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Review #1, by BellaLestrange87 Hitch Your Wagon

24th July 2014:
This was great. I like the conflict between Scorpius and Draco, and later Draco and Hermione. I loved the reference to Draco being turned into a ferret - apparently being humiliated by a fellow Death Eater (well not then, I suppose) was enough to stick with him for over 20 years.

Selena is up to something. I know there isn't much point asking when I have so many more chapters to read to catch up, but... A good novel needs conflict, so something bad is going to happen, I just know it.

Amazing job! I can't find anything to write CC about (this is better writing than my own), so... 10/10

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Review #2, by Lipa Moonlight and Roses

24th July 2014:
So now that Scorpius and Rose did "it" are they going to fight less? Haha

And what's up with Astoria? Did Scorpius always knew where she was or he just found out and decided to make a visit? ( I guess I'm going to have to wait for the next chapter, right?) :)

Keep up the great work!

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Review #3, by Solana Moonlight and Roses

24th July 2014:
OMG, OMG, OMG ... Wow! I was about to come on to apologize profusely for not reviewing for so long when I read ... this! After a truly satisfying chapter -- I mean, all of them have been satisfying given your gift for telling a story. But this just threw me for a loop!

We've been waiting for Astoria for the longest time and now that she's appeared, you as the author must know we have a zillion questions. I mean, you know you've left probably the greatest cliffhanger for a group of readers of fanfic in forever!

We've got several choices here: Astoria is innocent of wrongdoing and there's some really WEIRD reason she has not tried to contact her son in so long, if she does care about him. Trouble is, right now what Scorpius is left with is a mother who has not contacted him that he seems happy to see, and a father he wants nothing to do with who has done little else but try to contact him.

Another possibility is she wanted to contact him but couldn't. She's being kept prisoner by Thane's group. Hm ... don't know if that one's feasible, depends on how you build her as a character.

And then there's the one where she's totally in cahoots with Thane and wanted Scorpius kept alive to try to talk him into joining them or something even more sinister.

So she then finally contacts him, fools him into believing she does love him, but then what's with the "shock" you say she expresses at seeing all of them?

I love all of it! I can't say it enough. I loved Scorp and Rose finally consummating their love. We knew that would happen eventually, and it did beautifully. Matt? He never liked hearing about them and is still a bit on Rose. Guess he's going to have to move on, truly move on. Maybe to ... Selena?

And I loved seeing more Albus-Scorp. Those 2 are brothers in spirit and always will be, I feel. And I love that Al admitted, finally, having chosen Slytherin and I'm feeling he's perfectly ok with that. As he should be. He's got Slytherin attributes that will help him grow, he knows it, and he's ok with that, too. As for where he would be in canon ... I'm honestly not sure. Perhaps. But right now we're in this story and it all feels ... right.

Please, please, please put the next chapter in queue so we know it's coming! And ... keep taking care of yourself! :-)

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Review #4, by Whimsical Diva Moonlight and Roses

23rd July 2014:
I just read your response to my previous review, and just so you know, JK did mention that at some point Ron did go back to work as an Auror, after a few years in the joke shop. So it's quite canon that in 2024, Ron might be an Auror.

You know, your explanation in this chapter as to why Albus chose Slytherin ... I think it comes closest to the most probable canon explanation. I think there are some pretty strong hints from JK that he might be in Slytherin, and I honestly can't think of any other probable reason, other than, well, his meeting and Liking Scorpius(the only one not to have fawned all over him?) before the Sorting. Let's not forget, one of the main reasons Harry chose Gryffindor over Slytherin was because of Ron's opinions on Slytherin on the train. You're on pretty solid ground there.

Poor Rose. If Lisa betrays this lot, then all the guilt would've been for nothing. In fact, I'm really waiting for Lisa's secret to come out in the wash now.

Can't also wait to find out more about Astoria. Always thought she isn't as pure as driven snow as Scorpius seems to think she is... Will be cool if SHE's the one Thane is insinuating about.

