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Review #1, by MissesWeasley123 Blended Christmas

3rd January 2014:
THIS WAS ADORABLE! Also here for day 8 of 12 Days of reviewing.

I loved this, love love love. When you were comparing their personal Christmases, that was perfect. It was really cool to see the differences shown so clearly. It was also very clever to get a point across! Scorpius having a dinner alone is very sad. It was interesting to see him with so many people, especially Weasleys.

There were a lot of characters in this family gathering, but you honestly showed each and everyone so well and true to their character. That was great. From Rose to Charlie, the characterization was perfect. I liked how Albus was both of their friends and it was very sweet. They were like a golden trio of their own.

Scorose! Ah. They were adorable. Especially Rose. She seemed to be "the one" for Scorpius. It was beautifully magical.

Great work and good luck!

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Review #2, by BookDinosaur Blended Christmas

2nd January 2014:
Hello! I'm here for the Seventh of the Twelfve Days of Rviewing. :)

I absolutely love how you started us off with the contrast between Rose's Christmases and Scorpius'. I think by using that you really managed to show us exactly how merry and happy Rose's Christmases were, while also portraying how stark and empty Scorpius' are. I really liked that bit where you said that if he didn't see the gifts he wouldn't remember that it had been a holiday. I think that was the saddest thing here, because I love Christ mas and it's so sad to think of someone who doesn't celebrate it.

I really enjoyed reading those small details you kept throwing in as well, like the pie eating contests or the Grangers not liking her to eat sugar because they're dentists, it was just lovely and you wove such a beautiful, intricate tapestry with those. Your description was stunning as well, the imagery was so strong it was really easy to imagine everything that was happening. I particularly love this quote: Of course, the old and dark wooden floors would disappear completely; to be replaced with bright wrapping paper strewn about by excited hands. It's just so perfect and Weasley-ish I can't help but love it.

I'm not sure whether this was intentional or not as well, but when you wrote the Weasley Christmases your writing stlye was really happy and colourful, but when you talked about Scorpius' it was more misty and it suited the story so well!

The way you wrote Rose and Scorpius' relationship was just amazing as well, you really got it across that they weren't together because it was 'forbidden' or because they had good chmistry but that they really, truly cared for eaach other and I absolutely loved that, it was so beautiful and lovely.

You did a brilliant job with this oneshot, I really enjoyed it and I'm so glad I had the chance to read it! :)

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Review #3, by momotwins Blended Christmas

25th December 2013:
Love the pie eating contests - and that their wives won't let them do it if they catch them. ;) Made me grin. I really loved your touches of canon mentions - the Grangers not liking her to eat sugar, George's fireworks, Molly putting up a token argument.

The contrast with Scorpius's Christmas memories was great - his seem so stark and sterile next to the Weasleys. I think it's really in keeping with the Malfoys. Poor Scorp.

I LOVE that Neville is the one who told them about the Room of Requirement. That's just great, and really creative, I've never seen anyone write that bit before. I really want to know what Rose gave him though!

This is really sweet and adorable, I think you did great. Everyone is in character and it's got a great Christmas, romantic feel. Merry Christmas!

Author's Response: Thank you. :) I'm glad you like the little details.. I like to think they give unique little touches to the story. Since I love reading about them I do endeavour to write about them as much as I'm able. My only problem is word count.. I do have the tendency to ramble and this one asked me to keep it below 4000. And believe me, with the choice I'd have written way more than that. HAHA.
The bit about Neville was my favorite because I love Neville! If I had found a way I'd have inserted Luna more prominently as well but alas lacked space to do so. :)
I honestly have no idea what Rose gave him. That's why I didn't have him open up the gift. In my head canon Albus told Rose that Scorpius was coming and dropped bomb-sized hints that he didn't receive gifts and in her carelessly kind way bought him a gift. But what would you give a guy you knew had everything and you weren't friends with anyway? I couldn't answer the question so I just used the gift thing as a 'symbol' haha.
I'm glad you liked it since I had way too much fun writing this one. Thanks for the awesome review.


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Review #4, by toomanycurls Blended Christmas

23rd December 2013:
Hello!! Doing our review swappy-swap. :D

I'm not terribly familiar with ScoRose but I'm writing one soon! This will be helpful with my research. :)

I love the idea of contrasting Scorpius and Rose's Christmas norms. You paint such a stark contrast between the two, it's wonderful to read.

