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Review #1, by mymischiefmanaged A Case Worth Waiting For

19th September 2014:
Hello! I'm here for our swap :)

Okay, first off, your summary is FANTASTIC. I can't believe I've not come across this story before! As soon as I read the summary I knew I'd love it so congrats for getting that spot on.

The opening is fab - just the right balance of mysterious and descriptive. I WANT TO KNOW WHO THE WOMAN IS!! And I bet you won't reveal it for ages.

More importantly, what's the invention? I feel it can't be anything good if it has to be procured in such strange circumstances. Ohhh I like the mystery and it works really well but I so badly want to know all the answers already.

Is Cress Jones a relation of Hestia's? I hope so. I'm unsure about her as a character. I liked her at the start of the chapter but she seems a bit too distant. I understood her telling Hermione she needed the details to understand the case, but she seems to have a very detached attitude to her work which is a bit strange. I don't know. It just felt like she didn't care much about the people she was considering, which is an aspect of her character I'm a bit mistrustful of.

Hermione was lovely. It must be awful of her to have lost Ginny.

And WHERE IS GINNY? She's been missing for FIVE YEARS?!? That whole description of the photograph of Ginny and Harry was beautiful, and you've really added to the mystery of Ginny's disappearance. Of course she wouldn't just walk out on somebody she loved so much.

I'm intrigued by why the case is being worked on five years later though. Has it been reopened? Or have they never stopped investigating it? I guess we'll find out. You've raised so many questions here.

Finally, it was great seeing that snapshot of Cress's home life. Her mother definitely doesn't seem to understand her job, but I can see why she worries.

This was a brilliant first chapter. Thanks so much for the swap! Feel free to PM me if you ever want to swap again :)

Emma xx

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Review #2, by Midnight spark Picking Up The Pieces

13th September 2014:
YAY IT'S TEDDY!!! I just love Teddy, so I'm having a bit of a fangirl moment in here, you know, the profusely blushing and jumping up and down.

Right. Ahem.

God, this is such an emotional chapter. My throat is all thick and all you know.

I love the display of Teddy's affection for Ginny, Harry and for James (god, JAMES: Cue another fangirl moment).



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Review #3, by patronus_charm A Case Worth Waiting For

13th September 2014:
Hey Ashwini!

Oooh I loved the first section as it was so full of mystery and darkness and exciting things it really tied into the title and set the story up so well! This is a really random note but I loved your choice of names, because they seemed to have a spooky element about them which just added so much to the story. The people in it seemed to be such a motley crew of them I wonder how they’re all connected together.

One thing to be careful is your dialogue punctuation as I noticed several instances where it was off such as here ‘“Enough for two, if you please,” it was almost an order.’ And here ‘“Sure, madam.” He muttered under his breath. He was very suspicious.’ With the first, it was almost an order isn’t a dialogue tag, so the speech should be followed by a full stop and it should be capitalised. For the second, it is a dialogue tag, so there needs to be a comma after madam and he should be lowercase. I’m sorry I haven’t explained it very well but there are some great tutorials on the forums which should make it clearer!

Cress seems cool! I really liked her character as she seemed really intriguing and someone I could easily get along with. Her interaction with Hermione was especially interesting as it was strange to see that Cress was the one giving the help as you would expect it to be the other way round. I can’t help but wonder what on earth has happened to Ginny though and whether that’s connected to the first section or not.

Oooh wait a sec it does seem as if it’s connected which makes it even more exciting. I really liked the omniscient voice at the end of it though with the way destiny has planned out everything for her as I can’t wait to see what on earth destiny has in store for her!

Great chapter!


Author's Response: Hello Kiana! It was great to see you! :)

The first section was just to make the beginning a little dark and interesting. I'm so glad you thought it worked! Haha and I won't deny that I chose the names on purpose! :P I wanted the names to have a mysterious kind of aura around them, and Aenor sounds like such an interesting name!

Thanks for pointing that out! English is not my native language, so sometimes it's a little hard to be accurate about the grammar and punctuation. I think I'm lucky you people are around to help me! :D

Cress is one of my most favorite OCs. :) She's inspired from various detectives I've read about so maybe she sounds like a nice combination of all of them. :)

Hermione was very close to Ginny and as we have seen in the books, that girl can be extremely emotional at times. She is tired of worrying about Ginny and it's like they are just searching and searching but nothing happens. That's why Cress had to comfort her, I think.

Yes, the first section is definitely linked to Ginny and her disappearance! Destiny has quite a plan on her mind... I hope you'll want to come back for more!

Thanks for the lovely review! I really appreciate it! :D


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Review #4, by Midnight spark A Case Worth Waiting For

11th September 2014:
Hey Ashwini! Here for our review swap!

First: Sorry it took so long!

Now on to your story! I loved the beginning. It had this air of mystery which made the reader want to read on and on. I really loved that about this story. And how you suddenly changed the scene- very well done! I love Cress' personality! Reminds me a bit of myself, I can say!

Beautiful chapter! I hope you liked 'Reincarnation'.

Thanks for the swap

Author's Response: Hello Sanaa! :D

I'm so glad you liked the beginning! I haven't spoiled much of the plot here as it's just the first chapter, but more will be revealed in the next one. :)

Thanks for the compliments and the adorable review! IT was fun swapping with you!


