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Review #1, by Lenny America

17th September 2014:
He obviously lost in thought. (maybe add in a was)

Luckily, Draco Hand (Draco's)

Who stared back challengingly with chest puffed out (chests)

His eye softened when they were on her. (eyes)

The platform was empty expect for one person (except)

The doors slid shut and a few second later (seconds)

As if water had leaked through long along. (does not make sense)

All the streets and towering building (only one building?)

A car zoomed by and the sound of puddles splashing beneath its tires. (maybe "with the sound" )

Turned to a man with a slight beer belly and slightly beefy who just walked out (just does not make sense)

Draco, leaning back and leg propped on his other. ( instead of and , with his)

He paused for a second to mentally correct herself, ( he, herself)

Brought very important documents that surely would ensure (that would ensure, or surely would)

And Miss Ginvera Weasley was able to safely arrive in France (were able / Ginevra*)

ďYou never let me have the opportunity to askĒ ( gave me)

ď It, in all honest, has been awful.Ē (honesty)

ď They judge be to be an instigatorĒ (judge me)

Silence filled every space in the room as the stared out the window (they)

His lips brushing against her ear and his hot mint breath awakened the spot between her thighs. ( itís either brushing and awakening or brushed and awakened)

She needed to lost herself.

But Draco seized her wrist before she can start writing frantically. (could)

Flashbacks of memory flooded her mind (flashbacks are memories)

Using every inch of the house part of their love making. (Does not make sense)

ď but this isnít a chance I donít want to takeĒ ( I want to take)

ďand go ahead, think about talking my wand ď (taking)

and wondered if her and Draco was going to survive this.

She can only hope once the war was over, she could finally have her happy ever after. (can to could, and could to would)

Hermione was constantly anxious where she constantly aimlessly walked around (Does not make sense)

The door opened with a band and immediately, (bang and the comma belongs before immediately if your talking about the movement of their wands, if your talking about the door then itís better not to use the word at all)

Aside from these you over use the word ďandĒ, you donít use commas very much and when you do they arenít used correctly half the time. If I wrote"does not make sense" it's because I couldn't tell what you where trying to say and had no idea how to even correct you. All these corrections donít require you to have a Major in English or to be a professional writer, anyone with a high school education should be able to point out these errors. These are a lot of ďsilly mistakesĒ.

If this is a story for yourself then write it however you want with grammar/spelling errors and with a story line that makes life easier for you. Then keep it in a word document for yourself to enjoy.

You wrote this on a public site , which leads me to believe that you wanted others to read this. If you wrote this for others then correct your errors, re-read your chapters, and if an action scene is boring to you and you rather not go into it then donít write a story where one might be needed or where one is obviously going on but you just decided not to make your characters present. If this story is for your readers then make it the best you can, your excuse for not making an action scene is laziness, the real Hermione Granger would have never let anything get in her way of fighting in that battle, her staying back basically says she wants Lord Voldemort gone but not if itís going to put her in danger, makes her look like a coward.

You say that you put the same effort into every chapter but your writing shows otherwise.

Author's Response: This is actually a more appropriate review. Thank you for pointing all them out for me. I will edit it as soon as possible to improve my writing and more so the chapter. This is actually really helpful now and there were a lot more mistakes than I anticipated so it obviously needs a lot of work.

And that's all I need. Even though I thank you, I don't need you reading this story anymore as I don't need anyone pretty much insulting me. I don't need your view or review. As you mentioned earlier, you hate this anyway so drop it. You would not only be doing yourself a favor since you hate it so much, you will be doing me a favor. =)

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Review #2, by lenny America

16th September 2014:
When I first started reading this story I hated it because of how American and 15 year old girl-ish it sounded but you had a decent story line so I kept reading it. It got better but now you officially drove this story into the ground, I see it all the time fan fictions start off great and with potential but then the author gets lazy and completely ruins them.

Oh and for someone who claims to have written these chapters ahead of time, would it have killed you to spell check?

