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Review #1, by AlexFan Baby Blues

17th January 2014:
Woohoo! Another James/Lily story! I loved reading this, just a look into what a day with James, Lily and Harry must've been like. James and Lily sounded really happy, albeit very tired from taking care of Harry.

I love seeing Lily from James' point of view. You can really tell that he loves her by the way that he looks at her and thinks about her. From the way that James sees things, he has everything that he had ever dreamed about as a teenage boy. Bet he never thought that he would be with Lily Evans and have a child with her when he was in fifth year, huh?

I felt so bad for Lily though! That poor girl thinking that James would leave her by the week's end just because she wasn't in the best mood. I agree with Molly though, that boy wouldn't leave her even if his life depended on it. If there's anyone who's loyal, it's James Potter.

I loved the ending, that was my favourite part for me. I love James hugged Lily and went "That settles it then." Pretty sure even if Lily wanted James gone he wouldn't really be gone. But I just really loved that ending scene, it made me smile and it just made me really happy. My Jily heart is currently dancing because of this one-shot, it was beautiful!

The results for the challenge should posted soon and good luck!

Author's Response: Baby blues was my way of blowing off some steam after the brutal exams I had to endure - so I'm really glad that you liked it!

Thank you for giving me an outlet for that - it was a great challenge!

Thank you so much for the great review!

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