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Review #1, by marauderfan Where There's Moonlight, I See Your Eyes

12th January 2015:

Ugh, I had a feeling that was coming but it didn't make it any easier to read. I feel so bad for Romulus because now he's lost the love of his life twice. At least he still has his brother and his friends - those that are left anyway.

But I'm so glad Romulus came back for her and that she didn't die alone, and they were able to say goodbye. The last thing she said really got to me as she goes to join Nadia :(

Gah asdajhwlehfla

I really like how you ended it though, tying it into the bigger picture of the war and how Maria was the first person to die for turning her back on the Death Eaters. And then when Romulus sang his musically mediocre but powerful song for her at the funeral, I really loved that moment, it was a huge step for him.

Congratulations on finishing this! It's been such a wonderful story.

Author's Response: I can't thank you enough for reviewing all of this story. Your reviews meant the world to me and motivated me to keep writing, and I can't thank you enough for that. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it, and just... thank you. Truly, thank you.


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Review #2, by marauderfan Time Flies, Time Dies

12th January 2015:
That first scene is so action packed and intense! Wow! You are really good at writing that type of scene.

Omg, Marcellus and his friends used to throw things into Molly's hair. It's funny but at the same time I'm so on Molly's side here, I can't tell you how annoying it is to have people throw things to see if it will stick in your curly hair ugh :p (fyi though, that should probably say Molly Prewett, not Weasley)

Wow, the next bit was so intense. I was worried you were going to kill Romulus off. This is just as sad though, Romulus' guilt at killing a friend and how he thinks he and the wolf are the same and just hates himself. I'm glad Marcellus was able to convince him that he and the wolf aren't the same, which really needed to happen, but the guilt is still there. Gah so sad :(

I like that they had a little time to relax and be safe in Canada. After everything that happened in London they needed that time. But the end of this chapter omg, oh no. I hope Maria is okay. I have a bad feeling this story is going to have a sad ending.

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks again for reviewing, and I'm so sorry I've taken so long to respond D:

Writing this scene was so hard, and hearing that you like it means a lot.
You're right. That was an oversight on my part.

I could never kill Romulus off!

Hm well you already know how this story ends... so uhhh... sorry...

Thanks again!


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Review #3, by marauderfan 

12th January 2015:
First things first: I can't believe you're leaving that cliffhanger from last chapter still hanging. WHAT HAPPENED TO MARCELLUS

But anyway. Fenrir. Ew what a creep. I just felt so bad for Maria because Fenrir can so easily manipulate her because she's so dependent on Euphoria, even though really doesn't want to be involved with whatever Fenrir is doing. And to find out that he not only turned her into a werewolf but killed her entire family - omg, that's such horrible news, and then for him to say 'come join your family' after that just gah. I have so many feels about this part and I hate Fenrir.

I thought you wrote her moral dilemma really well when she was sitting there on Euphoria and trying to convince herself it would all be okay. I mean I wasn't thrilled with her decision but the scene was written really well.


I think it makes sense that Fenrir would have Maria start out with tasks that don't really have much in the way of a moral dilemma, just little things. It's very believable that that's how he'd get people into doing the more intense things - kind of like how heating water gradually you don't realise how hot it is. I am just horrified (and yet not surprised) by the way Fenrir is using Maria, to even go so far as to make her kill people for him (thank goodness she didn't kill that boy as I don't know how she would be able to live with herself)

I was really struck by that bit at the end when Bennett says that Euphoria can help werewolves control themselves a little bit. I'm wondering if some variant of Euphoria is what eventually became Wolfsbane Potion. If so, that's such an incredibly interesting way to write it into the story.

Great chapter! This is such a good story!

Author's Response: You'll find out what happens to Marcellus soon, I promise!!!

Fenrir is eww. I agree. I'm glad that you feel and relate to Maria's dilemma. One of the things that I was worried about was that people would just sort of say "Maria made a bad decision I don't like her anymore", you know? You don't have to be too thrilled with her, don't worry.

The thing with the potion... I think that it might be sort of like some components of Euphoria, some properties, are related to Wolfsbane. I also wanted to sort of add in that even though Fenrir would be helping develop that potion for her own personal needs (to better turn people, I guess... eugh), that action still helps the general werewolf population. I wanted to show that even for someone as horrible at Fenrir, there's a little bit of grey area (like the fact that there would be a lot more werewolves living on the streets if he didn't take them in).

Ugh but Fenrir is gross. But basically one of things I wanted to do with this novella was show a huge spectrum of good and bad (Nadia being the most good, Fenrir being the most bad), but have nobody fall on 100% either, you know?

Wel after that ramble, I'll say thank you so so so so much for reviewing, and that looking forward to reviews like yours is the reason I was able to finish this novella.


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Review #4, by toomanycurls Where There's Moonlight, I See Your Eyes

11th January 2015:
I am very proud of you for finishing this and making me cry. Congratu-trumpet-lations.

I've read a lot of difficult scenes where people have to say goodbye. Not many get to me and even fewer cause me to cry. I hate/love you so hard right now. I'm mad at Romulus for needing such an extreme loss to make him confess and dedicate himself to love. I'm mad at the death eaters for being death eaters.

the one redeption I have for how this is that Romulus did not flee. I would have thrown something if he did.

