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Review #1, by Hogwarts27 Protective

22nd February 2015:
Hi, thanks for posting another great chapter. It was a thoroughly enjoyable read.

First, I'll point out one minor thing in case it happened during the editing you mentioned in your author's note. At the start of this chapter you describe Snape and Riddle well enough, but when you first mention Harry, there's no description of what he's doing or where he's located in the chamber in relation to the basilisk. Adding that little detail would help orient the reader better to the action at the start of the chapter, instead of relying on the reader to know how the scene goes from the books. I'll also say the part where Riddle disappears when the diary was destroyed felt a little rushed. I think you were just trying to get past the part of the story readers know from the books, but I think another sentence or two to describe Riddle's demise would be good there. And perhaps a sentence or two to show Riddle's rage after the basilisk is killed.

I enjoyed the way Snape interacted with Riddle though, and refused to be intimidated by him. And I always enjoy the masterful way you manage to take the reader into Snape's thoughts, as you did with the scenes that followed. I always enjoy a good Snape-Dumbledore scene. Those two just play off of one another really well, and you portray them both well. It sounds like we'll be treated to another Snape visit to the Dursleys soon, which I'll be looking forward to that, along with whatever else you've got in store for us. I am thoroughly enjoying this marvelous story!

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Review #2, by Lady Asphodel Protective

12th February 2015:
Hey! A new version! :D

This one is definitely much better. :D I enjoyed it a lot more! I love how Severus' protectiveness over Harry is growing, and I can imagine how relieved Harry felt that Severus didn't really abandoned him. I never grow tired of their care for each other blossom and then grows to its full potential.

One thing I just wanted to point out, you misspelled Ginny's name in the fourth paragraph - third line.Other than that - again, it was an enjoyable read! I look forward to your update! Always!

Oh - and thanks so much for the shout-out! ^_^

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Yea!! I'm glad you like it! I so like this version much better!! Didn't notice the Ginny thing...must have been sleepy when I was typing! LOL!

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Review #3, by Hogwarts27 Deductive

9th January 2015:
Terrific interation between Harry and Snape. Snape's dialogue was nicely kept in character. You have a real knack for writing him. And I really enjoyed Snape being drawn into the chamber escapade. Very fun read!

Author's Response: Aww thanks! Lots more to come! Keep reading!

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Review #4, by Hogwarts27 Presumptive

9th January 2015:
Lovely chapter as usual. I very much enjoyed the journey into Snape's thoughts, and the interaction between Snape and Dumbledore. A very enjoyable read!

Author's Response: Thanks! I love the relationship between Snape and Dumbledore and wish JKR would have been able to show more of that in her books.

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Review #5, by Lady Asphodel Deductive

9th January 2015:
Interesting! :D

As we both know, Harry has a hero-complex to not do anything to save Ginny. ^_^

It's great how Harry had Myrtle reach Severus for help, even though he continued on into the chambers anyway. :D

I can't wait to see how you will write the sequence with Harry battling the Snake with fawkes!

Again, very happy of your return! Update soon please! ;D

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Heh...Harry just has a complex. Period. LOL!

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Review #6, by Lady Asphodel Presumptive

9th January 2015:
You don't know how happy I am to see you're back and updating again! :D I missed you!

And now that you returned with two chapters (I read both of them over at ff net) I enjoyed them both immensely! I just love how Harry is starting to rely on Severus and that Severus and letting his guard down bit-by-bit. (I could never get enough of that! :P)

I see you're about to draw to close this story... I feel it the way how you're speeding through canon in the second book. I mean it's not a bad thing. I gotta say, you stayed pretty-well paced through this story!

Now... I maybe wrong... but are you going to continue on after the school year for them is over?

If you don't, I still love this story very much! And I hope to see updates from "Out of the Ruins."

Thanks so much for writing this! I'm glad to see your stories appear first in my faves! ^_^

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Heh! Sorry about the long break. I got myself a job that took WAY too much of my time. But I am starting a new one Monday that will fix all that! So keep expecting more from this and "Out of the Ruins".

I am definitely not stopping this at the end of COS. I already have lots of ideas for some POA!

