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Review #1, by The Basilisk A Child's Cry

10th October 2015:
It is I, The Basilisk, once again.

My, my. How you shatter my cold, un-beating heart with thisss lovely, lovely tale. It began beautifully - I loved how Molly dessscribed all her children's cries and felt their lives were similar to how their cries had been. A glimpssse into each of her children's childhoods was done very well. Great concept, great writing style, and great use of dessscriptions.

Molly's characterisssation itself was very good. She was the Mother, and her love for her children was palpable. You really got her when you wrote this and I could experience her emotionsss while reading this. It was like I was in her head, so kudos for that.

But then the ending. Gah, that just ripped my poor snake-y cold heart. Now i want to cry too. Fred's death and the way you wrote George's misery seen through Molly's eyesss on the situation was just so, so tragically beautiful. The descriptions were perfect - so much was said in such few words. The lassst two sentences ending the story were very fitting and made me feel for the Weasleys.

All in all, what a lovely little one-shot. Very well-written. I really liked reading it. Good job.

Hiss Hiss,
The Basilisk

Author's Response: I am honored to be graced by your presence again, oh slithering one.

Thank you for such wonderful words! Your review is greatly appreciated!

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Review #2, by Shadowkat A Child's Cry

11th June 2015:
Ravenclaw, House Cup 2015!

Why, why on earth would you put me through this? Really, do you hear that noise? That's my heart, shattering into a million tiny pieces within my chest. That hurt, I hope you're proud of yourself for the pain you caused me. I thought it would be a happy reminiscing, but NO, you turn it around last second.

Oh yes, I sincerely hope that you're happy.

The way you describe each of her children's first cries, and how they tie in with their personality, is so touching. Of course she'd think of that, remember all those small details and moments. She has such strong ties to her family, and it's never going to be the same again. Fred is gone, and it's so ironic that she wasn't aware enough to hear his first cry, and was also absent to hear his last. Both times she had to be told by someone else, learned from another family member. It's so tragic and heartbreaking.

Once again I thank you for shattering my heart.

Author's Response: So sorry about your heart, but glad that you enjoyed it! It's one of my favorite pieces, and it's so good to hear that others enjoy it as well. Thank you for such a lovely review!

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Review #3, by Forever_More A Child's Cry

9th December 2014:
Sent your way thanks to BvB!

I am so emotional over this you don't even know! Probably because I'm a mom myself. Short, but sweet and perfect! No criticism on my part, this was a great little snippet into Mrs Weasleys heart and it was utterly beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #4, by MileyMalfoy A Child's Cry

9th July 2014:
I love the way each child had a different cry. Of course Molly would pick up on that and talk about that in a story, it makes so much sense and feels so much like we're inside the character of Molly Weasley, not just looking at her from the outside.

I myself am now going to go cry though because of the ending of this beautiful story. The fact that these descriptions like "unearthly wail" have been used only serve to make the entire story more vivid to me, and I love it for it. I really like the line: Just as Bill's first cry had made her first feel truly alive, a part of her died at the sound of George's mourning. To go from being babies that had sucked each others thumbs (which was a great description by the way) to this is so heartbreaking and I think the story really picks up on that.

Great job!
House Cup 2014 Review & Educational Decree Number Five

Author's Response: I'm so glad to hear you liked the characterization of Molly! I really relate to her as a character, so it helps. +]

I'm gonna be honest, I had to pull out a thesaurus for this one. I just needed to perfect words for the mood. Glad you liked it!

Thanks for this great review!

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Review #5, by Leonore A Child's Cry

9th July 2014:
Meh. Can't even...

I read this a while ago, voting for the diadems, but that description of George at the end just gets me. And of Molly as well. The pair of them. Gah.

Going back... haha, I love how the descriptions of their first cries indicates their later characters. And Molly, calmly understanding them. I like that little touch that she had complications during the pregnancy - she didn't just pop out kid after kid, she had difficulties like any other woman. And she found it easier with practise (ie. when it came to Ginny) suggesting she didn't get the hang of it straight away.

Beautiful, happy then so sad at the end! Excuse me while I go cry.

~ Leo xx

House Cup 2014 Review - Educational Decree #5

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it, both then and now +]

I don't think anyone just get's the hang of it right away. And every baby is different, so you end up just trying to figure out which shortcuts work best for everyone. (Oldest of 8 siblings by 7 years. I had PB&Js down to a science!)