This is a wonderful bit of imagery for Christmas with a big family: "Of course, the old and dark wooden floors would disappear completely; to be replaced with bright wrapping paper strewn about by excited hands."

I love that Rose's favorite uncle is Charlie!! :D I like the idea of him being an awesome uncle as he didn't have a family.

The Christmas morning description of presents perfectly shows Ron and Hermione's distinct styles. Of course their children would pick up on that. You made Christmas with the Weasleys sound amazingly warm and inviting. ^_^

The Malfoy Christmas seems much less cheery but still enjoyable enough for Scorpius. The dignified affair of brunch fits perfectly with their family and seems to be at such odds with the Weasley chaos.

Scorpius waiting for a smile from his parents - such a heartbreaking image. Kids want love for Christmas. :(

Dinner alone while his parents were out sounds dreadful and lonely.

Two slight nit-picks - Neville's name has two l's and the Marauder's Map doesn't show the RoR. Though they could use it to find the corridor its in.

I really like the party they had in the RoR. It sounds like a perfect teenage event. ^_^

Whoo! I like Scorpius' defiance against going home for Christmas. I'm glad they heeded him. It's quite sad they didn't give him any gifts for wanting to stay with his friends. I do like how he viewed Rose at the party. Her small kindness was probably not a huge deal to her but was important to Scorpius.

Oh heyy! Your description of hand-holding was quite sweet. :D It made me feel warm fuzzies. Their first Christmas with her family (as a couple). I'm so excited!!

This line is perfect, not just for Ron but for all fathers: "emphasis on the my and while it was a beautiful nickname, Scorpius felt that he had been threatened and warned in one sentence"

I love how their Christmas was blended together in the end. I know how hard it is to go from a small Christmas to a large, loud one. Scorpius did quite well!! You've really showed an adorable couple at Christmas!


Author's Response: Hi Rose! Thank you sooo much for swapping with me. I love your reviews.. They're just super awesome! I'm glad you liked the story even if you don't normally write/read stories like this.
Charlie is my favorite Weasley.. Shh, don't tell anyone. HAHA. But, yes, I bet if he were my uncle he would be my favorite... Or Bill! The two of them just ooze coolness.
I'm so happy you like the imagery. Everything was just so clear in my head and I didn't even write down enough, I think! I wanted to do more but with just 4000 words, this had to do.
I definitely have to make a few edits so I can make sure to fit canon with this one... And, omg! Did I misspell Neville's name? How could I miss that. tsk, carla.. a
I've already written the edit I want to do about the Marauder Map. :O I just wanted to make sure I've been judged first before I make an edit. Just to be safe.
Ron as a daddy was my favorite 'cos I tried to just imagine him as the epitome of all dad's everywhere when they see their daughter holding a guy's hand! I know my dad nearly went insane.
Anyway, thank you and I'm glad you liked it! Scorpius was hard to write because I felt so sad for him the whole way. THANK YOU for the kind words.


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Review #5, by GingeredTea Blended Christmas

21st December 2013:
I loved this. I never really read this sort of thing, but you did so beautifully at it that I just kept reading. I'm not quite sure how to review a story like this either - I can't tell you if you portrayed Rose and Scorpius really well, although I really liked it here, because I don't ever read them as a partner. What I can say is that your flow, presentation, scene breaks, and everything else was done very well. Thank you so much for such a great read.

Sorry about the lateness of this review, BTW :) I meant to do it last night. :)

Author's Response: It's no problem! Thank you for the review.. I'm such a late replier and so sorry for that.
Anyway, to be honest, I never meant to write anything like this. I used to write a lot of drama and angst but this popped into my head so completely that I could not ignore it!
I'm glad you enjoyed it though and thank you for the kind words.


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Review #6, by kenpo Blended Christmas

21st December 2013:
Hey, Kenpo here with the review you requested.

First Impressions:

I like the banner! You said you think the summary is really cheesy, but I think it fits for a fluff one-shot.

Thoughts while reading:
I like the descriptions of the holidays from her childhood. Christmas at the Burrow! I love the imagery of the entire house covered in a layer of paper. Mmm, that dinner sounds really good right now.