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Review #5, by missdagane Moonlight and Roses

23rd July 2014:
Sorry that I didn't review in a while. Your fic is fantastic and the last chapters were amazing: never too short, never too long, when I read I can feel everything, if that makes sense for you. The final part of this chapter came as a big surprise: how and when has Scorpius known about Astoria? I hope he won't be disapointed. Can't wait for the next chapter! PS: hope you feel better.

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Review #6, by whykay Moonlight and Roses

23rd July 2014:
What the hell! OMG - please please put the next chapter in queue. Like right NOW.

HOW did he find out? And WHEN? Did Albus and Rose know? How??? Is that what they talked about in the previous chapter- Iknow-youknow-heknows bit?? What is she doing here? Why didn't she call EVER? Is she the puppeteer? Is she a mask / trap / mole? Is she merely an innocent bystander? I hope Scorpius won't be disappointed though.

This dampened even the OMGTHEYFINALLYDIDIT. Really. Downplayed well. And oh, Rose played dirty - very dirty. She IS discovering the unpleasant sides to herself and that couldn't have been smooth at all. Poor girl.

Poor Albus. He has certainly been very level headed with Scorpius and Rose bickering, hooking up, bickering and all. Plus he has to deal with the mysterious Lisa and the breach of trust (past and impending - though he doesn't know it). And the aftermath of James' cruel words ..

Poor poor Matt. He is so stuck between a rock and a hard place. I feel for him. He doesn't deserve to be lashed out at by Selena ('cuz she can't figure out where they stand - frankly it sounds like she used him), indirectly by Rose ('cuz she told them where they stand and why), obliviously by Scorpius ('cuz Scorose is rocking and is rubbed in his face) and well, ignored by Albus and Lisa (who are caught up with their own guilt, rights and wrongs of their worlds). To top that, he is nerdy. I feel for the boy.

Okay. So, in short, in this chapter and the immediate events leading upto it, I don't feel sorry for Selena. :P :P. Currently. I am sure I will be rooting for her soon. :D

But seriously, you GOTTO put the next chapter in queue NOW. This is what being on tenterhooks mean. . Not nice. AT ALL..


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Review #7, by Hats For House Elves Moonlight and Roses

22nd July 2014:
A beautifully written chapter. Every time I come back to this story it is so easy to return to your world. These versions of the next generation characters are so brilliant as a part of the Harry Potter Universe but in their own world, like a pocket universe. Ultimate favourite fanfiction.

Keep writing and i'll come back everytime.

Couldn't resist. So not sorry.


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Review #8, by mymischiefmanaged A Star to Steer Her By

17th July 2014:
Feeling guilty for not reviewing before now. I've loved this story so far (and ignite before it). Your characters are brilliantly written, the old trio is more mature but still in character and although I always want Draco to have more of a soft side your portrayal of him is completely believable. Can't wait for your next update (and it's a bit hopeless romantic of me but quite want to see something happen between Albus/Lisa or Matt/Selena)

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Review #9, by RelentlessFire A Star to Steer Her By

15th July 2014:
I'm so sorry! I hope you'll soon get better! As for the story, usually great, I've really enjoyed this chapter, I think Lisa is slowly starting to trust them and drift to their side.
Update soon

Author's Response: No worries, I AM getting better all the time, this just doesn't help my creativity. I endure! Lisa is having something of a soul-searching, we'll see where she ends up.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by Nicole Swift A Star to Steer Her By

15th July 2014:
Oh Lisa, who will you betray in the end?

It nice, I get caught up in other things and when I come back to read I get to binge on six chapters.

I know it was last chapter but Scorpios did a fine job taking his dad down a few pegs. Good for him. He did not need someone else to tell why he should be worth something with him this time. I think he is learning his own worth as a person and starting to believe it.

Author's Response: Good question.

