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Review #1, by insertofafanboy tattered velvet carpeting

4th October 2014:
This is a really well written story! You have a great way with words, and Effy is hilarious!
Keep up the good work, and can't wait to see where this story heads. Update soon

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Review #2, by angieart tattered velvet carpeting

30th September 2014:

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Review #3, by XOdannieXO rose petals scattered

19th September 2014:
This is by far my favorite chapter. I especially like the part where Danny admits that he is a muggleborn and that he fears that nobody will remember him if he does not prove himself to the others. Just as Effy, I got to admit that I also had the tiniest lump in my throat reading that. Your work is really great. I like the fact that Scorpius isn't going out with Rose. It may be weird and it confused me at first but it is different; and as we all know Different is good.

So, I am looking forward to continuing this fanfiction..

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Review #4, by ginnyweasles tattered velvet carpeting

7th September 2014:
this fic is fantastic! i can't believe i just started reading it and i blew through all 9 chapters in a day. i blame it being named after my favorite song. anyway, your writing is amazing! so are your characters.

Author's Response: thank you so so much for this review- i'm so glad you like it so much! your compliments are making me blush, and i'm giddy over your pace of reading chapters. thank u so much for reading and reviewing!! xxx

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Review #5, by RavenHairedGirl tattered velvet carpeting

26th August 2014:
ah you've finally updated! this literally made my day. it's so nice when you have all the little references to such English things like pe in primary school, you are one of the few authors who actually makes it very English/ British, depending on which way the Scottish vote will go. so anyway I love it, I love you, I love oscar and I love James and effy, so carry on writing this beautiful beautiful story with the wonderful descriptions
and funny little anecdotes and immensely likeable characters (and also if you just did gceses like me i hope you did well)

Author's Response: hey hey hey! i'm sooo glad you liked this haha, my little brother's just starting year 6 so i was feeling a bit nostalgic ahaha- really happy you got the references! and yes well no matter how the referendum swings, i suppose i'll always see scotland as being part of the uk, but then again i'm quite stubborn about these things. yeah i did and i hope yours went well too!!!
thanks so much for reviewing! xoxoxoxo

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Review #6, by Ashley tattered velvet carpeting

25th August 2014:
Yay :) u updated!! Brill chapter. Please update soon!

Author's Response: i'm so glad you liked it! thank you!!

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Review #7, by BaconGreaseOnFries tattered velvet carpeting

23rd August 2014:
I was so disappointed once I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and noticed there weren't any more chapters lol I read all 9 chapters in one day! Your story is so engaging! Please be encouraged to write more!

Author's Response: wooow you read all 9 chapters in one day!! i'm so flattered omg wow thank you! i'm just in the middle of writing chapter 10, thanks again! xxx

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Review #8, by Sunshine&Daisies tattered velvet carpeting

23rd August 2014:
Yay! So glad you decided to update again. The character development and writing style is excellent. The backdrop of the potential war in the story is interesting and I look forward to seeing where that goes. And last but not least, I look forward to more James-Effy! They seem so well suited for one another and I look forward to seeing how their relationship develops. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: ahh thank you so so so much for this gorgeous review! i'm actually blushing aha, thanks again! xxx

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Review #9, by miluv tattered velvet carpeting

23rd August 2014:
omg you'll take the writing world by storm love xox

Author's Response: omg omg omg thank you! thank you! and thank you again! xxx

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Review #10, by Cc tattered velvet carpeting

23rd August 2014:

Author's Response: so sorry for the late reply but thank you so much for reviewing! i'm actually feeling jeffy, but pilderson is quite funky too. i'm so glad you liked this chapter! bea xx

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Review #11, by Tessaj21 unbroken and wild

10th August 2014:
Where are you?!?! Please don't abandon this story! It's really too good to abandon. I hope you come back soon. Please so come back!

Author's Response: the next chapter is U to the P! i hope you enjoy aha xx

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Review #12, by LittleMissStoryteller it's cold outside

2nd August 2014:
AHHH!!! OH MY GOD! this is actually AWESOME!!! I love it! Can't wait till the next chapter, poppet!

Author's Response: the new chapter is up! i hope it doesn't disappoint! thanks again for reviewing xx

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Review #13, by tumblr123a more than nice

18th July 2014:
please please please update!!!
I am in need of this story
my life is incomplete without it (gosh I'm so dramatic)
please don't abandon this story and its readers!

