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Review #1, by Dirigible_Plums Chapter 3

21st March 2017:

"I know for me, at least, there’s no alternative.”



But seriously, Hinny are just too cute in this fic. The fact that he's drenched but doesn't care because he wanted to buy her a Firebolt, the fact that he's willing to do whatever it takes to make it work between them ❤ I just love Harry and Ginny, especially when they're together.

Onto other topics... I knew things were going to work out for Ginny. I mean, I guess we all knew that she plays for the Harpies after the war but I didn't know whether she was going to wait or not. Seeing as how she's Ginny, it makes sense for her to just dive right in.

Speaking of the war... sheesh. Of course, I've given thought to what effect it would have on the wizarding world in general, but I never considered what role people like Gwenog Jones would play. When she was mentioned, I wondered briefly why Ginny didn't recognise her but it's all too clear now. It just goes to show how deep and widespread the scars from the war are.

Plums xo


I really only have JKR to thank.

And I totally agree about Ginny (obviously) she's so awesome! Of course she would go off being her bad self right away.

Thanks so much again for the wonderful reviews!!!

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Review #2, by Dirigible_Plums Chapter 2

21st March 2017:
Hello again!

Aw, I really felt for Harry and Ginny in this chapter. They never seem to get a break, do they? There's always something coming in the way between them whether it's the war or just the fact that the school's opening up again. Cut my babies a slack :(

But the ending!

It seems so PROMISING. I'm actually really excited to read on and see how this is all going to unfold!

Anyways, back to Harry and Ginny: I really like how you've portrayed their relationship. It's just so... simple. Understated. There's no need for dramatic declarations and what have you because they know that they've fallen hard for each other and after such a harrowing experience, there's no point in delaying it. Which, can I say, THANK YOU for not having Ginny be really angry at Harry for leaving her at the end of HBP. I mean, she literally says that she knew that Harry was like this and that he would never be okay not hunting Voldemort down and that it might even be why she likes him so much. And then a lot of people have her be angry at him 😩 So thank you. I much prefer reading about them taking long walks and flying together.

Plums xo

Author's Response: Hello again!

Yes, poor babies. I do love them so. But YAY! I'm so glad it leaves you excited for the rest!

And I really appreciate your analysis of their relationship. I definitely don't think Ginny would be upset about how things ended in HBP. I think she understand him and knows why everything had to happen the way it did, at least from his perspective, even if she doesn't like it.

Thanks so much again for the review!

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Review #3, by Dirigible_Plums Chapter 1

21st March 2017:

I have (finally) arrived with the rest of your reward reviews. I was actually pretty excited to read this because I absolutely love Hinny whether it's angsty as hell or the fluffiest thing on earth.

Anyways, so this was a lovely introductory chapter. The angst wasn't bad and the sombre tone worked in your favour. As you said, Ginny has just lost her brother. It's not going to be all smiles and rainbows and sunny days straight away. They're going to be hurting and I think you translated that perfectly without dragging everything down.

I really liked the fact that they all dressed up in bright colours for Fred's funeral. It's a testament to the kind of guy he was in life and somehow managed to make the scene even sadder. When you mentioned that line about how he wanted everyone to wear whatever they liked when it came to his wedding, my heart actually broke. Fred was such a great character and JKR really did a number on us (or me, at least) with his death 😭

Ginny and Harry... Clueless as always. It amazes me how they're still in such shock that the other person is in love with them, though it is perfectly understandable. Ginny had a crush on Harry for years and Harry always doubts his worth. I liked that the chapter ended on a (sort of) good note, at least for them. Their scene didn't overpower the grief of the chapter and you could still feel it in the words they exchanged but there's a little seed of hope buried in towards the end that makes me happy.

Plums xo

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you!

I see what you mean about the sombre tone, I'm very glad you think it worked! And I did definitely think Fred's funeral wouldn't be some ordinary affair, so bright colours and things seemed like the clear way to go.

And yes! Ah Ginny and Harry... silly silly wonderful people. I'm glad you felt the hope in their conversation.

Thanks so much for your lovely review!!

