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Review #1, by kei XXV. Constellations

15th March 2015:
i always want to leave a proper review as a feedback for another great chapters but dang language barrier. i'm sorry all i can say is 'asdfdkddllkakjxdnsnh i love it'

thank you for the amazing updates and i'm dying to know what will happen next. welp. ( ;∀;)

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Review #2, by Celeste XXII. Farce

1st February 2015:
I am so disappointed. Not in the story but the fact that I now have to wait for the next update.

This story is amazing. I love that huge twist at the end of this chapter. She got the answers but what excatly is she going to do with them and her brothers girlfriend how even did she get them. Oh wow.

I'm not entirely sure if I want her and Albus to get together or not. I do love his character development and of course Sybil's jeeze guess I'll wait.

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Review #3, by Celeste II. Egress

1st February 2015:
So I obviously just started reading this fic, and I wouldn't normally review untill I had read each chapter currently posted but I just had too.

I really do love this completely different side to Albus, it's a complete and utter change and I really do love it. I can't wait to see how this story develops.

So far I'm really enjoying this. So I shall get back to reading it. I'm sure I'll have a longer review when I finish and I'm up to date with this. :)

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Review #4, by DessieWeasley XXII. Farce

24th January 2015:
Finally U updated. Can't wait for the next chapter:-D

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Review #5, by HarrietHopkirk XXI. And Fury

30th December 2014:
HELLO! I haven't been here in so long - although I'm glad, because it means I can do a super long catch up of everything you've posted rather than wait for updates! Huzzah! Can you update right now please? That would be super helpful.

There's so much to talk about though! Sybalbus (sounds like some sort of plant, and also ísyllabusí, which links into the NEWT answers scheme somehow, but not really)! They are cool and evil! Many mind games! So much power play! I really enjoy reading their scenes together, and their thought processes, and their scenes with other people. Just the whole story, really, and all the characters. I can't believe it was Antigone who did that exploding charm thing to Rose! I thought it might have been Rose herself in an Amy Dunne sort of way, but alas. I thought Antigone was steering clear of all this stuff, but her role of protector I suppose means protecting Ophelia from alcohol, and Sybil from Rose Weasley.

I'm a big fan of Ofinnlia (questionable name - lacking the Ďcatch oní factor, I feel). I really, really, really like Ophelia (URQUHEART). She's fascinating, and I love her interactions with Thackeray. I really enjoyed the Valentine's Ball, and their scene with drunk Ophelia. She seemed so cute and drunk and happy - but her sober scenes are so much colder and smoother, so Iím wondering if it could have possibly been at act? To weaken Finlay in some way? I also like Thackeray's interactions with Rose, so I'm a bit conflicted. I love Rose as well. Sheís very mean and severe, and it was really interesting to understand her thought process, her justification - that bit with the Albus hug! So ruthless.

AND the ending of this chapter! I imagine Sybil and the gang will double their efforts to take the triumvirate down, OR sheíll leave it be and knuckle down with her revision. Also Caspar! Iím still harbouring feelings for him - heís going to come out on top, I think (I want), and still with great hair.

Sorry if this is a mad ramble. I just really enjoy your story Gubby so please update soon!

Author's Response: Hay gurl haaay! It's so nice to see you around, Hattie. I can just imagine how long this took to read through but I'm glad you did it and enjoyed it!

God, I really should have kept potential ship names in mind when I was writing this. Going full Gubby and picking terrible names for everyone means there's just no way any good ones will come about. Sylbus are wonderfully twisted and glossy evil, as always, but this chapter marks a turning point, and not just for the reasons you'd think. And :333 idk how to respond to all that so to go on to your next concrete point:

I still have not actually read/seen Gone Girl, but I don't see Rose as an Amy Dunne. She is not patient enough to go through all that, honestly, and she isn't so willing to ruin people, even (former?) loved ones. She doesn't hide it when she goes after people, ie that time with Ophelia, and when she's constantly telegraphing to Albus that she's coming after him. That Antigone did it comes as a surprise to everyone, especially Antigone, but yes, she believes she's the only one who can protect the other two when they get too invested in the power plays they're doing, and she'll do what she has to in order to stop someone like Rose. Who may not exactly be an Amy, but isn't a picnic to deal with either.

