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Review #1, by MuggleMaybe Waltz

27th August 2016:
♥♥ TANYA ♥♥

I am THE WORST. Why am I THE WORST? Well, for one thing, I am so horrendously late with your gift tag gift, it's absolutely shameful. And, for another thing, I favorited this story about a year ago and never left a review! TSK.

So, anyway, I hope you can forgive my transgressions long enough to read this review, because I really really REALLY love this story!

Your words are just... GAH! It's a work of ART, Tanya! ♥

The repetition works so brilliantly to convey Rose's experience, and I felt you captured OCD really REALLY well. A close family member of mine has it, and that tension between the guilt of inconveniencing others and *needing* to comply with the compulsion is so real and familiar to me. I've seen that. Also, the inability to explain why something that seems meaningless is so important. I wanted to hug Rose so bad during the opening scene.

It's such a different take on Scorose than I've EVER seen elsewhere, and it's really moving and sweet how they normalize things for each other.

And then. AND THEN. The mistletoe. Bless Scorpius, he comes through for her doesn't he? There is so much care and affection between them, but also all this tension because they are, individually, carrying so much tension.

Then the end, the last line. So beautiful. I can't say enough good things about this story, honestly. It takes my breath away. ♥

10/10 without question.

Much love!

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Review #2, by wolfgirl17 Waltz

14th December 2015:

Did you know you're my favorite of all the Tanyas? Because you are. *nods seriously*

Now, onto the review! I've popped over because you're marvellous!

Oh, and because I spotted (belatedly) that you were on the Hot Seat for our Puff wide common room event. So here I am.

I've read this story a number of times actually. Like, more than ten (I'm surprised it's letting me leave a review, as surely I must've done in the past?). It's just so wonderful. I love the way you captured the delicacy of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in such a way that it's not only entirely believable but utterly realistic.

That urge to complete a particular task, and feeling off until it's completed is really the most intriguing and confounding thing not only for the sufferer of OCD but also for those around the sufferer.

I must admit, I love a good Scorose fic as well. I liked that you had Rose dealing with OCD issues and that you had Scorp having trouble with speaking due to his nerves. They both feel much more delicate in this fic than in others I've seen written and in any Scorose fic I write myself.

The way you captured the nature of such disorders as OCD and anxiety really makes this story so poignant and such a delight to read. I love swooping back to it whenever I feel the need to ground myself amid the wide world of OOC Scorose fics by lesser authors than my favourite Tanya. You're truly a delight to read and a gem amongst the stones, my dear.

Keep up the fantastic work!


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Review #3, by nia Waltz

26th October 2015:
oh my god i love love love this. i've come back to it so many times. it is one of my favorite fics, maybe even actually my favorite, it's beautiful

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Review #4, by ScoroseOTP Waltz

20th June 2015:
Hey there Tanya!
I'm here for the Hufflepuff House Cup 2015.

So, I can see why this one-shot won so many things! It deserves too!
I love it!
As if you couldn't already tell, I'm a big ScoRose fan, so this was perfect. I loved your take on Rose, it was so refreshing to have her portrayed as something other than a know-it-all. Her dependence of the threes were clear and consistent. I felt bad for her, I felt all her pain. She was frustrated and worried, so I was too. It was strange, but I really loved it!

Okay, one thing though, it makes me smile SO much that it's glitter that everyone fears! I know so many people who literally hate glitter with a passion. So, the idea of glitter that doesn't come off for 30+ hours, that's hilarious to me!

It's overall a beautiful little story! The Waltz is so simply popped into this one-shot but is so incredibly effective!

Emz xxx

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Review #5, by adluvshp Waltz

20th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 - Slytherin review.

Oh this was just beautiful. I loved it so much. The idea of an OCD Rose and a stuttering Scorpius is very interesting and unique and I loved how your portrayed them. Their imperfections completed each other and in a way they managed to ease their flaws a little when with each other.