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Review #4, by AlwaysAddicted Chapter 4

6th November 2016:
Ou I just love it! I really liked seeing Ginny's nervous side, because although she is usually so confident I still think she would be a ball of nerves trying out for her all time favorite quidditch team! Liked how the team members were portrayed as well so far. Feeling bad for Ron and Hermione, of course he wouldn't want her to leave but obviously she would be dying to find her parents. I hope you do include the story of how that goes in the later chapters, even though this is a Ginny central story I like reading how people describe that situation since it wasn't talked about in the books. Can't wait to see how everyone reacts to Ginny coming home with the green robes! Eagerly waiting for the next chapter! xx

Author's Response: Hey! It means so much to me that you read and reviewed this story, let alone all the others! This story is dear to my heart but I've felt a bit stuck with it. But knowing that you like it and there are still people who really want more gives me so much motivation to work through my thoughts and start working on it again!

I'm glad you thought my characterisation of Ginny was good! I love Ginny, and I always want to be true to her character. I'm glad you like the team members so far, too! I spent a lot of time trying to get to know them. As for Ron and Hermione, I suppose you may just have to wait and see ;) I certainly don't plan on abandoning them :D

Thanks so much again, your enthusiasm really makes me so happy.
Christy x

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Review #5, by AlwaysAddicted Chapter 1

6th November 2016:
Surprise! Me again:)
So yes this was horribly depressing, my poor heart is hurting. But at the same time it was beautiful, you did an amazing job at describing the emotions of grief, the feeling of the funeral. It felt so real. I can't wait to see where this is going. xx

Author's Response: Awww hello!!!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing even more! I'm so glad it felt real, though I'm sorry for your poor hurting heart. I thought we all needed to grieve Fred.

Thanks again!
Christy x

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Review #6, by LilyEPotter Chapter 4

3rd June 2015:

This was another great chapter! I liked how you showed how nervous Ginny was leading up to her tryouts with the Harpies and how she nearly didn't even try out once she got there! It was a great ending because she didn't give up and her emotions showing her pride and happiness was fantastic!

Also, poor Ron and Hermione. I wonder how that situation worked itself out with the separation on such a clashing note.


Author's Response: Hey!

I'm so glad you liked it! It really makes me happy when people tell me I'm writing Ginny well, because that's so important. Thanks for still keeping up with this story and thanks so much for leaving feedback!


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Review #7, by xOdie Chapter 4

2nd April 2015:
looking forward to the continuation and completion of this great story. Keep on writing it please!

Author's Response: That means so so much! I will continue writing it soon, and it's people like you that really motivate me to do it! It means so much to me that you enjoy it, especially as you enjoy it enough to even leave a review! Thank you!


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Review #8, by MadiMalfoy Chapter 1

26th October 2014:
Hi there! :) Here's the review you requested a few weeks ago! :)

Well first of all, you made me cry, which is very hard to do when it comes to fan fiction. As I was reading, I realized I had never really properly mourned Fred at all either (probably because of the time lapse between the release of the book and the movie) so this allowed me to also do that. I think it's very characteristic of all of the Weasleys how you've written them.

I think it's very characteristic of Ginny not to show her emotions in tears until she finally realizes she hasn't done that yet and then just breaks down all at once. And Harry! Oh, Harry! I loved their little scene together--it wasn't cliche whatsoever! I loved it!

This really is quite intriguing and I definitely want to read on! Great job on opening this up, I'd love to read more! :) Feel free to re-request whenever you have time! :)
~MadiMalfoy x

Author's Response: Hi!

I'm so sorry this response has taken so long, and I'm also sorry that I made you cry, much though I am glad it gave you an opportunity to grieve poor Fred.

Thanks so so much for the feedback on the last scene! It's so important to me that I stay true to the characters and I portray all of this as realistically as possible.

Thanks so much for leaving me some feedback! I am so so glad you enjoyed it!


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Review #9, by jessicalorewrites Chapter 1

23rd October 2014:
Hi! I'm here for the Gryffie October Review Exchange :)

This first chapter is so, so emotional. The parts at the beginning with the hot chocolate and Ginny flying out and presumed missing just made my heart pound.. you've written the atmosphere of post-war very well here! I felt like Ginny was so raw and real throughout it all and I really admire that in a character - and even more so in an author's ability to write a character like that!

The funeral was heartbreaking. Dear Merlin. It made me entirely distraught!

But overall I just want to commend you on how well you stuck to canon. Job well done! It's not easy to weild pre-written characters so well, especially not when we already know a great deal about how they behave, but you pull it off excellently. Bravo!

This has been a great, if not very upsetting, read! Can't wait to go on and read more :D


Author's Response: Hey there!

