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Review #1, by Aderyn XI. Madness

28th July 2016:
I love Rose's assessment of how Albus talks in monologues etc. She's just generally verryyy insightful. Which is not what you would initially expect from someone like her

Also it makes me happy that you use the word "triumvirs"

What strikes me is how good a job Sybil does at just continuing on. She gets hit with the setback that Albus knows everything, and she doesn't give up. Even when her plans are no longer secret she won't stop. And she's equally willing to reconcile with people as she is to break it off with them. That fluidity makes for an interesting flow to the plot, but is also the reason she might succeed.

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Review #2, by Aderyn VIII. Control

26th July 2016:
This first part of the review is really about the previous chapter:

I haven't commented much on this before, but Caspar. Sybil treating him like a caught my eye earlier. But this chapter had me even more intrigued. Ophelia seems particularly insightful about him, despite her dislike for him. He's both "extraordinarily needy" and stares at Sybil like "like she were a queen whose head he planned to sever from her shoulders." The tension between those two observations is something I can't wait too see play out.

It's definitely interesting how easily characters in this story resort to physical (or magical) violence. A definite way to up the stakes.

And now to this chapter.

This was huge. Both a lot of character perspectives and a whole lot of plot happened at once. (I definitely had to reread the Albus Sybil interaction because so much of it is dialogue that the actual internal machinations of Sybil in particular are somewhat obscured. I actually somewhat like the affect that has though, because I think it leaves the reader almost as blindsided as Sybil's friends. It's a twist you don't see coming because Sybil is verbally protesting it, and you don't get to see her make the decision in her mind)

It's quite the narrative switch up to have her friends suddenly turn against her. Not that their logic isn't unreasonable -they didn't really all trust this plan in the first place - but their loyalties shift quickly.

Oh and I did not see that last twist of Rose and Thackeray coming! Although it certainly makes the power dynamics in Albus' group more complicated.

This chapter definitely does feel like the real start. Or at least, a big turning point. So I'm interested to see where things go from here.

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Review #3, by Aderyn V. Resurrection

26th July 2016:
Hi again!

It's funny that so far, Scorpius hasn't made an actual appearance. I'm wondering what that means for when he does appear.

I'm not sure that I realized it earlier in the story, but I kind of love that Sybil's friends are just as brutal and complicated as her. Yes, they're conflicted about her mission, but they aren't innocent either.

Also the end of this chapter! Chills! Rose is completely ruthless. The description of the ashes was terrifying. And once again, I'm struck by how real and dangerous the stakes feel here. Absolutely no one is playing around.

I've already said this but story does a great job of making the side characters complex. And duplicitous. I'm immensely curious about what Rose means when she says Ophelia doesn't even really like Sybil, and alludes to some past--liaisons?--with Albus.

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Review #4, by Aderyn III. Arrest

26th July 2016:
Hi! I couldn't resist reading fic that Gina rec'd so highly, so here I am!

I'm loving the premise: Albus running an illegal smuggling network.

Sybil is so determined! In the span of 3 chapters, so realizes Albus is up to something, spies on him, and then manages to insert herself into the scheme. (The last part is the boldest jump, I think, but I love Ophelia's perspective on how Sybil Just Won't Let It Go).

Also, Rose! Sybil is smart to engage with her at first. But I also just love her characterization (the teeth baring smile!)

And ooohhh, Damian is her brother, right?

Anyways, I don't claim that this review (or any will be more than random thoughts). But on I shall read.

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Review #5, by Morpheus EPILOGUE

8th June 2016:
I really can't remember when or where I first found out about this story, but I'm sure as hell glad that I did. It wasn't like anything else I've ever read on HPFF, and believe me, I've read a lot of stuff on this site, and I momentarily fell in love with it!
Mostly because of the writing, which is pretty amazing and just good, but because of the story itself, how it reflects its characters so well. You are really a master of presenting us all sides of each character and their growth through the story.
Not your typical next generation story with Albus/Oc and/or Rose/Scorpius (always those two). I mean, not that those stories are bad (there are a lot of talented writers swimming in those waters as well) but this is definitely different, more powerful. You managed to make a universe of its own, show us another level of human relationships, like the comment above states: this is a real thriller.
I'm really glad that I've read this story, it's in my top 5 definitely! So good that this is my first review ever and I've been reading stories on this site for probably 10 years.

Keep up the good work and I'll continue to read all your other stories, you intrigue me. :)

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Review #6, by Viola V. Resurrection

10th February 2016:
I love how constant you are with all your characters! Like, when there's a scene that involves a group of people, it's very impressive how you manage to include each characters opinions, expressions, and whatever else because, for me at least, it feels like you complete the whole scene that way.

I love how optimistic and over-confident sybil can be, it's actually really funny. Then she's just like 'yeah, starting the whole mob thing up is actually a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be.' You just know she's going to get somewhere with it though and I can't wait to see the results!

The rose-ophelia interaction was very interesting to read, to say the least. Ophelia is definitely my favourite character so far. I think it's the way she reacts to things, I don't know - I haven't quite got my finger on it yet but there's just something about her. Also, how did rose become so evil? She's the product of Ron Weasley and hermione granger lol. I kinda get how albus has the whole mob persona, maybe because I kinda like how albus has the whole mob persona (and think it's very hot) but rose is just malicious. She makes for a very interesting character though.

