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Review #1, by aurevoir Epilogue

23rd November 2014:
So there is a 100% chance I didn't even recognize my banner until I came back to read the story on the second day. If you ever want that remade, I would do it in a heartbeat.

In other news, OHMYGOD THIS STORY. I have so much I should be doing but all I wanted to do was read and so I finished the story in less than 24 hours. This was awesome. It's going into my favorites list for certain. And there is a 100% that I will be reading your other Dramione stories [as they are my OTP after all].

I also really wanted to make this review longer but I'm so strung out and this story was so good and I'm so happy I really don't have the appropriate words to explain my complete and utter happiness.

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Review #2, by claire mckenzie Epilogue

19th November 2014:
THIS IS DONE WA as they say all AMAZINGLY AWESOME thinGs must come to an end. Great story i loved it 29/10 woO

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Review #3, by BreLove Wedding Day II

17th November 2014:
Why is Dobby there? He died in the seventh book and movie. I love this story but that really bothered me. But you did a great job on this story!

Author's Response: I just had a "Duh, you're an idiot" moment. Of course, Dobby died, but apparently I too much on cloud nine for their wedding, my mind just like went into denial!

I 100% understand why it would bother you. It would bother me too if I was the reader! MERLIN! I am going to change it. Thanks x 1 million for actually pointing this out for me. YOU ARE THE BEST!

Aw, I am like the story and feel that way about it! thanks a ton for R&R! xoxo (and not to mention to catch my idiotic mistake!)

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Review #4, by Jennisa Moniq Epilogue

16th November 2014:
really love your story. This is one of the best dramione fanfic. Thank you for the story, it makes my imagination about dramione satisfied. Xoxo

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Review #5, by Briana Jackson Epilogue

14th November 2014:
Thank you so much for giving them that, seriously. You are a great writer, and you developed the plot (and twists) so well.
I really ship the Dramione coupling, it makes me so happy! You did wonderful!
Please keep writing!

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Review #6, by Secrecy Epilogue

14th November 2014:
This entire story has just been 'Wow!". I loved the character development throughout the fifty chapters, and it accurately represented change throughout humans in the shortest time. I can guarantee I will be avidly following any other fictions of yours and hope to one day have a fic as golden, popular and brilliant as yours. Have been a follower since chapter 21, and have been hooked ever since.
Good luck with future written works, I will be reading!


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Review #7, by Julia Epilogue

13th November 2014:
Lovely ending! I can't believe this is over. When I first stumbled upon this story, I was living in another country! I have checked in every week for an update, and loved it all the way. It was a fun ride, and I NEVER read WIPs, b/c I am too impatient, so it is a compliment I stuck with this one. I can't wait to see what else you write! Best of luck in the future! xoxo

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Review #8, by alexaemd123 Epilogue

9th November 2014:
Wow! I love this story so much!!! It was absolutely without a doubt one of my favorite stories!! I can't believe it's over, and it saddens me a lot. I love dramione fics and this was very much at the top of that list. Thank you so very much for writing such a brilliant story using my favorite hp couple! Never stop writing dramione fics! :) 10/10

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Review #9, by slytherinbadgirl Epilogue

9th November 2014:
MERLIN! I cannot believe that it's over! :'( I am in love with this story! It's truly amazing! I shall definitely be reading your other story - frankly I would read your grocery list (TFIOS QUOTE!!!). Thank you for this beautiful Dramione!!

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Review #10, by JaydeTheSpaz Epilogue

8th November 2014:
My feelings! I'm sad this story is over, but I like the short epilogue. It gave me some closure

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Review #11, by GoldenSnitch1712 Epilogue

7th November 2014:
Ah this was amazing, I feel empty inside now that this is over, seriously a pleasure to read, just to make one thing clear, a review by 'justine' below says that I said I liked this ALMOST as much as Lady Malfoy, but I said I loved your story as much! And I think your story is a legend that deserves to be along side it! And I meant no disrespect through the comparison, I was just trying to compliment your writing! I am so sad its over, but cant wait to read your next stories, but I'll definitely be re reading this sometime soon! Well done! Seriously I love the ending, and two (maybe more) kids is great, I can definitely see them with a big family! I adore this fanfic! You tackled the war and sensitive topics like the miscarriage with such ease, I really commend your writing! Best of luck in the future of your writing, I really hope you continue, your characters are just so relatable and honestly this was a privilege and pleasure to read! And thank you for updating so quickly all the way through! I look forward to starting your next one! 10/10 is a serious understatement! Thank you so much, I've laughed, cried, and loved all the way through!xxx