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Review #5, by milominderbinder A Case Worth Waiting For

8th September 2014:
Hiya! Here for our review swap!

Wow, this was SUCH an interesting start to this story! So much seemed to happen in these three scenes, but you wrote it really well so it wasn't overwhelming at all - it was as if three totally separate facets of the story were all portrayed here, if that makes sense, which means that we already have a rounded and relatable impression of Cress, as we've seen her in different settings. That's a really nice way to start a story.

Of course, though it seemed like there was a lot happening here, so much of it is still mysterious!! I was so shocked when you revealed it was Ginny who had gone missing - I assumed Hermione's 'best friend and family member' would be an OC, but this is so much more interesting. You really did an amazing job of creating suspense and intrigue by introducing the fact that it's Ginny who's missing, but then not going into much detail about it, so the whole thing is so mysterious!

I really like Cress. For starters, her name is great XD Also she already seems like a great character - she feels relatable, and something about her seems very practical and down-to-earth which is always a great aspect of a character and can make it seem much more realistic. I like how she made Hermione open up about Ginny, she is clearly good at her job and she knows what will help her on the case.

The very first scene was even more mysterious than the rest of it, of course, and I think that worked really well to add to the mystery of it all. I really want to know if that mysterious woman had something to do with Ginny's disappearance - I'm assuming she did!

Overall this was a super interesting first chapter, well done! I hope you like 'bloom' as much as I liked this! :D


Author's Response: Hey, Maia! :D

I'm so happy you thought this was an intriguing start! I've read tons of mysteries since childhood, so I kind of knew that the first chapter has to have enough to intrigue the reader but not too much so that the mystery gets spoiled. I tried to do the same with this story and I feel like it's worked. Thanks! :)

Haha, yes, it's Ginny who is missing! ;) The second chapter explains much more about when and how she exactly went missing. It's from Teddy's pov who will be Cress's partner in investigation.

Cress is my favorite OC too! She's inspired from Nancy Drew, as Nancy's the best female detective I've read about. :D

The first scene is written to a mysterious aura to the whole story. The story is peppered with more of such scenes in italics from the pov of this mysterious woman.

Thanks for the wonderful review! I really enjoyed reading 'bloom' and it was fun swapping with you!


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Review #6, by Unicorn_Charm A Case Worth Waiting For

4th September 2014:
Hiya! Here for our swap! :)

Ooh I really liked the beginning of this! It was really creepy and definitely brought me in right away. What did the mysterious woman buy? And who was she? Lots of questions with this first chapter. I will most certainly have to read on to find out!

I think it's really interesting that you have Detectives who work separately from the Aurors. That is such an different concept. I like it!

I feel like it was really in Hermione's character to try to remain private and professional even with this case being so close and personal to her. It was good to see her actually break down and behave like a normal woman who had lost her best friend.

Cress must be the best of the best if she had been handed the case of a missing Ginny Potter. And speaking of Ginny, where is she?! I'm assuming it has something to do with the hooded woman in the beginning of the story. The big questions are: Was the Ginny? Or was does the woman have something to do with Ginny's disappearance?

This was a good opening chapter. It gave enough information to really understand what was going on, and it raised enough questions to have you needing to read more. I enjoyed this quite a bit! :) I will have to come back and continue reading.

Well done on this! Thanks for doing the swap!! XD

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Hello Meg! :D

I'm so glad you found the beginning intriguing! The novel is peppered with such parts in italics from the pov of the mysterious 'woman' to keep you wondering who she is. :)

Well, sometimes I just don't get how Aurors could do all the work. Looking for the criminal, the clues, solving murder and missing cases along with fighting the dark arts? That sounds impossible. That's why I imagined a secret department of the Detectives which very few people know of. :)

Cress is the Head Detective. SO she has to be the best. :D She is going to do her best to find out what happened to Ginny. You must keep reading to know the answers of all the questions bothering you!

Thanks for the compliments and the lovely review! You made my day! :D


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Review #7, by Infinityx The Case Complicates

10th August 2014:
Hello! I'm here for our swap!

Poor Harry! I love how you've taken the time to focus on his thoughts and his feelings for Ginny. The way the imposter behaves is just sickening, and I really hope Harry decides to tell the others soon. I always felt that he loved Ginny to the extent that he would never stop looking for her. And even if he did get her (or someone who looked like her) back, and had some doubts, he would keep searching because like you described, she's "his" Ginny. And this imposter isn't his Ginny. But then again, for someone like that to be content with even an imposter...well, that just shows how messed up he really is with the whole situation. I feel like just hugging him and telling him not to give up because his Ginny is still out there. I don't know whether to feel frustrated that he's this way, or sad. Gah, you just give me so many feels!

I don't even know how to respond to Teddy's reaction when they reach the Weasleys'. I get how he feels though, to be starved of love and that familial comfort. First his own parents, then Ginny and Harry. What more can the poor guy go through? Why do you do this, Ashwini? :(

Whoa, Alison. OK, this is just getting more and more intriguing and complex. I hope a few things get revealed soon! I have no theories about this at all at the moment!

