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Review #1, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Audrey Coup

20th July 2015:
‘It’s been eight hours,’ Percy says quietly. ‘I’ll make sure that a clock is given to you. You need one.’

I figured it was something alone those lines. Months? I don’t think this story would work too well if she was locked up for months on end.

I love that it’s Percy who has to visit her. His reasoning does make sense. They’re cute and flirty even though she is in prison. Harry coming to see her and explaining what is going on was helpful but that law, come on! It’s believable though because I think of all these laws that are passed that no one knows about, whether passed today or years ago, ridiculous ones that I can’t even mention because sometimes they’re so farfetched I don’t believe them. Then again they could have made an announcement with this specific law since it has to do with Death Eater’s but I feel like if they did Audrey would still not have heard about it anyway because that’s not something she’s really concerned about, you know? It’s all unfair really.

Poor Audrey, hopefully her situation gets better and soon!

Plus, you’re going to China? JEALOUS! Have fun. Keep us updated when you get back. Be safe.

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Review #2, by KatsClarinet The Audrey Coup

20th July 2015:
Yay! An update! Thanks much!

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Review #3, by Fonzzx Papa-Paparazzi

18th July 2015:

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Review #4, by Fonzzx The Morning After the Night Before

18th July 2015:
Aw Draco is so cute :D

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Review #5, by nott theodore The Audrey Coup

17th July 2015:
Hey Kiana! Woo, another chapter of this story and I finally get to find out what's happening to Audrey after the cliffhanger you left us on with the last chapter!

I thought you wrote the first section of this chapter really well - Audrey was so down and even though she was fighting it with all the sarcastic and angry comments in her head, you could tell how much of an effect her being put in prison for no apparent reason had on her. I can't imagine having your freedom taken away for no real reason and it must be so frightening for her to have been locked up with nobody to really speak to.

Her narrative kind of got more chaotic and rambly than usual at the start and I thought that showed really well how hard it was for her trying to keep sane and calm in some way when she had nothing to cling onto. The conditions you described were really horrible!

The detail about not having the watch and that being one of the hardest things she had to deal with was such a good one to include, especially because of what you were able to do with it afterwards. It's so hard when you don't know what time it is and you lose track of so much - we're all so used to it that we don't even notice how much we rely on it!

There were still some really funny lines in this chapter, though - I think it's great that you're able to write serious scenes but still have me giggling a bit at some of the lines Audrey comes out with. I'd love to see her joining an anarchist group!

Ah, Percy and Audrey time ♥ There was so much of it in this chapter and even though Audrey was in prison and everything, I can't help but loving all of the time that they got to spent together here. I know that he said he was just doing his job and he was there because all of her friends had organised it (and even though Audrey would try to deny this, she definitely was hoping he'd say that he was there for her!) but I think he really genuinely cares about her and that this is going to be the start of them really getting along and working for something in common. There were so many cute moments here and it was just so sweet to see it!

The watch! ♥ That was so sweet and thoughtful of him, and even though it isn't anything special, I get the feeling that it's going to become really special to Audrey over time as a sign of what Percy is willing to do for her.

Haha, I couldn't help but laugh at how rude she was to Harry when he arrived to see her! I just kept thinking that one day they're going to be in-laws and will look back on this and laugh (I hope). But good for Audrey, sticking up for herself, even if Harry was there to try and explain things!

I really don't see how the Ministry can make it illegal for Draco to have removed his Dark Mark and then Audrey to be a criminal because she helped him, because it's just so stupid and Harry's right - rehabilitation is way more important. But I can imagine it happening if people got over-zealous about getting rid of the Death Eaters and ostracising them from society, especially if they suffered because of them during the war, but it's still not a good way to go about rebuilding a society.

It's kind of worrying that there are so many people after Audrey, but at least now she knows why she was locked up and that it's partly for her own protection. It was so unfair of the Ministry not to explain that earlier, but I suppose they wanted to make it seem realistic in case people were watching Audrey?

