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Review #1, by wicKeDwitch1316 A Snake Lies in the Grass

16th April 2014:
Beautiful. Breathtaking. Fantastic.

This was such a lovely chapter and such a perfect gift to Anguisverse fans. (And I'm sure the Hogwarts Five aren't really dead or the story would be over, wouldn't it?)

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Review #2, by RelentlessFire Falling Feels Like Flying

14th April 2014:
How sweet!!! Great chapter as usual, I'm loving the fact that their new location is Greece!
I'll read the next one

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Review #3, by fanofgredforge By the Wayside

11th April 2014:
Great job with this story. Loving the character development more with each chapter. I have a question though..did Eva just make a snap decision of saving everyone on her own to still salvage her mission? Or was that what Prometheus Thane implied?

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Review #4, by whykay A Snake Lies in the Grass

11th April 2014:
Of course they aren't dead. But now they are completely off the radar because everyone thinks they are dead. Their deaths bring everyone together to fight the situation and make everyone realize their priorities. They aren't dead - maybe the sword saved them? Maybe Eva / Thane? Soon we will see them holding the Clarion of the day against a non-descript wall, metaphorically of course. Back in action. This is what you do!

I feel for them. Oh dear - Harry and Ginny, Hermione and Ron, Gabe and Jen, poor poor Lillian and Draco. What terrible times are these! I have to confess - I don't quite like Tobias. Through the Anguisverse and even here - he is just annoying and emotionless. Tanith is as usual, her own self - brilliant and strong. I like how you have made the characters grow decades and yet retain themselves. Lillian is ... I don't know what to say- tensile? Who is this Kenneth fellow? Why hasn't he been mentioned till date?

I love how you've captured their emotions and their reactions. Each so varied yet so deep.

I especially cringed at Gabe falling apart and at Ginny's bitterness. Apparently, nobody is perfect, even in harry potter fan fiction!

Where is Draco? Astoria will turn up at any sort of funeral held for Scorpius, yes? Will there be a revelation of sorts?

Why did Gabe not keep track of his son? Has Draco kept track? Doesn't Hermione know of this Eva-Lisa character who joined them??

Oh and I have this hugely wild theory - Thane wants to undermine / fight back against Raskoph and Council of Thorns and has undermined this - this is why he asked Eva to flee (with the Hogwarts 4 and Matt). Maybe they will join hands unwittingly or knowingly, and tread on thin ice to defeat the Council of Thorns. Thane's background of who and why is so very important to this story - it is obvious he isn't just a wand for hire. Maybe Astoria bought him over to keep Scorpius safe. Okay - STOP.

I have a question - can't owls still find them?? Suppose a desperate parent owls their 'dead' kid. Just asking.

In all, I totally loved this Chapter. Half or full - it is just so mind-blowing.

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Review #5, by margravine A Snake Lies in the Grass

11th April 2014:

I will write a coherent review about your amazingness later.
But this was perfect. Not forced, not fake, everything I wanted and added a whole dimension to the tale.



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Review #6, by Whimsical Diva A Snake Lies in the Grass

11th April 2014:
Whoa! That was a long chapter! But I like long chapters.

It was great to see the old faces back. Tobias... he really hasn't changed much, has he? It's a tad odd to imagine him as this middle aged dad in no small part because he appears to be the same guy we met about 25 years ago. But glad to know he isn't the spin doctor anymore - even though I do suspect the mainspring of his alacrity isn't so much altruism than well, just wanting to be the first one to get the right story out?

I found it a bit odd when Gabe sent his son off to this adventure without any hesitation. Didn't he See anything at all? Or does he secretly know his son is alive and well? Good to also know what he's been up to these years. Wonder if Matt might be able to call in on any favours during his globe trotting.

The Potters... it's definitely very strange that Harry isn't with Ginny. I mean, I know there are parts of Harry's life that he only ever shares with Ron and Hermione, but it was still odd. Also, it was odd to see Ron being the voice of reason. Any particular reason why you chose to characterise them in such a way? On the other hand,it was GREAT to meet James Potter. I love that character even more than I love the character of Albus. Is James going to only have a cameo in Starfall, or will we be seeing more of him?

I also wonder about what happened to the Invisibility Cloak? Was it destroyed in the fire? But wasn't it also a Hallow, and thus indestructible? Then again, part of me felt that JK only ever made the cloak a Hallow in the last fic, and it surely wasn't as impregnable as described in the last book. Moody's eye could see through it, Dumbledore could see through it - so maybe the fire destroyed it as well? And what about Rose's bag, and not to mention her books? If the gang had managed to escape with the cloak as well as Rose's bag, in addition to Matt's book and sword, then I guess they're not in TOO terrible a position. And can Matt's Book access newspapers?