Ophelia is quite the fan favorite! Which makes me happy, because she's one of my favorites too, and Ofinnlia (better than anything I've come up with) is a subdued, unspoken, yearning funhouse-mirror version of Sylbus. The Valentine's Ball scene of hers was my favorite of all, though there are one or two coming up that are also up there. She was not acting with him when she was drunk, though; idk if she was happy so much as uninhibited, and tired of everything. But I do love Finn/Rose too... ah, decisions, decisions!

I didn't think the ending of this chapter was all that ~exciting~ but it's definitely the heralding of something new. We'll see it more next time, but we're beginning the next and final major phase of the story, which will refocus on a more concrete way the fate of the answer keys and the triumvirate's involvement and what Sybil will do to take them down. And ahh Caspar... I am still so baffled regarding everything to do with him, but I'm not going to fight it. Spoiler: he'll still have great hair at the end. No word on the mental/emotional/physical condition of the rest of him, unfortunately.

By no means is this a mad ramble! It was a very enjoyable ramble if anything. You know my schedule by now, and I do my best to stick with it, but thank you so much for reading and reviewing as always Hattie! Hope you enjoy what's coming up :)

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Review #6, by Sanne XXI. And Fury

27th December 2014:
Aagh, I am always wondering how much of what Sybil thinks she knows is actually true. I will probably be forced to reread this story at least twice to really understand everything.

What I like most about this - apart from the great oneliners - is how you give all the important characters their time to shine. Ophelia and Antigone aren't just Sybil's sidekicks, they are their own person, with their own goals and ideals. On that note, I am hoping we get to see some more of Sybil's family, especially her brothers. You have mentioned Sybil's hatred of her sister-in-law several times, so I am very curious to see how that plays out. To me, it seems she wouldn't just let that go.

Author's Response: If you reread this story twice, I would give you a basket of cupcakes, because goodness, that would be a task! I'm immensely flattered to hear that you would though :3 And heh isn't that the question of the past ~100k words? It becomes more and more important as we move on.

Eee thank you, I'm so happy to hear that! I am terrible at giving supporting characters plots of their own, or of having subplots in general, but I worked really hard to make sure the supporting characters weren't locked out of the main storyline at least. And they all bring different energies and motives to that basic story, so at least it's more fun that way.

Very funny you mention Sybil's family, though. I have to say we won't be meeting Roman again, or seeing Julian or his girlfriend Georgiana in person, but starting next chapter, their actions beyond Hogwarts have game-changing effects for our main characters. Damian is the only other Vaisey at school, and he, I promise, is not going anywhere, though he probably would very much like to leave lol.

This was a lovely review, thanks so much! You're asking all the right questions, which I'm thrilled to see. I hope you continue to enjoy the story~

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Review #7, by Cappuccino XX. Sound

4th December 2014:
That ending though...It's quite fun to end chapters enigmatically, so if it's any consolation to you, its making me feel like my insides are being ripped apart by curiosity. Love this chapter!

Author's Response: Unbelievably fun! Which is why I was surprised I hadn't done it more often here. Any cliffhangers were usually resolved within these giant chapters, but rarely ended as such. That is an amazing consolation prize, but I hope your curiosity is sated to your satisfaction soon. Thanks so much for your review and I hope you continue to enjoy :)

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Review #8, by SourGrapeSnape XX. Sound

3rd December 2014:
Oh. My. God. A cliffhanger. And that diary, what a great thing to throw in there. This is getting intense and I love love love it :)

Author's Response: Aren't cliffhangers the most fun? And diaries lol, the idea of Albus having one at all was inexplicably hilarious to me, so it was a lot of fun showing a different idea of what was happening over all this time. Thanks so much for reviewing and I hope you continue to enjoy!

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Review #9, by monster next door XIX. Revenge

24th November 2014:
It's Antigone. omg. Who would have thought? Not me. Should have guessed since "Antigone is another one we'll be seeing a little more of soon, now that she's back in the game" ._. but nah. naah.

