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Review #1, by MissesWeasley123 Absolutely Brilliant

25th December 2013:
Hi! Merry Christmas!

Wow, this was a really sweet piece. I'm so glad you gave me this story to read because it was great, and really made my morning. It had this great sweet feeling to it, and Victoire was an amazing narrator. I really enjoyed getting to know her and Teddy's story.

One bit of CC I'd like to get out of the way is Theodore Remus Lupin. I am pretty sure Teddy is a nickname for Edward. Jo Rowling released that in Lupins story. That bit just took away from the final impact of the concluding paragraph. Otherwise this piece was amazing.

I loved how their relationship developed from when they were children to adults. It was magical. I loved the little things they did to get on each others nerves and the way you wrote it was with such tenderness and care.

The idea was amazing, to be looking through an album. It probably has been done before, but you added in your own twists to it. You very carefully wrote the flashbacks, because it's really easy to mess them up and ruin the flow.

Anyway, great job on this! Have a good holiday!

Author's Response: Thanks for the lovely review! I'm so happy you enjoyed reading it. I've always seen Teddy as a Theodore, never an Edward, but I'll look into that. Thanks again for the lovely review!

Merry Christmas!


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Review #2, by maraudertimes Absolutely Brilliant

7th December 2013:
AW!!! This is so sweet! I really really liked this and it was so cute and beautiful!

However, I do have a few CCs:

"...before telling them not to touch it, before turning to me, a look glowing in his golden eyes." The two befores makes this sentence a little strange.

"I could hear Aunt Ginny and Uncle Georgeís laughter from behind the house, where they stood watching us." It seems a little strange that while Victoire is screaming and freaking out, the adults are chuckling. Of course, if you add that Vic screams a lot for no reason, or something that makes it not unusual for her to freak out without the adults coming to her aid, then it would be as... weird? I don't know, it just seems strange that no adults would come to help her when a boy three years older than her is forcing her to do something.

Also, the part where they tie Teddy up, it sees strange that he would look 'disgusted.' Of course, if he had made some sort of Gryffindor joke that would seem all right, but to be disgusted? I don't think someone whose father was a Gryffindor, and whose honorary family (or god-family... I don't really know...) was all Gryffindors. But honestly, it seems like a Weasley thing to do, tying him up in a chair, so just the reason behind it could be altered a teensy bit? Although, I really did love their revenge! :)

"...she had worn to Mamanís baby shower for Louis." I thought Dominique and Louis were twins? So the baby shower would be for Dom and Louis, not just Louis. Also, it seems like in the rest of the story that Louis is younger than Dominique. Either altering his characterization throughout the story or omitting that Louis and Dom are twins would really help that confusion.

Other than that, though, it was super cute. I love how their... not hatred, but annoyance I guess, with each other stemmed into some sort of intense dislike, although it did seem like Teddy was starting to... shall we say develop feelings for Victoire even before she realized her true feelings for him? I just thought the entire thing was super cute, especially the mistletoe and not caring if someone took a picture.

This was a really sweet story, and if the things I pointed out were either explained a little better or altered, that would skyrocket this one-shot from really good to super amazing.

But seriously, I really loved it. And to know she was looking through the photos because she was now engaged? Squeal! I loved that! It was so sweet! And that he changed his eye colour for her only? Maybe Teddy liked her even back then? I don't know, everything was just so cute and... gosh! I loved this! :)

Great job!

Author's Response: Lo!

Thanks for the great CC's. I'm always up for that! I'll change everything, but Dom and Louis aren't definitely twins, I don't believe. As far as I know, JK never said they were twins. Sometimes they are, but that's fanfictions.

Thanks for the lovely compliments! I'm so happy you liked this story.


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Review #3, by LightLeviosa5443 Absolutely Brilliant

5th December 2013:
Hi! So I came to read this for the Ravenclaw Review Tag, but it got snagged from me. This story was just so wonderful I had to leave a comment saying how much I absolutely positively loved it!!

I've only read one other Victoire/Teddy story, and this made me want to read a thousand more. I love the idea of going through a picture album and looking back at every single christmas they had, even if they were on the verge of killing each other some of the time.

I think you did a brilliant job of incorporating both of the aspects of the prompts from the challenges, and giving it a personal flare. Your title is incredible by the way. I think because you named the story Absolutely Brilliant, it makes that last simple ending line of the story so much more powerful.

Anywho, I just wanted to leave a quick review because this story was so great, and to thank you again for helping me earlier!

xoxo LL

p.s. I just noticed we sign with the same initials!

Author's Response: LL!

Thanks so much for the lovely review! I'm so happy that it was worth my time and effort of writing!


p.s. Yeah, we do!

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Review #4, by UnluckyStar57 Absolutely Brilliant

5th December 2013:
Hello! I'm here from the Blue vs. Bronze review battle. Go Team Bronze! :)

This was a really cute one-shot! I loved all of the flashbacks. They were described in such vivid detail, and the characterization of the kiddies was super adorable! :D

Victoire and Teddy's relationship is really neat. I like how they go from being cute little kids to preteens to teenagers, and with every stage of life, their relationship evolves slightly. You did a brilliant job of making all of that happen! :)

This is an extremely well-written story! Good luck in the challenges that you entered!


Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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Review #5, by toomanycurls Absolutely Brilliant

4th December 2013:
Review swap!