Wonder when they'd let the world know that they are alive? Or will they take a leaf out of Lisa's book and chose to remain 'dead' for a while, just to throw the others off their trail? But then, if Scorpius is going to using the money he inherited, Draco would know, won't he? And speaking of Draco... what the hell is HE up to? I've always had this suspicion that he's got summat to so with the Council - either he's funding it, or he sympathises with their beliefs. And speaking about the Council itself - what DO they want? I might be forgetting something here, but what's their goal? Just who on earth ARE they and what do they really want? And if Thane isn't entirely loyal to them but has an agenda of his own, where does that place him? I'm recalling what Eva said in the first chapter - about whose orders they follow. If Thane's loyalty to the Council isn't set in store - not unlike, I presume, Eva's loyalty to Thane - then can we foresee a time in future when Thane might prove to be an ally? Ah, questions, questions!

The overarching thing about this chapter is that it's just shown how much the stakes have been raised. The gang's TRULY in over their heads now, as they are now directly being chased by the Council in addition to Thane. Do they have the nous to take on an international organisation like the Council and win? And just how important is the chalice in the larger scheme of things? Is it going to prove to be the cure to all ills? Guess I'll have to wait to find out.

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Review #7, by Nicole Swift A Snake Lies in the Grass

11th April 2014:
I did like this chapter. I like Tobias veiw point and insights. It gives the story a more dark, whole world, adlut feel, that before it was a story that felt like it had young adults playing a game feeling to it. Reading this gave me chills. Thier families think they are dead. The world thinks they are dead. So much pain and loss from the families is felt with each parent talked to. And that each present different fronts and emotions.

It interesting that you have Harry as the one yelling, mad, and needing to be held back. Most the time it is written as Ron being a hot head and have Harry talk him down.

The one thing about putting this chapter here that I don't like is it is not the main group and how they survived, but thats just me being impatient. If this was a print book I would have fliped a head just to see that the made and then read this kind of chapter. I have a hard time with cliffhangers.

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Review #8, by Whimsical Diva A Snake Lies in the Grass

10th April 2014:
LOVED this. So glad to see the old gang back.

OK, I got to run to grab dinner, and only had a very quick trot through this, but will review properly when back.

Update ASAP!

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Review #9, by j A Snake Lies in the Grass

10th April 2014:
Loved it!! Very original way of showing a glimpse of each family's grief! And I like the fact that in starfall the whole world is the stage (still find it hilarious that the brazilian government was taken!). Of course, I was a little disappointed for not knowing about 'hogwarts-five', very curious about how did rose go with the apparition, but I AM hopeful that we soon will have another update - thanks so much for your commitment with this story. And how tragic... For the village, I mean, I didn't think it would be that great damage. It certainly shakes things up.

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Review #10, by whykay By the Wayside

8th April 2014:
Woah! Woah!

And I thought this was going to be a dull chapter. Rose is going to apparate them away to the grocery stores eh?

And Lisa - did she misunderstand Thane? Wasn't she supposed to leave them to die because her bosses wanted them dead? Doesn't this make her less trustworthy to both her employers and the Weasley-Rourke-Potter-Malfoy-Doyle gang? What about the extendable bag and oooh.. invisibility cloak? - we know that the Book of many books and the sword are safe in Matt's hands.

Oh and Matt, this is the first time I have felt for that guy - yes, he is Gabe's son and all that, but really, though I am so happy for Scorpius and Rose, I feel (not bad) for him. Poor guy. "It sucks... " pretty much sums it up. So that's that then. He is just going to be mature and swallow the bitter pill - and hey, you don't need to kill him off, at the end of the story.

And I have to mention I love Selena. I love she tells off Matt to not interfere in her friend's relationships. I love her brand of loyalty - "you had one chance ... Rose has made her choice.. you are going to get over it..." Its far far better than the blind Gryffindor loyalty and quite suited for a Slytherin. Albus isn't the hot headed courage filled decisive guy, Scorpius is and Matt isn't - how are those two in Slytherin and Matt in Gryffindor, again? Rose's loyalty has shades of Ravenclaw - the thinking kind..

Always 10/10.

Author's Response: Ha! The grocery store would make sense, but no. And the reasons why it would be a bad idea will be apparent next chapter.

Thane's plan to put her in the gang was always done without Raskoph's knowledge or blessing. So he is always inclined to defy Raskoph and do as he thinks is best, and Eva knows it. So, as will be revealed, she was doing the right thing for Thane to save everyone.

What the gang got out with, exactly, will be revealed soon! But they didn't unpack everything, and DID grab some stuff.

Matt's in a tough time, and for all his flaws is going to have to do some mundane but difficult things. Suck it up, get over the girl, roll on.