I'm looking forward to the next chapter and seeing what happens to Audrey and with the Death Eaters who are after her! Good luck in getting it finished before you go away, too! ♥

Sian :)

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Review #6, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Bam, Bam, Bam! Goes My Life

9th June 2015:







GAH! I can't believe I've just read 14 chapters in the span of three hours maybe. Update soon, okay? I know real life gets crazy. Heck, I have chapters upon chapters that I need to edit and post but I'm going to start grad school and all that fun stuff. Just don't give up on Perce and Audrey, okay? I'm rooting for them and for you!

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Review #7, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Singleton State

9th June 2015:
Finally, some civil conversation. How nice!

You know the part with her mother really had me tearing up. My father abandoned me when I was three. 18 years later I found him on social media, well I found his brother and third wife, and I reconnected with him. I still hold a grudge against him because he has never apologized for anything. It's hard but I can forgive him because once getting to know him I do not think my life would have been better with him in it. It's not lovey dovey like Audrey and her mother and I don't call him 'dad' or anything like that but at least I know he's there. Sort of.

Anyway--what's going on with Penelope? I think she's just crazed. She needs some potions or something. She must really hate Audrey and trying to discredit her and Draco? He's a kid trying to do better in society. Give him a break.

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Review #8, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap A Multitude of Stilted Sentences

9th June 2015:
I was on the right track. He's bi! Well, I have to say kudos for Oliver for telling Audrey the truth instead of going behind her back or doing somethig shady but can we talk about that bombshelll?

I stared at my screen with my mouth open, jaw wanting to hit the floor. HE WAS IN LOVE WITH PERCY?

Did not see that coming. Nice twist. I wonder how Percy will react because I think he is bound to find out with Audrey around. Maybe they can mend things but I don't see Percy as gay or bi. I do see him as accepting though.

Maybe then he can finally shake Penelope off.

Oh and Astoria is lovely, if not a little weird for my taste, but look how willingly she was to help Audrey. The perfect match if I have ever seen one, Draco and Astoria.

I do hope the potion works. He should be able to rid himself of his past, I think removing the dark mark would be rather symbolic.

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Review #9, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Mother, Mother, Mother, etc. etc. etc.

9th June 2015:
I did not expect her mother to show up but Draco s right. Audrey preaches forgiveness for him and wanting to see him change and knowing he can change. Maybe her mother can too, given the chance.

Oliver still seems ticked off. Audrey should just kick him to the curb but she won't any time soon. It's just their relationship has so many red flags: Penelope, Percy, Draco, his anger issues, etc.

He's not the type of person she can talk to about her personal issues with. She didn't even mention her mother to him but I can see her telling George and even possibly telling Percy.

I liked seeing that deeper side of Draco. It was nice to see he has different levels of depth and he has created a connection with Audrey so he actually cares if something is wrong with her. Good to have that kind of support in your life.

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Review #10, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Awkwardness Abound

9th June 2015:
Everyone deserves a chance. Wait, no. Not everyone. I think people who are willing to change and better themselves deserve a second chance.

Oliver was out of bounds leaving Audrey like that. I understand his side of the argument but he's too...closed minded.

Oh, side note, you repeated the same sentence one after the other in this chapter. Might want to edit that. Actually, you might want to do a read through of all the chapters because there are missing words here and there. I can see you were typing fast and really had fun with this but sometimes when we're having fun and we're on a groove we make little mistakes. No biggie.

Back to the story--what a nice change to see Percy and Audrey laughing together and enjoying each others company. My guess is something happened to Granny and she's in the hospital. Poor Granny if that's what it is. I might cry if she's sick.

Oh! I do think Oliver is gay. Never seen him that excited to be around someone before. Maybe that's why he's so rough with Audrey, can't accept his sexuality since he's a Quidditch player and all. Maybe it's not accepted? He doesn't want Rita Skeeter filling lies and putting his life on display. Who knows...well, you do.


