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Review #1, by wolfgirl17 morning song.

8th November 2014:
This was brilliant. I love the way you describe her transformation and the way everything is different but still kind of the same. I can definitely see why you won the most original fic award. Just wonderful!

Author's Response: awh, thank you so much!! this was a lot of fun to write :D


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Review #2, by Gladis Gudgeon morning song.

7th September 2014:
I loved this story. I've actually read another story where Rose gets turned into a vampire, but it was very poorly written. This was very well done. All the usual stuff was perfect, pacing, characterization, plot, but what really stood out to me was Rose's internal monologue. You didn't just capture her character. I am truly at a lost for words trying to describe how you made Rose come to life. You could be publishing novels if you wanted. I know I would certainly buy them.
Gladis Gudgeon

Author's Response: i'm glad you liked it!! i've never read another story with vampire Rose, but if it was badly written I won't ask for the link, ahaha. I really don't know where my idea for this came from so I'm glad it's mostly original, still!

I usually don't write in first person so this was really weird for me to write, and I'm so glad you think Rose's internal monologues worked well! I try and put as much focus on characters as is possible in my fics, so it means a lot you like her *wibbles*

thank you so much


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Review #3, by Aphoride morning song.

18th August 2014:
Hey there! :) So I actually had to scroll down your page to see what I had and hadn't reviewed, because I love your work, so most of it I've already read, but I found this and I'm surprised I didn't stop by before. Vampires are just so cool... so interesting, but ah well, I get to stop by now! :)

I love how you presented Rose - she's such a beautifully complicated character. I love how she's not a victim, really, because she wanted the life she has, even if she's not totally sure about it now she has it, and she made a few mistakes, but she sort of accepts them, you know? It's such a lovely trait for her to have, and I like how she's not angry with Luc because of it, she's more angry about her family and disappointed in how they react. It's a really... can I say human? reaction to it, lol.

I loved how her family reacted, as well. They are a magical family - you can't expect them to simply be accepting of everything. There's a political thing going on underneath, with the magical creatures, and I love how you sort of delved into that with the Department of Regulation and all, the way her family are so scared of her and what she's become. It's really, really sad - both for her and for them, because she's lost her family and they've lost her, in a way, and it's just so sad that they're scared because it's so unfair. So yeah, I loved that - and I loved how Rose got angry at Hermione, because I can really, really get how and why she would be.

Also, I like how you dealt with the whole vampirism issue. Like it was just sort of... boring :P But not in a bad way as in your writing was boring, but that being a vampire wasn't much of anything special, it was more like being a different sort of person. There was this lovely sort of anti-climax where Rose was asking Luc questions, and she met his friends and it was all just so normal - like not that much different from a human life. And I loved that. The normality of her life really highlighted her family's reaction.

Hugo is amazing. 'Nuff said :P I love that boy. He and Rose have such a fabulous relationship, too. I like how he came round in the end - perhaps was always sort of round, in a way. It leaves this sort of hopeful, you know? And I like that. It's so much better than a properly 'happy' ending with everyone being friends and all...

Your writing, of course, is lovely as ever. I love your word choice and the different sections - the beginning was amazing - and the voice of Rose in this is just so strong. I remember reading your other stuff and how different this voice is to others you've written, and that kind of skill just amazes me every time.

So yes. I'm still in love with your work, and I'm so so glad you're back, and thank you so much for the swap! :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hiya! Awh you always send the best reviews, thank you so much!

I had a lot of fun with Rose in this. When I first started writing it I was writing her very differently, much more helpless, but I quickly realised i liked it much better if she wasn't just a mindless victim. The ambiguity of whether or not she wanted to be changed aside, she takes control of the situation, doesn't just totally run away from it - though she's tempted to try, at first.

Writing her family's reactions was hard for me! A lot of people have criticised it, but I stand by how I characterised the family. They don't know any better, and the wizarding world, in my opinion, is actually much more old fashioned and close minded than our world. So as sad as it is, I don't think they would easily accept her at all, because they just don't understand, and they've grown up with this ingrained fear of vampires, taught that vampires are instinctively evil... They probably feel like the rose they know is dead, really.

I was really trying to avoid as many vampire cliches as I could, because this is probably the most written about supernatural creature in the world and it's hard to get an original take on that XD so yeah, the main thing I tried to dispel was the idea that vamp life is super glamorous! So much of real life is filled with boring but essential tasks, I figured and extended life would be just the same, especially if you're in the modern day trying to be on the up-and-up, so you can't just go around stealing and biting whoever you want. It was actually really fun to write these, like , domestic vampires XD

I LOVE HUGO. whenever I put him in a story he always seems to end up the hero, oops XD I love the idea of him as a punk with a heart of gold, haha. And I'm a sucker for brother/sister cuteness, so I knew from the start that he would be the one to support Rose. I wanted to give her at least one person from the fam who was on her side!

I'm so glad you liked the writing and the whole story! This was a slightly rushed challenge entry originally so I still want to polish it up at some stage, but it means a lot you even like it as a slightly shabby version, haha!


