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Review #1, by WICELA in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me

10th January 2015:
I cried when I realized Rose was dead

Author's Response: Rose is indeed dead. :( This isn't the happiest of stories. Thank you for reading and reviewing!


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Review #2, by Freda_and_Georgina in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me

24th December 2014:
That was not something I was expecting, though this was a good surprise. Your next gen characters are much different from the way we imagined them, but the way you had them made them work really well.

All in all, a nice read.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading, and for your lovely review, Georgina! ♥

Merry Christmas!


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Review #3, by casual_chaos in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me

5th September 2014:

Okay, I'm so amazed I don't know what to say. This is beautiful and gaah, how do you write so well?! I know it sounds like I'm jealous, but that's because I am, really. It's just so amazing! How does this have only eight reviews? How is that possible?

Anyway. All the while I was reading the story, I felt this deep but subtle sorrow and I didn't know where it was coming from. There was this constant feeling of dread, as if something horrible was going to happen, but I knew that wasn't an option (Rose was already dead and I doubted you would kill off Scorpius). And this is the exact same feeling I had when I was reading one of my favourite books (I'm not going to say the title, in case of spoilers); it felt like my lungs were suddenly too weak for me to properly breathe. It took me a while to remember that in this book, similar to your story, we know from the start that the female protagonist is dead and we get flashbacks of her when she was alive, the many details of her romantic relationship, the good and the bad. So, I guess the sorrow I felt was not necessarily because of Rose and Scorpius but because of the universality of death. I could imagine the emptiness of the apartment, the lack of that other voice, the overwhelming silence and general gloom of someone being gone. And through this prism of death, the flashbacks you so beautifully wrote seemed all the more painful, even the weird ones (like the bathroom scene); it was like someone was looking over them, in all their awkwardness with each other and slowly shaking their head, thinking; enjoy while you can.

And they weren't even enjoying themselves, were they? The dysfunctionality of their relationship was portrayed perfectly and you didn't even have to say it, you made us feel it and that is what makes you a terrific writer. I needed to stress it once again, in case the previous paragraph was too weird for the message to come across.

Also, Lily-Lou was a great character; I loved her constant chatter and her 'burgundy slates' and her refreshing honesty. :)

I actually cried at the end. I didn't think I would, honestly, but then she said ''I wish I could touch you'' and I lost it. It's such an all-encompassing sentence, gathering up everything that was wrong with their relationship (and reading the summary again, I see that's exactly what you were going for). In any case, this was an astonishing story; well written, with just enough styling to make it enjoyable to read but not pretentious, very original (the parallel with the book was not to say your idea was unoriginal, please don't think that!) and, miraculously, about a leading character with crooked teeth! You don't see that very often. :)

I can't wait to read everything else you have written!

- Andy

Author's Response: Hey there, Andy!

Wow, I'm not sure how to respond to such an amazing review, and I'm sorry it's taken me a few days...just, gah, I'm still a bit speechless at how lovely your comments are. First, thank you so, so much for taking the time to stop by and read this story. It wasn't a short one-shot, and I'm not sure how you came across this fic, but I'm so glad you did. Thank you! ♥

It's been quite some time since I wrote this oneshot, and I haven't gone back to edit it since posting it up, but your review made me think about the characters again, and why I wrote the story in the first place. Rose/Scorpius are a pretty popular pairing here on HPFF, and I think I wanted to explore a popular ship, but not just the romantic aspect of it, but how two people live together, how does a relationship change over time, and what happens when relationships become static. Rose and Scorpius have been unable (or perhaps unwilling) to connect emotionally and honestly with each other, and now they're stuck like this. :(

I do agree with you that it's rather sad, and it can get depressing. I'm so sorry to hear that you cried at the end. *hands over tissue* I think when I was first writing it, I intended for Rose to have a moment of complete honesty for once - none of that pretend distance or detachment. I thought it would be something of a moment of hope and truth for both Rose and Scorpius, but I guess if you put things in context, their present situation and all, it does kind of feel like everything's a little too late. That Rose and Scorpius are finally separated by a barrier they cannot overcome, and that all their chances at life and with each other have been wasted. Ugh, I now want to write something a little happier for these two. :(

I'm so curious about the book that this fic reminded you of! Please do tell me the title!

