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Review #1, by Solana14 Or Fordoes Me Quite

20th October 2014:
omg, thank MERLIN you didn't kill off Matt!! I wasn't ready to see anyone else die -- certainly not any of the other 4 either. But Lisa ... we'll see, won't we? Could be she may have to be sacrificed or something else. Either way, I've the feeling we're going to see a very brief respite and holiday before they're cornered in Venice. I was hoping at about this point they did deserve a little break and I'm ready for one, too, before going on. We've another book to look forward to, so it'd be nice to end this one on a good or at least relatively peaceful note.

I too dearly love our Scorpius! He has truly made a great protagonist. Oh, so looking forward to his talk with his father. Not a whole lot of hope, because it seems Draco will continue being the way he's been portrayed here, but at least Scorpius has a chance to make peace with it all and realize he's not at fault for them being the way they are.

So so so looking forward to the end of this one!

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Review #2, by guilty_pleasures Or Fordoes Me Quite

19th October 2014:
I knew it! I just knew you wouldn't let Matt die! I knew you wouldn't bring Gabriel and Jen and Tanith and Tobias into Stygion on such a sad note! I'm so happy! And I'm so glad Matt has now got the time to do things he'd left unfinished. Rose is amazing. Scorp is a better person than I can ever hope to be.

Loved that he told Nat that she 'hasn't been sh*t', as a prelude compliment to pointing out how heroic she is. Perfect.

Is Selena quiet in this because she's thinking about Methusela and how she might have brought him back if she'd known about the chalice then? I know I would be. She must be devastated. Then devastated at being devastated because she's lead the most impressive excursion to do it, determined by hope and chance and historical conjecture which are such uncertain terms... And they did it. Despite everything she did it. She should be proud. But her mask was back the second he woke up. She must be dying inside, wishing Matt was Methusela... Hating Matt with no good logical reason except why does everything get to work out for him?

This is nearing the end! My god. What an adventure. Things seem to be resolving, but I'm sure something huge must be on its way if there is going to be a whole last book about it. Eeee! So excited.

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Review #3, by whykay Or Fordoes Me Quite

19th October 2014:
Uhh. WHAT A RELIEF (though quite simplistic - it worked. Huh.)
But they are going to get busted in Venice. In next chapter we see Lisa's judgement, ain't it? Poor EvaLisa. Poor Albus, stuck between the both of them.

I love Scorpius. He is an awesome kid, and is turning out to be such a great person. I've said it before and I say it again here - I love how you have tackled the greys in your books. I love your understanding / observation of the human nature and the perspective you bring to good and bad - the idealistic ends of the same idealogical spectrum. I think it's too presumptuous to say 'good job' and move on, when there is so much depth in your writing. :)

Matt is beaten and worn out. Who wouldn't be?! I like it that Selena didn't rush to declare her hidden affection. And that it was Rose and Matt who hugged after such a great conversation. It makes for some perfect transition. :) But I do hope they talk soon.

And last but not the least - Yaay - Selena is the heroine and umm.. the heroin? She is literally the drug and the catalyst in this story. She is a meaning-er (you know what I mean!). I suspect she will now have a run - in with Thane in Venice since she is carrying the all-important Chalice. And will be forced to part with it; maybe at the risk of EvaLisa's life (too far fetched?!). I somehow feel Selena is the only one in this story who is perfectly poised with the right rhythm, the right amount of indignation, the right amount of anger, the right amount of bitterness (after Ager Sanguinis) to negotiate for EvaLisa. Albus - well, he would be too carried away by emotions and the others couldn't care two hoots about EvaLisa.

Anyway, those are my ramblings. I know the queue is to blame for the slow updates and not you! - so here is a request to HPFF - Q up!

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Review #4, by R That Either Makes Me

18th October 2014:
Oh, my goodness.

What what WHAT could possibly happen next? Matt coming back as an Inferius because of Eridanos? Will they have to set him on fire? Rose and Selena and going to take this so hard oh dear oh dear... THE SUSPENSE!

The Chalice plot-twist-sort-of-thing was wonderfully written, by the way. And it targeted their personalities perfectly. I loved how Rose defended Scorpius!


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Review #5, by Helen J Haslam Star-Crossed

17th October 2014:
'You disappeared under an invisibility cloak and just said "trust me". That's not a plan, Malfoy, that's barely even a concept.'

Ha ha yes :-D

Oh Scorpius, what are you doing! Get back to her lol!

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Review #6, by BellaLestrange87 That Either Makes Me

16th October 2014:
But. but... but. why?

