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Review #1, by krazyboutharryginny An Empty House

5th April 2015:
"She was a shell of a woman in a shell of a house" - what a fantastic line! This really sets the tone and mood for the rest of the story beautifully.
This story is so sad. The imagery is very vivid, which really makes Andromeda's pain and heartbreak much more palpable. I love the connections you made to the original myth of Perseus and Andromeda - how clever!
I'm so glad Harry brought Teddy to her, and that things started looking up at the end!

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Review #2, by Your Secret Santa An Empty House

24th December 2014:
“She was a shell of woman in a shell of a house.” Okay, what is this piece of brilliance? This was the first line that really— like, REALLY— stood out to me. I mean, there were definitely more to come, but this? This was perfect, exactly describing Andromeda and her existence.

(I’m your Secret Santa, by the way. Nice to meet you ;] MOVING ON)

Another line, well, paragraph: “Andromeda tasted salt and raised a hand to wipe the tears streaming down her cheeks. Everyone she loved was dead. She was the only one left. She was like her namesake, an ancient maiden chain to a rock as a sacrifice to a monster. She could not leave to join the rest of her family. She was trapped in this world.” OMG, the feels. The feels for this old lady with nothing left in the world. The feels. This paragraph is the one that ensures you will not leave this one-shot with your heart intact.

Another thing: I love how you personified (if that’s the right word— I hope it is) Fate. It was smart to bring an slightly overused idea like that in to help out with the mythology theme, and coupled with an old-fashioned name like Nymphadora and your beautiful writing style, it really snares the reader.

If you haven’t noticed yet, this review is going to pretty much be complete gushing on all the goodness of this fic.

““Of course not,” Andromeda said, remembering all those summers that she had spent in that dark and dingy house. A child deserved a bright and happy home, not something that closely resembled Azkaban.” She remembers! Well, of course she remembers, but still. And the comment about the child deserving a bright and happy home is also pre-tty boss, and shows her maternal instinct, which was a bit glossed over while talking about Tonks.

“Perhaps Andromeda no longer needed Perseus to save her. It seemed as though she now had a sufficient alternative.” Since you’re an amazing writer, you know just how important a perfect closing line is. This one is short, succinct, and offers hope while not completely releasing it. It lets us know that the story’s not over and the healing process has only begun, but that we can trust that Andromeda will be okay. 

Anyways. Great story. It focuses in on Andromeda, and not just one aspect of her but all of them. The writing is gorgeous, and the storyline even more so. Keep writing, and look out for another review!

-Secret Santa (I almost put my real name here, oops!)

Author's Response: SECRET SANTA! HI :D

First, can I please tell you how amazing that banner you made me was? Seriously, I put it up and now I can't stop looking at it! Secondly...all these compliments are making me blush :'D

Ah, it's been so long since I wrote this story and thank you so much for reminding how much I loved writing it! Andromeda and Greek Mythology were like my favourite things those days (probably still are) and I was so nervous to put this story up. I'm so thrilled that you like it!

I honestly feel that Andromeda herself was glossed over during the series. I mean, this woman was a powerful witch who was brave enough to marry the man she loved, even if it meant being estranged from her family. She'd been through so much and still managed to carry on.

As you've probably noticed, this was more of a characterisation heavy piece that I hoped to intersperse with description. The fact that you liked both of these aspects makes me want to squee with happiness.

Amazing writer? Me? Psh, you're too nice. This was totally the best Christmas present ever and thank you so much!

(Now I have to find out who you are.)
*puts detective cap on*

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Review #3, by adluvshp An Empty House

7th March 2014:
Blackout battle 6/15

I am not much of a Greek Mythology fan but I really liked this.
Your characterisation of Andromeda was interesting and I enjoyed it.
I especially loved how you showed Andromeda was the "unhappiest" of her sisters. That was a different concept.
Your descriptions were beautiful too and helped me connect with her. I really felt for her while reading this.
The use of Perseus as a metaphor was just brilliant too.
The ending was amazing, it was very fitting, and hopeful, and sweet, and really i just loved the story.

Great work!!

Author's Response: Sorry for taking so long to respond!

I think the point of writing a greek mythology based story is that even people who don't normally like greek mythology can enjoy it. I'm thrilled that you feel this way.

Andromeda as I've always said is one of my favourite characters in the series. Although I normally like to portray her as the rebel and the girl who stands up for what she believes is, it was interesting and fun to write a melancholy Andromeda. I'm glad you liked her characterization.

