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Review #1, by Lululuna astoria.

10th February 2014:
Hello again! :)

Loved this chapter, as per usual. It's lovely to see how close Luna and Astoria are growing, and how they've built up this kind of comfortable familiarity and wordless acceptance of both their friendship and growing attachment to one another. The image of seeing another life in the fire, almost like there's a parallel life she could have which mirrors this one but is different - is a really cool image, and I love the contrast between her life with Draco vs. Luna.

It's so interesting to find out more about Astoria's family, and the fact that her brother hates her sister so much. I'm very intrigued and a little worried. The connection between the sisters was very sweet in how much they rely on one another and protect each other, and I was so shocked (but not too shocked) to hear about Pansy! Ugh, Pansy. I'm so curious to find out what is going to happen and if Astoria will confront Draco about it.

The moment between Luna and Astoria at the end felt very tender and intimate and real. I found Astoria's conflicts very interesting, how she "knows" she doesn't like girls as a rule but undeniably is drawn to Luna, and how she can reconcile her sexual orientation with what feels right and good. I really loved the part in italics where Astoria addresses Luna in her head, and how she has all these thoughts that she isn't yet ready to express. The kiss was just perfect.

A beautiful chapter as before, I'll keep an eye out for the next one! :) ♥

PS. I have no idea how you came up with the idea for it, but I really like the banner. :)

Author's Response: I love that you see everything I've intended in this story (and a bit more!). I hadn't meant to contrast between Draco and Luna so regularly, but the more I wrote in Astoria's eyes, the more it happened. I can't imagine her *not* contrasting between these two, as they both mean so much to her.
And Astoria's family. Astoria was built from my idea of her family, and Luna actually came in much later (when I thought of the summary). I wasn't sure whether to put Daphne and Adam in this story, but I thought it was a topic that should be touched, at least. Adam and Daphne's relationship is a power struggle (the two older siblings; the patriarch and matriarch of the Greengrass family now), and also a little more... It will be brought up and explored further later. And I'm glad you enjoyed the sisterly interactions. I really enjoy Daphne's character, so it would be hard for me not to write about her :P
Ah, the kiss came across as 'real'. Thank you for telling me that - it means a lot! Astoria is so conflicted about the whole thing, and it was a lot of fun to write it :)
Ugh, I feel like my responses lack a fair bit - your reviews mean a lot! Thank you so much for taking the time to write them and tell me your views on each part of the chapters. It is really nice to hear what you think and have to say :)
Hopefully I'll have a new chapter soon, and thank you - again!
- Mahalia
(P.S Haha, I'm glad you like the banner! I always pictured Astoria as Kirsten Dunst and when I found that photo of her, it just seemed so perfect and quirky. Elixirchaos at tda really did the rest :P).

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Review #2, by Lululuna words.

10th February 2014:
Hello! :)

I love the beginning, and the simple beauty of it. The idea of Draco learning to write from his father is very poignant, and I imagine they would be very concerned with how they came across on paper. The way that moved into Astoria's memories of Draco and her interactions with his letter was very haunting.

I'm so impressed by how you write Luna so perfectly, but show Astoria's fascination with her and her strange sort of sensuality, and how comforting she is for Astoria.

her robe slipping off one shoulder, golden hair like a halo in the morning sun that streaked through the towering windows. I really loved this line: it was so exquisite and vivid.

It's so interesting how different students can use the Room for so many different things, and how it can have such variety. The idea of both Luna and Draco bringing Astoria there is just fascinating, and shows how different their stories are even though they are sort of paralleling and overlapping.

The rainbow room sounds amazing! So Luna, but so comforting and welcoming at the same time. I love the link with the title, and how rainbow is the colour of the Pride flag - I'm not sure if that's what you were thinking of, but it's a wonderful hint that love is love no matter who it's between, nevertheless.