Author's Response: I honestly hate reviews like this. I don't think they are helpful in anyway, but just seem like complaints. And this is not to say I don't take kindly to criticism. For example, my story "Gypsy of Egypt" someone who was honest and just awesome. I literally had to go back and change every chapter b/c it was a mess. HAHA. I'm so thankful for the reviewer.

Not thankful for this one. Hate it? Don't read it. HAHA. As simple as that. I don't need your view and right now don't want it. And I put the same effort in every chapter since Day 1. Maybe you feel that I am lazy because I didn't put an action scene. Well, I'm not an action type of girl and would avoid it because that part probably would have been done sloppily.

I have written these chapters ahead of time. Its not a claim and I can email it to you to prove it. I write on word and I depend on it to have it spell check my documents and I read the chapters several times. If I miss it, then it's a silly mistake on my part. I am not a professional writer, I am not an English major or anything like that and I am not perfect. I know this. But thank you for pointing the word out I misspelled so I can edit it and fix it for the better. appreciate that. =)

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Review #3, by Mirgob America

15th September 2014:
Hehe, I hope she is pregnant!! And all of those OR'S scared me haha!
Quick questions, would you read my story I'm writing? :3 it would mean a lot, since I consider you to be a great writer!!

Author's Response: Everyone is hoping that lol maybe she is and maybe she isn't. And the or haha I have surprises!

And of course I will read your story :D it would be such a pleasure and I will review all by this weekend can't wait thanks for r & R xoxo

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Review #4, by alexaemd123 America

10th September 2014:
Or nothing! They are perfect! I really want her to be pregnant! They deserve another chance to have a baby!! And I really want Harry to find out that they are married!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update soon!!

Author's Response: LOL so many readers are shutting the idea of something else happening, but take it as a warning. MWHAHAH! *hem hem* 'cuse me. =X Everyone wants her pregnant! BUT I can't say anything. Everything will be reveal soon enough! THANKS FOR ALWAYS R&R! xoxo MEANS SO MUCH!

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Review #5, by Tris  America

10th September 2014:
NOT OR. Gah I love it. I didn't want them in the action.., they have done enough but the or worries me. The description if what would happen to you if your dragged out the story more is ever so accurate! Gah wait. It doesn't say the result of the war... Ok now my brain is going cray-cray. I thought Ron was supposed to make an apperence...BABYS! (Not with Ron)they better stay together... This is a DRAMIONE after all...That is all.

Author's Response: Glad to hear you loved it. Yes, they needed to stay safe for once and out of trouble. HAHA yes, I know a lot of readers look forward to updates and are use to me updating at least once a week. No, the results of the war is officially next chapter and a reunion between old friends *cough cough* It is Dramione! I agree so it's all about Hermione and Draco, not Hermione and Ron (yuck) lol Thanks for always R&R! XOXO

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Review #6, by Julia America

10th September 2014:
They better stay together! I love this story, and I think the action is the boring part, so I am fine with you glossing over it!

Author's Response: =X It is dramione though. I'm super duper glad to hear that you love this story. It means so much to me! I think it's boring too. I am more of a drama drama drama person lol Thanks for R&R! XOXO

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Review #7, by Chrissy America

9th September 2014:
Oh my GOODNESS! Honestly this was an amazing chapter!! Even though you didn't include any battle material, I still enjoyed it. But I'm still wondering, whatever happened to Lucius and Narcissa!?!? I'm hoping love conquers all and that Draco and Hermione get the happiness they have wished for. Oh and one more thing, what happened to our dear Ronald? Great great great super duper great job :-)

Author's Response: AHHH! I am glad you liked it! Yeah, no battle material for this chapter. Wasn't feeling it. Although I know I think I should have. Lucius & Narcissa, you will find out next chapter =) I wrap everything up. Don't worry. Love does conquer all (at least for now =X) Our Ronald will show up next chapter too, but that's all I can say. Thanks for ALWAYS leaving a review! XOXO

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Review #8, by JaydeTheSpaz America

9th September 2014:
Two chapters in a week! Yay! Can't wait to see what's next!