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Review #4, by Em morning song.

8th February 2014:
10/10 once again! you're really a fantastic writer! there's such an elegance to your writing and all of your concepts are so original yet so relatable! well done!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it! This is such a lovely review. Thank you so much!


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Review #5, by TheHeirOfSlytherin morning song.

12th January 2014:
Hey, it's Sam here, reviewing your entry for my Supernatural Creature challenge. :)

Vampires are seriously misunderstood creatures. I sound like Hagrid and I don't care, I like to think that we'd agree with each other. I'm very disappointed in the Potter/Weasley family (I hope Hagrid would agree with me on this, too). I would have liked to have thought that after everything, including a war in which Muggleborns were persecuted, they would be a little more tolerable. Willing to understand and help her, even if it took a while to get used to. *tuts at them all, especially Harry, Ron and Hermione*

I'm glad she has Hugo and I hope he's just the start, that the rest of her family will eventually come around. Kinda hoping she doesn't forgive her parents quickly, though, not after the dinner... but that's the Slytherin in me. :P

I liked the friends they met in the pub, even if they scared her near the end; they just normal people and it's sad that they have be normal in dark corners of Knockturn Alley. Luck doesn't seem so bad, like Rose at the end, I don't think he's really worth it, but I don't think he's completely evil and I hope he wasn't part of the war with Voldemort.

I really enjoyed this story, it was very exciting to read, though a little sad in places.

Thank you for entering my challenge.


Author's Response: Hiya! This was such a great challenge and I really enjoyed writing for it, thank you so much for running it :D

'Vampires are misunderstood' was definitely a theme with this story, haha. I'm proud to sound like Hagrid while sending this message! I do think Hugo would be the tipping point and that the rest of the family would eventually come around, starting with Hermione, but I think it'll be a rocky journey. I have a feeling Rose would forgive them quite easily, too, though if I were in her situation I'm sure I'd be a lot more stubborn ;)

I'm glad you liked her friends. I was kind of trying to show that it's not the end of the world if she has to leave her old life behind because she does have this new group to slot into - but at the same time, she's not completely like them because she doesn't drink from humans, so it's kind of like she doesn't have anywhere to fit in anymore. She's just that little bit different from both of these two groups of people that are the different aspects of her life, which is sad because it means there's nowhere she really belongs.

I'm glad you liked this story :) Thank you so much for running this challenge, and for this lovely review!


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Review #6, by peppersweet morning song.

30th December 2013:
Hello Maia! I actually read this a while ago, but I was extra rude and didn't review you then, so I'm back for the 12 days of reviewing challenge now.

Oh, god, I feel so bad for Rose in this. This line really got to me: My family, they live by sound, a harmony of dulcet tones, they breathe with a yell, it's the only way any of them know how to communicate. Growing up I knew my parents loved each other because they fought so much so loudly and always made up at the end. - it's kind of gut-wrenching and horrible how they all just go dead quiet when they find out she's a vampire. I'm not sure if it's the same for vampirism, but Word of God suggests that JKR intended lycanthropy to be a metaphor for AIDs in the Potterverse, and I imagine vampirism is similar. I guess you can read it as a metaphor for a lot of things, really, but I'm just imagining Rose telling her family 'this horrible thing happened to me' and them all just shunning her and it makes me so, so sad. And it's even more depressing when she has to sign a ministry register because she isn't human. I think one of the things that makes it so, so sad is that it was Rose's sort-of choice to become a vampire, and in those first few bits of the story she proves entirely that she's anything but inhuman. She's so emotive but gets tarred with the same brush as freakin' Blast-Ended Skrewts when she goes to the Ministry. This is all making me quite emotional. I want to furiously blog about it for seven hours. VAMPIRE SOCIAL JUSTICE.

They think I'm this poor girl who's been ruined forever by a guy, and still keeps on loving him. - this line is also v. v. sad. Like, I can tell Rose isn't overly pleased with her predicament, but it seems like the people around her are denying her a lot of self-expression, you know? They want to see her as someone stupid who's been led astray by a boy and not a girl who is doing her best to live with what happened to her and keep herself afloat. Potters and Weasleys take note: Rose is more human than anyone for doing this.

Aand Hugo is a beautiful character. Angry music, eyeliner, and he cried when he delivered a litter of kittens. Like Rose, Hugo is my favourite too. (better be winged eyeliner)

I find it a little disturbing (in a good sort of way) how Rose's turning is a little vague, like, she didn't want it, necessarily, but she admits that a small part of her did at the time. I can't decide whether I like Luc or not. He seems niceish, but he also turned Rose into a vampire without actually asking her outright if it was okay and that's Certifiably Not Okay.

The ending is really beautiful, when Hugo reaches out to her via a blood-flavoured lollipop. It's really sweet - pun not intended - that he does this, and I hope it's the start of a happier future for Rose, even as she acknowledges that her family don't speak to her, her relationship is crumbling, and she has a poor job. I just want her to be happy, the poor thing, she's been through so much!

