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Review #1, by kenpo A Werewolf's Revenge

21st October 2014:
Hello, I'm here for the BvB reviewing battle!

This was really intense and incredibly well written. I think what's most impressive about it was how much characterization you were able to give Hope in such a small amount of words. I can tell how much she loves her son, and that it took her some time to adjust to knowing about the magical world. She seems okay with it now, though. Even comforted.

I loved the way you gave Hope a moment of relief. It made the ending even more heartbreaking, because her fears were set aside, but then she had to witness that type of horror.

Another thing that I love is how... I don't know, normal? Normal I think is the word I'm looking for? Her hears are pretty normal, and the way she says "just the wind" etc is something we all experience. That made this story all the more spooky because... what if it isn't just the wind?

I worded that really awkwardly, but I hope you get what I'm trying to say.

This was a really fantastic story. Well done!


Author's Response: Hi Georgia! Sorry for such a late reply! Thank you for the great review, I'm really glad you thought this was well written and enjoyed it :)
Thanks again!
Haronione x

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Review #2, by UnluckyStar57 A Werewolf's Revenge

27th September 2014:
Hi there! This review is for Story Search Round 1, which is part of QTR's Fourth Birthday Celebration!

Oooh... This was genuinely really scary! I am super impressed that you managed to create such an atmosphere of fear and dread and horror within only 500 words! So, Hope Lupin seems like she's a Muggle because she didn't know that werewolves weren't fictional monsters. Is that right, or is she just a slightly-sheltered witch? Either way, it was pretty jarring when she saw Greyback hunched over her child, and since that is the worst thing she could possibly imagine, everything else probably seems just peachy by comparison. Arrgggh, Greyback is so awful, preying on children like that. But how did he get into Remus's room? Through the window? What a creep.

This was really well-written! I enjoyed reading, and it was definitely one of the creepiest things I've read in a while. :)


Author's Response: Hi UnluckyStar57!
Sorry it has taken me so long to respond!! Thank you for the great review, I'm really glad you enjoyed it :)
Haronione x

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Review #3, by AlexFan A Werewolf's Revenge

27th September 2014:
Story Search Round 1

This is the first one-shot I've read that uses information from Pottermore and I really enjoyed it. You could really feel the anxiety of Hope through this and her fear that her child might be the next victim in the attacks made by werewolves. It makes sense that in a time like this, she would be slightly jumpy over every single noise that she heard in the night.

I can't imagine how Remus must've felt though at such a young age. Going to sleep, completely unaware of the danger that surrounded him and what would happen to him later that night. Just thinking about the immense amount of pain that he must've felt when Greyback attacked and how frightening a figure Greyback is just makes me want to cry.

My favourite line had to be Standing over him, jaws smeared with blood was the werewolf from her nightmares, Greyback. I just really love the description in that and the picture that it created in my mind.

Good job on this!

Author's Response: Hi AlexFan, thankyou for the great review - I'm so sorry it's taken me soo long to respond! I'm really glad you enjoyed it and could feel the anxiety and fear in it :)

Aw, poor Remus, that night must have been awful for him :( I don't even want to think about what he would have felt!

I'm glad you liked the description, I felt there wasn't much in this due to the word restraints, so it's good to know what was there was good :)

Thanks again for the review!

Haronione ♥

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Review #4, by maskedmuggle A Werewolf's Revenge

9th July 2014:

Oh my, this was definitely very shocking to read about, but you did an excellent job writing it. From the very beginning, when you mentioned that Hope was glad her boy was safe, I had an awful inkling that it would all change the next second because that's what irony is. I'm not at all happy to see I'm right. In fact, I'm so sad reading about it, even though I kind of expected it, and knew that it would have happened :( The ending moments were definitely horrifying, so you definitely did your job well for this as a Halloween story. Hope's terror was definitely strongly depicted and that also came through to me as the reader. A story that can make the reader feel fear is one that's well written indeed, so great job on this.

- Charlotte/maskedmuggle
House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hi Charlotte, thank you for the wonderful review - sorry it has taken me so long to respond! I wasn't sure I could write a scary story, so it is great to hear that you could really feel the fear in this story :) I wish I could have ended the story differently and that Remus never became a werewolf... but I'm a stickler for canon ;)

Thanks again for the great review

Haronione ♥

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Review #5, by LadyL8 A Werewolf's Revenge

7th July 2014:
Hello there.

I really liked this story. I loved how you used the new information from Pottermore and wrote this really terrifying story.

We obviously don't know much about Hope and Lyall, but I can imagine it being hard for them to have a son that was a werewolf. And especially for Hope, who was a muggle and not used to the wizarding world and all its dangers. And to have to see your biggest fear - your nightmare- come true, must've been really hard for her.

