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Review #1, by krazyboutharryginny Christmas Trickery

5th April 2015:
(I typed this up for capture the flag and ended up not needing to use it, but I figured I would leave it anyway!)
Alright, there's a couple of mistakes in the first few paragraphs. "Them" is typoed as "htem", "one" instead of "on" when they go downstairs, and you've said "balmy" instead of "barmy", I think? Sorry, just some nitpicks.
But moving on from nitpicks - this story is HILARIOUS! Sirius is my favourite character as of late, and I think you've captured him perfectly. I can totally picture him coming up with that prank - and, upon his return to school, bragging about it to the other Marauders!
I also love your portrayal of Andromeda, and how she was acting suspicious.
Another thing: I love the overall idea of the annual Christmas ball. That totally seems like something that would happen with the Pureblood crowd.
Great fic!

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Review #2, by awesomepotter - Round 2 Christmas Trickery

5th April 2015:
Oh, I loved this story so much. Bellatrix is one of the two characters in the story I completely and utterly hate (her and Umbridge), but here we get to see a different side of her. I mean, in the books we're presented with a woman who is comppletely and utterly deranged, only focussed on following Lord Voldemort, whatever he orders her to do. Here, though, we see a tiny bit of compassion in her when she decides to tell Andromeda that associating with Sirius isn't good for her to do. If she didn't care, she'd probably say nothing or turn on her straight away, so maybe she does care for her sister a bit. Also, we can see that she, deep down, still has some of the normal desires and wishes that a normal, non-psychopathic teenage girl has when she talks about wanting Riddle to sing love songs to her. Alright, it is pretty disturbing imagery and something that will never, EVER happen, but Bellatrix clearly wants to be loved and wants other people to care for her. Maybe she doesn;t intend on returning those affections, but she still wants them. I think those were really nice bits to add in to add more depth to Bellatrix as a character. I think the way you wrote her and characterised her was really effective and I loved it!
I thought this was a really great plot idea, and something that was really original and entertaining. I love your take on all three of the Black sisters, and Sirius. I think they were all done so well, and I can't think of anything to comment on to improve. Well done!

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Review #3, by Freda_and_Georgina Christmas Trickery

2nd April 2014:
Wow, awesome story! You portrayed the characters very well, and I loved how you tied in hints of their futures as well. (Andromeda not being herself, Sirius running away, Bellatrix's passion and insanity...)

Bellatrix must have been really stunned at the results of her plot since she didn't hex him with something Dark. I suppose she wasn't quite in her right mind (Tom Riddle Lala land) to fall for it in the first place. (heehee!)

Really enjoyable story, I half wish it had a sequel!

Author's Response: I'm so bad at responding to reviews, but I really want to thank you for taking the time to tell me your thoughts. I love the parallels you've drawn from my version to cannon, I didn't even see some of them so it certainly was an eye-opener!

Haha, maybe I'll make a sequel someday, who knows? That is if I ever get over my nasty habit of procrastination, but perhaps it'll be fun :) Thanks a ton, dear!

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Review #4, by Rumpelstiltskin Christmas Trickery

16th March 2014:
Hey there, I'm here for the Blackout (9/20).

Plot/plot arch: I love everything about this idea. The craziness of Bellatrix attempting to trap Voldemort beneath mistletoe had me in stitches and, what's more, was Sirius' ridiculous plan to overthrow her own plan. It has to be difficult to question Voldemort's intentions, even if he asks you to declare Sirius the most awesome person in the world... :D

Characterization: Bellatrix -- I love that she's in love (or at least infatuated with) Voldemort in this. I found that extremely humorous. Sirius-- of course he's pretending to be one of the greatest feared wizards of all time for his amusement... typical Sirius. I think you did a great job with him and his shenanigans in this.

Detail: Good job at adding descriptions! I think my favorite had to be of Bella's ballgown, but I could very well be biased because I love the word "bellows", and Walburga's dress came in at a close second. I think you added the descriptions where they needed to be, and left them out when they were unnecessary which is absolutely fantastic.

