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Review #1, by Karou_Marauder Abigail Prescott Is My Best Mate

31st January 2014:
Hey there! I'm from the review the person above you thread :)

I like how Albus is going over what he'll say to Abby in his head, and the examples for how well they know each other.

A Victory Dance is a great idea, and also a great setting for this.

Globular Goblins??! XD

I hope Albus asks her out. I think this Riley guy sounds like a right idiot.

The bit with James is a nice touch. You show how he's annoying but still looking out for his little bro (in a way). I can definitely see myself doing the tongue-tying curse on my sister.

No! Evil Riley. Couldn't Albus have had a chance?

Okay, so I get that Riley's a nice guy. But, y'know, give Al a chance!

Author's Response: Hi!

Yes, Albus is such a dweeb, but I love him! And the fact that they know each other so well is just so cute too! And yay! I'm glad you liked the victory dance idea as well as the band name (one of my favourite names so far!).

Yes well... not everything is as it seems?

Yay for James! I love him too, and he truly does care for Albus, even if he does show it in a bit of a strange way. As for Riley... well... oops? And Al did have his chance, for a few weeks, he just didn't take it!

Thank you so much for this wonderful review!

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Review #2, by Lululuna Abigail Prescott Is My Best Mate

19th November 2013:
Hello! So this is a prequel to your Nano novel, which is so exciting? Is your novel mostly going to be in Abby's POV or Albus'? Either way I really liked the Albus you portrayed here and I'm excited to see more of him. His annoyance with James was really entertaining and brotherly, from how James is teasing him about telling Abby his feelings and how Albus tries to be certain things so that James won't make fun of him. I felt sorry for him, but I could tell they loved each other really. The brother dynamic should be really interesting during the events in your novel with James being another love interest for Abby, and I'm excited to see how that all plays out!

There were a few really humourous and witty bits in here which I really enjoyed, like charming a suit of armour to dance with a teacher- that was awesome! Albus seems like he has a quiet but funny sense of humour and voice which I liked. I also quite enjoyed the idea of a Victory ball to celebrate the end of the war, and it reminded me a little of how in PS all the wizards in their cloaks are out partying in public and that's their way of celebrating, which seems awesome.

Albus was a little whiny with his love for Abby but I thought it was sweet nonetheless. It was nice how he concluded with saying that they would always be friends no matter what, though it's pretty obvious to the rest of us that he isn't okay with settling for that. I'm curious to see what she thinks of him while all this is going on and if she really likes Riley at this point, or if talking about just being with one boy could have been a very subtle clue to Al, which he clearly missed. Hmm... Also I'm beyond excited to meet Diamond Parkinson! :P

It seems like you have a great Hogwarts world set up here and I'm curious to see how the secret societies will tie in. The inclusion of canon names was great and I liked the wizarding band and the songs which were mentioned. :)

Nice job, looking forward to your novel! :D Thanks for the swap!

Author's Response: Hi!

And yes, such excitement! The novel will be in Abby's POV, but I really wanted to show Albus's side of things, so I was super glad I thought of this!

I'm really glad you like Albus! Yes, James is quite annoying, and as you know the two brothers won't end up on the best of terms... But anyways! That chaos is for another time! ;)

I'm glad you thought it was humorous and funny, as I strive to write both in my stories, so yay! And Albus, I just love his reserved personality.

And yay for Victory Balls and charmed suits of armour!

I'm working on little whiny Albus, so hopefully I can straighten that kink out soon... And unfortunately, he is going to sit on his bum like the little weirdo he is and not make a move on Abby because he's scared she doesn't like him that way. Even though, as you pointed out, she was totally hinting at him. Poor Albus. Not one for subtleties...

And hopefully once NaNo is up you can see how Abby truly feels about the both of them! And of course, how Diamond Parkinson fits in (although I'm warning you now she's only introduced in later chapters - think chapter 8).

I'm beyond ecstatic that you liked this little Hogwarts I've set up and yay for canon names! I really wanted to incorporate new names and old ones so I'm glad to see that being noticed now. And yes, wizarding bands! Pay attention because that'll be big in the novel! ;)

Thank you so much and I hope WMHL doesn't disappoint! Thanks in return!

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Review #3, by Nasim6413 Abigail Prescott Is My Best Mate

8th November 2013:

I totally enjoyed this one-shot, and I feel really sorry for Albus. The way he was trying to decide how to tell Abby about his feelings I found totally realistic. I mean, who wouldn't practise telling their friend that they like them? ;) I really felt Albus's frustration when Abby was still thinking about Riley. And then when I saw Abby and Riley, I was so sad for Albus.

Everything made sense to me. It's not bad, written from a lovestruck guy's point of view. Although, I don't know myself how a lovestruck guy's point of view would be because I'm a girl... but Albus is very believable. When the last song came on and Albus immediately told Abby to go find Riley was really heartbreaking :'( You might as well turn into the new J.K. Rowling.

I would really love it if you turned this into a novel!!!

The story was great, and I find your writing amazing. Good luck for NaNoWriMo!

~ Nasim

Author's Response: HI!!!

And I don't really like the term friendzoned. It's more like... he hasn't told her how he feels, so he's been Unknown-Feeling-Zoned.

And yay! I'm glad you liked it! I'm also glad I made you feel things! FEEL ALL THE THINGS! (but... you probably didn't :P)

Yay, I'm glad it made sense, and I wouldn't know either considering I'm also a girl... changes will be made as I get more insight ;)

But yay! Believability! And I'm now as awesome as our queen, but it makes me so happy to hear you say that! It really warms my heart and makes me happy and loved and just going to weep over how much that meant...

Okay, I'm back! While I'm not turning *this* into a novel, my NaNo is from Abby's POV in their sixth year (the year after this takes place). And yay! You think it was great and my writing's amazing? I'm so happy!

And thank you for the luck! I'll need it! :)


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Review #4, by KatieRoo Abigail Prescott Is My Best Mate

6th November 2013:
Hey there!

First of all, definitely a great start you have here! You've explained everything quite wonderfully, without going overboard on details! Seriously, I read way to many stories where they give out too many details and not enough story, but you've got a great balance here!

Okay, so as of right now, I can see what you mean about writing from a guys prospective, and I can take this story in one of two ways. One, that Albus is in love with Abby, so of course he notices everything about her. Most of the time, I write that way, for that purpose to be served. But, another way I can take it, is that you are a girl writing for a guy, so its not quite manly(?) enough? I don't know the right word. -_- But, coming from a girl that only has guy best friends, they never ever notice details. Like how Albus notices the pattern of Abby's dress? Unrealistic for a guy, although, I can see why you did that, details to the story.
So without more blabbing, I think you need to find balance there, and then pick a side from what I suggested.
Of course this is your story, so keep in mind, thats only a suggestion. If you have something better, by all means go for it!(:

I think overall, this was a fabulous beginning, and I know I can't wait to see what Albus will do.
Fantastic job deary!(:

Author's Response: Hi!
Thanks for taking the time to do this! :)

Yay! I'm glad the detailing was good! I'm really glad you think I've balanced it out well!

Okay, as for the too many details from Albus, I will definitely tone that down. And thanks for pinpointing exactly where it seems kind of off! I really appreciate it, because Merlin knows I need it. ;)

I will definitely work on that! Thank you for the suggestions!

And yay! You like it! While I won't be continuing via Albus, if you want to see what happens next, my NaNo is from Abby's POV, but I will definitely request for that one!

Thank you so much again! This was really helpful!

Lo :)

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