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Review #7, by StarFeather Presumptive

7th January 2015:
Please write next chapter ASAP. Your AU story is really amazing!

Author's Response: Aww thank you!! I have much more planned! I hope you keep reading!

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Review #8, by StarFeather Perceptive

7th January 2015:
This is the best AU story I have ever read so far! I really enjoyed confusion of Snape between ignoring affection for Harry in his mind and a sudden impulse to protect him.

Author's Response: Best. Review. Ever. You make me smile!! I have coming very soon!! Keep reading!

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Review #9, by TidalDragon Adversative

7th March 2014:
Hello again!

I'm glad to see that Harry got placed with the Weasleys as opposed to some other arrangement. I think that result seems more natural than other potential options, despite the focus of the story.
I also like that you had Dumbledore challenge Snape's behavior toward Harry, which I have always found unjustifiable, as well as making the catalyst (I think) behind Snape's possible changed attitude going forward the fact that he may start to see Harry as "Lily's son" as opposed to a copy of James (not that I think James was a bad person, quite the contrary, just that I think this makes it more believable from Snape's perspective).

I found the dynamic between Snape and Mrs. Weasley interesting. They seem to be polite to one another and even cordial, which seemed a bit odd to me given Snape's past as a practitioner of the Dark Arts and a reformed Death Eater.

Aside from that I just noticed that occasionally there is some non-standard speech slipped into dialogue by adult characters, examples being "Soo" at the beginning of the chapter and "pretty much" somewhere else by Snape. Just be careful of those when you're writing because they seem like either typos or OOC for an adult character under the circumstances.

Hope you keep going with this as the story idea has good potential!

Author's Response: Thanks for the read & review!!

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Review #10, by TidalDragon Unresponsive

7th March 2014:

I am a fan of AU fics and this one intrigued me. I'm trying to push myself to read more out of my "comfort zone" and Snape turning out to be decent to Harry would be big for me because I've never come around to liking him partly because he remained so cruel to Harry for no legitimate reason.

At any rate, I was glad to see that despite the premise of the story you did not immediately cut through Snape's negative feelings toward Harry and the disdain he felt toward having to help him. I think that part was helped on by the way you tried to carefully portray Dumbledore in the scene where Snape is tasked to search for him. It was also a bold move just to write Dumbledore in my book. He is such a unique character with unique language and mannerisms, so I am impressed you're taking a shot at him (personally I always avoid him because I think he'd be incredibly difficult to get right).

I do hope that Snape's concern at Harry's condition does not morph too quickly into the positive, mentoring relationship you mention in the summary as I think that might be a little rushed. Still, it's good to see a glimpse of a more human side of Snape this early in the story (since its AU before 2nd year). I'm interested to see how that relationship evolves and how Snape overcomes the misconceptions that are the inspiration for the title of the tale.

Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I hope you keep reading and continue to love what you see!

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Review #11, by Lady Asphodel Secretive

2nd March 2014:
With every progressing chapter, I just keep falling more and more in love with this story! You do such a fantastic job with getting into Severus' head - you should like write an encyclopedia about him. :P

Anyways, it's always cool to see other people's point of views on certain events (in this case, Snape) and I can't wait to see where else you'll take with it. :)

Glad to see you updated by the way, and hope that everything is alright with you!

I am eager to read your future chapters! :D

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Yea!! Lots more to come!

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Review #12, by LilyEPotter Unresponsive

1st March 2014:

Poor Harry. He doesn't ever seem to have an easy time at the Dursleys and this time it wasn't anything that he had done! Poor Hedwig in being locked up in her cage. I can see her not wanting to eat what he had given her until she realized that was all he could give her.

Ouch! I really don't understand why the Dursleys can't be even a little bit nicer towards him and the isolation that he's feeling is heart-breaking.

I can just see Snape's face when Albus suggests that he check on Harry because he isn't writing to his friends. It's interesting to see Snape's viewpoint of Harry change as he learns just how unlike James he is in many ways and how Harry is treated by his relatives.

Why didn't the Ministry send another owl about Harry doing magic when Snape was there? Did Dumbledore send a note to them stating that one of the professors was going to check on him?