*shakes head* No. He's not dead. I refuse to accept it. He's asleep, and Nat Lockett is stupid.

Aside from the heartbreak at the end of the chapter - WHY? - I really enjoyed this (except for the debate between the group and the Guardian. That's not your fault. I got lost.)

I believe that Lisa is truly Lisa now, and Eva Saida is gone; until, of course, they find out. If Albus is in an undeclared relationship with her, how will that affect the fight that will happen?

All the same, I'm happy Matt was unconscious when he - fell asleep. I'm still denying that IT happened. Nope. He's alive. *fiercely remains in denial* It prevents me from wondering whether or not he knew he was going to... yeah.

Maybe in the next chapter he'll be resuscitated, preferably as an actual living, human being, and not an Inferi-thing that Eridanos turns its victims into. Why, Matt, why couldn't you have stayed on board the ship? Bad things happen to idiots, but at least he was noble. Still, I liked him. He didn't need to - fall asleep. Yeah, he's asleep.

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Review #7, by guilty_pleasures That Either Makes Me

16th October 2014:
'What - in this world - is fair?'

Selena. My absolute favourite character. You really have done such an amazing job developing her.

I think she summarizes my thoughts of this chapter quite nicely. I so hope this isnt goodbye, little Doyle. I couldn't bear it if the scene where your Anguis characters finally meet up, grown up, in Stygion - happens because they need to bury Gabriel's boy.

I am so hoping that Nathalie is being possessed by a spell of final judgement test. Or that the entire dawn-thing is a spell to test them. That someone works it out, beats the final test, and suddenly it's midnight and Matt is alive and the the Chalis' magic cures him.

That's what I hope happens next.

Also, I'm gutted about the Dobby's. I think Selena's statement worked well to summarise that too. Unfair. You absolutely deserved one. Next year will be your year!

Keep on amazing us please! Can't wait for your next update (:

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Review #8, by EarthsTrueGreen That Either Makes Me

15th October 2014:
Not this again. Stop killing people off its breaking my heart! On another note, good update.

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Review #9, by Helen J Haslam Into Darkness

13th October 2014:
That, by which I mean the end section of this chapter, was absolutely perfect, exactly what I was hoping for from Selena. I knew she wasn't being honest, and this portrayal feels absolutely in keeping with her established character.

I also love the small but very important detail about bureaucracy getting in the way of countries sending Auroras into foreign territories, and how the kids basically have a free pass to do just that. Wonderful plot device.

Author's Response: Selena's breakdown was inevitable, after months of repression and then the pressure of the circumstances and Scorpius' words. I'm glad it was believable and satisfying.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by Helen J Haslam Hitch Your Wagon

13th October 2014:
Hermione's roasting of Draco was *excellent* - especially the ferret part! My blood ran cold when she insinuated about her last visit to Malfoy Manor.

Very interesting, a large portion of my own story is set in the Black Forest and I invented an elaborate portkey method to get there too. I'm keen to see how you progress with this in your story, it's like meeting an old friend on new pages lol!

Author's Response: It was very satisfying to write Hermione tearing strips off Draco.

I prefer for magical travel to not be wands allowing instant apparition across the world. So limits by law and magic on portkeys is logical. Glad you're enjoying the story!

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Review #11, by whykay That Either Makes Me

13th October 2014:
NO. NO. I refuse to believe Matt is dead - maybe he can be revived. That works right? This just sucks. Its worse than Methuselah Jones. And to have waited two weeks for this?!

Author's Response: The queue, alas, has been tricksy as of late. I can't control that. Matt's death is - well, this is what happens when you run around a plagued island without an immunity to the infection, alas. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by greenphantomme That Either Makes Me

12th October 2014:
Selena is so bad*ss. Seriously! This was a great chapter and the judgement was awesome (in terms of the four's reactions/answers). Something big is going to happen soon. Reeall big, can't wait to read about it! Hopefully the chapters go through quickly though, the waiting game is rather stressful haha. And now the statement that you indeed posed: what, oh what, could happen next...

Author's Response: This truly is Selena's "finest" hour. In many ways I think Starfall is her story above anyone else's, if we consider Ignite to have been Scorpius'. Which really wasn't intentional in the planning, it just... happened that way! Some more things might go down, though the guys do have the Chalice, so the end is very much in sight now. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #13, by Whimsical Diva That Either Makes Me

12th October 2014:
What, oh what could happen next? Well, for a start, Matt could be resuscitated, Selena could declare her feelings for him, Lisa could inadvertently betray the lot, Prometheus Thane could have been following this lot after learning of Downing's death and claim the Chalice, and I predict star fall ending with Lisa's secret coming out in the wash, leaving a heartbroken Albus, and oh, the Chalice would be used for Project Starfall, whatever that is...