So, the "She" is the Ginny imposter and she's going to meet Ginny. (I think I'm right) If so, why is Ginny associating herself with someone like that?! From the earlier of description of how fake Ginny behaved, she doesn't seem like someone Ginny could be friends with or even get along with. What on earth is happening here? :o

Update soon! (once the queue opens, of course) And do let me know when you do! This was another great chapter but it was too short because I just keep wanting more!


Author's Response: Hi Erin! Sorry it took so long to me to respond to this amazing review... But I'm quite busy with college at the moment and I'm hardly ever active for more than fifteen minutes over at the forums. :( Hope you understand! :)

Thanks! I intended to write this part since like the third chapter, but I kept postponing it because it seemed so tricky... But I'm glad I did, as I'm getting really nice feedback about that part. :)

I know! I feel bad for that poor guy too! :( I will do my best to give him happiness in the story though I can't promise anything. ;)

Alison is going to reveal some shocking information in the eighth or ninth chapter so stay tuned! There will be a major clue revealed. :D

Theories! :D Though I love them a lot, I won't say much right now. :)

I will definitely post the next chapter in queue by Monday. I'm planning to devote my weekend to the next chapter. The first few paragraphs are already done. Stay tuned!

Thanks for the awesome review Erin!


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Review #8, by Meleessuhh A Case Worth Waiting For

8th August 2014:
Hello there! This is Melissa for our review swap :)

First of all you have a beautiful introduction; the way your words flow is flawless, and I am very jealous haha. I like the opening scene very much because it is not clear what the mystery potion is. I thought it could've been Veritaserum because of the color, but I'm pretty sure I'm wrong.

I like your description of Hermione. She's a little older, mature and confident but still human. I like your OC as well and her interaction with her mother, she's very likable and I'm excited to see her develop.

The biggest mystery is, why would Ginny leave? It sounds like she's hiding a big secret, and after the first chapter I really want to know the truth! Haha. Really good read, amazing job :)


Author's Response: Hi there Melissa! It was really fun swapping with you! :D

Thanks! I used to be really bad at description stuff, but then I put on a little hard work on it and now it feels lovely when I get such compliments. :) Don't be jealous! Anyone can do it. :)

I absolutely love to hear theories! Veritaserum was a nice guess, by the way. ;) But I can't say much about that right now as I don't want to spoil the mystery.

I'm so glad you liked both of them! Hermione is my most favorite character from the series and Cress is the best OC I've written about too.

Keep reading to know more! You have six more chapters to go. :D

Thanks for the lovely review!


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Review #9, by ReeBee The Case Complicates

21st June 2014:
Another creepily awesome chapter! :D Dude, it is so not fair how amazingly you write these things! Every single one is so consistent in how awesome it is! :D

Characterisation: I loved the insight into Harry's mind! And it makes such perfect sense. It's really beautiful; that he can see that something isn't right, but he doesn't want to admit because he's glad that his 'wife' is back. And I can almost imagine that scene and Harry's thought were so gorgeously portrayed and eurgh. You make my feelings go through hell. Honestly :P Like gah. And I cant wait to see more Teddy/Cress action though I'm pretty sure you're taking the romance slow? :) just more more more, of this story and all my wishes will be fulfilled!

Description: gorgeous as usual! Like I said previously, that one scene with Harry is just so beautiful! I can imagine it! And I just cant, k? You give me too much Harry/Ginny feels. Honestly. Not fair :P

Plot: Dude the secrets to your brain should be like broadcasted to the whole hpff network! Its so creative! like everything is stunning! And Im still like this :O At the plot and the complexity and the character development and just everything! AND THE END! WHAT WAS THAT! PERFECTION IS THE RIGHT ANSWER. Not fair, hon! Its too mysterious! Like honestly, who was that?! Omg! You'll just have to write more so I don't like die from TTD deprivation. Honestly ;)

Kk, bye bye now! And girl, keep informing me of your updates! :D

-Curie :)

Author's Response: Another lovely and totally awesome review from Curie!! :D

Aww, I'm so sorry for constantly planting cliffhangers around the story! I just can't resist them. ;)

Writing Harry is never easy, even after reading seven books and hundred fanfictions about him. I'm so glad you liked him here! Probably that's why I was avoiding Harry for the previous five chapters. But I couldn't keep him away anymore. :P

Yes, I'm taking Teddy/Cress romance a little slow. Teddy is still busy with the case and he hasn't moved on yet. He still feels something for Victoire. But I'll try not to make it boring!

Oh, thank you so much! That scene is my favorite too. It turned out to be even better than I wanted it to be. :)

Hahaha, you will never find the way to my brain unless I let you in! ;) Just keep checking for my PMs asking you for another review swap. :P

I think some updates will help heal your TTD deprivation? If so, I'll storm off to write the next chapter! :D

Thanks for the lovely lovely lovely review! Love you, girl!!


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Review #10, by The Otter The Case Complicates

18th June 2014:
If the mysterious 'She' mentioned in the last part is the one living with Harry, then I'm pretty sure Ginny is alive! :D And that gives me a hope and looks like I can believe that Ginny can be rescued and returned home safely with the terrific imposter sent to Azkaban. Keep updating! This is a very intriguing story indeed. Great job!

