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Review #1, by Marshal Christmas Eve

31st January 2016:
You would think that I am so done and tired of Christmas stories. Yet here I am reading another one and it is a good one at that. Not very Christmasy persay but interesting all the same.

Honestly what called me to this story was that it was Fenrir story. I love dark and twisted characters and Fenrir is certainly one - though he isn't one I could write well personally on account of how much I love Remus. My brain sympathizes with him far too much. Over all this was quite good and I enjoyed the read.

I believe I owe you two other reviews for placing in my challenge. Hope things with the remodel are going well Rumpel!

- Marshal

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Review #2, by adluvshp Christmas Eve

27th November 2015:
Rumpel! Oh dear me, you broke my heart again. I feel so bad for Will, and their parents. Their son is dead and their daughter has been kidnapped by a werewolf. What a terrible Christmas. And poor Will, dying trying to save his sister.

Gah, so many feels. But aside from that, this was so well-written. Your characterisation of Fenrir is perfect. I like how he is not just randomly killing or attacking kids for the fun of it but he actually has a plan. The way you explain the motivation behind his actions is lovely. I like how he's put so much thought into it, deciding to side with Voldemort, and aiming to take him out in the end too, as well as putting down wizards. He is smart and i like that.

The use of the tinsel throughout this story was very good. It provided a creepy edge to things - the way Will still clutched it in his hands, that dragged out the tree, and then Ellie had pieces of it stuck in her hair. It was almost poetic.

Your descriptions were absolutely beautiful and I had a lovely time reading this. It made me want to read more, to find out about Ellie and the pack, and how things progressed from this night. And of course, you characterised Fenrir so well I really wanted to get to know him more too!

Consider a sequel? ;)

All in all, loved it. Great writing, perfect descriptions, interesting concept! 10/10


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Review #3, by EnigmaticEyes16 Christmas Eve

16th August 2015:
Hi Rumpel! I'm here to bestow some review love on you and thank you for helping out in the House Cup this year!

This was such an interesting story, Rumpel. I rarely read Fenrir because he's not exactly my favorite character but this was such a different tak on him from what I'm used to that I think I like it. I like how you give him purpose. He's not just a blood hungry killer who likes to feed on children, he's driven to make the werewolf population stronger, to show wizards that they are just as capable as they are, if not more so.

And I like he's got a plan. He's teamed up with Voldemort because he knows he's powerful and he wants him to win this war. But then he's not going to sit back blindly and take orders because he knows Voldemort is using him as much as he's using Voldemort, and that it's likely Voldemort will take him out when he doesn't need Fenrir anymore. So he plans to build his army while he's floating under Voldemort's radar, so he can attack, and kill him, when the time comes. I mean, it's a pretty genius plan.

And it's so interesting the way he talks about the children, the way he searches them out and watched them until he knows for sure if they will be suitable werewolves. And it almost sounds like he actually cares about them, too, the way he talks about them becoming part of his family, part of his pack if they survive, and the way that he hopes one of them will take out Voldemort if he gets killed first.

I do wonder if there was a reason Will was so different from the others he's attacked. It does seem odd how they always scream when bitten, which makes sense because that must be extremely painful to have teeth biting through your muscles and bones, so why didn't Will scream? Was he in shock? Was he still half-asleep? I don't know. But then he sort of snaps out of it when Eili comes to investigate and was brave enough to kick Fenrir, although sad that he wasn't able to save Eili or himself for that matter. To have their son murdered, and their daughter kidnapped by a werewolf must be terrible, and I can't imagine what the parents will do once the whole situation comes to light. I'm also very curious about Eili and if she survives and if she does accept the pack as her family. I wish there was more to her story.

Anyway, this was a great one-shot, Rumpel! And I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Great job!


Author's Response: Hey Nix -- thanks for stopping by!

Fenrir isn't an easily likeable character, so I understand your hesitance to read about him. I was trying to find some humanity (and I'll use that term lightly) within him. I just had to keep in mind that most bad guys think that they're the good guys in their own regard.

