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Review #1, by WhiteFeather Never A Secret With This Lot

7th August 2015:
Hi, I have a criticism to make- sorry. This wasn't Rose's 'mistake'. She was raped. Please don't make light of this and turn this into something that was her fault, or some joke, or plot twist.

Author's Response: Hi.

No, that's okay, please don't apologise.

I meant more that her mistake was drinking too much. "Drunk Rose should not be allowed to live"- Al knows how it is. I think Sam took advantage of a drunk woman, Rose would have given consent in her state.

Rape is no joke. I know that.

I hope that clears things up. I'm sorry if I've offended anyone. I really am.

Emz xxx

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Review #2, by TidalDragon Finding Out More

19th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 - Gryffindor

Hello again! To address your A/N questions first, I DO actually enjoy the characters. Thus far you've done a solid job of giving them different personalities and in some cases unexpected traits and dynamics. I do think Scorpius having a literal fan club runs a bit far, but hey - to each their own!

One of the things I would focus on going forward though is again finding a way to not be as literal. Certainly some characters are more literal than others (and Rose is a potential strong candidate given that Ron is her father), but if you allow that to run unchecked it has two principle effects: (1) it leaves a lot less to the reader's imagination and (2) it nullifies your ability to utilize a lot of powerful writing tools (description, imagery, and metaphor being the most obvious examples). Going forward I would encourage you to let your reader discover these relationships and dynamics on their own as the story itself simply progresses. Resist the urge to define it for us because I think you have given Rose the voice and you have the talent to let it play out instead!

Thanks for sharing!

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Review #3, by TidalDragon Hogwarts So Far

19th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 - Gryffindor

Howdy! Since everybody is mostly reviewing short one-shots, I figured I'd do something a little different and give a novel some love.

As far as an introductory chapter goes, one of your goals is obviously to make it so your reader can hit the ground running and I think you accomplished that here. Though it was basically a retrospective, one of the things I did appreciate about it was that it gave your MC a definitive voice right off the bat - something that's crucial in all pieces, but even more so in a first-person story.

That said, I do feel that despite being a retrospective introduction, there was just too much telling going on for this chapter to achieve optimum effectiveness. I think this is underscored by the fact that you return to the present (7th year) at the end because it demonstrates that you could've set the start of 7th year here up in such a way as to cover almost all of the background in a more natural way. Just using a few examples, you could have Rose walking through to corridors in conversation with Albus or Beau and have them walk by a trophy case - thus hitting Dominique's Triwizard win, the Albus/Beau relationship and various other things via description and dialogue rather than recitation.

Just a thought, but I'm interested to see how the style adjusts going forward.

Thanks for sharing!

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Review #4, by lee Plans.

26th February 2015:
Omg I love this story it is so so great, well done! Please update soon I can't wait to see some ScoRose things actually happening-and when they tell the other lovebirds!

Author's Response: Hi lee,

You do? I love that you love it! Thank you so much for writing a review to tell me so!

I'm updating if and when I can at the moment, everything's got a little busy in Real Life right now!

But I am still going!

Thank you so much for writing and review and saying such lovely things!

Emz xxx

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Review #5, by LovelyLoopyLuna Back to Normal

17th February 2015:
Okay I have already reviewed the last chapter and can't leave another (who knew?!?!) please come back and keep writing. You promised you were still updating! I am so enjoying this!!

Author's Response: Hey again!
I do love a review! I don't mind more of them at all!

And I will promise it again! More will come!
But, it isn't as often as I'm sure you hope though!
I've got LOADS of WIPs going on at the moment AND I've got mocks & exams etc going on at the moment... so I have to focus most of my attention on those.

Emz xxx

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Review #6, by LovelyLoopyLuna Secret It Is

1st February 2015:
I'm really enjoying this story I love how you portray the characters. Your spelling leaves a little to be desired but it doesn't take away from the story. Are you going to finish it??? Please please please say yes!

Author's Response: Awww! Thank you!
Yeah... Spelling is not my strong point... But, the more I seem to write... The better it becomes!