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Review #12, by Mirgob Epilogue

7th November 2014:
Aw, what a happy ending! I usually start reading the stories when they're finished because I'm impatient when it comes to waiting for the next chapter! But I chose this one and I'm super glad I did! I really enjoyed the story line and characters!! :)

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Review #13, by Tris  Epilogue

7th November 2014:
I am going to believe they had 26 kids and were so happy forever! I really am so happy with this! It ended happier than I ever expected! It sometime sucks being in another timezone because everyone gets to read it before me! But really it was really hard for me to start reading this because I have grown so attached. Your story has put me through streams of tears, uncontrollable fits of laughter, and smiles so big I could not hide my joy. Because of this story specifically and sometimes bits of others my best friend and I have always had something to look forward to, fan girl about to gather, and make us too excited (including that or time she told me while I was driving...) we have so many good times (granted angry times too) with your story you brought to life in our heads! On the ending seriously I should have known not to read that in public. All of the suggestivenes, and cuteness going on made me happy giggle way more than was socially appropriate for my early morning train commute. Seriously thank you. I look forward to reading any/everything else you write... Ever. (Ps thanks for he ending i wanted so badly since like chapter 2!) also I am wearing my HP Shirt today on honor of the e vent. (Also what' a great way to celebrate my 3 months in Austria!) 10/10 also you gave us the boy and girl we alway wanted!

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Review #14, by Justine Epilogue

6th November 2014:
I LOVE the way you ended it. There was closure for me I was nervous that it Wouldn't be enough for me but it was. I will miss the bubbly excitement when there was a new chapter but I have started the Egypt story so I think it will be okay. And I will also be starting your new Dramione (because I love the pairing so much)... and I was reading different reviews of the last chapter and I saw someone said that they liked this story ALMOST as much as lady Malfoy but I loved this one so much more. It might be because it was my first Dramione but this was so much more realistic for the characters that I think that I enjoyed it more. And i almost didn't finish lady Malfoy so if you don't get around to it that would still be fine in my own opinion. Anyways that was a perfect ending Draco 'your mom and I will work on that' hahaha. Loving the fact that he will have a baby GIRL! And how he said fourth it was just really funny. (I will be leaving reviews for the nest few fanfics too.)

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Review #15, by AppreciativeReader Epilogue

6th November 2014:
It was a fantastic story. I read the story all over again at one go. 8 hours straight. But it was worth it.
Hope to read more stories authored by you.

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Review #16, by Chrissy Epilogue

6th November 2014:
This was the perfect ending to such a beautiful story :-) You did such a great job with this story!! Congratulations on doing such a fantastic job! I got really emotional when you mentioned Scorpius and Bella. You fulfilled my expectations for this story. I am so happy that I gave this story a chance when it was first posted. I've been hooked since the beginning. I would always get excited when I saw that you updated. A little bummed that's it's over :-( But I have a feeling that I'll reread this story just because. I can't wait to read all your other stories. I know that you'll exceed my expectations. You certainly did with this one!! :-)

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Review #17, by JaydeTheSpaz Wedding Day II

5th November 2014:
Praise Merlin! Can't wait for the last chapter :-D

Author's Response: HI! So sorry for the late reply, but it's finally up and DUH you know this since you already read & reviewed it.

thanks so much for R&R! XOXO

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Review #18, by alexaemd123 Wedding Day II

2nd November 2014:
Aww!! I love this story! I kinda wish there would be more but it's kind of a perfect ending. So excited for the last chapter. Can not wait!!! Can you possibly make a sequel or something?

Author's Response: Hey! Glad you think this is almost a perfect ending. I couldn't drag this and I am very excited to complete my first fan fic ever. You probably know this already but I have no intention of making a sequel. But I will start a new with a dramione fic as I could never stop loving them. Bi buoy know this as you're readingg One Night lol ton of the ms for R&R xoxo

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Review #19, by Silenceislouderthanwords14 Wedding Day II

2nd November 2014:
Yay yay yay! I love this chapter ^_^ My heart is so happy that they got back together!

As sad as I am that this story is ending, I could not say enough how much I appreciate you and your writing of this story! It is absolutely wonderful! I'm so glad to have been able to be along for the journey :) Bravo!