Can't wait to read more! By the way, do you write original fiction because you definitely have the talent for it!

Another quick side question: do you plan out all of your characters personalities beforehand or does it just come naturally as you write? Maybe a bit of both? They're all just so unique and individual I feel like you literally must have to plan them out in detail for it to be this amazing.

Maybe you're just a goddess haha

Viola x

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Review #7, by Gauri Mann XXI. And Fury

1st January 2016:
I belong to the Internet community who like to quietly observe and go unnoticed on this platform so naturally I don't log into my account on various websites quiet oftenand definitely do NOT leave comments and views BUT this story and your ingenious way of writing has made me make an exemption . Though I am no literary pundit and I am not even sure anyone would bother reading my rant here ( just like I don't read other people's rant ) but I have to , I HAVE to say that this book had been life changing ( well not per se but I do have a love of theatrics ) I read you story in the last 9 hours ( I reread all the parts that I REALLY LIKED , I'm quite pathetic that way ) and I must say you have a real talent at writing angst filled mysterious characters who are not sure what they really want . I also must add that I still haven't got closure about the whole Sybil /Albus love -you-love -you- not -quite -enough thing going on but I don't expect you to take precious time out of your day to day meagre (though I am sure important ) jobs to divulge a 17 year old further in fantasy make believe and write what perhaps happens next , but that doesn't mean I can't hope . That being said I can surely say ( again ) that it has been a TREMENDOUS PLEASURE to read such a well written and COMPLETE novel and I have bought various books which are not half as enjoyable as this one has been ( for which I didn't pay a thing ) .Thank you ( for the book and reading this review if you did )

- Gauri Mann

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Review #8, by Raylis XXIX. Salvation

24th November 2015:
Everyone wants Sybil to pay for her crimes or whatever, but she hasn't DONE anything. What happened to rose wasn't what she intended. There isn't anything else. She didn't steal the answers, she was given them, she's innocent. There is nothing for her to atone for, what is everyone talking about??? Everyone else has MORE to atone for. No one forced anyone to do anything, they all made their own choices, and Sybil is least guilty of them all

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Review #9, by Raylis VIII. Control

22nd November 2015:
so...that was so random. one second she is saying she would never join albus, then the next she joins him? completely random and I'm so confused. no explanation or anything...

Author's Response: Ah, I see how it may be confusing, but the explanation is there, I promise. Not explicit, granted, but it's there. The key to this, I think, is this line: "She'd so wanted to catch him off guard. No matter: there would be plenty of time, and plenty of opportunities." Sybil has seen almost all of her attempts to infiltrate the Gryffindor triumvirate blow up in her face, quite spectacularly. Ophelia had a one-night stand with Albus and has been attacked by Rose, Damian was a double agent the whole time who wasn't even good at being a double agent. The one card she has in her pocket is her bounty, and that's the sticking point with the gang, but otherwise, it's not going well. So if she can't infiltrate the triumvirate from the outside, she figures - as Albus knows she will - that it would be easier to ingratiate herself into it. Joining Albus doesn't mean (in Sybil's own mind) that she's giving up on her plan. She's just changing tactics. That doesn't mean she doesn't think Albus is ridiculous for offering her a place with him, but she will do anything to achieve her ends, including abruptly joining up with her worst enemy in order to best ruin him. Plus, she gets to get rid of her highly skeptical friends. And, let's not forget, she's somewhat attracted to Albus despite herself, and that's an interesting predicament to explore. So from her POV, it's practically a no-brainer. From the POV of Caspar and the gang, it's not even all that horrible an idea, but again, the sticking point is the bounty. It's okay for Sybil to formally/nominally align herself with Albus in the name of catching him red-handed; it's not okay that she would share actual secrets with him that she won't with them.

That's a long explanation, I know, and I know it's not in the story, as such, but the subtext is all there. I hope it's helpful. Thank you for voicing your concern, though; it never occurred to me that it might not be pretty clear why Sybil would join Albus, but I appreciate the question and the review. Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope you continue to enjoy.

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Review #10, by Viola IV. Terror

5th November 2015:
Oh my god it's complete! Okay, this has given me an even bigger incentive (which I didn't think was possible) to continue reading. I have been ridiculously busy recently and I had this story folded away in the back of my brain to get back to and I'm so happy I've finally managed it.

So I tried to explain to my boyfriend that we are going to name our future child ophelia because it was so original and unheard of and he came back at me with 3 significant points: a) we are both 18 and therefore are not having kids, b) even if we do stay together and end up having kids I'm not allowed to approach him with the subject for another 15 years and c) ophelia is the name of someone in a Shakespeare play? So yeah, that left me feeling pretty dumb considering I'm the one that does English (lol!) but whatever, it was all good humour! Still obsessed with the name though idc.

Ah I love roman - another great name - he seems like the perfect older brother figure because they have the banter, the protectiveness, a clear brother/sister bond that I'm amazed you've touched on and brought through for the readers to see. It stuns me how cleverly you write. And I loved seeing an insight into sybil's family, it was very interesting. Probably because of the different dynamics sybil has with her brothers, although I feel slightly bad for Damien because he obviously has those youngest sibling tendencies hidden away in him, plus a bit of immaturity thrown in but I'm interested to see if/how he and his sister's relationship develops.