Your insight into Rose's thoughts is very nicely done and I just loved reading this. The whole idea of Scorpius and her being friends, of her scheduling the day, doing the waltz, repeating everything three times and stuff fell in place and worked well with the personality.

It was cute how Rose felt kissing was gross and what she said about the germs made me chuckle. Scorpius' nervousness and awkwardness and him asking if it would be really so awful to kiss him, was very sweet and touched my heart. Aw poor adorable Scorpius.

I was rejoicing when they finally kissed and how Rose enjoyed it. Her describing it as symmetrical was amusing and yet it felt right to her and was sweet. Oh and I liked how the magical mistletoe sparkles those who refuse to kiss with glitter - and how it would of course bother Rose.

All in all, this was a very sweet, cute little fic and I loved it. It was amazing. The ending line was the best - Her life is a waltz, they both understand. But he can learn to dance. Rose and Scorpius really are perfect for each other.

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Review #6, by rosiful Waltz

20th June 2015:
This story is so good and poetic.

I loved how you used the waltz as a way of showing Rose's OCD with the one, two three, one two three. I also loved how she does a dance every morning, despite not wanting to and not wanting to wake everyone. I can kinda relate to that in a way, I have a little routine that I have to do every night, or the world just doesn't feel right! It's definitely not as extreme as Rose's though! But, I love how you've embodied all the different parts of OCD.

I also love that you've given Scorpius a stammer. It's so cute when two not-so-perfect characters come together.

That ending made me melt.
I loved the 'good, good, good' and how they can now waltz together.

Slytherin House Cup 2015

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Review #7, by ad astra Waltz

20th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin

Tanya! I have to admit I feel really self-conscious reviewing this story about eighteen months after I actually read it, especially because it left such an impression on me at the time, but I'm a bit useless at reviewing in general. But I can tell you straight off that eighteen months later I still remember this story like I read it yesterday, and it's remained in my consciousness like few other stories ever have.

This story is an incredible piece of writing - I said in my last review that this was the first story I read on HPFF that deals with mental illness, and you do it with such honesty and poignancy that it's impossible not to be moved by it. Your writing is perfect for this story, the way your language reflects Rose's mental state and the repetition of words, one, two, three throughout. The waltz threads itself in a perfect rhythm throughout this entire piece and it's beautifully done.

Your handling of OCD is so, so good. The scene with Rose's dorm mates being frustrated with her is amazing, and the lines - They have no idea how desperately she tries on their behalf to quell each seemingly pointless urge. They try to understand her need to pace and count and count and pace, but can never truly grasp just how very much this is not her choice - these lines killed me when I first read them and they kill me again now. It's that kind of insight that sets this story apart from any other story on the archives, and it's not until now I'm rereading it and reviewing it that I realised exactly how much this story impacted me when I first read it.

Everything about this story is so important - Rose's OCD, Scorpius's stutter, the way they help each other and Most of all she likes that he makes her feel almost normal. The romance between them is sweet and perfect, but your representation of mental illness is what really shines in this story and it is everything. I can't overstate its importance and I'm sorry I took eighteen months to leave this review, but thank you so much for writing and sharing this, Tanya.

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Review #8, by Infinityx Waltz

20th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Slytherin

I think this is your best fic yet, Tanya. As someone who's studying psychology and has worked in a professional environment to help people who are going through such things, I absolutely adore the realistic way in which you've written it here without overdoing it or dramatizing it. Your prose is just gorgeous and your characterisations are so perfectly done.

The way you've repeated certain words three times even in the descriptive paragraphs and not just Rose's dialogues is just brilliant. It adds a greater depth to this story and really brings out the extent to which her OCD is prevalent. I especially love the line It cannot be explained, but these patterns are important. They are significant. Because they matter. They do. Just because.
You've really brought out the crux of the matter here and portrayed it so beautifully. People who have obsessions with numbers usually do so without a reason. They're frightened something might go wrong or they just feel like they need to concentrate on / avoid certain numbers. It's an irrational thought that they strongly believe in and you've written that wonderfully here. Hats off.

