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Review #1, by 1917farmgirl It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

17th March 2014:
Awww! I loved this story! It was so cute and so well put together.

First of all, I loved how annoyed Ginny was with Harry! That is such a Ginny thing, and of course, Harry can be quite daft sometimes. :) I love the boy, but he doesn't always use his head.

I'm glad Ginny's friend got her to go out shopping. And can I just say THANK YOU for remembering Fred. That line stopped me in my tracks for a bit, but I'm so glad you included it. So many after the war fics act like he never even existed. I loved that she still remembers, and still counts him as there.

Coming back to her hotel room and tipsily realizing something is wrong with her room was SO much fun to read. I loved her comments about surviving a war but going to be murdered in her hotel room. And her gathering her Gryffindor courage. The best part was the relief that there were lights on, cause surely a murderer would want darkness. LOL.

I totally love that it was Ron who spoke first. By this point I was expecting Harry, and then you threw in another loop and had it be Ron and Hermione! Brilliant!

This story was just so much fun! Thanks for posting! Hope you write more of the trio and Ginny as you do such a good job with them!

- Farmgirl

Blackout Battle round 3 review 8/20.

Author's Response: Haha, Harry can be very daft sometimes. Even when he thinks things through, like with the letter, he gets it wrong. But we love him anyway. :)

I know, I feel so sad when people don't include Fred. He was her brother, he shouldn't be forgotten and I'm glad you liked the inclusion because I just couldn't imagine that line not being there.

I loved writing that part; I could just see it happening. It's totally something you'd think about, isn't it? :P

Yes, it had to be Ron. Ginny had to figure it out before she saw Harry, or she might have just hexed him. :P

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #2, by alicia and anne It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

6th March 2014:
This is review 1100 I've given! Woo!

Awww Poor Ginny! I can see why she would be upset by the letter from Harry. It does seem cold and scary, I would be worried about it as well.

I'm glad that Ginny has good team mates to keep her mind off of things, I hope that Harry can explain things.
:O Ron and Hermione are inher room and have decorated!!! They're both awesome! Ah and Harry! He's so awesome as well. Totally the best people ever!

I loved this so much, Sam! Such a cute one shot!! :D

Author's Response: Woo!!!

She really didn't like that letter. Silly Harry for thinking it would be a good idea.

They are, I love writing them so much. :D

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #3, by LilyEPotter It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

1st March 2014:

Oh no, Harry's going to find himself in trouble again though I'm having a difficult time seeing his letter as being cold, short perhaps, but he is saying that he'll see her soon.

I can just see Ginny's face when she opens her door intending to leave only to discover one of her teammates standing right there. It now appears that Jessie may have been in on the plan to keep Ginny occupied while the Trio sets everything up in her room.

I think I would be worried about why my key wouldn't be working in the lock until after I hear a click and she has a very good reason to be standing in the hallway for awhile. I suppose the Trio must be wondering what's taking her so long to open the door though.

What a sweet ending! I also like how Ron declared that it was time to eat and I suspect it wasn't just to leave the room.

Gryffindor vs. Slytherin Blackout Battle
Review 4 of 10

Author's Response: Hi!

Harry might be in a lot of trouble; silly boy. Even when he plans things, it goes wrong. :)

Was she? Hmm? Haha, yes, she was. If I had kept the story going, you would have found out that Hermione called her. :)

She had a very good reason. I'd have stood out there for a while. No, I'm a Slytherin, I wouldn't have gone in at all. :P

Ron mostly didn't want to watch his best friend kiss his sister. :D

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #4, by megthechef43 It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

1st March 2014:

this was a great holiday story. I felt so bad for her in the beginning I could understand how she could be so lonely around Christmas time. His letter to her was really confusing with it being so short can lack of any information. I think you did a great job showing her loneliness as well as for making the best of the situation with her friend. I like the reference you made to Fred and it gave us a good reference for the timeline in relation to the original story line. I was so happy when she got back to her hotel room and it was decorated for Christmas not only by her boyfriend but also by her friends and family. I thought the elevator scene was really cute and it was nice to see her just a little bit tipsy.the moment when he got nervous in front of her family because of a little kiss was really sweet.

this was a great holiday story and I really enjoyed reading it.