Emotion: I cannot think of anything more eloquent to say than: baha! This was light and funny and I enjoyed it very much.

Other/Notes: Sirius/serious jokes will never cease to amuse me. There's just a brief section at the beginning where three sections of dialogue missed the double-return between them, but that looks just like an error to me.

Great job!


Author's Response: Eek! Sorry for taking so long to respond!

You know, I really really love when reviews are categorised into focusing on the different aspects of the story. It so organised, which sadly is something I'll never be.

I'm so thrilled that you loved the plot. It took me precisely ten minutes to come up with when I was in the shower(the good ideas always come to me when I'm in the shower) and I was really worried that it would seem too juvenile. Thankfully your review and several others have assured me that this is indeed a plot that deserves to be on such a wonderful site.

Voldemort's intentions are pretty tough to guess, not that many people do. I mean when you have someone as scary (well alluring in this case) you don't really question what they say. At least, not openly. Thus I thought that Bellatrix's reaction was pretty realistic for the situation.

For someone as evil as Bellatrix to possess the ability to love is a miracle itself. Love has the annoying habit of turning your head upside down and I think seeing Bella in such a situation is really hilarious. I was giggling the entire time writing this, earning a sufficient number of weird looks from the rest of my family (which is normal, trust me).

I'm glad you enjoyed the descriptions. While this was primarily a funny story, I did want to add the occasional imagery that makes the reader pause for a moment to really picture that in their mind. It makes the story much more realistic, I think.

The very fact that the only emotion you encountered was "baha!" is probably the surest sign that I've succeeded in what I've tried to achieve. I don't know how to thank you enough :)

Thank you so much for this supermegafoxyawesomehot review. I will fix the double space (and hopefully the mods won't kill me for it) so thank for pointing that too. Most of all, thanks for telling me what you think in such a wonderful way. It's always lovely to hear what readers feel about the plot :)

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Review #5, by PolyJuice_ Christmas Trickery

13th March 2014:

Oh goodie! A happy story! I've been looking for one of these. This battle has given me nothing but sad things so far. I'm excited to read this!

"She was the kind of person who would jinx you if you ever wore gold and red together." I was confused for a minute there, like "Huh? Gold and red go fine together!" And then it hit me. :P I loved that little bit there.

Oh my, Sirius. You are something else aren't you?

I loved the way you wrote this, you made everyone have a bit of Christmas mischief, and it turned out hilariously.

Great story, glad I got to read!


Author's Response: I love writing happy stories...most of the time. I'm so glad that you liked it! Sirius is definitely something else. He has no equal in terms of his antics. Although James probably comes as a pretty close second.

Haha, red and gold do go very well together, just not for Bellatrix ;)

Thank you so much for leaving this awesome review!

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Review #6, by Akussa Christmas Trickery

13th February 2014:
Oh how enjoyable was that??

I really liked it, especially Bellatrix's characterisation. I think you did a great job, making her come across as slightly crazy; a clear insanity in the making but she just hasn't crossed the line yet. I think it's pretty fitting considering her age and the fact that she hasn't lost most of hehr humanity by killing and cursing people on a daily basis...

When I read the summary, I was a bit confused as to how Sirius would fit into this mix but he fits wonderfully. I also really liked the presence of Narcissa and Andromeda and how you managed to show their different personalities with such little "screen time". Congrats on making them come into their own and not being just passer bys.

Finally, Sirius! He was just hilarious; they had every reason to hate him, he was so different from them! A wild and carefree boy, extrovert and simply wanting to have fun at other people's expenses. Brilliantly characterised.

I really had a great time reading this story, great job!!

Author's Response: Hello! Sorry for taking so long to respond!
I'm so glad I got Bella's character right. I didn't want to make her go completely off her rocker just yet for she is rather young in this story. I am also thrilled that you loved Sirius. He's definitely one of my favourite characters in the series and I had tons of fun writing him. Thanks for commending Narcissa and Andromeda's parts in this story. I feel that there aren't many stories out here that describe the relationship the sisters had with one another and that was why I really wanted to include them in this story. Thanks a lot for this amazing review. It really made me smile!