I like to think that Greyback is a pretty smart fellow. It's my head-canon and I can't shake it. He's on a mission.

Yeah, I was sort of going for a semi-shock state where everything hadn't sunk in yet (until Eili comes outside).

In my head, Eili does survive, and she does become a part of the pack. If I were to continue, I like to think she'd be curious about her parents and leave to find them (against Greyback's orders). Then, of course, for conflict, she'd discover that Greyback's cause was not-so-great and stuff would happen.

I hate one-shots where I don't kill off the characters in the end, because the story always can be built upon. ;)

THanks for the lovely review!


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Review #4, by Mrs. Claus Christmas Eve

18th July 2015:
Mrs. Claus here for some Christmas in July gift-giving! (Hopefully it'll be happier for you than the child in this story...)

Why do you writers love braking my little old heart so? But at the same time, I enjoyed the in depth look into a character so often painted in black instead of grey. It's so much harder to hate when you understand how they think, or what they've gone through. I think that was the case for me here.

Yes, I absolutely abhor what he did to that sweet child and her family. Eilidh was supposed to wake up the next morning to presents my husband left her, and joy that her brother was home. She should have been laughing and smiling. While I hate the actions, I feel more pity for the man. Everything is so warped, so different in his views. Greyback is so logical about it all, so sure he's in the right.

The friend who pointed me to you is actually working on a Greyback story right now themselves. It's interesting to see so many similarities between both of your views of Fenrir, and how he feels about his pack and the rest of the world. In fact, it's shocking. Doubly so when I know for a fact she hasn't read anything of yours before. (Don't question it, I know.) I'm sure she'd be amazed herself, and love to know another has thought so in depth. He's one of the villains she finds most interesting, after all.

The pack mentality is something few people really see. Most write them as his victims, not what he sees as family. That's very interesting to me.

While I enjoyed this story, creepy as it was, I really must be off to leave more reviews to the boys and girls of this site! Merry Christmas in July and have a happy rest of the month!

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Review #5, by Lostmyheart Christmas Eve

9th April 2014:
Rumpel, this was... sick. So brilliant and psycopathic at the same time! Reading this scared me so much, it gave me chills! Seriously.
How he literally loved hearing them scream, and the mentioning of 'they always scream'. Psycho.

You portrayed him so perfectly. His crazy, psycopathic, ruthless nature and his thirst for blood.
I loved how you described his feelings for his pack, it was a really great detail. Also that he acknowledged that they weren't strong enough to overpower Voldemort but that they'd be in the future. Which is why he wants to create more werewolves?

This line blew my mind:
It is the night before Christmas. The snow blankets the earth, a sheet of white shrouds the defiled world, creating the illusion of innocence.

It was so... perfect.

I loved reading this! And it left me wanting to read more... kind of weird. Maybe I should be a little concerned. Haha!

Big thumbs up for scaring me!
- Avi

Author's Response: Haha! I love people's responses to reading this.

Fenrir's psychosis was something that I had wanted to explore for a while. Since I struggle at writing warm and fluffy stories, when a Christmas challenge came around, I figured that maybe I could write a dark Christmas story for fun.

And it was fun.

Thanks so much! It was meant to be disturbing, so I'm happy that it did the job!


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Review #6, by toomanycurls Christmas Eve

29th January 2014:
*stalking your page for Everto and decided to read this*

Starting off with a quote from Don McLean is kind of awesome. Just so you know.

You made Fenrir's choices and mentality seems almost reasonable in the first paragraph (if I were less stubborn it would be totally reasonable). It is a bit scary that you made Fenrir logical.

STOP MAKING FENRIR LOGICAL AND ALL SENSICAL. I'd rather have a deranged and rabid Fenrir.

I can almost admire him for his need to protect his family/pack. You're just doing a beautiful job with the imagery in this story! The Christmas Eve with snow and the illusions of innocence hit me like a sledge hammer.

I was all on Fenrir's side until he started to talk about Eilidh and how useful she'd be. SHE'S FOUR! Oh boy, is he going to attack the house? I was just starting to think about liking him.