Author's Response: Hey, Meg!

Yeah, Ginny was very confused and saddened by the letter; it wasn't like Harry at all, so alarm bells were ringing.

I'm glad you liked the reference to Fred; it felt wrong to not have it.

The elevator scene and Harry's nerves after the little kiss were my favorite parts, I must admit, so I'm very happy that you liked them.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #5, by BKL8008 It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

28th February 2014:
Well, I hope you don't mind that I read it , too!
Touching, and funny in all the right places.
A very nice little piece, even if I saw it 2 months late.

Author's Response: I'm glad you saw it and decided to read. It's something I'm very proud of because Ginny was new to write. :)

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #6, by love_is_magic_ It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

6th February 2014:
Hi there!

I love your description of Harry and Ginny's relationship, how she will have to coax a conversation out of him and other times just decide that giving up is the best option. Awww I love that paragraph, so cute.

This is gonna sound dumb, but I loved the 'usual messy scrawl'. Little tributes like that to canon are so endearing. This one just made me think of canon Harry actually writing it, I'm not sure how to describe it, but it just made it seem much more real.

Oh my goodness, that line about Fred nearly broke my heart. Such a great touch, and it was lead up to and written very well.

"I step back, not at all amused by the fact that I survived a war but might die thanks to who ever managed to get into my hotel room." --- I laughed so hard at this! Perfect.

Awww this was so adorable, I absolutely loved it! You stayed really true to their characters, and that's not easy to do! Well done :D


Author's Response: Hey, Christy!

This is exactly how I imagine them, and I'm so glad you like that. Harry is stubborn, plain and simple, but Ginny knows what to do. :)

I get what you mean and it doesn't sound dumb at all; I love it, too. I always try to add canon into my stories and Harry is just not Harry without his messy handwriting. :P

Aww, thank you.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #7, by Cal585 It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

18th December 2013:
Yay, you wrote Harry/Ginny! It was amazing. Loved every word, you did the characters justice and it was a great length. Simple with just enough meat. And a happy ending. Naw :D

Author's Response: Yes, I finally wrote a real Harry/Ginny!

Thank you so much for leaving a review and for the lovely compliments, you're awesome, Cal!


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Review #8, by Lululuna It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

17th December 2013:
Hello not-so-secret santa! :D Ah, this is so nice, I love how you dedicated a story for me! I feel all special and happy now.

I'm an unyielding Harry/Ginny shipper and a big fan of the youngest Weasley sibling, so this story was just perfect as a gift for me. I love the idea of Harry making up for his long absences and Ginny's worry during the war by being really sweet, and I love how this shows what their relationship would have been like after the war and how busy Ginny would have been.

Silly Ginny, not reading between the lines of Harry's letter! I love seeing him from this perspective and how he isn't very good at expressing his emotions, seems just like Harry. :P I love how Ron doesn't want to see them kiss, hehe. Gah, their kissing and reunion is so adorable and I love how he brought Christmas to her. I imagine that would be a little easier with the help of magic. :)

Ginny is so relateable in this, I'm quite jealous of her eggnog and giggled at how she was so scared to go into the room! I probably would be a little skittish too, to be fair.

Thanks so much for writing and dedicating this lovely little story to me!!! It's such a perfect gift!! :D ♥

Author's Response: Hey!

This is something I definitely think could happen during their relationship, when they're both so busy and trying to make time for each other.

Haha, silly Ginny. It was fun and scary writing Ginny and seeing Harry from her prospective, I'm just so used to Harry. I know Harry, but I was happy with the way it turned out. I imagine it would have been. :D

At least she goes in, I'd be thinking "screw it" and go somewhere else. :P

I'm so happy that you liked your present. Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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