But Antigone omg eeep /hearts in my eyes/

Amazing update as always, can't wait for the next update! xoxo

Author's Response: I thought I wrote that in an author's note, so I scoured all the author's notes from the last ~12 chapters, then I thought it was in a response... and I said that in June. Heh. Having taken so long to bring her to the forefront, though, I promise you, Antigone isn't going anywhere. We'll see if the hearts remain in your eyes though. Thank you so much and I hope you continue to enjoy :)

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Review #10, by DumbledoresArmyOfOne XIX. Revenge

23rd November 2014:
Yes! Finally Antigone is getting some action. I love that I'm always surprised, every chapter, by the new ways you manage to twist the plot. Most cases, I barely see it coming! Things are getting really nasty now and I can hardly wait to read more.
Awesome chapter :)

Author's Response: Yes, you'd think she deserves it after all this time... but after taking a backseat for a while, I promise Antigone comes very much to the forefront of the action. And hehe I'm so happy this story still keeps you on your toes :D It wouldn't be half as fun if it didn't. Thank you so much for reviewing and I hope you continue to enjoy :)

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Review #11, by StarlightAsteria XVII. Story

20th October 2014:

Gosh, there's so much good stuff in this chapter. It's so mind-glowingly clever... HOW? I AM IN AWE! I'm starting to think Rose is even more dangerous than Albus. Are we going to see Albus and Sybil team up to take Rose down at some point? I don't imagine Albus is the kind of guy to take the threat Rose gives him at the end of the chapter lightly.

Please, update quickly?

Celi xxx

Author's Response: I realize that the mind-glowing is probably a typo, but it's such a pretty image that I love this review all the more! I always like giving the impression of being clever, though in reality it takes a lot of work to keep up the illusion, so thank you :3 Heh is Rose only now seeming dangerous? It's true, she is a little nutcase, no matter who is the object of her wrath. That would be waaay interesting to see, I gladly admit, but Rose is not quite the Big Bad you may imagine her to be, at least not in the way you imagine her to be. And the threat she represents to Albus is not as clear-cut as we may initially suspect.

You know me by now, I update every 2-3 weeks, so do check back every now and then and you'll hopefully find a few thousand more words waiting for you :) Thank you for the review and I hope you continue to enjoy~

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Review #12, by Cappuccino XVI. Victory

23rd September 2014:
I think you're a brilliant writer. Everything is so planned out and fits into place so perfectly. I have been waiting for this chapter ever since I started reading Devilish delights, wicked ends and I can safely say, it was worth the wait.
I haven't written all too many reviews but your writing makes me want to take time and write nice things in this box. Great chapter!

Author's Response: Oh, gosh, thank you so much! The /only/ reason this story is even slightly cohesive is because I plotted it for so long and wrote it for even longer, because this is so far outside my usual structure it's kind of stunning. I had been waiting to write this chapter since I dashed off a haphazard plot outline, and wanting to share it since I started posting the story, so again -- thank you /so much/. I'm so glad it lived up to the wait; I know too well what it's like to wait for moments like these in fics.

I am hardly one to judge another for not reviewing a lot, but firstly, you should if you have the time, it truly means the world to any author, but secondly, since I am hardly one to judge, I know what it means to actually review. I'm so flattered and delighted, so thank you very, very much, again! I hope you continue to enjoy the story :)

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Review #13, by M XVI. Victory

19th September 2014:
YES YES YES YES no time for better review.just started story.looking forward to update

Author's Response: Hehe all I wanted was some all-caps celebrating, so this is the greatest review I could get. Welcome to the story, and I hope you continue to enjoy!

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Review #14, by escala XVI. Victory

19th September 2014:
Oh my god!!
I don't even know what else to say. Your writing is magnificent, as always, and the part of me that wants Sybil and Albus together has grown exponentially larger.Now I'm so curious to see what happens next!
When will their attraction to each other beat their struggle for power? Will Sybil bring him to the light? Will he forget his newt plans for her? Turn against rose?
Part of me doubts it, part of me yearns for it!
So great, can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: A doubly wonderful review :)

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Review #15, by escala XVI. Victory

19th September 2014:
Oh my god!!
I don't even know what else to say. Your writing is magnificent, as always, and the part of me that wants Sybil and Albus together has grown exponentially larger.Now I'm so curious to see what happens next!
When will their attraction to each other beat their struggle for power? Will Sybil bring him to the light? Will he forget his newt plans for her? Turn against rose?
Part of me doubts it, part of me yearns for it!
So great, can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Oh gosh, thank you so much! I think I said how much I kind of love this chapter, so to see this is just... delightful :D Especially if it means your shipper heart has grown a size or two, because that's kind of exactly what I was after. Those are the greatest questions of our age!!!1! Or at least of this story. They're all very good ones, and will be answered, in typically twisted, hopefully unexpected ways.