Anyway, sorry for the rambling and incoherent review...this was a fantastic one-shot, thank you for writing it! Also, merry belated christmas and a happy new year! ♥

Author's Response: so, it's taken me months to respond to this, because i'm a terrible person *hides*

You're literally my favourite author on this site so it means a whole lot to get such a nice review from you, oh my god! I literally can't get over this awesomeness.

I definitely intended for vampirism to work as a metaphor here in the same way werewolves represented people with AIDs in canon. I think there are a lot of different things that vampirism could represent in this context, so I didn't really narrow down the comparisons, but I definitely wanted to show a lot of prejudice she suffers here. Being a vampire definitely doesn't make you inherently evil, and though Rose sort of kind of wanted it, I don't think she realised how inhuman it would make her feel - even though she really is still incredibly human. It's so interesting how this one event can see someone's label switch from 'person' to 'creature', even though she has the exact same personality, thoughts and feelings as she did before hand. (in my own headcanon for after this fic, Hugo totally gets into vampire social justice. go Hugo!)

Hugo is definitely my fave in this fic. Am I allowed to say that about my own characters? Well, I am. In pretty much everything I write I make Hugo this crazy punk with more heart than the rest of his family combined. Why am I so obsessed with him?? We may never know.

I debated going into more detail about Rose's turning, but eventually decided to leave it ambiguous. It's been really interesting seeing how different people interpret it - some thinking it was totally something she wanted, others thinking she didn't want or consent to it at all. I think that in itself is very metaphorical. Luc is an ambiguous character, definitely - I started this fic thinking he would be an outright Bad Guy, but I sorta grew to like him and I couldn't go through with his evilness. But I actually think that just makes him more interesting. I love me some moral ambiguity. People are complex, vampires even more so, I'd imagine.

I'm so glad you liked the ending. That was actually the one scene I didn't have planned when I started writing, but it somehow just felt right.

Ahh, thank you so much for this awesome review, sorry my response is so shamefully late!


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Review #7, by DracoFerret11 morning song.

20th December 2013:
Hey Maia! It's Emily! I saw that you also entered the Supernatural Creatures challenge and I wanted to read and review your story. :D So, let's go over things:

Plot: This Just wow. I'm so impressed. I may just add all of your other stories to my reading list. As is, I adored this. It was so well written, so unique and specific and lovely. You definitely deserve to win the challenge! I loved that you chose Rose and made her really unique and amazing. This story just blew me away. I'm having trouble forming useful comments...sorry! Anyhow, I really liked how you formulated this--that she didn't specifically ask to be changed, but she did so subtly and it's a choice she can never go back on. There was something really disturbing about that, but it really worked in this context. Well done.

Characterization: Rose was wonderful. I liked seeing her world change through her eyes. That was really a great way to understand what she'd gone through and how she was reacting to it. I felt really disappointed in Hermione and Ron. I would have thought Hermione at least would have behaved differently. :/ Hugo was lovely though. Really sweet. I liked him a lot. For some reason, I didn't feel like I got a real impression of Luc though, so that might be something to tweak. He seemed a bit generic for some reason.

Descriptions: I really adored the subtle mentions of things that have changed for Rose in her life, her appearance, her mannerisms, etc. Since this story was character-driven, I don't feel I needed too many details about how the surroundings looked, sounded, smelled, felt, etc., so I think you did well. :)

Emotions: I felt so terrible for Rose this entire story. She was having such a rough time and no one really understood her. The ending almost made me cry. It was so perfect, but also so sad. Someday Hugo will get old and die and she won't...but at least she has him in that moment. It was really lovely.

Interactions: The fights with Rose's friends and family were really awful. I was so upset about them. As I mentioned before, I really would think that Hermione would have been more understanding. I can barely imagine her reacting this way. It was quite OOC. I don't know if I liked any of the moments with Luc. He was rather forgettable. I just didn't really get a feel for him, so his scenes were the ones that I wasn't as attached to or fond of.

Style: Oh wow. This was so beautiful. I'm favoriting your story because of this and I intend to read your other ones as soon as I can. Your style, the way you told this through Rose's memories, "It happens in the morning," etc...It was all just perfect. The way you write is really beautiful and I was really, really impressed. I wish I had the same talent that you clearly do.

Overall, this was incredible. I'm so impressed and I'm really rooting for you in this challenge, even though I'm participating in it as well. This blows my entry out of the water. Great, great job, Maia. :)


Author's Response: Hiya! Aww, it's so nice of you to review this!

I'm so glad you liked the plot! There are some amazing entries to this challenge so I don't know about winning it, haha! But that's very nice of you to say :P

I'm very glad you liked Rose! I know Hermione seemed a little off her usual self in this, and once the queue reopens I'm actually planning to expand another scene with her just so I can make it more clear where her head's at with this, to hopefully make it more in character! Thanks for the notes about Luc - that's interesting, because most people have said they liked him! But I guess, in a way, it was a conscious decision of mine to not give him too many defining characteristics. There's a slight undertone of social commentary in this and by making Luc a little generic it shows the way this could happen to anyone, and broadens the situation out. Also, I wanted to make Rose the clear focus of the story, so other than Hugo there weren't really any characters I'd call prominent at all. Thanks for the feedback though!

