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Review #1, by CassiePotter A Case Worth Waiting For

10th January 2016:
Hello! I'm here for our review swap!
This was a really great first chapter! I really enjoyed it, and I think it sets up your story really well. You do a nice job of introducing your main character without getting bogged down in too much description. It's weaved in throughout the chapter, so we can focus on the plot while also getting information about Cress.
I thought the opening of this chapter was really great. It was mysterious and left me with questions, so I want to keep reading to get some answers. I'm assuming the woman was Ginny, but what potion was she getting, what does it do, and why did she need it? Is that the reason she went missing? Did she want to disappear, or did she know she was going somewhere that might me dangerous when she left a note saying she might not come home? You've definitely got me curious!
I like Cress as a main character. Her choice of a career shows that she's tough, and can handle difficult situations, but her conversation with Hermione also shows that she's compassionate, and remembers that she's dealing with really people who are going through something really sad.
Oh, she's going to talk to Teddy! I bet that will be interesting.
You've definitely piqued my interest with this story! Your opening chapter is great, and I really enjoyed it! Thanks for the review swap!
Cassie :)

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Review #2, by StarFeather Picking Up The Pieces

5th September 2015:
Wow,I should've read this earlier. I've put your story in my reading list but I started reading properly now. Perhaps RL and so many events at the forums prevented me from reading this, I'm sorry.

I like your style from Teddy's POV, he observes Harry, and he felt how he loved Ginny. It's quite new and I've never encoutnered this type of romance before. I'll post it at Dobby's best romance. I'm a Harry/Ginny shipper.

It's heartbreaking to imagine how little James felt when he lost his mother and had to spend with Arthur and Molly. The saddest description here is "Uncle Harry locked himself in his room the minute he returned home. Teddy would left a plateful of dinner at his door and found it half finished the next morning. Each day he washed the plate with shaky hands screaming for Aunt Ginny in his mind. He couldn't see the person he love the most like this."

The episode how Gabrielle died is shocking, too. Besides, something mysterious things are going on, I'll catch up soon.


Author's Response: Hi Kenny! First of all I am terribly sorry for not responding to such a lovely and kind review for so long. I was very busy with real life issues and did not have much time left for this site. Sorry!

Through the Darkest is a very special story for me so I'm really glad that you have started reading it. I hope you continue because I haven't abandoned this story, I have already started working on the next chapter. :)

Yay! Another Hinny shipper! Aren't they cute together? :D

Yeah, poor James suffered unnecessarily in all this. :( But I think this brings a lot more intensity to the case and makes it more than just a plain missing person case.

Thanks for stopping by! Your review really made me happy! I hope you come back soon to catch up!


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Review #3, by merlins beard So She Is Back

28th April 2015:
Ok so here I am for our review swap.

As this really isn't my kind of genre, I'm probably going to stop reading right here.

I like how you write. The structure is good and you've added some detail. Flow is nice and smooth as well.

I hope you're not mad at me when I suggest this: get yourself a Beta. There are so many typos, grammar mistakes (TENSES!!) in this chapter alone. I think it would really help if you had someone else read it before publishing.

I'm very particular about canon things, which one of the reasons I won't continue here. This has nothing to do with the quality of your story, it's only personal preference. I just don't like that Harry is unhappy, and that Teddy is far too old compared to James. Harry and Ginny should have had Albus and Lily by now (according to canon - of course you can distance yourself and your story from that, it's just something I prefer not to do)

I still think this is very well-written and makes some interesting reading. Keep going. I might check out some of your other stories.


Author's Response: Hi there!

I totally understand that reading a new genre is kind of hard but I'll just say you can come back when you need a bit of change. :)

Thanks for the suggestion! Well, I have considered getting a beta, but I actually don't have the time to revise my chapters again and again. It's already too hard to write and update the stories on my page. So I'll just go through this chapter again and try to correct my mistakes.

I know this isn't totally canon... But I had to make some changes according to the plot. I had to do it all to keep this suspenseful and a little dark. As Ginny goes missing in this story and also because of a few other plot reasons I had to do this all. Just try to understand you cannot always go by the books. :)

Thanks for the lovely review!


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Review #4, by merlins beard More Than a Clue

28th April 2015:
Hi. I'm doing the real review for our swap later on, i want to keep reading for now.

There is one thing that REALLY REALLY irritates me about this chapter, that's why i'm reviewing here.

Fleur's sister's name is GABRIELLE! (not Gabriel, which is a boy's name in german, which is probably why it irritates me so much.


Author's Response: Hello Anja!

I really appreciate your review but I think you should have been a little more polite with pointing out that mistake. If you look at the last chapter, I have spelled the name correctly and I accidentally spelled it as Gabriel in this chapter and that too only once, :/ And also not everyone is German and aware of that fact.