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Review #11, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Bleak and Bleaker

9th June 2015:


I'm glad she knows what happened between the three of them but I can imagine that Oliver ran off to Penelope. Maybe she's the one actually with child. That's crazy though. I don't understand why people cheat and why the person they cheat with, if they know about their significant other, are completely okay with it.

Maybe Oliver developed real feelings for Penelope all those years ago that's why he can't cut her loose. Maybe he knows that Penelope and Audrey can't stand each other and he's using Audrey as bait.

Maybe Percy needs a hug.

Just putting that last part out there.

You know Oliver is going to say something that contradicts the story or he's going to say I thought she was in love with me or some other bull that'll make Audrey feel bad for him.

GAH! Use your brain Audrey, you're a potioneer.

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Review #12, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap April Fool's

9th June 2015:
Astoria was fabulous. I love how much like Audrey she seems to be. Perfection.

My main focus here though is Percy. Man, what a zinger. He thought she was different. She is! You're just too boxed up emotionally and need some lessons in socializing. Audrey isn't a bad person at all she just makes bad decisions (Oliver). But don't we all? Heck, he made a terrible decision years ago and he's clearly wracked by it still.

And Oliver. Uh. Oliver I could see with Verity. I think she would give him a run for his money and put him in his proper place. Or maybe he's actually gay and ends up with James.

I'm totally for that. Completely. Not gonna happen? Well, fine.

Unless James isn't gay and then Penelope goes for him and that's just a trainwreck.

I think Audrey is going to need a self imposed vacation from everyone soon. Things are going to hit the fan.

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Review #13, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap One Bombshell, Two Bombshell, Three Bombshell, Four

9th June 2015:
James is gay?

Maybe Oliver is actually gay.


Anyway! What an action packed chapter. I have to say Penelope reminds me of a peeping tom. Does she follow Percy or Audrey wherever they go? She might have a tracking device on them or something.

Crazy alert.

Percy was trying to be nice to Audrey. Probably about rights and stuff since that's what they're into. How nice would it be, the two of them holdig picket signs or causing a ruckus someplace or other.


Draco and Astoria, I wonder where they will go. To a museum? A science museum? Someplace to look at the stars?

Oh! Oh! I really like the idea of the potion to remove the dark mark. For one it shows that Audrey respects and cares about Draco. She's willing to go out of her way to make his life better even though forcing a set up isn't necessary making someones life better but more like meddling. Meddling is never good. Always bad reprucssions.

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Review #14, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Papa-Paparazzi

9th June 2015:
I'm not on my computer anymore and these other devices are hard to tap out reviews.

Though this chapter was short I feel like the wheels are starting to turn. Yes, Draco and Astoria! I'm happy you made Astoria to be a little different. I generally make Astoria a very dark person with too many issues but artist Astoria? Never seen her before. I can't wait to meet her. Plus she's into astrology. I'm not. Never have been. Don't understand when people say they had a bad day because Mercury is in retrograde or whatever. Beyond my means of understanding.

Oh! And the Oliver/Percy/Penelope/ you've got going on. I assume Penelope and Oliver had it going on and she cheated on him with Oliver. I think it's a little wrong for George to still be friends with him. Blood before...well, not blood. I forgot how that saying goes. The look Percy was giving Audrey.

I know that look. I've been on the recieving end of it before and I've given it myself. Pure disgust and pity. Penelope sounds like a stage five clinger as well.

Run, Percy, run!

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Review #15, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Quidditch Confrotations

9th June 2015:
Then she went and cheated on him and made me actually feel sorry for Percy.


Okay, loving the idea of setting Draco up. Would love to see your version of Astoria if that's where this is going. Also, really enjoyed Audrey and George's interaction because for one, it's cute to see him with Angelina. For another, to see him back Percy like that and then sit there all stoic not wanting to cheer his sister or his friend on and take one side over the other. Also, AUDREY READ HIS PAPER.

They belong together.

I ship them officially.


