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Review #1, by patronus_charm Hogmanay

30th December 2013:
Hey there! Here for the 12 days of reviewing challenge over at the forums!

Ah, I loved this one-shot! It was just so wonderfully Scottish it made me want to be proud of my Scottish great-grandad everyone seems to forget. Gah, and the Isle of Skye is another place I really love. It was just so lovely and yeah.

The blend of magical things such as the Firewhiskey and then the Weird Sisters also being there was really great because then there were thing such as Auld Lang Syne which was wonderfully Muggle and it all worked really well together which is a little odd because usually there tends to be a little friction between such rival things.

Ron and Harry’s conversation was so natural and normal it was so cute. Haha, it just made me laugh that after all this time (must resist saying always), Ron finally accepts that Harry and Ginny are going to be together and even gives them dating advice which actually sounds useful given that it is from him.

The ending was really great and fitting with the sign of hope with the fireworks and Harry and Ginny being happy again. I don’t tend to ship them at all, but here I was all for them and had pompoms cheering and all that jazz.

One small thing, you had a really big paragraph at one point which meant reading it was rather tricky as my concentration kept on going. If you perhaps broke it up, this one-shot would be golden!

Thanks for the read!


Author's Response: Hello,patronus charm,
thank you for your review!

I also would like to visit the Isle of Skye someday. I have seen the beautiful winter pictures of the Isle of Skye, were really,magically wonderful.

I am glad to know you enjoyed the conversation between Ron and Harry. I love Harry/Ron/Hermione trio ship,too.

Speaking of Ginny/Harry ship I will describe more in my novel"Harry Potter and the Broomstick Makers" chapter 4.

And yes, as you say, I need to work more in this one-shot,too. Thank you for your brilliant review and your support!

May the magic and the wonder of the holiday season stay with you throughout the coming year!

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