The last line was just perfect in its simplicity. You have this amazing way with words of saying so much with so few, and it's a real joy to be carried away by them. :)

This chapter was really tender and delicate and careful, I loved it. This story is so original and such a pleasure to read - on to the next one now! :)

Author's Response: Hello again Lululuna! It's lovely to see you back :)
I'm so happy to hear that you're still liking how I write Luna! Keeping her in canon is one of the big factors that eats my time when I write this story. It's surprisingly easy to take her out-of-context and over-dramatise her actions (especially in the eyes of an over-emotional Astoria, haha).
I'm so glad you picked up at the over-lapping of the room! Draco and Luna are such prominent figures in Astoria's life - both very different, but they influence her much the same. Luna's version of the room - while not mentioned (as I found it a bit insignificant) - is supposed to be very different from Draco's. Draco's was set up to be a sanctuary - a home away from home with his lover. Luna's is meant to be a small, unique shelter away from the rest of the world. The colours involved (the rainbow) wasn't actually intentional. I thought rainbow suited Luna's personality, and suited the contrast I wanted between the rest of Hogwarts and her little hide-away. I'm so happy to see there was another meaning behind it you could find - one that I didn't pick up myself :)
Thank you so much for another (and another!) gorgeous review! Off to reply to the next one now :)
- Mahalia

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Review #3, by Rumbleroar goes roar astoria.

27th January 2014:
Awww! You always paint scenes so wonderfully and this chapter was no exception. I adore your descriptions and your writing makes me feel like I'm there watching the characters.
It was really interesting to see some sisterly interaction. It helped me see Astoria in a different light too. I feel really sorry for her at the moment, as it's clear she's breaking a bit, yet I also feel like there's a hidden strength to her, which I really love. And your Luna is as brilliant as always. From a few words she really comes to life. Great job. :)

Author's Response: Every time you review, I'm blushing. Honestly, I don't know what to say to such kind words! Thank you so much! This was a chapter I had planned from ... gosh, before I started the story, I think. I was a bit worried about it - bringing in a new character, and then throwing in some angst into an otherwise non-angst story - felt like a gamble. I'm glad - so glad! - it paid off, though. I love Daphne as Astoria's sister, and I'm pleased to hear she was a good way to develop Astoria a little more for you :)
Thank you again - a thousand times over - for another gorgeous review. They brighten my day!
- Mahalia

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Review #4, by peppersweet curious.

2nd January 2014:
Greetings, here for the 12 days of reviewing challenge! Draco, Astoria, and Luna? If it weren’t for the fact that Christmas was just a week ago, I would say that Christmas just came early.

I loved this opening chapter. Astoria’s narration was brilliant; it felt very light and effortless, but little flashes of darkness poked out now and again which made the general tone a touch bittersweet. For example, when Astoria mentions, almost offhand, that more people will be seeing thestrals this year, or even that her parents had died. I’m a big fan of post-war stories about the Slytherins, and my all-time OTPs do tend to involve Dracos and Astorias and Lunas so this fic is an absolute treat. I like the way you’ve written Luna before - she definitely seems like Luna, with her bluntness and all. Some writers have the tendency to overemphasise her oddness, but you haven’t done that, which is cool!

Looking forward to reading on. Thank you for posting this & a happy new year! ♥

Author's Response: Hey peppersweet - I am so, so sorry about this late reply to your lovely review. I haven't had a chance to use my computer for a while. I'm so happy to that you enjoyed both narration and pairings/characters. I'm like yourself, and love post-war Slytherin stories (though I feel they are unfairly rare).
Again, I am over the moon to hear you enjoyed this beginning. You review was incredibly sweet, and it means a lot to hear such things. Also, happy belated new year to you too!

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Review #5, by teh tarik words.