There's so much creepy!! I love it! :D The way he describes the attack is just chilling. The bit about boys screaming instead of yelling out got to me. o.o

she called him santa. you just hit me with the irony train and it hurt so bad.

This was wonderful and might give me nightmares.


Author's Response: Rose! You're reading my Greyback!

Oh I love that song :D!

Erm, Greyback was a Ravenclaw? ;P Heheh, just kidding! I'm sorry, I got all inside his head and started messing with ideals and...well, you know.

This may be the only story I have every written that I've been able to pay attention to details without somebody telling me that I haven't! *Is proud, hugs imagery*

Oh little Eilidh, meet the crazy, creepy werewolf. Aha ;), nah, Greyback may have some decent justifications in this, but it doesn't mean that he's a good person or right!

Oh yes, it's very creepy (I got sucked into Fenrir's persona way too much when I was writing this-- I've got to stay away from evil MCs for a while).

She called him Santa :D. I HAD to throw in the little cliche, it seemed to make a pretty good impact ;).

Yay! Erm, think happy thoughts!


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Review #7, by Red_headed_juliet Christmas Eve

17th January 2014:
Oooh, very nicely done. I think the structure presented the story very well. The initial presentation of how Fenrir sees himself, the wizarding community, Voledmore, and the rest of his 'family' really added a lot to the narrative. You did a great job of getting the reader familiarized with his inner workings before getting us invested into the story.

You tricked me though. I was all like 'oh no! Not the the little girl! Whew, he's going to take the boy... Oh no... what's the boy doing... that's not good. Just scream! No! No little girl, go back inside!"

Your description was very lovely. I especially liked the paragraph:

With one swift, powerful motion, I rush forward again. I can feel my teeth sink into the tender flesh of his shoulder, ripping through muscle and fracturing bone as I clamp my jaw down tightly. The sweet taste of blood almost instantly fills my mouth, saturating my tongue, soaking the fur around my jowls, dripping poetically down onto unsullied, pristine snow. The pleasure in the bite itself nearly overcomes the luscious taste of crimson. Brought together in the symphony that is the hallowed moon, I can hardly contain myself.

This is a perfect paragraph. +] Very well put together.

As far as CC, really the only thing that could do with some improvement is tenses. It seems like you slipped a few times, but it wasn't too big of a problem.

The end wrapped things up very nicely. It shows you the human side of the animal. He wants her to live, he wants her to be ok. He wants her to be a present for the people he cares about. He wants company, and someone to love him, and I think it takes a lot of talent for you to get an audience to empathize with a character like Fenrir.

Very well done! Thanks for the review swap!

Author's Response: Hello!

I had probably a bit too much fun playing with Greyback's character, so I'm glad you enjoyed him.

Aha, the action was definitely entertaining, though creepy. Hooray, for a lovely paragraph, as well!

Oops, I'll have to give this another reread and fix the tense issue, thanks for pointing it out.

Thanks again for the swap :D.


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Review #8, by MissesWeasley123 Christmas Eve

7th January 2014:
Um, one sec k?
*picks up dropped jaw*
*jaw drops again because whoa*
*tries to leave a coherent review*

So, Rumpel. Um, wow? Like, oh my god. This, this is brilliant. And before I forget, this is for day 12 of the 12 days of reviewing. But man, this piece! It's so.. ah.

I honestly cannot applaud your brilliance and talent without having a fracture in my hands. Yes -- I would be clapping that hard. Gosh Rumpel. Firstly Greyback. Never liked him, because I love Remus and I hate the things he's done. I hate his mind and it was creepy because you wrote this in first person, I literally was there with Greyback, in his dark twisted mind, and was seriously dying because it was so painful to watch him do what he did. This was not your average Christmas story, and it pained me to know he ruined it for them, and the day will always continue to be terrible no matter what.

It was just so intense. I was sick at the end where he called her, "My little Eilidh." I might've died right there, but felt like throwing up. It was so bad, and this piece was so sad. AGH. I hate him, I hate the person -- no, animal he is and it's terrible and he can go die in a hole somewhere far, far away because he sucks.