It's fun when you get a binge like that! See, I find it interesting people are having different reactions to Scorpius of last chapter; some think he was unreasonable to so much as hear Draco out, some like you think Draco had it coming. But yes, he is starting to really find his value in himself, rather than what he's been made to believe by people like his father!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #11, by Whimsical Diva A Star to Steer Her By

15th July 2014:
I've been reading JK's new writing about the 2014 Quidditch World Cup - and I think in one of the posts, she mentions that Hugo inherited his mother's bushy locks whereas Rose her father's 'unfortunate' hair. She didn't mention if Hugo was a ginger or not, but I'm leaning towards his having got his mum's brown hair. However, I'm guessing that Albus being sorted into Slytherin can now be considered to be canon - he was the only Potter wearing green and supporting Brazil, whilst his father, brother and sister were apparently decked in red. The writing is from Rita Skeeter's POV, and she wonders whether this is a public display of father-son rivalry, but she's then told by Ginny that Albus is only wearing green because he's a fan of the Brazilian chaser. However, I think this, along with the Epilogue of Book 7, does seem to lend more credence to the theory of his being a Slytherin. Or maybe I'm reading too much into this - Ron, Rose and Hugo were also in green, supporting Brazil against Bulgaria (Krum was playing Seeker - Ha!), and I think it's highly unlikely that Rose and Hugo will be SLytherins. Maybe Al was just wearing green to support the same team as Rose? I mean, I still think it's unlikely that he'll be a Slythein - he was terrified of the prospect, and only seemed to be assuaged when his father told him he'd have the choice to choose Gryffindor. For him to actually choose Slytherin over Gryffindor in a matter of a couple of hours after that conversation - I still find it unlikely. Unless, of course, something transpired during that train journey - like his befriending Scorpius where his father rebuffed Draco, or his just wanting not to be in the same house as his brother for the rest of his student life. Probably we're going to have to wait until the next world cup to find out the answers.

I mean, I'm bringing up this whole topic because, like I've mentioned once before, Albus being a Slytherin gets justified when he acts like a Slytherin. A Slytherin in all likelihood won't ever agonise over underhanded tactics. Albus seems too decent to be one in Starfall. Not that I object to that - he's really quite lovely, enough to even have wrought a change in Eva - but I guess at some point he's going to have to walk the tightrope between idealism and pragmatism. His default instinct appears to be to do the decent thing - but I think he'll change to be the guy who'll come to subscribe to the belief that the end justifies the means, and it'll be interesting to see how that pans out. Maybe uncovering Eva's identity will be the tipping point. I don't think she'll betray him after having come so far - not least because the Council comprises of an unhinged faction - but she can definitely get rumbled, and I somehow think Albus isn't going to be forgiving then.

Also, does the title of the chapter refer to Albus? There are a couple of chapters with this sort of titles - Lodestar, Guiding Star etc. Do these have any significance? And not to mention, the title of the story itself?

Author's Response: I kind of sit on the fence with 'Death of the Author' pertaining to JK's later canon updates. I've tried to roll with most of the immediately-post DH interviews but as time has gone on and the content increased, I find myself picking and choosing. Hugo's hair I'd go back and edit; Ron's job I'm not going to edit. I highly dislike the idea that he went into the business his brothers started; while in the Aurors he'd run the risk of being in Harry's shadow, I think the man needs to stand on his own two feet, not just take, well, another hand-me-down.

I think the status of Albus in Slytherin is hard to answer from the quotes. Rita could be completely making up father-son tension, and the Ron wing of the Weasleys being in green is another fair argument. Actually, wait a minute, this is before the Epilogue, Albus couldn't have been Sorted yet. Unless it's weird Foreshadowing from JK. Either way, I don't put this Albus in Slytherin because I think it's canon (just like I don't think, in canon, Draco would be this abusive and unpleasant). It serves the story and it serves THIS character. I reckon canon Albus would be a Gryffindor.