Author's Response: Welcome back! ;) It was absoulutely lovely to read some more of your theories. I cannot say much right now, but you've definitely got something right here. ;)

Thanks for the review!


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Review #11, by Margaret The Case Complicates

17th June 2014:
OMG, this is SO GOOD! You are an amazing storyteller, and the plot itself is extremely creative! I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Hi! I'm so happy you are enjoying my story so far. I will try to update as soon as I can. :)

Thanks for the compliments and the review!


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Review #12, by Veritaserum27 The Case Complicates

16th June 2014:
Hello Ashwini!

I was so excited to see an update to this! I'm even more excited that I get to be the first to review the new chapter!

Poor, poor Harry. He is so desperate for his sweet Ginny to be back that he is overlooking the most obvious personality changes! I am very suspicions of this new Ginny. I know that people can change, especially people who have been through an ordeal, but Ginny was such a strong girl that never cared about how a house was decorated. That was my first clue. I love how you gave us little hints that Harry is doubting that the woman is Ginny, but still were able to show us how much he loves her and wants her to be back.

Teddy seems so in love with the Weasley's life. H really wants to have what Ron and Hermione have with someone, doesn't he? He thought he would have it with Victoire, but that didn't seem to work out. You've made him a really complex character as well, because I can see him getting all caught up in a case and obsessing over it to the point where he doesn't have a life to share with anyone anymore.

And... Alison is back. You mentioned that she would show up later in the story. Maybe she will tell Cress what is going on with her own family. This story is very intriguing!

So, I have a prediction. I hope you don't mind... I think that the weird potion that the woman in the first chapter got from the old wizard is some strange form of dark polyjuice that makes you look like another person for much longer than polyjuice potion does. I think that is what the woman took and this is not really Ginny.

Great chapter, as usual. You've given me much to think about! I can't wait for the next update!


Author's Response: Hello Beth! It was lovely to receive another long and nice review from you! :D

So sorry this update took so long! I couldn't write this chapter for weeks, it was kind of a major writer's block. :( But I hope it's good enough to make up for the late!

Well, Harry is acting like himself right now. ;) He never accepted the truth right away, did he? That's why he's acting like that here. And also, he loves her too much to believe she's gone. I won't say much about Ginny right now, but you should keep this in mind- an awful experiance can change someone to this extent. I'm glad you liked the scene overall!

I'm so so happy you pointed this out! EXACTLY. That's why he loves spending time with both of them. He's always been fascinated by true love and wants to find his own love. Also, he's kind of lonely. His life is very very tough at the moment and we'll have to see if Cress is going to help.

You will surely get to know Alison's complete story in the next chapter- I promise!

Aww, I love theories!! :D As I said, I can neither confirm nor deny your theory just right now, but it's a great one. :)

Thanks for the review and your continued support for TTD!! Love you!


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Review #13, by Vk The Unexpected Guest

3rd June 2014:
Wow, great chapter! But why isn't another chapter up? I need one! :( Please please please update soon? Also the guest was very very expected for me. :D

Author's Response: I know the updates are VERY slow! :( But the next chapter is almost written and hopefully will be up by this weekend. :) And yeah, the guest was pretty obvious!

Thanks for your continued support to the story Vk!


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Review #14, by lumos_knox The Unexpected Guest

26th May 2014:
Hello, I'm here for another review swap!
If for some reason you've already given me a review don't bother to return one.

Well, some Teddy/Cress action! Yay! It's great to see a canon character with an OC, really fresh and fantastic. As for the Unexpected Guest, I just KNEW that it HAD to be Teddy. You've dropped little hints along the way and something just told me that it would be Teddy.

I feel so sorry for Cress, what with her relationships with her family. Quite sad to see sisters that were once friends drifting apart. As for Cress' mum, she is a different story. Even a little white lie like the one she told might mean she could be up to something...

Alison's problem... something to do with Ginny... hm, I'm not sure what's going to happen yet.

And, the cliffhanger at the end! Very clever, you really do get me interested. Who could it be if it's not Ginny? I can't wait for the next chapter to see what's going to happen to poor old Harry and Teddy, as well as Ginny and the rest of the family.

Great chapter! Sorry it's rather short, this review.

Anyhow, good job on this one!

Author's Response: Hi! Sorry for not responding for so long, but RL was hectic and I had literally no time for hpff. :(

Yay for Teddy/Cress! :D That's the only bit of romance I can add to this story so it makes me happy that people are liking the ship. :) Hehe, I knew the guest was pretty much expected. ;) However let's say Cress didn't know she was getting paired with Teddy by me. :D

Yeah, her situation is too bad for Cress. :( But they have the tiniest connection with the case and also I thought she needs to have her own life apart from the case... so I decided to give her a little sad background...

You'll get to see a bit of Alison and her case in the seventh chapter! :)

Thanks...! I', literally addicted to cliffhangers now so brace yourself for more. ;)

Thanks for the awesome review dear! Length never matters! :)


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Review #15, by UnluckyStar57 The Unexpected Guest

19th May 2014:
Hello! It has been WAY too long (almost a month, zoinks!) and maybe you don't remember me, but you requested a review, so here it is! :D

Seeing Cress' mother and sister in this context was... enlightening, to say the least! I think that maybe Cress has been a bit hard on them both--after all, time changes people, and while her family may have become more distant, she helped widen the distance between herself and them. Veronica definitely seems like a girl who has been yelled at by her sister one too many times, and I'm willing to bet that it wasn't always her fault.