But you rock. Your descriptions were pretty much amazing. Honestly -- your talent amazes me.

Absolutely amazing job, Rumpel. You wrote this magnificently. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and you should be so proud because this was great.

Author's Response: Hello!

How sweet is this review!!

I hate Greyback as well, but I've discovered that writing with unlikeable MCs can make for some really interesting stories. I also love Remus (how can you not?)! I couldn't resist writing a dark Christmas story, and who better to do that with than Greyback?

I have to admit, I don't think I realized how creepy this was until I started getting the reviews. I had to go back and read through this objectively, as I had attempted to put myself in Greyback's position, to see his justification through his eyes. Of course, then I started to realize just how creepy this was.

Ah! Thanks so much!!


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Review #9, by UnluckyStar57 Christmas Eve

7th January 2014:
Hi! I'm here for the Twelfth Day of the Twelve Days of Reviewing. :)

This story gave me chill bumps! I love that you've gotten into Fenrir Greyback's head and analyzed his motivation for the horrible things that he did. Wizarding Society really does treat werewolves terribly, and after reading this story, I see Greyback's bloodlust as a way to get back at the society that turned him away.

That still doesn't mean that I like him, or that I even condone what he did. I think that he did TERRIBLE things, as evidenced by the things he did to Will and Eilidh. There were two young people--one only a child--who had their whole lives ahead of them, and he took that away with two bites. Now Eilidh will have to live away from society and immerse herself in the brutality of werewolf culture, and Will... Is he dead? I think so.

This is horrible, but at the same time, it was written so well! I love it and hate it all at once. Great work!


Author's Response: Hello!

I suppose that Dark/Horror was a good genre to place this in, then? :D I've been wanting to write a Greyback story for a little while. When Kiana posted a Christmas story challenge...I just couldn't resist combining Greyback and Christmas!

He's not a very likeable character...and I've found that I really love writing with disliked MCs (it's really fun)! Yeah, the story did reveal some of Greyback's worst (or his best, depending on how you look at it). Will is dead and Eilidh is taken away from what she had (her future, family, humanity).

I'm glad that you enjoyed it (and I'm glad that you hated it)!

Thanks so much!


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Review #10, by GingeredTea Christmas Eve

5th January 2014:
First off, I am really sorry about the delay. We've had a sickness going through the whole house. I actually read this before but just couldn't muster the energy to give it the review it deserved.

In this story you really illustrate your growing ability to set up the details of a story and set the scene. I loved how you began this. It really shows a different use for Wolfsbane (I assume) which was startling in it's...creepiness.

The snow was a beautiful touch. It was snowing here at the time that I read this and it made me shiver with the way you described it - it really does make everything look so innocent.

I thought he would let the boy live and I nearly cried out when he died. So sad. But it made sense. I liked how you illustrated his thought process here: that he had to fix his mistake.

The ending, well I can't decide how you meant it to be taken. There are many reasons a beautiful little girl could be considered a 'present' and you leave that open I suppose, which makes it more powerfully heartbreaking.

You did a wonderful job setting up the details of this story, balancing the flow with the action, and describing every characters reactions. Beautifully done!

Thank you so much for the wonderful read!

Author's Response: Hello! That's perfectly fine, I didn't mind at all.

The challenges I've entered have given me a chance to expand on my writing ability. I love one-shots (currently) for this reason. I have a limited amount of space and time to set scenes and develop a short-lived plot.

I thought he would let the boy live too. That is, I hadn't planned on killing off Will. While attempting to put myself in Fenrir's mind-set, I found it logical to kill him, as he was unnecessary and a possible threat.

I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the story. I really wanted to play around with Fenrir's character, and it turned out to be extremely enjoyable!



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Review #11, by CambAngst Christmas Eve

1st January 2014:
Tagging you from Review Tag!