I'm so sorry for taking so long to respond, but thank you so so much for such a kind and thoughtful review!

I'm so glad you liked the story, and I'm truly touched that you thought I wielded the characters so well, as I truly was concerned about doing our beloved original characters justice.

Thanks again!

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Review #10, by AdinaPuff Chapter 1

1st October 2014:
Hi, here for our swap!

This was so sad. It had so many feels, I couldn't handle it. Ginny taking the mugs of hot chocolate for Molly's sake, Molly freaking out when Ginny wasn't anywhere to be seen, Ron and Hermione holding each other as they cried, George walking away and silently crying, and Harry being there for Ginny when she had a meltdown. You wrote their relationship well through the hardships of coping from Fred's death, and making it through the funeral. It was a great, but sad, chapter. I can't wait to see where this goes!

Thanks for the swap!


Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for offering to swap with me :D

Also, thanks so much for your lovely feedback, I loved hearing your thoughts and I am so glad you enjoyed it. I hope you continue to like it if you decide to keep reading (one can hope)!

Either way, I really appreciate the time you took to read this chapter and to write such a lovely review for it!
Christy x

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Review #11, by budabobo Chapter 4

6th September 2014:
Great chapter, love the whole story. hoping for more its been awhile.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like it! Thanks for leaving a review, they really get me motivated :D I have been on a hiatus, but I plan to make some good updates to this story very soon! Thanks for dropping by and I hope you keep reading!

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Review #12, by ginnypotter242 Chapter 4

10th July 2014:
Aww, the girls on the team all seem so nice! I really like Jessie, she seems like a sweetheart, especially calming Ginny's nerves like that. I'm glad Ginny got over her nerves during the try-out! She is usually so confident and self-assured, seeing her all nervous and worried was so unnatural. I'm really glad that she made the team, her dream team. The flyer that gave her back her confidence was cool- nothing special about it, but it was enough to help her. And it was in Gryffindor colors, which probably helped.

Ron and Hermione's fight was sweet- Ron didn't want her to leave him. I understand that, after everything they've been through. But I feel like Ron would have gone with her, if not Ron and Harry. It's going to take a while to search all of Australia!

Great chapter, you wrote Ginny's nerves really well.

~Sara (House Cup 2014 Review)

Author's Response: Hi again! If I didn't already make it clear, I really appreciate that you chose my story to read and leave all these lovely reviews for :) Reviews really make my day!

Anyways, I really like the girls on the team, too! I spent a lot of time getting to know them and I can't wait for more of them to make appearances later in the story.

I agree with you on how unnatural Ginny's nerves were. I was worried about that, so I tried to give her some thoughts about how it was strange, leading to her own concern over not being herself. It was a lame attempt at a cover-up... but what can I say?

The flier was in Gryffindor colours, I'm glad you caught that! Yupp, I think that's what gave Ginny the confidence to get in the air.

It will take a while to search all of Australia, but I thought Hermione would really insist that everyone else - especially Ron - stay behind, as the whole Weasley family was obviously going through a time in which they all needed to stick together. I think Hermione didn't really want to leave them, either, but she needed to find her own family.

Thanks so much again for all the feedback! I hope you keep following the story!

PS. I only just realised how perfect your username is for this story :)

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Review #13, by ginnypotter242 Chapter 3

10th July 2014:
Yay Ginny! I always thought that she did finish Hogwarts before trying out for the Harpies, but I can see this happening. I can't really see Mrs. Weasley being very accepting of it though. You didn't really show the fight they had, which I'm assuming had her protesting a lot more though.

I'm so happy for Ginny though, and I'm glad that Hermione approves- I felt that her blessing would be hardest to get after Mrs. Weasley's.

Harry is just too sweet! I can't believe that he bought her a Firebolt- but of course he did. Quick question though- why does Ginny keep using Ron's broom? She was on the Quidditch team, surely she had her own broom? Or at least Bill or Charlie's or one of the twins, considering Ron was on the team with her?

I loved that last conversation between Harry and Ginny. they need reassurance that nothing is going to change between them, no matter how far away they are. Hopefully they can visit each other a lot- and Ginny won't be away forever. Great job on this chapter, I loved all the interactions between the friends :)

~Sara (House Cup 2014 Review)

Author's Response: Hello!! Thanks again for all these lovely reviews :D

Most people I have talked to since I started this story have had similar thoughts about the events of Ginny's life post-Deathly Hallows, believing her to return to Hogwarts before joining the Harpies. Honestly, though, I thought that going directly into the Harpies was just as plausible an outcome. I totally agree about Mrs. Weasley, though. She certainly isn't happy about it, and I did mention their fight, but I just didn't want to go into detail about that.