Author's Response: Hi! Sorry for the reallly late reply. There is no other excuse than I have been lazy. I am glad you liked this chapter and I hope it was heartfelt now since they got their happily ever after. I apperciate you for the support you show.n through trading and reviewing. Thank you for reading and sticking to this fic xoxo

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Review #20, by granger_ Wedding Day II

1st November 2014:
Cannot belive this is nearly over .. this is my fav story I've been following it from the very start and it's nearly finished omg what im I going to read now?! I really hope you'll keep writing other stories as well I've loved this so much hahha x

Author's Response: HI! So I am finally replying when the story is really over. =(

I love every single one of you guys who stuck thru. start to finish b/c I know it's hard to stick with a WIP! But thank you so much!

Of course, I will keep on writing as always. I already have another Dramione story up if you would like to check that out and let me when what you think if you do. =D

thanks so much for R&R! xoxo

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Review #21, by Chrissy Wedding Day II

31st October 2014:
Oh my !!! This was such a beautiful chapter!! This chapter made me tear up so much. I'm so happy for the two of them :-) I love how you included all the other characters. Had such a nice touch to it !! I don't have much to say except you did a fantastic job. Every single one of my expectations, you fulfilled in this chapter :-) Excellent work :-)

Author's Response: HI! So sorry for the late answer. Sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed with how many reviews I have in my inbox and I end up procrastinating.

I am so happy to hear you think this was a beautiful chapter and I just hope this one was a much better chapter wedding than their first one. When I wrote this, I wanted this to be happy and what is happier than family and friends coming together?

Super duper happy I could fulfill every one of your expectations. =) I love when my readers are happy!

Thanks a ton for R&R!

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Review #22, by Tris  Wedding Day II

31st October 2014:
Oh my god. I cannot believe there is only one more chapter! I really love how this all ties together! I like that ilthe marroge was not rushed and that they waited. the point about them being the best aurora is so cool! I will honestly be so sad when this sort is finished!! I love the characters (except Ron) and hmmm just so many feels. I like that Ron is with the girl who Draco took as his pity date haha I really hope the story ends the way I want it to ;) thanks for all the work you put into this story it really has enriched my life for the past year so thank you this is one of the stories for both me and Justine that fit us so into this world thank you for everything. Hahah even the times we were ready to ring out the torches and pitchforks ;) this story has really brought a new life to my favorite series (with and ending I prefer!)

Author's Response: Yes! One more. It's so sad! I am glad you like they waited 2 years to marry. Realistically, that's what Hermione would have wanted. HAHA, still hate Ron? How about Blaise? I want to thank you for sticking with this story for almost a year. It has mean the best and I hope this is a good extension to AU of HP (as Dramione never exists in the real one). THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN! EVERY REVIEW YOU WROTE MEANT SO MUCH! xoxo

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Review #23, by GoldenSnitch1712 Wedding Day II

31st October 2014:
Update NOW. OMG I tell you this every time, but I love your story! I deffo hope you do an extra long epilogue! I want to know every last bit!! Your Draco and Hermione are just so relatable and oh I love them! Have you read the Dramione Lady Malfoy, it is incredible and I thought I'd never love a fanfic as much as that, but then I stumbled upon yours which I love just as much! Seriously well done to you! I've laughed, cried and loved all the way through this! Seriously well done! Will you do a sequel? I really hope that you do! I've been checking every day for like 2 weeks for an update, I always feel so sad when its not there! Please update asap! Again well done, you should be so proud! I'm thinking of doing a next gen, based in hogwarts, I'd love it if you would give me some writing tips sometime!

Author's Response: HI! Next chapter is in validation already =) It is short though, but it's for closure. Thanks so much. I am really glad how you liked I did Draco and Hermione =) I wanted to make them more realistic.

I began to read Lady Malfoy and never finished sadly! =( I know it's Top 10 of all time for a reason! And it means so much to hear you loved this just as much as Lady Malfoy, since that fic is like a legend!

Sadly, no I will not be doing a sequel for this. I will be writing other Dramione's stories, but it won't be as dark as this one.

Thanks so much for this. I know you been silently reading this from almost the beginning and I truly thank you! xoxo

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Review #24, by peachgirlxo Confessions

25th October 2014:
amazing story and chapter! i absolutely love dramione in this fanfic, they are too adorable. please post up a new chapter soon, theyre great!! :)

Author's Response: WOW! Thanks so much! Glad you like them. The next chappie is in validation as we speak! Thanks for R&R! xoxo

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Review #25, by HpMomo4 Confessions

24th October 2014:
Umm yeah.update??? Too many fays of waiting imo!! Please update soon.

Author's Response: HI! The next chapter is sitting in validation right now. I know the staff is busy, please be patient! =)

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