As I mentioned before, I'm planning on expanding on Hermione's scenes a little more when I revise this next year, so hopefully that will make her more in character!

I'm so glad you like the style :) I really seem to graviate towards character based writing and I'm not always sure if it works, so it means a lot that you think it worked well here.

Thanks so much for this epic review! Good luck in the challenge!


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Review #8, by gleefreak123 morning song.

14th December 2013:
Wow talk about amazing. I loved reading this story well done. I love vampire stories but this was very different to most of them but still good!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it :)


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Review #9, by darcy. S morning song.

14th December 2013:
wow. i have read all of your other stories and you never disappoint, this was just as epic as your one about madam pince, i loved it! i totally got why hermione would respond in that way even if i did think it was a little bit strange of her character. i loved Luc too he was sweet!

Author's Response: Oh my god, you're so sweet! I am really glad you liked it. I love Luc too, haha.


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Review #10, by CambAngst morning song.

11th December 2013:
Tagging you from Review Tag!

I really liked this piece even though some of the characterizations struck me as odd. You write with a lot of subtlety and nuance, picking excellent details and examples to focus on that add depth and gravity to your story. It feels very real and substantive. A lot of challenge entries I've read are hampered by the fact that they're tailored too closely to the particulars of the challenge. This definitely feels like a story that you would have written whether or not somebody told you to write a story about vampires.

Rose's family's reaction was heart-breaking, but you wrote it really well. The idea that they seem to have no idea how to process what they're hearing, no way to relate to what's happened to Rose, is sad but also believable. Vampires get a very cursory treatment in the books, which sort of leads me to believe that they're rare, at least in the UK. Maybe they all live in dark forests in eastern Europe or something. At any rate, it made sense to me that the Weasleys wouldn't have quite known what to make of her announcement.

Hermione was the one aspect of the family that I thought was hard to get my head around. I know that being a mother changes people's perception of things, but I still thought at some point that her rational mind would have kicked in and she would have seen Rose as being similar to the elves and werewolves that she fought so hard to achieve equal treatment for. Maybe Hermione is simply too close to this situation, but if that's the case my suggestion would be that you try to draw that point out a little more.

I absolutely loved the idea of vampires having to register as somewhat "lesser" magical beings. So typical of the British Ministry, even after years of reforms. The Ministry lady who regards Rose and Luc from behind glass was a good metaphor for that separate and not-at-all-equal treatment.

I thought you made a really good choice to have Rose choose to be with Luc rather than him biting her the way that a werewolf might. At the beginning, I wondered how you were going to play that, and I thought this way made for a much better story. She isn't a victim in this. In some ways, she's much stronger than all of the people who are judging her.

The conversation with Harry and Ginny was also kind of sad. I'd like to think of both of them as the sort of people who could change their minds about something like this, but it's obviously hard for them.

The first meet-up with the other vampires was nicely done. I like the trepidation that she feels, the contrast between the way that she's worried that the others are "monsters" even though she's now one of them. Then you made them very human, except for the fact that they're feeding off of blood. The whole scene has so much nuance to it. Nicely done!

I loved the way that you wrapped it up, with Rose starting to build a new bridge with Hugo and vice-versa. The sibling affection you created in that scene was awesome.

Overall, I though you did a great job with this. Best of luck in your challenge!

Author's Response: Hiya! uuuh, I finally got around to writing a super long review response to this yesterday, and then my computer crashed. Typical! I'm gonna do my best to recreate it but bear with me :P

I'm so glad you like my writing. You gave me some huge compliments in that first paragraph alone and I barely know how to react!! You're sweet :D I do try to not let my writing be constrained by challenge rules etc - to write around them rather than be hemmed in by them. I'm glad you picked up on that :)

Vampires are definiely a large unknown within UK society compared to some magical beings, so I think it's only natural there'd be more prejudice around them, simply because people fear what they don't know. I think you're right about the dark European forests!

A few people have said they are confused by Hermione's reaction, and I'm actually thinking of editing the story in the new year to expand on her a little. I do think she would come around eventually, and then Ron and Harry and Ginny too, but it would be a long process. Hermione's just really scared - scared of Rose, and for Rose, and scared on behalf of everyone else in her family and especially Hugo - and she's not dealing with it well. It's probably one of the first times Hermione's been unprepared for a situation and it really throws her off. If I do expand this story I'll definitely write more about her coming to terms with it all! Thanks for the CC with her characterisation though :)

I'm glad you liked the ministry register! I felt like that would play a big part in Rose's feeling of her dehumanisation, that she's becoming regarded as a dangerous THING that needs to be monitored, and it's a big shock to her system, and it makes her kind of angry.

I'm glad you liked the scene with the other vamps, too. 'Nuance' was exactly what I was going for - I was trying to show that it's not at all simple, and that in some ways she fits in with these vampires more than her old friends, but in other ways she is still very different to them and scared of that. There's no easy solution and it's hard for Rose to realise that.