Haha. It's ok. My hubby only read it once, and refuses to read it again. +] Thank you so much for this review!

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Review #6, by kenpo A Child's Cry

7th April 2014:
Oh my gosh... this was so beautiful and so sad.

I love Fred and George. I hate reading about the sadness so much. But at the same time, I can never get enough of it. I should be featured in an episode of My Strange Addiction. I'm addicted to reading stories about Fred that will make me cry.

I think your descriptions of the cries are really creative and totally plausible. I like that you mentioned Arthur helping out, sometimes I feel like in fanfics he's pushed to the side (I'm guilty of this).

I'M JUST SO SAD. You've made me sad. But this was really beautiful, and I'm crying because IT'S SO SAD.

The story was great, though. Fantastic job.

Author's Response: I love them too! I'm sorry I made you so sad. I do that a lot to people. I need a warning sign... Lol.

I had to put Arthur in. I feel like he's a great father, and Molly never could've done it alone. Good fathers are hard to come by, even in writing. +]

I'm glad you enjoyed it through your tears? And thanks so much for the review.

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Review #7, by keyty A Child's Cry

6th April 2014:
Sarah recommended this story and I just have to say it took all of my strength to keep myself from crying. I'm at work and honestly this could have been very problematic. Fred's death is one that I never quite got over. Even though you barely mentioned it, it still hit home reading it here again. Seeing it through Molly's eyes is just so heartbreaking, especially in contrast with the rest of the story. Molly's love for her children is undeniable and it's terrible that not only was one taken from her, but from his twin as well. All of the happiness throughout the story is so pure and it is paired so well with the grief at the end. I'm going to need to stop myself before I actually do start crying. But basically, this is amazing. Truly, brilliantly done. 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Crying seems to be a common response, and I can't decide if I should be happy or sorry... Lol. As a mom, losing a child is my deepest darkest fear. I really had to search my vocabulary to make sure I could portray all the emotions correctly and it makes My day to know that someone recommended it and that you enjoyed it, even if it almost made you cry. +] I was worried it was too short but from what feedback I've had, no-one seems to mind very much. Thanks for leaving a review! It's always nice to hear what people think while the views are going up.

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Review #8, by LightLeviosa5443 A Child's Cry

6th April 2014:
I'm here for the BvB.

Oh my god. This made me cry. I like. I literally just don't even have words. I'm just so emotional right now. This was so effective, and so sweet. My heart is literally like in half right now. I'm even crying again writing this review. Oh gosh.

You did such a wonderful job, setting up the story, smoothly going through each child and how different they all were. I could see perfectly each personality of each Weasley child from the way you described their cry and how they behaved as a baby.

Ugh. You literally ripped my heart out in that ending. I just. Wow. This is really lovely. You should be really proud of this.

Wonderful wonderful wonderful job!

xoxo Sarah ♥

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, thank you! As a mom I really connect with this piece.I'm sorry I made you cry? Lol. I seriously considered skipping afew children and I'm glad I didn't in the end. Thank you so much for this review. I am pretty proud of it +]

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Review #9, by patronus_charm A Child's Cry

27th January 2014:
Hi there, here for the review swap!

Oh wow, this story was so moving and lovely! I really liked all of the descriptions of her children because even just from their behaviour as a child I could tell so much about their future characteristics and that was a really interesting twist to see. They all had their own personality even if their little section was focused on crying and being fed and even though I already sort of said it the amount of individuality you managed to put in it was truly great and made reading it even more enjoyable.

The clear theme of a motherís love for a child was evident throughout too and that was so lovely to read because it really made my heart ache to see her hopes and fears for all the children and then the ending. I think the fact that the most anxious baby section was the Fred and George was really fitting as it created an ominous feel for what was about to come and showed that there could have been warning signs throughout.

I liked all of the contrasts you used with birth and death and love and grief because the one-shot so much more complex and layered and given that this was written in under 1,000 words it made it feel like a much longer and more completed story as a result and I really liked that. Then ending would have to be my favourite section though as there was just so much raw emotion in it, it was so horrible and really made me want to hug her.

Great one-shot!