Gryffindor vs. Slytherin Blackout Bingo
Review 3 of 10

Author's Response: Thanks for the read and review!! I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #13, by anythingcouldhappen Unresponsive

1st March 2014:
Hi! I'm reviewing this for Blackout Bingo :)

Right off the bat, the summary for this story got me really interested. Such an interesting concept to write about! Of course Snape is so complex that any story he's in (as long as he's well written) gets more interesting.

And I think you did a good job of writing Snape so kudos to you! He's just the right amount of nasty Snape we know, while still clearly getting upset about Harry's situation with the Dursleys.

Your writing flows very well, and is quite easy to read. There were just two parts I think you could improve :)

"So Harry had been locked away in his room, a cat flap, in order to pass meager food rations through" The sentence here is kind of confusing. At first it sounds like Harry's room is a cat flap.So maybe either split the sentence into two, or re-word to make it a bit clearer.

"heavy rod iron bars" Here I don't think you need "rod". It does't add anything to the description of the iron bars.

Overall, great job! This is so interesting. It's always fun to see one of the many what if's :) Hope this helped!


Author's Response: Thanks for the review!! I hope you continue reading and enjoying it!

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Review #14, by Hogwarts27 Secretive

21st February 2014:
A great chapter. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked the writing from Snape's POV. It was completely in cannon character. And it was a nice touch to invent a few ailments that could happen from the ingredients missing from Snape's potion supplies. I look forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks for the read & review! I'm glad you are liking it. I hope you keep reading!!

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Review #15, by theblacksisters Unresponsive

8th January 2014:
I'm quite interested already in this story, but it distracts me if unusual abbreviations (sp?) or the '&' symbol instead of the word 'and' are used.

Author's Response: I'm sorry that confuses you. The "&" sign is actually a pretty commonly used symbol.

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Review #16, by Lady Asphodel Afflictive

8th January 2014:
This was absolutely perfect! umph! :wub:

I so love your writing and your Severus... and your Harry!

I love the subtle change in Severus and his growing care for our Harry! Please do hurry and continue! I want to read more now! :D

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Thanks a bunch!!!

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Review #17, by Hogwarts27 Afflictive

7th January 2014:
Hi. I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter. It's on my 'currently reading' list. I spotted it as it was coming through the queue, and opened it right away. Your writing is great. And I enjoyed Snape very much in this. I also like how you described the Slytherins as opportunists and explained why. That makes so much sense! I'd never thought of it that way.

I also enjoyed reading your review responses. They were such fun. I loved the one about your 8-year-old explaining Snape and Death Eaters to you! Maybe she'll take quill in hand and be writing fanfic herself here in not too long! Too cute!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am so glad you are liking this. I have lots more awesomeness planned so keep your eyes peeled! :)

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Review #18, by Hogwarts27 Perceptive

24th December 2013:
This was another nice chapter, perhaps my favorite so far. I liked the conversations of the staff, and it was nice to simply have a pleasant relaxed re-telling of the quidditch game from Book 2. I liked your decision to have Snape decide he'll have nothing to do with Harry, so that he'll have to fight his growing sympathy for him. It's fitting for him to struggle with those emerging feelings rather than just automatically give in to them and have a change of heart so easily. That was one of the things I was going to point out in my earlier reviews but didn't - that I thought Snape was transitioning too quickly and easily into liking Harry. To have Snape firmly resist the transition feels much more realistic and in keeping with Canon Snape.

Author's Response: Yea!! Thanks!! I promise that the struggles and conflict with continue! I hope you continue to read and review! :)

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Review #19, by Hogwarts27 Disruptive

24th December 2013:
Hi, I'm still enjoying this story, even though you're writing Snape a bit softer than I like to see him, even for one of these AU stories. Still, you're doing a better job of keeping some reserve and gruffness to his character than a lot of other authors I've come across who attempt a story like this, and I do commend you for that.

My favorite part of this chapter was when you explored Snape's thoughts about Lucius, Draco, and the quidditch brooms. The logic you used was really good, it fit well with Canon, and it was an interesting read.