I think the Perseus metaphor was something I could never exclude, it's the whole reason for why I wrote the story. It's great that you liked it. I was worried that I wasn't being too clear on what exactly the myth was so thank you for putting my worries to rest :)

Seriously, thank you so much for all the reviews you've given me in the recent past and that lovely message on my profile feed. I'm so grateful to everyone here who encourages me to write more. Thanks a million!

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Review #4, by LilyLou An Empty House

7th January 2014:
Hi, here for our Review Swap!

This was such a sweet one shot! Andromeda' feelings were perfect, and I love how you incorporated Narcissa's feelings toward everything. It was exactly how I would picture it. I love how depressing it was, because it reflected everything Andromeda was feeling.

Brilliant story! So sweet!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for all your wonderful thoughts on the story! I'm so glad that you liked it :)

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Review #5, by shez An Empty House

5th January 2014:
Hi there! YOu may not remember but we review-swapped a while ago and it completely slipped my mind and I'm really sorry and I'm here to make up for it. Again, really sorry.

SO I love the mythological undertones of this story, because I've never seen that used with Andromeda. I like how you made her --in spite of having been the most independent of her sisters -- also the unhappiest. It's funny (or tragic) the way life works out sometimes. I like how you state that Bellatrix is "happy" in her disillusion---I just find interesting because she's the character we know the most about from the novels, and it's a cool twist. I really felt for Andromeda, and I'm glad you gave her a somewhat-hopeful-if-bittersweet ending. And I love your last lines! Showing that it is possible to move past old loss :)

I really liked these lines:

“Of course not,” Andromeda said, remembering all those summers that she had spent in that dark and dingy house. A child deserved a bright and happy home, not something that closely resembled Azkaban.

it really shows how different she is from the rest of her family, but also that she empathizes with her grandson's situation.

Lovely one-shot!

Author's Response: Hi shez! Of course I remember the review swap and that you for this lovely review :) No need to apologise; I know better than anyone how real life can interfere with everything :P

It is rather ironic that although Andromeda is the freest of all the sisters, she's still the most upset with the way things have turned out for her. I'm glad that you liked the Greek Mythology spin, it's something which I enjoyed writing.

I'm not a fan of sad endings and I believe that there is always something that we can learn from every situation. You know, she life gives you lemons, make lemonade? Yeah, as cheesy as it sounds, I felt that really was the motto of my story. Maybe Andromeda didn't have Ted anymore, but she had Teddy and she would learn to make the best of that situation instead of wallowing in the sadness of her loss.

Thanks so much for this review! I'm glad that you enjoyed this story!

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Review #6, by MissesWeasley123 An Empty House

16th December 2013:


I just love this so much. &hearts' I don't know whether this is your first fic, but if it is, wow - this is beautiful. Even if it wasn't it'd still be beautiful lol, but I was terrible when I first started. I just loved the imagery and the scene you painted throughout the piece, and especially in the beginning paragraphs. It's amazing how you write.

This concept was so cool, my mind was blown. I loved how you used Perseus as a metaphor, and compared it to her relationship with Ted - it was brilliant. And really clever. I thought you did a wonderful job with this.

The ending was such a nice touch too, and you brought the piece to such a perfect close. It was amazing. You write really well. Keep up the excellent work!

Author's Response: Hey!

We certainly need to be besties. Except that i'll be reviewing your stories too because they are amazing!

This is the first story that I've ever had the courage to put up. Trust me I was terrible when I started too (I nearly failed creative writing classes in junior school). Plus the lovely Lululuna beta'd this story and I'm eternally grateful to her :)

Thank you so much for all the compliments and the wonderful review! You really brightened my day :D I'm just going to go dump my face in a bucket of ice now. My face is positively burning ;)

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Review #7, by True Author An Empty House

14th December 2013:
Oh, this was beautiful! You've done a wonderful job in describing Andromeda's state of mind and it all seems real while reading. I simply loved the descriptions in the first two paragraphs, for I find it very hard to describe a building. You've done it with great ease, so I admired it. ;)

Poor, poor Andromeda! I always feel bad for her. I've often wondered why Narcissa can have her son and her husband alive, but Andromeda has to lose them all? That question was reflected here very nicely.