And ah, I'm glad you like the flashbacks, even the weirder ones! I always like a little bit of weird in my stories. :) This fic had a lot more 'showing' rather than 'telling', I didn't want to offer any sort of commentary or judgement on the characters; I let Scorpius tell everything as he saw fit. I know some readers would prefer things to be clearer, to be spelt out, so it really means a lot to me that you enjoyed this style.

And I loved writing Lily-Lou as well!

Thank you so, so much for this fabulous review, Andy! ♥ This has absolutely made my day! ♥


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Review #4, by emmacweasley in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me

3rd July 2014:
This is beautiful, absolutely stunning. E.e Cummings is my absolute favorite poet, and when I saw the title and then the chapter title i was like YES, THIS ONE, I WANT TO READ THIS ONE. it does the poem justice, absolutely. Your characterization is great, for both Rose and Scorpius, and I love the structure of the piece. It's poetic in itself. Seriously, this is one of the best things I've ever read, possibly even beyond fanfiction. Amazing job.

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, Emma, what even is this review!?!?? ♥ ♥

First of all, thank you SO MUCH for choosing this fic. And I'm so glad that an e e cummings fan read this fic and thought I did the poem justice! I originally wrote this for a Poetry-Inspired Challenge on the forums last year, and I was assigned this poem. I have to say I wasn't pleased at first, because I don't particularly like ee cummings, but after reading the poem a hundred times over, I started appreciating it
, and a story slowly formed.

I'm beyond flattered that you think this is one of the best things you've read omg just THANK YOU SO MUCH. ♥


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Review #5, by Lululuna in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me

13th December 2013:
Hello! :D I'm here for your first prize review!

I have to say I really enjoyed this story so very much, and it's really unique both in content and style from anything else I've read on the archives. I love the gritty, almost 'kitchen-sink' style of realism of the story, and how nothing is idealized or romanticized. It's terribly realistic and even a little depressing (in a good way, however, since making your readers have strong feelings is always a good thing!)

I'm going to go ahead and say too before I launch into praise mode that I really don't think this needs to be a fan fic story. I mean, I think you could extract the Weasley/Malfoy names and turn it into an OF short story and get it published, definitely. Your story has that shocking, emotive voice and the power of imagery, as well as the really brilliant idea of this couple not knowing how to deal with each other and how to really live a full life, and I'd recommend keeping your eyes out for a suitable contest or magazine to submit something like this to if you haven't already. Something to think about, anyway! :)

Lily-Lou is just...gah. I like how she's sort of this brash character and I imagined her looking pretty in a sort of gawdy and made-up way. She was a great addition to the story and I really loved the scene where Rose tried to hit her over the head in anger. Not because I wanted Lily-Lou to get her head bashed in, necessarily, but because I thought it was an amazing moment of showing how death brings out the violence and rage in Rose and the passion she might not have had in life, or have dared to show.

The relationship painted between Rose and Scorpius was really unique and refreshing in a slightly upsetting way. I liked how from the first mention of Rose hunched outside the window, it's clear that she's not an attractive person and even Scorpius doesn't really think so, that he thinks she's sort of brittle and broken.

I enjoyed the tie-ins to canon as well, like how Rose made the rude remark about how Scorpius' dad would approve of them Muggle-baiting. Another really expert plot device was how you kept the reader guessing and wondering throughout the whole story and there were a lot of loose ends left for the reader to decide. I was so curious throughout about how she died, and what would happen next, and then the ending comes and there are still so many questions. But I also like it when the reader is given the chance to draw their own conclusions, and one big one was about how Rose died and whether she committed suicide or not. I personally think she did, but it was interesting how it was a little unclear.

The funeral scene was one of my favourites, especially when Scorpius kissed her. This line: I thought I could see my two mechanical kisses still sitting on her flesh, wet marks, the saliva thickening into crusty stains refusing to be absorbed by the stiff skin. Always a difficult girl to touch, Rose Weasley, even in death. I thought this was really powerful description and it made me writhe a little, but in a good way because that's how powerful the language was. :)

Rose coming back as this nasty ghost was so unique, and I enjoyed how truly hopeless and awful the situation is. Being a ghost seems just terrible to me, and this really played that to the fullest. It was interesting how Rose sort of turned into this poltergeist figure, and the comparisons to Peeves and how disgusted and guilty Scorpius felt when she assumed that he would come back to stay with her. The idea of both of them haunting the flat and wishing they could touch each other when they could never quite manage that in life is quite heartbreaking.