Um, thackerey? Who do you think you are exactly? Threatening and intimidating sybil? Nah, you're not in my good books mate.

This story is almost too much to handle - I'm sorry if I've been rambling in this review but it's like 1.30am and I need to go to sleep now. Me resisting the temptation to click 'next chapter' is a true testament to the inner strength I didn't know I had... but I will read it soon!

And an enormous, gigantic, humongous well done to you for finishing this, I can't imagine the journey you've been on i just know that I can't wait to continue on my own one with this fic!

Author's Response: It's complete, it's complete!!! I'm still surprised that I don't have to check back in and update anything... but now it's all here, waiting for you whenever you get a spare moment. Thanks for stopping by!

LOL oh god, that's an amazing little story. Yes, as I mentioned elsewhere, I believe, Ophelia is the name of a character in Hamlet. She does not have a happy ending, poor thing, which is why it's hilarious that she has such a name. (Antigone also is a tragic character in a Greek play). I've been obsessed with the name since I was a little fanfic writing whippersnapper, but this is the first time I've actually used the name and completed the story. I'm so glad you like it too! (And READ HAMLET if you haven't yet. It's such a foundational text!)

Hehe I like Roman too. I don't have brothers myself, but I do have a clear idea of the relationships between the Vaisey children, even though we never meet Julian and see Roman just this once. Damian is... lol. Just lol. He's very much the baby of the family, who is treated as such, but he's very eager to prove that he ISN'T the baby, which is kind of the basis of his arc as we go forward, and the crux of his relationship with Sybil. Thackeray is kind of a bully, but who isn't, in this story?

But eee :3 thank you for staying up to read and review and rant! I'm really glad you came back and so delighted to hear what you have to say. I hope you reach the finishing line for your work WAY sooner than I did, but I promise, it'll be worth it when you get there. Again, thank you so much, and I hope you continue to enjoy!

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Review #11, by justonemorefic EPILOGUE

4th November 2015:

This is so your magnum opus. Diya and I were freaking out over it in a car ride a month back. I was telling her what it was like during that looong year of your grudgingly writing this, and all I really wanted was you to finish this, no matter what came out of it. You had to get this story out for sanity's sake, to get the twisty Hogwarts ensemble story out of your system, and I was afraid if you didn't finish this, you might not finish something for a very long time.

Reading it bit by bit, in the pieces you sent me, I never had much of a grasp of the story or characters, and it hadn't mattered. But what's fascinating how much the very same writing worked in context. I mean, of course it would, but for me, reading having read a scattered chunks of the fic already, it was very impressive, and a testament to how complex and entwined all the threads are. After the initial setup, it's very very impressive that it's not confusing at all to follow the threads. The writing is verbose, but it works. There's a purpose to the madness, and it would not be the same slowly unwinding tragedy without it, where we get to spend so much time living in each character's story. There's a inevitability, a promise that everything will resolve in a way, however messy, and you show us so much of it, but still manage to keep cards close when it matters. My non-fandom friend who's reading this loves how dramatic everything is, and the more I think about it, I do, too. Because in retrospect it may all seem silly, as it kind of does as Sybil reflects in the epilogue, but in the momen it'd feel exactly as dramatic as the story seems, with the characters living every moment like they'll be ostracized in the next.

And god, the characters. We love our terrible characters but we want them to tiptoe along the line of goodness really; that spark of humanity that makes everything hurt, because otherwise it'd just be a game. And it seems like such an essential thing--because it is never just a game, and therefore it must always hurt for someone, somewhere--but it's rarely done right. The greatest surprise when I finished this is how much of this story is Antigone, Ophelia, Damian, Findlay, and the others, and depending on how one chooses to read it, it is their story; they are certainly the heroes. The story does not glorify the actions of Sybil and Albus at all. It is a petty struggle and it only leaves casualties and I love that we get to spend so much time amongst the fallout.

Sybil and Albus, I love the commitment to their madness. I remember their first confrontations, the dialogue was so self-absorbed and special snowflake, and it was perfect. I always believed that great, powerful people get there by being kind of well, crazy. One doesn't get to a god-like position without being the first believer. It's easy to ask why everyone jumps through hoops for these two, but they hold a special kind of charisma--that crazy kind of confidence and faith--and I never doubted their power or their ability to wield it. Though I identify with Sybil, I wasn't invested in her changing for herself as much as her changing for the sake of her friends. On her own, she isn't a tragedy; she's a pity. But with her friends beside her, she can be something human; she can hurt. They see her fully in ways she's can't--a different kind of faith--and they are the ones I want to believe.

There's a lot of things I haven't said because we've said it so many times before, but you know how much characters like Sybil and the gang mean to me. This story is a million things I normally don't like, but maybe it's just a sign that they're never written right, definitely never one with characters I identify with so much. It may be chock full of our guilty pleasures, but this is a plainly amazing political-thriller-drama in its own right, just set and casted in unorthodox ways, and I flail into the night because this is a story that should be published or adapted onscreen but it is not.

I think if you ever lack faith in writing, to look at DDWE again and admire it. Just scroll through the words and admire it all, because it's so wonderful. AND COMPLETE. And it took a long time, but you did it.