Thanks for leaving the review and pointing out my mistake but just make sure you be a little more polite next time. :)


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Review #5, by Shadowkat A Case Worth Waiting For

28th April 2015:
Here for your review swap.

Wow, this looks extremely interesting. The writing was good quality, and I didn't see many mistakes. I'll have to put this on my ever growing reading list, it looks like it's a good start to a great story. :)

Author's Response: Hello there! :)

Thank you so much for your kind words! I hope you come back for more soon and I'm glad you enjoyed my story. :D


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Review #6, by alicia and anne A Case Worth Waiting For

13th March 2015:
ooo I am so close to having reviewed everything you've ever written :D For that I'm going to review all of these chapters so that I can say that I have reviewed everything you've written! :D

I am so glad that I'm reading this story! That summary has got me hooked! As has that first paragraph, you need to stop being so amazing at beautiful descriptions!... I lie of course, you should never stop! This way I can bask in the brilliance of it and keep reading the perfectness that is your writing! :D It's such a pleasure reading your work!

Oooo who is visiting Aenor? What have they gotten from him? So many questions!

What happened to Ginny? Why is she missing? What did Cress see in the photograph!? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!

AHHH I CAN'T WAIT TO READ MORE! You've left me hanging so badly and I need all of the answers!! I can't wait to get back to this! And I am so coming back to this! Gahhh!!! So much need right now!

You're such a fabulous writer for getting me so hooked on your beautiful work! I absolutely love your stories! So very much!

Author's Response: Yes you are!! And I really hope you decide to continue with this. I absolutely love you and your reviews! :D

Thanks! I wrote and rewrote the first part so many times that I was kind of exhausted when I finally came up with just the right descriptions. I'm so happy you like my writing so much! I just don't know how to respond. *blushes* I'm not good at taking compliments.

Yes, so many questions! ;) But I'm sure they will get answered so I hope you continue reading!



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Review #7, by milominderbinder Picking Up The Pieces

8th March 2015:
hiya! here for our review swap! i reviewed chapter one for a review swap a while back, i remember, so it was cool to get to read chapter two! i don't have much time for keeping up with WIPs these days but this is definitely an intriguing one.

reading about Teddy's early life kind of broke my heart, but in the best way. i love your take on it. i've actually never seen an interpretation where he grew up with Harry but I've always thought it would be interesting, and i loved how you explained it all here! he sure has had a lot of tragedy in his life, poor lil bean.

i really can't say enough just how INTRIGUING the mystery of ginny's disappearance is so far! that note is what really sold it for me. i'm dying to know who wrote it - i guess i'll have to read on at some point ;) the fact that the writer is sure she'll recognise the writing but nobody else does is interesting to say the least. it hints at her having some big secret or something. my first thought was that it was tom riddle's writing, like from the diary, but i guess harry would have recognised that :")

well, i'm sure there's a lot more mystery to go, anyway, but you've done an awesome job with the setup of it all! well done!


Author's Response: Hello Maia! So sorry for responding late! Exams are eating my HPFF time. :(

Writing this was kind of hard for me too. I have a soft spot for Teddy Lupin ever since he lost Remus and Tonks, but no one suited this story better than him. And I am going to try and make him a little more happy through this story. The plot needed him to grow up with Ginny so she could be like his mother so I decided to do that. ;)

Thank you so much! I have every chapter planned out and I know where the story is going so I absolutely love reading the questions and theories of you guys. :D

Ooh, the handwriting could be Tom Riddle's! :O I love your theory! That hadn't crossed my mind though! So you're gonna need to come up with some other theories. ;)

Thank you so much for the awesome review! It was fun swapping with you!


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Review #8, by Wistful So She Is Back

26th February 2015:

This is Wisty, here for our review swap. So the summary of this one immediately captured me, and I was definitely excited to check out something like this. I honestly don't see too many stories with Harry and the lot that isn't more focused on the next generation. And of course Teddy Lupin is eVERYTHING TO ME (i need him like i need air) so unf unf unf it looked good.

And it was good! It was easy to read, and I love your straight forward writing style and how you write your characters. Each of them have such a decisive voice. I like how you write Ron the best honestly. Like even if you didn't give him his name and just said he, I could tell it was him from a mile away. This was really just so good.

And you're creating suspense just so well! I was curious as I reached this chapter to what was going on with Ginny and how you were going to continue the story if Ginny was already found, but then the last line oh my god. Way to twist the plot.

I'm so excited to read on and to see what you do with this!

-- Wisty x

Author's Response: Hi there Wisty! :D

I'm so glad you think the summary is intriguing. That's something I constantly worry about. I'm not really good at coming up with titles and summaries! :P

Aaah I love that boy too! I know we don't know much about him, but he seems so cute and Remus and Tonks's death has created a soft spot for him in my heart. ;) I love him too! That's why I decided to include him in this one. A next gen story written by me without any Teddy in it? Not possible!