Wow, this was brilliantly macabre. I've always been a big fan of the character of Greyback. He has such a different model of morality in that twisted head of his. It's nearly unrecognizable to the casual observer, but there's a method to the madness. A distinct order to things that makes sense in an animalistic, survivalist sort of way. I thought you captured it perfectly here.

The opening section, where he expounds on his objectives and justifications, was really well written. There was definitely a point in Greyback's life where he stopped thinking of himself as a victim of lycanthropy. Where he started to see it as a gift, and he was the bearer of that gift to all that he bit. He's sort of like the hostage who starts to sympathize and eventually identify with his captors, except he's taken it a whole other level.

The idea that he knew Voldemort would eventually turn on him also made sense. He didn't really trust any wizard, even those who were nominally his allies.

Vengeance will be sought in my honor, and at least one of my kind will have the sweet satisfaction of tearing out his throat. I only wish that the satisfaction will be mine. -- I loved that line. He fit in so perfectly with the other Death Eaters. With the possible exception of Bellatrix, all of them seemed to believe that sooner or later they would be the ones enjoying the perks of the Dark Lord's conquest.

And then there's the strategy of biting children and indoctrinating them into the pack. Nearly all of my favorite werewolf-centered fics incorporate this concept. It mixes beautifully with the idea of lycanthropy as a gift.

The scene where he stalks Will and Eili was probably the only part of the story were I felt a little unsure. Greyback is obviously transformed for the entire scene, and his thoughts seemed too lucid to me. I would have expected his entire thought process to be more primal, less structured and less refined. My suggestion, if you're in the market for them, would be to have Greyback actually transform in between his philosophical thoughts and the attack. I think I'd really enjoy finding out how you think the transformation works for someone like Greyback. Does he rationalize the pain differently from a true sufferer like Remus? How does his mindset change as he shifts? Can his 'human mind" pass ideas to his "wolf mind"? It could be a lot of fun to explore, just saying. ;)

The actual attack was very well written. You did a good job setting up the scene so that the action was easy to visualize. Then you added to that by picking a lot of good sensory details -- sounds and sensations and even tastes -- to make the scene vivid and gripping.

Of all the brilliant little touches, the way that Eili thinks that Greyback might be Santa Claus was hands down my favorite. You took one of the most overdone cliches in the history of Christmas movies with little kids in them and turned it into something truly, skin-crawlingly creepy!

Lastly, the inevitable typos. Because I'm just too much of a nit-picker, I'm afraid.

There needs to be more of us who are willing to fight for our cause. -- There need to be

It pleases me to watch them react when the finally wake. -- when they finally wake

While she would be a pretty present, I could not bring satisfaction to by self with a convincing argument of how useful she could be. -- bring satisfaction to myself?

Perhaps he hit his head to hard when I tore him away from the window. -- too hard

The girl even becomes quite when we eventually reach the abandoned building that all of us have been living in. -- becomes quiet

Overall, you wrote this very well. It flowed nicely and nothing sounded awkward or singsongy. Your pacing was really good. Best of luck in your challenge!

Author's Response: Hello!

Greyback's was an interesting character to play around with. From all of the information that I could find about him, and from everything the we've seen from him in the books, I've come to a conclusion that he may feel as though his behavior is for the good of werewolf society as a whole. Or, at least, what he thinks is.

I like to think that Greyback would be intelligent enough to know that Voldemort was using him. I'm sure he knew that lycanthropy opposed Voldemort's idealistic society, and that he was being used as a pawn in the war.

While in my novel I toy with the concept of lycanthropy involving two very different state of minds (the human versus the wolf), I melded the two in this. Call it lazy writing. I think that your idea is fantastic, as it pertains to my general idea of lycanthropy, but it was less complicated to do so. Writing out the admission of being lazy only makes me want to fix it more :).

Thank you so much for pointing out those. All I can think to say is, "oops"! I'll definitely fix those while doing another editing sweep.

Thanks so much!


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Review #12, by kenpo Christmas Eve

26th December 2013:
Hey, here for our review swap!
Wow! This was really amazing. So creepy, but absolutely amazing. I've never read anything that goes so in depth into Fenrir's delusions.