Scorpius was a wonderful narrator in how he pointed out his own flaws and how boring he was, but he also expresses this desire for something beyond that, symbolized through his attraction for Lily-Lou. I felt sorry for him, because he's sort of trapped now: he can't move on from his humdrum life with Rose since she's literally there haunting him, but if he does leave her then he's the bad guy. So he's kind of stuck in the same way she is.

Okay, enough rambling on my part. :P This was a fantastic read, and don't forget to think about what I said about how this could be transformed into a really powerful OF short story! :) I'll be back for your other prize reviews soon. :D

Author's Response: Helloo! Wow, Jenna, this is such an amazing and detailed review and I'll do my best to respond. Thank you for this, and for your lovely, lovely comments!

*is blushing furiously about your comments regarding OF*

This is actually very close to my OF style of writing, and I have in fact used this structure before in one of my original short stories. Thank you for your amazing squeeworthy compliments! I will definitely consider your advice on this!

I'm so glad you picked up on the less pleasant sides of the characters; many of my characters tend to be like this, sometimes a little harsh, and not always completely likable. I love writing about contemporary relationships, about people who try to get along with each other and who don't necessarily find fulfilment with their lives. I like stories with little resolution and open endings, and i enjoy reading such stories as well, even if they do frustrate me sometimes.

Lily-Lou was probably my favourite character to write! I might have gone a bit overboard with her, I'm not sure. But yeah, she certainly is obtrusive and a bit obnoxious sometimes; she's harsh, yes, but she's a more socially functional individual than either Rose or Scorpius.

As for the nature of Rose's death, I didn't clarify much, and only added the slightest reference to it right at the very end, because in my opinion, it isn't actually relevant to the story, and I wanted readers to focus on their relationship and their lives rather than be affected by the shock of death throughout. It's so interesting to read your opinions about Rose's death, and the possibility of suicide. I think you can certainly interpret things that way; it would've given the story a more definite direction and it would have lessened some of the character ambiguities a little. I'm glad you liked the funeral scene. That was actually one of the first scenes that came to my mind as I was planning this out.

Gah, thank you SO MUCH for this awesome review! It's absolutely made my day and I'm so so glad you decided to stop by and read this rambling difficult story of mine! ♥


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Review #6, by marauderfan in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me

11th December 2013:
Review tag!!

Teh, I don't know how you do it, but you've managed to write another story that absolutely leaves me speechless. I'm trying to come up with a review that does the story justice, but I'm not very good at that, and "OMG AMAZING" doesn't quite cover it, but those are the only words coming to mind. HOW ARE YOU SO AMAZING???


So anyway... I love the way you wrote Rose and Scorpius's relationship. I've never seen them done that way and I think it was wonderful characterisation.

The back and forth between the present and the past was a clever way of telling the story, too: considering the characters are on two different sides of life, the divide between two time periods seemed really fitting. Scorpius seems to be kind of stuck between the two, much as he is stuck between really living/moving on, and holding onto the past/leaving Rose's dishes in the sink still.

I have to say I loved Lily-Lou. She was such a contrast to the other characters in the story and in fact to the whole tone of the story - a breath of fresh air. She's meddlesome and forward and a little obnoxious, so basically fantastic. :p And I've got to admit I love that she messes up her hair all the time - just like her grandfather did!

I happened to notice a lot of comparisons to birds in this. I'm not sure if there was an intentional connection between Rose and birds - since birds fly and now Rose does too (well, hovers), but I liked it - the grey clouds like seagull feathers, Rose's hair like a wing, etc. It was really lovely imagery.

AND OMG THE END. Mind blown. So, the part about Scorpius not being real, and then that last line - it's ambiguous enough that it even could imply that Scorpius is the ghost, the one that's not real, and Rose is the one who's still alive! But I like the reversal in the present from how they were together in the past, how Rose-the-ghost now wants what she didn't want in life, and longs for the intimacy and communication she used to take for granted. And what I love the most is how ambiguous the ending is. What happens after that? Who knows. I love endings like that.