I can totally picture all the Weasley men having an eating contest! And I love all the descriptions of the traditions. You're making me wish even more that I was a Weasley. Thank you for including Charlie! I'm with Rose, he'd be my favorite Uncle, too.

I like the reference to how Audrey balances out Percy. That seems really realistic and believable. It gives me hope for their children!

Ooo, now we see Scorpius' childhood? Will this be sad?

Yes. Yes it will. Come on Draco, give your son some love!

(I'm at the third section now. Back to Rose!)
For some reason, I thought that this was after they were at Hogwarts, so I was confused for a little bit.

The Room of Requirement isn't on the Map.

This section isn't reading as well. I don't know if it's because it's past midnight, but it just seems harder to follow than the first two sections. I'd read through it really carefully to make sure all of the sentences make sense.

Back to Scorpius. I feel bad for him. His parents don't do anything with him for Christmas but still demand that he's there. Awww, he's like Harry, his real family is the people with him at school.

Alright. Let's see how Scorpius does at Christmas at the Burrow. Will he be really overwhelmed?

Ron would fail to notice that everyone is staring at his daughter because he's too busy eating.

Aww, I like how Scorpius reacts to Hermione greeting Rose as her Rosie. Oh, but Ron's gotten good at not-so-subtle but indirect threats!

That was a sweet little ending.

General Comments:

Overall, I enjoyed the story. It was something pleasant to read, and didn't take too much brain power to comprehend. Something I really liked was that you kept returning to the mince pies, it showed that however chaotic the Weasley family is, they have their traditions (that Rose is clearly breaking:) ). I would've liked to see more of the last section, more of Rose and Scorpius interacting. There was a lot of detail in the first descriptions of Christmases from childhood, then in the Hogwarts one there was slightly less, and I craved more details in the last section like Scorpius craves his fathers approval. As you can tell from my thoughts while reading, the timeframe was confusing until the end when it all came together. Even then, it was a little unclear why the Hogwarts Christmas was included, since there wasn't much interaction between the two characters. I'd have liked to see a tab bit more in that section.

I just gave a lot of criticism, but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy this. I don't know why, but I'm having trouble pin-pointing exactly what I liked about it, so I don't really know what to say about it. It was fun to read, it was pleasurable. Some Christmas jollity got me!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the comments/crits! I totally knew there was something that I missed canon-wise! And, to think, I tried to be sooo careful. Anyway, the way you write reviews is really nice and refreshing and I want to thank you for that.

I'm glad you enjoyed it nonetheless although I wish you'd leave signed reviews? Just so I can make sure you can read my response since I appreciate the review. Thanks again!


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Review #7, by DracoFerret11 Blended Christmas

20th December 2013:
Hello there! This is DarkRose from the forums! I decided to read and review all of the Writer's Duel entries! :D So, let's go over things:

Continuities: Okay, just two things that don't fit with canon and/or are confusing. One, the Room of Requirement doesn't show up on the Marauders' Map. That was a rather significant plot point in Half-Blood Prince. Also, after the map explanation, you have a line that says, "He and James had gone to the room" and I couldn't figure out who the "he" was supposed to be.

Plot: This was a really sweet story. I'm a Dramione shipper, so Scorose is sort of the next-gen Dramione. I liked that you told the story from both the points of view of their childhoods, then brought them together. That worked really well. The Weasley Christmas is one of my favorite things to read about, I've decided. :)

Characterization: I really liked the pronounced difference between the Weasleys and the Malfoys. It made me sad that Draco hadn't changed enough to know to treat his son differently than I imagine he was treated. :/ But I loved the relationships between Albus, Rose, and Scorpius, and the dynamic with the Weasleys. Really well done.

Descriptions: I think I might have liked a few more details about how things looked, sounded, smelled, felt, etc. in the scene at Hogwarts. It went rather quickly and I didn't get a good sense of how things were. The two scenes when they were children were great, but after that, there were far fewer concrete details.

Emotions: I really loved the contrast (I know I keep saying that!) between Rose's happy memories and Scorpius's sad ones. That was really moving. I wish there had been more of an impact in the relationship between Rose and Scorpius, though. I just wasn't feeling the reality of their relationship very much.

Overall, great job! Good luck in the Duel!


Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I really commend you on reading and reviewing every single story written for the duel! It's a daunting task. :O
I will admit that I tend to take a few liberties when writing out my fanfiction though I took the inspiration of stealing it from his father's desk from canon information! Maybe after the duel I can straighten it out but this was the fastest way I can do without going over my words.
Ooooh.. I agree! I do feel some parts deserved more words/descriptions. I really wanted to do it but I would not have met the 4000 maximum limit. It sounds like an excuse, I know. But it really limited some of what I did. hehe.
I'm sorry you weren't feeling the relationship much. To be honest, I wasn't really highlighting their relationship so much as how it would be if they spent Christmas together. Again, if I'd had more words there were a few things I would have included that's in my head (example, I had it in my head that Scorpius was going to give Rose a gift of the same size everyday for who knows how long until Rose agreed to go out with him, etc.) but I didn't have the liberty to do that. But maybe I could do it as a companion piece to my story.
I'm glad you liked the contrast though.. It was the primary thing I wanted to come across. How happy Rose's Christmases were esp. after reading Scorpius' and vice versa.
Yes, yes! Dramione and ScoRose. All the feels for the first I have for the second.. This time seemed a good idea to finally try and see if I could do it (I have issues doing my fave ships. I don't want to mess them up)
As for the line you mentioned "He and James" it worries me because I had actually edited that yesterday before I went to bed and before i had your review so either you were already reading it when I submitted the edits because now it's already been changed (it's Fred and James, btw. haha) or I imagined seeing the change.
Well, thank you for the overly detailed review. Sorry for the overly detailed response. haha. Good luck on all those reviews.


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Review #8, by j Blended Christmas

20th December 2013:
Merry Christmas! Thanks for the short and sweet story!

Author's Response: Why thank you... I wish you'd signed in so you can see this response but you're my first unsigned review in a while so thank you that you felt compelled to review anyway. Merry Christmas!


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Review #9, by Aphoride Blended Christmas

20th December 2013:
Hey there! Thanks for the review swap, and sorry about the delay - but I'm here now! :)

First off, just to say that thought you did this really well given the prompt for the winter writer's duel. The whole thing really revolved around Christmas and how they celebrated them, how their celebrations evolved as they grew up, and then eventually merged. It's such a wonderful interpretation, and not one I would have thought of. I really liked that.

I loved the way you showed their characters and relationships with others through their Christmases - and their own relationship, of course. It's such a good idea, and you did it so well! I particularly liked the mentions of the cousins and family friends from Rose, and Scorpius' house-elf and how he's sort of friends with her, in a way. It really highlighted the differences between them and the way they celebrate, you know?

The details you put into each of their Christmases was lovely, too - especially Rose's. I loved the way you took us through the whole day and what normally happens - with the decorating of the tree, the smell of the turkey, laughter, the nicknames, how people would act, etc. It was so in-depth and really, really nice :)

The glimpses into their characters were so nice, as well - like when Rose and her cousins decide to stay at Christmas so their parents could go away, and how Scorpius feels almost out of place in the Burrow, and how Albus knows about them when no one else seems to ;) You really had the right amount of character-building without this being a sort of contemplative one-shot, you know?

The ending... aw, it was so sweet! 'Maybe we should have our own Christmas next year' - so adorable. Cheeky too, kinda... :P I liked the way the whole family went silent when they saw them together, and the eating competition was hilarious! When Ron said '/my/ beautiful girl' (I can't remember the exact phrase) and Scorpius felt sort of threatened, it was almost funny, in a way, but such a nice moment, regardless. It's so easy to imagine Ron being so protective of Rose, you know? No matter who she dates.