Thanks for this super amazing review!


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Review #11, by Lululuna morning song.

2nd December 2013:
Hello! :) I'm here for your first prize review!

Wow, this was such a fantastic story and I'm just in awe reading it. Your characterization of Rose was brilliant, from her lashing back at her family to her cheerily painted cabinets. Something I've noticed in your stories is how complex and real your characters feel: the voice is so authentic, and I love the way she seems to talk to the reader directly when telling her story. Like with morning, cry the fragmented style of telling her story in little pieces and anecdotes was so chilling in building up to all these questions and creating this new world for Rose to live in.

One of the things I found really interesting was how it was really ambiguous what exactly happened when Rose was turned into a vampire. My first assumption at the beginning was that she was attacked by a strange vampire and it was forced upon her... but then we find out about Luc and how they were together when she was still a human. And then she says that it's her fault because of the way she was acting, and it's never really precise whether she said those specific words to ask him to turn her or not, and it's so tragic. But it's also kind of symbolic, or at least I thought, of violence against women and media messages that women ask for it and want this violence, and the idea strongly reminded me of that. Either way, it's a very telling story of a girl changing herself for a man. You play off symbolism and political commentary so beautifully here.

Something I found really refreshing was how Rose thought that she and Luc might not make it, and that she might have changed her whole life to not even end up with him. It was really original with the stereotypical true-love vampire turning stories that are popular right now. Rose is just a young girl who made a mistake, but her mistake turned out to be more permanent than most. I also loved the scene where Luc tells Rose to go to sleep, and she thinks that it should be more exciting than this- that was a great moment. :)

The family scenes were so poignant and heartbreaking as well. I was really angry with her family for not being more supportive, but at the same time I could kind of see where they were coming from as I might be a little frightened that a vampire could lose control. But it was really heartbreaking from Rose's POV. My family, they live by sound, a harmony of dulcet tones, they breathe with a yell, itís the only way any of them know how to communicate. This idea about recognizing her family through communicating was a very powerful image that I thought fit well with the Weasleys and exhibited the contrast in how they've changed.

Aw, Hugo! The blood lollipop and the chatting just melted my heart a little. You managed to get me so invested in these characters, and the little hints about Hugo - his stepping closer to the door when Rose left, his face brightening - were really adorable and just culminated in the brilliant last scene. ♥

One little thing I spotted: Rose said Luc didn't fight in the war, but that he's only been alive for thirty-nine years and a vamp for half of them. Would he have even been a vampire at the time of the war, then? Super minor, but just thought I'd point that out. :)

One thing I loved was the stigma behind vampires and the hypocrisy, even among Hermione and the others and the comparisons with werewolves. But uncle Harry never had any friends who were vampires, so things arenít better for us than they were thirty years ago. This was such a meaningful message, and sad in how Harry and the others might have the political power to change things for vampires, to make it so they wouldn't have to walk through a humiliating separate entrance in the Ministry. Harry really irritated me when he pointed out that the vampires fought with Voldy in the war, but neglected to point out that some werewolves did too. It was also their marginalization and rejection from the wizarding community, not their objective evil, that would motivate them to fight against wizards and hope for better treatment, I think. You did an incredible job bringing this story to a social commentary level and thinking out all these levels of discrimination and societal hate: it really took the story to the next level and was really brilliantly done. :)

In case you can't tell, I thought this was positively brilliant, and I'll definitely add it to my favourites with the little hope you might expand it someday. :P I loved it and was captivated by your beautiful writing as usual. Well done! :)

Author's Response: Hiya! WOW, this is certainly a prize review! I'm a little blown away, haha, I've taken ages to respond to this because I haven't even been able to craft a response that will do this review justice!

I'm so glad you liked Rose. I had a lot of fun crafting her character, contrasting her innocent image with her increasingly rebellious actions. Wow, you have no idea how much it means that you think I write complex and authentic characters. Almost all the stuff I write is character-based and I often don't feel confident about my characterisation, so that's truly the best compliment you could have given me!

I definitely intended that subtle message of social commentary to show through in how Rose was changed, and I'm really glad you picked up on it. I deliberately left her transformation ambiguous because I wanted it to be up to the reader to decide if her and Luc's relationship was good or bad, and a large part of that was whether he turned her against her will or not.

I'm so glad you liked the stuff with her family. I was actually really most proud of that line out of the whole story, haha, it means a lot that you liked it enough to quote it here! It was one of the first lines I wrote for this, and then I fleshed it out into that bigger scene, so I really in a way set the tone of the family scenes by that one line.

I was originally gonna have Al doing the blood lollipop scene, but I changed it to Hugo. I don't even really know why - I guess I'm a sucker for good sibling relationships, but it also felt more poignant in a way. Especially as he's the younger sibling and in my headcanon for this story Rose had a lot of responsibility for him when they were younger, she took care of him, so it's a kind of reversal of those roles when he reaches out and gives her that connection with her family again that she so desperately needs at that point.