Oooh, high drama at the doorstep! Cress' mother is being a bit rude by not letting Teddy inside, but the explosive fight that ensued was much more than the door fiasco should have warranted. No, there's definitely something else there--something that's been brewing under the surface for too long--and Cress and her mother are going to need to talk about it sometime soon!

Teddy!!! You know, because of all the Ted/Vic fics out there, I'm pretty stuck on that, though I have enjoyed reading Ted/Dom and Ted/Rose. However, I've never read a Ted/OC, but I think I will really like Teddy/Cress! It's an extremely interesting dynamic, and I can't wait to read more!

His very startling revelation, while unfortunate for the Weasleys and Potters, is VERY fortunate for the story! Ginny isn't actually Ginny?! Whatever shall we do?! I guess Cress has to come out of holiday and put her nose back to the pavement in search of clues! (Okay, weird metaphor there, but you know what I mean...) Where will the case take us next? I don't know, so I sure hope you do!

One little grammatical thing:

"She was sort of scared of Cress when it came to etiquettes, though Cress no more tried to give her lessons of them."

"Etiquette" is actually just a singular noun. It's kind of overarching to apply to all forms of being polite/prim/proper/snobby. So the sentence might be better written as: "She was sort of scared of Cress when it came to etiquette, though Cress no longer tried to give her lessons in manners."

The second part of the sentence, with the "no more" part, reads better with "no longer," I think. (Don't change it if you disagree with me--this is just a suggestion!!) And I changed "of them" to "in manners" because "etiquette" is no longer plural. But that's just another suggestion.

Rest assured, that was the only sentence that stuck out to me. I won't try to butcher any more of your writing, I promise! :)

Oh, and when Cress is moping around in her room, she reminds me of Sherlock Holmes. I like the comparison of those two. :D

'Til next time! (And again, I'm so sorry that it took me forever to review this chapter.)


Author's Response: Hi there! I'm so sorry for the wait... I was getting busier every day and had little time for HPFF. :(

Haha, how can I forget you??? Your reviews are always so helpful and lovely to read...!! :D And also they are long and perfectly phrased. :)

Yeah, I agree with you. Cress's reactions made things worse, but I think we can't really blame her. She doesn't even know why her mother changed and that's what makes her furious. :/

Exactly! There has been something brewing under the surface. And for really long. There MIGHT be more such explosions, be warned, but they will inform you more of Cress's backstory surely. :)

I myself love Teddy/Vic! But I wanted to add a little romance to this story or it would've been way too dark, but couldn't really decide on the pairing. There wasn't any option than Teddy/Cress actually, so I just went with it in the end. I'm so glad you think that sort of works! I can't wait to write more about them too. :D

Don't worry, I have the whole thing carefully planned out! ;) Surely a happy Cress will continue with the investigation right from the next chapter and you'll learn more about the reasons behind Teddy's suspicion.

Okay, will correct the errors once I get a little time. :) Thanks for pointing them out! I don't like having typos at all.

Cress? SHERLOCK HOLMES??? Wow, he's like the best detective I've ever read! Thank you thank you! You're too sweet. You make me blush. :)

Thanks for another lovely review dear! You really made my day!!


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Review #16, by Infinityx The Unexpected Guest

8th May 2014:
WHOO. CLIFFHANGER. See. This is why you deserve that diadem!
(I hope this extra review makes up for being late with you request. Not that I'm reviewing this only because of that reason. I was going to review this anyway. Okay, I'm going to shut up now and continue with the review.)

I love how the main focus of this chapter is on Cress and her family. (What happened to her father though? I'm sorry if you've mentioned it earlier and I've just forgotten. Sorry!) I keep getting sidetracked. Anyway... I love the central concept of this chapter. You've done an incredible job of fitting in each of the elements in such a seamless manner, and shifting the focus from the mystery to Cress' personal life.

Her mother and sister don't seem very nice. But then again, the line expecting her to leave any moment and not returning until dinner indicates that they just don't like how her job cuts into family time. Maybe they just miss her and don't know how exactly to convey it. But I can't help but feel sympathetic for Cress.

Hmm, I wonder what problem Alison is in. You've kind of confirmed my suspicions about it being related to Ginny with you A/N. :D This plot just keeps getting more and more intricate!

Veronica. I don't really know what to make of her. Why does she disapprove of Cress' job? I mean, I kind of get that her mom doesn't like it for some reason. But her sister, who was once so close. Even her? But she wants help and goes around telling her friends about Cress' profession. That's really weird. I can't wait for your coming chapters to get to know some more about Cress' backstory.

Oooh, Teddy/Cress is beginning! He's such a sensible and sensitive guy. He'd be good for her. OHMYGOSH. Teddy's mother wants to kill his future love interest. Oh wow. That is twisted. I can't wait to read further!!

Why did Cress' mom do that though? Teddy's reasoning about her disapproval of Cress' job makes sense. But why would she lie to Cress? Why? AGH. SO MANY QUESTIONS.