I also love how you've made Scorpius a diverse character as well. It's not easy writing a stammer in the proper manner and I've seen people write it so terribly with too much flourish and embellishes, but you've totally done justice to it here. Everything is so realistic and Scorpius' personality is really endearing and lovely to read. It's so obvious that he understands Rose and would get through everything with her, and this was just a perfect way of showing that.

One mistake that stood out to me while I was reading and interrupted the (absolutely beautiful) flow was your misplaced apostrophes. When you're writing something in plural form then you shouldn't put an apostrophe before the s. So your sorry's should be sorrys and P's should be Ps and so on. The apostrophe is used to denote possession. :)

I love this, and I'm so glad I read it.

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Review #9, by pointless_proclamations Waltz

20th June 2015:

This story is deserving of much higher praise than I am able to give, but I'll try.

Again, this is a novel and unique story, far from anything I've read. I AM EVEN MORE OF A FAN RIGHT NOW. There are so many things you did here--beautiful, wonderful things: words aesthetic, it is, because this is truly art.

There is fantastic rhythm in this story. Your writing has a spectacular lyrics quality to them and it just blows my mind that the rhythm carried THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE STORY. It read with evident musicality.

Your characterisations of Rose and Scorpius are awe-inspiring. They are wonderfully well-developed people and to get to know them so well within a one-shot speaks to your mastery of characterisation. They inspire so much empathy, the are so relatable, and they fit like a riddle and its solution (or the forum password) :P

In one word: stunning.

I am left to fumble over my own words worse than usual because THIS. THIS STORY. It made me a bit teary.

Your minion

House Cup 2015 - Slytherin

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Review #10, by LaDorki Waltz

13th May 2015:
This is incredibly sweet. I am not a next-gen reader as a rule; this was worth the exception. I LOVE fiction that focuses on issues and struggles with mental health. I love what you have done with Scorpius in particular. His stammer seems a natural development to me. Parenting works in cycles and although JKR has said that Draco is not his father, it does not seem out of place that perhaps Draco would be a strict, high-expectations type of father, and Scorpius in turn an anxious sort of kid, with these anxieties exhibited and enhanced by his stammer. Rose’s attachment to him is endearing and real. I particularly liked this part: Rose likes that Scorpius is as flawed as she feels. She likes that he's opinionated, even if he sometimes comes across as condescending. She likes his impeccable posture, even if others think it makes him look arrogant, with his nose a bit in the air like that. This hits home so true; when you care for someone, it’s so easy for their less than perfect features to become blurred and even become endearing to us.

Another favourite part: "W-w-would k-kissing me r-really be so awful?" he asks; the stutter he tries so hard to keep tucked safely away taunting him at nearly every word; his usually cool demeanour slipping away rapidly with every stammered letter. I burst into giggles; this is freaking ADORABLE. And this part: He clenches his fists together tightly, closes his eyes and turns away from her to hide his shame. The more flustered he grows, the harder it becomes not to trip on his words. But still he is determined, and so he takes a final steadying breath and turns to face her once more, locking resolute eyes with her own. "Rose," he finally says, and she can hear the relief in his voice. This kid is killing me! Scorpius totally stole the show for me in this fic. My resolve against next-gen fics is definitely crumbling a bit because of him. Great job.

There were a few little things that I did get caught up on. For example, one of the bits I just quoted has two semi-colons where I think the first one might stand better as a period. Also this part: "Good morning, Rose," he carefully replies. It is almost easy, the way he speaks it. She ignores the strained look of concentration on his face as he completes the sentence without stall or interruption. There seems to be something contradictory in these lines. He is speaking carefully, and yet it is “almost” easy? I think you meant it as being short of easy, as in it should have been easy but he hasn’t totally achieved it. Maybe a slight rewording might clarify this – “It is not quite easy, the way he speaks it”? These are really small details and might just be my personal taste. I apologize if I read it wrong!