And in this story, I can really see her fear. In fact, I can almost feel it myself. She jumps at sounds, and is constantly worried about those around her and especially her son. And I would definitely do that too if my husband had offended a dangerous werewolf.

And I can really imagine her being angry at him for doing something like that - for risking their son's life. And I imagine him feeling extremely guilty, because Fenrir only attacked the family because he insulted him. And then there's little Remus, who doesn't know what's happening. And I just think it's a terrible fate, and I think it definitely effected everyone in the small family.

And in your story, my heart just breaks when her nightmare - her biggest fear come true.

It was really good. You're definitely a talented writer.

- Lotte

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hi Lotte!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful review :) I'm really glad you enjoyed it and your words have really put a smile on my face!! I have been on a bit of a hiatus but reviews like this really make me want to start writing again! Thank you :)

Haronione ♥

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Review #6, by nott theodore A Werewolf's Revenge

6th July 2014:
Hello Haronione! I've been reading quite a few of these 'Claw Halloween stories recently and I thought this was a great addition to them - you Ravenclaws are definitely talented writers!

I think this was a great choice of fear to explore, and I loved the way that you used all the new canon information that's been released about Remus and his family on Pottermore to write this! I can hardly imagine what it must have felt like for Hope to be brought into a world where her very worst fear could actually come alive, where it existed... and it was something that her husband dealt with every day. You did a good job of exploring that and writing about her emotions and fear when it comes to werewolves.

On top of all that, the ending... she's terrified of werewolves and has to face her very worst fear then and realise that her son might be dying, but also that when he survives, he'll be a werewolf... it must be terrible for her to have to deal with the fact that her son has become her worst fear, and get over that. Great story!

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hi Sian! Thank you for the great review and sorry it has taken me sooo long to respond!

I'm so pleased to hear you think this is a great addition to the 'Claw Halloween stories :) and that you felt I did a good job of exploring Hope's fear and emotions - I found it hard to explore it in so few words (I am usually a bit of a rambler ;))

I can't imagine how Hope feels at the end of this - Her first thought is that she hopes he survives, but I don't think it really occurs to her what his survival actually means. But thankfully, we all know she supports Remus and so must get over her fear!

Thanks again for the wonderful review :)

Haronione ♥

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Review #7, by Phoenix Quill A Werewolf's Revenge

1st February 2014:
Hey, Haronione, I'm here with your prize - a review!
This was a good story for such a short one - it painted the fear of a mother who has found out that the things that go bump in the night actually exist, and that they could get her or her son at any time. I liked how you made her more concerned for Remus than herself - a truly selfless mother.
My only complaint was that it was so short. I love a long story, and I would like to see another chapter about the struggle of waiting to see whether Remus would survive, and then if he would turn. I'm not demanding it or anything, but I reckon it'd be cool.
Apart from that, great little story!
Cheers, Phoenix Quill :D

Author's Response: Hi Phoenix Quill, thank you for the great review :)

I found this story quite hard to write in such a small word count - I am usually a long-winded, rambling type of girl ;) so to fit it into the requisite word count of 500 was hard! I'm glad you liked it though, despite the shortness of it.

I'm glad you liked that Hope was more concerned about Remus than herself - I thought how I would feel if there was a werewolf on the loose that had recently killed 2 children, and I would definitely be more worried about my child than myself! After reading this review and thinking about how she would have felt after the attack, I am now really contemplating writing about the aftermath and how Hope would have felt :) thanks for the encouragement on that! Watch this space ;)

Thanks again for reviewing

Haronione ♥

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Review #8, by Mrs Ravenclaus A Werewolf's Revenge

14th December 2013:
Mrs Ravenclaus saw that you had a Remus Lupin story on your page and couldnít resist reading it!

The power of the motherís fear and instinct over their child was shown brilliantly here. I was just blown away by how strong Hopeís emotions were and they left me so so sorry for her. I know obviously it must have been hard for Remus, but for his mother to witness it all and not being able to do anything to prevent it from happening must have been horrible.

I think the thing which pulled off all of the suspense and her intuition were the subtle little things added into the story such as the wind blowing. Thatís such a normal thing to occur but always seems to provoke senseless horror into people, but this time the horror was for a reason. Then the thought of Hope having to live with the idea that because she didnít doubt that noise her son was marred for life. Itís so sad and tragic.

For some reason I thought when Lyall turned up all was going to be fine and that Remus wasnít going to get attacked but of course I was wrong. The way you used him as once a symbol of hope and then to change that to the person who couldnít save her son was a wonderful one. I really do wonder what their relationship must have been like after the attack because I canít imagine it was a good one.

I donít even want to go into the scenes with Remus because itís so tragic. Heís just a tiny boy who doesnít deserve this, and gah, life is so cruel and he needs desperate help. I can just picture the image so clearly in my mind of Lyall fighting Greyback and Hope standing there hopeless (terrible joke for this moment). It was such a powerful image!