Thank you! I haven't purposefully kept this simple. It's probably because I'm still learning to write in English as it's not my native language. That's why I generally use simple words so that I don't make any weird word usage! ;)

I'm so glad you liked Ron! I love him so much that I wanted to put a bit of him in every chapter possible. :D

I LOVE ending my chapters with cliffhangers! You'll just have to get used to that. ;) Haha I hope you don't mind!

Thank you so much for being so nice and leaving this lovely review! I hope you come back for more soon!


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Review #9, by Carrie The Case Complicates

25th February 2015:
THIS WAS AMAZING. I love this story so much! I know I have two more chapters to catch up but I wanted to know that this was really great. I enjoyed reading this. :D

Author's Response: NO YOU ARE AMAZING! :D You literally made me smile like crazy with this one! :) I'm so glad you enjoyed TTD so far and I hope you like the next too chapters as well! Thank you so much! :D

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Review #10, by CP The Case Complicates

7th February 2015:
I'm really loving this story! I read five chapters in a row but now I have tosleep. So I'll come back for more later for sure! Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for coming back to this story even after a long time! I remember you leaving a review a while ago. :) I'm happy I entertained you and I hope you have a good sleep! Good night! ;)

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Review #11, by 800 words of heaven A Case Worth Waiting For

5th February 2015:
REVIEW SWAP. Sorry for being a little late :)

So this is a super interesting start. A (possible) murder mystery involving Ginny Weasley. How exciting! I'm very intrigued about where the story is going to head - and how Teddy plays into it all, since he wasn't mentioned in this chapter, but was in the summary.

I love the amount of description. I'm terrible at it, so I always pay attention to it in other people's work, and I think you've done a lovely job. It creates an image in my head of the setting and characters, and so their actions are given some context. Well done!

I also like the way you opened this with a flashback scene from an unknown person's perspective. It has the feeling of the books themselves, as often, the first chapter wouldn't be from Harry's point of view at all.

I enjoyed the different sections as well. I think it's a good way to keep the pacing fast and quite clearly separates one section from another for the reader. There were places where the endings were a little abrupt for me, but that was a minor thing.

Overall, this is a fantastic start. I really enjoyed this. Thanks for the swap :)

Author's Response: Hello there! I'm so sorry for responding so late! I was kind of busy with college for the last few days. :(

I won't say this is a murder mystery even though it is concerned with murders and other criminal stuff. :) Ginny is just missing and this story is about what happened during these five years. This was mostly an introductory chapter, so nothing much is revealed here, but I'm sure things will get clearer in the next. The next chapter is centered at Teddy.

I personally don't think you are terrible at descriptions ;) but thanks for the compliment! I have put a lot of work into descriptions lately, so it makes me feel extra good to know that you liked them. :) Imagery is very hard and compliments about it make me super happy. :D

Actually the whole story will be told through switched point of views even though Cress is the protagonist. :) There are more flashback scenes in random chapters too.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving this awesome review! :D


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Review #12, by Infinityx Pain and Soothing

31st January 2015:


That was such an amazing, passionate moment and I love how you've described it! The emotions, the heat, the longing...they were all described so wonderfully! I have been waiting for this to happen for so long now and YAY! :D

Okay, so the imposter isn't Joanne. The way she was murdered was so brutal and horrifying and the fact that she'd been identified means that that theory of mine is completely useless. However, if Ginny's imposter is able to pose as her so perfectly in terms of physical features and identifying factors, it's possible that the person identified as Joanne wasn't really her and Joanne is still alive and posing as Ginny. That seems like a long shot though. But I still think they're both interrelated in some way, and I can't wait to find out how!

I love the way you've described Cress' feelings for Teddy in the beginning! It was so warm and cute and I melted inside. That plus all the angst about her losing her job and the whole dead end with Joanne's case made this such an emotion packed chapter!

I'm still a bit skeptical of Harry's behaviour though. It's just my opinion but it seems a bit out of character for him to be this way because family was always most important to him and neglecting James, shutting himself off, pretending he got Ginny's all really extreme. Although, it is possible that the trauma did that to him. I'm on the fence about that though.

But other than that, I LOVED this chapter! And I'm still in suspense about Cress' father and how everything is tied up so please please update soon before my brain crumbles from thinking too much!

You're so fab.

Author's Response: OH YEAH THEY KISSED. :D I've been waiting to write this chapter for so long! I'm so excited you liked it too!