THAT GINNY IS AN IMPOSTOR. Even though I suspected it, that final line made a huge impact anyway! Why do you end on such a cliffhanger and then not have another chapter up? :( I can't wait to know what happens next!

I love this story. Update soon! And please do tell me when you put the next chapter up!


Author's Response: Aah another lovely review from Erin!!! :O I just can't deal with this. I can't! This review is so beautiful... :'( Thank you thank you!!

Haha I just can't resist a cliffhanger! ;) I'm sure you're going to come across many others in the future chapters. I'm just glad you are enjoying the endless cliffies at least until chapter five!

Yeah, I thought Cress's problems do deserve more than just a mention. And also they might also be connected with the case! You can never tell. ;) No, I haven't said anything about her father before. She doesn't know anything about him right now.

I promise more will be revealed about her mother and sister in the next few chapters! Alison is a part of the mystery as I've already said. Her problem is planned to be explained in the seventh chapter. :)

Veronica is a complicated character. She doesn't even know why she is taking her mother's side than her sister's. She has her own reasoning which will soon be revealed, but she's definitely not a 'bad person'.

I'm so happy you think they would be good together! :D I was a little worried about that as people seem to be liking Teddy/Victoire. But Teddy/Cress is my favorite non- canon ship. ;)

Aww I'm so sorry for doing that to you dear! I've planned the whole story but I just don't have time to write an update! That's pretty annoying. :(

Anyways, I promise I'll have a chapter up soonish if I have enough time this weekend. The next chapter will be focused on why Teddy, Ron and Hermione think Ginny is an imposter other than Cress's family. I'll let you know when it gets validated!

Thanks for the totally unexpected, kind and beautiful review! You made my day twice! ;)


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Review #17, by Infinityx So She Is Back

8th May 2014:
I am SO sorry it took me this long to review this! I hope I make it up to you!!

Okay. What just happened. Ginny suddenly reappears? Whaaat. No seriously. How? After searching for so long, she just suddenly turns up
and she smiles at Ron. Something's really fishy here, because that's just unreal and you're too good a writer to make it that way. What is going on? Has she been imperiused, or memory wiped? *gasps* Is it an imposter? :o

I find it kind of weird that they wouldn't inform Harry though. I mean, he's a shell of himself without Ginny and wouldn't telling him be the first thing they would do?

I love the way you've brought in that little bit about Cress. Shifting the focus from Ginny's return to Cress' feelings was great, and really gave a deeper understanding about the detective. The way you've mentioned the names of the Weasley family right before Cress' thoughts, make her longing even more powerful. Especially the comparison with Teddy. It emphasizes on just how warm and loving the Weasley family is, and how much she wants that.

SO IT WAS GINNY WHO GOT THE POTION FROM AENOR. Okay I am extremely intrigued and have no clue what could be happening.

Drinking it thrice? Okay, that rules out my thought of it being a poison. What girl? And WHAT. CRESSIDA JONES. OH MY. WOW. SNEAKED INTO WHAT HOUSE? NOT GOING BACK? WHAT DID SHE GET HERSELF INTO? That girl in the hospital can't be Ginny. :o Unless her plan failed and she's just going to kill Cress by coincidence. What.

This is a super terrific story! I can't wait to see where it goes from here!


Author's Response: Now I'm responding to your amazingly amazing reviews too late! :( Real life was being evil and I had very limited time left for HPFF, but I had read this review the day you left it and I was like. Wow! :D You made my entire day back then. Thank you so much Erin!

And now that I'm sitting here to respond. I just don't know how to! I mean. Seriously!

I'm so excited to caught that little detail that Ginny smiles at Ron! I was hoping someone would notice it sooner or later and you did! I know it's really fishy, but it can be a real clue as well as a fake one. ;) You will get to see Ginny and the change in her in next few chapters so you can guess what's happened to her. :)

Well, I think the family wanted to confirm Ginny was alright and if she really was Ginny. If that girl had turned out to be someone else, Harry would have been even more hurt and broken. Well at least that's what I thought!

Cress's family life is very complicated. She, her mother and sister were a nice little family once upon a time and then bang! Something destroyed that. That makes her longing so strong. Because her family is broken and the Weasleys are still so close and perfect after so many years.

Haha don't be so quick to say it was Ginny for sure! That's all I can say right now. ;)

I know that was quite a cliffhanger! ;) But that's what makes a mystery, doesn't it? I'm just glad you are so excited for my story! :D This review makes me smile like crazy. :)

Thank you thank you thank you!!!


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Review #18, by ReeBee The Unexpected Guest

7th May 2014:
Oh god!!! I'd forgotten how absolutely addicting this story is! Eurgh!!! My heart is literally hammering!!! I don't think i can stand the mystery Ashwini!! Eurghhh! Girl, like I've said many times, you need to stop giving me heart attacks! Anyway!

Characterisation: Honestly, I love Cress! She's just so awesome and eugh! Im speechless! She's amazing and this story is equally as fantabulous! And teddy! Eeep! So cute! Im not sure if you've noticed, but i tend to have this thing where i always gush over fictional characters… Anyway, Teddy's turn now! He's so sweet!! I seriously! GAH! I CANT EXPLAIN!

