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Review #1, by ginnypotter242 The Party

11th June 2015:
Okay aww! Neville and Hannah are so cute and I think their relationship is so underrated- it's hard to find a good story about them! I think you did a really good job with this. The fact that it showed the very beginning of their relationship was great, and it was very sweet. I liked Neville's conversation while they were in the hallway- it seemed very in character for him. He really would hate it- not the fame necessarily, but the way people treated him because of his fame. You did a good job of showing Neville as more confident, yet still with that genuine nature that makes him so likeable.

And Hannah! Hannah is never fleshed out enough, in my opinion. I always read her as Neville's wife, not Hannah, and so I love that you did this from her point of view! The part with Michael was so great, with how he acted with the mental breakdown comment (which, by the way, is totally rude to shout out at a party!) It fit what we know of his character very well- kind of arrogant and above everyone. It wouldn't be strange that some people had mental problems after the war, so not everybody would be so awkward about it, but I think Michael reacted perfectly. Great job on this story, Neville and Hannah are adorable!

~Sara (Gryffindor, House Cup 2015)

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Review #2, by toomanycurls The Party

18th May 2014:

I kind of love Neville stories. He's one of my favorite characters. I really like how you discussed Hannah's feeling of going througha lackluster life after the war. her breakdown is more than understandable. I am quite glad that Susan has been there for her. Hannah's apprehension about seeing her classmates is realistic too. Everyone feels a bit of pressure when they're seeing classmates who they haven't been around in years. My HS reunion is this summer and I'm concnered about coming out ahead of other (I'm competitive).

Oh man, poor Hannah went through every horrible social anxiety I've ever experienced. Will you stop writing stuff from my brain?! :P I wanted to slap Su Li for outing Hannah's nervous breakdown. I mean, that was almost 3 or 4 years ago and shouldn't be a topic for common gossip. gah.

My heart melted with the scene between Neville and Hannah. I like how you gave them an interlude inside. I was so excited for that to be their moment but I loved that he came out ot talk to her after she left the party. Poor Neville - he has all the fake friends to deal with now.

their confessions of school crushes was sweet and made me want to give them hugs. Their kiss was perfect for them. I even liked the comparison to a passionate snog versus a kiss that opened doors to the future.

Really great one-shot!


Author's Response: Gah! I just wrote out a super long and nice response and then when I went to preview it, it all went away! *cries*

Well anyway, thanks so much for the wonderful review! I love Neville. More stories should be written about him. I feel like many people who were in the battle should have had some serious PTSD. Even though I am not around that time now, I feel like when I do get to my high school reunion I will be the same way as you: competitive. Good luck with it :) I kind of put every mean, stuck up, selfish, gossiping girl in my school, projected about twenty years in the future, into Su Li so, yeah, she isn't the nicest :P. Gah, they are so adorable together! Thanks again for the review


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Review #3, by Evelynn Rose The Party

8th May 2014:
Oh my gosh! this was the cutest story ever!!!
I love Hannah, it's too bad she isn't in a lot of stories. This story was adorable, I was just smiling the whole time I was reading it. You are a great writer, update the Ministry story soon.

Author's Response: Yayy!! Thank you! I know, I wish we got to see her and Nevil in more stories. It means so much to me that you went to see my other stories after reading Minister!! And I will try my best to update it soon, but I can make no promises with exams coming up. It really depends on how much procrastinating I do while studying haha!! Thank you again, lovely!

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Review #4, by lumos_knox The Party

25th April 2014:
Hi, I saw your post on the forum about the review swap- I'd love to do that! Just reading this one-shot is fantastic. You really know what you are doing here, and it's an absolutely stunning piece of writing. Keep up the great work! I've only just started to write my own fan-fic so a lot of this is new to me- I'm just writing the fourth chapter of mine, so your stories have become quite an inspiration. Thankyou.
- lumos_knox

Author's Response: Aww! Thank you so much! That might be the nicest thing ever- having your writing be an inspiration to others. *hug* I'll go check our your story right now ^_^
xoxo Mary

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Review #5, by 800 words of heaven The Party

24th April 2014:

I was going to read something a little newer, but I have a real soft spot for Neville/Hannah stories, and I don't come across them very often, so I couldn't resist!

I like how you've portrayed Hannah so far. I thought she was going to be rather ordinary, what with worrying about her appearance. I can totally relate to how she feels about beautiful dresses but not so beautiful people wearing them. It was a very relatable sort of insecurity for a main character to have, especially in a story written in first person. And then it got better. Or worse, depending on if you're Hannah or the reader :P She's suffering from something akin to PTSD, which makes a lot of sense, but not something that one finds is explored all that often in post-Hogwarts stories outside of the trio. It was nice to see that here.

How have all the people achieved so much in as little as five years? Please, tell me your secrets, oh wonderful ones! I wish I could achieve such greatness in such little time...

And no one should ever stop watching Muggle television. Hannah has the right of it ;)

Ahahaha! I LOVE how relatable Hannah is! Her awkwardness and feelings on seeing Neville are absolutely fantastic! Oh goodness! Imagine how horrible it would be to be in her situation. I feel for her, I really do.

Do people not buy books? Why has no one seen Hannah since Hogwarts? Is her bookshop in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle? I cannot understand how completely ignorant some people can get. Sorry about my little rant. Sometimes I get too emotionally involved in stories :P

Ah! Such a sweet little ending! So cute! May I request a sequel about how happy they are with each other and their lives five years from now? That would be so awesome! Wonderful story :)

Author's Response: That might possibly be the best review I have ever received! Haha, yes, I probably should have thought better of the time line to have such accomplished people but, pshh, nahhh. And to the Hannah's job question, when I wrote it I was thinking about a small muggle book store and that part just didn't make it into the story... oops. And don't worry about emotional rants, I just left this long review on one of the stories I read just yelling at the characters and their stupid mistakes haha. And yes, the ending is by far my favorite part :). Thank you again lovely person!

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Review #6, by sweetypye0110 The Party

17th February 2014:
Adorable ;) I love your fun writing style.

Author's Response: I absolutely love that you went and looked at my other stories after reading A Not So Normal Life (After All). You have no idea how much that means to me ^_^. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #7, by chandler_bing The Party

28th December 2013:
Wow, I absolutely love this story. It is so nice to read stories that are original and this one definitely is from the story line, to your style of writing, and to the main characters you decided to write about which most people tend to not pay much attention to on this site.

Author's Response: Ahh, thank you so much to my second reviewer! This really means the world to me that you really liked it and took the time to review it as well. And yeah, I wanted to write about Neville and Hannah because there isn't much written about them. Thanks again :)

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Review #8, by momotwins The Party

25th December 2013:
As a possessor of dirty blonde hair myself, I feel Hannah's pain there. Poor thing, she doesn't have much self-esteem, does she? I'm glad Susan took care of her after the battle. It's good to have friends like that.

Wow that Ravenclaw girl was nasty. What a jerk, and other words that aren't 12+. Neville sounds like he's had a rough time of it too - good job with giving them a solid connection there. Ohh her telling Neville how she liked him and that he was brave, super cute. I'm officially shipping it. YAy they kissed!

I like how you wrote them, and it was very sweet. Merry Christmas!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much. I had almost given up hope that anyone liked my story so you have officially made my day, if not my week :). I am so glad that you read it, liked it, and reviewed.
Thank you and happy holidays!

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