Thank you! I LOVE passionate kisses. I never really liked the happy ending sort of first kiss. I love this kind of moments and I'm glad you liked it too. :)

It was fun to read your theories! Don't mark any of your theories useless just yet. Anything might be coming your way. ;)

Aah, they make me want to melt too sometimes. :) They're extremely cute. I don't go much for fluff, but Teddy and Cress make it so much fun and it's also easier with them. :)

Yeah, this was a pretty intense chapter. Cress is going through a lot at the moment so I thought she deserved a complete chapter dedicated to her inner storm and feelings. :( Poor girl! But I promise the story will bring something nice to her at the end. :)

Thank you so much for being awesome and writing this review! You didn't make my day. You made my WEEK! :D ;)


PS- No. YOU are fab. :D

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Review #13, by Infinityx Conversations and Revelations

31st January 2015:
I'm finally here, I'm so so sorry! I'm reviewing on my phone so I apologise beforehand for any weird typos.

Aah, you've put up two new chapters! I can't believe I missed the update!

Ooh, some Teddy and Cress bonding! I really think they make such a cute couple! And they understand each other so well because of their similar familial situations. And she's finally looking for her father. This should be interesting.

Hmm, I wonder what happened between Teddy and Victoire. He still seems to be really hung up on her.
Aand my question is answered. It's not what I expected though. Vic seems really selfish and stubborn when it comes to understanding what Teddy's going through. It's weird though, considering her profession. I wonder if there's more to it...

Oh wow, they've finally figured out that connection between Ginny and Joanne. I have goosebumps. Could Joanne be the imposter? :o what on earth is happening here!? The suspense is eating me up!

And omg as if that wasn't enough, you go ahead and break another bombshell! Aenor Garrott, seriously? Is this why Ginny is against Cress? But didn't she get the vial in the first chapter from Aenor? Hmm... Maybe he betrayed her or something. But it's so serious that she had to have someone else pose as her, go missing for five years, and have hateful thoughts against Cress! I'm really boggled here.

You've developed such an intricate plot here, Ashwini, and I really don't have any guesses here. It's so confusing and so exciting and I'm just so intrigued by this that I really NEED to know the reason behind the whole scheme!

The only bit of CC I have is that there could be something that denotes a separation between the Teddy-Cress scene in the beginning and the Vic-Ali scene after it.

I loved this chapter and I most certainly did not expect two huge bombshells to be dropped here! I'm so glad the next chapter is up. I don't think I could bear the suspense for much longer!

Author's Response: ERIN!! It makes me all happyyy to see you here! :D And who cares about typos while reading such a sweet review?

I know right! I always keep including small Teddy/Cress moments here and there just to be able to write something about them being together. :P I kind of love them myself and I'm really happy that you like them too. :) I wanted their grief to bring them together just to show that you can always find something happy and bright even when you are going through a bad phase in life. No matter what happens to Teddy, Cress or their families in this story, they will always have each other as a reason to be happy. Hope it makes sense!

There's some Teddy/Victoire history coming up in chapter ten! You'll get your answers then, I promise!

You're right. The mysterious 'She' did take something from an old man named Aenor in the first chapter. There's a lot more to the connection between Aenor and Cress which I won't reveal right now of course. I hope you're intrigued enough to keep reading like you always have! :)

Aww, thank you so much! It makes me so happy to know that you want to know what happened so badly! :') I have just posted chapter nine in queue and I'll let you know when it gets validated. :)

Yeah, I forgot to put a line to break the two scenes. I'll make sure I edit that out asap.

Thank you for being such a wonderful person and leaving awesome reviews for me! You really made my day! :D


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Review #14, by mymischiefmanaged Picking Up The Pieces

27th January 2015:
Hello! Here for our review swap (sorry about the delay - I only just saw your reply to my post).

I think I reviewed chapter one for a swap a while back. I'm glad to get back to this story.

I really like the way you've focussed on Teddy here. Cress was a lovely character in the first chapter but was obviously viewing the case from a distance. It's interesting to get a more personal take on the same story from Teddy.

The depiction of Teddy's childhood with the Potters is just lovely. Of course Harry would see it as his duty to protect Teddy from the things he went through. You've shown a lovely glimpse into Harry's life with Ginny and the kids, and it's very believable.

And then after having seen that, James having to live with his grandparents seems so much more terrible. It's a clear demonstration of just how much Harry is hurting that he's let this happen.

The story about Gabrielle is incredibly sad. I wonder whether she has relevance to the greater plot about Ginny? I feel like she must if you've made such a point of bringing her up here, and I look forward to finding out more.

This is a really good story. You've got the level of mystery just right and your characterisation so far has been really strong. It's an original idea and you've handled some difficult topics with a lot of tact.

The only thing I would say is that there are quite a few grammatical errors here that I noticed - it might be worth getting somebody to beta or doing some more proofreading before uploading? It's not a big deal but it's something worth thinking about because it breaks up the flow a bit. Apart from that this is a fantastic chapter though!

Thanks for the swap!