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Review #7, by Erised Christmas Trickery

3rd February 2014:
Hey there! I've seen you around the common room so I thought I'd check out your author page for today's review prompt :)

You say that this was rushed but I don't think it comes across like that at all. It's a lovely snapshot into Bellatrix's mind before she was completely insane and was just getting to that stage, and with Sirius too! I thought this was a very natural way to get them into a story together with the genres 'fluff' and 'romance' involved - honestly I was a little perplexed at how you would do it but I'd say you pulled it off really well. Not to say that Bellatrix isn't horrible of course - calling everyone a blood traitor really isn't the best way to make friends, is it? ;)

I liked the relationship between the three sisters here with Andromeda looking shifty - it all feels like they're on the cusp of a huge change but you've taken this little moment in time before the war properly kicks off and the sisters go their mostly separate ways.

Sirius was cheeky and his usual Marauder self here and honestly it was very brave of him to impersonate the Dark Lord. I'm surprised Bellatrix didn't hex him into oblivion! I would have liked to see more of him as a character but I'm sure you'll write him again some day.

Great one shot here, I enjoyed it! :)


Author's Response: Hi Jenny!

Thanks so much for this review! I'm glad that you don't think this was rushed. I was desperate to get this in the queue for the Duel. I probably wrote this in half an hour, a record time for me.

I really love the way you refer to it as a tiny capsule of time before everything changes. It truly is the brink of familiarity.
I like to think that Bella was still getting over the shock and embarrassment. Sirius was trying to get away before she fully came to her senses and would definitely hex him into oblivion! Ah, yes I really should have gone a bit deeper into Sirius' character. I'll definitely find an excuse to do so in the future ;)

I am really happy that you enjoyed the story. I had a lot of fun writing it!

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Review #8, by DracoFerret11 Christmas Trickery

12th January 2014:
Hello there! This is DarkRose from the forums! I decided to read and review all of the Writer's Duel entries! :) I actually finished reading this a while ago, but I'm just getting around to reviewing. I'm sorry! Anyhow, let's go over things:

Grammar/Spelling: I noticed a few errors if you wanted to fix them when you get the chance. :) One, you wrote: "the rest of htem and Bellatrix need to find out what it was" which should have said, "the rest of them, and Bellatrix needed to find out what it was." Then, you wrote, "Come one you two!" instead of "come on."

Continuity: Just one issue from canon to this story. You labeled Voldemort as the "recently appointed Dark Lord," but no one "appointed" him. He took power and gained followers, etc. So maybe, "recently risen" or something similar.

Plot: Bellatrix is such a creep. :P Ick! But you wrote her very well and I liked the fact that there was a certain about of naivity and innocence about her. I usually forget that she was a young woman once with hopes and dreams and delusions. She was just Bellatrix-y enough to still be believable, but different enough to make this story fun and interesting. Sirius is such a goof! I really liked reading about him. I imagine that would be a HUGE blow against their relationship (which was already bad to begin with), so I like that that sort of explains their canon-conflict. Well done!

Descriptions: I really enjoyed the details of the party that you included, such as Walburga's necklace and mannerisms. You did a great job painting a picture for me. Well done!

Emotions: As I mentioned, I really loved the naivity in Bellatrix's character. I feel like she would have been even more livid about Sirius's prank, though. I wouldn't put it past her to hex him for that.

Interactions: I loved the scene at the beginning with the three sisters. I never though about shortening "Andromenda" to "Andy," though. That seemed a little too informal for the Blacks, but I liked how you created a relationship between the three girls.

Overall, good job! I enjoyed reading this. :)


Author's Response: Wow! This was such a wonderful review to read! I cannot believe that you reviewed EVERY SINGLE entry! That's amazing!

Okay, I'm calming down now. I guess that I'll respond to this in accordance to your wonderful categories.

Spelling and Grammar: I'll definitely get down to fixing those up. I wrote this really quickly in order to get it posted in time for the duel deadline and it's about time I sat down an corrected it. Thanks for pointing out the specific errors, it makes my job much easier to do!