That ending with Oliver though. He's a little too much. Too flashy. And Penelope is evil.

Penny, I used to like you! *GRUMBLES*

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Review #16, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap An Interlude of Fame

9th June 2015:
Only talking to three people for your whole life is no way to live.

I only have two friends and my boyfriend…

I need to get out more.

Thanks Audrey.

‘I can teach it to him if he wants, it’s not too hard to grasp.’

Aw, already trying to make a good impression with the future in-laws. I mean…nope. I totally meant what I said.

‘Wood isn’t all that he seems. While he may appear charming and nice, I would watch out if I were you.’


I like Wood in a—he’s-a-bad-choice-but-fun-for-now type of way. I wonder what he did to Percy. Poor Draco, not that I didn’t expect that but come on, she can fight for her intern. I can’t believe Oliver and Audrey went on a date though. Kind of forward of him. He clearly gets what he wants and he wants her…she’s kind of odd and quirky though. Not a good mix.

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Review #17, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap An Exit with Oliver

9th June 2015:
kick a pile of dirty laundry out of the way and stand in front of my mirror musing for about twenty minutes about everything which is wrong with me (a spot erupting on my nose, hair which refuses to do anything interesting, orange fur covering me) before flopping onto my bed and attempting to sleep.

This is my everyday process, minus the cat hair. Getting ready is hard and I generally am working 90% of the time and I have a work uniform so it’s not like I need to stand there deciding what to wear. It’s more of a ‘woe is me’ why I can’t I lose twenty pounds by staring at myself in the mirror.

Normal. Absolutely normal.

Oliver and Percy clearly dislike each other. GAH! Oliver can’t be a bad guy too! You’re turning all my favorite characters against me.

I can’t wait to find out what happens next. Come on Audrey, Percy isn’t that bad. He cares about House Elves! They’re cute. In a creepy way and deserve some rights too. And he might not have abs for days but he has a quality about him.

I like that she has learned to smirk from Draco. That just makes me chuckle.

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Review #18, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Morning After the Night Before

9th June 2015:
There are people like me who are destined to be with Percy. Then there are people like you who are destined to be with….well, no one really.’

No way! Penny is evil in this story. I love Penelope. In my head she’s a cool girl. I’ll have to rearrange some of my personal canon just so I can despise her character her properly.

As you know your father and I don’t tend to read it, I had to pop over to Agatha’s house to read a copy, and there was my granddaughter apparently dating one of the most eligible bachelors in the country!’

What a trainwreck.


Aw. The ending with Draco was rather sweet. I can kind of see them being close in a work sense. I was close to one of my supervisors at an internship (because I am a forever intern).

The highlight of this chapter for me was Grandma Lucy. She sounds springy! I want to be her granddaughter.

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Review #19, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Introductory Measures

9th June 2015:
I need to stop trying to be down with these children fresh out of Hogwarts and act like the ripe old twenty-four year old I am.

The first paragraph completely sold me on this story. I am a forever intern. I have had to do work for so many different people but consistently and one time at an internship on my last day this woman I worked for asked me what was my name.

She also introduced herself to me.

Mind you I had been working for her for five months.

Five months and she didn’t know who I was.

You bet I knew who she was.

Unfair really.

I have to snort though at “trying to be down with these children.” Because as a forever intern that’s how I feel too.

Though you could change that. Hold a little revolution. It could be like the Renaissance in Muggle history when they overthrew the old Church’s ideas and introduced new scientific ones. That worked.’

I’m in love with Audrey. This story has to be in my favorites ASAP.

My brother led me under false pretences stating that there would be people of education and people like me who I could talk to. It appears that I was wrong.

OH, SNAP. Percy was not how I expected but darn, I quite like him. Then again I’m a big fan of Pride and Prejudice and Bridget Jones’s diary series so this is right up my alley. I LOVE the writing. It’s sharp and witty. It made my head spin a little at first because Audrey is a lot to take in but this is going to be a fun story to read.