The whole next paragraph of your review is so perfect I can only say: yes, to all of it. I love trying to add subtle social commentary into fics and a lot of people don't always pick up on it so I'm so glad you did!

There is definitely a chance I will expand this - I really want to explore how she would go about reconnecting with the rest of her family, especially Hermione as a lot of people had remarked that it seems quite OOC for Hermione to reject Rose so much here, and I kind of want to justify my characterisation! Haha. So yeah, keep an eye out, there may be another chapter or two in the works ;)

Thanks so much for this awesome review.


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Review #12, by patronus_charm morning song.

2nd December 2013:
Hey here for the review battle!

Normally, I avoid vampire stories because I just donít see the appeal of them, but Iím really glad that I went ahead with reading this because it was so good and different to the other ones Iíve read. Rose just seemed so human and so accepting of her fate despite the fact that she has changed species and that really did make me chuckle :P

The bleakness of her life was shown in the structure of this with the small, often choppy sentences and it seemed to seep through in every one that she has no hope of ever being normal again. Her acceptance of this was also shown which is something really amazing in purely structural terms and it really impressed me.

The remarks about Harry and Hermione championing the rights of werewolves made me have a ton of feels about Remus, and then the unfairness of it all that the Ministry didnít take the initiative and do the same for vampires, in a way, they seem to be more control of themselves as theyíre in that form for more of the time so they have a chance to get used to it.

I feel bad for laughing about the way Rose and Luc got together, but it just made me chuckle, about how she thought he was a typical bad boy and then bam itís announced heís a vampire well to us and not Rose and that suspense was really great. I almost feel sorry for her because she thought she was on this whirlwind adventure and then she gets turned into a vampire.

Oh man the vampire get together had me laughing so much! The way the historical aspect with the names and dress seemed to scare Rose almost as much as the fact they were vampires was really brilliant. Then the way they actually have friends and meet up at places is really brilliant. You should really do a sequel about their lives :P

I loved the resolution at the end with her and Hugo and the hope that she and her family can be on friendly terms. What Hermione said did shock me a little, but I guess it was only natural, now with what Hugo said I can hope for better things.

Great one-shot!


Author's Response: Hey Kiana! Sorry it's taken me so long to respond to this review, I've honestly been sitting here trying to figure out a way to respond that will do it justice!

I'm really aware of how cliche Vampire stories can be and I usually avoid them because of that, too. So when I got given them in the challenge I was actually a little disappointed, at first, but I really quickly saw a great opportunity to write my own, hopefully unique version of the vampire myth. I'm really glad you liked it and thought it wasn't cliche!

Ooh, I'm glad you liked the stuctural stuff! Whenever I write I seem to either tend towards ridiculously long run on sentences or really short choppy ones, and here I leaned more towards the latter. It was kind of an unconscious choice when I first wrote it but during the editing process I decided to keep it like that because I felt like it really reflected the slightly tense, uncertain mood of the story - I'm glad you agree!

I'm glad you liked Rose and Luc's relationship! Luc didn't even exist in my first draft of this story, shockingly, but I'm so glad I put him in because I feel like a lot of the best moments come from him!

Hahaha, I would so love to write a sequel about the other vampires. Maybe a short story collection with a chapter for each of their backstories, and how they met each other! Damn you, now I really want to write that :P

I'm really glad you liked the ending. Hermione was definitely reacting in a way she never would have predicted for herself, but I feel like in the future she would come around, as would the rest of the family, if slowly.

Thanks for the great review, I'm really glad you liked the story :)


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Review #13, by GingeredTea morning song.

29th November 2013:

Flow, character, suspense, choosing to write it in present tense, and first person - all perfect choices. I love the way you waited to introduce Luc, the way you relate that she was asking for it in ways she didn't even know were asking then, how you describe the rather mundane life of a vampire, that anything normal can kill them - how you take away the thrill. I loved that you described the lack of noise being what hurt and her reasons behind that about her family. The fact that Harry reached out before her parents made sense, actually, but that t was Hugo who really started accepting her was even more heart-warming and perfect.

I love it all. Superb. Catch you again in the review thread (when you put up another story, cause I think this marks me having read all of them now). :)

Author's Response: Wow, I'm glad you liked it! I wasn't sure about some of the choices I made when writing this so it means a lot that you think they all worked. This is just such a lovely review I don't even know what to say!

Now that nano's over I'll probably be posting lots more stories, haha, so I'll defintiely see you around review tag!


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Review #14, by Courtney Dark morning song.

29th November 2013:

Wow, this was a really cool one-shot! I really, really enjoyed it! My only criticism is that I'm so sad it's only a one-shot! I now desperately want to know more about Rose and her life as a vampire.

I have to say, I am very disappointed in Rose's family. Come on, your the Weasley's! You're supposed to be able to deal with anything! That dinner scene was especially horrible. Poor Rose, being expected to sit at the other end of the table. How isolated she must have felt! And like Rose, I can't believe Hermione didn't even try to find out more about her daughter's life. Sure, she's a vampire, but she's still her daughter!

