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Review #1, by shaymars Happily NEVER After

30th September 2014:
No! Please let this not be the end.Please let someone tell her the truth and tell him the truth.

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Review #2, by Winghazel17533 Happily NEVER After

30th September 2014:
D: Why did you end it like that?

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Review #3, by Stunned Happily NEVER After

30th September 2014:
Oh my goodness I never thought the divorce would actually happen!! They both need to find out that it was a mistake! ARGHH! Please don't keep me in suspense for too long I LOVE this story!
Stunned x

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Review #4, by Tris  Happily NEVER After

30th September 2014:
If this ks the last chapter I am beyond POed! This had BETTER not be the end. She needs to have a baby... The only good isee coming out of this is a real wedding with friends and family and real support, but really what the actual F$&@ GAH I cannot even hold it in and I can't complain to Justine because we are not on the same continent so sorry but my rage goes to you today. BABIES, HAPPILY EVER AFTER! Not ok not ok not ok!

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Review #5, by Mary Happily NEVER After

30th September 2014:
I hope the next one is already on validation. Gah! Too short of a chapter yet so intense

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Review #6, by anon Happy Christmas

29th September 2014:
Nevermind. I like you again. :)

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Review #7, by anon Leaving You

29th September 2014:
:( Why would you do that??

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Review #8, by lizanneyoung Happily NEVER After

29th September 2014:
Tell me there is more. It can't end this way! I love this story, and for it to end this way :,(

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Review #9, by Winghazel17533 Draco's Flashbacks II

29th September 2014:
I'm really really confused as to what's actually
happening and whats a flashback.

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Review #10, by Chrissy Happily NEVER After

29th September 2014:
You have got to be kidding me!!! This is all a huge huge misunderstanding. I mean I see that Hermione made an effort to go talk to Draco, but damn it!!Draco didn't have to be so stubborn. If you love someone, you don't let them go just like that!! I'm gonna go cry in a corner now!! I'm hoping the next chapter has a happier ending.

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Review #11, by JaydeTheSpaz Happily NEVER After

29th September 2014:
They're gonna fix this right? I love Dramonie HEAs, they have to fix it!

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Review #12, by Abigail Fights, Reunions & a Change of Life

26th September 2014:

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Review #13, by MadameMalfoy2014 Fights, Reunions & a Change of Life

22nd September 2014:
I cannot wait for the next chapter!!! I really hope she's pregnant again. Damn men, they always jump to conclusions!!

Author's Response: YESSS! TBH I can't wait to finish it! I want to complete my first fanfic. I am excited! Yes, men have horrible communication skills (as in my personal experience as well) BUT especially Draco. UGH, Draco!

THanks for R&R! XOXO

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Review #14, by Mirgob Fights, Reunions & a Change of Life

21st September 2014:

please no. :(
Good it, and you.

Author's Response: I know! Ugh, divorce. I suppose everyone is ready for fluff. BUT not going to happen...just yet.

XOXO. Thanks for R&R!

P.S.= Miri, I read your story and left a review. It was great! =D

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Review #15, by slytherinbadgirl Fights, Reunions & a Change of Life

20th September 2014:
Is there EVER going to be a happy ending is more like it! I can't wait until the next chapter!

Author's Response: =X A few more chapters, your questions will be answered! Next chappie in validation. Thanks a ton for R&R! =D

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Review #16, by JaydeTheSpaz Fights, Reunions & a Change of Life

20th September 2014:
Why oh why did he have to stomp off?! Why couldn't he just eavesdrop the whole thing? Poor guy

Author's Response: Because this is a drama story and there are some cliche inconveniences. LOL It's so true and I wrote it. BUT yes, he is VERY hurt. And it will continue into the next chapter. =/

Thanks for R&R! XOXO

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Review #17, by alexaemd123 Fights, Reunions & a Change of Life

19th September 2014:
Ah! My heart just broke for them!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update soon!

Author's Response: =( ! I know! But it will be fix. Soon enough. Next chapter is already in validation.

Thanks so much for R&R! XOXO

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Review #18, by Justine Fights, Reunions & a Change of Life

19th September 2014:
Well I had just gotten over the shock of having a good thing happen in the last chapter that this one actually brought tears to my eyes >:| I was just getting happy for them again and then Draco takes things the wrong way, doesn't even talk to her first just acts irrationally! Hermione needs to throw those papers in his face and refuse to sign a freeking one of them gahhh you are killing me here! Give a poor girl a break let her OPT have a baby I will be SO EXTREMELY HAPPY for them! (But Siriusly (haha get my pun hehe i thought it was good) they need some children at least one girl PLEASE) anyway glad ron is out of the picture and Ginny set him straight. And Harry is going along with what it is Hermione wants. I would also love to know that Narcissa is alright I quite like her. Anyway love the story (for the most part) hoping I get my happily ever OPT after!