Selena is the most suitable to her House. Rose is a Gryffindor as much as her mother ever was, which is a similar brand to which Matt (aptly taking after his own mother) suits the House. The thinking man's bravery. Matt, for all his unsuitability, has still saddled up for this mission because it's the right thing to do. I think there was also an element of choice for him in terms of which House to join. Scorpius might be impetuous and brave, but he's also manipulative and tricky, and much more inclined to get by on his wits than his brawn. The trick on Thane's prisoner exchange back in Ignite was an example. For Scorpius I'm drawing heavily on him becoming the Trickster Archetype, and we will see more of this as time goes on.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #11, by Whimsical Diva By the Wayside

8th April 2014:
I feel so, so sorry for Matt! It's like he's got NO ONE on his side. Albus is never going to not side with his best friend. Selena appears to be more loyal to Rose and Scorpius (even when they are being absolutely insensitive and disrespectful to Matt's feelings), and Rose and Scorpius... Scorpius is a great friend to Albus, but he's an absolute jerk to those he doesn't like. And not entirely useful to this adventure to boot, certainly not when compared to Matt. And Rose does prove to be incredibly self-centred and hypocritical when it suits her. Selena's right - this IS probably for the best. Matt needs to get over her and probably, sometime later, give Rose a taste of her own medicine.

I'd never really thought about the numerous chinks in the armours of the five - and Eva's quite right to think that these can be exploited. I mean, the Matt-Rose-Scorpius triangle will come to a head sooner or later if Matt doesn't heed to Selena's advice, and Selena's barely holding it together. I guess the only fully-functioning adult there is Albus, but something tells me the group is going to split in the near future. I see Albus with Eva, and maybe Scorpius? And Rose and Selena and Matt. I could be wrong, and a different permutation of people could split up, but I do see it happening sometime.

And speaking of Eva... it'll be interesting as to what emotional impact her time spent with the gang is going to have. I'm guessing this is the first opportunity she's ever had to observe how normal people function? Why do I feel what she perceives as weaknesses will eventually prove to be the gang's biggest strengths? And why do I feel it's not so much them as her who's going to come out looking worse?

I was a tad surprised Albus was so forthcoming with Eva. He literally told her every last thing about their plans/past. And not to mention his apparent - disappointment? - at the fact that she might have a boyfriend? Yet he's suspicious of her in the last chapter. It wouldn't seem implausible if HE is the one playing her - but he's too naive to be anything like that. It would be great though, but I just don't think it's likely. Then again, he was a Slytherin, so who knows? I mean, he hasn't exactly displayed any Slytherin-like qualities till now, so maybe he will at the end?

And lastly - ah, now I know how Thane was intending to keep in touch with her. Though I was wondering - did Thane only want Eva out of Kythos, or did he mean for her to get the whole gang out? I remember him telling the gang are about to receive a crash-course in survival and desperation, so maybe this is the time? Looks like they just managed to escape with nothing but their wands, so they obviously didn't have the time to pack anything, so I reckon they're about to do what their parents did and live rough? No more palatial suites for them! HA!

I have a hunch they might land in Egypt or Turkey next via Venice maybe (wasn't both these places a part of their initial itinerary?).

Please update soon. I've been checking so often, and feared you'd abandoned this for months on end like you did in the past.

Author's Response: Eh, Selena IS on his side. She's just being on his side in her usual, Selena way; she's not one to get sappy on someone. She got supportive of Rose directly because Rose was swinging to ONLY blaming herself; Matt needed the opposite of that. He needed a kick up the rear. Sure, he got a clip round the ear for opposing ScoRose, but she's only done this DAYS after listening to Matt moon over Rose and counselling him. Only when it's over does she give him the smack on the wrist of, "You shouldn't be doing this." Awkward and not ideal, perhaps. Selena? Yes.

Scorpius IS pretty horrid to people he doesn't like. He's got a big heart but a definite sharpness about him, and occasional callousness. He's also, no, not as useful to the undertaking as Matt, though his guile and his illusion magics and general Bag o' Tricks are not to be underestimated.

I'm not sure Rose has been that harsh to Matt? Matt LIED to her about his intentions at the Rabbit's Foot, professed to be over her, and insisted he just wanted to be friends. Even if she doesn't strictly believe him, it's not her fault if she dares to take him at face value. And also, yeah - giggly and happy with Scorpius right in front of Matt. Perhaps bad form but the girl's entitled to be happy and SHE was more interested in getting away. I'd say it's more appropriate to blame Scorpius for that interchange than say Rose has treated Matt poorly.

Curiously you're right about a split-up, wrong about the combination. But that won't come for about another ten chapters, I'm only just up to writing it. Eva is not accustomed to being around normal people on the long-term; she's rather more used to short, sharp manipulations. Will she learn something? Will she wind up directing them the wrong way? I think one thing IS for sure, though - this isn't a woman who's just going to hang up her past deeds on a whim. If ever.