Marcellus' final section was just perfect. It helped give a perspective on the trauma I just had reading about Romulus and Maria and aligned this story beautifully with the larger war that was starting/underway. I started to cry again at the idea of the funeral and everything.

thank you for writing this wonderful story


Author's Response: I'm very happy that I made you sad. Thank you so much for being so loyal in your reviews and always supporting me while I was writing this.

I think Romulus would've left at the beginning of the story, but everything (especially Nadia's loss) forced him to grow a little, and he loved her too much to leave.

I'm so glad that you liked Marcellus' section. It was one of the first things I wrote, so the entire novella was sort of leading up to it, in my mind.

Thanks so much for thinking my story is wonderful.


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Review #5, by toomanycurls Time Flies, Time Dies

11th January 2015:
okay. i'm ready for this

not really but i'm doing it anyway.

I was really on edge through this scene (and would have been more on edge if you hadn't pointed out the narrator thing). I was still terrified about Marcellus getting hurt or Romulus being injured. o.o why do you hurt me so?

I laughed, despite the overal tenseness and anxiety I felt, about Marcellus talking to Romulus like a misbehaving dog. I got a bit overwhelemed with Marcellus thinking mostly of memories with Romulus when his life flashed before his eyes. :'(

It was really relatable when Marcellus considered it could be a good thing to be bit by romulus and surrendered. He just wants to be closer to his brother and being a werewolf as well might do that. :( :( :(

Ah, Marcellus is such a good brother. I love that he stays around for Romulus throughout the night, even though it was horrible for him to watch. I almost lost it when Marcellus was looking for the spells and found an old photo of them together, healthier, and happier. STOP IT WITH THE FEELS, MAN.

I'm so glad that you didn't do what I thought you would do there because I would have needed to get in the car and deliver a whack. worse, or close to it was Romulus' guilt about his power and ability to kill. AND I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT. OKAY. THEY WERE JUST THERE CLOSE TO EACH OTHER AND no. IT DOESN'T MEAN ANYHING. I was glad that Marcellus somewhat convinced Romulus that the wolf isn't him. It felt like progress.

The idea of them having so much space and freedom in Canada is great. It felt like a safehaven for the two of them. I needed that after some of the other stress they've been through together.

BENNETT. *glares*

Okay, he gets a +1 for trying to get them to help Maria but I still hate him.



Author's Response: Haha, Rose, you're never ready:P I had so much fun writing this chapter, and I'm sorry I took away some of the tenseness...

You know how much I love Marcellus...

Yesss grrr Bennett grrr...

You're probably not even going to see this response bevause I'm so late on it... but it's the thought that counts, right? ...right?

Thanks fo always leaving me such nice reviews :D


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Review #6, by toomanycurls 

8th January 2015:
okay, okay, I remember this cliffhanger-y bit. I don't trust Fenrir or that his intentions are well meant. o.o I'm so on edge.

Fenrir is creepy. Slick, icky, and creepy. I don't want him touching Maria either.

I'm not surprised Fenrir bit her (given what we know of him in the books) but that has to be such a blow for Maria. I mean, they aren't friends but she knows him. "I killed your family but I'm here to help" isn't the best notion he's had for recruiting.

so the deal is drugs for being his 'convert and kill' person on the full moon. I hate fenrir so hard right now.

I thought her post-high recoup in the apartment didi a great job showing Maria's struggle and regrets. She clearly felt stuck and that she could only move forward with Fenrir's group.

It was quite convincing to have Fenrir's family seem like a helpful group rather than evil from the start. I've always imagiined he would rope people in by slowly getting them to do less agreeable tasks that shredded just a bit of their moral highroad at a time.

I'm so mad at everyone else for not digging deeper into Maria's life right now.

And she's hit that point - I'm worried something horrible will happen

ahhh! the boy! maria. I'm giving you a look right now.

now i'm kind of interested in Fenrir's science experiments but also outraged. and I'm so proud of Maria for givng it up.



awesome chapter. not at all like filler or dull.

Author's Response: One of the reasons I love you is how quick you were to review this chapter!!

Why would anyone trust Fenrir, really? At least, the Fenrir that's in this story?

I feel like Fenrir knew that telling her that he bit her wasn't even meant to try to recruit her, he's just trolling her. That, and I do think that Fenrir is legitimately interested in researching werewolves. Wolfsbane potion was developed in the mid-seventies, if I'm remembering correctly, and I think that people like Fenrir could've had a big part in that (especially in this universe, where Fenrir obviously has a team of potioneers working for him). That's also one of the reasons he wanted to tell Maria that he bit her. THey're in the same family line, and he's curious about how even when they aren't transformed, they're still linked (even though she hates that).

I feel bad for a lot of the people in Fenrir's family. Many of them really do need his help, but like Maria, don't like what they eventually have to do. He's so manipulative, though, so some of them end up sharing his beliefs (which is why The Family ends up being a faction of Death Eaters).

YES ONLY TWO MORE CHAPTERS. By this weekend. What it's almost over that's so weird because this novella has taken me so long to write.

Thank you so much for the review!


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Review #7, by marauderfan Life is Your's to Miss

28th December 2014:
I can't believe I didn't notice this when it was posted during the summer! Please accept my apologies with this offering of virtual cake.