Thank you again so much for such a great review! :) I hope you continue to enjoy~

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Review #16, by evil little devil XIV. And Circuses

6th August 2014:
Did you just make me like Thackeray? Now that I did not see coming :P
Wow. This chapter was intense. I'm pretty tired at the moment, so I feel like I probably missed some of the nuances in here, and I should probably re-read later, but even so. Wow.
Starting with the Ophelia and Albus part, to be honest I did not ever really consider his intentions going down that path, but I really like it. I look forward to watching Sybil delve further into his motivations.
And Rose! I like her more and more with every chapter. I am not at all surprised to find out that she was the instigator of the triumvirate takeover. That metaphor you used, with Albus being the brain, and her being the heart, that was beautiful, and perfect. I really loved that whole section with her character, because she's super fascinating, and it was really well written.
You had me so worried that something bad would happen to Ophelia. Quick sidenote - you write drunk people very well. Ophelia's drunken rambling was beautiful. And Caspar! I knew he was darker than he appeared, but if Ophelia's right, he could end up being the real villian here.
And I'm just going to end on the same note I started on. Did you just make me like Thackeray? Just a tentative, little bit?
Great chapter! I hope you have a lovely vacation, and I look forward to more devilish schemings on your return :)

Author's Response: I didn't know you disliked Thackeray so much! I wouldn't blame you if I had known, because he's kind of a non-12+ noun, but I'm doubly glad you came to like him a little more with this chapter. Which was /definitely/ intense -- one of the crowning chapters of the whole story, I think. A little of everything. A lot of stuff going down.

Most important to me was the Sybil and Albus stuff -- I don't think I'd ever put in the original outlining that Albus had any kind of ~higher moralistic goals~ for himself (quoting from the original outline: /Albus and Sybil are trashy attractive and stuff/), so it came kind of out of nowhere when I was writing this chapter. But I'm so glad it happened because now the story has an emotional/even moral backbone and a momentum it didn't before.

Teehee I'm very proud of the brain/heart/body metaphor, and I wasn't sure if it was original enough or not, but yay! I loved that section when I wrote it, then took it out because I was still trying to make the V-Day Ball fit as one chapter and it was too long, but then put it back when I split the chapter. That section had some of the more descriptive language, which isn't always around in this fic, and I've never been good at 'killing your darlings' or whatever edit guides tell you to do.

I went over Ophelia's drunk rambling for /months/. Every time I would reread it, I would tinker with it, and I think I was doing that in the submit box here at HPFF too, so /thank you so much omg/. Ophelia's been as clear as it's possible for her to be that she doesn't like Caspar, which is why I was always amused at the positive reaction he got at the start. I hope we'll all be more skeptical of him... but not too skeptical? Maybe? Ahem. And lol, Thackeray has nice moments too! We'll see them, perhaps, even more as we build on this section.

My vacation was great and now that I'm home, I can't wait to share the devilish schemings that are just over the horizon. Love ya Sian :)

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Review #17, by Allison XIV. And Circuses

4th August 2014:
You honestly have me so scared for Ophelia right now. During this chapter it finally clicked in my head how she is a parallel to Hamlet's Ophelia. And she dies! So you have me convinced that something similar is going to happen. Every cause needs a martyr, right? Rose probably would've loved to be a martyr after what's been revealed about her in this chapter. And I think that further stresses the tensions the two redheads already have. Ugh. I don't want Ophelia dead though. But she's beginning to seem like a tragic character, one I love very much.