But whatever's about to happen, one thing is certain - the next 6 odd weeks is going to be a roller coaster. Can't wait for it.

Author's Response: All good theories! I guess we'll see how it'll pan out. I dare say I have a surprise or two up my sleeve, nevertheless. Let's hope the queue is kind to my posting rate, it hasn't been as of late. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by Helen J Haslam Prologue

9th October 2014:
Whoa - shocking start! Nicely done, if not horrible lol. Eva seems like someone to be scared of later on...

Author's Response: Eva's trouble, no doubt about it. And this is just the start of chaos. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by CauldronCloak27 Leap of Faith

6th October 2014:
BEYOND EXCITED! I love your work; please keep it coming!

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed the chapter! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #16, by blu Leap of Faith

6th October 2014:
amaazing!! my heart was beating as i kept on reading.. i love your writing!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing, glad you enjoyed this!

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Review #17, by pfapsm Leap of Faith

30th September 2014:
Hello! This chapter was GREAT (what else was I expecting, honestly?) albeit a bit wordy. But ARGH. CLIFFHANGERS. I'm predicting that Scorpius will get the Chalice, actually, since he seems to be the 'hero' of the series. But I can't say! I'm biased.

Once my exams are over I'll figure out some way to nominate this for the Dobbys. It should be a movie.

Also, if you don't mind satisfying my curiosity, I have a (non-plot related) question: what colour do you think the six's Polyjuice Potions would be? (Just wondering!)

Can't wait for the next chapter! I'm eager for some trio action.

Author's Response: Yees, this is the chapter of wordy explanation. It was kind of necessary to explain the Cat Island shebang, though I could have probably trimmed that.

Scorpius IS in many ways the protagonist, though Starfall is much less his story than Ignite was. We'll see how it all pans out, though!

Polyjuice Potion colours? That's a stonker of a question, I didn't expect that. I'll have to detach my brain from associating them with House colours. Rose is a soft sort of amber in my head, Scorpius a more shining gold. Albus gets a warm, deep, foresty green, Selena gets a dignified sort of Imperial Blue with some light sparkles in it, and Matt gets a metallic kind of red. Eva gets a sort of moody, cloudy kind of purple and would taste very, very bitter. Great question!

Cheers for the review! Updates soon.

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Review #18, by guilty_pleasures Leap of Faith

30th September 2014:
Brilliant, educational, and incredibly written - as always. How many chapters left now?? I'm so glad you've said this is a trilogy, especially with all this talk about 'the end'... I'm definitely not ready to say goodbye to these characters yet!

So excited for your next update.

And if it eases your mind, I understood the San Salvador/Watlings/Cat Island explanation just fine. (: Well done, that can't have been easy to get into the story like you did!

Selena remains my all-time favourite character, even though Lisa is getting so amazing and Scorpius has a personality of all the qualities I love in this world... but Selena, she's so real. It's like I completely understand her even when she does things even Scorpius wishes he couldn't predict.

And what girl doesn't love a great girl power scene involving seemingly-reckless-but-actually-logical cliff jumping ? I know I do. Selena is the best.

There's a part of me that knows there's going to be some dramatic scene sometime soon where Albus finds out exactly who Lisa/Eva is (a part of me is even wondering if you plan to kill her off, but I'm choosing to hope you don't)... I'm sure there will be a lot of feelings of betrayal/devastation/heartbreak for Albus in the future, but there's an even bigger part of me that loves them together so much that I am hoping that they talk it out, respectfully accept Lisa's past as Eva and a spy, trust that she's on their side forever and live happily ever after.

Ok I'm done with this review box. You know how much love I have for this story! Could go on all day. More more more!

Author's Response: I think... 6 chapters? 7 left? I'd have to check my list, I don't know off the top of my head. And yes, the trilogy will be finished, I will be starting Book 3 for this year's NaNo. These stories are far from over.

I'm glad the Salvador/Watlings/Cat explanation worked! I had to read it a few times, it was a horrible moment of knowing *I* knew what was going on but not being sure if it was becoming too convoluted to explain. Still, when I first read that thing I KNEW I had to put it in the story.