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Review #20, by KatsClarinet Bam, Bam, Bam! Goes My Life

28th April 2015:
Very nice cliffhanger! I have been reading this off and on all day. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you for being my 100th review! ♥ It means so much to me! I have a lot of exams in the next few weeks but I hope the next chapter will be up soonish! ♥

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Review #21, by SunshineDaisies Introductory Measures

19th April 2015:
OH MY GOD. THIS IS HILARIOUS. I was literally laughing out loud at parts. It's an excellent first chapter.

I absolutely adore Audrey. She's funny and sweet and just so likable. I really like getting to hear her thoughts as things are happening. It's highly amusing. AND SHE'S A HUFFLEPUFF. I'm pretty sure I just love all Hufflepuffs in fic. It automatically endears them to me.

I really like that she's a potioneer! I've been very interested in that particular wizarding profession for a while, so it's really nice to read about that.

I'm less keen on Percy, but I think that's the intention at this point. It's interesting to think of him as an adult after the war. It's really fun to read the parts of him that have stayed the same over the years. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what parts of him have changed as well.

I'm very interested in Draco's role in this story. I'm hoping he comes to play a fairly big part, because I think the dynamic between him and Audrey will be very fun. (And the fact that she forgot his name is so real and so funny. I was called "the intern" at my internship for the first like 4 months. Some people still do call me that.)

I haven't put much thought into Audrey/Percy, but I really like where you're headed with this. I always sort of imagined that Audrey would be a bit more like Percy, but I love that she is just about the opposite. I'm really interested in seeing why George and Verity thought they would be so good together, given how different they are.

This is a pretty amazing start to a story and I'm so glad I read it!

Author's Response: Hey there! Aw, thank you so much though apologies for the dreadfully long amount of time it took for me to get here *hides*

Aw, thank you so much, she really is so much fun and crazy and just sort of goes with the flow! Whoo for the Puff love, even though I'm a Claw, Puffs are my favourite characters to write as they're usually so nice and lovely you just can't hate them like you can with the other houses.

Whoo for that too, I always loved chemistry at school but I haven't studied it for a while, so through Audrey's job I can still explore my interest in it. :P

Yes, I get what you mean as Percy does suck right now but I think he's just shy and lacks social skills so he does become much nicer later on. So have no fear!

Wooh for Draco, I just wanted to show he could be sort of nice and have someone meet him without any bias, so I'm glad you like his role. (and ah, that is awkward I've had a similar situation with people mispronouncing my name but it's gone on for too long now to ever correct them!)

No, this ship definitely hasn't set sail yet but it will do soonish (and hopefully you'll see why they ended up together).

Thanks for this fab review! ♥


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Review #22, by TearsIMustConceal Introductory Measures

15th April 2015:
Hi! I’m here for the BvB review battle!

I am completely in love with this story! I am so hooked, it’s unbelievable and it’s all down to your amazing writing! Plus it helps that Audrey is just simply awesome!

I haven’t read anything of yours in such a long time but I’m so glad I’ve started with this story! I have definitely missed your writing!

You had me with the first line. Well actually, it was more like the first word. I think this is the only story I have ever read that starts off with a swear word but it definitely makes you want to carry on reading! And the more you read, the more it fits with Audrey and the whole tone of the chapter!

And as for Audrey….she’s completely awesome! I feel like I know her and understand her already and she’s definitely someone I could be friends with! You’ve made her come across as someone relatable and real and I think that’s what makes you want to carry on reading. Her sarcasm and narration is hilarious and it gives us such an insight into Audrey and her life. Using Draco is genius, it connects the story to a timeline we all know and he fits really well! Plus it’s lovely to see you’re interpretation of what happened to him after the war but before we see him at the station 19 years later. Audrey’s awkwardness and comments she shouldn’t make just make her all the more loveable!