He's not All Slytherin. Just as Hermione would have made a fine Ravenclaw, he would have made a fine Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. Some of it is he's not the same as he was when he was eleven, and being friends with Scorpius in some ways made him MORE responsible. However, as will be addressed, courage is only true when it's tested by loss. Albus has not experienced true loss. Will he be such a stand-up guy when he experiences, REALLY experiences, the consequences of losing? Will the Slytherin side come out?

Then again, in this case he's saying he doesn't want to abuse someone's privacy and have their mind looted out of sheer convenience. I've written several Slytherins who are very definitely Slytherins who would balk at mind-looting. I suppose, in conclusion, he's not the most obvious Slytherin, but he isn't just a Slytherin so he could be mates with Scorpius.

The chapter title was honestly just taken from the poetry quote, in which the 'her' is the ship. However, I should be clever and pretend it was an entirely intentional double-meaning about Eva and Albus, shouldn't I? I try to keep the chapter titles thematic to the chapter itself as well as to 'Starfall'; hence why most titles are about night or dark. As for the story title... Eridanos was a reference, as cited in one of my Author's Notes ages ago. There are two more, but they have not yet come up.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by Nicole Swift The Fall that Kills You

15th July 2014:
Thane going to get his but kicked if he keeps threatening Albus to Scorpius. They are one tightly woven pair. The bond they have when either thinks of the other is deeply felt.

Matt just kicked that dragons flying butt! I wounder if he will get his sword back from the Aurors?

I nice that they don't have to play dead any more. That was just an emotional drain on those left at home.

Author's Response: Certainly threatening Albus has inspired Scorpius to action like never before! Once freed and cleared by the Aurors, the gang should get their stuff back - and yeah, being presumed dead was just WAY too hard on everyone back home. Unsurprisingly! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #13, by Nicole Swift Wing It

14th July 2014:
So much danger! Flying stone dragons, dead/not dead old guys, Thane, and dreaded puns. I love it!

Author's Response: Scorpius is the kind of guy who'd learn geology just to make these puns. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by Lipa A Star to Steer Her By

14th July 2014:
Lily is pretty funny, isn't she? I love her already! :D

A new adventure begins and now they are literally in the same boat (sorry I didn't resist haha)!

I really liked Eva's POV, it seems to me that she is changing for the better already, even if she is kind of in denial about it. I mean, it's pretty difficult to be indifferent to Albus' kindness, even a person like Eva or maybe especially a person like her is affected by it.

Wishing all the best for your recovery! And keep updating fast, please! ;)

Author's Response: I have a soft spot for Lily and Hugo. We don't see them much, but they're well-entrenched in my head as a terrible twosome in their own right.

Eva is starting to seriously question herself. She's not thinking it through fully, because she doesn't dare consider what the END of doubting is. But it's starting to gnaw away within her, and it's mostly down to Albus.

Hopefully my updating speed should be much as it's been lately - roughly one a week, assuming my planning and the queue cooperate. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by j A Star to Steer Her By

14th July 2014:
A boat! So cool! Loved interactions with little siblings (I can totally relate to Rose, being the boring older sister). Can't wait for a little scor and ro! Great ideas for the story, great writting, great character development.

Author's Response: Poor Rose, she's always had to be the Responsible One. No wonder she was an uptight killjoy at the start of Ignite. Definitely more Scorose next chapter, promise. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #16, by whykay A Star to Steer Her By

13th July 2014:
What the hell were Albus and Rose alluding to, in their own minds - I know you know that I know??

And why are you glaring at Matt, Scorpius? I thought you were past that?!!

Selena is training with Lisa to keep her mind off Matt - it is very un-Selena and yet, a case of once bitten twice shy?? And also, a very good opportunity for Selena to unearth Eva. And yes, Lillian spoke in arabic to Eva-Lisa? Does she know about Eva??

