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Review #1, by The Basilisk That Halloween Night

14th October 2015:
I am the Basilissk. Hiss

I love it when witches and wizards are baffled by the way Muggles imagine them!! And the way James managed to make a compliment out of it is perfect.
The fact that you sstarted this one-shot with ssuch adorable sscenes of a happy family makess the inevitable ending sso much more heartbreaking.
I had never thought Lily would die at peace insstead of worrying about her child's life. It's quite an interessting and peaceful take on it.

I found adorable the way James blames Sirius for everything and I couldn't help but wonder if, had the Potters lived, it would have been a thing - blame everything on Sirius (in the same friendly way, of course). It made me think of blaming it on the dog, and made me smile :)

The desscriptions you use are ssimple and vivid, painting an immediate picture. Even though I knew how it was going to end, by no way did that sstop me from not being able to sstop reading.

I shall sslither away now.

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Review #2, by TheHeirOfSlytherin That Halloween Night

16th April 2015:

I honestly read so many versions of this night because everyone makes it just a little bit different and I love that. Yours is so... heartbreakingly hopeful. For Harry anyway. We know what will happen to Lily, but we don't know her actual thoughts/actions excluding that little bit in DH part 2 for Snape's memories. I can just imagine Lily being this way, hoping for her son and feeling that he will be okay. Because she is the one who made it so by being a sacrifice, so I can imagine if her magic was powerful enough to make it happen than it would be powerful enough to tell her somehow that it's the right thing to do. Does that make sense?

Anyway, the beginning with James and Lily was so lovely, even with the dark undertones you'd set with the fog. I just knew something bad was going to happen without looking at the date and having previous canon knowledge, but I still had hopes for them being okay and happy and good.

So you can imagine my sadness when James died. ;(

This was so great. I enjoyed every moment of it.


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Review #3, by 1917farmgirl That Halloween Night

17th March 2014:
You know, I hate reading Halloween '81 fics. Almost as much as I hate reading Dead Fred fics. They are just so emotional and painful and...yeah. And yet I keep reading them.

I loved the warmth you infused this story with - showing how much they all cared for each other as a family, and how much love Harry was surrounded with as a baby. It is such a contrast to where we first see Harry in the books - living under the stairs.

The beginning of this was so normal - just a regular family on Halloween dealing with messy babies and silly things and affection. It was heartbreaking to turn from that to what I knew was coming.

You also managed to awaken all sorts of questions in my mind. Not about your fic - your fic was wonderful, but about how JKR chose to do this in the first place. Why would Lily run upstairs? To a dead end? She was a witch after all, and from what we've been told, a pretty amazing one. Why didn't she escape through a back door? And if there wasn't a back door, surely she could have taken Harry while James distracted Voldie and escaped through a ground floor window or something. Even a Muggle mother would have tried to smash out a window and run with her child.

See, so many questions! That's the mark of good writing - you get me wondering about things!

Thanks for this fic, even if you made me cry.

- Farmgirl

Blackout battle round three review 9/20.

Author's Response: Awww thank you so much!! It took a lot out of to write this, since I had to bring myself to such a dark and brooding kind of place so I am glad you appreciated it. This was a story I felt I needed to write though since I could never get it outta my head. As a mommy myself I just couldn't fathom what could have been going through Lily's terrified mind. Thanks again for the awesome review!!

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Review #4, by TheGirlOnFire That Halloween Night

1st March 2014:
Hello, this is for the blackout bingo :)

This was nice *sniffs*. I liked this, it was nice and sweet and sad. It was pleasant to read about their last moments together. It was emotional though to think about. It was great.


Author's Response: Aww! I'm glad you liked it. It was an emotional piece to write so I'm glad that it was received so well! Thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by True Author That Halloween Night

14th November 2013:
Review tag!

I loved the plot idea of the story. We all know about the dreadful night, but we are ever curious about James and Lily's life in Godrics Hollow. I think you've captured their love for each other, their loneliness, helplessness and also their role as Harry's parents. It was all very realistic.

Voldemort's entry gave me the chills. The way you described the changes of the atmosphere of the room was very effective.

Great job!

Author's Response: Awww thanks! This was actually quite a challenge for me as it meant stepping out of my comfort zone. I was really going for the emotional aspect of this horrible event and it's good to see that some of that came through!


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Review #6, by Dark Whisper That Halloween Night

7th November 2013:
Wow, Hollystone, You had me glued to my screen. This was very suspenseful and even though we all know what happened, it was a really great look into her point of view.

I loved adorable little Harry and his chocolate frog and really loved "Pafood." LOL!

Such a sad night, but you've really showed how brave they were when they knew what was happening.

Great job on this Halloween story challenge.

Dark Whisper
P.S. Go ATR! :D

Author's Response: Yea! Thank so much! This was very different than anything else I have ever written. But super fun!


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Review #7, by Lady Asphodel That Halloween Night

6th November 2013:
Amazing! Amazing! Bravo, Bravo my dear! This was absolutely brilliant! It seems as of late I'm reading things I never had before, including this particular piece where you actually gave an insight of what happened on the night of Halloween. This was so bitterly sweet and lovely and of course sad!

I feel like you could have added dialogue towards the end between Lily and Lord Voldemort - but it's honestly not that important because this was a beautiful one-shot here. :D

You're my favorite author now! ^_^

(If I haven't already marked as my favorite writer [which I thought I did] then I will now. ;) )

- From the review thread,

- Asphodel

Author's Response: are gonna giggle on this one, but one of the biggest reasons I didn't add the dialogue is so I wouldn't have to add a reference at the end! (I have been doing too many references in my papers for class!)

I'm glad that you liked this though! I was actually pretty nervous about writing this one since I really haven't ventured much outside of my Harry/Snape comfort zone. :)

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Review #8, by toomanycurls That Halloween Night

4th November 2013:
Hi! Doing a review tag!

I really like the window of time you're writing about. that an and of itself makes this story rather interesting.

The boredom and discussion of muggle Halloween is a great conversation between the two. I've never seen Lily portrayed as the one who might have been bored and anxious but I love that you added that to her. It's a great facet of her that I've never seen but feels very genuine. James' observations on trick or treating are great. Perfect wizard interpretation of the tradition. James is quite sweet to Lily. *gush*

LOVE that he compared marrying her to catching the ultimate snitch. Well, even if Lily didn't like the analogy, I liked it. I imagine that being compared to a sport is a bit of a romantic let down.

Oh gosh, Harry calling for Sirius is absolutely heart wrenching. He's right at the perfect age to be able to say a few words. :D

Your description of James' death (as perceived by Lily from the floor above) is terribly sad and petrifying. The line look up all she had left in this world is another heart breaker. :( You bring out the fear and desperation in her final moments with brilliant clarity.

This is really quite incredible - I'm so glad I got a chance to read this.


Author's Response: Aww I'm glad you liked this! This was the first time I tried writing anything about them two and was pretty nervous about it especially since it was WAY more emotionally charged than other things I have attempted.

Thanks for the great review!

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