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Review #1, by Infinityx The Meeting Of A Lifetime

12th January 2014:
Hi there! I'm here for the review tag!

I love the way you began this story. I had to read the first few lines twice because I thought it was Draco's POV. Then, needless to say, I felt really stupid. *sighs*

The light way in which you've written this is so perfect for the setting. I smiled throughout this cute, fluffy piece. I love your characterizations of both Draco and Astoria. They are so amazing together and the way they interact makes it so clear that this relationship would progress.

Draco is just so adorable! White chocolate? :D I loved that part. I could see the whole conversation like it was happening in front of me. It was so refreshing and wonderful to read. Great job!

- Erin

Author's Response: Hi!

Yes, I've heard that a lot. But that's what I want: a girl that others might not automatically assume is a girl.

I'm glad you like the characterizations! And yes, they do work well together, don't they?

Eee! I love awkward Draco! Thank you so much! This means a lot!


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Review #2, by Penelope Inkwell The Meeting Of A Lifetime

20th November 2013:
Well, this is cute! I love some Astoria/Draco, and this is a refreshingly lighthearted one :)

I have to say, I think my favorite part was the beginning. When you started out with the whiskey on the rocks and the pocket watch, I was thinking it was in Dracoís P.O.V., and lo and behold, it was Astoriaís! That gave me a nice chuckle, and was a good way to establish her character--the sort that keeps you on your toes--in few words.

Also, Draco would totally just know Romanian. I can totally see his father requiring that he learn it. It was great how Astoria could go toe to toe with him, not just in drinking (though that was entertaining, too) but in the more academic sense as well. It gives you a hint as to why the two of them would become more than just a one night stand.

The end, where he orders *her* the last drink and gives her the choice. Just classy. Well done, Draco. And obviously it works out for him ;) I have to admit, I didnít know what Astoria was going to ask for or how she was going to turn it around, but as soon as I read, ďour date starts right now,Ē I snickered. It was the perfect thing for her character to do.

I often have trouble reading one-shots that have OCs (and even though Astoria is canon, she might as well be OC since we never see her in the books) because I feel like there isnít enough time to establish their character, but you did a nice job of setting that up very quickly with Astoria. This story kept me guessing and made me chuckle, and your protagonists had cute chemistry.

It was a fun read. Thanks!


Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you thought it was cute!

And teehee, I'm glad I confused you there for a moment. I tried to make Astoria both extremely feminine and also not at the same time, so a whiskey on the rocks seemed like the perfect way to do so (also, I was watching HIMYM and Robyn (Robin?) was drinking 'manly' beverages and it worked for her! *PS, I totally don't own HIMYM*

And yes, I thought Draco would know a little bit of another language and Romanian just seemed to pop out at me. I honestly don't know why... And yes, I did try and create Astoria as an equal in every way to Draco, and even better (and sometimes worse) in some areas to balance him out.

And yay for classy Draco! It did work out for him, didn't it? And for Astoria too!

I'm really glad you liked this one-shot then, and even happier that you think I did a good job introducing and establishing Astoria's character! I'm glad you liked it and yay for chemistry!

Thanks so much!

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Review #3, by Rumpelstiltskin The Meeting Of A Lifetime

14th November 2013:
Oooh! A new story! Yay!

This was cut and it made me laugh :). Seriously, white chocolate and vanilla? The conversation was pretty dang funny.

Of course, it didn't even TOUCH the hilarity of the little game they played :p.

This was fun and fairly light and fluffy.

Thanks for making me smile, MT :D!


Author's Response: Hey hey hey!
Yay for new stories (I have a lot of these...)!

And I'm so glad I made you laugh! And smile!

Thank you so much and I'm super glad you liked it!


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Review #4, by Rumbleroar goes roar The Meeting Of A Lifetime

13th November 2013:
Awww that was a really fun and sweet story. I liked Astoria's character; it's refreshing to read a confident female character. Nice one shot :)

Author's Response: Hello!

I'm glad you liked this! And yay for confident Astoria!

Thank you so much!

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Review #5, by toomanycurls The Meeting Of A Lifetime

13th November 2013:
Oh this brings back so many memories for me (of going to bars and hitting on guys - not meeting Draco).

You do an excellent job with bar/drunk flirting. I almost think you're quite experienced at this. :D I love that they're both trying to keep the upper-hand in their conversation. They both over-estimate their own flirtation abilities though.

O.o I cannot believe how many drinks they had. Are wizards magically able to not get alcohol poisoning? I've gone 10-15 in nights but that's brutal.

I really low how they end their night - both competitive and really into each other. It seems like a great intro to their life together.


Author's Response: Hi!

Yay for bar/drunk flirting, and I'm glad I did that well considering I have *no* experience with that.

And I should really clarify this, so thanks for pointing this out: they're collecting drink sticks, so Astoria will maybe sip a drink and then just fiddle with it before leaving it on the counter when she leaves the guy she's flirting with, but she'll keep the drink stick, and Draco steals the drink sticks from the drinks he buys other girls. So, yes, they do have a lot to drink, but not as much as I made it seem (which I will rework!).

And yay for intros!

Thank you!

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