I wasn’t sure on my first read how I felt about the repetition. Most of the time I really liked it, with Rose’s compulsions it just added an extra something to certain passages, like this: She is sure that she is bad at this, with lips dry and unmoving, but he doesn't seem to mind as he turns his head the other direction and kisses her again, just as soft and warm and sweet and, and, and... symmetrically. This was so perfect, the repeated “and” definitely emphasized those first kiss jitters, made even worse with Rose’s anxiety. However, once or twice it came across a little heavy handed, like here: "So, so, so... we either have to kiss, kiss, kiss or be covered in glitter, glitter, glitter?" I think it’s just because its three times in one sentence. Like I said, most of the time it added a lot to the feeling of it all and I really liked it. I particularly like that you associated the counting with dancing at the beginning; it added a little something romantic before there’s even a hint that this was the direction the fic was taking.

As for Rose as a character, you’ve got the compulsion aspect down, but OCD is equally about the obsessions. Often OCD compulsions and rituals are associated with a particular worry or obsession. Rose’s anxiety came across as a general sort and I would love to have a closer look at those worries. I like that Rose admits to herself that her behaviour doesn’t make sense, but she still feels she must do it – why is that? What specifically does she worry will happen if she does not complete her compulsive behaviours? At the same time, I realize that this is a one-shot, and there’s only so much detail you can go into. I’m not an expert by any means, I just feel like you put some real effort into setting up her OCD, and I was hungry for more! Don’t hold back, dig deep!

I am rather sad that this is a one-shot. I would have loved to see you take this further. You have really made these characters your own and I bet you could do some awesome stuff with them over a multi-chaptered fic. Sadly, we readers will have to be satisfied with this little gem! Lovely work, Tanya.

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Review #11, by Sansa Stark Waltz

12th April 2015:
Hello Tanya.

This is Lady Sansa Stark. I'm reviewing you from King's Landing, while King Jeoffrey is preparing for his wedding to Lady Margaery. I do hope it ends badly, after what he's done to my family even after promising me to show them mercy. He deserves whatever may come for him.

But that is not why I am here. I am here to review this story. I can not say we have seen much of OCD in our land, but I understand it is a problem that some people struggle with. My dear friend, who you have probably seen around the forums, tells me she has family members struggeling with OCD, and she really felt you described it perfectly.

I think it was very interesting to see her friends reactions to her constant counting. My friend has told me it is very difficult to fully understand OCD unless you have it yourself (and maybe not even then), and that is very often a inconvenience for both outsiders and the person themself. I think you really portrayed this well, so I found myself liking this story very much.

You may be a little suprised to hear this, but people in King's Landing talk about your stories all the time. Tanya this... Tanya that. So I had to see what all this Tanya-talk was all about, and I can see why now. You may want to keep your distance to King Jeoffrey, though. He does not like the attention your getting. Something about people worshipping you more than their king, and I must say that is very shocking *note the sarcasm*

Oh no, it seems King Jeoffrey has returned. I pity Lady Margaery for having to marry that man. He's nothing but a monster. Unfortunately he is my king, so I do have to go now. Apparantely they are planning to marry me off, so they can secure the north and its inhabitantes.

You may not see me around, but I will try to read your stories when King Jeoffrey is far away from me. And please now that here in King's Landing, you have much support. We consider you our true king/queen.

And please say hi to my friend when you see her around the forums. She likes to use secret name, so to avoid meeting King Jeoffrey. He is not happy with her running away from the castle. But I'm sure you will able to find her regardless.

Lot of love

Sansa Stark

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Review #12, by alicia and anne Waltz

5th March 2015:
Okay. This... THIS is pure perfection!

Seriously, absolute perfection.

You are so talented at writing and I am in absolute awe of your writing skills. I bow down to your greatness. *bows*

I loved the way that you incorporated the certain actions she does and how she has to say things three times. And Scorpius' stutter!

They're going to be so good for each other. I totally love this so much!