The whole 'Albus is disappointed she has a boyfriend' thing was more Eva's read on it than his. He was just trying to find out more about HER, and she realised she didn't want him to think she had a boyfriend. Everything he's told her, though, has been in the public sphere - the press got most of the Phlegethon-at-Hogwarts story, and while Albus will have rounded out some of the gaps, she wouldn't have got things like "Thane gave Scorpius the Resurrection Stone". But no, just because he's not trusting her outright doesn't mean he's manipulating her. He's playing it by ear.

Thane was non-specific on who he wanted out. However, Eva knows him well enough to know that he wouldn't just abandon the plan. He already started the plan WITHOUT telling Raskoph; he's marching to the beat of his own drum, or someone else's drum, so he did indeed mean for Eva to do as she did.

Updates will be forthcoming. I've been busy IRL, I've had other writing to do, and I couldn't use my buffer as I had a plot snarl to untangle (which has taken going through the buffer and re-editing things). Hopefully the buffer can do its job from here on out.

Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #12, by j By the Wayside

8th April 2014:
Now I feel the fast paced adventure starts again, with us faithful readers waiting anxiously for the next chapter - I was so happy to see this update, but it looks like I will be waiting for updates until the end... of book III! Great to see the team through Eva's eyes, curious about thane's motives, sorry for matt, ... Great chapter (I think, on this, I'm repeating myself every chapter)!

Author's Response: Yep, the lull's over, it's time for action! I hope to update regularly (especially now that I've got through the plot snarl that was tricking me). More of Eva, more of Thane, more of Matt - more of everything! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #13, by chocolateteacups By the Wayside

8th April 2014:
This chapter was amazing for so many reasons. The character development for Matt was exponential, but we'll have to see if he sticks to his plans yet. I love Selena, and this chapter didn't let me down, though I was saddened when Albus had to help her a little to get her through the day. You've written her grief wonderfully. The scene with Scorpius in the kitchen genuinely made me laugh - Lisa (Eva) is good at finding what makes people tick. The only two things that make me feel better about her presence in the group is that a) she just slipped up with the fiendyre, and b)she still thinks of herself as Eva. I hope Rose catches her out :)
Can't wait for the next update.

Author's Response: Matt is finally realising what he has to do. He is, though, a seventeen year-old boy whose crush has been ground into the dirt, and so it's unlikely he's going to be perfect. Selena will get there, bit by bit - this day was one bad day. There are other, better days, but after the upset of the night before she struggled.

Eva is, despite being exceptionally proficient at killing people, not BAD with people. She is capable of figuring out what makes the tick, she just often doesn't care or underestimates it, so she'll only go so far.

Updates already there! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #14, by Court By the Wayside

8th April 2014:
Interesting chapter to get Eva's read of the group. I wonder if she'll underestimate them or be able to exploit their weaknesses. I loved Selena and Matt's chat and hope they can both move on to find some happiness in the not too distant future. I can't wait to see how Eva will explain her knowledge, and when the group will start becoming at all suspicious of her. Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: Eva does underestimate them, but she's smart enough to keep watching and doesn't need to make a move yet. So we'll see how much she has a handle on them when she eventually needs to act.

Selena and Matt are both in sad positions (Selena's sadder, of course, but, yeah). It sometimes felt like shoving the 'spares' together to have the two of them getting close, but they've got a very natural friendship with helping each other out that's being fun to write.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by water_lily43175 Falling Feels Like Flying

7th April 2014:
We're in Greece, and so the ouzo comes out. MARVELLOUS. Even if the stuff is foul. I do love drunk Selena.

I wonder if Albus has actually been playing his own little game here. Certainly while there's the possibility that Lisa is evil, they can't assume she is and completely push her over the edge - but by acting as though it hasn't crossed his mind that she could be a spy, it lulls Eva into a false sense of security. If they can make her believe they don't suspect her, that puts her on the back foot.

Of course, she may be able to convince them that she's not a spy and have them eating out of her hand. But certainly it's a good idea to let her think they're dancing to her tune.

Although he does sound as though he wants to trust her, which makes me sad. I don't want my Albus to get tricked. :(

Many things which I love in this chapter. Scorpius saying "sun, sea, sand" and starting off that whole conversation thread again. The reference to the trio breaking out of Gringotts on a dragon, that's always a fun one to throw into conversation. BRAIN-CHILDREN. And Scorpius moaning about his broom, which of course just makes me think "the sweepiest broom!" And then Scorose kissed. Om nom. That was a good Ignite chapter.

Vodka. That'll be Dimitri's then, yes? Mmmm, I need me some Dimitri. Come on, international relations are going overboard right now, surely Dimitri MUST be around somewhere?!