Author's Response: Oh, thank you! I'm the oldest of 8 siblings and a momma, so the individual personalities of babies is something I'm very familiar with, so it was really fun to write the beginning parts. I thought about skipping some of the children *cough Percy cough* but it didn't seem right.

I love Fred and George. I really do. They're my favorite. Twins are a double blessing with double the danger, from a momma stand point, and I wanted to show that. I'm glad that it came off as anxious. +]

The ending. I felt like a bad person at the end. My hubby refused to read it more than once. (He's my beta. lol) I really searched my vocabulary for the right words, because it knew that it was pivotal for me to get it right. I was ridiculously worried about the length, but every time I tried to make it longer it just seemed wrong. I'm glad it contributes to the story.

Thank you so much for the swap!

Until next time! RHJ

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Review #10, by ReeBee A Child's Cry

12th January 2014:
Wow! That was so do sweet! And so so realistic! I don't know what to say! Oh and I'm here for the BvB review battle!

Description: absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous and so true! I could imagine it so well and vividly! Even though there wasn't much of setting description, it was still lovely! The description at the end, with the great hall was absolutely heart wrenching!

Plot/Flow: so interesting! I love the idea you've taken here and developed so well! The flow was good! So well handled!

Grammar/Syntax: no typos or major grammar errors I picked up on :)

Characterisation: perfect! It was so in canon! And I loved how U made their cries at birth foreshadows of their personalities when they've grown up!

I loved it! Great job!

Author's Response: I'm glad that you liked it! I was a little worried about the length, but it hasn't seemed to bother anyone! Being a mom, and a sibling of 8 children, I've kinda noticed how all kids are different at birth, and it kinda does tell you about how they'll be when they're older.

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for such a thorough review!

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Review #11, by milominderbinder A Child's Cry

14th December 2013:
Hiya! Maia here from the Sylvia Plath challenge, sorry it's taken me so long to get around to this review!

Okay, this story started out seeming so sweet, it lulled me into a false sense of security - and then it broke my heart. I am genuinely on the verge of tears!

Though this was only a short story you really played it off beautifully. You played contrasting ideas off of each other, beginning with a newborn and ending with a death, contrasting happy and sad memories, all of that, in a way that added so much depth to the story and was really touching.

I loved how you looked at the different children, and the differences between them and their cries, but also the similarities that tie them all together. You really showed Molly's love for each of them, individually and together, and showed that she's a great mother.

I think I actually liked Percy's segment best of all? Which is weird as I've never had much time for him as a character. But he's definitely complex and the idea of him being a clingy child really interests me, considering he's the only one of her children who later kind of abandons the family. But I could definitely see the link between his character here and his character in canon, so well done, I think you did that really effectively.

Some of my favourite quotes were:

though according to Arthur, they only whined when separated from one another, and fell asleep sucking each other's thumbs.

^This is quite possibly one of the cutest images I have ever come across and it actually made me flail around a little bit just to read it!

She had so many big brothers to attend to her, her quiet voice never sounded long, and like Ron she was content to watch the shenanigans of her brothers.

^I love this little picture of baby Ginny, she sounds adorable! And I love the idea of her brothers paying her lots of attention.

After all, she thought bleakly walking forward to wrap her shattered son in a tight embrace, what is so real as the cry of a child?

^this was a really, really effective way to tie the quote on - it was also completely heartbreaking so I won't talk too much about it for fear I break into tears, but yeah, needless to say I loved it! It is, after all, a quote challenge, so I think you did really well with that aspect.

Well then, overall I have to say I really enjoyed reading this. It's a shame but I've never read much Weasley family centric fic before, let alone anything about Molly, so this kind of spiked my interest - I may have to go an hunt down some similar fics now, haha! I feel like you really made good use of the short amount of words here, so really, just well done :)

Challenge results will be up soon! Good luck!


Author's Response: I'm glad you like it. And yes, I tried to warn everyone! The summary talks about death, but so far everyone hasn't seen it coming. Lol. I thought about skipping Percy. (I've never liked him much) but it seemed wrong. I also thought that it would help explain why Molly was so distraught when he did disown them. You know? He was always HER baby, and the thought that he would ever not be never crossed her mind. I also think that's why she made so many excuses for him (because in my head, she did. lol). The line about the twins sucking on each other's thumb was probably the best idea I ever had. Lol. I got the idea watching these two newborn twins hold each other after a water birth. They held hands, and I thought (since they were identical, and in the same amniotic sack) that they would have probably have found each other's thumbs just as comforting as their own.