Author's Response: I didn't even realize there were two chapters in 1 week. I felt the validation of this chapter took FOREVER! LOL maybe it's just me. Anywho, thanks for R&R! XOXO

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Review #9, by Emma Anderson 12 Grimmauld Place

7th September 2014:
I started reading this 2 days ago and couldnt stop. Cannot wait for the next installment great work :) xxx

Author's Response: HI! Sorry for the late reply! I am glad you been enjoying the story so far. And I posted the next chapter and I hope you can read it and hope you enjoy it as the rest of the story. Thanks for R&R! XOXO

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Review #10, by Method ski 12 Grimmauld Place

5th September 2014:
You have to post the next chapter! I have not stopped reading your story since I started! (Seriously, I started this morning and am reading at work even tonight lol!) I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hi. Sorry this is a late reply, but I hope you read the newest chapter and liked it as well. And I could relate as I read and written at work. HAHA. Thanks so much for the review! XOXO

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Review #11, by Tris  12 Grimmauld Place

1st September 2014:
:D harry and Hinny, cute Draco. I am pretty sad they are trying to hide their relationship a little. Ron is really the ferret in this situation, he is an idiot and I am glad hermione is not going to France. Draco AH I love him, cutie. Can't wait for more!!!

Author's Response: Yes, I liked to write Ginny and Harry's relationship. I think they really belong together. Yes, they are, but I have my reasons. Its to set something for up for a later chapter. LOL RON! He is a git and you will really see why in later chapter. Next chapter will be up in about a week or so. Thanks for R&R! XOXO

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Review #12, by Justine 12 Grimmauld Place

31st August 2014:
I am enjoying this very much! They will live by the sea! So exciting that they have already decided... Harry's reaction to things is quite funny though. Hoping for more quick updates. And I am very much ready to hear when she is pregnant with twins! Haha well I will hope that it's twins and accept anything as long as it is a Dramione child!... I love how understanding Ginny is with everything. I understand why Hermione does not want to see Ron just yet beacuse she doesn't need another fallout so soon after the loss of the baby. But I hope to hear from him before the end! And I hope that he will be understanding of the way things have turned out.

Author's Response: I am glad you like this and yes, of course, they need to plan a future together. It is exciting to think about! Everyone is antsy to hear a happy ending and perhaps there will be with things slowly coming to an end.

I always felt Ginny is the less judgmental one and has less fall outs with Draco so is able to be more accepting. And despite the fact Hermione doesn't want to see Ron at the moment, she will b/c they are still best friends from their bottoms of their heart. Although, I am sure things won't play out too nicely =X

Thanks for always R&R!

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Review #13, by Mirgob 12 Grimmauld Place

31st August 2014:
Yay! I SO hope it all works and you aren't just playing with our feelings ;) haha..good chapter, loved it and you! C:

Author's Response: Aw, things are slowly coming to an end & I do need to wrap things up so I'm not playing so don't worry =) AND I'm glad you loved it and I love you! XOXO THANKS SO MUCH for always R&R!

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Review #14, by fangirlfanatic 12 Grimmauld Place

31st August 2014:
I'm dying of laughter right now at Draco's vulgarity. Amazing job!

Author's Response: HAHA. Yes, of course he still will be the little prev we knew from the beginning. Thanks for R&R! XOXO

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Review #15, by StyleStalker Fairfield

30th August 2014:
I stop cheking this for a week and a half and then I come and get two for one! Yay :)
On another note, this chapter was sooo sad. And happy too. Your writing combines those two so good that I was almost brushing tears from my eyes but smiling at the same time.