18th December 2013:
*is squeeing at all the sweet fluffy Astuna in this chapter*

(sorry, I gave your Astoria/Luna ship a name... :P )

This was an absolutely lovely chapter. Lovely, lovely development between the two girls, and you really did an excellent job, keeping the balance between Astoria's melancholy and the dizzying infatuation and excitement she's experiencing. I love how shy and tentative the girls are around each other, how aware they are of each other. Your Luna is brilliantly written in this chapter; you've evoked her character effortlessly and with such a fine, delicate touch. Every gesture she makes, every thing she says has a beautiful, gentle and very quiet intimacy to them, and it's something that really works, and which Astoria feels.

I also enjoyed the Room of Requirement bit. I dunno, I thought I could detect a little wariness on her part at the realisation that Astoria is involved with Draco, especially when she says: That does not surprise me...Draco Malfoy found out about Harry's meetings in here when Professor Umbridge was teaching. The mention of Umbridge and Draco in the same sentence doesn't sound as though Luna thinks too highly of him (and she was, after all, imprisoned in the Malfoy Manor dungeons). But I like how she realises that Draco probably means a lot to Astoria, and how understanding Luna really is. Whatever reservations she has about Draco, she holds them back.

And awww, the girls falling asleep together in the Room of Requirement. ♥ I love that scene: Luna's head on Astoria's chest. The two obviously have feelings for each other, but what I really like about this whole chapter is how you've played about with the fine, thin line between friendship and...something more.

Beautiful writing, Mahalia. Am waiting for your next chapter :)


Author's Response: Goodness me, teh, my ego has inflated five times its size from this gorgeous review! You are just way too sweet. I'm so happy you're enjoying the read and these odd little characters (Astuna - I love it! :P).
Astoria has really come into her own in my mind now, and I think it did really show through in this chapter. I hadn't planned one making them this shy around one another, but it seems to work with the friendship and/or romantic feelings they are having towards one another. Neither of them really understand what they're feeling at the moment, but they'll get there eventually. I'm still delighted to see that Luna comes across as canon, though. She is a very hard character to label and write... I absolutely admire JK for her complex character, so to hear I'm doing her justice *sigh of relief*
Hmmm... Well, right now Luna's holding them back, but you are right. She isn't a fan of the infamous Malfoy, and she remembers clearly what happened in his family's manor. Her true feelings will be spoken eventually. After all, Luna's always been one to speak her mind ;)
Ugh, I absolutely, totally could not thank you enough for your gorgeous reviews! Thank you so, so very much. The new chapter is on it's way, so I hope you enjoy it as much! :)
- Mahalia

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Review #6, by Rumbleroar goes roar words.

18th December 2013:
Awww! Your writing especially bloomed in this chapter! Your descriptions are so beautiful! I felt like I could strongly visualize everything that was happening. I also love the interactions and the relationships you are developing. Great job :D

Author's Response: Why thank you! This chapter felt more natural to write than the others, so I'm glad it read that way.
And thank you so much (I could never thank you enough) for leaving feedback. Your reviews are just gorgeous! I'm so happy you're enjoying this little story :)

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Review #7, by Lululuna cunning.

16th December 2013:
Hi again! :) This was another fantastic chapter. I really love your writing style, and how it's so smooth and concise. It's a real pleasure to read and there's so much spirit packed into each sentence.

Astoria is great in this chapter, as usual. I really enjoy her blatant pessimism and general surliness mixed with grief. I liked seeing how aware Astoria is of Luna even if she doesn't really recognize it yet. She and Luna make a hilarious pairing in how they are clearly comfortable to speak with each other as they wish - like Astoria snorting and asking "why" when she sees Luna's get-up. I googled Banksias like you recommended and they're quite cool looking, I actually really could picture Luna wearing them! :P

There's something about the way you write Luna, especially her dialogue, which is so perfectly canon and I can hear her dreamy little voice chiming in my head whenever she speaks here. I think she's one of the trickiest canon characters to capture but you've really done a lovely job of it. I loved the mention of the "For Nargles" and how Luna says she already has enough wit.

Another great part of the story is the level of detail, like how Astoria doesn't think much of Hermione and Ginny, and the history of the potion which I thought was really unique and sounded quite useful!