Continuity: Aah, good point. I hadn't really paid attention to that. Voldemort is the self-appointed Dark Lord so I should have probably used a more appropriate word. Thanks!

Wow, thank you for the compliments regarding the Plot and description. I felt like there were very few stories around here that focus on Bellatrix as a young girl. Most people see only one angle to Bellatrix- her insanity and evilness, so it was quite fun bringing another angle of her character into consideration.

Emotions: I think that Bellatrix's reactions were a bit muted simply because it took her a moment to get over the shock that Voldemort was actually Sirius. After the shock wore off, the first thing that hit her was the sheer embarrassment of it all. Not only had Sirius caught her openly displaying her affections for Voldemort, she had also declared Sirius as the "awesomest" person in the world. I think that was why she hadn't immediately hexed him, although she could have done so in the near future of the story :P

Interactions: I am so glad that you liked the relationship between the Black sisters. I have a sister of my own, so I thought that I could put some of my own experiences into the story. I thought that Andy would be a good nickname since Narcissa was shortened to Cissy and Bellatrix to Bella. It seemed rather odd to keep referring to Andromeda by her full name, but perhaps it is a bit too informal. Thanks for the advice!

Thank you once again for this completely mind blowing review. I cannot stop smiling right now! Thanks!

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Review #9, by BookDinosaur Christmas Trickery

2nd January 2014:
Hello! I'm here for the Seventh of the Twelve Days of Reviewing.

I really liked this oneshot! This was absolutely hilarious, I don't think I've ever laughed this much about Bellatrix!

I really enjoyed the way you started us off with this story, with the three Black sisters getting ready for the ball, and just talking. I loved how you portrayed Andy as well, she was obviously lovestruck and I suppose she's already met Ted Tonks, I loved that little hint even if you didn't tell us anything!

I really like how you showed us the relationship between Bella and Cissy as well, how Bella did have a soft spot for her youngest sister, she seemed almost human then, haha! And it would explain stuff like why Bella went with Cissy to Spindle's Lane and helped her make the Unbreakable Vow with Snape.

And wow, oh dear, how could Bellatrix fall for that?! Sirius is so sneaky, how did he find out about the plan? Oh no, I bet Andy told him, she didn't seem to like her sister much and seeing her getting along with Sirius was really sweet. I have to say though, Sirius' use of the word 'awesomest' really should have tipped her off though haha. Although I have to say, ensnaring the Dark Lord under the mistletoe doesn't seem like a particularly clever plan, so maybe Sirius actually did her a favour!

I really enjoyed reading this little oneshot, you did a great job on it!

Author's Response: Hello! I really love your username :D

I always wanted to write a story involving a ball, never finding the opportunity to do so. It was great fun making someone as scary as Bellatrix into the butt of the joke.

Andy has definitely met Ted. I'm glad that you could pick up on that as I was worried that it would lead to some very confused readers.

It seems impossible to me that Bella could hate everyone except Voldemort. I mean, she is human after all. I guess the Narcissa being the youngest and most spoilt of the family, would motivate Bella to adopt the big sister role. I'd like to think that she cared as much about Andy as well, but to Andy it felt like Bella was imprisoning her. All Bella was trying to do is make Andy the perfect pureblood, which is was Andy did not want to be. Bella could sense that and hence was suspicious of whatever Andy was doing.

Sirius is so sneaky and unbelievably awesome. I was thinking about the plot and he was the perfect person to pull off the prank. If shudder to imagine what would have happened if it wasn't a prank. That's just gross on so many levels!

Finally, before I conclude. CONGRATULATIONS! You won the Duel for your category! I was just reading the results on the forums and I clicked on the link to your story. It. Was. Amazing. You really deserved to win :)

Anyway, thanks so much for this wonderful review. Today wasn't the nicest of days and this review really brightened it!

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Review #10, by UnluckyStar57 Christmas Trickery

27th December 2013:
Hahahahaha!! This was hilarious!

