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Review #1, by Just Another Reveiwer... Cry

17th April 2014:
That was a great story, really good, hope your other ones are just as good as this one.

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Review #2, by kenpo Cry

16th January 2014:
Here for the bvb battle!

Ah! This was so amazing!

I've noticed that you have such a distinct and unique writing style, and I absolutely love it. You have this way that you hone in and focus of the feelings and the emotions and the descriptions. You don't even need plot. I could just read your writing and have it be random words that just get put together and sound nice.

Isn't that called word poetry or something? I don't know, but this is like that, except is also has actual meaning.

I love that this is written to Draco. It's such an interesting and fresh perspective and GAH. You're amazing. I wish I could write like this. I'm curious to see if your writing style is different with longer works... I'll just have to go find out for myself, won't I :)

I can't do this review without leaving you my favorite lines. (How can I do that without just copying the entire thing?!)

my eyes glued to your dancing figure, jovial and aliveóhow you messed me around.

Oh! How I once melted at that. The way you furrowed your brow at me; the way you morphed your face into a convincing look of genuine concern.

Mourn over how I left you, how I donít need you no more. How I am going to move on, and love another man, who will be far better than you are, for you are the incarnation of your father, Draco. Nothing but a ferret, you will be: an arrogant, conceited ferret.

I have so many more that I could put in here but then you might start to get annoyed. Your writing is just so pleasant to read!

Okay, I haven't said anything about plot, have I?

I like the plot, too. I like how you've turned against the common notion of Draco becoming a changed man and embracing all that is good. Maybe he does abandon the Dark Arts, but he still has this darkness inside of him. You've shown that there's more than one way to be a bad person.

I feel bad for him, still. And her. I feel bad for her.

I just want to keep talking about how much I love the way you write. You could write about anything and I'd read it.

I'm rambling and saying the same thing over and over. Sorry. I just really enjoy your eloquence and I'm jealous. Very jealous. Just read this review; I have trouble even forming coherent sentences, let alone writing such beautiful prose.

I'm gonna stop having a little fangirl moment. This is fantastic. You're amazing.

Author's Response: Oh my gosh!

Thank you for such an AMAZING review! I absolutely love it! You're too kind, truly! Just, ahh oh my gosh the compliments! They're too sweet!

Thanks so, so, so, so much!


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Review #3, by maraudertimes Cry

11th January 2014:

I'm torn between being sad and being really happy.

Sad because the girl (Pansy, I'm going to assume), was cheated on. That's a no-no. Draco sucks. I hope he gets hit by a speeding broom.

Happy because: You go girl! That's it! I can't stand it when girls stay with guys they've caught cheating. I feel as if they don't understand how utterly awesome they are! And for her to leave him to grovel for her to come back is amazing. Girl Power!

But still super sad that he cheated.

This was really nicely written, and the only thing that I could find wrong was that the spaces between the paragraphs are too big, which is really just a formatting error that happens sometimes on the archives, so its not your fault at all!

Great job!

Author's Response: Lo!

Haha, thanks for the great review. It's appreciated, and made my day!



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Review #4, by UnluckyStar57 Cry

9th January 2014:
Hi! I'm here for the BvB Review Battle, and since this story is SUPER new, I get to be the first reviewer! :D

Wow, Draco really messed with Pansy's mind. It was really cheap of him to treat her like that, ignoring her for someone else, and he deserved exactly what he got from her. I hope that he regrets it!

Your writing style in this is superb! You managed to reflect how much pain Pansy was in through the story, and the break up scene was extremely powerful. Great job!


Author's Response: Would you believe I didn't even realize that this story was up until you reviewed it?! Thanks so much for the wonderful comments!


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