Author's Response: I wish I could tell you to not worry about Ophelia, that everything will turn up with flowers and smiles and rainbows, but -- well, I can't. However, I can promise you no one literally loses their life. As Dumbledore tells us, there are things worse than death, but I promise that there is no literal death in this story. And as it is, you don't need to die to be a tragic character, so ~~~

I've actually always wanted to use the name Ophelia but hesitated because of the Hamlet connection; I feared it would happen with this story too, but somehow I didn't think it would underline itself in this chapter! You may be reading a little more than I'd have thought into the Shakespearean influence, but the martyrdom thing is a veeery interesting suggestion. Not that I think Rose would like to be a /martyr/ precisely, because she doesn't actually want to leave Albus or Finlay to their devices. She wants to save them, but I wonder if she'd sacrifice so much to do it. Whatever happens, you're absolutely right that the Ophelia-Rose tension is going to go way, way up.

Thank you so much for a great review! It's always great to see others' point of view of a story that's been stuck in your head for so long, so thank you for the insight. I hope you continue to enjoy :)

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Review #18, by evil little devil XIII. Bread

21st July 2014:
I'm really glad that my housemates are used to my spontaneous laughing, because that mobsters-in-law line had me in hysterics! Oh dear Ophelia.
Drunk Ophelia (although how drunk is she really? is she putting it on for the plan, I do wonder), brooding Caspar, crazy-as-usual Rose, this chapter was great fun! It was also really exciting to see more of Antigone and Scorpius, I am really intrigued to get to know them better. It's so much fun to slowly peel back their personalities and motivations and all that stuff. It really keeps me hanging on for more.
I think this is the first chapter we've had so many of the characters smushed into one place, so there are a few new dynamics and interactions. I am pretty excited for the next chapter. Will Damian succeed? What is Ophelia up to? Will Rose unleash violence? Will Caspar's brooding increase in intensity?

Author's Response: Hehehe it is pretty much the line of the story. There aren't many one-liners to be found here, but that is one of the simplest and best so :D Ahh, I didn't even think that Ophelia could be faking! That would have been great! However, she is... not faking. As I think the Antigone and Scorpius section was trying to show, the entourage's only job was to pretend they didn't have jobs, in order to not draw attention to what Sybil is doing with Albus or to what Damian will be doing with this Gryffindor Tower plan; lure them into complacency, kind of, though it would take waaay more than this to make Rose Weasley complacent. And in not having 'real' assignments, they're free to act almost as they wish, as long as it disturbs the Gryffindors, which Ophelia's rants certainly do.

It's true that this is the first time everyone has been in the same space doing something ~important~, and those kinds of structures make for some of the best interactions between characters, so I'm glad you're seeing all of that! And oh dear, let me promise you, EVERYTHING increases in intensity after next chapter. Perhaps not in the way you're thinking now, but... well, you'll see very soon.

Thanks as always Sian for reviewing! The next chapter is not far away and... some?... questions will be answered :)

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Review #19, by Vy XII. Stratagem

11th July 2014:
gaaah can't wait for more

Author's Response: It's never a long wait with this fic, I promise ;) And it's a good one so ~~~ Thanks for stopping by and I hope you continue to enjoy!

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Review #20, by StarlightAsteria I. Luck

9th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

I stumbled on this story by chance, and I'm definitely going to keep reading. First off, I love all your character names, I think they're really well chosen. I also thought Sybil's letter to her mother was very very funny :). Evil Albus! Very interesting concept for a story, And I like how you have lots of Slytherins :) Slytherin is my favourite house :) You also write really rather well, and Albus quoting Machiavelli made me smile. I am really excited to keep reading this story. I would just say that in my opinion, that last line felt slightly stilted. Keep going, though :)

Author's Response: However you came by, I'm so glad you did -- welcome aboard! Hehe my naming has always leaned towards the ridiculous side, so this story is kind of the pinnacle of my terrible taste. This whole first chapter, really, is the pinnacle of how ridiculous I can write, starting with that letter, because Sybil is a ridiculous person when she isn't focused on something, like evil Albus. Being that it is a little ridiculous, I can see that the construction of the line may be a little off. One day, when I edit this for realsies, I'll keep it in mind. I'm a Ravenclaw myself but there's something terrible and aristocratic about Slytherin that makes writing about that House, especially in conjunction with not-so-great Gryffindors, a lot of fun. This fic is long since prewritten, so there should be no major speedbumps on the updating front. Thank you for reviewing and I hope you continue to enjoy~

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Review #21, by HarrietHopkirk XII. Stratagem

8th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

STUFF IS GOING TO GO DOWN AND I AM EXCITED! Seriously though, I know I've said it before but I can't really comprehend the level of cool that your characters exist on. It's just unattainable to me.