And last, but not the least - Albus and Lisa. I love Eva's transitioning - Trust, honesty and love - something she'd never seen before - made her react instinctively. I like it. And I like the contrast Thane brought to the scene right after. Eva has moved a step to being Lisa. It's almost like she is disappointed in him for being Raskoph's stooge (and safeguarding himself against any backlash wrt Scorpius).
She is thinking a lot more strategically, instinctively, placing herself in the big picture gradually. She keeps repeating the impending betrayal to herself to keep herself rooted to the plan and somehow, it works against her.

I can't help wonder - if Thane had shown a more 'human' interest in her, seen her as more than just a good wand, would she have served his purpose better? Would she have been more loyal?

I immediately drew an analogy to our more mundane non-magical lives - was Thane a bad boss? :D

I hope you feel better!! It is definitely downright unpleasant to feel cramped or cooped up!! And glad to hear about Starfall. I hope the third book in Stygian trilogy doesn't take long!

PS: I am reading your first book slowly so that I can read the second one without waiting! :)

Author's Response: That whole Rose-and-Albus thing was Albus having made a guess, and not being sure if Rose had made the same guess. Yeeeah, it didn't come out as well as I'd have liked and might never be directly alluded to. I think in the first draft, the topic came up in this chapter - you know what, I'll tell you next chapter, this idea did not work!

Scorpius is MOSTLY past it with Matt. It still irks him when his girlfriend and her ex-boyfriend talk nerdy to one another.

We'll see what's going on with Selena eventually. Certainly she's very shaken up by what happened in Tomar, and while she's not lying to Lisa about wanting to be better, this is not the whole truth. But yeah, those two spending more time together could have consequences for them both, and Eva is starting to learn to not underestimate her.

Lillian is the Chairman of the International Convocation and the Head of the British Department of International Magical Affairs. She's multi-lingual, and is trying to make sure the most mercenary member of the team knows she'll be paid for keeping the Five alive!

Eva's shaken, partly because the gang had begun to earn her loyalty without her realising it, and now she sees this. Thane has always acted like he cares for her, but the job comes first. In her more mercenary times she accepted that he'd protect her until it stopped being efficient or advantageous for him to do so. Now she's seeing the kind of unconditional care that the gang hold for one another, Thane's form of consideration just isn't the same any more. Don't think he doesn't care; his comments to her in Paris about her being more than just a killer, how he acted towards her in Badenheim - she is a trusted agent and confidante. But his priorities work differently.

I suppose Thane is as good a boss as a murderous mercenary can be. The problem is that his ethics are pretty skewed to begin with, and his way of life demands he sometimes puts himself first.

Soon - perhaps once I've finished Starfall - I will sort out the editing on my second book. So basically, one way or another, so long as I'm producing content, you'll have something to read! I'm so glad you're checking it out, though; it's something a bit different for folks on this site.

I'm going to try to set myself some daily writing targets this week. Once I get past this upcoming arc it SHOULD be plain sailing in the writing. The leg's getting better anyway, so, can't complain too much! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #17, by Lipa Mercurial Matters

7th July 2014:
I've been reading your stories for the last couple of weeks and now that I reach the end I just wanted to tell you that you have done an amazing work so you should be really proud of yourself!! :)

I'm sorry I didn't review more but I'm kind of lazy so I joined everything in one but I can tell you that I will try to review more often from now on.

So when I started to read Ignite, I really liked, I thought it was a very original idea! But I must admit that I like Starfall more maybe it is because it has more action, different places and because I actually know the characters' personalities better but also because I'm portuguese and this last chapters were a blast to read! ;)

Seriously, you even teach me things I didn't know about my country! I mean, I knew that the Templars spent a lot of time in here, they even helped our first king to take Lisbon from the Muslims but I didn't know that they built the Convento de Cristo! I actually felt bad about it because I love history ( so I actually like Matt's randon bits of information) and I didn't knew that!!