Harry is super adorable, I must agree. But you actually bring up quite a good question, one for which I must admit I don't have a very good answer (oops!). In my mind, Ginny was using a school broom when she played with Ron before (I'm not sure if there is anything in canon to confirm this), so she just decided to borrow Ron's broom when she was home because his was the last purchased in the beginning of his fifth year. Anyways, that's my logic behind it, though I unfortunately can't confirm the logic with canon evidence.

I love that conversation too! It just needed to happen, and at this point, I just couldn't stand breaking them apart after seven books of dying for them to get together.

I'm so glad you liked this chapter and thanks again so much for leaving such thoughtful reviews!

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Review #14, by ginnypotter242 Chapter 2

10th July 2014:
Ahh, Harry and Ginny are just the sweetest couple. Their little discussion was extremely sweet. The entire setting of the conversation was sweet, being alone and just lying with each other. The topic was sweet as well, and I loved Ginny's line "It wasn't the first, nor was it the last time you saved me, Harry Potter, and I'm not just talking about my life." That was such an adorable line, and perfect for their relationship.

The topic of Hogwarts was always going to be difficult. No one would want to be apart from each other after what they went through, especially since Harry and Ginny had been apart for so long. At least there isn't going to be any life threatening situations this time (at least, one can hope..) The Quidditch match was well written, and the interaction between Harry and Ginny throughout was well written. I could tell that they were both upset at having to be apart, but were still able to interact normally.

Gwenog Jones! Ooh, Ginny's gonna freak! I like that Gwenog is taking an interest in Ginny so soon- it shows how good of a Quidditch player Ginny actually is. I'm interested to see how that plays out :) Great job on this chapter (and kudos for not making me cry this time)!

~Sara (House Cup 2014 Review)

Author's Response: Hello again!!

They really are the sweetest couple, aren't they :D I just love writing them. I'm glad you liked that conversation and especially that line - I was a little worried that it might be too cheesy. But I do think about the topic of that conversation all the time with them. If Harry had just cottoned on a LITTLE bit sooner... how different things would be. Darn Harry.

The Hogwarts discussion is certainly a difficult one. Poor Harry and Ginny FINALLY got together and - once again - life is getting in the way... well, at least darn-intruding-'life' isn't taking the form of Voldemort this time... it's the little things :)

I'm so glad you liked it! The Gwenog twist is certain to shake things up :P As you now know... :P

Thanks so much for leaving these thoughtful reviews! I can't wait to keep making my way through them!

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Review #15, by ginnypotter242 Chapter 1

7th July 2014:
Oh, well, thanks for making me cry.

Ginny's feelings were so real here, during the entire chapter. The sort of out-of-body feeling at the beginning and throughout the funeral was very realistic and very close to how a person feels during that sort of time. The shock of it, not even being able to cry, was a very real feeling as well, and very relatable. Your descriptions throughout the chapter were very good, and easy to relate to.

Your characterizations were very good too. Ginny was perfect for this chapter, especially using Quidditch to help her forget and relax. I liked Harry too, and their conversation at the end was adorable.

All in all, very good chapter. You write the emotions so realistically, I was actually crying when you talked about George and Percy at the grave. Really good chapter (and I hope the next ones will be happier!)

~Sara (House Cup Review 2014)

Author's Response: Hello there!!

Thanks so so much for stopping by to leave a review, I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond!

Well I'm truly sorry that I saddened you, I would be lying if I said I wasn't happy that my writing was able to bring out such emotions and tears from you.

I'm glad you thought Ginny's emotions were relatable. Luckily, I have not gone through the loss of an immediate family member, but I have experienced things similar to this - especially the feeling of guilt when you find yourself somehow unable to cry - and definitely drew on those experiences, so I'm happy to hear they were related well.

Genuinely, my biggest concern is staying true to the characters we all love so much, and portraying them the way JKR did in creating them. So hearing that the characters were done well is such a huge relief :) So thank you, for that and for your stamp of approval on that adorableness factor I know we all simply can't live without.

Thank you so much again!