You just keep getting more and more brilliant with every story of yours that I read! I'm so excited to see what else you have in store! :D

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Review #13, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Waltz

11th January 2015:
Okay, first off, this is going in the favorites. And now, for the review...

Tanya, I just can't even right now. I am so upset with myself for not having read this before, but I am SO, SO glad that I finally did. I definitely see why it won so many things, and I am seriously in awe... you are a GENIUS.

I love so many things about this - for starters, that Rose and Scorpius are in Ravenclaw, not Gryffindor and Slytherin, that they're just friends at first and not immediately in love with one another, etc.

But, the biggest thing here is their unique qualities. 95 percent of the stories one reads nowadays, including fanfiction, contain perfect characters whose main problem is whether or not their love interest likes them in return. And of course, that IS a real, everyday problem, but there are SO many more problems that can be written about and explored in fiction and fanfiction alike. Here, you've created not only one character, but a PAIR of them, who have real problems that people deal with every day, but that don't very often tend to be written about. And, as cheesy as this may sound, by doing so, you have created two heroes... and honestly, you've made a hero out of yourself as well. This one-shot speaks up for the underdogs, the people with OCD and stutters and other similar problems that tend to get ignored or looked at with scorn or mocked... these characters are perfect, BECAUSE of their imperfections - because their imperfections are real and honest and SO accurately portrayed - they have surpassed just being characters, you have made them REAL.

Your description of Rose's OCD is just... amazing and true and just... wow. It really IS impossible to resist the urge to count or to repeat an action, and ones' day really can NOT continue until that compulsion has been fulfilled. And one really doesn't even know WHY they have that compulsion, they can't really explain it, and there's never really a conscious thought of "if I don't do this, something bad will happen", it's just simply "I HAVE to do this". And your description of that was PERFECT.

I LOVED that you included the roommates' reactions to Rose's counting, and how inconvenient it makes things for them. Because OCD IS a HUGE inconvenience, yes, for bystanders, but particularly for the OCD sufferer themselves. They may find it hard to get things done in a timely manner because they get stuck for 30 minutes making sure they locked the door an even number of times, etc. Seriously, this is just SUCH an accurate portrayal, not only of OCD, but of real life in general. Not everyone is perfect. People have disorders and flaws and real problems that most people tend to ignore or don't even think of, and this story brings that to the forefront, and it is AMAZING.

I LOVE the description of Rose's life as a Waltz, as though she is trapped in those three steps, because in a way, she really is. I also loved how, even though she wants to kiss Scorpius, the fear of germs nearly prevents her from doing so. And it is so sweet and fluffy and... amazing that she feels somewhat free from the routines when she is with Scorpius, and she's also free to be herself, because Scorpius has his own problems, and he doesn't judge her for hers.

I seriously can't explain how much this piece means to me. Be prepared, because I'm pretty sure there's a PM coming your way, talking even more about this, because I don't think there's enough space here for me to say everything I want to say about this.

Seriously, though, this made me want to CRY. I know I am probably getting overly emotional here, but, as I scrolled down the page reading, counting the number of times my finger hit the 'down' button as I scrolled, it made me feel the way Scorpius makes Rose feel - like I'm not alone, and like I'm not such a weirdo for having OCD. So, although I'm no representative or anything, and I can't speak for anyone but myself, THANK YOU, from myself and everyone else who suffers from OCD, for writing this and explaining so perfectly a problem that many don't even know exists.

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Review #14, by Cappuccino Waltz

20th November 2014:
Reading this story made me cry. I literally sat down and sobbed for about 5 minutes until I regained any remaining control over myself. You are, in my opinion, a very, very, very talented writer and I love how flawed your characters are because in the end, that's what makes them human. The very idea and the writing of the story was beautiful. You're amazing.

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Review #15, by BitterSweetFlames Waltz

15th November 2014:
Hi Tanya.