Now focusing on the story I must say I really like your characters dinamics and since I'm lazy, I'm not going to say what I like about them all however Scorpius' sense of humour and Selena's sarcasm are awsome! I also like what Eva brings into the mix and I can't wait to see how her reationship with Albus evolves!

Now I'm waiting for the next chapter like everyone else so, please, update fast haha!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you've been enjoying the story! Any reviews are nice, I just like hearing people are having fun reading my stuff. Ignite is in some ways a tidier story than Starfall - Starfall's biggest strength is also its biggest weakness, and that's its size. More characters, more depth, more geography, and it's made it a bit sprawling but yes, that's supposed to be all part of the fun.

Research has been a blast, so I'm thrilled people are finding out new stuff even with their own country. I'm a bit of a history buff, but really, it's kind of creepy how these kinds of conspiracies write themselves. So much links in together anyway!

Updates will come soon, so plenty more of Scorpius' hilarity and Selena's sarcasm to come. And definitely more Eva. Cheers for the review!

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Review #18, by Tom Hase Mercurial Matters

6th July 2014:
Your character development over the whole series is just amazing. Can't wait to read the next chapter. In fact, since I could not wait for the next chapter, I read your Ragnarok to keep myself occupied in the meanwhile. Now I have the same problem there: When will there be a sequel?

Author's Response: Oh, wow! So glad you checked out my work. Book 2 is currently being edited, though my knee injury has slowed down some of my creativity (I do my best thinking while walking or driving, alas!). But Starfall ticks along, fanfic being easier to write, so there will be more to come, worry not!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #19, by Whimsical Diva Mercurial Matters

3rd July 2014:
You know, when I was reading the whole Draco-Scorpius bit, strangely, I was Team Draco through and through. Scorpius was being absolutely ridiculous, and most certainly hypocritical - the one thing he fails to acknowledge is that Draco has, time and time again, tried to make contact with Scorpius and attempted a rapprochement, albeit after a fashion - which Scorpius keeps spurning. I feel, despite everything, Draco loves his son deep down and has his best interests at heart. It doesn't seem unreasonable at all on his part to ask his son to come back - that's what all the parents want. Maybe Scorpius will learn to appreciate his father more later, especially if turns out that Astoria's the one who is high up in the Council.

I was also Team James through and through. Someone had to call a spade a spade, and I'm glad it was James who did it. Albus can claim he isn't doing this to prove anything, but this isn't strictly speaking, true, is it? It's strange - Albus appears to be so good to be true when he's with his friends, but he's nowhere near as good with his family (Rose notwithstanding), is he? Maybe he feels more comfortable and 'in his element' when he's with friends who look up to him, as opposed to family where he really gets overshadowed by his father?

I wonder what Rose will discover about Lisa. I'm sure, on closer inspection, there must be something there that doesn't add up. I also wonder whether what Lisa said to Scorpius is really true - that her instincts tell her to side with the gang, and not with Thane? Or is that, like everything else, a lie? I'm still predicting that Starfall will end with Lisa's betrayal or her death - but we'll see soon, won't we? I guess you'd call this the end of arc 2 of this fic - just like Kythos was the end of arc 1?

Update soon.

Author's Response: Scorpius has stonewalled Draco's every attempt to explain or reconcile. This is absolutely true, and he's being rather petty and short-sighted about it, ESPECIALLY now when Draco thought that he was dead. On the other hand, this is the Draco who sent him letters during Phlegethon criticising his every move, and their conversation at the end of Ignite was not particularly warm. So the question is if Scorpius should give him a chance, or if Draco's had all of his chances and Scorpius is right to cut him off. I don't have an answer for that!

I'm not sure that Albus changes so much around his family as that the circumstances are different with his family. His family are a personal obligation clashing with his more moral obligations to the Chalice hunt. Then again, how much is Albus hiding from the difficulties in his family by focusing on something else? How much does he chase heroics to be his own man or to live up to his father's legacy? Guess we'll see. Why one chooses to chase heroic deeds is basically The Thematic Question of Starfall.