And the way you described Snape in the last paragraph was absolutely perfect for a story like this - where he thinks of children as little demons but on the other hand feels strangely lonely. I could absolutely see that as Canon Snape. Just lovely and wonderfully bittersweet.

Author's Response: I really had trouble writing this chapter as I pondered how to do this chapter so I am glad the Lucius/Quidditch situation worked out for ya! I actually talked it over with my 8 year-old who actually told me that rich people did stuff like all the time and if Snape had said no then he wouldn't be thought of as a Death Eater anymore. LOL! (I may be giving away too many of my secrets here...but yes...I bounce ideas off my kid! Tee Hee!)

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Review #20, by Hogwarts27 Adversative

24th December 2013:
Hi again. This chapter was a very enjoyable read. I especially liked the part with Snape at the Dursleys where he could be his usual edgy self. And locking Vernon in the cupboard was a hoot! What a fun scene. I didn't notice any flaws with your writing. It feels pretty polished. The descriptions feel just right, not too much and not too little. And the sentences all flow nicely. The dialogue feels pretty authentic and believable too, though Snape is out of Canon character in the places where he's being AU and concerned about Harry. But I think you're doing a commendable job trying to strike a balance between an edgy cold Canon Snape and an AU Harry-protecting Snape. Personally I don't like to see much softness in Snape at all, even in one of these AU stories where he's Harry-friendly, but that's just my own taste, and everyone has different ideas about where to draw the line with that. Overall you've done a great job with this story so far, and I look forward to reading more of it.

Author's Response: Aww thanks. I have really been struggling in trying to keep Snape in Cannon as much as possible since that has always been my biggest pet peeve with other stories that I have read. It is rather difficult since we normally only see him in the ways that he treats Harry and that is where he changes the most in this story, but I will do what I can! :)

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Review #21, by Lady Asphodel Perceptive

11th December 2013:
WWOHHH hehe!!! Awesome! :D

Update soon!

- Lady Asphodel

Author's Response: Hee Hee!! I have some challenges to get to, but am working on this & "Out of The Ruins" when I get stuck on the challenges! :)

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Review #22, by Lady Asphodel Disruptive

30th November 2013:
Oh... my... gosh... XD

I am sorry, I can't seem to start off a review without saying 'OMG.' :P

Such an excellent delivery - this chapter here! :D You know, what I should have done a long time ago... was suggest this story not only just on the forums, but on a couple of other fanfiction sites that I know loves some HP and Severus/Harry fics at that! XP

I am loving how Severus conscious for Harry is developing, and vise versa for Harry with Severus.

Awaiting with your next chapter! ^_^

P.s. you had one error, look below.

"I'm am" - the part where Harry stayed to apologize to Professor Snape... and when he told Severus about seeking for Hermione for help with his potions homework... you'll see when you read it. ;)

Again - love this story! :)

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Dang typos! LOL! My mind definitely works faster than my fingers! Ha Ha!!

Definitely feel free to recommend away! I love readers!! (Especially if they are all as great as you!!)

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Review #23, by Lady Asphodel Adversative

25th November 2013:

Lol, you should see how silly I look, just squealing and hyped up in my chair reading this chapter!!! Your story of Severus looking over Harry is better than MOST fics such as this that I have read since I have gotten into fanfiction.

You're writing is inspiring me to go back to re-writing my very - yes very first fan fic that I wrote similar to this, but it's different still... that's if and whenever I have the chance. :P

Anyways, you also give me hope in the world of writing and imagination because Merlin knows that I need it.

I enjoyed reading this chapter immensely as much as I did reading the first part! :D

It's quite adorable and really amusing to see how uncomfortable Severus was under Molly's praise and to her warm character period. :)

I wonder how'd she think if and when she finds out Severus was honestly treating Harry in his first year at Hogwarts? =P

Any who... I eagerly await for your next update! ^_^

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Tee Hee!!! I'm having so much fun writing this one let me tell you!! :) Glad you are liking it!

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Review #24, by Hogwarts27 Unresponsive

15th November 2013:
Hi, I came to read this out of curiosity when I saw your forum post. As a Nano novel idea, I think you're off to a great start for a story with an AU plot twist. Good luck making your word count!

