'd set out to do, she was also able to provide comfort and mentorship to someone else. I'd like to think that Arielle's parents were just waiting until her birthday dinner to give her the letter she was waiting for :)

So glad you liked this and you felt like it was a worthy comeback piece. Thanks again!


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