We'll find out more next chapter on Lisa, and why she did what she did, how much she was telling the truth. And of course I couldn't possibly tell you how it'll all end for her!

If Starfall's a 3-act play, we've got one more sequence before the end of Act 2. Then comes the Grand Finale.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #20, by j Mercurial Matters

3rd July 2014:
I'm so sorry Draco is a bad guy, because I like him so much... I'm hoping he is not that much a villain. Loved the confrontation between the brothers. Great chapter!

Author's Response: The full story of Draco Malfoy in this series has not yet come out. All I can assure you of is that he's not actually a really nice guy who's just misunderstood, but HOW bad, HOW villainous? We'll see. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #21, by RelentlessFire Mercurial Matters

3rd July 2014:
Nice chapter, I felt really bad while reading Al's conversation with his brother and Scorpius' with his dad.
Update soon

Author's Response: The Al and James argument was a long time coming; almost didn't make it into the story, so I'm glad I could. Scorpius does another vicious round with his father isn't much new, though. Updates coming all the time! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #22, by whykay Mercurial Matters

3rd July 2014:
I love Ron. I love Ron. Indeed, breaking into a heavily guarded casino is cool!
And I love Gabe. I love Gabe. I love Gabe. I love Gabe.

I am sad to see the Potter family slowly becoming dysfunctional, but yeah, it would be too good to be true to see Harry and the family unaffected by the war - we can't have new people play the roles now, do we? I like the way James is portrayed and no wonder he is frazzled by all this. I wanted an Albus - Harry and Scorpius - Harry conversation too. :(

Draco - something is off there - something more is going on. Maybe he was there for the business interests.. i.e. Eridanos hits and his company was supposed to produce 'cures' and BHAM - BIG Profits. For a blockbuster drug to work, they have to create chaos. This would explain why Draco wanted Scorpius to get out of Hogwarts ('cuz Draco already had a cure ready for Scorpius!) So maybe now, he is not too keen on the non-money-minting disease anymore and is increasingly eager to in scuttle them now.

And again, *ominous* and *conspicuous* absence of Astoria. And Kenneth (just so I don't forget the names!). Speaking of which, I would have expected Lillian Rourke to be more co-operative - are there any hidden secrets in the Rourke family?

And yes, Lisa of course checked out. I am sure Eva had access to the file. But she will be unearthed.

Author's Response: Ron is the worst parent in the world for disapproving of this kind of stuff. And I just couldn't resist throwing in another Gabe cameo. While I probably could have got something out of a Harry-Scorpius conversation, my fear with showing EVERYONE with their parents was that it would become repetitive. 'We're glad you're alive, we were worried, do you really have to keep risking yourself?' So I only kept the conversations where something Specific came up. I would have loved a Jen cameo, too, but she had nothing specific to add to the scenario.

The Potter family has its problems. It's right now in a tough time, so of course they seem worse, though I'd say they're no worse off than any other family.

When it comes to the Malfoys, though... there is more to say. On Draco, on Astoria (who will make an appearance in Starfall, I promise). You're right that there are lots of questions. Secrets in the Rourke family? Lillian's a bit controlling and doesn't want her daughter to risk her neck. She means well.

Eva's safe, for now. An infiltration which couldn't cover that kind of background check would have been ill-advised. The secret can't remain forever. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #23, by RelentlessFire Back in Black

27th June 2014:
As usual great chapter! Ironically I already knew about the paper instructions inside the golem. I really want to know what happens next, I'm so curious!
Update soon

Author's Response: Golem mythology's an interesting one, and I reckon some Pratchett fans will have known the Words stuff. It was always something I meant to play around with, but with a dragon it seemed like the best time! More chapters coming all the time. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #24, by whimsicaldiva Back in Black

27th June 2014:
What you did was selfish

Ironic she feels that way, given that -

ĎI had to race into that wreckage,í she said before she could stop herself, voice low and throaty, Ďand I didnít know if I was going to find your body in the middle of it.í Again.

