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Review #1, by MargaretLane Waves Against The Rocks

12th September 2014:
And this time I am actually going to read this. For some reason I keep remembering I need to when I don't have much free time.

LOVE the opening paragraph to this. You set the scene so well. I am NOT good at visual description, as you've probably realised. Characterisation and dialogue are more my things. So I am in awe of paragraphs like that that almost make you feel as if you're there, it brings the scene to life so vividly.

Love the comment about "only Muggles". It really gives an insight into how he thinks. And the repetition of it is so effective, like he is trying to remind himself he has done nothing wrong REALLY.

And his comment that he was "only following orders" is chilling in what it is reminiscent of.

I also like the way he keeps thinking of how Lord Voldemort has betrayed him. It is as if he is more concerned with justifying himself for having left the Death Eaters than for having joined them in the first place.

His view that the Ministry and Aurors are as bad as the Death Eaters has some justification. The Ministry's punishments are pretty inhumane. And the way he uses it to justify what he has done makes perfect sense. I've spoken about the Ministry of Magic's actions reminding me of certain real life events and they were certainly used as justification.

And I like the explanation of why the Dark Arts are taught at Drumstrang. Karkaroff is an interesting character in this story and one of the things I really like is the way HE believes in what he is saying, even though it is so clearly wrong. I find villains in stories often fit into one of two categories - either they have motivations that make their behaviour somewhat understandable to the audience, like being forced to do what they did or else they enjoy being evil, whereas you've managed to preserve the horror of what this guy has done while at the same time showing how HE doesn't see it as evil. That's hard to do, but in my opinion makes a lot more sense than either showing him as having been forced into the Death Eaters against his will (or joined when he was too young to fully understand what he was doing and then being unable to get out) or just being a cackling villain.

Oooh, I actually winced at that part where he screams with pain in the final section. You write sensory stuff really well.

I really didn't expect a scene like that at the end.

10 out of 10. This is ridiculously well-written. Have some other comments I'll pm you or something, because I'm not sure how appropriate it would be to discuss them here, as they involve real world politics.

Author's Response: Have already answered this elsewhere. Thanks for reviewing!

~Leo xx

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Review #2, by theblacksisters Waves Against The Rocks

7th January 2014:
I've been meaning to leave a review, but there are so many ways to procrastinate. Anyway, I really liked this (yes, I'm sort of morbid).
The banner was your best one yet.

Author's Response: Thank you! I like the banner too, and I have lots more lined up (to go with challenge entries). I'm getting better at it! You think you're morbid? I'm the one WRITING this stuff!
(overuse of exclamation marks)


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Review #3, by BLONDEbehaviour Waves Against The Rocks

22nd December 2013:
Hey Leonore! I am here with your review for the Death Eater challenge!

Wow, that was seriously cool! I think you have done a great job with Igor and his mindset. I loved in particular how he felt betrayed by Voldemort because of Voldemorts demise. I found that to be an interesting idea, as I have never thought of that being the feeling that the Death Eaters would have in regards to Voldemorts death.

And yet, even though he felt betrayed by Voldemort, that hold and power held over Igor by Voldemort shows the corruption that Voldemort has had on him in the first place. You do a great job in portraying that in this story. In particular, "The Dark Lord gave the order. He was only the weapon." I loved that sentence.

Your description is fantastic. The use of the waves as a memory for the hell of Azkaban was a great idea to tie in the two and bring in the emotion of the story. I also like how you had small flashbacks running through that held significance to the current plot.

What I did find interesting overall in Igors character is his personality. Even out from under Voldemorts demands, he is still willing to murder people, without so much as a feeling of remorse. Muggles that he only killed because he crossed their path. And the sentence about how he was only following orders and they were only muggles that he killed, showed that the corruption he has undergone is truly beyond repair, if he thinks that because they are only muggles they can be killed. Imagine thinking like that? Crazy.

Overall, I think you have written a great story. It was engaging and really interesting. I love how well described it was and the personality and character that you gave to Igor was chilling and yet well-maintained, and how I could really see him being.

You have done a great job on this, well done :)

Thank you for entering my challenge, I hope you enjoyed it! I wish you the best of luck for the results! :D

Grace :D

Author's Response: Hi! I am going to respond to this review only six and a half months late.

I think the full content of this review is an excited and delighted THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. That cover everything?

I love this story, so thank you for giving me an opportunity to write it. It was the perfect challenge, and fascinating to think about. It's easy to write it to justify a villain's actions, but I wanted to actually make it clear that they were still a villain.

I love flashbacks. I think they're the best way to get across the reasons for a character's personality when for length reason you can't do it chronologically.

I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you!

~ Leo xx

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Review #4, by milominderbinder Waves Against The Rocks

3rd December 2013:
Hiya! Here for the 'claw review battle.

Wow. This was awesome. Your writing style here was so incredibly intense, you had me on the edge of my seat from the very first line! I loved your style here of the short, fragmented sentences that it begins and ends with.

Fingers stiff, frozen. Cold wind biting through every layer of clothing. Far below, the waves.

Too much pain.

They made it so intense and really portrayed the sense of cold, of pain, of logic but also emotion.

I also really loved your last line

Perhaps the waves were not so bad after all - they were not the pain, but the escape.

I loved how you contrasted this against the rest of the story, turning the 'enemy' (ish) into a form of relief when he realises that he's safer or happier in death. I think that was really intense and it also had a sense of relief, after the tension of the whole story it's like he's letting go and relaxing and accepting everything all of a sudden.

You really made me feel for Igor here, in a way, which was awesome.

I loved how you started and ended it in the same place but put the flashbacks in the middle. It's great because it starts off so captivating and makes me want to read on, then goes back to show the backstory of why he's here. I also loved how you jumped backwards and forwards showing the flashbacks and his current situation. It gradually gave us more context while still leaving mystery around it all.

Your descriptive writing is really beautiful. I love all your abstract imagery and metaphors, which really help to make this as powerful as it is.

Overall I really really loved this. Your writing is beautiful.


Author's Response: Thank you!

I'm so glad you like it - I wanted to make sure it was good enough to enter for a challenge. I won't worry then!

The escape at the end - actually that's a bit ambiguous. It could be death, but I believe it to be madness. (Tortured to insanity - it was the Cruciatus not the killing curse. A few minutes under the curse causes irreparable damage and he was unstable anyway. Voldemort would have finished it off, but he broke Igor's mind first.) The "waves" are madness, wearing away at his mind (the rocks). A process started by Azkaban and powered by fear.

Enemy(ish) - yes, by this point Voldemort IS his enemy. As is the ministry, and pretty much anyone else in power. He's convinced he had certain rights (only ambitious people become Death Eaters) and feels he's betrayed when they're not offered. He wasn't mentally stable to start off with, and Azkaban really works at that.

He never believes that he's done anything wrong - the Death Eater mentality is still there. He has excuses, shifting the blame. And he can't see anything wrong with killing muggles. Definite flaws in his nature,and right to the end there is no remorse.

And a Death Eater fear of death - he recognises it would be easier, but he can't bring himself to give up.

I'm enjoying explaining this. I deliberately didn't make it too clear in the story so people could think of the hidden meanings on their own - even my author's note just hinted at the hidden imagery.

I'm glad you enjoyed the metaphors and imagery, as I think that's the big thing with this story. One shots allow an intensity which isn't possible in longer fics, but I need a good situation to allow that.

Thank you so much for that last sentence!

- Leonore

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