Great one-shot!

Author's Response: Hello again, Kiana :) Thank you for yet another great review!

It is so good to hear that you thought Hope's fear and instinct was shown brilliantly. I totally agree that this event must have been horribly terrifying for Remus's parents, especially Mrs Lupin being non-magical and being unable to do anything. That was what made me write this for the hallowen competition.

I'm glad you felt the little details/things added to the suspense of the story (I was worried that the wind bit was a bit cliche for horror - it's always windy in horror films/books, but I'm glad you felt it worked well here :)) Yes, poor Hope, she will forever live with the thought 'if only I'd checked on Remus sooner' :'(

Ha, I wish I could have written it so that when Lyall came home all was well and Remus was never attacked! Alas, it happened and I'm a bit if a stickler for canon so couldn't have written it AU! I wonder how their relationship must have been like too - I have always pictured Mr and Mrs Lupin to be quite united and supportive in dealing with Remus's lycanthropy, I can't imagine it would have been easy though after that!!

Gah, the scene with Remus is tragic and horrible. I decided to set the story mainly on Hope's fears before the attack as I couldn't bring myself to go into detail of the attack - I just couldn't do it to Remus! I'm glad you felt that what I did write of the attack was a powerful image though, even if it was a horrible one! Poor little Remus :(

Thanks again for the amazing review!

Haronione ♥

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Review #9, by Leonore A Werewolf's Revenge

17th November 2013:
Short, sharp, and vivid. I've done Lydall's POV, but not Hope's, and I love this kind of story. It did not disappoint. You managed to get the picture across vividly in the short time available. No wasted words, just swift action, and if fits the plot you've chosen - bewilderingly fast.

Technically, you have lovely flow and excellent grammar. Usually I'm picky, but this time I can't find anything. Well done!


Author's Response: Hi Leonore, sorry for the late response to this review!

I found it hard to write this in so few words so I'm glad you found it vivid and that it did not disappoint :) I might have to make my way over to your author page to check out Lyall's POV!

It's so good to hear you thought it had lovely flow and excellent grammar :D Yay!

Thank you for the lovely review!

Haronione ♥

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Review #10, by quixotic A Werewolf's Revenge

4th November 2013:
Hello! Thanks once again for the awesome review on my story :)

This was a thriller, that's for sure. With a story so short, the suspense builds up extremely fast and sort of wallops me in the face. At the end, my heart was racing.

You've managed to portray so much about Hope's character in so few words. She's obviously not a magical person and believes in God, which is quite rare in the Wizarding World. She's a kind of mother who always puts her son first and whose thoughts forever revolve around him.

I'm quite curious to know how Greyback managed to sneak in with Hope being so vigilant. Also, seeing how nervous she was, I am quite intrigued to know how Hope could have left Remus all alone in his room. I would have thought that she would be keeping him under her constant watch. Perhaps she thought that Remus' room was the safest place he could be.

The ending is actually quite bittersweet. You have Hope hoping(for lack of a better word) that Remus would survive. The readers know that Remus will survive, but they also know that he would be cursed as a werewolf for the rest of his life. I'm not sure whether to be happy or sad.

Overall, it's a beautifully written piece that is so concise yet descriptive. I'm glad I had the opportunity to read it :)

Author's Response: Hi quixotic :) you're welcome, I really enjoyed reading it (and I am still wearing the dunce hat ;))

It's really good to hear that you thought this was a thriller - I really wasn't sure I'd done scary too well! Sorry for walloping you in the face with this story!

I'm glad you felt I portrayed a lot about Hope's character in such a short space. I found it quite hard to write this in 500 words (I usually tend to ramble a bit, oops) I always saw her as a very doting mother, so I'm glad I managed to portray that here :)

Greyback climbed in through Remus's window (as i found out from Pottermore when researching canon facts for this fic) and Hope had not thought of this possibility. She was very vigilant, on the alert for any activity on the ground floor, expecting that if anything happened Greyback would have to get past her downstairs first ;) She did think Remus would be safe in his room and checked on him regularly ;) Just not regularly enough :(

At the end Hope prays for Remus to survive as she is not thinking about what the consequences would be for poor Remus if he did survive, she just wanted to keep her little boy! It is quite bittersweet.

Thank you so much for the fantastic review :) I am so glad you enjoyed it and found it to be beautifully written!

Haronione ♥

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Review #11, by milominderbinder A Werewolf's Revenge

1st November 2013:
Hiya! Here from Ravenclaw review tag, reviewing for team blue :P

So, I entered the Ravenclaw halloween competition too, but after reading this, I think I would be honored to lose to this story! Honestly, you did such a good job of making this super scary in so few words. I loved how you incorporated canon and the details JK Rowling has released after the series, added to your own ideas of that night.