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Review #12, by Meghna XXXIV. Perfidy

22nd October 2015:


I was just thinking of doing some light fanfic reading on my day off and honestly?? I feel like I have been bludgeoned in the best possible way by some of the best writing I have read in aeons. Your writing style is my favourite style, your characters are my favourite characters, your ships are my favourite ships. There is so much I want to say but because of how much I loved this (be very proud of yourself, you have done what most writers only dream of accomplishing) in totality, I find the specifics merging into one big amorous declaration of uninhibited love. I am as of this moment incapable of falling asleep, having (without any regret) devoted the last 7(?) hours to this delightful landscape you've created with the most real characters I've read in fanfic ever, and with the perfect balance of acidic, snarky, existential crises and smexy time - all of my faves. At th beginning I found the prospect of reading 34 chapters daunting, impossible, and generally unwise because I have an exam in 48 hours, but I got so absorbed I honestly didn't realize it was midnight till just now. And I think that's the real sign of truly skilled story telling. You completely forget where you are, and for the entire duration that I was reading this VERY COMPLETE NOVEL (be very proud of yourself, girl), I truly felt like I was at Hogwarts, with Sybil, Antigone and Ophelia (if I have daughters, they must be exactly like these three), and I honestly haven't felt that way since the last time I read the Harry Potter books.

I could rant for ages, and I will probably come back to unload my love on these chapters individually, but I will stop now before my typing is reduced to keysmash and caps lock. You are a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, /wonderful/ writer, and I can tell I'm going to cherish this story for the rest of my life. And also I'm going to bother you about it endlessly on tumblr. :D

- Meghna

PS: sorry for the anonymous, stalker-type review, I'm too lazy to sign in lol (it's midnight and I'm still reeling from the last chapter leave me be!)

Author's Response: Oh God, Meghna, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO RESPOND TO THIS EVEN??? I am not used to effusive praise like this anymore so please bear with me:

LOL only you would think taking on a 200k novel would be light fanfic reading. No wonder you were bludgeoned :P Seriously, I have no idea what made you click this title but I'm so so so glad you did. I don't think even I have sat down and read through this whole thing in one go. I could not ask you for any specific opinions because this - just - IS SO MUCH, I don't know how you did it but... ack. I am just so pleased, utterly tickled pink, so PROUD (yes, of course I'm proud! A little shell shocked even now but certainly proud), that you liked this so much, and liked seemingly everything about it! Goodness gracious, it is just too much. Thank you so much. You are the absolute best and never doubt it. A rare reader and a rarer friend. This whole review is so mindblogging and I can never thank you enough for it. I hope you continue to enjoy (just an epilogue left ahh).

PS. If I have daughters like Sybil, Antigone, and Ophelia, I would go insane. Writing them is hard enough, raising them would 100% kill me.

-squishes you to death-

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Review #13, by justonemorefic XXX. Monster

26th September 2015:
I'm leaving a review for this bc it's patently unfair that ther aren't any yet but I'm on mobile and its 3am so bear with me. BUT I REMEMBER READING THIS CHAPTER WAY BACK WHEN AND IT IS EVEN MORE AMAZING THAN I REMEMBER?? God the monologues, I usually complain about them but these were perf. I can see the scenarios playing out, I can see them playing out for me if I were just a little different, a little less lucky, a little less imaginative. you should always know that you are the best at recognizing that dark heart and putting it into words, treading into fears that people don't understand bc they are too afraid to even recognize that fear, let alone seek it and make it something tangible.

Author's Response: Context probably helps?? Writing this chapter was just so emotionally exhausting, as you may remember, and it came out in an awful torrent and I was just scared of it. I still am a little, even now that it's been out in the world for some time. You know I love to monologue (I'm a supervillain in very thick glasses and giant cocktail rings) and every one took something out of me that I don't know that I could write now, and it scares me to know that I did. But thank you, thank you, thank you, a chorus of thank yous, stretching out into the sunset... love you.

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Review #14, by Viola III. Arrest

22nd July 2015:
This is gonna have to be a quick review because I have been mad busy this week but one thing I wanted to say about this chapter is that I love how you have made every character relevant to the story. I can't tell you how many times I've read a fic with about 40 characters involved and it turns out 80% of them have nothing to do with the actual plot. Don't get me wrong, it's easily done but I'm so pleased you have given each person distinctive characteristics and their own potential back stories.

This is quickly becoming my favourite story on this site, I'm so glad you wrote it haha.

Viola x

Author's Response: I love having giant casts, but it's so hard for me to tackle having multiple characters that don't immediately intersect into the actual plot! Some will get short shrift at certain points, because that's kind of inevitable, but everyone is definitely relevant, even the ones you may think aren't yet. I'm SO happy to hear that, and immensely grateful :) Thank you for reviewing and I hope you continue to enjoy!

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Review #15, by Viola II. Egress

15th July 2015:
Firstly, you have come up with the best names ever for your characters, seriously, I wanna name my future kid Ophelia now lol but where do you get these names from? So original.

Oh that makes sense! So Albus is like the ring leader of some kind of alcohol smuggling contriband (along with many other things I'm sure). I really like him though, he's very ambiguous to say the least, but I'm sure there will be some unravelling of his character in upcoming chapters.