Author's Response: i uploaded a new chapter the other day! i hope it lives up to expectations and certainly does not disappoint! bea xx

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Review #14, by hedera call me darling

7th July 2014:
Hello! I'm back for another House Cup 2014 review, hopefully this one will be a bit better than last night's! You clearly have an excellent grasp of description and pacing, as the movement of this chapter works really well. I like how you've sort of started off with the plot really early on, but at the same time it's not like speeding along? It's good!
I sort of like Mikey and Effy together but I think they're nicer as friends? Like I think Effy is a little... temperamental for him, idk. I think James and Effy are a better (or at least a more interesting) match.
I really enjoyed the dancing, too! I thought it was an interesting concept to have a dance that wasnt the yule ball! And it's always good to read about wizarding traditions so yeah I really enjoyed this chapter!
Anyway yeah, you continue to be a really good writer and I'll see you on the next chapter!

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Review #15, by Rainbownufflers it's cold outside

7th July 2014:
Everything about this is so breath takingly realistic I can't even comprehend like how much scarily alike this is to what I like to imagine my time at hogwarts would be like
I love James potter to pieces whether it's this one or his grandfather and you describe and characterise him so spot on like yes he smokes cigarettes in my head and yes he has a bad temper. I'm really excited to see where this goes especially because you've made an oc that I like so much, which is a talent in itself because tons of authors get that bit wrong, most of us Harry potter fans don't want an oc that saves the whole wizarding world and takes all the attention, and you haven't done that. You've given us a real honest and funny character with load of brilliant things and friend in her lives that we can all relate to.
Effy wilderson is an amazing oc and I congratulate your artistic mind for conjuring her up!
Your writing is so good even without pretentious wording and everything fits and balances just right, I can't wait to see what happens next! I ship jeffy so hard!
I want a love triangle like you mentioned ages ago to happen as well though because I love James so much and I feel like him getting jealous over effy is just how I imagined him in my head and you know how perfect it is when an author gets what your thinking and want just right.
The songs and titles of each chapter and the lyrics you base them on are superb and something not a lot of authors do which I think shows how individual and unique you are as a author.
I am actually going to say this is one of my favourite fanfiction a ever! LIKE EVER

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Review #16, by hedera more than nice

6th July 2014:
Hello, another House Cup 2014 review! I've suddenly realised that I'm really tired, and so instead of leaving (unusually) sub par reviews I'm probably gonna go to sleep after this one! I will be back in the morning though (you can read that in a sinister Bond-Villain German accent if you wish. It is your choice.)
This was a really good chapter (I predict I will say that every chapter. It will continue to be true)! Again I liked the description at the beginning of the chapter, I felt like it set the tone perfectly. I also really enjoyed Effy and Albus' interactions. I felt like it wasn't too, for lack of a better word, bantery! It was just the right blend of awkward (realistic) and interesting (fun to read).
Ohh, the italicised James stuff, interesting! I have a feeling that James has some vested interests in Effy, we shall see! (we know)
As a pair i'm not sure how much I like Albus and Effy, although I think that that's maybe because I've read all the published chapters and I kind of know what's going to happen- I think that makes it a lil bit harder to comment on the plot, hey? ;)
Anyway you make this both an interesting and a light, enjoyable read which I think is hard so props to you!

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Review #17, by hedera communism in mermish

6th July 2014:
Hello again! Here's another House Cup 2014 Review!
Okay first off I feel like I have to comment on your Chapter Image; Cute boy + Cuter dog= happy Astrid. I also love the chapter title, so I feel like we're starting on good terms!
Your writing continues to be very strong! I think it's actually quite difficult to give you a longer review because a.) there's very little to criticise and b.) there's a lil voice in my head going 'read on to the next chapter... do it... do it now... stop with this incoherent typing learn more about EFFY' but I must NOT do that! I really want to leave you a good review and I'll probably end up leaving a mediocre one but, y'know...
I really liked her attitude to History of Magic at the start of the chapter- how she was interested in the subject but the teacher wasn't that great, that's something that I feel a lot so I could definitely somewhat identify with her there.
Also I laughed at the 'you'll always be a solid 8 in my eyes' line- definitely something I can imagine a lot of my male friends saying!

