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Review #1, by adluvshp Always there

17th March 2014:
Blackout Battle 3/10

Aw, this was a very sweet and touching piece of writing. I am not a huge fan of Fred/Hermione but you made it seem very beautiful here in the AU world where Harry, Ron and Ginny were all lost in the war.

Hermione's pain was also very well written. It was believable and understandable, and I could connect with her. I felt for her and wanted to cry with her. I also liked the way Fred comforted her. It was very sweet and I am glad she had him by her side.

The plot was also good with them going away for a while after the war. Anyone would want to get away from all the pain and memories. The ending was especially sweet with how Fred proposed to her and they got married, and Hermione visiting her best friends' graves on her wedding day.

The only CC I'd give you is to work on your grammar a little bit. There are a few mistakes here and there but nothing that can't be fixed. Also, I'd suggest putting a line break between the "I promise I'm going to keep you safe" sentence and the one after that to signify that it's a different scene - that it has taken an year's leap.

Apart from that, this was a nice story and I liked reading it. Good work =)


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