On the whole, I thought this chapter was pretty well-written, and I did enjoy reading it. I think you've got an interesting story angle, although a very challenging one to write if you're going to make any attempt to keep characters in canon character. I'm already noticing that the more sympathetic Snape gets to Harry, the more out of character Snape feels to his canon character. But that's just just how AU plots usually seem to be. Characters often have to deviate to some degree from canon personality for an AU plot twist to work. Same thing with Dumbledore in this chapter. It's obvious from the start that Dumbledore is making a strange and possibly even foolish decision to send Snape to the Dursleys for Harry. I kept asking myself - if Dumbledore is so worried about Harry, and really thinks there's something seriously wrong, why doesn't Dumbledore just go to the Dursleys himself? But you obviously had to get Snape there somehow for the AU plot, so that was probably the best way you could have picked. That said, it's obvious that you ARE trying to preserve as much the character's canon personalities and speech style as possible, despite the AU plot. And I did appreciate that, because some of their canon personalities does still come through. I think you've actually done a very good job of it considering how fast you have to write for Nano, where you've got no time to worry about edits and minor details. You can always edit later if you feel changes are needed.

There are a couple of other minor points I'll just point out, if the feedback might be of any help for later on. I think you described the conditions in Harry's cupboard very well. I have to say that I'm not an angst lover, so the way this chapter started with the emphasis on how much Harry was suffering did nothing to draw me in personally, but I'm sure angst lovers will appreciate it, because it was well-written, and would make you twinge if you like angst. For my own taste, I found the cupboard description just a bit too melodramatic with how much Harry is supposed to be suffering. I think the story would actually work better and be more believable if you toned down the melodrama a bit and kept the descriptions more matter of fact, but other readers may feel differently.

The other thing I would say is that Dudley and Harry are probably around their 12-year birthday in this chapter, so for Dudley to hit Harry hard enough to cause the amount of bodily injury that's implied doesn't seem very realistic. I could believe it if they were in their mid to late teens, but not around their 12th birthdays. In canon Harry was also described as being very fast and agile, and able to outrun Dudley, so for Harry not to have easily gotten out of the way after fat clumsy Dudley hit the wall, doesn't seem realistic either. Maybe you could just have had Dudley fall on top of Harry on the stairs and squash him with his weight. But it's your story, so you may do as you please. I only offer it as food for thought.

All in all, I enjoyed this first chapter, and I'm glad I came to read it. You've got a nice writing style, and an interesting story idea. Keep up the good work! And good luck with Nano!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading & reviewing. I definitely understand what you say about characters not staying cannon and in some respects that is kind of what I was going with for Snape. I of course do not want to "ruin" him by making him some big softie or anything, but I kind of wanted to explore how different things would be if Snape had thought differently about Harry since he seemed to always think that he was a carbon copy of his father, spoiled and entitled. So I think in light of that Snape would have to change how he sees Harry. Which was also the whole point that Dumbledore was going for in sending Snape to check on Harry. He saw it as a chance to open Snape's eyes a bit more to what was really going on. (If that makes sense)

As for Dudley...I understand the ages of the boys which is why I structured the "accident" as I did. Despite Harry being agile and quick, his haste to make it to the bathroom combined with his near starved state & the confines of the enclosed space of the hallway are all factors that played into that incident. That was why Dudley was able to collect himself better and be able to get a good punch at Harry. However the point of it all (which maybe I didn't convey well enough...I'm still working on action sequences) was that it was the fall down the stairs that ultimately injured him & then the neglect of his Aunt & Uncle that was the crucial elements.

Thanks again for reading and I hope you continue to read as I update. I think the angst is done for a little bit anyways. :) At least Harry's is...mine will continue for the rest of the month as I try to reach my goal! LOL!

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Review #25, by AngelEyez3954 Unresponsive

15th November 2013:
I was so excited to see you posted the first chapter! I was really looking forward to this story, and you definitely did not disappoint in the first chapter.

I can't wait to see where you go with this; Especially with Snape's chat with Dumbledore - that should be interesting!


Author's Response: Yea!! Thanks! I have several more chapters finished and hope you continue to read!


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