The way that he described his relationship with Voldemort really delved deeply into his motivations and made things seem so clear, but at the same time so clearly illogical. This character's mind had become so distorted. His values and morals are so far gone from human society, but you wrote him so well.

When he's watching the children... ugh, it gave me the chills. So creepy! Your descriptions are so fantastic and vividly eerie. I'm writing a werewolf fic, and I don't think there's any way I'll be able to get it nearly as good as this is.

This is just so well done! I can't even think of anything else to say, other than just keep repeating myself how disturbing this is. Well done.

Author's Response: Hello again!

One of the most entertaining thing about the reviews I've been getting is that everybody says that it is creepy! While I was writing I had to put myself inside the MCs head, which I'm sure most people do. I suppose since I was so focused on Fenrir's thoughts and reactions that I was too detached from what an outsider's view of the story would be.

When I reread it again after getting several wonderful reviews that said it was creepy, I finally realized that this is kind of disturbing :).

Thanks so much!


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Review #13, by marauderfan Christmas Eve

24th December 2013:
Review tag!

This was so creepy! And so fantastic. I would go as far as to say creeptastic. Seriously - a story from Greyback's POV can only be that.

Greyback's POV is so interesting here - you've managed to really get into his head and explain his thought process. I liked the part about him calling the others murderers, because they are the ones that spill the blood... so twisted, and yet I can see how he thinks that.

His disconnect from the values in society are also really evident as well, in the way he cares about the little girl as the newest addition to his "family" - but only after inflicting pain on her and killing her brother (which he doesn't think twice about) and absolutely devastating her parents - but those aren't the things he thinks about. Those are human things, and the way he sees and thinks about the world is just so interesting/creepy. I also like the way it feels like the narration of an alpha male in a pack of wolves, the way he keeps saying "they will learn our ways, fight for us, with us". Everything is a "we" and I really liked that touch.

It's such an entirely different take on Christmas, too, the way it's such a depressing story but told almost with warmth as Greyback really believes this is a great Christmas present. Amidst the oceans of mistletoe-stories, this stands out, and I love that. It's very original.

This is so well written and chilling, you did a wonderful job on it! I'm glad I stopped by to read it, great job! :)

Author's Response: Oh hello there :D!

I should put "Rated creeptastic by marauderfan" in the description ;).

It was very entertaining to play around in Fenrir's head and speculate on his world-views.

I went to a very strange place in my head when I was writing this. Like I'm sure most authors do, I put myself in my MCs position and attempted to think along the lines of, if I was Fenrir, what would I do when. That method actually disconnected me from the story while I was writing and editing it. When I began getting reviews telling me how creepy this was, I decided to give it a more impartial reread. It was creepy :).

This is my dark Christmas story! There was way too much fluff out there and I wanted a flair of something different. ;)

Yay! Thanks so much and I'm glad you stopped by to read it too! :D


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Review #14, by milominderbinder Christmas Eve

23rd December 2013:

OOh gosh, this was SUCH a good story! Your writing style was just lovely here - thrilling and full of depth, constantly sending shivers down my spine. In places, it almost felt like a dark kind of poetry. I think INTENSE is the best word to describe it!

This was one of the most interesting looks at Fenrir I've ever encountered! You totally got into his mind and not only showed the terrifying parts of him we've seen from canon, but also expanded him out into a fascinating character with many complex traits. He was clearly very intelligent and aware of his every mood, yet his world view was so twisted - he didn't see being a werewolf as a curse like Remus, but as something good, and he kind of thinks children will have better lives as werewolves than as humans? Very interesting. He has almost a twisted kind of paternal nature which really adds to the chilling tone of the story.

My favourite lines were:

They are the murderers; they spill the blood; they are the true monsters.

^Gosh, what an interesting thought this was. It's clear that Fenrir lives entirely by this viewpoint and in a way, it almost makes sense. His kind have been hunted and feared for centuries, after all!

It is the night before Christmas. The snow blankets the earth, a sheet of white shrouds the defiled world, creating the illusion of innocence.