That scene with Albus and Ophelia - it was nice to finally hear some details about New Year's Eve, to see whether it was an Albus power play or simply drunken lust and the emotions and actions behind it. BUT ALSO POWER DYNAMICS AND ALBUS BEING EEEVIL AND OPHELIA BEING COOL AND EDGY. Just superb dialogue, superb unravelling of backstory and past events... Just ughhh. Everyone's as kings questions and I don't trust the answers. THE TRUTH IS OF NO CONSEQUENCE.

My faves rn are Ophelia and Rose. I'd love to see a little more of Antigone and Scorpius, but I'm sure that'll happen as the story progresses and stuff goes down at the Valentine's party and Damian and/or Sybil carry out her plans. I'm so excited!

I love your characters, I love this story. Can't wait for the next update, Gubby. Truly.

Author's Response: Stuff is always just about to go down, so now we can bring on the stuff! And ugh, the crazy level of ... you call it cool, we've termed it 'glossy evil'... this story exists on... it's so insane. I don't know how I didn't burn myself out trying to do it. But it's done, so huzzah.

I'm trying to remember now whether Ophelia and Albus hooking up on NYE was in the original outline, and I don't think it was. It was a happy accident of plotting that gave the story a really great underlying tension, so that is partly why we didn't hear details about that night before. The other parts being that 1. Ophelia didn't want to relive them and 2. if all that /had/ been some Albus power play, that would have been all kinds of horrid. And Albus is many things, but he's not all kinds of horrid. It was an accident in every sense of the word, and accidents happen in a world of cool glossy evil, so it's great to add some emotional imbalance to the power dynamics and evil Albus and edgy Ophelia somehow. Like I said in an earlier response, that section was my favorite -- best written, some of my favorite character dynamics (though Damian and Sybil are also hiiighly important, so keep an eye on what they do too!).

Antigone and Scorpius, I know, are a little lacking. Scorpius was always going to be, because he is not a pillar character, but Antigone definitely we need to get to know better. And we will, starting with the Valentine's Ball, in fact. I've said this in responses before, but it took me longer to figure out who Antigone was because the plotting necessarily put her at a remove from the heart of the action at first. She really comes into her own in the second half of the story, which is fast approaching.

I love you, I love your reviews, I love your thoughts! The next update is never far away. Thank you so much, darling, truly.

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Review #22, by HarrietHopkirk XI. Madness

8th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

Hellooo Gubby! I am back, and sorry it has taken me so long to read these latest couple of chapters - but I'm on holiday atm so here I am! And as always, I am in awe of your writing. You really are talented, Gub-Gub.

I love the relationship and dynamics between Sybil and Ophelia. It's so interesting. Obv you've got Potter involved now, so things are way more complicated. I can't help but wonder if Sybil tries to be as ice queen and 'above it all' as Ophelia, but idk. I like them both, obv, and you write them both so well. (And Urquhart is the name of the BBC character that Frank Underwood from House of Cards is based on, so I can't help but draw a slightly Machiavellian comparison).

Also... Love/lust triangle? There's hints but I'm not certain. Probs wrong.

Your female characters are just fab - I love your characterization of Rose. She does what she wants and to hell with the consequences - the insight into her choice/choosing of boys/relationship with Thackeray was inspired. Her inner monologue is beautifully written, and it was great to see things from her perspective.

Just because he hadnít said he would replace her with Sybil Vaisey didnít mean she didnít know he would. And Rose would rather give herself up than give him the chance. I'M SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS ONE PLAY OUT!