So, I totally felt compelled to read this because you mentioned it had reached 50 reviews and I was, like, ooh I want to read that! :)

Anyway, I'm glad you did. OMG, you are an amazing writer. The way you wrote this was just so beautiful. Your treatment of Rose's condition was so understanding without skimming over it. It's hard to live it and you got that through without making Rose seem annoying but you can also empathize with the people who live with that everyday, it's not easy.

The use of a waltz, the counting 1, 2, 3 was just perfect. To anyone who's gone through dancing classes, it's annoying to have to count all the time in ones head just to get the dance done so I can't imagine the horror of having to be compelled to have that count in your head all the time!

Scorpius was wonderful in this, I think. It's common to see him portrayed so many ways. Proud, arrogant, aloof but the fact that his rigidity is because of a compulsion and he's fighting through some condition as well was perfect!

This story is just so original and I actually read it twice before I left a review because it was just so beautiful! Thank you for sharing.


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Review #16, by nott theodore Waltz

14th November 2014:
Hi Tanya!

So I have to confess, I actually read this just before NaNo started (although how on earth I went so long without reading it, I don't know, because I've been hearing people talk about how amazing it is since it went up on the archives), but of course with all the NaNo frenzy I didn't have time to leave a review until now! Anyway, hopefully this will give you some extra encouragement too - not that you need it, since you're doing amazingly! :D

This story really was as amazing as everyone said! I don't tend to read that much Rose/Scorpius anymore but I'm getting all excited for Christmas and this was a really perfect story to put a smile on my face, and I think this is one of my favourite versions of the pairing that I've read!

To be honest, it's kind of hard to know what to say in a review of this so I should probably warn you now that I'm just going to be rambling about your great writing :P

The title of this has always intrigued me, and I kind of thought at first it was going to be about Rose and Scorpius at a ball or something (I know, that was an original guess, right?), so I really liked the way that you started off with those first few lines which made me realise I'd been completely wrong about it. And then I think that using a waltz as a metaphor for Rose's OCD was a great idea, and the way that you employ the theme throughout is just so great.

I've seen so many different versions of Rose in fanfiction - the girl who's really intelligent, boring, a rebel - but I honestly think this is one of the most original portrayals of her that I've seen. I felt so sorry for her here, but I really thought you did a great job of conveying the way that she goes through life with OCD, everything in a pattern of three, so that everything's perfect - it seemed so realistic and believable to me. You got over the 'compulsive' aspect very well too, since it didn't seem like something she had much control over and she really had to fight it.

Aw, I hope that her roommates are more sympathetic in normal circumstances, but I can understand that it would get irritating to see Rose waking you up every morning with her routine, even though you still want to sleep. I loved the way you highlighted how something that can seem so minor and insignificant can be a big deal to Rose, like the number of steps on the way down to the common room fitting into a multiple of three.

And the way you introduced Scorpius to the story was fantastic! It wasn't something big and dramatic; they'd just gradually become friends of sorts over time and it wasn't something they really seemed to think about as a big deal. I really liked the understated nature of them being friends because I think there's so often a tendency to dramatise that aspect, or make it a romance immediately or something, and I found this much more believable and nicer to read.

Scorpius was so adorable, too! I really liked how underconfident he was because of his stutter and the fact that he was so different from all those stories that portray him as this cool, arrogant guy who is really popular. Rose and Scorpius were kind of like two misfits who found each other and became friends in this, and I really liked that. Scorpius (and Rose, for that matter) was a character that I just warmed to immediately, as soon as he appeared.

Ah, the dreaded mistletoe! The poor things, innocently planning their trip back home for Christmas and making sure that everything is precise, and then they get trapped by the dreaded mistletoe. And the trick that gets played on them if they don't kiss while under it sounds just awful, but at the same time something very Hogwarts-y!

I really liked the way that you showed how nervous and stressed the two of them came when they realised the situation that they were in. Scorpius's stutter became so much more pronounced and Rose's compulsion for everything being in sets of three came through much more violently, even in her speech, as though it would help her somehow in getting out of it. And at the same time, I loved the way that you showed that, even though they were really nervous and scared, they both had feelings for each other and wanted to kiss in a way, there was just a lot that seemed to be preventing them.

