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Review #1, by FriendofMolly Teddy's Worry

4th November 2013:
Let me start with, this a story that has been waiting to be told. Sweet Teddy, so much his fathers son, yet in his Mums image. In the books, the Hat only spoke to Harry and Ron. If he spoke to others it was never divulged. So getting to listen in on how he greets and sorts the Potter/Weasley clan will be very interesting. If you wish to add chapters, I would love to hear what he says to Neville's child, and Luna's twin boys. When you get to Albus and Rose, you could give us a hint about Scorpius, I refuse to believe that he is anything like Draco. I will be watching and waiting for the next.

Author's Response: FriendofMolly,

Hello dear! I just want to first thank you for reviewing this. It's honestly been a while since I've been writing fan fiction (a good few months), so I'm nervous that my writing's a bit weak and shaky.

And yes, it is a story that needs to be told! I'm so excited about writing each of the Next Gen's experiences, because I actually get to follow my personal head cannons, how I personally feel each character is. It's going to be fun, and while some may be obvious in their placement, others not so much...

And I honestly did think of adding the Scamander twins! Now that you reminded me, I'm definitely going to add them onto my roster. As for Neville and Hannah's child, I suppose I can make up a character...It was never established whether they had one, and I strictly wanted to do cannon characters, but I do like to think that they had a kid, because I adore Neville, and I can see him being a great dad. So I'll consider it! :)

And I agree with you on Scorpius. He isn't Draco's carbon copy. And I'll make sure I address that with Albus and Rose's pieces, and he gets his own little story too!

Thank you for reviewing dearie, and for following the story as well!


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