I love the idea of all these wizard duels happening in the Colosseum in that era. I bet that would be a crowd pleaser. And, although terrible, it does make sense that they'd have had some sort of werewolf-baiting and a gladiator killing a werewolf. :(

The dome of the Parthenon -- I think you meant Colosseum here, as the Parthenon is in Athens :p

“Did you like the Colosseum?” “Eh.” -- Well, I guess Romulus is going to fit in just fine in Canada, eh? :p

I'm glad Mary-Lee is trying to talk some sense into Romulus! But then again, I'm not that surprised he's too stubborn to listen. I didn't realise quite how impressive his magic is either, now that he's actually allowed to do magic here.

Bennett?! How dare he claim to have written that article, just in order to get more recruits?! Ugh!

Whoa, Marcellus. I can't say I'm a fan of his intimidation tactics to that poor International Floo worker, but it is touching that he is willing to just up and move his entire life to support his brother. It's really sweet the way he cares for Romulus.

Hehehe I've always viewed long travels across time zones as time travel as well, like when you fly West across the ocean and arrive before you even left :p

He found Romulus!!! Yay! And then OH MY GOODNESS THAT CLIFF HANGER. HOW CAN YOU. :p In a way, maybe I'm glad I didn't read this over the summer because then I'd still be waiting to know what happened, and this way hopefully the suspense will be over soon omg when is the next chapter?!?!

That aside, I really liked Marcellus' thoughts on age at the end. It makes sense that werewolves would consider themselves as old as the wolf attack as they were changed into a new person then. And then Marcellus' thoughts on how lycanthropy changed his own life despite not being afflicted with it himself. It was definitely something interesting to think about, I really liked that section.

But anyway alskdmfklsjdlkf. That's how I feel about the cliff hanger and I hope another update is in the works for this story! ;) Great chapter, Georgia!

Author's Response: I can't believe I haven't responded to this review yet! I'm so sorry!!

Hehe I had fun writing about a little bit of ancient roman wizard things :D. I actually meant the Pantheon... silly error/typo.

Sorry about the cliff hanger!! (Actually no I'm not sorry at all...)

I'm glad that you enjoyed it! Sorry again for my ridiculously delayed reply.


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Review #8, by Secret Santa I Can't Control My Destiny

23rd December 2014:
A blue moon. That really, really sucks. On New Year's Eve, too...

And now we know more about Romulus's and Marcellus's parents. They seem, well- monstrous. I at least expected them to be upset before they left Romulus. But they were just like, whatever. It- well- disgusts me. How could they not care about him at all?

Serves them right, having no heir.

I like the little references to the Weasley's and Sirius and Regulus.

That thing with Marietta Black being Orion's daughter is really a big twist! If I had done it I would've left that information out until later on because we only met her last chapter, but since I don't know what happens next it might have been needed here. It just seemed a bit rushed, that's all.

Marcellus's comment makes me wonder what he knows about his family, since he mentions that he knows what it is like to have family secrets.

Overall, great chapter!

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Review #9, by Secret Santa Your Hair in the Moonlight

23rd December 2014:
Are you a musician? The way they discussed Musetta's waltz made me think that you are extremely familiar with the piece, and also with guitar.

I really like Marietta a lot. She seems like such a sweet girl.

So Elixir of Euphoria is like the wizarding version of a drug, I suppose? Good to Romulus for mostly giving it up. And good for him to talking to Maria.

For "Elixir of Euphoria" she doesn't seem very happy. Has its effects mostly worn off?

I don't like Maria a ton, but that might be because she was under the elixir. Maybe I'll like her better once she makes more appearances. She is under the elixir in this chapter, after all. I feel a bit sorry for her.

I feel a lot of pity for Romulus though. It must suck to be afraid to date someone else, because of Avril. And the scene at the end, with him clenching his fists and counting... It was so moving. It was a brilliantly written moment.

Terrific chapter! So emotional... I have a feeling most of them will be.


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Review #10, by Secret Santa For a Thousand Sweet Kisses

21st December 2014:
Yep, I find the Fenrir "owns" people thing stupid as well. Sure he may have bitten the people, but Fenrir isn't the first werewolf in existence or anything. Besides, if teaching them things makes them "loyal" to you, then does that mean Aisling can't have any werewolf friends? Although, I must say that you depict Fenrir Greyback very realistically.

Is Nadia a werewolf? It doesn't seem like it.

So is Nadia using like a potion mix, or a muggle mix? Either way: clever. If it's a potion mix, I'm pretty sure potions require wands at a few points...

A THOUSAND KISSES? That's like, a lot. Doesn't kissing someone that much get like, tiring or something?

I want to find out more about Aisling and Nadia. It seems like something sort of happened between them a while back, and they obviously have a long history... I hope we learn more.

Good chapter! And being Santa, I like how it is all Christmas-y.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for another great review! I'm glad that you enjoyed the chapter!

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Review #11, by Secret Santa Feel the Heat of the Future's Glow

21st December 2014:
Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! I am your "Secret" Santa, which I think is a rubbish title since part of my name is in the title: Santa Claus! You can call me Santa, St. Nicholas, Father Christmas- whatever name you prefer. Mrs. Claus is fond of Nick.

I really like how you opened this book like it was Marcellus who was telling the story, instead of you. I don't often see stories that way often.

I know you left last names out of this, but with all this talk about Romulus's family, and being of Wizarding Royalty, and that sort of thing.