Emma xx

Author's Response: Hello Emma! It was nice to see you here! :D

That's exactly why I decided to include Teddy into the story. I wanted the readers to see the case from personal view too. I thought it would have seemed too plain from Cress's point of view, for she is not much of an emotional person.

Thank you! That's how I have imagined Harry to raise Teddy. I'm happy you found it believable. :)

Poor Gabrielle! What happened to her was kind of terrible. It may or may not have any relation to Ginny's case. I'm not going to spoil anything! ;)

I'm so glad you liked this! I did revise this chapter long time ago but if you still spotted some errors I'll try to look at it again. Thanks for pointing that out. :)

Thank you so much for the lovely review! It was fun swapping with you! :D


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Review #15, by TwilightPrincess A Case Worth Waiting For

11th January 2015:
Hi! Ilia here for our swap! Thanks for swapping!

This is definitely an interesting start to what seems like an intricately planned story. Your summary drew me in immediately. Also the Harry/Ginny situation seems interesting.

I love that you are taking this Post-Hogwarts world to a dark place. I like that Ginny is missing or presumed dead (not in a morbid way... in a writing way, I promise! =P) because it shows me as the reader that you have thought deeply about where you want this story to go and what you want it to be about, and that you're not afraid to take risks. I appreciate that from a writer. When a writer is not afraid to take risks, it means they trust the reader, which is great.

I like the character of Cress right now and it will be interesting to see where she goes. The bit at the end where she is interacting with her mother and sister is quite telling of her feeling jaded and misunderstood. That was a great scene. Even though it was rather short, it showed a lot about her character.

I think you did an excellent job of setting up the story. Where you ended it was very smart too: you told us that she is currently on her way to go speak with Teddy Lupin about what happened to Ginny, which is a great cliffhanger.

That scene at the beginning has me baffled but intrigued. I am very curious to see who that woman was and what she was doing and why she was doing it. You made it clear that it was a peculiar request and perhaps a dangerous one, so I assume it has quite a bit to do with the plot.

This is a great chapter! Good luck continuing the story. Thank you for the swap!


Author's Response: Hello there! :)

This story does need to be planned very carefully! I always kind of have to make sure I'm not missing anything before I start writing a new chapter and I also need to write and rewrite again and again. But all these lovely reviews (just like yours!) are definitely worth doing it all. :)

Yeah, this is quite darker than the actual epilogue that we have at the end of the series. But the plot requires everything to be as dark as possible to make it all seem mysterious and intriguing I guess. It is indeed a risk, but I have received good feedback until now so I don't worry about this risk now. :)

You will be able to know more about Cress in the future I promise! I just didn't feel like revealing too much about her in the very first chapter that's all.

Thank you! As I said, I have spent quite a lot of time planning the plot and spreading the clues and cliffhangers throughout the chapters. So it makes me feel all happy to hear your compliments. That's just too sweet of you!

I'm so glad you liked the opening scene! I can't say much about it right now, but the request was indeed peculiar and is very important to the plot.

Thank you for the wonderful review! Hope you feel like coming back for more! We can even swap again. :)


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Review #16, by ReeBee Pain and Soothing

9th January 2015:
here for our review swap again! And ASHWINI YES. THANK YOU. THEY KISED!! BEEN WAITING FOR EVER YAY.


umumumumumumumum so cute. I mean o. M. G. Like adorable. I love how passionate the moment is I mean :OOO seriously!!! No words. ASHWINI. No words. And how she can't help but notice his pshyique XD Like lolol XD and he's so comforting it's actually adorable. It kills!!! So cute.

Dude and your description is perfect. Like serious. I could almost feel the passion! And believe me I am in the opposite of a passionate environmen- so boring but AH. I could see the scene playing out. It was awesome

As for the mystery I really hope Joanne's murder has something to do with the imposter! I think it should and it would be awesome to see alison all happy that the murderer would be caught.

Anyway please please please update soon and pm me so we can swap like usual ;) hurry! Update! We're waiting expectantly XD

Ilys girl,


I still cannot believe I made them kiss, really! I hadn't planned to let that happen until the last chapter actually, but Cress a LOT more sad about losing her job than I had thought she would be (it's weird how these characters act on their own!) and someone had to comfort her! But I'm glad you liked it and didn't think it was too soon or something like that. :D

I know they are way too cute! I don't really like that much fluff, but it was kind of important or the story would be too dark, right? This was for some romantic relief.

Thank you! I did try my best to make the scene as deep and passionate as I could. I still plan to edit it a little. :) But I'm happy you liked it anyways! It was really good to know. :D

I'm currently editing the previous chapters and I still don't have a chapter image for this one. But I've posted a request and once I'm done with the editing, I'll start writing the next chapter definitely. And of course we will swap!

Thank you for the lovely review and for the sweet status update! Love u!


