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Review #1, by MrsJaydeMalfoy All he can do is think...

25th April 2015:
This is another one of your very original pieces! You really have a knack for writing about scenes from the series that don't get much attention, and turning them into amazing stories!

It was really interesting to look into Morfin's thoughts about whether or not Tom could be his nephew, and the way you described the haze in his mind over what happened (no doubt caused by Tom casting a memory charm), was very realistic.

Wonderful job dear! And again, I'm sorry it took me so long to get the hot seat and Team Friar reviews to you!

Author's Response: D'aww, you're so sweet! Thank you! I do love how there are moments that were featured in Harry's story only as passing references because it means we are free to expand on those moments!

Morfin was fun to write about. On the one hand, he is a raving, rambling Muggle-hater who is congratulating himself about what he's done (or thinks he's done). On the other hand, he is also quite smart, in his own way. That dualism made him interesting to write. I'm glad that you thought the description of the haziness of his memories was realistic!

Thank you for all of your reviews! Don't worry about them coming late; I completely understand that other things must take priority!

- Emmi

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Review #2, by typewriter All he can do is think...

3rd February 2015:
Hello! I really enjoyed the intrigue in this story. There was a lot that I've lost knowledge on that was included. You actually had me on Harry Potter Wikia reading about Morfin after reading this tale, because I was fascinated! I was so thought-provoking. I absolutely adored the way that you led into Dumbledore visiting him. Well done! I've never been able to get the creative juices flowing to write about such an underrepresented character, and you did it very well.


Author's Response: Hello Amanda!

Thank you! I had to constantly check my facts while I was writing this, there was so much I had forgotten as well. :) It's great that you wanted to read about Morfin after reading this; it makes me feel that I've done something right here! And more love for Dumbledore! That's good. I really enjoyed writing Morfin because relatively little is known about him so I had some creative freedom with him. That, and writing his ramblings was so much fun. :)

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #3, by Freda_and_Georgina All he can do is think...

3rd February 2015:
This was so interesting! I don't think I've ever seen a story from Morfin's point of view, let alone him trying to remember Tom (Marvolo) Riddle. I don't know why this prompt isn't more popular; it's a very intriging subject to explore. But if any author should handle it, it should be you, master of darkness without the story being too (overwheminly) dark. I love the way you had him try to recall his real memories and fit them in with his fake memories, and I also love how you bring in Dumbledore in the last line.

Brilliant mix of darkness and light.

Author's Response: I don't believe I've ever seen a story from Morfin's point of view, either, but I'm really glad I got to write about him for this challenge because he is such an interesting character. Thank you so much for your compliments! I'm happy that it's not too dark! I really enjoyed writing Morfin struggling to figure out what's real and what's not. And because I always enjoyed the memory scenes in the Half-blood Prince, I just had to include Dumbledore in this.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #4, by Lululuna All he can do is think...

18th November 2013:
Hello, I'm here to review your entry for my challenge! Thanks so much for providing me with this really well-written and insightful story!

I'm so glad you chose to write about Morfin as I think he's a pretty interesting character who is mostly neglected in fan fiction. I think you did a really good job of getting inside his head and emulating his thought processes. The use of third person reminded me of how Morfin thought of and referred to himself in the scene where we see him. It was interesting how he went through all these details in his head, slowly going through them to come to a conclusion, and then deciding in his strange rational way that there's no way Voldy could be their son. The title "Musing on Riddle" really played into this as it's like Morfin has a riddle to figure out as well as the significance of the name "Riddle" for both Tom Riddes that he's thinking about.

On that subject I really admired how you made Morfin so fixed on the idea of being a pureblood. It was almost like a comfort to him in the end: how he wasn't afraid of the dark because purebloods don't fear the dark, and that was his way of coping with it. And then he's so concerned about the family heirlooms, and he hates his sister because of her shame to the family and her pure blood. And then his references to Slytherin: it's almost a little tragic, how simple-minded he is in his conviction and his evil. It's like he isn't smart enough to know better and all he has to hold on to is his own assurance of his family.

Something else I enjoyed was how the story has a sense of timelessness: it's like this story could take place over an hour or over several years. It really created this tone of being trapped in Azkaban and having nothing to think about or dwell on. This line: Morfin had almost forgotten. How could he? After all, murdering the despicable Riddle family was not something you should just forget. really shows how much Morfin's mind has deteriorated: he has to remind himself of things he's supposedly done and his conviction in them, and he forgets that his father is dead and worries about what he will do to him.

Dumbledore coming in at the end was like a beacon of shining light to me! :P I really loved your description of him, it was just spot on, and the way he addressed Morfin as "my friend" and Morfin was hostile to him was just so in character. I really like the idea of Dumbledore not being affected by the Dementors, and the idea that he tried to redeem and even free Morfin before his death in Azkaban.

I think this was a wonderful insight into Morfin's mind, and I hope you liked writing it as I really enjoyed reading it! :D Thanks again for entering!

Author's Response: Thank you for your review!

The thing about Morfin was that in the end, he basically wrote himself. All I had to do, really, was to type it down for him:)

The inspiration for the story was the scene where Dumbledore tells Harry what happened between Voldemort and his uncle and how he had obtained the real memory from Morfin. Particularly the line "He'll kill me. He'll kill me for losing his ring." (the exact wording escapes me at the moment) stayed with me and became the catalyst for this story. I knew that Dumbledore had to appear at the end, to tie this more closely to the canon.

As for the timelessness... you know, I never even considered that when I was writing this! It's always interesting to see how others interpret your work.

Thank you for creating this challenge, I really enhjoyed writing this! Thank you again for the wonderful review!

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Review #5, by Alisha All he can do is think...

8th November 2013:
Wow A Nice Thing This Was :-)

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you liked it!

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Review #6, by happs All he can do is think...

3rd November 2013:
ahh dumbles! so smart. i liked it.

Author's Response: He is very smart, isn't he? I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #7, by theblacksisters All he can do is think...

3rd November 2013:
Liked the ending-gives the sense of you know what's going to happen next. :)
PS hope you enjoy this review. I know I feel like dancing around the room whenever I get a new one.

Author's Response: The scene where Dumbledore recounts to Harry how he found out about Morfin and Voldemort served as the inspiration for this one-shot, I just had to include a reference to it! And yes, it is always fun to get reviews:)

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