I find it wonderful that a bunch of werewolves live together, because they don't have to worry about hiding their condition from each other. Very open and welcoming- at least until Bennett started demanding rent, that is.

I really like your name for the werewolf: Romulus, because he was raised by wolves. Romulus also became the first ruler of Rome, so that also ties into the "Wizarding Royalty" thing. Where did the name Marcellus come from? It sounds Latin, but I don't know what it means or who held the title.

I find it interesting that they can say "Lord Voldemort" with no one wincing. It's a pleasant change, if it's only because Voldemort hasn't risen to power. Is the war going to take a large part in this?

I like the little reference to Lupin, as the werewolf that recently started attending Hogwarts.

It makes sense that Rome is safe haven for werewolves. The city does have wolf-y origins, after all.

Wonderful chapter! Very intriguing. :)

Author's Response: I feel horrible for neglecting these reviews for so long, because they're so nice!! Thank you, Santa!

The name Marcellus came from the character in Rent that he's based on, Mark. Romulus also fit well, as he's based off of Roger.

It was weird for me writing in this year, too, with Voldemort being active but not yet having risen to power.

Thanks so much!!


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Review #12, by teh tarik I Can't Control My Destiny

19th August 2014:
Hello again, Georgia!

I'm back with the last of your four prize reviews. :) (Never fear, I shall continue to read your amazing story at my own pace! I really love your characters and the whole concept of this!).

Of course, this being a werewolf-centric fic, there will be the inevitable transformation scene. Transformations are always so painful to read about (I can't even imagine the werewolf's physical pain undergoing such an awful process), and I think you did a brilliant job capturing Romulus's agony, and the shifts in his body.

He felt his spine start to stretch and pull against his skin. Romulus groaned as his legs broke and regrew into a different form in under a minute. He felt his claws pierces through the tops of his fingers. He dug his hands into the ground; he needed something to hold onto.

^ Wow, his paragraph gave me such chills. The language is sparse, but so concise and whatever details present are painful and vivid.

It was interesting getting to know some backstory about Marcellus and his family. Their parents represent some of the worst parts of ruthless pureblood society, and it was really heartbreaking to see them disown Romulus the moment he's been inflicted with lycanthropy. I love that Marcellus, feeling so desolate and lonely on New Year's Eve goes to visit his old abandoned home, before finally going to check on his parents. Despite how much he despises them and what they stand for. Ugh, I got all the feels from reading about him watching from afar.

I think it's a very interesting revelation that Bennet's pressuring his tenants is being paid for by Marcellus and Romulus's parents themselves! I wonder if they are aware of their actions, and how it's influencing their sons? I don't think they'd care a lot, really.

Marietta's backstory was really tragic. Ugh, these poor people isolate themselves because they're a danger to others around them, and they've even hurt their loved ones terribly. I can't imagine the amount of guilt some of them must be feeling. :(

And so Marietta and Marcellus and Romulus are sort of distantly related? Interesting turn!

I'll be reading on! Another fabulous chapter! :D


Author's Response: Hey! I'm sorry it took me so long to answer this... I doubt that you'll even see this...

I'm really glad that you liked the transformation scene, it took me a while to feel good about writing it.

Rereading this review was really nice! Thanks again!


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Review #13, by teh tarik Your Hair in the Moonlight

19th August 2014:
Wow, this chapter ended on such an intense note. Like all the other OCs introduced earlier, your two new characters, Maria and Marietta, are just as striking and so well-thought out. I love this little group of friends; you write their interactions so well, and I imagine that with their condition, they only have each other to seek solace from, seeing as they're pretty much alienated from mainstream society.

Marietta not being able to correctly use grammar and punctuation as a result of not going to school is such a realistic detail. It's something that many people writing werewolves would overlook. I'm glad Marcellus is there to help her. He certainly recognises her talent and potential; it would be a tragic thing if many werewolf children's potential were stunted because of their condition, but it's clear and ever so admirable that Marietta tries so hard here, tries to make the best of her condition.

I love how in-your-face Maria is! I feel that she could really help Romulus overcome his grief about Avril, if only he would give her a chance. She's lively and she sounds adventurous and fun! The inclusion of the Elixir of Euphoria was so intriguing. I love this expansion of canon, and I'm always interested in reading more about *cough* magical recreational substances. From what you've mentioned about Euphoria so far, it does indeed sound addictive, and I think you've portrayed the symptoms of addiction very well. Especially with Romulus: despite being clean for three months, he still can't bear the idea of not having some reserve of it close by. As though he expects to lapse right back into his habit anytime.

The counting at the end and Romulus smashing the ELixir was kind of a painful thing to read; it just makes me realise how much pain some of these characters are going through.

Fantastic chapter, Georgia!


Author's Response: Hello again!

I'm so glad that you liked Maria and Marietta. They're a blast to write, and I'm glad that reading them is also enjoyable. In some ways I do admire Marietta a lot for how persistent she is, and how she's willing to ask for help.

Yeah, Euphoria can get pretty bad. Romulus' attitude towards it, and his need to have it close, also has to do a lot with the fact that he just has other issues to work out, and he's a generally... sad person. But lovable. Hopefully.

I'm glad that you thought the end was intense and not cheesy, as I was worried.

Thanks again for the reviews!


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Review #14, by teh tarik For a Thousand Sweet Kisses

19th August 2014:
Hey Georgia!