And over-enthusiastic Eileen is the best. I love how Audrey describes her and has taken on the way she talks and curses herself. I feel like Eileen is the comic relief in the story; the one you can always count on to make you snigger and roll your eyes in a good way! I don’t know what to think about James yet, he feels a little too good to be true so I can’t wait to see what you do with him!

Audrey and Verity’s friendship is great! I can already see that Verity is that over-bearing, determined friend who doesn’t take no for answer but the one you love anyway because she’s awesome. I love how you’ve brought the idea of Audrey and Percy as something set up – it’s fresh and different and makes me want to read more about how their relationship progresses because obviously, it doesn’t end well in this chapter!

The small talk between Audrey and Percy is the right amount of awkwardness; small talk is hard at the best of times but talking to Percy must have made it all the more harder! And Percy is the right amount of arrogant that we all know he possesses and the fact that Audrey owns him is funny and brilliant. I feel as that moment there sets up their relationship for the next few chapters at least!

Your writing is amazing anyway, as your other stories show and this story is no different! The way you’ve characterised everyone and made Audrey’s narration sarcastic and entertaining is just wonderful and I cannot wait to read more!


Author's Response: Hey there Vicki!!

Hahaha, I'm so glad that you liked it as I did have so much fun writing this story as Audrey's so crazy, all the other characters are crazy, the plot is crazy and I didn't really know where I was going with this but I think that's what made it so much fun to write as it was just so out there really.

Erm, yes, Audrey definitely did start this story with a bang but I thought I might as well cut to the chase and show you what she's like as there is no such thing as Audrey having a quiet day.

Aw, thank you so much! I think she's like that because I've read quite a lot of Next Gen stories where Audrey is essentially a female version of Percy which I don't think is what she would really be like as Percy did change a lot with coming back to fight, so I imagine he would want someone who could create a positive change within him hence why Audrey is like this. Woooh for Draco too! I wanted to redeem him a bit here, as I do love him and wanted him to have a happy time after the war rather than sad and depressed.

Hahah, I'm glad you like her but for how long.? Yes, her colleagues were lots of fun to write as they were just so different from everyone else!

Aw, yes, they are a lot of fun and Verity definitely helps a lot in regards to Audrey and Percy ;) Though you are right in how they don't exactly hit it off in this chapter.

I know, Percy is just rather arrogant, but I would like to put it down to him being rather shy rather than anything else as I'm sure he is a nice guy deep down. Erm, yes, it may take slightly longer than that but they do get together eventually.

Aw, thank you for this wonderful review and apologies for taking so long to get to it!! ♥


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Review #23, by merlins beard Bam, Bam, Bam! Goes My Life

14th April 2015:
Ooooh finally... another chapter.

I love how easy it is for Audrey and James to talk to each other and it's great to see how cool she is about all that.

I think the reason Audrey is being taken is that she brewed that potion to "delete" dark marks... I hope she gets through all this without too much trouble. I bet Percy is going to help her.

Can't wait for them to finally get together. It's sooo sweet how George almost tells Audrey that Percy likes her...

I hope there'll be a new chapter soon, because you're leaving me hanging here, fighting the urge to bite my nails in anxiety. If I don't have any fingernails left by the time you update again, I'm blaming you. ;)

Keep up the great work, i can't wait for more.


Author's Response: Hey Anja, yes, I finally updated this as it was long overdue!

I know, I imagine her being a godparent to their children in the future and being this super cool aunt everyone wants and is jealous of.

Yes, that definitely is part of it, though the severity of her crime is explored in the next chapter as well as the role of Percy.