Author's Response: YUP! I felt bad I hadn't really updated here b/c of other stories that needing to be validate. The chapter did have a gloomy feel even if they did make up. I just wanted to show how depress and hurt they are by everything that has happened. And I always felt a good story is a story that provokes emotion and glad I am glad to do so with so many readers. THANKS for R&R&! =)

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Review #16, by JULIA 12 Grimmauld Place

30th August 2014:
Thanks for the quick update!

Author's Response: NO! Thank you for R&R! That always means alot! XOXO

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Review #17, by Loonylovegood67890 12 Grimmauld Place

30th August 2014:
I think the story is great, I can't wait to see what Harry and Ron will do when they find out Hermione and Draco are married. :)

Author's Response: Aw, I am glad you like it! Harry and Ron's reactions will both be very different. Anyway, Thanks for R&R! XOXO

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Review #18, by Cjwinfeild 12 Grimmauld Place

29th August 2014:
Yay let's see what Americas like!

Author's Response: HAHA. I think next chapter won't shine too brightly on them =X But you'll see why. Thanks for R&R! =D

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Review #19, by LovNyoU 12 Grimmauld Place

29th August 2014:
Sweet, I'm so ready for this next chapter to come out. Great job!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. Next chapter might take a little longer though! BUT thanks for R&R! XOXO

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Review #20, by Secret Ninja 12 Grimmauld Place

29th August 2014:
Yay! Thank you so much for the super quick update, I wasn't actually expecting it to be updated this fast! Can we expect another super quick update?!

It feels like it's all business now with the resistance and the fall of the Death Eaters...I just want it to be over quickly and safely so they can go and live by the sea and have kids!! Still doesn't feel like Draco and Hermione are completely back to normal with each other though...can't wait till they do! And I want Harry to let go of the idea of Hermione and Ron and realise that Draco loves Hermione to bits!

Please update sooon!!

Author's Response: Yes, I had to update quickly b/c I felt bad making you guys wait so long for the last chapter. Um, I can't promise another quick update to be honest. I have to put other fics to validate =/

It is all business with the resistance. Those things really need to wrap up as we are coming to an end. Every reader is wishing the best for them & I completely understand b/c they been through enough. No, they still aren't the same. Both are depressed by the events and Draco a little hurt when Hermione left. Sigh, Harry. =X I can't say anything about him and his views just yet.


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Review #21, by Chrissy 12 Grimmauld Place

29th August 2014:
Ooh I feel a change in the air!! Btw I loved the interaction between Draco and Harry. It's hilarious to see two men just arguing with one another for the sake of arguing!! Can't wait to see what happens next. I feel like there might be an epic battle coming up! Great job :-)

Author's Response: Yes, there is going to be a big change. Things are getting into motion. =D HAHA, I hope i stayed true to cannon Draco and Harry. Of course, they have to argue and about nitpick everything about each other. An epic battle. Oh yes. HM =) Thanks for always R&R! XOXO

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Review #22, by slytherinbadgirl 12 Grimmauld Place

29th August 2014:
I really love this story.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! It always means alot to hear that. =) XOXO

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Review #23, by alexaemd123 12 Grimmauld Place

29th August 2014:
I just love this story so much! :) I really want Harry to find out about Draco and Hermione bring married. That will be very interesting. Lol. Keep up with the amazing chapters!

Author's Response: Aw, I am really happy to hear that. Yes, Harry hm.. I think when Hermione is faced with Ron well, that gets more interesting! Thanks so much for R&R! XOXO

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Review #24, by Mirgob Fairfield

27th August 2014:
Hehe...I love this...a lot... keep writing! You're doing well. I like how yes, Draco was torn about the miscarriage but wants to not dwell and try again. You know?

Author's Response: Aw, thanks =D I promise I will finish this 'till the very end. And I'm loving Draco b/c of this as are my readers. Its uplifting. Thanks for R&R!

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Review #25, by Abby Fairfield

26th August 2014:
AWESOME!!this is bye far the best fan-fic ever

Author's Response: AW! Thanks! It means a lot to hear this. Means you're enjoying it!
Thanks a ton for R&R! XOXO

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