So yeah, this was really lovely. Your writing style was great (though I did spot a few odd commas ;P), the characters were brilliant and the whole plot/set-up/etc. was amazing. I'm so glad you decided to swap! :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: No worries about the delay, Aph. (which really isn't much of a delay, in any case):D I knew you would get to it eventually. And you did and you left me a gorgeous review that made me smile so how could I complain? :D I can't, that's the answer. HAHA.
Anyway, I'm glad you think it answered the prompt well.. :O This wasn't the prompt I wanted to do originally. I mean, I was determined, I think, to do the fourth one but this one just sprung as a fully-fledged scene (the start, Rose's Christmas and Scorpius and Rose together in a Weasley Christmas) that I knew I had no choice but to do it.. HAHA.
Anyway, I'm glad that it came across as having enough character-building for you! I feel iffy about it sometimes. Like sometimes I feel it's soo little and then I add some more to the point when it becomes too much. This time around the word limit actually helped. There was so much I wanted to say but with a 4000 word limit I had no choice but to pack it into those little words.
Yes, Ron is definitely protective of Rose (especially since it's Scorpius) but really, with anyone he would be disapproving, I think. Just like my dad. I had a prime example. HAHAHA.
OMG, the comma-titis. It's a disease, I tell you! I love my commas (used to love dashes and hyphens too but I got over that!) I swear, after the first draft this had more commas than it does now. :O I need professional help. haha. Definitely needs another read through but maybe not for a while. I read through it so much in 48 hours it gave me a headache haha.
I'm glad you think my writing style is great because you're is really really good and blows me away. So thanks... you are gorgeous.


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Review #10, by 800 words of heaven Blended Christmas

20th December 2013:

So you've requested a review from me, and I thought about reviewing that, but I'd like to spend a little more time on it, addressing your concerns and whatnot, so I chose this to read instead. Christmas is especially suited to fluff and romance and ScoRose, so how could I resist?


Really, the above sentence is all I have to say, but I know what a well-worded review means, so I'll give it my best shot!

I loved how you juxtaposed Rose and Scorpius' typical Christmas. I absolutely adored the way you used those memories to build your characters. It's so amazing that two people who have completely different Christmas experiences still grow up to have such similar sentiments about the holiday. Scorpius does obviously crave the kind of relationship that Rose has with her family, but he's no Scrooge about it, needing an entire retinue of ghosts to get his head together. That was a very nice touch I thought.

I also really enjoyed reading the same Christmas from their different points of view. It was really there where Rose and Scorpius' personalities became well-defined, and I liked how you used this opportunity to contrast the two of them in "real time" so to speak. It's the first time we see them together in the story, and it's just lovely to see how they each approach the holiday with different expectations, yet they both feel sort of the same way about it.

I actually thought Ron was going to do bodily harm to poor Scorpius in the last section. That would have been rather unfortunate, but so very Ron. I'm glad that he didn't though. It was so sweet how Scorpius gets the Christmas that he wants now! For me, this story really was all about Scorpius and his journey toward a better Christmas (through Rose, but whatever).

This was so enjoyable! Such a lovely read :) Merry Christmas!

Author's Response: Thank you for choosing this story for the review tag! I'm really anxious to see what people thought of it since I am not particularly the sort to write about holidays, lol. Especially the happy ones like Christmas!
And, wow.. ALL CAPS! That makes me so happy! I'm so glad I gave you FLUFFY FEELINGS!!!I think they're the best kind of feelings. :D
I actually had a lot of fun writing the same Christmas in their POV! I wanted to be able to practice doing POV's and all... I've always been so bad at it! Jumping from one POV to another in one sentence! I had to be particularly careful with it in this one.
Actually, I had thought to make Ron more vocal/angry and maybe threaten to physically harm Scorpius but I was already at 3700 words of the allowed 4000 and was still a ways to go so I had a SERIOUS headache trying to get Ron's point across without using too many words doing it. HAHA. I'm glad you liked the way I did it though...
I'm glad you enjoyed it... Merry Christmas as well and THANKS again. :D


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Review #11, by milominderbinder Blended Christmas

20th December 2013:

This was so, incredibly sweet. You really painted an amazing picture of Weasley family Christmases; I could really see it all, hear the chaos, taste the Christmas feast. Your description was all beautiful and created such a vivid picture.

I love the juxtaposition of Rose and Scorpius' Christmases. The sort of repetition of that line in the first two sections - Her first memories of the Christmas holidays were of noise and gaiety, loud and happy enough to wake the dead. vs His earliest memories of Christmas were never quite special and always the same. - is super effective because it really highlights the differences between them. I felt really bad for Scorpius and his miserable childhood Christmases - I'm kinda obsessed with Christmas :P So the idea of anyone having such an un-special day makes me really sad!

I love the end section most of all, when Scorpius joins in with the Weasleys! After having some so miserable Christmases over his life it's nice that he could kind of 'see how the other half lives' in regards to Christmas :P It was so sweet how he was terrified of meeting Rose's family but wanted to be brave for her! And I love how much he ended up enjoying it and realising that this is the Christmas he's been craving all his life.