And Caspar! A new, darker side to Caspar! So is he only with her for the power?! That's a mad twist, yo. I enjoyed it. Onto the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hi Hattie!! So wonderful to see you back, and honestly -- wow, you are such a darling, this makes me so happy :)

Sybil and Ophelia are a very interesting pair. They've done what others in this story with a complicated backstory haven't been able to do: they were enemies when they were young, and now they're not. They've forgiven but neither has entirely forgotten, especially not now that Sybil is becoming a new kind of leader and now that Ophelia has long since turned a new leaf. I wonder what you mean by "if Sybil tries to be as ice queen and 'above it all' as Ophelia," though. What I'll say is that Ophelia is a big unconscious and conscious influence on Sybil, and what she was like as an ice queen may have taught Sybil how to try to be when dealing with similar situations. In their personalities, Sybil is of course more fiery than Ophelia. (I don't watch House of Cards and only picked Urquhart because it was a canon Slytherin surname that wasn't super Death Eater-y and it started with a vowel, which I thought was nice with Ophelia. The Machiavellian influence is an added, unintentional bonus).

Rose... well, she's a nutjob, and I love her for it. But yeah, she has her reasons for everything -- for being this way, and acting the way she does, and picking the people she does for the reasons she does -- so I'm glad I'm doing her some justice! Poor girl. One day I will write a normal Rose. Who doesn't scheme against her family and the rest of the world to get to what she wants. (Though really, what does she want?). And hehe I'm so glad you got to this Caspar part, since you liked him so much in the beginning. I wouldn't say he's with Sybil /only/ for the power but it's a giiiant driving factor. I didn't think it was a ~twist~ but I'll take it.

Thanks so much for a great review :D

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Review #23, by evil little devil XII. Stratagem

7th July 2014:
"A surprise, a challenge, a scapegoat" - am I reading into this right that Albus is planning to make Sybil a scapegoat for stealing the NEWTS? Does she realise this, I wonder?
This chapter was crazy hectic! So many things happened.
I love how Sybil's plan developed throughout the chapter - moving from Fred to Damian, to having a specific target time. It was a kind of mini-journey within a larger journey.
As almost always, my favourite parts were the Ophelia parts. I love never knowing to what level the deception is going at any given moment in this story. When Albus asked whether she was there on Sybil's bidding or not, I honestly was not sure, because with these guys you're never completely sure when someone is telling the truth or lying or something in between.
Her triumphant return to the dormitory was fabulous! I could really feel her glee coming of the page, and see it in my mind. We also got to see a lot more of Albus this chapter, and outside Sybil's point of view at that, which casts rather a different light on him. I did not quite realise the extent to which Ophelia despised the triumvirate until this chapter.
I am very excited for the Valentine's Ball! It sounds like it's going to be a blast.

- House Cup 2014 Review.

Author's Response: I don't know if Albus is consciously plotting to frame Sybil in turn for any NEWT shenanigans, but the idea is in his head. Then again, there are lots of ideas in his head, I imagine, so these are just a few of the more... obvious ones.

It was an overall hectic chapter though, wasn't it! The development of a full plan, and without anything going wrong (yet)~ The Ophelia section was also my favorite this time around, not in part because it might be the first time we get to see a significant amount of Albus' own point of view. And also it's the best written section. Something about Albus and Ophelia interactions are really special to me, rare as they are, so seeing both of them without the influence of others was great fun.

Thank you as always for a wonderful review! The Valentine's Ball (a two parter!) is going to be a doozy, I promise.

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Review #24, by aurorasoltice XII. Stratagem

5th July 2014:
In all honesty i'm at loss of words when it comes to this story. I find the plot really intriguing, especially when the golden kids are bad ina different amusing way. Seems like the party would be a good camouflage but will sybil's plan work perfectly? It would be amusing to see if she fails (or succeed but not perfectly) to add more thrill.

New reader here! And i've signed up to stalk this story :D

Author's Response: Oh gosh, that's so nice to hear :D Ahh, I'm not even sure there are golden kids in this fic -- not my main characters and not even the kids of the trio -- but as long as it's amusing and entertaining, I'll take it. The party is an incredible opportunity, and Sybil, as we know, is nothing if not opportunistic :) Welcome aboard and so glad to have you here. Thank you for reviewing and I hope you continue to enjoy :')

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Review #25, by HarrietHopkirk X. Trust

27th June 2014:


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