Desscription: perfection. you are perfection. that is all.

Plot: I would say perfection again but that seems unfair to you! So it was super amazing! And god! How on earth do you write like that?!?!?! its amazing! Seriously!!! E U G H! Write more! You make me want to write a million different mystery stories!!

Dialogue: Honeslty, I loved it but i did feel that it was a tiny bit fast paced. Especially the fight between Cress and her mother? I understand that u didnt want to reveal too much but a tiny bit more build up would be awesome :)

Anyway, you REALLY need to update!!! Or I WILL DIEEE! Well, maybe not, but u get the gist. Seriously, update! Anyway, byeee (well, for now :P)! Great job!


Author's Response: I'm so sorry I didn't respond earlier! :( I meant to do that as soon as I read this amazingly amazing review but RL just doesn't allow that sometimes. :/ And anyways I don't know how to respond to SUCH REVIEWS. I mean SUCH LOVELY REVIEWS.

I'm so so happy I'm keeping the suspense well! That's like the best compliment for me, as I love suspense. :)

It's great that you like my characters so far. :) Teddy and Cress are like the heart of the story so it's kind of a relief that you like them so much. :D Teddy is too sweet I know!! :S

THANK YOU. Gah, you're making me cry. My descriptions. perfection? *sobs* thank you thank you Reebs!!!

I DO want to read a million mystery stories from you! ;)

Hmm, yeah, but the fight wasn't really a fight. Cress didn't mean to make her guest wait at the door for a long time so she just snapped at her mother...

I'm trying my best to write the next chapter as soon as I can but my muse and RL are both a little against me. :(

But if I'm going to have another beautiful review like this I'll write the chapter RIGHT NOW.

Thank you thank you honey! You made a lot of my days!!

Ashwini :D

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Review #19, by marauderfan More Than a Clue

1st May 2014:

Eep, intense chapter. I love your descriptions of letting the light into the house, it was a really beautiful, vivid scene and I could clearly picture this old, sad mansion that's finally getting some sunlight.

I have no idea who could be behind the handwriting. I suppose Aberforth might have similar writing to Albus Dumbledore but I don't know why he'd be in the story :P so probably not him. Fleur? but it wouldn't make sense if she did something to her sister, aahhh you are really good at this suspense and making me guess. I have no idea! I'll just have to read on!

The only part that confused me was just after Cress realises that it's Teddy Lupin walking by, she addresses him as Mr. Potter, and I'm not sure why if she knew who he was.

Anyway besides that, this was a really good chapter and WOW what a cliff hanger! I'm wondering if it's really Ginny that's back, or... I don't know, I have a feeling the mystery is far from solved! Great work on this chapter :)

Author's Response: Hello! :D

Yes, I know the chapter was a little intense than the other chapters. The gloomy mansion and the sunlight represented Ginny's absence and Cress's investigation. I'm glad you could imagine the scene vividly!

Well, I'm just not going to say anything about the handwriting right now. ;) But I loved reading your theories! Keep guessing!

Umm, Cress wasn't just sure about him. She hadn't seen him before and there are so many people which are almost family to Harry Potter. Maybe that confused you a little bit!

Thanks for the lovely review dear! :D


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Review #20, by The Otter The Unexpected Guest

1st May 2014:
Theories! I think this woman IS Ginny but some happenings in the past five years changed her and now she's different.
Hmm... So cress is connected to the case in some ways, I think it's something about her father that links her to the case maybe. And is the woman from the first chapter Alison? I can't wait to see her now!! When will we meet her?
Great update!!

Author's Response: Yay for theories! I love to hear them! :D

Teddy, Ron and Hermione are just assuming that she's Ginny right now. You can consider both the possibilties.

Cress IS connected to the case already, but I won't deny that her father is another mystery to be solved.

Thanks for the lovely review!


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Review #21, by Veritaserum27 The Unexpected Guest

28th April 2014:
Hi Ashwini,

I'm here for the review swap! Sorry it took me so long.

Wow - you had so much packed into this chapter. The tension between Cress and her mother and sister is really high. Teddy totally called her out on being too hard on her Mum. I thought that she was a little bit paranoid, thinking that her Mum was trying to be mean to her by making eggs they way Cress didn't like them! I must say, that I am really excited that the Teddy/Cress relationship is moving along! It is getting really good.

Overall, this chapter flowed really nicely. You've included the stressful family dynamic, a little bit of hope for the reader with Teddy and Cress and even managed to add a bit of the mystery of Cress's dad and Victoria's friend Alison. Is she the woman who bought the potion at the beginning of the story? It's killing me! I have to know.

Oh - and that twist at the end! I did not see that coming! But I should've expected it from you because you always manage to pull it off!

My one bit of criticism is that perhaps you should see if you can find a beta for this story. There are a few grammatical errors and also some phrasings that aren't common in English. It isn't a huge deal, but it does disrupt the flow of the story from time to time.

You've done a great job balancing the mystery, the characters and the romance in this story. Keep up the good work and I really can't wait for the updates!