The gradual build-up to them kissing was so well written, Tanya! It was so sweet to see Scorpius pushing through the stammer to say her name and get out the words, and then the kiss - it was written so perfectly, not at all exaggerated but just really sweet! And I loved Rose's surprise at how much she enjoyed it, and Scorpius's question afterwards seemed to be perfect for the moment, too.

Those last few lines - what can I even say? They were just brilliant and I thought they captured the relationship between them perfectly. The two of them can learn to be together if they want to be, and I think the mistletoe was kind of the trigger they needed to actually force them to admit their feelings (in a sense - there's not been much admission going on here, except in their own way there has been). It was just so sweet and perfect, especially for Christmas!

Okay, I'm going to end this review here before I bore you by rambling on and using up all my characters. But here's to review 50 on this story, and good luck for the rest of your NaNo!

Sian :)

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Review #17, by LightLeviosa5443 Waltz

29th October 2014:

So I saw you post the lovely review Joey left for you on this story in the reviews that made your day thread and I had to come running over to read this.

This was a remarkable piece of writing. Like, more remarkable than your usual is which makes it infinity remarkable. Because that makes sense, right? I don't even know where to start talking about this. First of all, I love how we dive right in, and we see Rose going through this morning routine that she cannot break. I don't have OCD, but I have a minor anxiety disorder, so I've got routines that I have to follow when I do things. For example, I have to check all of the locks six times on every door and five times on every window before I can get in bed. That said, I love the way that you show Rose going through hers. It's perfectly done, the repetition fits flawlessly, and I'm in love with the effortless way you've brought us into feeling her frustration.

I can't imagine how grating the comments of her roommates must be. Just reading them killed me. I lvoe that she has this kind of solace in Scorpius though. It really was sweet for their friendship to benefit one another. I like the idea that two can help each other with the anxiety that plagues them. I also love that it's Rose and Scorpius. I'm a sucker for ScoRose :P

The way she reacted when they were under the mistletoe was just wonderful. I'm a germophobe, and I've been really offensive to people when I get all freaky about germs not intending to be, so I loved the way that you had her unable to stop saying no. I loved the way that both of their anxieties came back as the time went on. And then I loved that kiss. It was so sweet and cute and I was completely heartwarmed by the way it happened.

This was a wonderful, beautiful piece and you did an amazing job at seeing it through and tying it together and ending it and just making it this one believable masterpiece. I can't believe I've never read this before because it really was just so lovely.

xoxo Sarah ♥

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Review #18, by crestwood Waltz

29th October 2014:
THIS STORY. This has been on my reading list for actual months because so many people were recommending it. I had no what it was about until recently. I have OCD as well and it's a lot like Rose's with a few other things thrown in. Although, we just might not have seen the full extend of Rose's here. But one thing I found striking is that the Waltz is actually one of the things that calms me because three is my number. I was listening to Waltz #2 by Elliott Smith throughout reading this and it actually kept time with the song, so that's just about the most impressive thing I've ever written down.

Her roommates reaction is exactly why I like to be alone a lot of the time. I despise that reaction and I have had entire days ruined by it. It was extremely realistic though. I appreciate that it was written in because it's certainly the reality of what happens.

I have a friend with a stutter and I understand how impatient and rude people can be about it and I'm just going to imagine that everyone's really respectful and nice to Scorpius in this universe because there's no evidence to the contrary and that's what I hope is true :)

I feel the real importance of not being disgusted by a person touching you. Rose not having to brush her teeth after kissing Scorpius is like, the most important thing. When I was young, maybe about four or five, I didn't know what OCD was. I was under the impression that I was the only person like this and wow, if someone could have read this to me back would have changed my life. Even now, it has. I still haven't stumbled across many depictions of the condition in media that aren't played up basically as a useful superpower or a comedic, simplified 'I. need. to. clean.' kind of thing. Actually, this may be the first accurate portrayal I have EVER read. I'm crying and everything. Thank you for this, really. I appreciate everything about this so much.