I will indeed be finishing this but when is the issue.
Real Life is getting in the way quite a bit right now, but as soon as it's over I will direct my attention to this story, I haven't don't anything for it in a while... So it probably feels a bit neglected!

Emz xxx

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Review #7, by Keanna A Certain Surprise

13th July 2014:
Keep posting! Thank you!! LOVE IT :) Whatever happened to the guy who was blackmailing her?

Author's Response: Hey!

I will! Don't you worry!
No, thank YOU, for reading and reviewing, it means the world to me! :)
I'm sorry to say, he will return!

Emz xxx

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Review #8, by magicalmayhem 2 Rules.

2nd May 2014:
I'm terrible at reviews but I love this story and can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Don't say that!
This is great for me, I appreciate every single review I get, whether amazingly long or not!
Thank you! That means the world!
I shall keep writing for you then!

Emz xxx

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Review #9, by lovegoodlooney Hogwarts So Far

18th April 2014:
Wow amazing! You're an excellent writer! Mind checking my new (and first) story on this, Torn? No reads yet but I just want to know if its good. Amazing story :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much!
That means the world!
I'll check out yours absolutely, as long as you check out my other stories!
And make sure you keep me updated while reading mine!
I love reviews so much! I'm sure you can probably understand!
Emz xxx

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Review #10, by Aly Perhaps More Complex

13th April 2014:
Oh my gosh. This is literally the second best thing. After harry potter of course! I cannot wait for more!!! I loved hermione and Ron, and now I love scor and rose just as much! You are on awesome writer. You should write a novel. I would definitely read it as soon as it came out!

Author's Response: You can't possibly understand how amazing I feel right now after reading that! You have put the biggest smile on my face!
It means the world!
I'm glad you loved my characters! So very glad!
THANKS YOU! I'd love to write, I honestly would! So thanks for that complete confidence boost there! (I just hope I don't get a big head now you've said that!) And I would defiantly tell you all if I did!
Did I already say THANK YOU?
Oh well! I'm saying it again!
Please keep me updated with your views by leaving more reviews for me!
And if you liked this try reading some of my other stories (admittedly they aren't the same sort of set up but I hope you enjoy them all the same) , but they are my first pieces of work , so they became good around chapter 15 (it took me a while to get my style)
Thanks once more!
Big Hugs!
Emz xxx

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Review #11, by Court Is It Possible To Feel Any Worse?

7th April 2014:
I'm really glad that Rose forgave Emily as she seems like a good friend. But I still don't get why Emily and Scor kissed. That part makes no sense to me. If he's supposedly in love with Rose and Emily know that and was trying to get him to confess that to Rose, I don't see why they ended up kissing. It makes their whole declaration that they both just want Scorpius to get with Rose seem a little insincere and false, so I can see why Rose was upset about it. So I think that Scorpius needed to explain and apologize for that more since we didn't get that part of his explanation. But I'm glad they are willing to forgive each other's mistakes, I just think that Scorpius doesn't seem to want to be with only Rose as much as he claims with what happened with Emily.
And I really hope Rose doesn't let Sam do anything else with her when she doesn't like it as that's pretty creepy, and I'm sure he mother wouldn't want her to prostitute herself for any reason. Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: I hoped that would come through!
Scor simply kissed her because he was all pent up on emotions and on impulse people do stupid things (this being one). He also did like her for a reason (even if he liked Rose more). Maybe I should have made it more clear but Emily wasn't impressed with the kiss and got annoyed at Scor.
PLUS, Rose got upset at the time because she didn't know what it meant and jumped to the wrong conclusion. Although in this chapter was just joking when she threw the pillow at him because she knew that was pretty much all he did wrong.
Again, maybe I didn't make it clear and need to consider updating these chapters but I put his point of view in another chapter (Nothing Will Ever Go Right).
Good! I think he truly has some proving to do! This is why, for Rose, she doesn't want to be anything more than friends at the moment.
You have a great point there. But I don't think she'll get herself into any more trouble with that.
Thank you so much for reviewing! It means a lot! Keep it up!
Emz xxx

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Review #12, by oldershouldknowbetter Never A Secret With This Lot

5th April 2014:

no, No, No, NO, NO!!