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Review #17, by The Otter Conversations and Revelations

9th January 2015:
This was a great twist! I was hoping to see more of Harry but Alison was pretty interesting too. I think that Joanne knew the identity of the mysterious "she" and that's why she got killed. But that's still a theory! I can't wait to know more. Will be back for the next chapter soon!

Author's Response: I'm so happy you thought the twist was great! As I have said before, Harry isn't the main focus in this story but I promise you will see more of him soon. :)
Thanks for the lovely review! Hope to hear from you again soon!


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Review #18, by ReeBee Conversations and Revelations

9th January 2015:

OMG. ASHWINI!!! Your ability to tie all the ends together astounds me!!! I'm going to deviate from my usual review structure because well, just because :P oh and i had to go back and read the ends of all the chapters and can i just say the beginning of chapter 6 and the end of chapter 5 gave me shivers! anyway.

I honestly don't know what to think of Victoire and Alison… Victoire seems to not have any major preformed judgements on Alison. And I am a teddy/vic shipper so I do like that she didnt move on that quickly but I also felt pretty cold towards her because CRESS/TEDDY. AND OMG. THAT SCENE WHERE THEY LOOK FOR CRESS' FATHER WAS AMAZING. I CAN IMAGINE THT HAPPENING AND I AM IN LOVE.

And like i said about loose ends, i love how Veronica mentions alison and her mystery before and now we know why. and that sounds horrible! 'how brutally they smashed her face in'! it sounds really really mysterious too. girl I'm so jealous at your ability to create that mysterious atmosphere. it is amazing. i am stunned.

and oh, father discoveries!!! i wonder what you're going to do with that! seriously… I'm so curious!! and the way the name was written at the end makes me feel like its so very important but i don't know why and i cant wait to know why!!

as for revelations or theories… i have one! maybe Joanne knew something related to like a plan that they were kidnapping Ginny so maybe they kidnapped her?? OR maybe they both found out something so maybe they killed Joanne but couldn't catch Ginny until later but when they do go to kill her maybe realize that theres something valuable that Ginny can provide- after all wife of harry potter, so they didnt kill her. but why keep her for so long…

anyway, some random stuff thats probably way off point but eh, felt like guessing :P anyway, ill get on to the next chapter soon! :D cant wait!

-Curie :)

Author's Response: CURIE!! I MISSED YOU AND THOSE PERFECT REVIEWS OF YOURS TOO!! Aah, I'm so glad you're back! :D

Yeah, it all gets a little confusing when you return to a story after a long time. I've been there too. But I'm just relieved and happy that you liked it still and mentioned it here!

That's like one of the best compliments I have received for this story so far! If a Teddy/Vic shipper likes Teddy/Cress and feels cold towards Victoire, I think I have done a decent job writing Teddy/Cress. I'm always nervous about this pairing as there aren't many Teddy/OC fics around that I have seen people actually liking. This made my day! Seriously!

Yeah, what happened to Joanne was pretty horrible. You will be a lot more sad when you discover more about it actually! The tying of loose ends that you mention is the hardest thing ever and I have to plan everything like crazy. But these reviews are literally worth doing it all. :) Thank you!

The name was kind of a clue which sounds like you missed. :P I won't say anything more than that or about your theories though! ;) I have to keep you in suspense!

Thanks for the amazing review, dear! You are the best!

Ashwini :D

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Review #19, by BitterSweetFlames A Case Worth Waiting For

22nd November 2014:
Hi Ashwini! :) Carla (SkitsandBits on the forums) here for our review swap. :)

First off, that first scene! WOW, was it intriguing or what? Seriously, I enjoyed it (in a creepy way). But, really, it was shrouded in mystery and you just made me keep on writing and demanding an answer about what is happening! :O Also, your description was perfect. I could really imagine being there, seeing everything you describe. So well done!

When you jump to 5 years later and an introduction of a new character I think it was very well done. You managed to make us know who the character was AND introduce that something had happened to Ginny. Instead of making it seem hurried, the fact that you wrote it in such a way underscores the fact that even great mysteries have a mundane side to them. This fact actually makes it seem like a bigger deal. Because, you want to know what happened. You want things to start moving.

"But Cress was unaware of what destiny had planned." Okay, you've intrigued me. So now I have to go and read the rest of this lovely story. ;)

So, yes, off to read more. Thanks for the swap, dearie.


Author's Response: Hey there Carla! :D Nice to see you!

Aww, thank you so much! I wrote the first scene just to intrigue the readers and make the first chapter a little mysterious. This chapter was supposed to start from the part where Cress is waiting for Hermione, but the first scene was a last minute addition and seems like it worked out well. I've been receiving lovely feedback for it. So glad that you like it too. :)

I was a little afraid that the five years leap would turn out to be pretty boring, so it makes me feel good that you liked it and thought it was well written. I never give away much about my characters in the first chapter itself, but I have introduced more information about Cress's family life in the third chapter. :)

Haha, I know I do this all the time! Nearly all the chapters (okay, all the chapters) of this story have a cliffhanger like that in the end.