Beth ♥

Author's Response: Beth! :D

Yess, the tension is seriously high. :/ Cress was paranoid here, but I think that's because she was thinking about her mother and their breaking relationship since the morning. That made her a little more reactive than usual I guess. But I'm so happy you like Teddy/Cress! :)

Haha, I know a little too much happened in this chapter! The mystery of Cress's father will be simulteneously solved and Alison is definitely linked to the case. Cress's sister's name is Veronica by the way.. ;)

I'm so sorry for ending every chapter with some kind of cliffhanger! :P I just can't control myself. ;)

Yeah, I will think about getting a beta reader for this story. :)

Thanks for coming back Beth! The next chapter is almost done... I've written most of it. I hope it will make it to the queue next week!


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Review #22, by Infinityx More Than a Clue

28th April 2014:
Hello! I'm here for our swap!

I love the way you've started this chapter. You've got some lovely descriptions there, they're wonderful! That description of Teddy was just so simple, but so powerful. I felt sad just by reading it.

Ginny's absence being compared to the absence of light was brilliant. The picture that was painted was extremely effective in conveying the extent of helplessness and misery that they're feeling.

Oh, Teddy is such a sweetheart! I love how his affection towards Ginny is just so plainly stated. It's beautiful and overwhelmingly touching.

I think it was a great touch to bring in that bit about Cress' own mother. It sheds some light on her backstory as well!

Oooh, the handwriting. I have no clue who that could be. Like, absolutely no idea, no matter how much I wrack my brains about it. Superb mystery!

I'm really curious about Gabriel as well. I have a strong feeling that her death is somehow connected to Ginny's disappearance! I just can't think of how. :o

Oh my, and that cliffhanger. Absolutely sensational. This was such a gripping chapter! Well done!


Author's Response: Hello Erin! :D

I'm so happy to hear you liked the descriptions! I was pretty much awful at them when I started writing, but then I improved by reading, reviewing and some observation. It wasn't that easy, so it makes me extremely happy when someone praises my descriptions now! :)

Thanks! Ginny's absence affects the whole family just the way the absence of light was affecting the appearance of the living room. That's what I was trying to show... And also, Cress opening the curtains was significant.

Teddy never met his mother and Ginny tried her best to take over the place, so naturally Teddy doesn't want to lose his mother yet again. :( That's why he keeps doing his best for the case. Poor guy!

Cress has some problems regarding her mother and more will be revealed in the next two chapters.

I won't deny that Gabrielle's mysterious death has the barest connection to Ginny's disappearance though I can't tell you more right now. ;)

Thanks for the wonderful review and also the great swap!


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Review #23, by lindslo2012 So She Is Back

17th April 2014:
Hi there!
Here for another requested review and oh my goodness this gave me the chills!
I am so sad for how weak Ginny is but I REALLY want to know what happened to her.. I hope she is the same person she was when she left but there is not telling until she actually wakes up.
I am quite afraid for her... and I know her family will love her no matter what but I hope she isn't some dark witch now.
Anyways... lovely chapter! You haven't stopped shocking me with your story and every chapter is even more intense than the one before it!
Way to go! I don't see any errors worth mentioning! :D
Hope to see you soon for another review!

Author's Response: Hello! :D

Actually, this is where the real mystery begins. Ginny is back but let's see if she is the same person! The next chapter will be mainly focused on Cress and her family issues, but there's definitely going to be details about the returned Ginny in the sixth chap. :)

Thanks for the wonderful review!


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Review #24, by Veritaserum27 So She Is Back

14th April 2014:
Hi Ashwini,

Wow - another nail biter. I keep having more and more questions. I'm so glad that Ginny is back and her family is happy. I hope the next chapter has some Harry/Ginny going on.

I feel like there is something going on with Percy. It doesn't seem like his personality to be the brother who is the MOST upset. Hmm.

I also wonder if you did a little foreshadowing about a possible relationship between Cress and Teddy. It seems like they would be really good for each other.

Again, you got me at the end! I was not expecting the "person" to say they had to kill Cress! This throws a whole new light on to the fact that Cress was given the case.

Good job - and again, thanks for writing!


Reviewed for Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza

Author's Response: Hello Beth! Thanks for coming back for more! :D

Questions! Keep watching out for updates and I promise they will be answered one by one. :) Ginny is back, but as I have stated in the summary, there is another mystery to be solved and you got a glimpse of it at the end of the chapter. Also, the next chapter is focused on Cress and her family issues, so no Hinny in there, but I am definitely planning to write chapter six in Harry's pov. :)

Haha, no, there's nothing wrong with Percy, you can be sure of that. I mentioned he was the most upset because I think he is more emotional than he seems to be.

I'm so so happy you think Teddy and Cress would be good together! Though I usually go for the canon pairing- Teddy/Victoire, but Teddy/Cress is very much needed in TTD. :)

Yes, the ending was just to give a hint that Cress is connected to the case in some way that you will know before the end of course.

Thanks for another lovely review and your continued support!


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Review #25, by Xoxo The Unexpected Guest

14th April 2014:
Wow, I liked the last scene! Now I really think Cress's father was a Detective. Is he related to Ginny's disappearance?? I think so and I'm intrigued! Please update soon!!!

Author's Response: Hello! The last scene is one of my favorites. :) I was very keen to set Teddy/Cress off and this was like a moment made only for it.

Thank you so much for coming back!!


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