Caspar is just the cutest little thing, I kind of get the feeling Sybil takes advantage of him though, or at least takes him for granted. Obviously I get the whole relationship banter and whatnot seeing as I'm just the same with my bf but yeah, I don't know if these two are completely compatible (as lovely as they are individually.)

Well, I say Sybil's lovely but I doubt that's what many of the other characters would describe her as.

Also, how on earth is Albus going to steal exam answers?? This is all so intrueging I can't handle it. I'm off to read the next chapter now x

Author's Response: So nice, you reviewed twice :)

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Review #16, by Viola II. Egress

15th July 2015:
Firstly, you have come up with the best names ever for your characters, seriously, I wanna name my future kid Ophelia now lol but where do you get these names from? So original.

Oh that makes sense! So Albus is like the ring leader of some kind of alcohol smuggling contriband (along with many other things I'm sure). I really like him though, he's very ambiguous to say the least, but I'm sure there will be some unravelling of his character in upcoming chapters.

Caspar is just the cutest little thing, I kind of get the feeling Sybil takes advantage of him though, or at least takes him for granted. Obviously I get the whole relationship banter and whatnot seeing as I'm just the same with my bf but yeah, I don't know if these two are completely compatible (as lovely as they are individually.)

Well, I say Sybil's lovely but I doubt that's what many of the other characters would describe her as.

Also, how on earth is Albus going to steal exam answers?? This is all so intrueging I can't handle it. I'm off to read the next chapter now x

Author's Response: What's hilarious is that these names aren't original at all, they're pulled from classic literature of the Western canon (Antigone from the eponymous play by Sophocles, Ophelia from Shakespeare's Hamlet... Caspar from the eponymous ghost movie, etc etc) or otherwise are just old-fashioned names that the wizarding world loves so much. They're ridiculous names but I like to think they fit the world. If you really named a kid Ophelia, that would be awesome. Maybe not for the kid lol, but you know, still awesome~

Yes, technically Albus has many little operations - I imagine contraband smuggling, gambling rings, loan sharking, the like - but none of that is particularly important. He's powerful and morally ambiguous - what else could you want? And of course there will be unraveling to come. Just... who is being unraveled, and who is doing the unraveling?

Oh, absolutely, Sybil takes Caspar for granted, and manipulates him a little, but then again, Caspar is a Slytherin. Surely he can't get off scot free himself? And hehe, I don't think Sybil's ever been popular, exactly. She's powerful thanks to her connections and the forcefulness of her personality, but otherwise, I don't know that people in Hogwarts generally like her very much. I, however, love her, and I'm glad you do too.

On to the next one! Thank you for reviewing and I hope you continue to enjoy :)

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Review #17, by Viola I. Luck

14th July 2015:
I am so pleased that I stumbled across this story. I have to say, I was a bit reluctant at first purely because I saw how many chapters it had so far and that didn't equate well with my notorious laziness but, you know, I decided to give it a shot and I'm SO glad I did!

Considering this is only the first chapter I can already feel myself becoming hooked on to the entire story which is saying something. I really admire your writing style - I would never have guessed this is your first novel from the way it is written; incredibly well paced, great introduction to the main character (her personality is already shining through) and let's not forget the little hints you've thrown in about the kind of activities or whatever that Albus is involved in... and Sybil too I reckon? Through some kind of family connection? Am I right? I'll have to read on and see. But this is what I mean, it's very cleverly written and already makes me want to find out more!

Wonderful first chapter x

Author's Response: Oh, I 100% understand. Reading this much is a serious undertaking, but you've taken the biggest step by starting, and I am glad that you're glad that you did!

Hah it's not my first novel per se, as I've written many, many other things in the past, but it's the first one I actually finished. I don't know that this style really holds up as much as get deeper into the story, but I'm glad you like it. It's over the top, and if there's one thing this story is, it's over the top. Sybil is not involved in mafia things - that was her older brothers' empire - and Albus is the big boss in Hogwarts now. Which means you're mostly right :D

Thank you so much for taking the leap of faith and reading. Hope you continue to enjoy ;)

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Review #18, by bdhdh XXXI. History

13th July 2015:
I can't believe this doesn't have more reviews, its fantastic! great writing and really interesting characters. Can't wait to find out how it all ends :)

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much! Of course I love reviews, but I'm so pleased with the ones I have. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you continue to enjoy!

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Review #19, by justonemorefic V. Resurrection

7th July 2015:
Ok I already like this chapter more than any of the previous ones because of all the relationships we get to see, but most of all ROSE. R O O O O O S E.

"She could tell the difference between refusing to answer due to residual pain (and there was some residual pain) and refusing to answer due to principles" SHE KNOWS FROM EXPERIENCE. Ophelia asked for the worst, and damn. Faaav scene so far.

Author's Response: I read all the extended o's as making Rose into Roose which makes me think of Roose Bolton... and you know what, I feel like Rose Weasley and ASOIAF's Roose Bolton would understand each other. One would kill the other pretty quickly, but I think it would be a dignified death. Respect until the very end, and even beyond. Which is to say, ROSE. And Ophelia, my baby. This is a highlight scene/chapter for sure. So delighted you like it :')

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Review #20, by justonemorefic IV. Terror

7th July 2015:
your names are going to be the death of me.