Author's Response: =( I'm sorry! I know. It just seems like there is a cliche of inconveniences, but it is to keep the drama alive! Hermione needs to lock him up and say, "We're staying married. Idc what you say." HAHA but she won't...

AHHH! They are my OTP too if that give you some comfort for the ending. *cough cough*
Everyone is demanding a baby. HEHE you never know.

LMAO SIRIUSLY! nice pun! Wait, that's not funny. He died ='( ALthough I am sure, he himself would find it funny.

And Ron is the only one not supportive. But who knows, he might come around. Narcissa is fine, doing really well.

Anyway, love your reviews as always and thanks for R&R! XOXO.

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Review #19, by SecretNinja Fights, Reunions & a Change of Life

19th September 2014:
I don't know how to say what I feel right now but I'm gonna keep it short and simple. Bloody hell Ronald!!! And seriously Draco??? And now I'm gonna go and throw a tantrum.

Ps, great work, update soon please, best story ever!

Author's Response: I totally understand! And some readers are fuming at Ronald which I totally get. I just hope it was canon with they way he acted. And sigh, yes Draco. Poor Draco...

Thanks for R&R on almost every chapter. Means so much! XOXO

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Review #20, by Chrissy Fights, Reunions & a Change of Life

19th September 2014:
I honestly believe that Lucius did have some regrets but he was being too stubborn to admit it. Plus that pride of his won't allow him to admit that he is wrong. Especially when the grandson was mentioned!

Honestly when Draco and Hermione take one step forward, somehow they end up taking five steps backward!! Miscommunication at its finest!!!

Please update soon :-) This chapter brought out way too many emotions!! Excellent work!!

Author's Response: Yes. He especially felt guilty. I mean he HAS to have SOME feelings, right? And the baby would have been his grandson too so his fatherly love kinda kicked it for a few miliseconds lol

Yes, Draco & Hermione, still going through hardships. BUT it's *sings* DRAMA! haha which I love.

Next chapter is already waiting for validation. Thanks for R&R! LIKE ALWAYS ! XOXO

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Review #21, by Tris  Fights, Reunions & a Change of Life

19th September 2014:
Ahi HATE Ron so much (never thought I would say that) I am sooo glad Ginny and Harry came to their senses, but I swear to god if Draco and Hermione get a divorce and do not live happily ever after I am going to be so mad. And as one of the longest reader/reviewers you should be nice to me, my heart cannot handle it! Babies, and NO DIVORCE!! I love Narcissa, she was so cool; and Lucius actually did something semi good for once which is a shock! Draco and hermione though. Ugh! Update fast PLEASE! I need it.

Author's Response: Yeah. Ron is a jerk. I just hope it was canon. I believe him to be shock and angered as if HErmione betrayed him if she was ever with Draco.

AH, everyone is wishing for a happy ending. Patience is all I ask for. Just a few more chapters. =)

I have grown to love her as I shaped her away from the canon perspectives we saw or maybe I build her for the better b/c she couldn't be that bad as she saved Harry.

Idk what possessed me for Lucius to be nice. I wanted to make him a lot nicer, but it wouldn't have align with the rest of the story. Hmmm.

As always thanks a ton for R&R! Like always! XOXO

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Review #22, by Mary Fights, Reunions & a Change of Life

18th September 2014:
This is so sad. I cried at the end. I feel you Draco!

Author's Response: Aw, don't cry! Everything will be fine (hopefully). But things will get worst before they get better...

Thanks for R&R! XOXO

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Review #23, by lenny America

17th September 2014:
I wasn't planning on reading any more chapters after this one which is why I originally decided to review. After all I am free to review your story and you opened yourself up to other's opinion when you shared it. Now I'm sorry you could not appreciate my words, I guess all the other ones are a lot more welcomed since all they do is compliment you. The opposite of my "complaints" are praises and I will agree they're both useless in bettering your writing yet you definitely welcome those. Lastly, I said I hated your story which is past tense, I no longer hate it because it did at one point get better, just how I hope your writing will get better one day too, but that probably won't happen until you grow thicker skin.

Lenny D.T.

Author's Response: I am glad. And just to let you know, I wasn't being sarcastic in the first part of my second reply to your review. I know it must have taken time and effort on your part (and without needing to) to find and fix those mistakes I have done. I honestly appreciate it for you coming back and bringing it to my attention that I had missed a lot of things (and so much more than what I thought). I was truly embarrassed & literally asked myself, "Dez, what happened to you this chapter?" So, if you took as sarcasm, that is not my intention. Throughout this story, I have honestly and openly admitted my grammar skills are awful, more than awful actually. I taken a lot of heat from that (which is really understandable).

I don't only welcome praise, I welcome constructive criticism as it is more helpful. But your initial review was that you didn't like it without simply backing it up. My writing needs to improve ALOT (not being sarcastic here either), but you might feel like I need to grow thicker skin and I think you need to be politer on how you address someone especially in reviews. But it is easy to be rude behind a computer.