The ending was so sweet, with them holding hands and Luna going to comfort Astoria. I'm so excited to see where she's taking her, and how this pairing is going to progress. I'm a little worried that everything is going to escalate between them and then Draco is going to show up and sweep Astoria back to the negative place she was at the beginning, and she's going to have some tough choices to make. Eek! Well good job, and I'll be keeping an eye out for future chapters! :D

Author's Response: Oh, this review is just so lovely. There is so much in here that just ... it leaves me slightly breathless!
I'm glad you liked Astoria again :) You are so right, she is very, very aware of Luna, however she doesn't know she is - and she probably never will. She likes to think she is self-aware, but she is still an 18-year-old girl, so there aren't any life changing epiphany's from our Tori yet, haha :P But you Google-d Banksia! Aren't they lovely? I'm very much into Australian plants, and I was looking out at the tree near my window and just knew I had to put them in somewhere. I'm glad you could see Luna wearing them, haha :P She strikes me as one to love all the weird Australian plants and animals.
She's in canon?! *dances* In truth, it wasn't easy... I studied the way she spoke and watched a lot of videos to make sure I pinned her right (or near too). I'm more than relieved to see it paid off! :)
Don't worry too much about Malfoy yet :) He has an entrance, but I don't think it will be what everyone thinks. I'm actually very excited for it! I'm hoping to finish the new chapter in two/three days, and I don't have to wait for the queue so I hope you keep an eye out and it doesn't disappoint! Thank you so, so, so much for your gorgeous and encouraging reviews. They were lovely, honestly. I hope to see you again!

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Review #8, by Lululuna curious.

16th December 2013:
Hello! :) I stumbled across this story and really love it- the pairing is so unusual but so intriguing, and I really enjoy the way you've written the characters so far.

Astoria is one of my favourites and I love reading different writers' interpretations of her. In this story I think you've created a really brilliant and relatable character in a few words, and really brought her to life and hinted at her past without giving too much away. Astoria seems very self-aware and perceptive, though she has this bitter side which I'm excited to see explored. The hints about her past - why Draco is leaving, her sister, her parents dying - are very intriguing.

Luna is amazing here! Really I think you've captured her spirit but in a way which makes me anxious to see more of her and how she and Astoria are going to form a bond and establish a relationship. I think that Luna's ignoring of people's boundaries and barriers - like how she just sits down when Astoria clearly doesn't want her to - will help her to pursue Astoria when the latter is clearly standoffish which might turn some people away. I loved the descriptions of Luna: how she was simple, and the "sensual" gesture she makes. It's a great portrayal and take on her. :)

Astoria's relationships with the other Slytherins are great as well. They really fit the standard of Slytherins with how the girls are silly, but also have this dark side and how Astoria doesn't really want to be around them. The story taking place after the war is so interesting as well and I've never seen it explored by a non-Trio character- Astoria clearly has some secrets and scars and I'm curious to how those will unfold.

Great job! :D On to the next chapter!

Author's Response: I'm touched that you took the time to write two lovely, long reviews. Honestly, it is very sweet and very encouraging.
I love Astoria interpretations as well! This Tori is different from my usual ones, but they always stay slightly Romantic and poetic - traits I think really, unexpectedly boomed in this story. I'm so happy to hear you like her. Oh, she is very bitter - and it will definitely be explored. Probably more in the later chapters, but it is definitely there. I'm glad you enjoyed the hints, as well! I cannot wait to introduce Daphne, Draco a bit more and how she feels about her parents death. Luna is such an open book when these sensitive topics are explored, and I have a feeling you will like the reactions and dialogue of the two when these topics are brought up :)
I'm so happy to hear you like Luna! She really doesn't have a sense of boundaries - that or Astoria just has too many, haha. I absolutely love Luna's character, and Astoria's, so writing them together is like Christmas for me. It's fun and addictive, and I'm so happy to hear that people are enjoying it. It's a weird pairing, and I was worried I was going insane when I thought of it, haha :P
I've never actually seen a Non-Trio fic after the war either! I guess that's why I feel so free writing it. I'm excited to introduce the other Slytherin girls a bit more, too... They are not savoury characters, but they are, at the end of the day, Astoria's friends (kinda). So they will have their say in this story and this relationship.
Thank you again for the lovely, gorgeous review! I must go now but I'll be replying to the other one as soon as I get the opportunity! Thank you :)
- Mahalia

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Review #9, by milominderbinder cunning.

