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Review #1, by DraconisScarlet8587 Rendezvous

3rd May 2014:
What a beautiful love story. I was touched from start to end

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Review #2, by Unicorn_Charm Rendezvous

19th February 2014:
Loved, loved, loved, loved this! It was absolutely beautiful and superbly written. Well done!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you for this! I was tortured by this story and this pairing! hugs all around!


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Review #3, by quixotic Rendezvous

2nd January 2014:
Hey! Here with the review. Sorry for the slight delay!

I've never really read any Hermione/Snape stories and I'm a mega canon nazi. Still, this was a really nice story. The way you described the relationship, it could have been about any ordinary couple. I quite like that in the beginning, you don't introduce the characters immediately. Not only does it want to make me read on, but it also generalizes the situation, if only for a short while.

I spot two distinct personalities in this story. You have Snape, the old and beaten down professor who struggles to accept himself for what he's worth. Then you have Hermione, the bright young heroine with a whole life ahead of her. Yet she chooses to spend it with a broken man. It just goes to show that love has no rules and no boundaries. Snape has the air of an experienced lover, someone who has already sold his heart once and is unwilling to sell it again. He sounds so restrained until Hermione manages to make him shed that armour. Something that Lily, I felt, never managed to do.

Hermione seems to evolve in this story, from a nervous and scared ex-student to someone who is determined to let her love really shine and convince Snape that it is okay to express what he feels. In a sense, she made Snape evolve as well by making him let go of his insecurities.

Your writing style has a wonderful rhythmic sense to it, as if it were a ballad woven around the lives of two lovers whom society would be unwilling to accept. I really enjoyed reading it. I hope that my appreciation did not get muddled up in all my rambling. This story really made me see a pairing I would normally scoff at in a very different light.

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Review #4, by MrsKatieGrint Rendezvous

1st January 2014:
Hey there! KatieRoo from the forums here with your challenge review!(:

Okay, so I actually haven't ever read a Severus/Hermione fic before, and I was pleasantly surprised, because I always hear such mixed reviews about this ship, but you did a fabulous job, in my opinion!(:

This story just flows wonderfully, it reminded me of poetry the whole way through, just beautiful and light, even though the plot was quite dark. I love the fact that you made Hermione and Severus such bold characters, definitely contradicting each other.

I also applaude you on such a great way of utilizing the quote I gave you. So many emotion jam packed in one sentence, I would not have thought it was possible to do!

The only CC I have is that I think you accidentally repeated the last couple of sentences? I think you accidentally like copy and pasted them again, but thats easily fixable!:P

Thank you so much for participating in my challenge, your story was lovely! Good luck, and have a very happy New Year!(:

Cheers, Katie!(:

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Review #5, by Rumpelstiltskin Rendezvous

31st December 2013:

I'm here for the fifth task of the 12 Days of Reviewing!

Also, I'm so happy that I stopped here because I love Severus Snape! :D

The voice to this story has an eloquent, poetic air about it. I really love it! The beautiful writing in combination with the dueling perspectives (which was brilliant) gave the story a terrific edge.

Now, I've never been an avid Snape/Hermione shipper, but this was just so beautiful that I couldn't help but love every second of it. My issue stemmed from not reading any Snapmione stories that had a fathomable plot of how these two fabulous, very different, characters ended up together.

The way YOU have characterized them, however, and the chemistry that they are demonstrating makes me love this ship (in this story, anyway). Since Severus has had such a rough past, whatever events transpired that has brought he and Hermione together in this is a wonderful occurrence.

This was a fantastic one-shot. I only wish that I was able to see your version of how they were brought together in the fist place, as I believe that you would do a truly fabulous job at it.

Great story!


Author's Response: RUMPEL!!! A boatload of thank you's for being the first reviewer for my Hermione/Severus story that I am on the fence about.
You love Severus Snape? I love Severus Snape as well. Woo, go us!
Awww. I'm glad you like the voice. It's the one thing I strove hard to do in my stories. Give it an air of something intangible but an air. It's awesome that you picked up on that...
I actually truthfully have a very vague idea how they got together. Actually.. I had the start of it written down (it was my failed NaNo novel)! But I don't know about fabulous. Thanks though, for that.
I'm glad you liked the ship in this story. I've personally been a HUGE lover of the ship (when it's done well, of course!) and I want to write more of them..
Thanks for the awesome review as always, Rumpel. Good luck with the 12 days thing

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