HA. Rose crying unintentionally and being unhappy about it. SO MUCH YES. Because it happens, you try to make a point and then your emotions mess with you and make you stupidly teary and then men adopt the "retreat" approach. Tears get you NOWHERE.

Except manipulation.

GUH. So much coming from this Scorose chat. Of COURSE Scorpius was scared she'd leave him, because everyone has before, EXCEPT ALBUS oh lordy it all makes sense now. And - poor Rose, being alone and not even realising it. But she was, she really was, and I said before that Cheryl and Hestia didn't seem like the kind of friends she should have.

And oh, Scorpius is so LOVELY when he gets mushy. Bless him.

"We... got together in a pretty fraught time. And then when things were quiet, I think we missed some of the fundamental little normal bits and pieces couples do." YES. So much yes. I can't remember if I was the insightful one who pointed this out before, or if you spoonfed me it, but it comes back to the fact that their relationship had the craziest beginning, and they never gave themselves a chance to set boundaries and talk and establish where they were. And now they're hijinking, they can't afford to not do these things.

A beautiful, beautiful Scorose moment, and such a satisfying resolution to their issues. I mean, personally the main thing that comes out of this is that Scorbus reigns supreme over anything else. But I will put up with Scorose! ;)

Cracking chapter bro.

Author's Response: The ouzo is integral to Greek experiences. Do like a bit of ouzo. Drinking Selena was hysterical to write.

Albus isn't strictly playing his own game but he's not been entirely honest with Lisa. He does believe her - but he accepts the possibility that he's wrong. However he knows that SHOWING her this suspicion will only do harm; either she's playing him, in which case it's best to look tricked, or she's not, in which case it could just hurt her to act dubious. It's a trick with no real drawback except for others thinking he's being a soft touch.

And he is a soft touch, because he's Albus Potter.

Brain-children IS a deeply disturbing phrase. I can neither confirm nor deny a presence of Dimitri - literally. It might happen, I'm just not sure.

The crying is SO ANNOYING. Trying to deal with a point when all emotionally pent-up and then crying happens and then men immediately lunge from discussing the issue to just trying to stop the crying from happening! It feels like such a stereotypically girly thing to throw in but it's a phenomenon I've complained of with friends before, so HAD to at least nod to.

Even I didn't quite realise how alone Rose was before Ignite. It wasn't intentional, it was almost a writing decision. To be able to integrate with the Five, she couldn't have a bestest buddy outside of the group, and Albus was always the family member she was closest to - it was mostly a writing decision to allow for smoother relationships with the characters, but it snowballed and looking back it made her very isolated, with two friends with whom she didn't really have much in common (though I really want to revisit Hestia and Cheryl some day).

Scorpius IS mushy. No 'you fill my brain' lines here. A pox on such poor lines.

I don't know if I spoonfed you the whole, 'this relationship missed integral development' thing. I mean, it was intentional! It was wholly the point and a reason why I didn't miss too much with the time-skip. So I might have rambled about it, but at the same time, it was right there in the prose to be spotted (and I'm not going to pretend I was super subtle; I probably wasn't). But I'm glad the groundwork laid out worked well! And this IS the final nail in the coffin on those issues; I do not intend to write, "Scorpius is upset and so isolates himself entirely from everyone," again in Starfall. We will, however, get to some of his issues. Like everyone leaving him.

Except for Albus. Never Albus.

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Review #16, by water_lily43175 Come Fly With Me

7th April 2014:
So not only do our gang have a spy in their ranks, they don't even have the money to show for it! Oh man. Not surprising; Guerrier was hardly going to help them for nothing. Of course, if Matt had thought about it he'd have split the money across two pouches, if only so that if he lost one down to either a mishap or someone taking it, he'd still have some money left over. Alas, this is not an ideal world.

Greece. GREECE GREECE GREECE. Guessing this is the place where Toby, Will and Dimitri (DIMITRI!) headed to for Toby's recuperation. Good choice, Matt. GRECE.

So, Thane definitely DID know about the fake Chalice. He's just a very good actor. And an interesting insight into Eva - I need to know more about her, she's a very curious character. She doesn't like feeling helpless. Which suggests she's been there before. And I also get the impression that in some sense she thinks a lot of Albus. I mean, she obviously knows (or thinks) she can play him for a fool, but at the same time I get the impression she's a bit taken aback by just how genuine and caring he is? I'm not sure; even when we have scenes from her head she's such a mystery. Total signs of Albus/Eva seeds being planted here ;)


Author's Response: Nope, no money. Then again, Thane and the Council don't have it, but it at least could have funded their globe-trotting. They still have the Malfoy bank accounts to cover their expenses at least. Guerrier wasn't going to help them for nothing, and though they should have been more cautious he was still not the priority. Matt had no reason to split the money - it would have been a good, cautious thing to do, but the money wasn't the priority. It was more about taking it off them.