Author's Response: hey! welcome back!
urgh, your reviews kill me. i so do not deserve this. you are definitely too kind. yeah, mikey is based off my guy friends- i'm glad your male friends are the same! like, it's relatable.
i hope the next chapter doesn't disappoint! thanks again for another gorgeous review xxx

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Review #18, by hedera crushed moon extract

6th July 2014:
I've been following this story for quite a long time (in all honesty I started reading because of the Arctic Monkeys title, but you know you managed to keep me...), and since I'm trying to write more House Cup 2014 Reviews, I thought it would be the perfect time to go back and review this! :)
I feel like this is just really well written, you know? Like there's something quite attractive about your style- clearly, I mean this story is really popular!
I particularly liked how you started this chapter with description. I've noticed that it's quite a common, idk, trick maybe? to begin with either dialogue of FLASH BANG EVENT, but you create atmosphere and interest which is just really nice! However my only lil tiny problem comes in here- I have no idea what 'amboher' is? I gave it a google and this story is literally the first thing that comes up which makes me think it could of been a typo? Idk!
Effy's character is interesting because whilst I'm not sure I'd get on with her if I knew her, I really enjoy reading about her! Her narration is interesting, accurate and she has very believable reactions to the world around her!
I'm going to stop now because I want to carry on to the next chapter!

Author's Response: ahhh- i am so glad you like this and that the house cup has spurred you onto reviewing! your compliments are so untrue but so flattering, i'm so happy you like my story! amboher is definitely a weird error for amber, thanks for pointing that out xxx thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #19, by Buttercup unbroken and wild

2nd July 2014:
Loved it ! Wow, I loved the whole dalia shock ! Can't wait to keep reading

Author's Response: thank you so so so much!!

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Review #20, by Bee rose petals scattered

2nd July 2014:
I have truly died and gone to fan-fiction heaven. Your chapters have put the biggest smile on my face and are written so well. Thank you

Author's Response: no waaay! i am SO SO SO flattered! thank you so much!

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Review #21, by Captainaaa123 it's cold outside

1st July 2014:
It's finally July!! Does that mean more updates?!?! Update soon please! I seriously get so excited every time you update. I'm also excited on how this story is gonna continue and how the characters evolve and their relationships with each other. Love this story so much.xoxo

Author's Response: i JUST dropped a new chapter. ba boom. i hope it doesn't disappoint after the *disgustingly* long wait! exams and summer socials get in the way of everything. xxx

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Review #22, by LunaManj it's cold outside

29th June 2014:
My favourite chapter yet! I cannot even describe how happy I was when I saw you had updated! Which is impressive if you have exams because they literally take over your life haha! All I can say is that what you write is what many of us reading wish we could, I myself am so pleased when I see phrases like your opening one describing the surroundings of effy because it really sounds like you're a professional writer! Effy and James have come so far in this chapter and I literally cannot say how ,many feels this gave me!!! Just the simple things like when he put her arm round her shoulder or asked her to quit the quidditch team were just so real and simple and amazing. It made me so wish I had a James in my life! I think this chapter more than any others really showed a depth in plot and build and unlike any other fanfictions you didn't take a whole century to get the two together! And oh how I adore their late night endeavours and how James kisses her! I can't wait to see where you go with this honestly this is so exciting to be a part of and Jesus If every update will be this long and thrilling take as long as you need to update'! Now that is something I don't say a lot haha
I loved the scene also when james saw effy in the snow and she gave him attitude LOVE it
Cannot wait for you to develop their relationship further when feelings like jealousy come Into play!
Once again I would like to say that you balance romance drama humour and angst so well that it creates something beautiful in the name of fluorescent adolescent
Well done green birds
Tons and tons of hugs and lots of love x

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Review #23, by May Peters it's cold outside

28th June 2014:
I really hope there's an update soon! I'm hooked on this story and so excited to see what happens next

Author's Response: thanks so much!! xx

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Review #24, by LanaDelRAy it's cold outside

21st June 2014:
When will the next update be? Sorry I'm just so impatient to read more and I actually think about this all day I'm literally hooked please I need more love this fanfiction more than my boyfriend recently !!

Author's Response: i'm literally editing the next update as we speak! thank you so much for reviewing, and i'm thrilled you like it so much ahahaha (and i think about it all day too) thank you so so much! xxx

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Review #25, by Ramerahals it's cold outside

21st June 2014:
I actually adore this story it's so well written and you don't even have to use long complicated words that no one understands to make it that good!
My favourite things about this fanfiction is that you have different theme for each one based on a song and ,lyrics and quotes I absolutely love that!
So happy I found this and I ship jeffy so hard
Love love love
Update soon please:)

Author's Response: ahhh thank you so much for this gorgeous review! i'm so glad you ship effy (love the couple name by the way) - thank you again! xxx

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