I'm back to deliver the second of your four prize reviews! ...and you've probably forgotten that you won the challenge ages ago.I am SO SORRY for taking an age with this, but I'm BACK now.

OK, I love Aisling here; he's such a decent and caring character. I feel that if the werewolf population had more people like Aisling and fewer people like Fenrir, they would be a lot closer to their dream of Rome, or at least being a self-sufficient community like the werewolves of Rome. I love that Aisling is giving so much to educate the werewolf children, even though he himself suffers this awful condition.

And ugh, Fenrir is just downright awful. He's a werewolf, but he doesn't even treat his other fellow werewolves with much respect; he completely dehumanises them, and declares them as belonging to him. I shuddered a bit during that confrontation with Aisling, and how in the end he let his cohort beat the other guy up.

Nadia is lovely. Definitely shipping Aisling/Nadia here! I loved their fluffy romantic exchanges; it definitely set the mood for some Christmas fluff, and it was a great contrast to the darker, more violent opening section of this chapter.

I'm enjoying your fic a lot! I think you've come up with a set of really realistic and likable characters, and their problems do really fit well within the turbulent context of the first wizarding war. Great work! I'll be reading on. ♥


Author's Response: Hello! Don't worry at all about taking a longer time to give out reviews. Your fantastic reviews are totally worth the wait!

You're right about both Aisling and Fenrir. Aisling is everything there should be, and Fenrir is pretty much the opposite.

YES please ship Aisling/Nadia. I love them a little bit.

I'm glad that you enjoyed it, and I'll be responding to the rest of your amazing reviews shortly.


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Review #15, by Aphoride Feel the Heat of the Future's Glow

15th August 2014:
Hey there! Stopping by for our review swap! :)

I have to say, part of why I love summer is because I get to come along to all those stories I've seen around on the forums for ages, with people recommending them and stuff, like with this one. I loved the idea of the book when I heard about it in the canon, and he idea of a story based on that book is genius.

I love how you start it with the introduction to the book, with him talking about what he's going to write and how it's going to work, stressing that it's important. Because it is. Also, I really like how you describe the attack and make a point of stressing how they came from a wealthy, prominent family and after the attack Marcellus was expected to simply leave his brother behind, on his own, with nothing. It's such a harsh life, you know, but it kinda speaks about so much more and can be applied to so many things. It makes you think, I guess, is what I'm trying to say.

So yeah, I like that this isn't happy at the beginning, but it's the kind of story which almost shouldn't be, partly because of the canon information going into it, but also partly because of the sort of point I guess you're trying to make? But I love how you don't overdo it - you just mention things, almost casually. In the sense that, Marcellus doesn't seem to sort of dwell on things, he's more like a reporter than a writer, in the sense that he's just writing down what happens, not adding anything or changing anything. At the same time, with the situation, you manage to build this wonderful sympathy and empathy for with the characters. I want them to do well. I want them to, not get better, but do better. Be happy - all that kind of stuff. You make me root for them, seemingly without trying.

Your writing in this is gorgeous too - I love how you use description so effectively and your dialogue is so good, too - you adapted it to each character, which I'm so jealous of! Your word choice was brilliant in places and so suitable. Everything was just... gah, it just all flowed and fitted together so beautifully and it was so engaging. Like, I couldn't stop reading it.

I think I'm going to have to add this to my favourites :) Thank you so much for the swap, too! :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hey! This response is ridiculously late, so you probably won't even see it, but still thank you so much for leaving such a fantastic review! Getting positive feedback always means so much to me, and now that I'm answering reviews, seeing supportive ones like this makes me smile.

Thanks so much!


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Review #16, by toomanycurls Life is Your's to Miss

9th August 2014:

um, back to the beginning.

I love how you combined really cool wizarding history with muggle history. I can see why Mary-Lee would have seen Romulus as determined to be a grump, but his connection with the collesium would make anyone a bit put out.

AND THEN THERE'S BENNETT. I didn't think it would be Marcellus but, wow, Bennett has some gall claiming to have written that article.

I like how you showed that Romulus has quite a bit of magical power - that never quite came througb while he was in London because they were restricted from using magic.

On to Marcellus. I love that he used his family's reputation to get a free connection to Canada. Out of all the relationships in this story, their closeness as brothers is the msot heart warming.


Post the next one soon. very soon.


Author's Response: Hey there. Thanks for the review.

Hehehe I don't mind the glares. And... uhhh I can't say anything about that ;)

Bennett is kinda a jerk, yeah. Not gonna lie.

Romulus is totally awesome, duuude. Like really.


It wasn't a full moon, it was a solar eclipse. They didn't know that it would make them change. Aisling knew, but he didn't know that Romulus would be in Canada. Confession: the reason for the move to Canada was primarily because the eclipse that occured on July 10 1972 wasn't visible from Europe... and in a story about werewolves and magic, I just have to stick to be realistic...

I'll update soonish. 11 isn't done yet. or betaed. Uh yeah I'll get there.

Thanks again!


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Review #17, by toomanycurls Only Blue, Lonely Blue

7th August 2014:

I've had this chapter open for a while to review (days, actually. I'm sorry). I JUST GET BUSY AND AND AND. *hides*

I'm mad at Romulus for running off. At the end of the last chapter things seemed okay. WHY AREN'T THEY OKAY NOW!?! Don't make me go over there to set this right! Oh Marieta, don't wish him dead - otherwise Georgia will do that.