And, yes, this is indeed that same little Grecian island to which certain other characters fled once upon a time.

Eva has her issues, and being helpless is the big one of them. It's getting to her right now, which is why her self-control isn't as perfect as she'd prefer - despite herself, Albus' efforts at being comforting are, well, genuinely comforting. Even if they let her manipulate him further and exploit the situation, he's doing the right things and that's having an effect. So while she's taking his compassion and thinking of it as a tool to use to drive him around like a Volvo, she is not immune, at this exact moment, to the benefits of compassion.

Where this ends up, I couldn't POSSIBLY comment.

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Review #17, by water_lily43175 Showdown

7th April 2014:
LOOK. I'm here and I'm REVIEWING. I think your fics have been my single biggest procrastination tactic over the last two years of my uni life...

Yeah, I definitely got a bit confused when Selena randomly threw checkmate into conversation. BUT. Trigger word. Makes sense. They're just lucky Paquet was the only one there. So. Two down, three to go! Or four, if we count Lisa/Eva.

I do like when Scorpius states the obvious. And oh, Rose. "It might do things to my books." Priorities in order there, good girl.

Lisa/Eva is bewildered. Did she not expect Albus to be quite so noble and selfless as he is? Or is concern just too foreign a concept for her to understand? HMM.

Broken broom flying interesting. And ridiculously coincidental, as you'll see when you get to Rails 61.

Fake Chalice. HO HUM. This ... makes sense, because there's a lot of Starfall to come and how do hijinks across the world work if there's nothing to hijink for? The question is, did Thane know the Chalice was a fake? His reaction here seems to suggest he didn't, but I can't help but think he DID know this whole time. Because he's Prometheus Thane. The OTHER question is - because there's more than one question, there always IS - when was the real Chalice substituted for the fake? Many questions, no answers. And a spy in the group to boot. HMM. Onwards!

Author's Response: I am the great Procrastination Machine. When review splurges come, I'll know it's 'cos you're dodging revising. :D

Checkmate was a clunky word to use (though like they say, you don't want it to be a story which someone might accidentally say!!) though at least the first conclusion wouldn't be 'brainwashing' if someone overheard. Still, it's easier done without someone there to listen. All too busy.

Rose SHOULD be worrying if the Chalice would do things to the bag in general. Super-charged magic item plus magically expanded bag, could end poorly.

Eva is bewildered because Albus is talking about putting himself at considerable risk for her, someone he's just met and has no reason to stick his neck out for. That level of altruism is not something to which she is accustomed. From anyone. As for Thane's knowledge of the Chalice, this will be covered. And when it was swapped, IS the million-dollar question, and the one which will be tying the gang in knots for the next little while. But nah, I couldn't blow the Chalice out of the water just yet!

Ta for reviewing.

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Review #18, by RelentlessFire Come Fly With Me

31st March 2014:
I knew it was Eva from the minute I read about her, in her Lisa facade. I love her character already. I just returned from a week of school trip to Nice, Cannes, Monaco and Monte Carlo. I completely adored it, since I've been studying french for almost seven years now, it was time to finally visit la Cote d'Azur. I really had fun and perfected my french accent (I needed it :)) Anyhow, incredible chapter as usual, I'm sorry I was late in reviewing but as I said before I wasn't home alas I was without computer.
I'll read the next chapter.

ps. my computer is dumb and is not displaying the accents

Author's Response: Wandering parts of the world relevant to my interests. :D Cannes I have not been to but Nice and Monaco I have; gorgeous part of the world and thus I couldn't resist putting it into the story. I hope my depiction matches your experiences... well, minus the magic, I suppose. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #19, by j Falling Feels Like Flying

29th March 2014:
Brilliant, as usual. Firstly, yes, now it makes sense that Al was sorted in slytherin! I hadn't thought about that, but it makes sense - all the scheming and silent leading. I'm happy that they recognise the danger in thrusting a strange person (thumbs up, Selena, she is really growing on me!) Which makes me think about how mature they become, it makes sense with all the difficulties they are facing. You show their development very well. As for the scorose, so relieved for them to talk... I wasn't expecting so much talk about feelings, I guess I'm just not used to relationship-talks between people who have such a good self reading. It probably comes with all the maturity thing! Congratulations on such a well written story! Thank you so much

Author's Response: Albus as a Slytherin is something which hasn't been hugely explored before now. And I think the Hat's point about choice is important - he probably WOULDN'T have been a Slytherin if he hadn't asked to be. But he still has qualities which the House prizes (as was stated about Harry), and sometimes they come to the forefront. Sometimes his unassuming nature helps; it is easier to scheme and plan and prepare when being underestimated or overlooked.

Selena is easily the most cautious and cynical of the bunch, and so is going to be thusly cynical of a new arrival. That said, this level of caution - while understandable - can be incredibly dangerous on its own. Trust is not a weakness. Even if she's right this time!