THIS WAS THE MOST AMAZING STORY AND AAAH PLEASE TEACH ME YOUR WAYS. (Also, I love that you pass the time on planes by writing fanfic, I do that too! :P ) Great story teh!

Author's Response: KRISTIN! ♥ ♥


How can I justly answer this review

I'm so so glad you liked this piece; I wasn't sure how people would like this, considering it's quite a popular pairing I'm tackling and I was wondering if I could pull them off.

Yeah, you're pretty much spot-on with your comments on the alternating between past and present, the two timelines sort of running parallel to each other and of how the two are stuck in their state of living/not-living.

I'm glad you like Lily-Lou! i really did enjoy writing her, and I actually didn't think about her grandfather mussing up his hair as well! I wrote her doing that with the intention of making fun of Rose's frizzy hair, inherited from her mum. Lily-Lou is kind of unkind :P But yeah, thanks for that brilliant observation!

Again, with the birds thing, that was another really great observation (it was kinda accidental on my part, but yay, I'm pretty sure it works), especially since the characters aren't too happy with their lives as they are.

SAD ENDING. Maybe...

I did deliberately leave it open and ambiguous; I don't think I could have closed things up perfectly, even if I tried. This is the sort of fic that just won't be resolved easily. And yeah, glad you like the reversal, the implications of it, and of how Scorpius and Rose are living their lives. Currently I'm quite happy with the ending bit, so it really, really means heaps to me that it really resonated with you, that you enjoyed it!


(srsly, I don't have any ways - *cries* I'm just surprised that some of you like my writing so much... *cries*)

And hurrah for writing on planes! Especially on budget airline planes which offer neither entertainment nor food. :P



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Review #7, by Hester in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me

9th December 2013:
This was really amazing. I don't usually go for one shots, but I'm glad that I read this one. I liked that there was a lot left out and I loved the relationship between Scorpius and Rose. Excellent writing, too.

Author's Response: Hello there, Hester! Thank you for this absolutely lovely review! ♥ Thanks for sticking with those two right until the end, and yeah, you're right, I did leave out a lot. That's for the reader's imagination. :) Thanks again!


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Review #8, by GubraithianFire in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me

9th December 2013:
When I heard (cough from Gina cough) that you had a new giant one-shot, this one about Scorpius and Rose -- which is secretly one of my favorite ships -- I dashed over immediately to read it. It took a while for me to process what you'd written, so now that I have my thoughts kind of in order, here I am~

Firstly -- I'm never quite sure what to expect from your stuff, teh, because on the one hand you do things like Growth and on the other you do The Network (which I read and adored btw - loved that subject matter and how you pulled it off). And I love that I don't know what to expect. I think I'd been told that Rose was a ghost in this story, but I don't think I was really paying attention to that, because the reveal -- that whole beginning section, actually -- was really subtle and organic and generally fabulous without being over-the-top; I didn't realize just what was happening until just before Scorpius did, so then I went back and reread the beginning. Just the way Ghost Rose and Scorpius interacted ("'Why would I want to do that? You weren't here'" and "'Tell me things'" especially, because that's such a strange way to phrase that)... it really was great. I loved it. The swearing, the familiarity, the nonchalantness between them underscored by the fact of the complete reversal in the very nature of their relationship.

The 'present day' parts, so to speak, were really strong throughout, whether Ghost Rose was there or not. Lily(-Lou) felt a little much for the story, if you know what I mean, but she settled into the fabric of Scorpius' life well. That scene with her in Scorpius' flat was magnetic; I didn't think anything else would match up to it until the very last scene, the dialogue about how Scorpius is the one who doesn't exist -- genius.

It's the reflections of Rose and Scorpius' past relationship that didn't click with me as well. This isn't a fault, exactly, because I think that to a degree you meant the reader to agree with Lily when she says that they are/were an alien couple. They did have a very, uh, idiosyncratic relationship, built more on familiarity or habit or mutual weirdness than love necessarily (or even, in some instances, affection). Rose and Scorpius as individual characters are absolutely well-drawn -- their respective relationships with their families, their physical chemistry (sometimes lack thereof) -- but idk, they didn't really click with me when you focused on what their life together had been. I'm almost 100% sure that's what you meant to do, in which case, maybe you did the job too well? Which, again, is not a bad thing! You absolutely pulled off what I think you wanted to, but I just couldn't emotionally connect to it until you got back to Ghost Rose in the present. That lent their relationship an urgency, a dysfunctional quality that... worked better for them, kind of? It's still a vaguely morbid relationship (obviously more morbid in the present), but it's one that operates on a plane that is a little more accessible, weirdly (it has to be kind of morbid that the ghost-person relationship is the more accessible one to me).