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Review #16, by budabobo Chapter 3

21st March 2014:
Love the story so far, have read it at least 3 times this month. Can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Thank you so so much for stopping by and leaving a review! And thanks so much for your amazing praises; I honestly don't think I could possibly express how much this made me smile! I am so so glad you enjoy this story so much! Chapter 4 is all written and will be up once it's finished being beta'd! So it should be posted soon :D


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Review #17, by lindslo2012 Chapter 3

27th February 2014:
Hey there!
Here for another requested review!
So like the other chapters I was totally just into it!
I was wondering at first who the heck that was following Ginny but then realized that she was reading something, that was a little confusing at first but I caught on! :)
I think the way you got the Jones girl to ask Ginny to tryout was pretty awesome. I could imagine how shocked Ginny was and I am quite excited that she gets to embark this next stage of her life.
I didn't know that Ginny had to leave to go be on the Harpies' team? That's new to me and I glad I learned that fact because I had no idea :)
Thinking about how Harry and Ginny will have that distance now is rather sad because of how they JUST started talking about getting back together. I know that they will make it work though because they are perfect for one another!
My favorite scene was when Harry showed up, soaked in rain with a Firebolt for Ginny. That tugged at my heartstrings a bit because it was so sweet of him to do that for her. :)
Well, another huge well done for the great chapter. Your plot is still flowing perfectly and characterization is still right on the dot.
Hope you re-request when another chapter becomes available!!!

Author's Response: Awww I really cannot thank you enough again for your kind words :D And I'm glad I've given you some new insight! Hopefully there will be more to follow as the story continues.
I totally agree about Harry and Ginny, it's rather sad and Harry is super sweet, isn't he :) That was such an adorable romantic gesture :)
I will be sure to re-request when Chapter 4 gets put up! (I just finished writing it, so once it gets beta'd, it should be up soon)
Thanks so much again,

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Review #18, by anythingcouldhappen Chapter 1

27th February 2014:
Hi! I'm here with your requested review :)

This was a fantastic chapter. I think you just hit Ginny's character spot on. Honestly her voice here is awesome. It just felt right. Her grief over Fred was heart breaking, and I think you captured that grief in a very real way.

This part was my favorite (though it had me tearing up):

"She felt as though a hole had been crudely punched through her heart and the pain of it made her want to double over. The unyielding permanence of death had never been clearer to her than it was now, and this overwhelming realization threatened to push her over the carefully constructed barrier she had built for herself."

This just so perfectly describes grief. Its like you know that someone is dead, but it's almost unreal. And then you have moments when it all suddenly overwhelms you. And you captured that. Like seriously, you just somehow managed to describe it so well. Its something I've felt many times, but I could never have described it so perfectly.

In terms of the other characters, they all seem fine so far. The flow/pace is great, and your writing is really easy and pleasant to read. I think in terms of plot, you just need to make it clear the end goal of the story. Like you can't just sort of drag the story on without setting up a conflict that needs to be resolved and stuff. Sorry I feel like I'm not being totally clear, but I don't know how else to word it. :P

Awesome job! Hope this helped!


Author's Response: Hi!

Thanks so much for your affirmation on Ginny's character and her grief. It was very difficult to write, but I somehow just knew what Ginny would be feeling, and it had to go into the chapter. Though I'm sorry it made you tear up, I'm so glad it was well received. Your kind words about that passage in particular just made me smile and feel so much better about this chapter :D

"your writing is really easy and pleasant to read." Well... you literally just made my day. It's actually kinda sad how much I worry about this, so it's a relief to read these words! Hopefully they remain true for the rest of the chapters! (Seriously, I'm internally begging myself right now!)

Thank you so much on the plot tip, that is definitely a useful one and I will be sure to utilize it here as well as keep it in mind for all things I write. Don't worry, you were being totally clear and I got it completely :D

Thanks so much again! It definitely helped and I will for sure be coming back for a re-request :D


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Review #19, by lindslo2012 Chapter 2

25th February 2014:
Here for your re-request! :D
So once again.. way to go in getting me to be hooked into your story!
I have enjoyed the intensity from the very beginning and I now want to read more!
Can I say how much I love Harry? He is always just so patient and comforting to Ginny and is such a good man to her. I love how he was there for her in the beginning of the chapter when they walked out into the day and just talked with one another when he knows Ginny is going through such a hard time. Even though JK has decided she liked Harry and Hermione better after all of her books, I still think that Harry is good for Ginny too. :)
I really liked the part when they went to play Quidditch! It was very adorable how Harry got irritated with her scoring when he wasn't paying attention. And he was still so sweet to her to go out and play with her in the first place when she just needed someone to be there.
I really enjoyed this chapter as I did you first one. I still think your plot is very wonderful and that it will continue to intrigue me! GREAT JOB once again! :D
Come back and re-request!!!
Until next time,