You can't do this to us, not with a slime like Parkinson - he can't have taken Rose's first time.

I read that horrible last sentence of the previous chapter with a fair amount of dread. Hoping beyond hope that you only meant kissing/snogging. But you shattered that vague hope with this chapter.

Please, please please let it not be as it seems. Let it be some heinous plan of Parkinson's, let him have stripped her and let her think he'd done it.

*deep calming breaths*


OK maybe I can now actually start to review this chapter.

You could probably tell I didn't like the beginning of this chapter overmuch. We knew from the previous one that Rose was set to have one of those I-drank-so-much-I-cannot-remember-a-thing blinders. Especially after the monumental miscommunication between Scorpius and Rose at the party. Or is it more that the wrong things are said/done/overheard to/between the wrong people at exactly the wrong time? Whatever it is, it is such a hallmark of this story. But to wake up naked in bed with Sam Parkinson ...

In Parkinson you have a wonderful villain (did I say wonderful, I meant awful). We got a tiny taste of him in his previous, but short scene - he appeared to be quite the blaggard but somewhat ineffectual. He had to be surrounded by his gang, everyone stood up to him (except for Scorpius - see later), especially Rose, and he backed off. But the way he stood his ground seemed to point to some strength of will too - so he could end up being a challenge. It will add some strength to the story, having such a villain to overcome, and this is the element which will elevate this story above just a back-and-forth, on-again-off-again Rose and Scorpius romance.

This chapter shows his true nature - he is slime pure and simple. He took advantage of her yet he insults her and does so venomously - hating her for his own perfidy. Then in her distress deepens it by forcing her to do something abhorrent through blackmail. And it's not even herself she seeks to protect, the damage would be to her mother, and she is prepared to degrade herself to protect her mum.
"That you allow yourself to me" he smirked. Very well phrased, it feels bad and underhanded and slimy. I'ts a perfect insight into his character and makes you feel dirty just reading it.

Rose goes along with it because what else is her choice - her bravery and pluck have been smashed.

Luckily for her she has a lot of good friends. One of whom, Auttie, turns up just in time. The way you are writing Rose is fantastic and we see it over the progression of this conversation. Luckily for Rose she was too shell shocked at the beginning to dissemble, half way through she begins to regret telling even Auttie.

"Can you imagine what would happen if I told everyone?"

"I can only think of good things to be honest"

Great dialog and great characterisation.

And Scorpius cannot ever know.

We switch to Scorpius' POV.

Scorpius knows.

Firstly though we get a bit of a flashback. There are some revelations about his ex which throws her in a much better light and also explains some of his actions when Rose over-heard him and Em together (remember that miscommunication I was talking about earlier ...).

*sharp in-drawn breath* Scorpius hearing Rose talking and kissing behind her door speaks to the fact that the dirty deed may have happened after all with Rose's (drunken) consent, my hopes for Rose's virtue are plummeting.

He flees only to return in the morning and overhears everything - without Rose being aware that he does.

He processes it and realises that there are some good and bad outcomes. His revelation (to the reader at least) throws him into a better position regarding his previous lack of support for Rose against Parkinson.

The ending with the POV switching back to Rose at the end makes us hope that there will be a happy outcome to their romance in the end. The drunken insulting of Scorpius at the party, was just that, her insecurities and half-heard untruths coming to the surface through the action of alcohol.

I would say thanks for another chapter except you broke me with what you did to Rose.


Thanks for nothing

*runs away crying*

Author's Response: I'm sorry!
Honestly I am!
It pains me to do it but I had to!

I promise that even though Parkinson will stick around for a while... everything should be okay? Is that good enough?
I really tired to make Parkinson the bane of pretty much everyone's existence, that one guy that just is too arrogant for anyone's liking and really does think he is some sort of God's gift. Hopefully you got that. He is not going to be easy to get rid of. Trust me. Everything tends to get worse before it gets better though... just remember that. I'd say that he is indeed slimy and that line you quoted? It literally made me feel disgusting writing it, but I could so vividly picture him saying it.