That said, I really, really applaud you for writing a relationship like Rose and Scorpius', as sometimes uncomfortably 'alien' as they are. It's absolutely an innovative way to do this kind of story -- neither Rose nor Scorpius moves on, but it doesn't feel as depressing as it could be in another author's hands. There's something lost by the end, something Rose can't reclaim and something it doesn't seem that Scorpius is/ever will be ready to reclaim, but it feels way more subtle and organic and kind of transcendent than I would have thought. And it's an admission that they missed out in Rose's life. Maybe it's a sign of a slow approach to maturity, maybe not -- that's what makes it great.

I don't know if I enjoyed this fic overall as much as I appreciated it, if that makes sense (and hopefully this review made some sense)? It was great in places, and great in places that I couldn't connect with, but it's a really stellar story as a whole. Excellent work :)

Author's Response: GUBBY ♥

I've been so excited to respond to this review because you raised a lot of interesting points and THANK YOU FOR THIS LOVELY THING & I owe Gina more praise and thanks and worship for promoting this fic further.

If the stories on my AP are very different from each other, it's because I love trying out new styles & all sorts of subject matter & I often select a style which I feel best conveys the content. This fic here is again, different from any other thing I've written on my page; I'd say this is the first time I've actually taken a contemporary relationship and really broken it down and explored it, trying to examine just /what/ makes people tick, and /why/ they get along with each other. I do this more often in my OF than in fanfic. You made an incredibly perceptive comment in your review about how the relationship is "built more on familiarity or habit...than love necessarily". EXACTLY. In this fic, I was trying to explore a modern day relationship between two isolated twenty-somethings who, yes, were drawn to each other because of their similarities, who aren't necessarily 'compatible' with each other...I dunno, with many real-life adult relationships, I do find that traditional concepts of love and chemistry and compatibility are not as relevant. I've also come to the conclusion that adults can be just as immature as children :P I was trying to convey a fic where the individuals in a relationship are not just alienated from things like family and society, but also from each other; Scorpius & Rose do have some sort of intimacy problems in this fic, physically and emotionally, possibly due to a lack of meaningful communication...maybe. They've been together for quite some time now, & somehow they've stagnated & their relationship has not made progress; I've thought of them as rather passive characters who take comfort in each other's stasis & perhaps they aren't truly happy with their own lives.

I do agree that Lily's character is a little jarring, especially in contrast to Scorpius and Rose; I did intend her to be quite a harsh character, as self-absorbed as Rose and Scorpius, but far more insensitive. I'm trying to think if there's a different aspect of her characterization which I can bring out, but it's a bit tricky with Scorpius' narration, and the fic's length is a bit exhausting to manage at the moment. But I'll keep thinking on this, so thanks for your comment on her! I was a bit surprised that you thought their relationship 'idiosyncratic'. I might consider changing some of the things Lily-Lou says - when I was writing it, I thought I was simply taking a rather standard portrayal of Rose/Scorpius in fic, & writing it in a bit more detail, exploring certain moments in their relationship, moments that, I suppose could be seen as idiosyncratic or strange, maybe because I take them out of context. I did try to convey a conflicting sense of both estrangement and intimacy between the two with each flashback scene, so yeah, maybe I did the job, as you mentioned? :P I alternated between past and present with the intention of showing how much or how little the relationship has changed over time. That being said, I'll definitely have a look at those flashback moments; while I don't necessarily feel that everyone should be able to identify with those two, I don't need them to be too over-the-top or eccentric.

And gah, thanks for your lovely comments on the ending! Glad it doesn't feel downright depressing. The whole thing is merely a glimpse, a small glimpse into what their lives really are. And I love reading readers' interpretations of how things will turn out for those two (if things still can change). I'm glad you were able to appreciate the fic; that's an absolutely wonderful compliment. I'm glad it made you think a bit, ponder things, disagree with certain aspects and all the rest.