Author's Response: Hi!
AHH, I'm so happy to hear you say you're hooked! I was worried that it wasn't engaging enough.
Of course you can gush over Harry as much as you want! I love him, too :) He really is being so sweet to her. I know there's all that controversy going on, but I fully believe they are right for each other. 100%
I'm so glad you enjoyed the Quidditch scene, it was rather adorable, wasn't it :D
I really am so glad you enjoyed this chapter, I was a little worried about it, but your sweet review has made me rethink it!
I will be sure to re-request!
Thanks again!

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Review #20, by lindslo2012 Chapter 1

24th February 2014:
Hi there!
Here for your requested review.. and let me say... WOW!
This was a very heartbreaking first chapter. But you made it feel so real. Like I was actually standing there watching the Wesley family go through this on Fred's funeral day.
Poor George. I can't even imagine what is going through his mind.. to be so close to your twin since birth, never separating and then bam! It was all taken away from you. :(
Though I feel bad for all the rest of the family too because this sucks very badly for them and everyone who was ever close to George.
Harry reacted just like I would expect him to and you got his and Ginny's characterization perfectly, as well as everyone else's. I am glad Harry came to comfort Ginny and revealed how he's feeling.
I see no grammar issues at all and your words and sentences flow very well! I think you and your beta did a fantastic job and I hope you re-request so I can come back for more. Your chapter was very interesting from the beginning and I want to see what the next one holds! :)
Until nxt time,

Author's Response: HI!
Thank you so much for such a sweet review! It made for such an awesome ending to my day :D
As sad as I'm sure it is to read, I really am glad that you can feel the grief the Weasley's went through. I tried really hard to convey the depth of it, so I'm so happy to hear that it came across strong.
Thanks so much for your comments on the characterization. I really do want to stay true to the way JK wrote them, so I'm glad it seemed that way to you :)
I will pass on the grammar and flow compliments to my beta :D I'm sure she will be happy!
I will most definitely be rerequsting :) I can't wait to hear what you think of the rest of it!
Thanks so so much, again!! *hugs*

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Review #21, by Infinityx Chapter 3

18th February 2014:
Christy! I just realized that I hadn't continued reading after the first chapter so here I am!

This is so sad! I can't believe Ginny and Harry have to be so far away from each other. Although it can't be too bad, since they can apparate. Oh, how I wish that I'm a witch. My boyfriend and I get to meet twice a year if we're lucky and apparition would certainly make things so much easier. I hope Harry and Ginny's relationship lasts though. They're so cute together. :)

I found the pace a little bit rushed. Things seemed to keep happening one after the other and I got just a teeny bit disoriented, but overall it was truly wonderful. A bit more description would have been nice though.

I don't understand why Harry came back drenched. Was he trying the broom out? That was a little unclear.

there was no alternative. I totally understand how this feels. :( I love how close they are and how much they feel like they belong with each other. You've done a great job of characterizing them. I'm so glad that Ginny's determined to take her life in her own hands, and Hermione's being such a good friend to her. :)

I found a few commas missing. I think they were in the previous chapter.

Harry's just the cutest. :) Buying Ginny that Firebolt was a way for him to express what he felt without telling her and I think that was so sweet!

I can't wait to see how this plot proceeds. There are so many ways it can go from here and I have a feeling that it might get quite angsty. :D

It's time for you to catch the writing bug and update soon! I think this story has great potential and I'm eager to see where it goes. :)


Author's Response: Erin! That's totally fine :) I'm glad you liked the first chapter enough to want to come back and read more!

Writing Harry and Ginny's relationship is so beautiful and horrible for me! I want them to just be together and happy etc. but I know it can't be that simple at all. I'm so sad to hear about your boyfriend :( If I had the power to make you a witch, I totally would... and then I would change myself and wonder why I hadn't done that years ago :)

Thank you so much about the pace tip. I can totally see how it could seem rushed and I definitely want to change that. So thanks for pointing it out, I will be sure to pay very close attention to that as I keep writing.