This is a sweet story. I really like the idea of a romance that budded in childhood and came to fruition when they were teenagers. You've captured some truly beautiful moments in their lives. It's even more romanticized with the Christmas touch points in their love story.

You did a great job showing the ups and down of their relationship. I really liked the hints of jealousy between them, frustration with one another, and flat out denying feelings for each other.

The way you've described his eyes is brilliant. I really liked the idea of his eyes flickering back to his natrual color at key moments. It's such a wonderful tell about his emotions.


Author's Response: Rose!

Thanks so much! Im relieved that you enjoyed it. I was nervous when first posting it. Thanks so much for the lovely comments!


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Review #6, by SilverRoses Absolutely Brilliant

1st December 2013:
Hello, I am here to review for my challenge :) thank you so much for entering!

First off: you mistletoe scene was adorable, I absolutely loved it! You totally captured what I was hoping for in the challenge.

Another thing I liked about the story was how you showed how she got all of the pictures, as in, her noticing there was someone taking a picture in the last one, or saying that Angelina managed to capture a picture when she was yelling at Teddy. Sometimes I find that people don't explain why there is a picture of something when there were only two people there, you get my point? So I liked that.

My favorite line:
Everyone started muttering, but I ignored it and kept talking. "Teddy believes that being sorted into Gyrffindor isn't a big deal." James and Freddie yelled in protest. "So we need to get him back for saying something so vile!"

The wording there was brilliant!

I like how you have gone through the years, telling scenes from them that are very realistic for their ages at the time, especially the girls wearing their aunts'/mothers' dresses.

The way she remembers Remus Lupin, describing Teddy, was sweet, and I thought it added a nice touch.

Two things:
1) In the beginning, you spell 'Freddy' with a 'y', and halfway through change to 'ie'.
2) In the second paragraph, you say 'it was he,' which should be 'it was him'.

Otherwise, well done! By the way, I love the title - I am a total sucker for adorable titles. And how you work the title into the story was wonderful.

Thanks again for participating! Happy Holidays!


Author's Response: Kelsi!

Thanks for the lovely review. I'm so happy you liked it. And I'm a sucker for adorable titles as well. I tried to catch all the Freddy misspellings (I'm bipolar when it comes to spelling that), so I'll definitely go back through and fix everything. Easy, minor fix. Thanks for pointing it out! And 'It was he' was an accident, lol. I'll fix that up as well!

Thanks so much! Happy Holidays to you as well!


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Review #7, by patronus_charm Absolutely Brilliant

30th November 2013:
Hey there Janelle! Here with your challenge review :D

I have to say, I really loved this one-shot! ♥ The structure of it was what really made it in my opinion. It meant that we got the full story of Teddy and Victoire and found out how they ended up being together and how each Christmas shaped their relationship. I thought that even though the sections in the present were the more minor ones, they still managed to keep up with the flashbacks which is something impressive.

Both Victoire and Teddyís characterisation was really great in my opinion. Victoire had this lovey firey thing about her which was shown really well with the way she reacted to what Teddy said about being in Gryffindor and definitely kept me laughing a while. Then there was Teddy who was a true son of Tonks and proud of his Hufflepuffness which was really sweet. I thought you brought both parentís characters into this story really well which was great.

Itís a hard thing having to choose my favourite flashbacks but I finally managed to narrow it down to two. The first being the one in Victoireís first year of Hogwarts and the whole Gryffindor not being great. The way the cousins took it all so seriously and the way they all had their own characters in the meeting was really great and had me chuckling. I just wish I had a copy of the photo of Teddy now.

Then the one with the mashed potato incident. Victoire just seemed to be a spitting image of angry Fleur then with the way the profanities just kept on rolling out and that had me laughing. I think the thing which really made was the way you all gave them a unique reaction so it didnít feel samey or anything like it.

Just a small note on this line Ď Freddy, too, looked like a porcelain doll in the snow,í as porcelain is usually white it didnít make much sense as Freddy has a mum whoís black so he canít really be porcelain :P

Anyhow, this was a really great Christmas one-shot has definitely put me in the Christmas cheer! :D


Author's Response: Kiana!

Thanks for the lovely review. I really worked hard on this one. It came to me in a dream. And I've actually been working on it for two weeks. I'm so happy that you liked this and the structure.

As for the porcelain, all I can say is 'whoops'. I feel stupid :p I do know that Freddy would have more of a faker complexion, so he can't be porcelain.

Thanks so much! I hope I have a shot it your challenge!


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Review #8, by marauderfan Absolutely Brilliant

30th November 2013:
Hi! Here for our swap :)

Aw, this was cute! So fluffy and Christmassy :) I really like the first few lines, about Teddy's eyes and the tea, it was sweet. I loved the prank where they dressed him up in Gryffindor colours! Also I love that you made him a Hufflepuff. I've always thought of him that way as well.

For some reason I also really loved the girls getting dressed up in Angelina's old fancy dresses and trying to walk in heels. Mainly because I love the idea of tough Quidditch player Angelina having a collection of uselessly fancy clothes :p But the inclusion of all Vic's cousins in this was great, and I love that it was Freddie that hung mistletoe for his own purposes. In this story the Weasleys come across as a big, meddlesome but fun-loving family and I thought you wrote them very well!

The writing style was great, I love the way the story is told as Victoire flicks through a photo album, seeing how she and Teddy grew up and how it led her to where she is.

Great work!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for this fantastic review! It made me smile. I'm so happy you enjoyed this! I was worried that it was too fluffy.



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