The quote. As soon as I saw the quote, I thought, "Oh, I wish I had gotten that one!" and then they passed it up and I went from page to page on the forum hoping that someone else didn't take it. Can't imagine why no one did, I mean, of all the quotes, it seemed the most straight forward. Lol. I guess that's just the mom in me though. +] I'm glad you liked it.

And what?? No Weasley fics?? They're my guilty pleasure! The first fic I ever read on here was called "With all Things", and I fell in love instantly! Then I got the idea for Ginny's Sixth Year, and it all just culminated. You really should look into it. They're (generally) pretty good. +]



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Review #12, by maraudertimes A Child's Cry

7th December 2013:
Ohmigosh you've broken me. I thought this was going to be a sweet story because, you know, Molly Weasley and children. It was so cute and your versions of the Weasley babies was really true to form.

And then you did this. That hurt. You've hurt me. Apologize, please. This was amazing, hert-breaking, beautiful, heart-wrenching, amazing (have I said that?). This is something... something.

I don't have words. This was. everything and nothing. Beautiful and ugly. Happy and sad. But most of all, it was true. I don't know how I'm going to compete with this since I'm in the challenge as well.

Superb job.

Author's Response: Haha. I'm sorry. That does seem to be the general consensus. At least it's an amazing hurt! My hubby won't read it anymore. (He's my Alpha-Beta reader, and after the first time he told me it made him too emotional. Lol)

I'll take it as a good sign there was no CC. +] I didn't know you were in the challenge too! I was pretty worried it wouldn't be up to par because it's so short, but no one seems to really mind...

+] Thank you for the review!


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Review #13, by True Author A Child's Cry

5th December 2013:
There's an Indian proverb saying that a baby shows what he or she would be in the future. I think you used the fact really well here and differentiated between the Weasley children. Their descriptions sounded just perfect through a mother's eyes.
Oh, the connection with George's injury was very effective. Really liked it!


Author's Response: I had never heard that! I'm glad I did a good job! Thank you!

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Review #14, by Lululuna A Child's Cry

5th December 2013:
Hello! :) Ahh, this story is so sweet and heart-wearming and then at the end my heart just sort of shattered. How can you do this to me?! Though I suppose JKR is a little to blame too. :P

I love how you managed to pack so much life and spirit into less than a thousand words. It's a lovely skill and I think this story's short, simple structure made it all the more heartwarming. I mean, a mother's love for her children is simple, right? She loves them unconditionally, and each individually, and I think that really came across.

I think my favourite episode was either Percy's birth or the twins. Percy's was really original, I thought, since he's sort of the odd brother out and feels more separate from the rest of his family, but you put a really unique twist on him by having him be a clingy baby. It was ironic in a way how he'll be the one to abandon his family and hurt the mother that he depended on so much as a child, and I wish I knew more about childhood psychology and all that because I feel like there's a clever message here that I just don't know how to articulate. :P Either way, it was brilliant!

The twins' birth was so perfect and wholesome as well: how Molly passed out because it was a difficult birth makes a lot of sense, and how they cried when they were separated and sucked on each other's thumbs. Being reminded of how close they were, and how George cries when they're separated forever, is one of the most real and poignant descriptions of Fred's death that I've read on the archives, I think. The parallels between the two events were just great.

I really enjoyed Ron's bit as well and how he was an ordinary baby, which kind of exemplifies how in adulthood he's just an average guy until you scratch the surface. The detail about Ron always being hungry was really great as well. :P With Ginny, the idea of her having so many brothers to take care of her was really sweet - a perk of being the youngest, I guess. :)

You tied in the Sylvia Plath quote really well, I think, both at the ending and in inspiring the whole story which was really great. I loved a lot of little lines and details here, like how Molly calls her children by their full and sometimes embarrassing names.

I wish I had some constructive feedback for you but this story is so concise and smooth, I couldn't fault a thing! :D I'm not sure if you still wanted to review swap when I posted this, so don't worry about reviewing my story if you didn't have time for another one, this was a joy to read regardless! :)

Author's Response: Haha. Yeah, the hubby said he can't read it anymore. Lol. It's brutal there at the end, but... you know how it goes... and yes, it's all JK's fault.