Hmmm I can see how Harry being wet could be a bit confusing. He wasn't riding, he was just wet because he had been out in the rain, buying the broom. I should have made that more clear... /:

Thanks so so so much for your kind words and helpful tips :D I can't thank you enough for reading my story, let alone taking the time to leave such a thoughtful review! I truly hope I get the writing bug soon so I can speed through the rest of Chapter 4!


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Review #22, by CambAngst Chapter 1

17th February 2014:
Tagging you from the Review the Person Above You thread in the common room.

First off, let me say that your story involves my favorite pairing and is set in my favorite time period to read. I'm really pleased to have found it.

I really love the way that your story gives the characters -- and by extension, the reader -- a chance to grieve for all that was lost during the war. Far too many stories set in this time period seem to be based on the premise that everything in the wizarding world was celebrations and sunshine and puppies ten minutes after Voldemort crumbled to the flagstones. I don't think it could have been that way. Too many people died and too much was destroyed by the Death Eaters. Your version of events has a perfect sense of heaviness and realism to it.

I could go on and on about what a good writer you are. You have a really great knack for picking the right details to focus on in each scene and capturing the mood in the character's perceptions of the world around them. In the first scene, Ginny is so caught up in the comforting, somewhat inconsequential things around her. Hot chocolate and riding Ron's broom and her family's too-small pajamas and the warm, empty comfort of her bed. At this point, she's still avoiding the crushing reality of losing Fred.

The fact that she's trying to convince herself that she's already made her peace with losing Harry is perfect characterization for Ginny. Keep a stiff upper lip, tell yourself that it's what you expected to happen, pretend that it doesn't really affect you that much. For a youngest child who's led a tough life with a fair number of disappointments, that's the logical defense mechanism. Don't get your hopes up...

Gah, the funeral! Even through Ginny's somewhat shell-shocked point of view, it was almost too much. Part of me wished that you'd gone into more of the gut-wrenching details, but I don't think that would have been consistent with the way Ginny was experiencing life at that moment. She seems like she's mostly numb. Just living from moment to moment, getting by somehow. I loved that Harry always seemed to be there whenever Ginny was about to stumble. She doesn't even seem able to understand the support he's giving her, but she needed it nevertheless.

George's reaction to her failed attempt to console him was definitely the cruelest twist of all. I know that George didn't really mean it and I know there will come a time when he'll feel terrible about that one, disappointed look he gave Ginny, but at the moment I'm sure he just couldn't do any better.

Even at the end, when it's only Ginny and Harry, you didn't make things too easy for them. I really appreciate the fact that you've kept them as they should be: two very stubborn individuals who aren't especially good at expressing their emotions. There will be difficulties...

I would love to find something to suggest in the way of improving this chapter, some token thing that might help you make it better, but I can't. Everything, from the descriptions to the narration to the dialog and even the pacing was beautifully done. Excellent work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for leaving a review :D

I definitely agree that the characters needed a time to grieve the losses of everyone who died during the Battle of Hogwarts. With a story starting this at this time and told from Ginny's perspective, this was a necessary chapter to be written.

Awww that is so so sweet of you to say :D I have loved writing this story and it makes me so happy when other people enjoy reading it! You've said such nice things and they really do motivate me to keep up the quality as I continue writing!

I also agree that certain things (Harry and Ginny's relationship) needed to be done realistically. That's one I've been struggling with, since I want them to just be together forever surrounded by unicorns and butterflies, but I've forced myself to maintain some sort of reality in their relationship.

I really am so glad you liked it so much! Thanks again for leaving such a wonderful review!

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Review #23, by LilyEPotter Chapter 3

11th February 2014:
I can just imagine Molly's reaction when she learned that Ginny wasn't going to finish school and go play Quidditch instead. That everyone found a reason to leave the Burrow until Arthur got her calmed down. :)

That was very sweet of Harry to buy Ginny a Firebolt of her own, but why was Ginny so sad after making her decision? Was it because she wouldn't be around Harry? With the Floo network and Apparating, wouldn't Harry be able to see her more often than they think? Even with his Auror training?

Author's Response: Hi!!! Thanks so much for leaving a review!

I'm so glad you thought the description of Ginny and Mrs. Weasley's fight was true to their characters :) I completely agree that the other Weasleys would have fled, so I'm glad that translated into the story!