HE'S HER BROTHER right, I forgot about that. SCANDALOUS. and STUPID, stupid Damian.

pls as if mafia can ever be handled outside of family, Roman. I adore their fear of their mother btw.

"That was what they all said before they fell into their death and morality spirals, wasnít it?" lol. just lol. Sybil you see your own foreshadowing, come on.

ugh caspar. stupid face.

ew thackeray. that last scene, lawwwd NOW we're getting dangerous. This is why he's the strongman. HE DOESN'T THINK TWICE DOES HE. I'm now immensely interested in his fears, because something drives that viciousness.

Author's Response: I'm surprised you're still alive after all these stupid stories with more stupid names ;) There's always more stories to write and more names to pull out of last-century obscurity, never fear.

I love the Vaisey kids together, I should have done something with all four of them. (And Georgiana too, of course). Any mafia family has to be somewhat afraid of the mother, right? Especially if she isn't even in the mafia herself. I think Roman is the one thinking that line though, yes? Sybil obviously sees it too, but she wouldn't articulate it so unambiguously, to herself or otherwise.

To this day I am STILL surprised people like Caspar so much. I shouldn't have mentioned the Sam Claflin faceclaim to you. Thackeray on the other hand, I kind of unabashedly love him. WHAT on EARTH could possibly drive him, I wonder???

(Hint: he's complex, our adorable strongman Finlay. Everyone's complex! That's the story, everyone! You can close your laptops now).

(I still have reviews to respond to, so I won't... but, you know).

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Review #21, by justonemorefic I. Luck

6th July 2015:
ok i swear I partially reviews ch 1 somewhere but I don't know where it went. STILL ADORE THE OPENING LETTER. it is so sybil. I know the ride I've signed up for (or do I?).

I also love the word haberdashery and would not have known what it meant if not for context clues. Dear god Sybil, you're like one of those people who give ridiculously good gifts that no one else can top, and they resent you for it. Ugh, Slytherins.

antigone/ophelia/scorpius hyperion/albus severus bad name love triangle tho. wizards are so tragic and last century.

Theatrical characters give me life--Sybil craning her head like a giraffe, chugging boiling hot chocolate like a stone-faced veteran. "Isn't this funny" she said cooly, as if her mouth didn't have second-degree burns.

oh sybil you are going to get into so much /more/ trouble than what your family backstory/foreshadowing says. and it will begin because of hot chocolate.

"There were whispers in Slytherin that Potterís control of the school echoed His reign, in times made dark by things like, oh, murder, Petrification, monsters, et cetera." thank you for making my albus = tom riddle dreams explicit *u*

ugh mafia men. all words. only good for free drinks rlly.

anyway you already heard the rest of my comments on this so ♥ onto the next one!

Author's Response: I actually kind of hate the opening letter. The whole first chapter is kinda cringey for me, because it's sooo stylized in the literal diction and syntax in a way I know the rest of the story isn't. (The plot, obviously, is really stylized/heightened though, and as you know, I would not have it any other way).

Slytherins are the worst. Which, as you well know, makes them the best. And forget last century, Slytherins with those names are so four centuries ago at least. Or more, with Antigone. I am not a fan of the classic Greek tragedy plays, except for the names it gives us. Sybil may have missed her calling as a stage actress. But I don't think she'd take direction very well. I wonder why that is.

Let's talk about how I still don't technically know what the hell Albus' mafia does. For next time though: Albus as literal dark lord. How much fun would that be???

Thank you for doing this you OBVIOUSLY DIDN'T NEED TO BUT :')

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Review #22, by Vy XXIX. Salvation

22nd May 2015:
hfuvhufhvu I LOVE THIS STORY. I do understand Albus, but I have a hard time relating to Sybil and Antigone. I love the dynamic that Albus and Sybil have. But what keeps Sybil going? Does she always want to be the winner? I always keep hoping that we'll see a crack in her facade like with Albus but she's always so composed, there aren't any times when she REALLy regrets something. Especially the way she treats her so called best friends. Don't get me wrong, I adore Sybil. But I just don't understand her fully.

Author's Response: Ahh thank you so much! It's always nice to hear the l-word. You also bring up a really good questions and I completely understand why you you're asking it. I think you'll understand a little more about Sybil especially as we get closer to the end, but I'll try to explain other things now:

This chapter especially looks at her from a distance, as everyone comes to terms with what her ascension means for them and their legacies in Hogwarts. But Sybil's understanding of herself is kind of constantly in flux, especially in this last third or so of the story, ever since the answer keys were owl-ex-machina'd into her lap, so to speak. She is a righteous kind of person who has a sliding scale of a moral code, which makes her slippery to pin down. Her motivation at the beginning, as you'll remember, was to stick it to Albus Potter, crime lord extraordinaire, for daring to break more laws for his own benefit. As she got more involved in scheming, she wanted to win more for the personal pleasure of destroying Albus and his organization.