14th December 2013:
Ooh, another really interesting chapter! I'm literally just running out of the house so this is gonna be a mini review, I just wanted to let you know that I loved this, again. Luna is still characterised perfectly in my opinion, and I love Astoria, she's wonderful, relatable and fun to read about. And you're planting the seeds of their relationship wonderfully! Thanks for the great read, can't wait until the next chapter :)


Author's Response: Thank you so much Maia! I'm so happy to hear you're still enjoying this story :) I hope you like the coming chapters - I'm hoping for an update very soon :) Your reviews encourage me to keep on writing this so thank you so much!

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Review #10, by teh tarik cunning.

10th December 2013:
Hi there! I said I'd come read and review your story and here I am! First of all, I love the idea of this pairing, but I pretty much like Luna/anybody, anyway! I think you've pinned her perfectly in your fic, through Astoria's eyes. I love the contrasts between the two girls, how Astoria is always so well-groomed and poised and tidy, and how attracted she is to Luna's messiness and free style. It's lovely, these details. And I really enjoyed the early relationship between Astoria and Draco. It's portrayed very well, with little drama but with some sweet moments. However, if I'm going to be honest, I must say that I'm cheering for Luna/Astoria rather than the canon Drastoria. But seeing as your story is going to stick with canon... :( :(

I also love how Astoria finds comfort and solace in Luna's company, especially now she seems so estranged from her friends.

Luna reached out, hand hesitant, before taking the letter off me and delicately intertwining her hand with my own, fingers locking with fingers. There was no judgement in her blue eyes—no pity, or sympathy, or even interest. No other person could have touched me in that moment; but Luna, with her vague smile and extraordinary tenderness gave me such a deep consolation that I could not pull away.

^ These lines!!! ♥ So perfectly put-together, so beautifully Luna.

I can't wait to see what she's showing Astoria, and knowing Luna, it will probably be something completely unexpected, weird, but in a wonderful way. Hope to see you update soon! This is a fantastic story :D


Author's Response: Wow, I'm really not quite sure what I can say in response to this... This review is just lovely! Honestly, I've read it about five times already and I'm still coming up with nothing that can do it justice. I am just so ashamed it took me so long to respond!! Im so sorry!
I'm thrilled to hear you like Luna's portrayal. In truth, it was hard to do her justice, as Astoria is such a strong, poised character in my mind. Making Luna not sound crazy was a feat, but after evoking my artistic license and fiddling with the Slytherin traits, I eventually got there :) I'm so happy it paid off and was believable. As for Drastoria - I'm happy you enjoyed the snippet into their relationship. They are a lot of fun to explore. I actually had not meant for them to be this deep, but once I started I couldn't stop, and now I'm five chapters into this story, and their relationship is a whole other novel in my head... whoops.
I'm sorry about the canonship though! Luna is happy at the end, however. Unfortunately Im a sucker for canon and couldn't have it any other way :( My own fault.
I'm so happy you like that snippet - out of all the parts! There was actually a lot of deleting, editing, hating on those sentences, but they eventually blossomed together. Over the moon it paid off :)
I cannot thank you enough for this gorgeous review and your kind, kind words. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!! Again, I'm so sorry for the late response!
- Mahalia

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Review #11, by evil little devil cunning.