Rose and Scorpius are reasonably good at self-reading - or, rather, they have BECOME such. They have yet to really practice it with each other, so recently they've had this chance at self-evaluation and are finally taking the chance to share.

Glad you enjoyed the chapter, and thanks for reviewing!

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Review #20, by whykay Falling Feels Like Flying

29th March 2014:

To be honest, I am not very convinced about Matt sticking around, to be frank. Yes, he suffered Phlegethon and he felt helpless and wants to remedy it, but it doesn't seem motivation enough for him to stick around all this trouble unless... its for Rose.

Speaking of Rose and people leaving Scorpius, does it seem ironic that Draco is also another person in his life (other than the white knight Albus) who is sticking around? I mean he is painted as the person who cares only for the family name; but is he actually so one-dimensional? This also brings me to Astoria - if SHE was such a good person who hated Draco, why did she leave Scorpius, her son, in his care and not keep in touch with him?? This is so out-of-character and I am sure you have a good explanation for this!! I feel there is something more to Scorpius and his past / family name than has been let on - Thane, at times, definitely sees himself in Scorpius...

Thane doesn't perceive anyone other than Albus as a threat / contender - wonder if that is too short-sighted.

And yaay, am glad Albus is open minded enough to consider Eva-Lisa as an intruder, though I can't understand how they can just leave her and go! Eva-Lisa / Thane would have prepared themselves enough for a routine checking, so actually, it may not really result in anything much!

Arc I is it? Does this mean Arc II will be posted later or can we expect it on time? (on time / earlier, please!)

Author's Response: Matt's entrenched by now; it's more of a big deal to walk away from something like this once you're involved. He's not of a mind to say, "Monte Carlo's over, I'm going home, see ya!" It'd feel like letting everyone down, including himself. Not only does he want to see the right thing get done - for morality, for vengeance - but he's got a puzzle in front of him and he knows he's got skills the guys need. Rose is smart but she doesn't have the background knowledge he does.

It's very true that Draco has, for all of his cruelty and coldness, shown an interest in remaining involved in his son's life. While Astoria has yet to get in touch with her son, during or after Phlegethon. This will be addressed - what she's been up to, what Draco's been up to, why Scorpius assumes this.

Albus is being careful about Eva, but at the same time he doesn't think that he has the monopoly on fighting Thane, and getting help is no bad thing. He also doesn't want to ditch what might be a traumatised woman on her own in the middle of nowhere (then again, if she's that traumatised, he doesn't want to take her with them - for now he's just not making a decision, as they're in no rush).

Arc I isn't really official, it's just how the story feels in my head. I will continue to post as much as ever. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #21, by Whimsical Diva Falling Feels Like Flying

28th March 2014:
This is possibly my favourite chapter and is making me fall head over heels in love with Mr Scorpius Malfoy. I've always liked the character of Scorpius Malfoy, just not when paired with Rose because... writers almost ALWAYS make a hash of it. I used to be a validator on this site a few years ago, and I've read enough drivel to positively LOATHE the pairing. This is possibly the first time I've liked the pairing. Yes, they work, and work well.

For a Malfoy, he's incredibly romantic, isn't he? Lucius and Draco were both so emotionally and morally bankrupt, and they have an heir like Scorpius! Go figure! Part of me - a small part of me wishes it were Hector and not Matt that they'd tagged along with them. That would've been hilarious, and it would have made rooting for Scorose so much easier. Then again, whilst Matt is proving himself to be useful, Hector might've got them all killed by now.

I think what this chapter really did is - tie up all the lose ends. I liked the fact that everything about this relationship is now in clear relief - from the moment they got together to all the times they've made a mess of things. It feels like they've graduated to a different stage in their relationship - one with more trust, respect, understanding and self-awareness. Wonder how things will proceed for them from now.

Ha! If Scorpius et al are 17 now, this must be taking place circa 2023-2024? That means that vodka's been there for almost 25 years! Lol!

I suspect Thane must've implanted some fake documents in the French government about Lisa. Nothing's going to be unearthed by Hermione. Surely, Thane being a professional and Eva having done this before, must have covered their tracks? I don't know whether Albus is being naive when he says they can keep Lisa isolated. Surely she must be giving a weekly/fortnightly/monthly report to Thane? Or does Thane trust her enough that she can run around with this lot for possibly months on end without making contact with Thane? And also wonder how she's going to prove useful? She may help them if they get stuck in a situation like Badenheim, but can't see her offering much historical insight into anything much. I guess I just have to wait and see!