I could track the shifting of Sybil's own understandings of her reasoning for longer than I'm allowed to type in this response, but recently, things have begun changing again. By now, Sybil has lost everything: her boyfriend, the trust of her friends, the respect of her brother, and her dignity, and she is acutely aware that she's only afloat because of the answer keys. She'll make the most of that power, because it's all she has now, but she also knows, deep down, just how fragile it all is. Look again at Chapter 28 and you'll see what I mean. Especially the last section between her and Damian in the library (also note her reaction to being attacked by Antigone). Before Damian tells her that he'll let her keep the story alive, what's her reaction? She's faltering, she's nauseous, she's a little dizzy. She says, "... at least this is it," and I think she believes that it will be a relief for this whole insane journey is over. She knows what it's cost her. She's not happy to have been brought down like this (or at all), but she would have gone more or less quietly if Damian had forced her to. But he didn't.

Now, we don't know in this chapter what's happening in Sybil's head. That is definitely out of design: I wanted to get lots of outside views of Sybil, establish what the rest of the cast thinks of her and how they relate to her without any of them knowing (yet?) that she no longer has the answer keys. What's left for us to see is how she actually is dealing with pretending to still be the horribly powerful queen-figure she had been now that she knows that the story is now a lie. Spoiler alert: it's not a great situation. That's the last arc of the story, for the most part, and possibly the most important.

I hope this helped you get a bit of a better insight into Sybil's mind! It's a complicated place, to be sure (though whose mind isn't complicated, right?). I'm delighted though that you've stuck through so much story even if you didn't quite relate to her, but I hope that as we approach the end, she makes a little more sense to you. I'm always happy to answer questions, so please come find me if you have them! It's a true delight to ramble like this lol.

Ahem - thank you so so much for this review. I really appreciate being asked questions like these, and I can't say how much I love hearing love for the story. I hope you continue to enjoy!

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Review #23, by Animoon XXIX. Salvation

20th May 2015:
I only go on this site occasionally, hence why I do not have an account here, but I thought I should finally review for this story because I have been following it for so long and I love it so much! I have continued to be amazed by the lack of reviews on what I consider one of the best hp fanfics out there. I am absolutely addicted to the complicated plot and complex characters, and I both eagerly anticipate and dread each chaper update because we are getting closer to the end :( I only check this site occasionally, and mostly I look for an update to thai story (and one or two others). I hope you know what a great writer you are and thank you for sharing your story with everyone else!

Author's Response: Aww this brings a little tear to my eye :') I won't say I wouldn't wish there were more reviews, but I see the read count is remarkable, which is really all I need. Anything else is icing on the cake. I do love reviews like these though - thank you so much for stopping by and moreover for saying so many nice things! We really are close to the end (at the time of this response, there are 5 updates left), and it's not letting up at all for Sybil and company. And genuinely, thank you so much for the praise. I'm kind of a dinosaur here, but it's readers like you that have kept me here all this time. I don't know where I'd be otherwise. Maybe not online in the dead of night responding and writing and stuff, but really, where else is there to be? Thank you for this, and I hope you continue to enjoy :)

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Review #24, by DessieWeasley XXIX. Salvation

19th May 2015:
THANK U for updating i cant wait till the next chapter

Author's Response: I'm always happy to update :D There are only a few left now, which is even more exciting. Thanks for reading and reviewing, and I hope you continue to enjoy :)

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Review #25, by mymischiefmanaged XXVII. Queen

17th April 2015:
So I read this whole thing yesterday and absolutely love it. I'm a bag fan of morally ambiguous Albus Potter and I really like the mob structure to your plot. It's original and funny and brilliantly written. I don't really have any constructive feedback to offer but these are just some thoughts on your characters because I love them all:

SYBIL: Okay, I actually find her super annoying but I love her as a character. Her stubborn determination to figure out what Albus is doing kind of reminds me of Harry's obsession with Draco in Book Six. You've given her lots of Slytherin traits but in a really original way and I like her a lot. Also I'm a huge fan of the shift you've put her through from wanting to disband the mafia system to wanting to dominate it. It's really interesting character development and I'm looking forward to seeing where she stands on the whole thing at the end of the story.

ALBUS: I love love love how ambiguous Albus's character is. We don't quite know how he really feels about anyone and what his motives are, and it feels like even when we see his point of view he might not be being honest with himself. The fact he's the boss but claims that he has equal power to Rose and Fin is interesting too and I'd been keen to get more of an insight into how that came about. I like his complex feelings towards Sybil and am glad that even when they have these almost romantic moments all the moral ambiguity is still there.

ANTIGONE: she's awful but so fantastic. In a lot of the ways she's the most evil of the characters which is really fascinating because she's also the one who tried to stop the whole thing in the first place. I'm really interested by her relationship with Scorpius. Does he not see her bad side or does he just choose to ignore it? And how did they ever end up together? I like that you've given this distinction between the bully and the ice queen and that they're different roles in the House. Antigone is such a good exploration of Slytherins who want to save their own skin, but at the same time she has these moments of intense loyalty to her friends. She's super interesting.

OPHELIA: Ophelia's increasingly become one of my favourite characters as the chapters have progressed. I'd really like to get some more background on when she stopped being the ice queen of Slytherin. I love that she's got this trait of having once ruled the school but then taken a step back from it all. It's quite similar to Sybil's decision to not take on the Vaisey mafia. But I'm intrigued as to why Ophelia would give it all up. I like how we've increasingly seen her vulnerabilities as the story has moved on and I like her very obvious weaknesses. She's fab.