Rose, if you haven't already figured out, is very family orientated and even though she's a Ravenclaw has some pretty confident Gryffindor qualities (I mean, you know who her parents are, so how couldn't she). She cares very much about her Mum, as she's always had a very close relationship with her, so it's almost an instant reflex to protect her (as well as the rest of her family). Bless you so much for saying that my writing for Rose is fantastic, I do try really hard! (Rose is by far my favourite Next Gen kid)

So, you liked that Scorpius knows?
How do you feel about Emily? Do you like her more now? How did you feel about her before?

Again, I'm sorry, but there is no way she didn't. (sorry for crushing your hopes)

I love Scorpius so much, which meant that I couldn't have you readers hating him too much for too long!

You are hit it on the head with that last bit, Rose and Scorpius will always have difficulties I feel in this story, but hopefully it should come out Rosie (sorry about that pun... I couldn't help it). It was her real feelings, insecurities, problems, upsets and everything else- coming out to her best friend. Who on a certain level she knows is right in front of her, so she has to tell him even though she doesn't really realise fully that she's talking about him.


I just have to say. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH FOR REVIEWING IT MEANS THE ACTUAL WORLD. You wrote such amazing things and really gave me an insight to your feelings about the chapter and honestly you probably don't realise how happy you've made me by doing this.
Please continuing reviewing because I really enjoy hearing your opinions and knowing perhaps if you have any criticisms, would be of course, very welcome!

(also... sorry again...)
*virtual hug*

Emz xxx

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Review #13, by Elizabeth Lynn Nothing Will Ever Go Right

27th March 2014:
Quite a good story, you have a very good writing technique, and a good cliff hanger at the end there! I think Scor is being a jerk and good on Rose to stand up to him like that, but i am not sure if Sam would be the best person to put her with, seeing as he sounds like he just wants to use her if you know what i mean. Otherwise good story keep up the good work! (might want to cut down on the course language as it sometimes confuses the story)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It means the world that you'd a) read the story b) write a review and c) say such nice things!
I think he is too. And I think that was something Rose just needed to do and get out of her system.
What comes next wasn't something I particularly enjoyed writing for Rose but I feel it adds to the story so... Yeah, you're very good for spotting that out!
Thank you! I will try- if that's somewhere I fall.
If you could review some more that would be great and if you're a fan of ScoRose I've written some more about them in other stories- so go take a look! (If you don't like it to start with bare with my earlier stories they aren't too good but develop well, even if I do say so myself)
ScoroseOTP xxx

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Review #14, by Tris  Finding Out More

30th January 2014:
Yes I would LOVE sequel to a persons a person no matter how small. Maybe from another perceptive would be cool.(like Al) Or it might be interesting to read something from Percy/Charlie perspective on the war or while their sibs were at Hogwarts. That has good potential too.

Author's Response: Okay. You're on! I'm on it, one squeal coming up my friend! Give me a bit to write a few chapters and then I can get into a system of updating as fast as possible! :)
ScoroseOTP xxx
P.S. I literally love you... Thank you so so much for taking such an interest in Livy's story and her world. I know I love it but it's great to know other people do to!

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Review #15, by Veritaserum27 Finding Out More

29th January 2014:
Aargh. What is going on with Scorpius? You have already made me start cheering for Rose and Scor to get together! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Well, what isn't going on with Scorpius? (Not a lot) he's a hormonal teenage boy whose going to release some news soon!
I'm ALWAYS cheering for Rose and Scor getting together!
Thank you! I will try!
ScoroseOTP xxx

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Review #16, by Tris  Hogwarts So Far

27th January 2014:
Hmm... I think this story is Fine, but your others are both better. I would really love to read an extension on a persons a person, or something completely different. Although this story will be good, I think it would be cool if you wrote something with a completely different plot. I enjoy reading your stuff, and am interested to see what you do next.

Author's Response: First off, thank you! It's great to hear you liked 'My Brothers and I' as well!
Like an squeal to 'A Person's a Person No Matter How Small'? Because I am very tempted... I don't want to let go of Livy's world so soon!
Or like a fancition focusing on James, Lily or anyone else?
Thank you so much though, that means a lot, glad to hear you are very interested in my work!
ScoroseOTP xxx

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