Romulus in Rome - seems fitting. and highly symbolic. At least he's in okay living conditions. Nice move with Romulus talking in his sleep. :D So.. is there something with the Mary Lee?!! I'm just eager for someone to love someone else in this chapter. I really like how you've depicted their interaction as two people in a fringe society. Also, HIS NEXT MOVE SHOULD BE TO GO BACK TO LONDON. and a part of me is glad that Maria is haunting his dreams. the jerk.

It means a lot to me that Marcellus is still hanging iwth the werewolf crew when Romulus is MIA. I dunno, talk about solidarity. I laughed at his comment that he and Romulus look more neighbors than brothers. That me with my siblings too.

I thought you showed Nadia meeting up with some shady folks at one point. I assumed that's where she'd been getting the drugs.

You do a really good job talking about and depicting addiction. I mean, it seems very realistic.

I agree, Aisling shouldn't leave.


Just... finish this before college. okay?! I need to have you finish it.


Author's Response: Hello!! It's okay! What matters is that you reviewed eventually!

What do you mean, things seemed okay at the end of the last chapter? O.o how do you define okay?

Romulus was always going to be going to Rome! Huh. Is there something with Mary-Lee? Are you going to be shipping them? She's also in chapter 10. His next move will be... away from Rome. That's all I can say about that.

Of course Marcellus is staying! He's a Hufflepuff! And where else would he go... back home?

I've never really been around drug addiction very intimately, so I'm glad it seems realistic!

Aisling will do what he does and he'll do it.


Uhhh I probably won't finish this before college because that's the Tuesday after next. It will be finished, though! Don't worry. Uhhh I honestly think that every chaper until the end will end in a cliffhanger... sorry...

WAIT NO! I don't think Chapter 11 does. I'm not sure yet. I haven't written the ending of that chapter yet.

Thanks for reviewing!!! Chapter 10 is in the queue!


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Review #18, by marauderfan Only Blue, Lonely Blue

22nd July 2014:

It's so sad to see Maria in a situation like this, she is suffering so much. At least she has admitted she has a problem, and has friends who are trying to help her. What a difficult situation too - how getting her off Euphoria will be good for her in the long run, but in the short run it will destroy her and there's not much of her left anymore as she's so thin and ill.

The tidbit about Nadia supplying Maria with the potion for all those years was interesting too. It's a complicated issue and when you're trying to do the right thing for someone, what exactly is the right thing? She was hurting Maria more than helping, regardless of how she thought about it - it's sad, but also I like the way it shows how even the best people make mistakes. I don't know, I just like the moral ambiguity there I guess :p

Sounds like a lot of people are trying to move to Canada. I hope that Romulus meets up with Aisling wherever they end up going, because I think Romulus isn't going to go back to his friends of his own volition, but only if he runs into one of them.

Omg but the end, Fenrir came into Maria's flat to be creepy? What is he doing adkjfkasdjkfl please update soon because I can't handle the suspense.

Excellent chapter!

Author's Response: I love you so much for reviewing so quickly! Thank you thank you thank you!

Marietta is my idol. Sometimes. Parts of her. Toned down a little. She's really fun to write, at least.

Yaaay for moral ambiguity. There's a lot of that here. I think that Nadia's issue was that she would try too hard to make others happy and make sure that everyone liked her. She always had good intentions, but didn't always know where to draw the line.

And Maria... yeah... yeah... she's pretty stuck. And everyone around her is pretty stuck. It gets pretty sticky.

Yes there's Canada and that's all I can say about that. :D

Yes there's Fenrir and that's all I can say about that. :D

I'll update as soon as I get the next chapter all edited! Hopefully in the next 2 weeks, but I can't make any promises because Rumpel and I tend to keep going over and over forever.

Thank you so so so much for reviewing, it really means the world to me!!


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Review #19, by newgenerationlover Feel the Heat of the Future's Glow

2nd June 2014:
Hey! Great start to this story!

Well I've never watched but now I'm intrigued to. I am glad that someone has finally written a story to really go along with the main reason JK put werewolves in HP in the first place. I think you have done a great job showing the prejudice that is held towards these people and the level of living conditions they have to take because it is the only thing available to them. Although the main theme of prejudice in HP was the purity of blood, there seems to be a whole lot more sigma towards werewolves. I mean, at least muggle borns can get jobs.

I am glad that Marcellus stayed with his brother, otherwise Romulus probably would have ended up like his girlfriend: dead. It must have been a strange thing to have such un-judging children come from a very prejudice, high up family. I like how you put in the odd mention of their family, allowing us to see the backstory by not really telling us it... if that makes sense at all haha. As my English teacher says "Show, don't tell!" And that is exactly what you did. Kudos to you.

Good job jumping right into the story. There was some introduction, but you have already set up an impending conflict and I can't wait to find out what happens because they are refusing to join the Death Eaters. I feel like the landlord isn't really that bad, but rather he is under a lot of pressure from Voldemort to give him more followers. He is probably being threatened and that is why he has to make people pay their rent. He seems like everyone liked him before and I'm a little surprised that no one (no other characters that is) realize that it isn't really his choice to change his ways.

Great start!

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks so much for reviewing!