I was actually worried about the word count there for a bit, and tried to add more, but then it just seemed bogged down. You're right! A mother's love is simple, so why wouldn't this be? I also worried that going through each child's birth was a bit tedious, but then I couldn't leave anyone out either.

My favorite is the twins. I love them. They are my absolute favorite. I refuse to right a fic about them because I don't think I would do them justice. This is probably the closest I'll get. Lol.

I did try and make Percy's a little different. I figured that Molly was put through the most frustration, hurt, and anger at his leaving the family, and it was probably best to stick with him evoking a lot of frustration, exhaustion, and tears when he was a child too. Not to mention him being the child that was most attached to her would explain why it hurt her so much when he left, and why she was so quick to take him back when he showed up.

Lol. Ron. That's all I have to say about him.

And Ginny seemed like she was always a little forgotten about. You know, she was the only girl, but that was really it, especially after what the movies did to her. I figured it was nice to let her slip under the radar and be raised by brothers to make sense of all the spit fire she can put out later in life.

As soon as I saw the quote was passed up in the challenge, I jumped on it. I scanned page after page to make sure no one had claimed it, because as soon as I read it, I knew what I could do with it, and that it would be amazing. I'm glad you agree!

And no CC? Wow. I'm proud of myself. +] Now to take a venture onto your page and find a story to read. +]

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Review #15, by 800 words of heaven A Child's Cry

5th December 2013:
Hello! I saw that you would like some feedback on this over on the forums, and I had a little free time, so here I am!

First of all, I love the brevity of this piece. It adds to the overall power of it, making an already very emotional story even stronger.

I also adore the structure. I sort of interpreted it as a wonderful nod to poetry and the written word in general, which even when it is without form, it has form (that made like zero sense - sorry about that). It's chronological and very regimented, which is why the ending surprised me so much.

And now, to the ending. I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT. I should have, considering it was written for the Sylvia Plath challenge, but still. Everything was going so well! The way Molly was reminiscing about her children's cries was very heartwarming, because even when they caused her things other than happiness or whatever, she still welcomed their sound because it confirmed what she had felt when she'd first heard Bill's cry.

AND THEN THAT ENDING. It was quite a shock for me (I really should have seen it coming). That juxtaposition of emotions, and the way you paralleled the beginning and end so explicitly was quite effective. Molly's pain felt real and raw. There are a lot of fics out there that explore Fred's death through George's loss, and there are even fics out there that explore Fred's death through Molly's loss, but this is the first fic that I've read that explores Fred's death through Molly's eyes because of George's loss (woah, sorry if that sentence made little sense). I think it really enforced Molly's feelings - she not only feels the loss of her son, but she feels the loss of a twin for her son as well. That sort of empathy is difficult to show, and I think you did a fantabulous job.

One last thing that I'll comment on here: I loved loved loved how this story came full circle! There was the obvious mention of Molly thinking about Bill's first cry and hearing George's wails at the end, where she felt that she was alive for one and dying for the other. There was also the subtle way you reinforced this by beginning the story with a birth and ending it with a death, which I felt was really effective.

If it wasn't obvious, I totally loved this. This was fantastic. Awesome. Wonderful. Now excuse me while I go cry into my tea over Fred's death.

Author's Response: Oh wow, I'm blushing! I didn't realize it was that good. I mean, my man told he couldn't read it anymore because it made him so emotional, but I didn't realize that it was this good! Lol. (Swear it only took me like 45 minutes to write this once I saw the quote on the challenge board.)

Yes... the ending. I chose my words very carefully in order to convey all the feeling I wanted in end. Everything had to be perfect, and I'm glad that I managed to pull it off. Wish me luck in the challenge!! (This is the shortest entry so far, so I was a little worried, but now I have hope!)

Thank you so much for taking the time to review swap with me. +]

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Review #16, by Fonzzx A Child's Cry

5th December 2013:
Reading this and then A Brother's Lament by Let's Lumos comes on. Not even joking. Right in the feels. I am dead.

Author's Response: Awh, sorry. +[ Hopefully you liked it? lol

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Review #17, by HerEyesOnMeGazing A Child's Cry

5th December 2013:
Love! Very well written.

Author's Response: Good, I'm glad you enjoyed it. +]

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