Selena has taken over this story; when I first envisioned her, even though I knew I'd be pairing her up with Methuselah and then killing him, I never thought she would grow to take Book 2 by storm like she really has. And, indeed, who doesn't love girl power of someone like Selena taking charge and doing something risky? Though it WAS risky, I doubt she's trained in cliff-jumping.

I have plans for EvaLisa and Albus, of course. There will be tears before bedtime, but while I don't intend to resolve any of this too easily, at the same time I'm trying to keep it honest in terms of the feelings. This will definitely spill over to Book 3.

Thanks for reviewing! More soon.

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Review #19, by whykay Leap of Faith

30th September 2014:
I am waiting for the next chapter. Heart in mouth.

Author's Response: It'll be up soon enough! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #20, by Whimsical Diva Leap of Faith

30th September 2014:
Never mind, I did find the right thread and voted for you. My, I have to admit, there are a lot of Nextgen tics in the Dobby's this year - it wasn't the case when I used to be a Validator on this site. Good to see this era getting more love - a well written nextgen is streets ahead of any Marauder/Hogwarts era fix - at least there's an element of novelty there, even if the tropes do get wheeled out pretty often.

Author's Response: There are some good 'uns up, aren't there? It's stiff competition, and stuff I'm proud to be up against.

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Review #21, by Whimsical Diva Leap of Faith

29th September 2014:
This has got to be the WORST cliffhanger ever. UPDATE NOW!

Only the purest can take the Chalice. Those who can prove themselves possessing of Wisdom, of Temperance, of Courage, of Justice

Who's it gonna be? I suspect it might be Albus, unless his association with Lisa has tainted him. Totally anticipate Rose - and maybe even Selena - being guilt-tripped for toying with Matt's feelings, Scorpius for being a total plonker at times, or being punished for the sins of his father or something like that. And not to mention what's gonna happen to Lisa - she'd have been a goner at Ager Sanguinis if it hadn't been for Albus, and now more oppressed, wronged souls on the prowl, eh?

Like I said, UPDATE NOW.

BTW, where exactly on the forums do I vote for Starfall? I logged in after what seemed like years, and while I can see the Dobby forum, I can't see the nominations thread or the voting thread. I'd LOVE to vote for Starfall in like a gazillion categories - it's that deserving.

Author's Response: I'm sure I've done worse! I fear there's worse to come.

Yes, none of them seem to possess all of these, do they? Or, even, is there anyone who possesses Temperance, or Justice? Albus is closest but Albus is not flawless. Still, there's more to the particulars of the trials which we'll see next chapter. And you're not too far off the mark when it comes to their flaws.

Updates will come soon, have no fear! The queue has been my undoing lately. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #22, by Solana14 The Witching Time

21st September 2014:
Wow, it just seems to get better and better! Now I have to enter you for the Dobby and I know I want to enter Starfall but I also loved Ignite. How can I possibly choose?

So I'm not the only one wondering what in the world is up with Astoria. So ... what in the world is up with Astoria?? Well, let's see ... she proved herself to be a bad mother, that's for sure. And at last Scorpius is beginning to realize that, as flawed as Draco is, he actually wanted his son in his life. Let's see how that goes when they talk ... they will talk, won't they? So we have a lot more to find out about Draco, don't we? Can't wait!

Neither of these stories would be complete without Selena. But of course that's why you created her! And yep, I too get the feeling she's seeing more of Lisa than Lisa would like her to. Oooohh, she could be the one who outs her. Wouldn't that be something?

Can't wait to read the rest. Of course, I know we won't know all until the third installment. Have you started writing it yet?

Author's Response: Choosing which one I want to win in the category I've made finalist for is like picking a favoured child. ;)

Astoria was many things. Weak, yes. Abused, yes. A victim, yes. A bad mother... yes. It's a kind of mixed bag; she didn't want much to be in Scorpius' life; Draco did. But Draco DID abuse Scorpius, while Astoria is 'only' guilty of abuse by neglect. It's still wrong, but Draco has wanted to be in Scorpius' life partly so he can CONTROL it. I think Draco is still the worse parent, personally, and Astoria has certainly suffered at his hands, but she is also not blameless. Still, the full extent of everything has yet to come out.

Selena sees more of Lisa, though she certainly doesn't begin to guess the truth. She basically suspects Lisa of having various dark, angsty secrets, and is rolling her eyes in a Selena-esque manner of 'Yes, yes, it's all very melodramatic, isn't it?' and doesn't for a moment think the secret is that Lisa must betray them.