I know, they really are cute and it won't be long now, and there are some moments in the next chapter ;)

I can promise you the wait won't be as long as last time, but the coming weeks are a little hectic so I'll try my best. :)

Thanks for this fab review! ♥


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Review #24, by nott theodore Bam, Bam, Bam! Goes My Life

14th April 2015:
Hey Kiana! Yay, I'm so excited to see another chapter of this story up (and I just sneaked to your page to see Ides has been updated too, I have so much to read)! Although this review might be a bit rubbish as I need to go and get food and so I have to rush a bit :P

The conversation at the beginning of the chapter was interesting - I feel like there's something I'm blanking on but I'm really curious about why Eileen was annoyed with her and whether it also somehow links into everything else that's happening in Audrey's life at the moment. It might do, or it might just be that Eileen's having a bad day and taking her mood out on Audrey. But it was emphasised more than that would be, I think, with James saying later that Eileen's never annoyed at her and stuff, so I'm inclined to think that there is something behind it and it's got some significance for the plot. I just don't know what yet :P

The conversation with James was suitably awkward :P I had to laugh at the way that Audrey was dealing with things though and that her assessment of herself included owning a cat as being a sign of a mature adult. But I liked the way that she decided just to bring it up and out into the open because that way it was easier to deal with. It was sweet to see that James was so relieved to hear her talking about it as well, and the fact that she was okay with him being with Oliver. It was sad that he pointed out that so many people can't deal with him being gay and ask questions about whether he's really sure about it and stuff, but I thought it was a realistic portrayal of the sort of thing that happens.

Audrey's internal monologue was brilliant, once again. She's just such a vivid and likeable character and I really enjoy reading the story from her perspective. I know that I say that in pretty much every one of my reviews on this story, but it is true and it's one of my favourite things about this story. She's so funny with the way that she thinks about things and gets carried away with thoughts in the middle of a conversation or something.

I really enjoyed seeing George and Angelina again too! I'm starting to appreciate how difficult it is to write them but you do such a great job, and I really loved the way that George acted here, and his dialogue just seemed really in character. It made me laugh that Audrey arrived at one of the worst possible moments, probably, with the discussion about love potions going on - both Verity and Angelina expect that Audrey will be on their side and then it turns out that Audrey's actually the one who produced the potion for the shop. Oops!

Hmm, the hints that George was dropping about Percy are really interesting - I wonder if Percy's confided in him and said that he likes Audrey! I definitely think that Percy likes her and is probably more ready to admit it to himself than Audrey would be, and even though she's awkward the problem is likely more deep-rooted. When I think of all the things that have happened in her past, especially with her mum leaving, it's not going to be easy for her to form close bonds with people because there's always going to be that fear of them leaving. Anyway... I'm intrigued to see Percy again and how things develop between them!

Oh wow, I was not expecting the end of this chapter, not at all. I thought you did a fantastic job of creating the tension with the Aurors arriving and knocking on the doors - even though Audrey wasn't really involved so much in the war, I think those fears would still have existed for her, and it's clear that for George and Angelina and Verity, those fears haven't gone away. George is still ready tor react as well, as if the instinct to protect himself and the people he cares about will never go away. It's kind of sad to think that the war had such an impact.

The Aurors were really rough in the way they handled finding and arresting Audrey! I was kind of surprised at that, since she wasn't actually resisting in the first place or running away from them or anything, so bashing down the door and then stunning poor Verity was really terrible. But I was even more shocked at the fact they arrested Audrey for making that potion to help Draco! I wouldn't have thought that it would actually be something worth arrest!

I don't know what's happened to Draco, but I think that Penelope might have had something to do with all of this. And I'm worried about Audrey being able to get out, too, because she's not always great in situations that require quick-thinking and I don't want her to end up in even more trouble! I'm kind of thinking that Percy might turn up and do a Mark Darcy and help her get out of prison, but that's the only theory I can come up with at the moment :P

This was another great chapter and I was really happy to see it up - everything is so hectic for you right now and it can't be easy to find time to write as well, but I love reading this when you do get time to update! ♥

Sian :)

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Review #25, by merlins beard Awkwardness Abound

3rd April 2015:
I really like the plot, this story is great. You might wanna go through it again to fix a few grammar mistakes.

I can't wait for Audrey and Oliver''s breakup...

Author's Response: Thank you, and yes this story does need quite an overhaul, I just need to find the time for it :P Aw, I couldn't wait for it too, thanks for the fab review! ♥

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