Thanks again for this amazing review, gubby! ♥ ♥ Hope I did your favourite pairing justice!


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Review #9, by MissesWeasley123 in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me

8th December 2013:
This is why I have you favourite-fied as an author. This is exactly why. The way you write is so flawless, and I truly mean it when I say that you are one of the best and brightest, most cleverest authors on this site. I love reading your work because it's so amazingly written and so brilliant.

Uhm, so whoa. At first I didn't quite understand what was going on, and why Scorpius kept on referring to Rose as "floating" and "she would just pass through" and then holy, she's a ghost and my mind is blown and holy crappity crap crap.

The imagery throughout this piece was so beautiful, and like I said before, you need to tell the world your secrets. This piece was so painfully beautiful, and just, I love it to death.

You made me hate Lily, and she was absolutely pathetic and I hate her and she can go jump off a cliff for all I care because she's horrible to Scorpius and Rose. I cringed every time I saw, "Lily-Lou" and I think I always will from now on.

Scorpius was such a good character to read from. His dialogue and narration was beautiful, and the description made it even more flawless. I love how you made Lily the perfect one, and Rose a lanky girl with crooked teeth. I love when authors do that and give characters realistic traits and it's amazing.


There was so much perfection in this, and I just can't. ♥

Author's Response: NADIA! ♥

Honestly, woman, I swear I do not know /how/ on earth you find my stories so quickly! You messaged me about Sanguini almost as soon as it got validated, and then you left me another squeeworthyaskjdfhj message with this fic SO QUICKLY ♥ ♥ HOW DO YOU FIND THEM? DO YOU LIVE ON MY AUTHOR PAGE? (By the way, if you do, PLEASE STAY THERE FOREVER! Free food and everything, I'll give you! *hugs* )

Yeah, that's the thing with my writing sometimes, I downplay things a lot, and I do try to write without too much fuss/drama, and I did that exactly with Scorpius' realisation that Rose is a ghost.


Bahaha! Lily-Lou!! OK, confession, I had so much fun writing her! Yeah, I know she's unkind and insensitive and she barges her way through people and relationships...and I'm glad you like the contrasts between Lily and Rose and Scorpius.

THAT LAST LINE WAS MEANT TO KILL YOU DEAD. YES. (Not really, just, y'know, put a damper on things for the reader. But then again, not really, you can interpret it otherwise; you can say that Rose is, for once, genuinely trying to connect with Scorpius: those two in my opinion have serious problems with intimacy, emotional and physical...although, to put a damper on things again, you can also say that it might be too late...but then again...)


Thank you for your support on my stories! ♥


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Review #10, by peppersweet in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me

8th December 2013:
Gina demanded I read this and, so, here I am...!

Fifty house points to Teh for 1) turning one of my favourite poems into a fic 2) writing a sad fic about death involving Scorpius, which is my favourite pasttime and choice of literature 3) DOWNTRODDEN FIC WITH ALL THE FEELS

I really enjoyed this one shot! I haven't read anything on HPFF for months, and so I've completely forgotten how to review and was on the verge of just mashing out 'good job on the thing A+ 10/10 all the dobbies' before I remembered it's actually customary to, you know, comment on aspects of the story itself.

Firstly, I liked how you didn't give everything about Rose and Scorpius away immediately - you just sort of plonked us down into Scorpius' life and let his narration unravel the truth about their relationship, which was so utterly absorbing and wonderful to read about bit by bit. Not that I guess there was a massive, profound plot twist about them or anything, more that we got the story of this ordinary - or extraordinary, maybe - couple and the parallel stories of how they "lived" ('scuse inverted commas) before and after Rose's death in such a bittersweet and beautiful way. I felt like I knew their characters reasonably well considering how short the story was and, guh, I felt things :c

Scorpius' narration was lovely. (EVERYTHING was lovely). I think the ending was my favourite bit of all, with Rose standing at the window and - gah! - that last line. I especially, especially liked the uncertainty I got from this. I don't know if I was meant to, but I felt like there was a chance Rose might have been at some intermediate stage, still choosing, and could "move on" at some point - the pigment in her hair and what not. I also felt like - and this is me being extra morbid - there's a chance Scorpius might not be long after her. He sounded ever so slightly unhinged in this, and Rose definitely hinted at it. God, I loved the bit where she pointed out that to her, he was the unreal one. Such!! Beauty!!