A lot of this is based off of little snippets we heard from Lupin, and I'm writing this as pre-Wolfsbane potion, which would make it even more difficult for them.

With how un-prejudice they are... I think that Romulus easily could've ended up like that. Part of his turn-around was meeting and falling in love with Avril, and another was (obviously) becoming a werewolf. Marcellus was always a sweetheart, though.

I'm glad that you see that Bennett isn't all bad! He's a very... complex character and I don't spend as much time with him as I wish I could.

Thanks so much for reviewing, I hope you keep reading!


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Review #20, by toomanycurls Goodbye, Love

29th May 2014:
Okay. I'm here.

I read this yesterday and couldn't think of a way to review this without a lot Mature rated words repeated over and over. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?!? I'm more angry than sad.

I'll try to focus on other stuff during the review.

It made me giggle that Romulus was, um, interested in the companionship Maria after transforming back. Good thing Marcellus is keeping him focused on getting better. I felt so bad for Maria as she struggled through being clean. For a few moments I thought she was the one to get it. Drug withdrawl is extremely hard and I appreciate the humanizing view you put on it.

Another thing you did well in this chapter - BESIDES KILL ONE OF THE NICEST PEOPLE IN THE STORY - was show Marcellus' shock and inability to deal with her body. Ugh, your description of her body was just too much (in the it was brilliant and it made my skin crawl).

Aisling kept it together remarkable well when they found her body.

I'm really glad she had a well attended funeral. People like her touch a lot of lives.

...stupid feels...

It was good to see Aisling's grief kind of peak while he was speaking at her funeral. I mean, it's understandable that he'd be in shock before but it really becomes real at someone's funeral that they're not coming back.

Maria's relapse was completely understandable here. Sad but, yeah. I don't have feels left for her drugs right now.

THIS CHAPTER WAS AMAZING AND SAD. I didn't cry though. :P I just got angry, very angry. Will we find out how she died - er, who killed her? WHEN ARE YOU UPDATING!?!


Author's Response: I'm here! Welp. This is a really old review that I"m just answering now. You probably won't see it.

I expected anger from you in this chapter. Have I ever made you cry at all? I feel like one time I did make you tear up but I don't remember when... I'll have to go through all my reviews to try to see, ahaha.

I'm glad that you thought I did a good job with this chapter. Thanks so much for the review!


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Review #21, by marauderfan Goodbye, Love

27th May 2014:
Omg the feeels. This chapter was so intense and so sad! I totally didn't see it coming. But all the signs were there, like if I'd paid attention to the chapter title. And how the beginning of the chapter was just so happy, too good to be true, as Marcellus reflects on how much his friends mean to him.. And how Nadia is essentially the equivalent of Angel. I should have been prepared for this! BUT I WASN'T AND IT WAS SO SAD. PLEASE TAKE THE PIECES OF MY HEART AND STITCH THEM BACK TOGETHER. :(

It was sad enough about Nadia... it is always the good people who die young, and she was so good. But on top of that, everyone else starts fighting and running away and agh Nadia would hate it! She really kept all these people together. I was disappointed in Maria for returning to Euphoria - she had been doing so well and was almost free of it, and had the support and care she needed - she'd been through SO much only to regress and have to do it all over. But I can understand why she went back to it, as much as I wish she didnt. It's a hard enough time for her as it is. And then Romulus decides to run away again! Nooo but they could help each other! Ahh I just want to shake them! So many feels here. It's so sad and frustrsting and just agh. I feel so bad for Aisling. Well, all of them really, but especially him. I am sending virtual hugs to each and every character in this story. Even Bennett, for whom I have previously professed dislike, but I was impressed with him here. Way to do the right thing Bennett.

GREAT chapter, Georgia! Bravo.

Author's Response: Ah I haven't responded to this yet?!? What happened?!?!?

It's okay that you didn't see it coming! I can tell you that after this chapter, the plot does a lot of breaking off from Rent, so... don't feel bad!!

I did make the first bit of the chapter particularly fluffy, didn't I... Well, I want them to be happy for at least a little bit!! And I can assure you that there was about a month of happiness between the last chapter and this one that wouldn't be too interesting to devote much time to.

Yes everyone fights and it's horrible! Just the way I like it!

I'm really glad that you saw a shimmer of good in Bennett. He's a really interesting character, and I'm not gonna get much chance to explore him, but I will if I can!

Thank you so much for such an amazing review!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.


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Review #22, by toomanycurls Leap of Faith

26th May 2014:
Thanks for doing a review swap!!

Can I just say that I'm scared of the next chapter? Also, Sarah might strangle you if you make me cry first. :P

I love how you describe Maria fussing over her hair and looks while not even being dressed. That's a pretty typical order of operations though. I always get dolled up before finding my clothes. Her worry about what Romulus will like is adorbs. The early stages of love are always spastastic (I'm just making words up here) and cause people to worry about stuff like that. Romulus' nervousness is also quite sweet. :D Girls over analyzing what a boy does - oh man, totally been there (still go there actually).

...I'm so happy they're bonding over nosebleeds. :P haha, I'm glad they have marietta to push them a bit closer together.

How did they get a muggle at their table? Oh well, at least Marietta is taking advantage of the situation. hmm, it is interesting to get Marcellus' view of her and a potential hook up. I still hope they get together in some capacity.

How are they paying for the dinner? With Greyback's money?