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Review #24, by Lenny America

17th September 2014:
He obviously lost in thought. (maybe add in a was)

Luckily, Draco Hand (Draco's)

Who stared back challengingly with chest puffed out (chests)

His eye softened when they were on her. (eyes)

The platform was empty expect for one person (except)

The doors slid shut and a few second later (seconds)

As if water had leaked through long along. (does not make sense)

All the streets and towering building (only one building?)

A car zoomed by and the sound of puddles splashing beneath its tires. (maybe "with the sound" )

Turned to a man with a slight beer belly and slightly beefy who just walked out (just does not make sense)

Draco, leaning back and leg propped on his other. ( instead of and , with his)

He paused for a second to mentally correct herself, ( he, herself)

Brought very important documents that surely would ensure (that would ensure, or surely would)

And Miss Ginvera Weasley was able to safely arrive in France (were able / Ginevra*)

ďYou never let me have the opportunity to askĒ ( gave me)

ď It, in all honest, has been awful.Ē (honesty)

ď They judge be to be an instigatorĒ (judge me)

Silence filled every space in the room as the stared out the window (they)

His lips brushing against her ear and his hot mint breath awakened the spot between her thighs. ( itís either brushing and awakening or brushed and awakened)

She needed to lost herself.

But Draco seized her wrist before she can start writing frantically. (could)

Flashbacks of memory flooded her mind (flashbacks are memories)

Using every inch of the house part of their love making. (Does not make sense)

ď but this isnít a chance I donít want to takeĒ ( I want to take)

ďand go ahead, think about talking my wand ď (taking)

and wondered if her and Draco was going to survive this.

She can only hope once the war was over, she could finally have her happy ever after. (can to could, and could to would)

Hermione was constantly anxious where she constantly aimlessly walked around (Does not make sense)

The door opened with a band and immediately, (bang and the comma belongs before immediately if your talking about the movement of their wands, if your talking about the door then itís better not to use the word at all)

Aside from these you over use the word ďandĒ, you donít use commas very much and when you do they arenít used correctly half the time. If I wrote"does not make sense" it's because I couldn't tell what you where trying to say and had no idea how to even correct you. All these corrections donít require you to have a Major in English or to be a professional writer, anyone with a high school education should be able to point out these errors. These are a lot of ďsilly mistakesĒ.

If this is a story for yourself then write it however you want with grammar/spelling errors and with a story line that makes life easier for you. Then keep it in a word document for yourself to enjoy.

You wrote this on a public site , which leads me to believe that you wanted others to read this. If you wrote this for others then correct your errors, re-read your chapters, and if an action scene is boring to you and you rather not go into it then donít write a story where one might be needed or where one is obviously going on but you just decided not to make your characters present. If this story is for your readers then make it the best you can, your excuse for not making an action scene is laziness, the real Hermione Granger would have never let anything get in her way of fighting in that battle, her staying back basically says she wants Lord Voldemort gone but not if itís going to put her in danger, makes her look like a coward.

You say that you put the same effort into every chapter but your writing shows otherwise.

Author's Response: This is actually a more appropriate review. Thank you for pointing all them out for me. I will edit it as soon as possible to improve my writing and more so the chapter. This is actually really helpful now and there were a lot more mistakes than I anticipated so it obviously needs a lot of work.

And that's all I need. Even though I thank you, I don't need you reading this story anymore as I don't need anyone pretty much insulting me. I don't need your view or review. As you mentioned earlier, you hate this anyway so drop it. You would not only be doing yourself a favor since you hate it so much, you will be doing me a favor. =)

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Review #25, by lenny America

16th September 2014:
When I first started reading this story I hated it because of how American and 15 year old girl-ish it sounded but you had a decent story line so I kept reading it. It got better but now you officially drove this story into the ground, I see it all the time fan fictions start off great and with potential but then the author gets lazy and completely ruins them.

Oh and for someone who claims to have written these chapters ahead of time, would it have killed you to spell check?

Author's Response: I honestly hate reviews like this. I don't think they are helpful in anyway, but just seem like complaints. And this is not to say I don't take kindly to criticism. For example, my story "Gypsy of Egypt" someone who was honest and just awesome. I literally had to go back and change every chapter b/c it was a mess. HAHA. I'm so thankful for the reviewer.

Not thankful for this one. Hate it? Don't read it. HAHA. As simple as that. I don't need your view and right now don't want it. And I put the same effort in every chapter since Day 1. Maybe you feel that I am lazy because I didn't put an action scene. Well, I'm not an action type of girl and would avoid it because that part probably would have been done sloppily.

I have written these chapters ahead of time. Its not a claim and I can email it to you to prove it. I write on word and I depend on it to have it spell check my documents and I read the chapters several times. If I miss it, then it's a silly mistake on my part. I am not a professional writer, I am not an English major or anything like that and I am not perfect. I know this. But thank you for pointing the word out I misspelled so I can edit it and fix it for the better. appreciate that. =)

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