Selena's herself being the teensiest bit selfish - not wanting to go through that again. Understandable, but selfish nonetheless. I guess it's safe to say that she feels the closest to Matt and Rose. Whilst she tends to count on Rose offering a shoulder to lean on when Methuselah's memories overwhelm her, she counts on Matt being there for her for - I dunno, general comfort and friendship? Or maybe it's because Selena doesn't exactly share the same level of comfort with the rest Albus and Scorpius.

I think I'm beginning to like the idea of Selena/Matt. The thing about her pairing with Methuselah was that - it was only at the very end that it came into clear focus in Ignite, and of course, the way it ended was devastating, but to be very honest, for the most part, I was more interested in finding out about what happened to Rose/Scorpius. Maybe this was because most of Ignite was from Scorpius's POV, but until the end, Selena/Methuselah seemed to be something that was taking place in the background unlike Matt/Selena, which seems to have been given a more detailed treatment in Starfall and they have a lovely camaraderie that, whether they end up having a Tanith/Gabe type friendship or a Gabe/Jen type relationship, it'll be equally convincing.

The Bahamas, eh? Can't wait to see what happens!

Author's Response: Yep. Selena IS being selfish. I think it's understandable, but I think Matt also has the right of it. If nothing else, what he did is no worse than what Scorpius and others have done before him, again and again, and even Rose doesn't tear a strip off Scorpius like Selena's doing to Matt right now. Rose is her friend, but Matt is becoming her anchor, and also Rose generally has plenty on her plate with Scorpius Being Scorpius.

I enjoy writing Selena and Matt. I'm honestly letting them lead the way on if it'll be a relationship or not - but you're thoroughly right about Selena/Methuselah. They can't have had more than half a dozen scenes which were exclusively them in the whole of Ignite. They were supporting cast and a supporting relationship, and yes, background's a good word for it. While Selena and Matt are considerably more significant players in Starfall, both in terms of action and in terms of their dramatic treatment.

I guess we'll see where it takes them. Next, indeed, the Bahamas! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #25, by j Back in Black

26th June 2014:
I'm looking forward to read the whole story when it's finished, in one shot. I'll be able to better enjoy the adventure, I think. So far I'm still loving it! I also think I'm the most conservative reader, I'm having problems with 'Lisa's forgiveness'... She is a cold blooded killer, after all. I understand the upbringing in difficult (dreadful) situation - thing, but Al likes to point out how Scor is such a good person, and well... Voldemort also had such a difficult childhood. I kind of like Lisa, that is not the issue. It's just that I like Al more, and he deserves better, so I'm hoping he doesn't fall in love with her - although I do believe you could write it all very tastefully. Matt and Selena have a beautiful friendship, I feel so sorry for them - him, for his insecurities, Selena for the tragedy, but she is getting better. Relieved for the parents.

Author's Response: If there's one thing I'm not thrilled with in Starfall, it's my pacing (and it's hard to undo it now - for instance, Portugal HAD to happen because they HAD to find de Sable, so even if stuff feels long-winded now I'm writing it, I can't really avoid that in some circumstances). I think it will stand up better as a full story than a serialised piece, but it's easily my longest single fiction to date.

Lisa doesn't necessarily deserve forgiveness. If nothing else, she hasn't done much to deserve it yet! It's important to note that Albus thinks she's someone who HAS already turned away from a life of crime and murder - he thinks she went into legitimate work for the government. While right now she has absolutely no intention of turning her back on Thane. Choices do define us; Al is judging her based off choices he thinks she's made already, when she's done no such thing. Albus does deserve better than a killer who's planning on betraying him. Certainly.

Selena is getting better, while in some ways Matt's problems are cementing - and their various issues collide, as we see!

Thanks for reviewing!

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