I love the way you've fast forwarded past a bit of their relationship. It works really well iwth the idea that Marcellus was writing about it. It's kind of meta.

I can see why all the sappy love would get to Marietta. three is a crowd after all

Dude, party foul to Romulus - he can't get all in depth on Maria's family then lose his cool when she asks about Avril.

it is nice that he's trying to talk her into getting off euphoria. I'm interested to see how that goes.

This chapter was epic!!!


Author's Response: Hello!! Thanks for the swap!!

I won't say anything about the next chapter :). It did make Rumpel cry, but that's not too difficult to do these days.

Maria and Romulus are both so rough around the edges, but then when they're together they sort of turn into high-schoolers in love.

The muggle (Daniel or David? I'm like Marietta. I can't remember his name) is Marietta's date. She met him... at a club. Somewhere.

No, they don't take money from Greyback. Nadia's financial situation is... not great. She was attacked when she was about 23. Before then, because of her really high level of charisma, she had a surprisingly well paying job for someone her age. She lived with her parents until she was 21ish, so she didn't have many expenses and was able to save up a lot. Since she's become a werewolf, she's been able to hold down a muggle job. She can also get her landlord to be more lenient about her rent because she's such a good tenant otherwise. With Aisling, while he doesn't have a job, people try to give him money for teaching when they can. So... they really CAN'T afford dinner, which Maria points out. Nadia is just so driven to be helpful that she spends more than she has to make other people happy.

I struggled for a long time to figure out how to jump ahead (chapter 7 is in February, chapter 9 is in May), and then all of a sudden I remembered that I have a lovely narrator!

Romulus has issues. Clearly. He tries, but he's not gonna be the perfect boyfriend

Thanks for such a nice review!!


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Review #23, by toomanycurls In Cups of Coffee

22nd May 2014:

Thanks for doing a review swap. I haven't had much time for them lately so it's nice to do afew while I can.

I love that you spend almost half the chapter talking about how long it had been since Marcellus got lucky. And I love Marietta's lifestyle choices. I especially appreciate that she differentiates between romance and sex. :D They had such good chemistry while talking - I'd like to see more happen there.

I'm so excited for Romulus to figure out his feelins for Maria. DON'T KILL EITHER OF THEM YET. I NEED TO SEE THEM IN LOVE OR CLOSE TO IT. Then you can kill them. ;) Romulus' scene in the flower shop was amazing. I loved his candor with the florist and that she gave him a free rose. While it was a small gesture, it really showed a nicer side to humanity.

Oh, wow, Nadia paying their rent is huge. I don't trust Bennett - you should definitely off him. :D

Great chapter!!


Author's Response: Hey!

Marietta is a character. She's really fun to write, and I love writing she and Romulus.

I can't make any comments about who may or may not be killed or injured at any point.

Don't trust Bennett, but try to see that he's also in a tough place. I wouldn't want to be friends with him, though.

Thanks for such a nice review!!

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Review #24, by marauderfan Leap of Faith

19th May 2014:
I sympathise with Maria about curly hair. Sometimes it just does what it wants and there's nothing you can do about it. :P

Why is this girl putting on makeup before she puts her clothes on? That's pretty much a guarantee she'll get lipstick all over the inside of her dress or something. Silly Maria, this is why you don't take Euphoria.

lol at Marietta yelling at them to hold hands. Good on you, Marietta. Also, her interactions at this party are lololol. I love her.

EEE YAY ROMULUS AND MARIA ARE SO HAPPY ♥ Maria's back story is so sad though!! :( I'm glad Romulus is helping her through her Euphoria addiction. And even though he's not telling her about Avril, I still think he's come a long way. Maybe later he'll tell her.

Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing!!! It really means so much to me that you're sticking with this story.

I have the opposite problem. My hair will NEVER curl. So I just have a pixie. It's easier.

Maria doesn't need your social rules. She's her own woman, yo! And she's scatterbrained because of constant, decade-long drug abuse...


Marietta is so fun to write. I can't get enough of her. There may be a spin-off one-shot about her somewhere in the future.

ROMULUS AND MARIA YAAY!!! Making them happy makes me happy. Everyone's back story is a little sad, to be honest. And Maria knows who Avril was and what happened to her (they might've met a few times, I honestly don't know). Romulus had made a lot of progress, though.

Again, thanks so much for the review!! It means so much to me.

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Review #25, by Rumpelstiltskin Leap of Faith

12th May 2014:

I'm not sure what to say that I haven't already. Let's recap, then ^.^. Maria's excitement over the dinner party was awesome, and although Romulus may not have minded if she didn't remember to dress, it's probably a good thing that she did! The dinner party made me laugh, you have some great dialogue in there -- especially with Marietta and Daniel (David? :p) and Romulus and Maria. It was great to hear some of Maria's background, and wonderful that Romulus is attempting to help her with her Euphoria issue. The short section about Avril did reveal some tension that still exists in Romulus' personality (bum, bum, bum...). And I think you did a fabulous job!


Author's Response: Yay!!
I love that you review. It makes me happy, I need to catch up on reviewing the stories that I beta for. Aka I need to be more like you.

So thank you!

Marietta is fun to write, if you haven't figured that out yet. This whole chapter was nice to write, even though it took me forever. A little fluff now and again is good for the soul!!

Thanks again!!!

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