I'm here with your requested review, and I think that I've never laughed about Bellatrix Lestrange until now. :)

It's funny--I'm doing a Bella/Voldemort for a challenge, too, but this one is like nothing I've ever seen. It makes Bellatrix look positively silly, instead of formidable and scary. It's a nice change!

This was a bit fluffy, and that was a surprise, considering who it was about, but that's absolutely fine! I don't think you should change anything about the plot. I thought it was especially silly when Bella made the "serious-Sirius" joke that is so popular.

The ending was great. Leave it to Sirius to ruin Bellatrix's clever plan to ensnare the Dark Lord with her... womanly wiles. I definitely agree with you--Bella totally has the hots for Voldy, but Sirius threw a wet blanket on her romantic flame, that's for sure! This scene might even explain why Bellatrix is so mean all the time, hahaha. ;)

That being said, I'm really glad that it WASN'T Voldemort who awaited Bellatrix under the mistletoe. I've always imagined their relationship as full of one-sided lust (on Bellatrix's part), and no true romance. With two people who are THAT evil, how could there be?! This story almost made me gag--Bella+Voldy= D:, but hahaha, nope! Sirius Black to the rescue! :D

This was brilliant and silly. Good luck in your challenge!

Merry (late) Christmas, and Happy Holidays!


Author's Response: Hi! Sorry for taking so long to respond!
I was really in the mood to write something funny and Bellatrix just popped into my mind. It's rather entertaining to make someone so scary and evil into a laughing stock. Sirius was the best person for the job! I am very glad as well that Voldemort wasn't under the mistletoe because that is just disturbing on so many levels. Bella is just fawning over an unobtainable guy, which tends to make her brain go a little haywire. A little more than usual, that is. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a wonderful review that really brought a smile to my face!

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Review #11, by teh tarik Christmas Trickery

25th December 2013:
Bahahaha! Oh lord, I don't think I've laughed this much in a fic for quite a while. First, congrats on getting an entry in for the Writers' Duel. This was an absolutely hilarious take on the mistletoe prompt! Just...the thought of a teenage Bella trying to ensnare the freaking Dark Lord, y'know, Voldemort, under some mistletoe was enough to drive me to hysterics. Never mind Sirius playing a prank on her.

Then will you declare that Sirius Black is the awesomest person in the world?

Oh, Bella. How could you fall for something like that!?!?

Anyway, this was an absolutely wonderful read; I really enjoyed the laugh-out loud humour, and definitely one of the most entertaining entries of the Duel which i've encountered so far. Best of luck with the competition! And Merry Christmas!


Author's Response: Hello teh! (Argh, stupid auto correct keeps changing your name to 'the')

I never got the chance to tell you how sweet and Christmasy it is of you to offer to review stories. I shall definitely return the favor soon!

I'm not a big fan of the mushy gushy stories and so I used the mistletoe prompt to try something different. I'm glad that you enjoyed it! Bella is very determined, as I'm sure you must have deduced, so whatever she wants, she gets. Except for when Sirius is around ;) Then things get...hilarious.

Bella does come across as rather gullible, right? That sentence you quoted is sort of the turning point for the story. I'm glad it made you laugh. Wow, one of the entertaining entries of the duel?! I'm blushing so hard at the moment. Excuse me while I go stick my head into a tub of ice ;)

Thanks for all the kind words and a belated Merry Christmas to you!

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Review #12, by momotwins Christmas Trickery

25th December 2013:
Ah, the Sirius pun. I don't think I've ever seen Bellatrix being the one making it before! I liked Andromeda's appearance in the story - she's definitely already met and fell for Ted Tonks.

Oh jeez, Bellatrix is trying to catch VOLDEMORT under the mistletoe? I want to hide behind a couch at the thought. OMG. She's only 16, so Voldy would be 41 - cause he's 25 years older than her - which makes it even more squicky.

I almost died when it turned out to be Sirius messing with her. Best plot twist ever. I'm cracking up here. It's not rushed, it's the perfect length for the content, and you wrote it well. Great job, Merry Christmas!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I woke up this morning to such an awesome review :)

I thought that it would be rather coincidental to have Bellatrix use the Sirius pun, them being sworn enemies. Yep, Andromeda has already fallen for Ted. I'm really glad that you picked up on that, I was hoping that people would notice.