I loved your characterisation of Hope. I really felt for her, I thought you took us through all her emotions so well. Like how at first, she wasn't worried, and thought she was just being silly by worrying about it being the full moon. I thought that part really made the end more intense, contrasting her view that her fears are really unlikely with the fact that they then happen exactly as she's afraid of! And then that she had that intense moment of fear and it turned out to just be her husband coming home, so she was filled with relief and let her guard down for a moment, and then THAT is when her worst fear actually happens! I found that made it really scary, because it kind of made me think of all the things I'm afraid of but just write off as me being overdramatic, and imagine if they actually happened!

My favourite lines were:

Standing in the room, eyes darting from the curtained window to the ceiling, above which her son was slumbering, she was unable to compose herself, unable to act like the sensible, grown woman she was supposed to be.

As Lyall fought off the werewolf, Hope watched on paralysed, praying her precious boy would survive.

^That last line made me really emotional because even as Remus is being attacked by a werewolf and Hope knows he's been bitten, all she's wishing is that he'll survive. That's truly a mother's love right there, that she doesn't care if he becomes a monster, as long as he's alive. That was so sweet but also tragic!

Well done, this story was amazing, especially in only 500 words!


Author's Response: Hi Maia! Wow, thank you so much for such an amazing review!

To be honest I have sat on this review not really knowing how to respond to it's awesomeness!! I am blown away (and blushing) by your compliment there, thank you!!

I really wasn't sure this was going to be scary enough (I'm not used to writing scary stuff!) so I am so happy you thought I did a good job of making it super scary!

I had to change my original plans for this story after doing research on Hope and Lyall Lupin and finding out that Greyback actually attacked Remus in his room - I was originally going to have Remus sneaking out of the house, but I am a stickler for canon facts so that plot just had to go ;) I'm really glad you liked the version I went with in the end!

It is so good to hear that you thought i took you through Hope's emotions well :) I felt that she would have been fearful on the night of the full moon after Lyall had angered Greyback and that this fear would have been intensified when she was home alone with Remus. I often get spooked by little things and then try to tell myself I'm just being silly and over-dramatic, I thought Hope would do this too. I'm so glad you thought it made the end more intense!

I was unsure about that first line you quoted when I first wrote it, so it is really good to know it is one of your favourites :D I'm glad I left it in!

I'm glad you liked that last line :) I felt that, at that moment, Hope would just have been scared to lose her son - especially when she knows Greyback had killed 2 children. She wasn't thinking about the possibility of what would happen to Remus if he did survive. I think any mother would prefer to have a child who turns into a monster once a month than to lose them altogether though - I know I would!

Again, thank you for this amazing review, it has made my day (week) and has put a huge smile on my face :)

Haronione ♥

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Review #12, by toomanycurls A Werewolf's Revenge

31st October 2013:
Hi!!! I think you got this in 'on time' because it was posted while it was still Halloween my time. :D

I'm really glad you wrote this. It's an incredibly intense read. I can only imagine Hope's fear and feeling of being powerless as a muggle during that evening. She didn't have the ability to fight off magic with magic. The build up you do for Lyall coming home was quite dramatic and scary. I mean, I was half thinking it'd be Fenrir coming through the door.

The way you gave me momentary relief before Remus screamed was horribly cruel but wonderfully done. While I knew it was coming I still felt the horror Hope felt. I've always been mad at Lyall for not doing some magical protection his house. I mean, a crazy werewolf says he'll get back at him and a protection spell doesn't cross his mind?!?! (I just had to get that off my chest)

This is quite the wonderfully scary story. I really felt Hope's fear and terror throughout this.


Author's Response: Hi Rose!! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this :D I found it hard to write just 500 words for this, I had to curb my rambling - I didn't think it was possible!! Haha!

To hear you are glad I wrote it is just fantastic :) thank you! I had many different versions of this running through my head whilst writing this and I found it hard to choose between them (normally, without the short word limit, I would have meshed them all together but that just wasn't possible here) So, it's good to hear that what I went with resulted in an intense read :) I'm glad you found the build up to Lyall coming home to be dramatic and scary. I felt that in the circumstances Hope would have been very jumpy and on edge on the full moon, making the smallest of things more dramatic and scary!

I'm sorry I was cruel with the momentary relief, but I'm glad you thought it was wonderfully done - this means a lot from you, as you do this so brilliantly yourself!!

Let it all out, Rose! I agree that Lyall was a very foolish man not to put protection on the house. If only he had had the sense to put some protection on/around Remus his life could have been very different!

It's good to hear that you felt Hope's fear and terror throughout this. And I wasn't sure it was scary enough for the challenge, so I'm happy that you thought it was wonderfully scary :)

Thank you for the great review!!

Haronione ♥

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