When Harry and Ginny contacted Rose I was so certain that they were going to be super sympathetic and loving and give Rose support...BUT THEY DIDN'T! How could you Harry??

I really like Luc and (it sounds stupid, considering this story is over) but I don't want him to break up with Rose! Their flat with the yellow painted walls sounds so sweet and perfect, even if it is the laughing stock of the underworld.

I also enjoyed the scene where Rose met up with Luc's friends, because I think this was when she finally started to realize that just because she was a vampire, this didn't mean her life was over. And I loved her comment about some of those names being made up.

Aw, the scene with Hugo at the end, buying her a blood lollipop was perfect! The perfect way to end an awesome one-shot! I really enjoyed this!


Author's Response: Hiya! Wow, I'm glad you liked it! I might actually expand this out into a longer story at some stage so keep an eye out ;)

The Weasley's definitely didn't take it well, ahah! I do think that they would eventually come around, and things would never completely go back to normal but they would accept Rose again and she would be in contact with at LEAST her parents and Harry and Ginny. If I do decide to expand it out that's what I'll write about :D

I like Luc too! I was originally planning on ending it with him leaving her, and at the very end she sees he has turned another innocent girl just like her, but by the time it came to writing it I liked him too much and couldn't go through with it! So I left it a little ambiguous - again, if I decided to expand it out, I think I would probably have to keep them together!

I'm glad you liked that scene :) I did kind of want to show that there's other communities out there other than her family, and just because she might be no longer accepted in some parts of society doesn't mean her life is hopeless. Also, with the names thing, I kind of just wanted to show that Rose viewed them as human, in a way, or at least relatable, not these regal and mythical beasts but just slightly pretentious and not all that different from her. At the same time, though, she doesn't completely fit in with them and all their moral codes, so I think it would be a difficult thing for her to reconcile herself with them as they all feed off humans. But with the lack of all her other friends, suddenly, I do think she would have no choice but to put her morals aside a little and befriend the vampires.

I'm really glad you liked the fic, thanks for reviewing!


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Review #15, by Elena morning song.

28th November 2013:
Aw, that was great! :) I totally fell in love with the way you describe the Weasleys with noise and different sounds - it was spot on. Also the subtle jab at other clichť vampire stories with the whole innocent flower and mentor thing was great. And I'm so glad that it's Hugo who's the first to let Rose back in - I love it when their relationship's developed that way. I actually forgot that this wasn't a one-shot whilst reading it because it developed so many things so quickly. It's a nice change from from dragging scenes out (which I'm guilty of haha). Anyway, great start! Quite curious to see where this will go :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! I had a lot of fun writing that description of the Weasleys, haha :D And I loved writing this version of Hugo, too, because I always love when he and Rose have a good relationship - so I'm glad you liked that too!

This actually is a oneshot at the moment, you were right the first time, haha. I might continue it at some point but for now I'm leaving it here :) I definitely think it would be interesting to see where it goes from here though so I am thinking about writing more at a later time!

Thanks for reviewing :D


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Review #16, by alex bester morning song.

28th November 2013:
its realy good
please dot stop writing
hugo rules

Author's Response: Glad you like it! I really like Hugo in this story too haha.

Thanks for reviewing :)


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Review #17, by Rumpelstiltskin morning song.

27th November 2013:
I am here from review tag and HOORAY A NEW STORY! *Squee*

I can't get over how much you absolutely blow me away with every single one of your stories; you are truly amazing.

So, I really like how you began this. The entire dynamic of the morning and how one would expect bad things to happen at night was really just beautiful on a poetic level.

The descriptions are fabulous, of course. Especially concerning her families reactions to her affliction. The silence, the shock, the stillness...everything was just so perfect. Excuse me for gushing, but I find that I cannot help myself when I read your stories. I'm a gusher :).

I really enjoy the way you are portraying vampires. It strays from the typical interpretations by giving them more humanistic qualities. Of course, they still have to register at the Ministry just like a werewolf would. Perfect.

Then there is her return to her family! I'm torn with different emotions and then there's Hugo! That was so sweet, with the lollipop!

Oh wow...I just loved this so much!!


Author's Response: Hiya! Wow, I am so glad you liked it! I wasn't quite sure this story was up to my usual standards so it means a lot that you think it was amazing < 3

I had a lot of fun reversing typical ideas in this story. I was a little annoyed at first when I got 'vampire' in the supernatural creature challenge because I thought it would be impossible to write a story that wasn't totally cliche, but I ended up loving it. That's why I started it in the morning - right from the beginning I wanted to set a different tone than you find in a lot of vampire stories, and that's why I showed the vampires having a lot of human like qualities as well, and focused more on the discrimination against them rather than the bad things they do.

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for the fab review :D


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Review #18, by marauderfan morning song.

27th November 2013:
Hi Maia! So, it's been a while since I've been able to go after you in review tag because I'd already read your other work, so it was really great to see you'd posted another one because I absolutely love your writing.

This piece is really beautiful! I don't know how you do it. Everything I've ever read by you is like that. And in this story, you conveyed so many emotions and feelings and even an astute comment on society if you think about it.