I didn't know the Mythology bit! I'm not familiar to any foreign myths, though I love Indian ones, so the connection seemed great. I'll be sure to go and check the Perseus thing. It's made me curious!

I just thought that Harry entered and exited a bit quickly. I mean, you can't leave a baby like that, you know? So maybe you can mention he handed her Teddy's luggage or something? That's pretty small, but it just seemed a bit down compared to the other beautiful parts you have here.

Overall, this was a great read! Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm really glad you liked the description. This is probably the first time describing a building as the centre of attention so...yay!

Andromeda is probably one of my favourite female characters in the series (don't even get me started about male characters) and I've always admired how despite losing everything she held close, she still remained a woman of pride and dignity. Still, there must have been moments after the war where she was on the verge of losing it. I know that I would have been.

Aah, the downsides of incorporating mythology. Not everyone gets it. I tried to explain the myth a bit but it looks like I'll have to work on that more. I LOVE Indian myths. I've been reading them for ten years and my mother keeps complaining at the amount of Amar Chithra Kathas that keep piling up in my room. I love Indian epics as well like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Indian pride yo!

Oh! I never thought about Harry's part being a bit rushed. Thanks for pointing that out! I'll go back and edit it. See, this is why I love reviews- they really point out what authors sometimes miss in all the excitement to finish a story.

Thanks once again for this brilliant review!

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Review #8, by UnluckyStar57 An Empty House

6th December 2013:
Hi! Go Team Bronze!!! :D

I get to be one of the first reviewers of this story, yay!! I must say, your writing style is LOVELY.

I loved all the description that you put into it, and how you really set the stage for Andromeda's sadness with the bleakness of the house and the outside world. I could picture everything, and what a sad picture it made!

The way you tied in the myth of Perseus and Andromeda was quite ingenious. Andromeda Black lost her Perseus, just like in the myth, but she lost MORE than that--she lost her daughter. I loved the little flashback of the charity ball because it really helped establish the relationship between Andromeda and Ted, which we don't often see.

The arrival of Harry with Teddy Lupin was Andromeda's saving grace. Unlike the myth, she doesn't need a Perseus anymore. She has something else to live for. :)

Thanks for writing such an awesome story!


Author's Response: WOW. Thank you for such an awesome review!
Team Bronze rules!! Thanks for all the compliments and words of encouragement about my style and description, they really made my day. My month, actually.
Greek Mythology is a subject that I've always been extremely fond of, so I tend to link my stories to them. It's become quite a habit off late. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
The main point of the story was that I wanted to drive the readers away from the notion that Andromeda needed a dashing hero to save her. Sometimes solutions come in the most surprising of ways.
Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to write such a wonderful review :)

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Review #9, by toomanycurls An Empty House

5th December 2013:

Oh dear this is a tear jerker. I always felt bad for Andromeda after DH. She did lose everyone she loved and ended up with her tiny grandson. You took me from 'feeling a bit sad' about her story to it completely breaking my heart.

I particularly loved the parallel to Greek Mythology you had. It made her story seem even more familiar and tragic. The dreary gloom she was living in was nearly overwhelming and utterly sad.

Then she started to reminince about Tonks. It was such a brief part of the story but it stung me to read through it. I loved the idea of Tonks trying to prove herself braver than a Gryffindor throughout her school days and her career selection.

Ted's section was so full of love and loss. The analogy of her grief being the sea was perfect.

Harry couldn't have arrived at a better time or with a better request. I imagine that raising Teddy rescued Andromeda from that overwhelming grief.


Author's Response: Hi Rose!
Andromeda has always been one of my favourite female characters in the series. She's sort of represented all the characteristics I aim to possess. She's rebellious and not afraid to defy rules that her family had followed for centuries.
That being said, she faced a lot of tragedies after the war when the only family she could call crumbled in front of her. I really wanted to write a story about how she managed to cope after the war and voila.
I'm glad you liked the connection to Greek Mythology. I'm a huge Mythology fan and I really like to incorporate myths into stories. Old is gold right?
I felt that the books hadn't really explained why Tonks was so ardent for adventure. One could reason it to genetics, arguing that Andromeda was probably as daring, but Andromeda had a reason for her nature and I felt that Tonks needed one too.
I think that Harry truly saved the day. Teddy was like a fresh start for Andromeda, a way to pick up the pieces and start anew. I'm happy that you enjoyed the story and thank you so much for reviewing!

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