Haha, it wasn't any secret that Bellatrix was practically fawning over Voldemort in the books so I just decided to take it one step further. I agree, it is VERY creepy :P
I'm very happy that you enjoyed the story and the plot twist. Thanks so much for the lovely words of encouragement!

Merry Christmas to you too (although I fear I am a bit late!)

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Review #13, by MissesWeasley123 Christmas Trickery

25th December 2013:
Oh my god, hahaha. First when I initially read the summary and the prompt number, I was afraid of what I would find. I had half expected you to have Sirius kiss Bellatrix! Yuck! But this was hilarious haha.

I especially loved the pun in the beginning ;) that was classic. The way you opened into the piece set the mood really well. I knew it was either going to be crazy, or funny.

You got Bellatrix's character really well. Her insane and crazy personality really shined. I swear, I was cracking up when she revealed her plan to get Voldy under the mistletoe. That was golden. And really intelligent, because it was hilarious.

Sirius was fabulous as well. I loved him. You characterized him amazingly haha. I mean it. I was waiting for him to come and moment... And then he made the most awesome entry ever! He's so cool.

I loved how you ended it as well! It was kind of sweet because there he is playing pranks on her and irritating her... And we know she kills him. It was a bittersweet ending for me.

Great writing m'dear! I hope you have a great day! Good luck in the duel, I'm sure you'll do just fine. This entry was definitely different to the ones I have read for this prompt!

Author's Response: Nadia!

Oh, God. The summary is actually a temporary one that I was going to change once the queue reopens. Now I realize how bad it must look. Bleurgh. Must change it soon!

I am glad you found the entry hilarious and different from the others in this category. That was really what I was aiming for so I'm pretty stoked by this review.

I'm so happy that you thought my characterization of Bellatrix and Sirius were good. Bellatrix is a pretty ambitious girl with a go getter kind of attitude. She comes up with some really crazy plans and doesn't like to be countered. I guess a mix of those traits kind of gave rise to such an unbelievable goal of getting the dark lord under the mistletoe :)

Sirius is such an awesome character in the books and I hope that I did him justice in the story. I like to think that he enjoyed playing pranks on Bellatrix because of her short temper always resulting in the most comical of reactions. Did you have to remind me about the fact that Bellatrix kills him? Whyy? Excuse me while I go weep inside my closet.

Haha, anyway thanks a million for this awesome review. I had a wonderful Christmas and I hope yours was too!

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Review #14, by APerkins Christmas Trickery

19th December 2013:
Awww ok, that was awesome.

So firstly, loved that Andromeda wasnt herself. I got a bit intrigued, and was kinda wondering whether we might meet ted, or see a little more of her life.
then the idea of Bella trying to trick the dark lord into being kissed was so funny and weird and wrong that I kinda got hooked and had to keep reading to find out what was happening!

and sirius.
dont we all love him?
i cringe at the pun on his name, but he so would impersonate the dark lord and trick bella into declaring him awesome.
I love sirius... lol and you did him well

Also, love the bella narcissa relationship - adoring etc.

Pretty impressive for a short one shot!

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks so much for the review!

I had initially thought of the idea of Andromeda sneaking out to meet Ted, but unfortunately it didn't crystallize into anything.

Haha, we all know how much Bella loves her Dark Lord and with the advent of Christmas I though why not take it one step further ;) Glad it got you hooked!

Sirius is the best. I'm so happy that you thought I did him justice, that's probably the best compliment you could pay me :D

This was, I admit, a rather hastily written one-shot and I've already gone back to correct several grammatical errors.Thus I'm really thrilled that you thought it was an impressive attempt!! Thanks once again for the amazing review. Merry Christmas!

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Review #15, by Wildmoon Christmas Trickery

18th December 2013:
I *LOVE* this!!! Really, really, really cute. I love your descriptions, and it was an easy thing to imagine being right there with the characters. Well crafted!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the story :)

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