6th December 2013:
This is really lovely so far! It's such an obscure pairing, I never would have thought to pair these two together, but you're making it work so well. Your writing is really lovely too, it's beautifully poetic, and you convey so much with so few words. I'm really enjoying this so far, I can't wait to see where you take it :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am so happy to hear you're enjoying the story, characters and my writing so far - your review is just too kind. I'm blushing :) I'm hoping to have a new chapter up after New Year (unfortunately late, but I'll be overseas). I hope you have a lovely Christmas and/or New Year holiday and thank you again for the gorgeous review :) - Mahalia

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Review #12, by loonylovegood cunning.

6th December 2013:
Strange pairing but I'm loving it! You writing is consistent and great to read.

Author's Response: It is strange! I'm glad you gave it a go, though :) Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot!

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Review #13, by Rumbleroar goes roar cunning.

6th December 2013:
I am so loving this story!! Your descriptions are so beautiful and you capture characters perfectly!
Luna and Astoria's interactions are so great!
Really enjoying this so far. Can't wait for more :)

Author's Response: Oh, this review is just so lovely, thank you so much! I wish I could say more to show you how much it means to me!
I am over the moon to hear that you are enjoying it :) Unfortunately, I don't know when I'll be able to update - I'm going overseas next week for a month. Im hoping I can get the next chapter done by Sunday, though - Mahalia

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Review #14, by Rumbleroar goes roar curious.

4th December 2013:
Aww! Wow this such a weird pairing, one I've never thought of before, but at the moment it strangely works! I love the start of your story and your calm, fluid writing style and can't wait to read some more :)

Author's Response: You know, I don't know if this pairing is even a *thing* but I'm really enjoying writing it so far. I'm happy you gave it a go, and thank you so much for your kind words! It really means a lot :) A new chapter will probably be up tomorrow - I hope it doesn't disappoint!
Thank you for the review - Mahalia

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Review #15, by milominderbinder curious.

4th December 2013:
Hiya! Saw your post on the forums and thought this sounded really cool :D I was right!

I really loved reading this. Your writing's great - clear and nice to read, very few spelling and grammar mistakes, and really beautifully descriptive in places. The plot is what is really drawing me in however, and the characterisation.

You've already created an incredibly interesting version of Astoria who I like a lot. Since she doesn't really appear in canon it's basically like writing an OC, which can be hit and miss, but you've made an awesome character here. I love how you describe her as a combination of personalities.

I always got a strange mix of labels - cold, emotional, sweet, introvert, vague.

That really paints a picture of a specific kind of character in my mind, one I can really identify with.

You're also writing Luna REALLY well. I rarely read stories about her unless they come highly recommended, because she's honestly one of the hardest characters to write. People often fall into the trap of making her way too weird and just plain nonsensical - but you're writing her perfectly, in my opinion, by showing that she is intelligent and logical, and the things she does just run on a slightly different kind of logic to everyone else.

The only grammatical mistake I noticed was in this line:The Marks' on their arms bound them in a way I could never understand. - I believe this should just be Marks without an apostrophe.

Overall I really, really enjoyed reading this! I've favourited it to keep up with updates :D Can't wait to see where you take these two!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for this review - it is just so lovely! I'm glad to see you gave this very, very odd pairing a go, haha
I'm thrilled to hear you like Astoria. I agree with you, I do feel like she is a bit of an OC, and it really is a gamble writing her. Especially in this story - I needed someone who dated Draco, but was also open to Luna's ... ah ... *uniqueness* So to hear you say she is an awesome character - I'm grinning from ear-to-ear: thank you!
And Luna... Again, I'm beside myself from your kind words! I'm like you - I am not really a fan of the weird, obscure character of Luna fanfic authors sometimes paint. I don't find her that two-dimensional. She is weird, but she is also a 'Claw. I wanted to respect that fact as much as I could. I hope that she continues to impress you in this story :)
And thank you so much for pointing that out - I'll go back and change it when I can! The next chapter is finished, just needs editing, so I am hoping to have it up by tomorrow afternoon. I hope you continue to enjoy it as much. And thank you, so much (again) for this review! It means a lot :)
- Mahalia

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