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Review #1, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage 10th Anniversary

28th April 2017:
Here for CTF!

I loved this! The fact that he was blind is a brilliant thing to hide until the end of the story and makes it stand out even more because he really sees her for who she is and not because of the fact that she's a Veela. The fact thta they both just got out of relationships is an interesting fact too and it makes me hope it'll all work out for them. It'd be a shame if it didn't.
The fact that she is so sad and the mentions of everyone else be happy is also so sad, because it makes me want to hug Gabrielle really hard and never let go - or at least not for a long time. I hope her bakery goes to strive even further after what they did, even if she's short on staff now, because that would be the perfect revenge if you ask me. It's also really ehat she deserves, because she seems like such a sweet person and nobody deserved what happened to her.
And well Richard... The fact that he's blind also gives a nice contrast to Oliver because Richard gets to see things other than him and makes a good difference between the two brothers, which is also a very nice addition to it. I hope they get happy in the end! Great story!

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Review #2, by manno_malfoy 10th Anniversary

28th April 2017:
Hey there, I'm back again for the CTF.

I mean, you did warn about how fluffy it would be, I just didn't think it would be quite this fluffy. But that's okay because I'm in the headspace for fluff and I always wondered whatever happened to Gabrielle.

I like that you've taken this Veela charm which is used in the books and the movie as this alluring thing that most girl's would dream of, and you've focused on the struggle that may come with it when you're got a lot of superficial men. And I respected Gabrielle a lot for knowing what she wants from a relationship (as any successful woman at that age should) and didn't want some shallow relationship devoid of profound understanding or that centres around her attractiveness.

I guess it does get a lot more cheesy once Richard pops up, but you know why I don't mind at all? Because you'v given Oliver a brother and I just kept imagining that accent.

Another thing that amused me and I really like was Gabrielle getting all poetic about bread rising. I mean, kudos for Richard for coming up with such a good ice-breaking question. It's such a quirky, but cute conversation.

I do wish that Gabrielle hadn't been so heads over heels already by the end of it, especially since she had just gotten out of a relationship and she had barely spoken to Richard for two minutes. But given how lonely she seemed to be the first half of the story, I can kind of understand her excitement about having come upon basically everything she's hoped for in a man.

This was really cute and I enjoyed reading it!

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Review #3, by livmarie 10th Anniversary

13th May 2015:
I cannot express how much I loved this piece! You've touched on a theme that doesn't get nearly enough attention and done so in a beautiful way!

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thank you for this absolutely wonderful review!

Lo ♥

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Review #4, by greenbirds 10th Anniversary

11th January 2014:
omg wow! what a plot twist- i so did not see that coming. obviously it's sad that he's blind but it's also very bittersweet. this is the perfect fluff and the ending put a smile on my face; i loved it! the only criticism i have is that the accent you wrote in for gabrielle made it a bit difficult to follow the dialogue, but that's probably just me being slow.
no, i really enjoyed it. happy review swap! bea xx

Author's Response: Hi!

Yay for plot twists! And yay for fluff! I'm glad I did it right! And yes, I know the accent is difficult to follow, but I tried to keep it consistent with Fleur's accent from the books, as well as from my own experience with French people speaking English.

Thank you so much! This review swap was so much fun!

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Review #5, by Secret Santa :) 10th Anniversary

30th December 2013:

Another good story!

To see Gabrielle demonstrating that she was a person instead of relying on her heritage was very well written.

It seems like Richard and Gabrielle would have a very good chance of making a cute couple!

Good job!
Secret Santa!

Author's Response: Hello!

Thank you! That means a lot to me! And yes, Richard and Gabrielle are so cute together!

Thank you!

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Review #6, by BLONDEbehaviour 10th Anniversary

8th December 2013:
Hiya Lo!

I saw that you had written this idea of yours! So I thought I'd come have a lookie and a review :)

I really like it! I think your twist of making Richard blind makes it just perfect for Gabrielle, and you did well in making her broken english work in this story, as it can be hard to write sometimes!

Anywhoo, I like this Lo, I think you've done a great job :)

Author's Response: Hi!

I'm really glad you like it! And yay for broken English! I'm glad I did that right considering half of my family is French!

And yay! I'm super glad you like it and I'm so happy you think I did a great job!

Thank you so much!

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Review #7, by Red_headed_juliet 10th Anniversary

6th December 2013:
Awh! It's so cute! As soon as he asked the question about the bread, I thought he may be blind. Very sweet. I think it's quite well put together. Not too cheesy, I mean, it's not like they were vowing their unending love for one another after a few minutes civil conversation. It's just sweet. +] As far as CC, it seems like the only suggestion I can give is the line "he could make even the straight-faced man smile" into "even the most straight-facecd man". Seriously... I'm grasping for straws here, that's all I got. +] Very nice.

Author's Response: Hey!

Yay! I'm glad you thought it was cute! And yay for not too much cheeseyness! And I will go look over and fix that CC (thanks for pointing that out by the way)!

Thank you so much for this wonderful review!

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Review #8, by house elf 10th Anniversary

6th December 2013:
Ahh I really enjoyed this! Richard's 'stunning' comment was made all the more touching when you realise he actually wasn't referring to her pretty face :P So sweet (and sad). I also thought her pronunciation of 'Ree-chard' was a cute, realistic touch.

Lovely story :D

Author's Response: Hi!

Yay! I'm glad you enjoyed this! And yes, Richard is such a sweetie! And yes, French pronunciation is something I'm quite adept in and I think it's so cute and adorable when it's something like that.

Thank you so much!

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Review #9, by Rumpelstiltskin 10th Anniversary

6th December 2013:
So this was a cute idea! I don't think that I've ever read a story featuring Fleur Delacour's little sister as the main character before.

The premise was sweet. I love Gabrielle's envy upon observing the relationships around her. Gabrielle just wants to be seen for something other than her looks, which I found to be quite a charming idea for a story!

Unsanitary things? That made me laugh, but I do feel bad for Gabrielle.

You even changed Oliver to Olivier when Gabrielle spoke his name? Aw, the little things :). I love that you did that, it just adds that much more to the story!

Oh, and the ending was perfect! What better way to have somebody fall in love with who you are (beyond your appearance) than to be with a blind man. That was absolutely perfect!

Oh, light and fluffy. That's just what I needed; fantastic job!


Author's Response: Hi!

I know! Gabrielle doesn't really get much fanfic time, so that's why I decided to write about her!

And I'm glad you liked the premise! And poor Gabrielle, with wanting to be more than just a pretty girl, and her horrible ex!

And yes, I know an Oliver and whenever I meet his mother (a very French woman), she always says Olivier, so I definitely wanted to put that in there!

Yay! I'm glad you liked the ending! And yay! My first real completely fluff piece! I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you so much Rumpel!

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Review #10, by LilyLou 10th Anniversary

6th December 2013:
Review swap!

This is so sweet! I'm in love with it! Ahh a spin off would be great. Richard seemed to sweet and Gabrielle was sweet as well. I did like the George Weasley bit as well James.

I really enjoyed this. It was very well written, I must say.

If you had any concerns, I really wouldn't worry. I thought this was great (I'm beginning to be redundant)

Great job!


Author's Response: Hi!

Ooh spinoff! I'm thinking about it, but I guess time will tell! And yay! I'm glad you enjoyed this! And don't worry, redundancy makes me happy!

Thank you so so so much!

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