^truly a beautiful line of description.

There is a process to this thing.

^this was kind of horrific as it really shows how many times Fenrir has done this, ruined the lives of children and their families.

A little present with delicate blonde curls, wrapped in a blanket, and adorn with pieces of glittering tinsel that have become entwined in her hair.

Our little Eilidh. My little Eilidh. Happy Christmas.

^this was a perfect way to end it. It was unsettling and chilling, the way he talks about her in a twistedly affectionate kind of way. And ending it with 'happy christmas' really adds to the creepiness, because it's tainted this supposedly joyous event, especially for children.

overall I loved this - well done! And good luck with the challenge :)


Author's Response: :D Hello!

Aw, this is so sweet!

I had been wanting to write a bit with Fenrir, as I thought his character was extremely interesting. When I saw this challenge, and started thinking of Fenrir in terms of Christmas, I couldn't help but enter to write this :).

It was fun exploring around in Fenrir speculation (his world views and behaviors). I wanted him to have a somewhat paternal nature given what I know of him; he leads a community of werewolves and he targets children. I thought that he would most likely want the children to grow up to join his cause, meaning he would have to have some alpha qualities of protection over them. On the other hand, he IS Fenrir Greyback, so I tried to portray him as mostly impartial as he is evil.

Thanks so much!!


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Review #15, by BitterSweetFlames Christmas Eve

20th December 2013:
Here from the review tag.

THAT.. was intense. Just intense.. And what a Christmas too. Certainly happy for Fenrir but I can't say anything for the family of those poor children.
I like how you wrote about the thoughts that go through Fenrir's head. Certainly there's hatred and just that evilness but the other things... The twisted sense of family; the self-righteous indignation against prejudice towards their kind... It just makes an interesting study of this truly evil character.
I really love the use of the tinsel (and of course the wonderful title by Curie) to provide a sad and scary image to the mind. Well done on that1 I didn't' enjoy the story but more I was horrified by it BUT in a totally good way. You are an amazing writer of this genre.

-- Carla

Author's Response: Hello!

Hooray! Intense is a good thing! I wanted to write an anti-Christmas-feeling Christmas story (if you were able to understand that bit of madness :p).

Writing from Fenrir's perspective provided endless amounts of entertainment. You picked up on his depth, even. I wanted to provide an (almost) humanistic side to him, while still being able to maintain his true essence of an evil werewolf.

She did do a lovely job with the title (because she's awesome) and gave me some extra elements to play around with in the story by implementing the idea of tinsel.

I'm glad that the story horrified you in a good way. I was so detached from the emotions (because I was too busy running around in Greyback's mind) and the reviews have reminded me how creepy this really is :).

Thanks so much!


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Review #16, by ReeBee Christmas Eve

19th December 2013:
Oh my god! Rumpel! Oh, by the way, sorry the review swap is super late!

Rumpel, that made me tear up!! That may or may not be because of my awesome emotional control... -_- (hope u noticed the sarcasm)

Anyway, so scary! I was so scared! And I had so many goosebumps! Oh my god! I have no vocabulary- that is how awed I am at your writing skills! And she was so innocent... Poor Eilidh!

Rumpel! Why must you inflict such distressing emotions?!?!

Nah, just kidding, not about the emotions, but I enjoyed reading it! So sad though!! Rumpel, you are making me a huge fan of horror! If only all horror fics were like this... *sigh* Anyway, not the time for my ranting.

Lovely description :) Really loved it! And the first bit- the setting the scene had me biting my nails as to where this was going to go! Awesome! Like I said, please excuse my inability to speak...

-Curry :)

Author's Response: Curry! That's okay, I'm very behind on reviewing, myself.

What is humorous about the reviews I've received is that it has reminded me of how sensitive the subject I was writing :). For the story's entirety I had been in Greyback's mindset, detaching myself from emotions on the victim's level. I suppose that's why Greyback ended up so lovely (creepy).

;) Horror's fun to write, but I prefer action by far. When I can combine the two, like in this, it is extremely entertaining to write.