One thing niggled me though - the conversation in the first part of this chapter seemed oddly formal. Not all of it, but parts. Maybe it's because I live in California, and teenagers and 20-somethings here appear to be unable to string a single sentence together without peppering it with the word 'like'. Reading the way these teenagers speak IN THE FUTURE nonetheless just seems odd. Maybe it's because they are not Muggle and haven't quite caught up with their social-media obsessed (and god knows what it'll be ten years down the road) Muggle counterparts?

Please update soon! This is a cracking story - possibly your best by far.

Author's Response: He's a darling in this chapter, isn't he? Yeah, I wanted to try to do a lot of the clichés I've seen in Next Gen RIGHT, egotistical as that sounds. The Malfoys might be very stiff-collared types, but Scorpius has rebelled since he's had the opportunity to, loving his music because it would anger his father, and so has undeniably had an education in romance from some great composer-poet-singers. That and he learned with girls how to play nice and say the right thing, for attention rather than meaning it, and is getting better at shifting himself INTO meaning it.

I kind of want to revisit Hector as a character. Not likely to happen in Starfall, but he got the short end of the stick in Ignite. I'd like to explore more about him, because there's often an interesting story in the guys who seem bad on the surface.

I'm glad this chapter feels like tying up loose ends, 'cos it is. It might have felt like retreading old ground with Scorpius having a strop and then not talking to Rose, artificially prolonged by the Rabbit's Foot heist, but it was intentional. These old issues never got resolved properly, and then they got together right at the end of Ignite and I time-skipped a few months. In some ways, this is their REAL getting together - this is the point where they confront all those things about themselves that were obstacles to them being together, and tackle them. From now the ScoRose focus will indeed be on this Next Step of maturity and understanding, and how they work through problems together, instead of how problems drive them apart.

I don't even know what happens to vodka after 25 years. It probably wasn't even good vodka to begin with unless Dimitri packed it with him in the flight from Russia with a broken Toby.

It's true that Thane is a professional, and making sure Eva has the right paperwork would be an important consideration. On the one hand, he does trust her a lot. On the other - well, we'll see how she handles contact and communication with Thane. Her role in the party will develop itself, but it can't be ignored that the gang normally needs to pull out tricks to go toe-to-toe with people like Paquet and Downing, and tricks like that often need preparation and planning. Eva is as good with a wand as any professional, and they're fighting professionals. But we'll see how the gang react to things as chapters continue.

You're perhaps right on the dialogue. Maybe it's my teenaged years being an increasingly distant memory getting to me. It doesn't help that both Rose and Matt are well-educated, well-read, and polite by their nature (that and certain presumptions on my part about wizarding society being inherently a bit more old-fashioned, and society viewing them as basically adults by now - not just that they're of age, but they're of age in a society which expects them to go straight into work instead of continuing their studies). BUT I digress and if nothing else the dialogue could probably do with some work. I've also NOT really gone into, with this Trilogy, how the Muggle and Wizarding worlds might blend together more over the 25 years; for all intents and purposes, the world remains in that 'vaguely turn of the century' sort of state.

Updates forthcoming! I don't think this is my best work (I'm more proud of the Anguisverse) but it's being rip-roaring fun to write anyway. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #22, by Whimsical Diva Falling Feels Like Flying

28th March 2014:
This is possibly my favourite chapter and is making me fall head over heels in love with Mr Scorpius Malfoy.

Author's Response: I have to reply to this or then my Unanswered Review numbers will be off and the WORLD WILL END. Hello review fragment!

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Review #23, by missdagane Come Fly With Me

24th March 2014:
At a moment, I had pain for Saida until the last sentence... can't wait to know what will happen frome here...

Author's Response: I'm glad she's starting to resonate with you. She's not going to be so black and white as people first thought.

But she's definitely not here to try to be real friends with the gang. Thanks for reviewing! Updates will be soon.

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Review #24, by KeirnanNotSoPure Prologue

22nd March 2014:
I love it love the first one now ilove this one it is awesome to find someone who a great writer and post next gen content can I just say than you this make me so happy this must sound cheesy but thank you and I hope you keep writing and if these every became books in print I would bye them in an instant thank you.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you've enjoyed the series! Plenty more of it to come, of Starfall and whatever will follow on from it. I am committed to making it a Trilogy - I know where Starfall ends in the story and it would REQUIRE a sequel.

I intend to keep writing, this and many other things. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #25, by whykay Come Fly With Me

21st March 2014:
So the Achilles heel is helplessness! Interesting take on the character! I had hoped to see Scorose REALLY talking, in this chapter.

Author's Response: As we will see, most of Eva's motivations stem from helplessness. It's a curious thing, but power and strength and sometimes even cruelty stem sometimes from a desire to not be the one at the receiving end of all of this. With compassion somehow missed along the way.

We'll see what this makes of her in a different environment. Sorry for the delay on Scorose, but next chapter, I PROMISE, and it's already in the queue. Thanks for reviewing!

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