I have not yet started writing the third installment (currently, tentatively titled, 'Oblivion'). I will, however, kick it off with NaNoWriMo, so that'll be a hell of a November!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #23, by guilty_pleasures The Witching Time

21st September 2014:
I haven't reviewed anything you've written in a really, really long time - just because honestly, I'm so invested in your characters that my brain tends to be a gush of OMG HOW AMAZING IS THIS FIC PLZ UPDATE MORE OMG OMG OMG LOVE. NO WORDS after each chapter update, and I feel like that's not really what you want out of a review haha.

You must know how great your writing is. I think you definitely deserve a Dobby or ten! I've nominated you as Best Original Fic and Best Novel, under the name Aries_ :)

(I'd have nominated you for more, but I only just joined the forums - it's only taken me three years! - and they've limited me to two posts per hour)

Good luck! Hope you win!

10/10, as always.

Author's Response: I don't mind those kinds of gushing reviews! Never will complain at any kind of review. Generally. Polite ones!

Thank you very much for the nominations, it's muchly appreciated! And cheers for the review!

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Review #24, by whykay The Witching Time

19th September 2014:
Helloo there!

Rose did it! But what is in those three words? Are you going to pull a Holmes (introduce us to a new fact) or a Poirot (it was there all along; we just didn't see it) on us? :P :P

Astoria is truly ... - well, I find it hard to not judge her as a harsh person and perhaps too practical. Poor Scorpius. Abandonment by a PARENT cannot quite be disguised as something else. At least he has acknowledged Draco and this is a thing I always felt - Draco made an effort to be in his life while Astoria and her sunny smiles just vanished. So Draco's history is out here - is it an accurate version of events? Why is he into illegal trade and such, if he only on preserving the family name? It does sound flimsy. Both Draco's and Astoria's story - it is like Scorpius said - I can almost understand, but I just cannot. Well put.

Selena is so Selena. Sad sex, it seems. Haha :))
Selena and EvaLisa are playing in the same league however one might try to see the 'love' situation otherwise. It seems right that Lisa is the one who calls out to Selena - can't imagine another carrying it off (except Matt). Nice work.

I wonder why the queue is this slow! I expected faster updates :(.

Anyway, I really want to nominate both Ignite and Starfall for a number of categories. However, I am unable to. I created a login for the forum as well but I am not allowed to reply to the Dobby awards sub-forum posts. Is this open to people in the UK / US only? You write so well and I have seen some of the nominations / winners from the past years - you definitely deserve your place high up there and I want to help. So if you or anyone knows why I can't reply or participate there, please let me know!!

Author's Response: The answer is 'somewhere between the two'. The clues have not been established in the prose so that you could get it. But I am not making up something new. You'll see!

Astoria certainly, certainly has a selfish streak. On the other hand, Draco WAS abusive towards her, so I have a hard time, myself, judging her too harshly. And while Draco's love for Scorpius is beyond reproach, his behaviour is not. Still, the story of neither of them is done yet, especially not Draco's; we will continue to uncover more of the Malfoy family history.

Lisa, despite it all, is actually trying to help Selena. In some ways she's not wrong; Selena thinks that Lisa is being evasive about an embarrassing past, not a secret to doom them all, so in that regard they're really NOT playing the same game. Rose might have called out Selena, but Rose is a bit too caught up in her own stuff by now. Oddly, this was Lisa genuinely trying to help.

I suspect the Dobbys have helped swamp the poor validators.

For the forum, have a good read of the forum FAQ! I believe you'll need to properly activate your account after registering, so check out all the new users sections and all should become clear.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #25, by mymischiefmanaged The Witching Time

19th September 2014:
Hello! I was really happy to see your update. I know I've been astonishingly bad at reviewing but am trying to make it up to you by leaving you reviews from now on and also slowly back reviewing. Your stories are great and I've been really enjoying them, so feel like I probably owe it to you :)

Okay, reviewing as I read, so hopefully it all makes sense.

I LOVE the description of Harley's clothes. He's become such an interesting character, and I think your treatment of him as a person when you're writing creates a really interesting viewpoint when house elves do come up against prejudice (not that they have done recently). Basically it's unusual to see somebody describe house elves in the way they describe people, and it's a welcome change.

Little thing - 'Half Scorpius’ height, he cut almost a comical figure, but he’d learnt long ago to respect the House Elf' - I think the second 'he' should be Scorpius's name, because you've already used 'he' to refer to Harley. It doesn't matter much but I thought it was worth mentioning in case you come back and edit.

