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Review #1, by Hogwarts27 Chapter Two - Brawling with Beasts

13th January 2014:
Hi again. This chapter was a thoroughly enjoyable read! Great chapter title - it's so Lockhart. I love the style of your writing, so full of vivid description. It just immerses the reader in the setting. I could just feel myself walking in the forest along with these characters, with all my sense. Great humor too, both subtle and obvious - just like your riddles. I enjoyed the bowtruckle scene - I used the same combination of bowtruckles, wood lice and fairy eggs in one of my own short story scenes, so I loved reading a similar scene by another author just for some fun comparison. And I loved your scene with Flitwick catching fairies - so imaginative and well-written with a fairy tale sort of charm. In fact, I really like your characterization of Flitwick. He's a character we didn't get to know terribly well in the books, and I think he's so interesting. It's a shame Rowling didn't explore him a bit more. I also enjoyed your explanations of the lore at the chapter's end as well. In a word, I'd describe this story as just charming - just like the story title. I'll be on the lookout for more of this story. It's going on my 'currently reading' list.

Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks again - I am really glad that you found the chapter funny. I love your comments about the descriptive aspects of my writing. Although, I think I am now running out of synonyms for 'trees', 'forest' ... etc! Hehe!

I would love to read your story with the bowtruckles! It would be fab if you could send me a link to it! To be honest, I just liked the idea of Lockhart being pelted with wet, muddy insects!

The fairy scene was quite difficult to write - I wanted them to dance, but apart from that I wasn't sure how it would play out. I was listening to the soundtrack from David Bowie's 'The Labyrinth' and I just imagined the fairies dancing to the song 'As the World Falls Down' - to me it just gives the impression of swirling stars.

I am glad you liked my characterisation of Flitwick; it is rather fun to write for him because we don't know that much about him (I think it gives me a little more leeway with regard to canon).

As you can probably tell from my riddles, I really enjoy researching things; the fairy lore was rather fun and I learnt quite a lot in the process!

Thank you ever so much for your equally charming comments. It was really lovely to read your review - It is really exiting to be on your 'currently reading' list!


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Review #2, by Hogwarts27 Chapter One - Coordinating with Colleagues

13th January 2014:
Hi. After those wonderfully brilliant riddles you've been posting, I decided to drop by and check out one of your stories. What a charming chapter this was! And very well written. I loved all the vivid description - you definitely have a way with words! I also liked the part where you said Flitwick would share the cakes with students and have them dance at exams! That was a charming bit of detail to put in. Oh, I had heard that sonnet read by Alan Rickman already! Well, now I have to go on to Chapter 2!

Author's Response:
Thank you ever so much for the review! I am really glad that you enjoyed the chapter (and my riddles!) I think that Flitwick's charmed cakes are mentioned in the books or on pottermore (so I am not really being that original). I just thought it would be fun to expand on it a little. Plus, I like the idea of Flitwick having a sweet tooth.

Alan Rickman is awesome and that has to be one of my favourite sonnets. I was tempted to use a line from Sonnet 30 as there is a reading by Kenneth Branagh on youtube. However, I didn't think that the words are not quite as appropriate (even if it is the right voice...)

Thank you ever so much for all your lovely comments!


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Review #3, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Chapter Two - Brawling with Beasts

12th January 2014:
Back for more!

So, what is it about Lockhart's cloak that's so strange? Judging from Flitwick suddenly finding him alluring and rugged, I guess that it's some kind of charm to, well, charm people. But it's just a guess. And I don't know why the Bowtruckles attacked him (although I'm happy about it... :P).

This chapter was even funnier and better than I hoped it would be; Lockhart is such a coward, I hope Flitwick's thoughts about him become suspicions that all him to figure out what. Lockhart is really like.

The fairies are so sweet, I would willingly wade through the dark forest to watch them dance. After a bit of a push, naturally, but I'd go. :D

I really enjoyed this chapter.


Author's Response:
Hi Sam!

Wow - thanks again! I am so glad that the humour comes across. I really enjoyed writing the bowtruckle scene. There is something really enjoyable about making a fool out of a character that is both smug and inept in equal measure.

Flitwick was rather fun to write in this chapter. The fairies on the other hand were actually quite difficult (especially as they are the main focus) - so I am very glad that liked their dance!

Many thanks again - your thoughts are very much appreciated and it was such a fab challenge to be part of!


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Review #4, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Chapter One - Coordinating with Colleagues

12th January 2014:
Hey, it's Sam here, reviewing your entry for my Supernatural Creature challenge. :)

I'm very surprised over the lack of reviews. This made me laugh quite a bit, which I love. You write Lockhart really well, I hate him here too. He's just so conceited, I want to punch him in the face. Despite this, I'm very glad that you've chosen Flitwick and Lockhart for this story; it'll be very interesting to see how they get on with fairy catching. I'm excited to see that.

I loved the little bits of canon added to it, I felt like this could have been a missing moment from Chamber of Secrets.

And the inclusion of Snape was awesome! I really hope Snape puts something in his tea, it doesn't even have to be because of the dwarves. :P

This was a great chapter and I can't wait for more. *clicks next*

Thank you for entering my challenge.


Author's Response: Thank you ever so much for you review! I really enjoyed writing for your challenge.

I am really glad that you found it funny and that you like my interpretation of Lockhart. Actually, I have a bit of an embarrassing story... When I was trying to write the dialogue for Lockhart, I decided to read what I had written out loud; doing (really bad) impressions of the characters to make sure it sounded right. It was only when I heard giggling that I realised that everyone was listening on the other side of the door! I still haven't quite lived it down! Everyone keeps asking me if I am suffering from 'overexposure' - SO embarrassing!

I really love Snape as a character ... I am still trying to think of something really despicable for him to do in one of the next chapters... there are just so many possibilities!

Thanks ever so much for your comments!


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