This is an interesting representation of vampires. (My only experience with vampire stories is the tv series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the vampires are much scarier in that!) But I think it made a really bold statement in this, when the vampires are the same as ordinary people except they get tired in the sun and they have fangs. It's the fact that they're just a little different which scares people, because often people distance themselves from things they don't understand/are afraid of.

I thought it was interesting looking at Harry and Hermione's reactions too, given that Harry is always fighting for the good guy and Hermione is all about equal rights. Harry's prejudice made sense in this case as I guess having a lifetime devoted to fighting Voldemort would do that to you, and really colour your view of what vampires are if they fought with Voldemort.

I felt so badly for Rose, she seemed very lost and her emotions were so strong throughout the piece. Even though for a lot of it she seemed to be emotionless. Just living with the consequences of a questionable decision and thinking about how it's changed her, but more how it shows her the changes that need to happen around her, in the wizard society.

I loved the scene at the end with Hugo, he is really wonderful. I liked the line about him teasing her about her uniform too - if he can do that, as siblings always do, then he's okay with it because in his eyes she's the same person, the same sister he can tease. And I think it was also really fitting given that it's usually the young people who make strides for social change and shed the prejudices of earlier generations. Maybe Hugo will be the one who brings about change for vampires and the way they are seen in society. I can hope :p

Goodness I'm just rambling on and on here, sorry :p This was such a great piece, and reading it really made me think. I love it when that happens. You did a fantastic job writing this - great work.


Author's Response: Hi! Wow, what an amazing review! I'm so glad you liked it.

I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer! I've seen vampires in a few other things (True Blood, Supernatural, Twilight) and they all seem to have a similar level of scariness or evilness or whatever. So when I got vampires for this challenge, I was thinking of a way I could make it original and not cliche writing about such a well known creature, and I thought about as opposed to making them as separate from humans as possible, what if I really softened the myth? I mean, werewolves are usually considered terrifying, but then look at Remus Lupin - clearly, in the HP world, magical creatures aren't always as terrifying as in typical mythology, so there's a real chance HP vampires could be this way! But that doesn't mean they still wouldn't have to face the discrimination as if they were truly monsters.

I think for her family, especially Harry and Hermione, it was just something they had never thought about or considered, which is why they reacted this way. They just didn't know much about vampires except the prejudices they had grown up hearing, and it can be hard to change a view that's so built into you, even if you might know it's wrong. I do think eventually they would have come around - if not the whole family, then at least Hermione, Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Al, would eventually come to terms with it more and gradually adjust to having her around and back in their lives. It would never be completely the same as before and it would be a slow process, maybe especially for Ron, but I don't think they've rejected her forever. ANd until they come around, she has Hugo! I love the idea of Hugo being the one to strive for change for vampires and break down those barriers. He really loves his sister so I definitely think that is possible! Maybe I will write a sequel about his campaigning ;)

Thanks for the amazing review! I am glad I could make you think, and I'm glad you liked the story :D


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Review #19, by Cannons morning song.

27th November 2013:

Review tag and I sorta owe you that review ;)

It's literally unfair how good and consistent your writing is. Unfair and frustrating. Mainly frustrating. ;)

I'm like 4 paragraphs in and there are like 3 sentences I could pull out and be like BAM genius right there. Like this one - My whole huge collection of cousins and uncles and aunts and nieces and nephews are rowdy and outspoken, aurors and athletes and pranksters and musicians and dragon tamers and people who arenít afraid, in any sense of the word, to let their opinions be known. My family - theyíre honestly and plainly just noisy. - That was so wonderful I had to stop, C+P it and come and start my review early.

Ok, I really loved how you brought this full circle sort of, starting in the morning and finishing in the morning that was a lovely detail.

I loved how Hugo didn't give up on her and it seemed to me that he knew exactly where he would find her. I'm really disappointed in Hermione and Ron giving up on their own daughter and I'm not sure if it's believable or not but I can accept that one little detail.

You have an incredible writing style, you have made the vampires seem human. Many people just completely over do it, so you loose sight of the character they original were but you don't do that. She stays the same throughout.

I would like to think she would do something of note in the future, shape the wizarding views on vampires.

I really enjoyed reading this and good luck in the challenge!

Author's Response: Ahh, I'm so glad you liked it! I've never really written about mythical creatures before like vampires so I had a lot of fun playing around with the myth and making my own version of it :)

Ooh, I'm glad you liked that sentence! I did worry a bit that it was kinda nonsensical because I tend to go crazy with run on sentences, but I liked the idea of it so much that I left it in - glad you think it worked!

I really like writing in circular narrative, haha, I think it's because I love Catch 22 so much that I always try and link endings back to the beginnings of stories - glad you liked that here!

I do agree that Ron and Hermione wouldn't completely give up on her, and I think it would be a slow process but after Hugo makes peace with her, the rest of the family would slowly accept it too, and I think Hermione would be the next one to come around. It would definitely take a while but I think there is happiness in Rose's future!

Thank you so much for this lovely review and for always saying such sweet things about my stories! You're the best :P


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