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Review #19, by Penelope Inkwell Waltz

4th October 2014:
You did a truly excellent job with this.

Rose has OCD, yes? I do, too. It's gotten much better, but when I was younger I was a lot like Rose (My number was four). It's SO NICE to see that represented in a story! I cannot even tell you how wonderful it is. I think that if I had read more characters like me in my childhood/tween years, it would have made things so much easier. Representation is so important! So, props to you for throwing some (mental) diversity in there!

Really, I cannot give you enough congratulatory snaps.

And Scorpius has a stammer. And is adorable and considerate! And he maybe isn't the guy every girl thinks is dreamy, but Rose totally sees it! I love that. :D

When he smiles and says the "Good, good, good," part...I can't heart!

The whole thing was also just so poetic and symmetrical, which I adored. And having the waltz as a sort of embodiment of her number was so clever!

This is a beautiful piece, and I have, like, mega feels now. Thank you so much for writing it! I wish I could go back and wave it in middle-school-me's face and be like, "Here is this story it's beautiful and it's like you and you're going to love it!"

Collegiate-me loves it, too.



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Review #20, by snufflesthedog Waltz

26th June 2014:
This story was so beautiful, and poetic. It almost made me cry! It has a sort of purity about it and it just flows, exactly like a waltz! I loved it, so 10/10.

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much for this truly lovely review! I'm so thrilled you enjoyed it so much and that it provoked such strong emotions! Thank you for leaving this comment, it's really so kind of you; I sincerely appreciate it! ^.^

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Review #21, by LetterGirl Waltz

23rd June 2014:
Beautifully written and yet so simple. It somehow calms me down. 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much for taking the time to leave such a lovely review! I sincerely appreciate it and am just thrilled that you enjoyed it so much! ^.^

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Review #22, by yerawizard27 Waltz

18th June 2014:
Wow! I really loved this. Such an original idea, and written so beautifully- It was like I could feel exactly what Rose was feeling, and honestly, my heart was thumping!

Wonderful concept and excellently executed, 10/10!

Author's Response: Ah, thank you so much! I'm so glad you found it both original and well-written, and I'm especially thrilled that the story was able to effect you how it did! This is such a lovely review, thank you so much for taking the time to leave it! :-D

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Review #23, by Limited_Edition151 Waltz

3rd June 2014:
That was very good, good, good! It was confusing at first with Scorpion's stutter, when it was hard for him to say the G's, but other than that fact, I would read, read, read this again! I have always been a fan of RosexScorpious, and I am looking forward to reading more of your material.
Don't Forget To Be Awesome!

Author's Response: Hey, thank you so much; I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I had a feeling that in the beginning, with the vague comments regarding it, that people wouldn't grasp onto the fact that Scorpius has a stutter in this story, but it seems like people have been able to come to understand it as the fic progresses, so I'm glad you were able to eventually pick up on that as well! It also makes me exceedingly happy that you, as a fan of this ship, enjoyed my version of them! I truly had no idea what I was doing at the time, so hearing they've been so well-received in this rather uncommon fashion is such a compliment - I truly appreciate it!

And thanks for the reminder! I forget to be awesome, like, all the time. :-p

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Review #24, by Liana Waltz

8th May 2014:
Poor Rose and poor Scorpius for putting up with her. I think she needs counseling or medication. The kissing part was funny though along with Scorpius asking if she needed to go brush her teeth.

Author's Response: haha Yeah, they both have their own struggles, but I think they find solace in one another in a way that helps them both deal with their anxieties! I'm glad you enjoyed the story, and thank you for taking the time to leave a review - I very much appreciate it! :)

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Review #25, by R Waltz

8th May 2014:
Amazing, amazing, amazing piece of writing :)

Author's Response: Ah, thank you so much! That's so kind of you and I'm thrilled you enjoyed it so much! Thank you for taking the time to leave this comment, I sincerely appreciate it! :-D

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