I REALLY like the distinction between wizarding wars and muggle wars. It's really interesting and very true, especially when we consider that the Order of the Phoenix were the only people really doing anything to defend themselves in the second wizarding war.

I can't figure out Astoria. She seems to really love Scorpius, but not enough to be seen as a good mother, and her explanations of why she left just don't really seem good enough. I don't know whether there was something more going on than we know, or whether she's just a very selfish person, but it feels like her situation isn't straightforward. Poor Scorpius, either way.

That said, I really like Astoria's explanation of why Draco's the way he is. I've always found your Draco convincing within the context of this story, but I'm unsure that he really would have grown up to become this person. Astoria's discussion of him explains how he developed into the person he is, and it makes him seem much more real as a character.

The Selena/Lisa conversation was really really great. Selena's quickly becoming my favourite character. I love how good she is at reading people, but it's just not her priority. She has a great way of acting like other people are being stupid for not noticing the things she's noticed, rather than acting like she's really clever. I know it's pretty much the same thing but it has an interesting effect. Her comments about Al are sweet, and I wonder if she's guessed more about Lisa's background than she's currently let on. She's all round fab, and I'm enjoying Lisa's growth as a character as well.

And then Rose and Scorpius. I'm really impressed by how well you've developed their relationship. They're so much more in tune with each other than they used to be, and you've made their closeness very convincing. Rose knows exactly the right things to say to Scorpius, even though they've not really been together all that long, and it's obvious that they're perfect for each other. Scorpius letting himself panic and get upset in front of Rose is another interesting change, and shows that they're becoming more mature in their attitudes to each other. I like them a lot.

And NO cliffhanger :( I guess I should have seen that coming. What does Scorpius know? How can he know something the others don't? Ah I want to know what's going on SO BADLY.

Update soon! (And can we have some Al in the next chapter? I miss him. He's my other favourite I think).

Emma xx

Author's Response: And I'm being astonishingly bad at replying to reviews! *claws in* I had a cold.

Harley is fun to write. He was hard to find the voice for originally (if I could go back and edit, I'd adjust his dialogue like woah), but now I have such a strong image of him that I had to put it on paper, so to speak. I worry somewhat he shifts House Elves closer to goblins than is fair or ideal, but it still works.

...and there's something else I'll come back and edit some day, cough! Thank you.

Trying to write a wizarding war, this distinction struck me early on. You can't really have lined up armies because someone would notice. Or that has to happen in isolated places, and then what's the point of such a battle other than to pepper each other's resources/numbers down? Fighting a war is about destroying the enemy's powerbase, and in wizarding society, powerbases generally aren't large settlements etc. Sooo yes, daggers in the dark, else I could ramble about this extensively.

If the scene with Astoria left you kind of 'eh?' in terms of not feeling like everything makes sense, then... good! While this is a big insight into how and what she did, and why, if it's kind of unsatisfying and not explaining everything, then, well, that's how Scorpius feels about it, too!

Draco in the Stygian Trilogy is who Draco needs to be for the story, so I make him make SENSE for the story - but no, I don't believe he would likely turn out this bad, either!

That's an interesting point you've made on Selena acting like her insights are obvious rather than acting like she's smart. I think it's possibly because she tends to attack others rather than build herself up; despite being haughty she's not arrogant and, as we've seen, doesn't have a high opinion of her own intellect. So I suspect it's partly that she drags down others to keep control - when she's being petty and cruel, at least. And, by now, it's kind of habit, and it also knocks people off THEIR high horses, which is the most positive part of her attitude. 'That thing you're being fussy about? THIS is a really obvious insight into it.' It can stop people from taking themselves too seriously. Or, more hurtfully, be dismissive of real problems, but nobody ever said Selena's NICE! She hasn't guessed anything specific on Lisa, but she DOES believe there's more to her story than Lisa's letting on. Just not for a moment does she imagine the truth.

Rose and Scorpius once spent a long time misunderstanding each other, their every interactions hampered by miscommunications. Not only have they come far by now, it's felt necessary to SHOW it; gone are the days of them getting the wrong end of the stick quite so naturally. So it felt good to not just show them avoiding a row when one would have come up before (Rose's confession about the kiss, for eg), but also showing it positively. Also, Rose has LONG suspected the truth about Astoria, because she's not been blinded like Scorpius has and has put two and two together with her absence, so she's kind of had time to prepare.

Soon, the reveal shall make sense! Scorpius knows nothing, but ROSE has found something. And we'll have a bit more Al, too! Thanks for reviewing!

- Cath

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