That is a very interesting question! I think that Ginny was really only sad about the Harpys right after the option became available to her. The way I see it, she had never considered any other possibilities for the next year of her life aside from Hogwarts. The fact that such a huge change had been proposed to her so suddenly just shocked her. It caused her to question everything she had thought about her future. I don't think she was sad so much as she was just scared. Once she finally came to her senses and accepted the offer, she was happy in her decision, but was still worried that she was doing the right thing and that she was prepared for what would come.

I don't think any of her emotions about accepting stemmed from leaving Harry. Of course she was sad about that, but she would have been separated from him whether she was in Holyhead or at Hogwarts. As far as her sadness after making her decision, her pouting in that moment really just came from her anger at not being able to go outside to train. (Silly Ginny!)

I'm glad you thought the Firebolt was a nice touch! I think that that was just the kind of thing Harry would do. The poor guy isn't very good at expressing his feeling verbally, so buying her a Firebolt was his only way of telling her how much he supported her and cared for her :)

Thanks so much, again, for leaving a review! It means so much to me that you not only keep reading this story, but that you take the time to share your thoughts :D I always enjoy hearing them!

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Review #24, by Infinityx Chapter 1

7th February 2014:
Hello! I'm here for our review swap.

I love how this story is set immediately after the war, and from Ginny's point of view. You've done a great job at characterizing her and I think this chapter is a wonderful start to the story.

I think you've done a marvelous job at capturing Ginny's grief. It's such a powerful emotion and I love how you've written it. It's nice that you've focused a bit on each of the other Weasleys as well. Bright clothing at the funeral seems just how Fred would have wanted it, and I think it was an amazing idea to include that but of detail.

I love the part where Ginny takes Ron's cleansweep and goes off to fly by herself. I think the Weasleys getting worried about her is such an apt reaction. It must be so hard for them to move on after witnessing so much pain and death.

Aww, Harry's so sweet. He loves her so much. It's sad that Ginny is feeling so insecure. :( And it's so nice that Harry told her about the Marauder's map. That ending was so powerful with all the uncertainty as well as love. This was such a moving chapter overall, and you've done a brilliant job at portraying all the emotions.

There are so many ways the story can go from here and I'm curious to know what will happen next. I'll definitely come back to read more. Keep writing!


Author's Response: Hi!!!

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm really glad you enjoyed it and that you think the heart of the characters and their grief were captured well :)

I'm glad you liked the Harry scene, I was a little nervous about what people would think about it.

Thanks so much for saying you'll keep reading it! That really means a lot!


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Review #25, by maraudertimes Chapter 2

5th February 2014:

Well this was certainly a more upbeat chapter! Although Harry 'sacrificing' his and Ginny's relationship wasn't all that happy (although it was really true to Harry's canon character). But I do think the best option for Ginny would be to return to Hogwarts, given the choice, even if it meant being separated from Harry.

Although, I suppose with Gwenog Jones coming to pay them a visit, I'm guessing Ginny going back to Hogwarts isn't going to happen? Let me guess: she's going to be drafted for the Holyhead Harpies. Ooh yay!

I really liked the quidditch in this chapter and I think you wrote it quite well. The fact that Ginny made Harry stand in as a keeper made me laugh (especially when you think of the joke 'he's a keeper!'). Although I might have wanted a little bit more description with how Harry plays as a chaser. Just a curiosity thing. :P

This was a really good chapter and I really liked it. One of my favourite parts was Percy reverting back to his old self. But needless to say, this was very nicely done and I quite liked it!

Great job!

Author's Response: Hi again!!

Let me just start my saying that these reviews put a smile on my face that I just couldn't get rid of for whole minutes. Okay, moving on :)

Yes, it was a much more upbeat chapter. Of course, I don't think any of them will ever be okay with or move on from Fred's death. But I do think that they would have eventually been forced to think about other things, what with the wizarding world needing to be rebuilt and whatnot :) And yeah, Harry totally would do that... darn heroic Harry...

Hahaha interesting speculations about Gwenog Jones! I guess we will just have to see once Chapter 3 gets through beta'ing!

It really is a relief to hear that the Quidditch seemed well written :) I wasn't thinking about how it would be received too much, but the positive feedback is very nice to hear. Especially with, hmmm, maybe some upcoming Quidditch rich chapters?? I love the 'he's a keeper'! I wish I had thought of that when writing this chapter! Hmmm, Harry as a Chaser would have been interesting to see! I will keep that in mind.

Thanks so much again for your great feedback! I'm really glad you liked it!


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