Hooray for descriptions (they are one of my weaknesses)!

Thanks so much Curry! This was awesome!


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Review #17, by patronus_charm Christmas Eve

18th December 2013:
Sorry for the delay in this review and your requested one too, life is so crazy right now reviewing has taken a back seat for the moment :P

Wow, you really got into Greyback’s mind-set brilliantly! It gave me the chills to read this with the way he has such a cold and brutal outlook of the world and how he only views things from a werewolf perspective and never anyone else’s. Obviously there will be tension between him and the wizards which was highlighted really well in the opening paragraphs were he talks about his dislike of them, but I was always waiting for that moment when he forgives humans which never appears.

You had some really lovely description in this one-shot which added to the gothic air of the story in a really chilling way. This was probably my favourite line to it ‘ a sheet of white shrouds the defiled world, creating the illusion of innocence.’ It had a really cynical air about it which tied in well with the narration so seeing the concordance of that was really great.

I find the way Greyback viewed the children really interesting, almost as if they will lead better lives as a werewolf rather than as a human. When he thought about the transformation of them into wolves it really highlighted the schism he had between him and humans and it was really interesting to observe.

You wrote the children in a really interesting too because it enabled me to see them from the werewolf perspective and then the human perspective of innocence and how their life will be ruined through this. It makes me wonder whether if there was no prejudice in regards whether there life would have been ruined by becoming one. It’s an interesting subject to think about.

One final thing to say! I liked the short and stunted sentences when Fenrir was in his hunter mode because it reinforced that idea even more which was really great. Then there was the contrast with the closing lines of him almost having nice thoughts about Eilidh and the mix of emotions in it were really great.

A brilliant one-shot!


Author's Response: Hello! I'm extremely behind in reviewing of my own, so I completely understand :).

It was actually very entertaining to write from Greyback's perspective. I'd imagine he would have a very determined mindset, given his cause. Since he wanted a society of werewolves that would, in turn, despise other wizards the way they despised him, I came to a conclusion that he really would never change his mind about the rest of society.

That was one of the descriptions I preferred as well. It seems that descriptions are one of my weak points, so I'm glad that I was able to make them work in this.

Short sentences seem to be my best friend when writing action or macabre scenes, as they allow for quicker movement. I wanted to capture another essence of Fenrir, where he views the other werewolves almost as family. Obviously, I don't think that he could ever be too sentimental, but I thought just a little bit could offset the dark theme a touch (after all, it's a Christmas story)!

Thanks so much!


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Review #18, by MidnightBlue_x Christmas Eve

18th December 2013:
Hi, I'm ElysiumJayne from the forums and I'm here for some review tagging fun!

I don't think I've actually ever read anything from Greyback's point of view, but I have to say I did really enjoy reading this. I like how you made him so intelligent rather than being some mindless supporter of Voldemort. The descriptions you used are amazing- incredibly creepy and evil, but brilliant nonetheless and incredibly powerful. Reading about how he picks his victims and plans his attack was so freaky, I can't even put it into words.

The attack itself was so well written. I don't know whether to be impressed or worried that you could write something like that! Poor Eilidh- My heart absolutely breaks for her! It was very interesting to see that sort of possessive/protective side of Greyback, even if it was creepy.

I don't know what else to say, but well done. I hope you have a lovely Christmas (and that you aren't bitten by any werewolves) and a wonderful New Year.

x Ely

Author's Response: Hello!

I had been wanting to experiment with Fenrir, so this was particularly fun. Since Voldemort used werewolves as pawns in his war, I only assumed that they (the werewolves) would be assisting for some of their own gain. Fenrir had a cause of his own, so I (again) assumed that he would have powerful leadership qualities.

The attack was fun to write; I really enjoy writing action scenes as it turns out. Because of the perspective I chose to write in, I was able to gain some emotional detachment from the victimized characters. That, of course, made it significantly easier to write something so sensitive. Poor Eilidh, indeed!

Thank you! And the same to you, especially sans the werewolves :)!


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