CASPAR: Aw he's so confused and so sweet and I hope he doesn't suddenly have some dark moment that reveals his true self and shows that he wasn't every really very nice. I love that he's this quite nice quite normal guy who has just about managed to avoid being involved in everything despite having been right at the centre earlier on. As it stands he doesn't really deserve his lot in this story but I'm worried you're going to do something to him that makes him less likeable later on...

SCORPIUS: Not much to say except I love that you've made the Malfoy the one that sticks to the rules. Like I said above, I'm really fascinated by his relationship with Antigone and how that came about. I'm wondering whether Scorpius is suddenly going to have a bigger role near the end of the story because you've set him up to be quite an interesting character but then haven't used him all the much. I guess we'll see.

DAMIAN: You've really got across that he's got growing up to do. He's struggling to find his place and isn't really doing a very good job of trying to make a name for himself. It's kind of disturbing how he cares so much more about the girl he fancies than about his sister. I think he's genuinely just not a very nice person but maybe he'll redeem himself? He's definitely my least favourite of Sybil's brothers from what we've seen. He's just slimy and a bit creepy.

FINLAY: YES he's a violent horrible strongman but also is kind of lovable and sweet and so is just a fantastic character. I don't like him very much but I like how he has this strange depth to him that people don't quite acknowledge.

ROSE: I kind of hope that Rose ends up with a moment of genuine kindness and shows that she still loves Albus as a friend and a cousin. So far she's just been sort of disturbing as a character. I'd really like to see some interaction between her and Hugo to see whether family means any more to her when it's her brother rather than just her cousin, but I don't know whether that'll ever be relevant to the plot so I sort of doubt that it'll happen. I like how Rose is in a lot of ways more evil than any of the Slytherin witches. Also I love how she's masterminded the whole system but is happy to take a step back and give Albus the credit. It's a bit sinister.

ROMAN AND JULIAN: Always a fan of intimidating but loving older brothers. Not a lot to say about these two except that I love all their interactions with Sybil. Also I like how you've made use of the Georgiana character.

And now I'm running out of characters but I just want to say that I've loved reading so far and am really looking forward to your next update. I noticed you haven't had many reviews on recent chapters which is a real shame because this is one of the best next gens I've found recently. Love love love this story. Update soon!

Lots of love,

Emma xx

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, what an incredible review! Let's get right into it:

Sybil: She is supposed to be something of an infuriating character, especially at this stage of the story. I really love writing Slytherins that don't fit into their House the way we may expect based on canon, so thank you for saying that! Her plot arc roller coaster is far from over, though, so who knows where she'll end up!

Albus: Morally ambiguous Albus is my fav Albus. You're right, he's so used to lying that it's never quite clear what he means. But he's unlearning that a little more every chapter (ironically as Sybil gets better at lying to others and especially herself). And hmm, I'm sorry to say we won't be seeing very much more about the origins of the triumvirate. FWIW, they have roughly equal power but Albus would be a tiebreaker when required.

Antigone: She's the Slytherin wildcard with a moral code that allows her to be both peacemaker and punisher. That makes her tough but sentimental in a weird way. And heh I'm glad you ask: n their good days, they balance each other out and are surprisingly supportive of each other. The rest they can ignore, because love.

Ophelia: is secretly my favorite so I'm glad that she's yours too~ Again, we won't be seeing much backstory, but I imagine that around the age of 13/14, she looked at her life and became disgusted. There's definitely a parallel between her and Sybil, but while Sybil is on top of the world (kind of), Ophelia is retreating deeper and deeper into herself.

Caspar: again, funny you mention that. The first outline, which I had every intention of sticking to for most of the writing, involved Caspar being the ultimate... not villain, per se, but obstacle. And even though that's not quite the case, I still don't view him as confused and sweet. He dated Sybil in part because of her family mafia connection, and expected to gain power through her when this story started. He's trying to be better, but we'll see if it sticks.

Scorpius: He's not an idiot, but he's not going to get more involved in these affairs than he absolutely has to. Which is why, unfortunately, he isn't going to be that much more important... sigh. Him and Fred are the ones I regret not integrating as well as I could have into the main cast. They both /do/ have bigger roles further down the line, but not as much as you may think.

Damian: Yes exactly! He's a kid, though he's a kid who's grown up in this environment, with this family. I don't think he doesn't care about Sybil, but she's done a lot of terrible things, and he feels sometimes that he's the only one who cares. That's changing rapidly, obviously, but he's kind of trying to force Sybil to acknowledge the things she's done, and he's hurt that she won't.

Finlay: ohh, my poor strongman. His ~hidden depth~ is what his whole arc is about!

Rose: I never meant for Rose to be anything less than disturbing, but I hope that it's clear that she does care deep down. In an upcoming chapter we hear more about her philosophy about family; in essence, her family network and her friends were all she had for so long, and she doesn't deal well with anyone threatening the life she's built for them (and herself). Even if the threat is Albus. But absolutely, she's a sinister unhinged schemer, which is a lot of fun

Roman and Julian: That's more than I expected for these two. I was so scared the Georgiana thread wouldn't work out, but I'm relieved you liked it.

And I've run out of characters several times over while writing this response, but I am so grateful for this review. I know all of you readers are around (hi readers!) and I'm so happy to have you and everyone else on board. Thank you again for such an in-depth review and I hope you continue to enjoy :)

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