Waaah I'm really not sure if this review was entirely coherent or not but, Teh, this was the best thing to break my HPFF hiatus with. Thank you so much for writing it! ♥

Author's Response: !

Julia! ♥


And THANK YOU JULIA for this amazing review!

I suppose this fic is probably closest to how I write my OF short stories - a whole lot of 'showing' and only a gradual revelation of context, and pretty much downplaying everything. I was wondering how readers on HPFF would react to this; it probably does take a bit of patience to get through something so long and have things unfold so slowly, and without that promise of a "massive, profound plot twist" about anything, as you put it. So I'm so glad this sat well with you!! Yay!

Glad you liked Scorpius' narration! I think I enjoyed writing the ending paragraphs best of all! And wow, I love reading your interpretation of the ending, and of Scorpius and Rose's situations. As with several other of my stories, the endings are usually left open because I don't like to close things up, and especially for this story, I only intended to provide a glimpse into the lives of those two, and let readers draw their own conclusions.

Kinda surprised that you and some others have pointed out how much they love the part about her pointing out that Scorpius is the unreal one! That bit was sort of an accident, something I thought of as I was writing, in a sleep-deprived and bleary state on the plane, and so I just fitted it in somewhere. I guess if you asked me, I'd say that Rose and Scorpius are similar enough that they're reflections of each other in different times/ stages of life/ death / ...what? can't find the word I was looking for. :P

THANK YOU SO MUCH for this amazing review! And I'm so glad this story broke your HPFF hiatus! Yay! ♥ ♥


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Review #11, by justonemorefic in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me

8th December 2013:
ARRRGHHH I LOVE EVERYTHING YOU WRITE??? HOW DO YOU DO??? THINGS??? I haven't read a fic properly in months and I've forgotten how to give reviews. I did that thing again where I jumped into the middle of a story because I was curious and I found myself scrolling up to get more context until I gave up and started at the very start. TWICE YOU HAVE DONE THIS TO ME.

You have this wonderful talent of getting me invested in your characters quickly. That's how you sell a fic from the middle of a story--start reading anywhere and I GET your characters. A little bit of humor or conflict, and always something new learned. Your voice for your characters are always pitch perfect, and omg I loved the cursing duo here. I don't know how to describe it exactly, but you're really good at showing vs telling and writing just enough dialogue. There are so many subtleties. I can tell so much just by the way Rose talks or what Scorpius remembers about her (sometimes it isn't what Scorpius actually remembers that's important, but why he chooses to remember that out of everything else). Lily, I love your Lily. I love her pretend-boyfriend lie and how she said it and that sentence of Scorpius considering taking her out for a drink. Just! All! The details!!

♥ ♥

Author's Response: ZMVCJZHUNCII GINAAA ♥ ♥



Bawww I'm just flailing like a drowning duck at your many lovely flatteries, because ugh ugh, I know that some people know me for my heavier descriptive style, but TBH this is the kind of thing I enjoy writing best...FLANGST. Ahh, I"m glad the characters resonated with you, even from the middle! I do that as well with stories, read from some random chapter in the middle and see how it sounds like, though I haven't done any proper reading for months now, just a oneshot here and there.

CURSING DUO, yes that's them perfectly. The two of them were such fun to write; I dunno, they're a little bit alien, sometimes rather snooty, quite alike, with a bit of intimacy problems, a little bit distant from each other. I dunno; I imagined this as a kind of half-frustrating relationship, the one where nobody makes a move, and things just linger on and of course the two are so isolated from everyone else, so there's quite a bit of stasis in their starting to ramble.

And Lily! Ahaha, she just happened. She wasn't going to feature strongly, but then she's the kind of strong character who really insists that she have a bigger role, and oh well, I love her as well. I've been trying to decide whether or not Lily is lying about that new boyfriend of hers, so I guess your review has helped me make up my mind. Lily's LYING. And not bothering to be very convincing about it, too.

YAY THANKS FOR THIS MWYJCJHAMESOME REVIEW, GINA! Srsly, you leave the best reviews EVER. ♥ ♥


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