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Review #1, by Josette_Phoenix Prologue

3rd January 2014:
Hey there, time for some overdue reviews!!

Zombie apocalypse! This sounds very creepy and I'm very excited to see where you're going with this. As always, your writing is succinct without being plain, yet vivid without being over-adjectivey. And well done with the creepiness.

I'm really intrigued at the lack of secrecy, too - wizards whipping out their wands in public. And I'm quite scared about Hogwarts being out of bounds!!

Can't wait to see the rest!

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Review #2, by UnluckyStar57 Prologue

2nd January 2014:
Hello! For the Seventh Day of the Twelve Days of Reviewing at the forums, I shall review this story!

Wow. For such a short prologue, this really gets my attention. Zombies are incredibly fascinating, as the current trends would suggest, and the fact that you've put them in a Wizarding World context is really awesome!

So, Scorpius' parents have been zombified and he doesn't know where to go. It's still the early days, after all, and probably no one knows the caliber of the danger that they face. Will he be able to cure the zombie plague, or will he succumb to the bite in the end like his parents? Will the world go to war against the creatures, or just give up?

You've really caught my attention with this prologue! I hope you update soon--I would like to know what happens next!

Happy New Year!


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Review #3, by academica Prologue

2nd November 2013:
Whoa, Athene, what a prologue!

It's interesting to see the wizarding world's reaction to this infection. I liked how people initially thought it was an outbreak of Inferi and then were shocked to find the dead reanimating and turning into monsters. I'll look forward to seeing what kinds of magical twists you put on the traditional zombie apocalypse story--for instance, Scorpius being able to overcome obstacles like running out of gas or not being able to run fast enough by being able to take his broom and escape into the air.

The way you described him having to block off Draco and Astoria and burn the house down was really horrifying. You can tell that he was really emotional and simultaneously desperate the whole time, and that he hasn't had a proper chance to grieve or even process what happened. I hope Rose is okay and he's able to find her and take some kind of comfort in her company.

I also liked how you juxtaposed the events happening for Scorpius personally with the way the world as a whole was changing--for example, the last part about people no longer writing anything for the newspapers, because there just weren't enough people left alive to do that. This infection seems to be spreading incredibly rapidly and I'm curious about where it came from and how it will affect the story as it proceeds.

Great prologue! :) I'll be back for more!


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