You wrote his and Rose's relationship really well too. A lot of it wasn't really obvious as in most of the fic they weren't a couple, in the first two sections they weren't even around each other. But I think it's precisely because of that they seem like a great couple. You really give a sense of their personalities before you even start writing their relationship, and you make their personalities so compatible that it seems like the most natural thing in the world for them to get together. They don't have a mad, passionate chemistry - or at least not in the sections you've shown here - but instead a sweeter, quieter, more intimate kind of love. It was adorable and lovely to read.

Overall this was one of the sweetest Christmas stories I've read for ages! And I didn't spot any typos ;) Good luck with the duel - you're definitely in with a real shot!!


Author's Response: Hiya Maia! Thanks for the review! Always a pleasure getting one of your reviews, I must say...
I'm glad you enjoyed the description and you could see it all in your head. To be honest, I really worked hard on that for this one-shot because the story started as a scene in my head rather than just words, which is usually how it starts. So I wanted whoever would read it to see the scene as I did. I'm glad I got that across!
To be honest I didn't know whether I wanted to really add their romance in there but I'm just a romantic person at heart so I couldn't help it. hahaha. And, yes, I really felt sorry for Scorpius too; maybe that's why I found it so difficult to write his scenes as opposed to the ones of Rose, which were easier and, in my mind, one perfect way to spend Christmas.
I'm glad you found it really sweet and that there aren't any typos! I guess the four edits/read throughs actually helped rather than being an asinine practice of an OCD-ridden writer.
Thanks for the review, Maia... And thanks! Good luck to you as well. :)


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Review #12, by ReeBee Blended Christmas

19th December 2013:
Lovely Carla!! :D

This was amazing! :) The description! Wow! And u tried to tell me that u don't put thought into your stories. Some parts had me gasping! That's how beautiful it was!!

And the small touches of romance! Beautiful! Sigh. Carla- how do u achieve such perfection in all of your stories?! I could imagine the Weasley's christmas- right down to the crowded mince pie competition! And same with the Malfoy, so easy to imagine them at a table with their straight backs and perfect postures! Wow!

Oh my god! And what on earth were u talking about with the typos?!?! And Scorpius' POV, it was stunning! The whole thing was hazy and dreamlike, as if a recollection of vague memories, and that suited the story! Carla my dear, I have no idea what to even say! :D

Sorry for the lack of vocabulary in this review ;)

-Curie :)

Author's Response: Curie, I swear that you are too good to me... You are just the sweetest thing and just so special to me because you are one of the first people I spoke with when I first came back to HPFF so thank you so much for that.
I don't know how I could write so much if you weren't there as a steady support and just the sweetest person ever.
I love that description, "hazy and dreamlike" because when I was writing any Scorpius scenes they were more in the lines of confusing and difficult. Glad that benefited the fic rather than detract from it.
I admit I wanted the romance because I can never do without any romance but I knew that it was about the Christmas so I really wanted to emphasize that...
I don't know about perfection, Curie but I do thank you for the lovely compliment and for liking my writing.. Like I said, you are one of the biggest reasons that I'm writing so much now! You are the most gorgeous support and friend ever. THANK YOU.


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Review #13, by HollyStone73 Blended Christmas

19th December 2013:
I really like this!! I love how you highlight the extreme opposites in how the two of them celebrate their Christmases. More than once I felt myself feeling incredibly sorry for Scorpius! You managed to paint a very vivd picture of both celebrations and I could easily imagine the chaotic picture of the craziness at The Burrow. Of course I loved Ron's reaction to seeing Scorpius at the house and I laughed at the subtle warning he gave him! LOL!
Very good piece!! Great job! And Good Luck!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for being the first review for this Christmas story! To be honest, I don't much like writing about Christmas because: a. I don't have that much experience with it and b. there are so many ways one can get it wrong. But the writer's duel did challenge me to write outside of my comfort zone. I will admit though that I had originally wanted to write a different prompt but this story sprouted in my head. Everything was there, in full detail and I just had to write it. I'm glad that it came thru in my descriptions as that, more than anything, is what worries me. Not being able to describe what's inside my head.
Anyway, THANK YOU for the absolutely awesome review. Made me really smile. Good luck to you as well..


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