I do hope you continue reading this! I'll look forward to you. :)

Thank you so much for the lovely review! You literally made my day! Let me know if you want to swap again.


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Review #20, by wolfgirl17 A Case Worth Waiting For

18th November 2014:
Hi Ashwini,

This is a good first chapter. You've laid some foundations for the story really well.

I'm a little confused about why it's taken five years to have someone trying to find Ginny, and about where she's gone. You've definitely hooked me there.

You've got a few, I wouldn't call them typos, but a few mistakes based on words choice. Like when you write that you're hoping Harry and Hermione will be frank and honest with Cress you write:
"hope they will be open before her"

I think it would make more sense to write:

"Hope they will be open with her."

It just improves the flow a little bit. I'd like to see a little more characterization of Cress, as thus far we've got more on the case she's been given than who she is and why she became a detective. Hopefully that will come later.

Anyway, I'm definitely intrigued about where Ginny is and why she just bailed on them all. I can't ever imagine her actually leaving Harry willingly.

Keep up the good work!


Author's Response: Hello! It was great to see you here! :)

I'm so glad you liked the first chapter! The first one is always the most important chapter of a mystery novel according to me. It has to be well written so that the reader would just have to come back to know more. I have tried my best to create as much suspense as I can, so it feels nice to read such lovely compliments. Thank you, really! :D

That's the point. The Aurors couldn't find any clue about Ginny in five years, and that's why the case has been transferred to the Detectives. It would have been transferred sooner if it was any ordinary case, but Harry, who is an auror along with Hermione, is very weird about Ginny's disappearance. I believe that he wanted to find his wife himself but then the others forced him to hand the case over to Cress after waiting for long five years. You'll find out more as the story proceeds!

Thanks for pointing that out! These things are quite difficult to pick out, especially to me. I'm not a native English speaker, so I often get confused with word usage. It's good that I have reviewers like you, isn't it? :)

More about Cress will be revealed in chapter three. I know I've given very scanty information about her in this chapter, but I wanted to create a mysterious aura around everything, even my protagonist. I hope it isn't too bad!

I can't say much about what happened to Ginny just right now. I hope you come back to know more!

Thanks for the wonderful review! You really made my day with it! :D


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Review #21, by Cannons A Case Worth Waiting For

28th October 2014:
Hi, I promised you a review so here I am!

Firstly can I just say that chapter image is amazing.

The first section was defiantly intriguing, a dodgy deal in the moonlight. Immediately I am wondering who this woman is and what the substance is, so you did a good job of pulling me in at the start which is hard to do sometimes.

The second part was well written as well and I am wondering if it was Ginny that made the deal in the middle of the night? If I was in charge of the case I would be heading down to the manor and reminding the rusty gates what there job is!

I am unsure about Cress as a character at the moment, it is way to early to tell. She seems professional and excited to be in charge of the case. Also she believes the case wasn't a hard one? It hasn't been solved for five years and she thinks that she can solve it quickly. HMMM.

Anyway you really, seriously, pulled me in to the story! There are so many unanswered questions which I can't wait to find the answers too.


Author's Response: Hi there! :)

I know you may think I'm a terrible person and I might be one, but I really don't remember you promising me a review. :( Did we decide to swap? If we did so, or if I've forgotten to leave you a review or something please please let me know!

Yeah, pulling the reader in instantly is quite a challenge. Especially when you write a mystery. I had to think a lot about how to do it before I came up with the idea of that deal. I'm happy you liked it! :)

I won't reveal much right now, but there will be more snippets from that woman's PoV in the story.

More about Cress will be revealed in chapter 3. I know it's too early for you to say anything, but be sure that she's a nice person and there's a story behind her distant behavior. :)

Haha, I'm glad you think this is intriguing and I hope you decide to come back for more!

Thanks for the lovely review and please let me know about the review! :D


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Review #22, by AdinaPuff Picking Up The Pieces

25th October 2014:
Hi, here for our review swap!

This was incredibly intriguing. Adding Teddy into the mix was somewhat unexpected, in my opinion. How old is he in this? His reflection on his life so far was somewhat sad, but at the same time happy. Him being so close to James, and Harry and Ginny giving him light in his life. It's a bittersweet story of his.

Now Gabrielle is a very interesting factor in this. I wonder if whoever took Ginny had anything to do with Gabrielle's sudden mental illness. It's very sad, though. I wanted to cry. She's a very interesting character in this though, and I'm sure we'll hear more about her in the future.

I wonder who is at the door? It could be the detective, but it may not be. I just want to know all the answers. Such an interesting mystery. Very well written. I love it so much!

Can't wait to


Author's Response: Great to see you back, Leigh! :)

I'll be sure to add a line informing you about Teddy's age next time I edit this. A lot of reviewers asked me this question. Teddy is 23 here. :)

Adding Teddy to the story was somewhat inevitable for me. I always imagined him being like his father and loving Harry and his family by heart... So I just HAD to write a chapter about his feelings only. Also, someone close to Ginny should help Cress, right?

More about Gabrielle will be reveal in the coming chapters. I loved to know what you think about her though!

No, it's just Cress at the door! ;)

I'm extremely happy that you liked this! I really hope you continue! I'd be happy to do more swaps with you too. Just let me know if you are interested! :)

Thanks for another amazing review!


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Review #23, by AdinaPuff A Case Worth Waiting For

24th October 2014:
Hi! I just want to apologize for the wait on this review--life abruptly got in the way. :)

You are amazing at writing mysteries. You had me hooked immediately. I was asking so many questions. Who were these people? What are they trading? Why enough for two people? So many questions bouncing in my mind. Great job with the suspense.

And then jumping to Cress. It immediately makes me assume that it was Cress who set this up, though I could be wrong. It's too early to tell. You wrote Hermione well, just to add a little compliment. :)

Thanks for the swap, sorry again for the wait.


Author's Response: Hi there! Late reviews are no problem to me. I'm really bad at leaving reviews on time too! :P I'm just happy to DID leave a review. :)

Aww, thanks! Probably that's because I've spent my entire childhood and almost teenage reading mystery stories. This was my first attempt at writing one. You will definitely know more about the hooded woman and Aenor as you read on. But beware! This wasn't the only cliffhanger! ;)

Yeah, I haven't given much away about Cress yet. You will get to know her better in chapter 3 and 4 and also through the rest of the chapters. I'm glad you liked my Hermione! I love her and know her by heart I think!

Thanks for the lovely review! I totally appreciate it! :D


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Review #24, by Veritaserum27 Conversations and Revelations

23rd October 2014:
Hi there Ashwini!

I'm here for our review swap. Ok. How did I miss this? Awesome chapter, by the way. So much is falling into place. I knew there was some sort of a connection between Alison's sister and Ginny. I also feel like Gabrielle Delcour is in the mix somehow, but I can't quite work out how they all fit together. Hmmm...

I'm totally shipping Teddy and Cress right now and that is a really big deal for me because I usually like to follow canon relationships! But I feel like those two really understand each other. I don't think victoire is completely awful, but she seems a bit wrapped up in herself and lacks a certain amount of empathy.

I'm also trying to wrap my head around the complicated relationship between Cress and her mother and sister. If Cress's mother really is pushing Cress away because her father is Aenor Garrett, then that is just awful. She shouldn't have to pay for his wrongdoings.

I found a typo here:

She had never accepted how much she wanted to find out about her father to anyone before.

I think you mean "admitted" not "accepted."

Also, I think you missed a break (horizontal line) right where the scene with Victoire and Alison starts.

Things are building up and I really hope you continue this story. I want to know about Ginny and Teddy and Cress's father and Joanne! Write more, please!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Hi Beth! It was absolutely lovely to see you back again! :)

Haha, I know it's sort of obvious that Ginny and Alison's sister have some kind of connection. But I thought the story already has enough twists and cliffhangers. :P Anyways, I won't say much about anything just yet or I'll surely end up spilling beans. I loved to know what your theories are though!

I like to follow canon relationships too! This is probably the first time I'm writing a pairing that isn't canon and I wasn't entirely sure about it at first. But now I think Teddy and Cress sort of fit with each other. I'm so glad I gave the pairing a go now that the readers are liking them together too! :D

Victoire is like so many beautiful girls around us. Girls blessed with good looks are mostly full of themselves. Anyways I don't think Victoire would ever be able to help Teddy through a difficult situation because she's never been into one herself. Teddy and Cress will help each other, it won't be any one's responsibility.

I think you really missed a clue here. I'd suggest you go back and read the "five years ago" part from the first chapter. ;) If you do find the clue, please let me know!!

Oh, I never noticed that one! Thanks for pointing it out. :)

I'll try my best to update as soon as I can, though I'm not sure if NaNo will let me breathe. Thanks for the wonderful review as always Beth! You're too sweet!


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Review #25, by Midnight spark Conversations and Revelations

26th September 2014:
I see what you are trying to do Ashwini! You are trying to just make me go so mad that I can't sleep tonight!

There's this chant going around my head; I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT, I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.

Author's Response: See? I told you I can't resist cliffhangers! :P Don't worry yourself though, I WILL be posting the next chapter ASAP. I just got some exams coming on 10th October... I have diwali vacations right after them so maybe I will write a couple of chapters during them. :)

Thanks for the wonderful review! I hope you come back for more!


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