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Review #1, by Huffle Clause! One

24th December 2013:
First of all... WHY doesn't this have any reviews?!? Well, we'll just have to fix that, won't we?? :D

I really liked this! It's really dark and mysterious - my curiosity is definitely piqued! I think you got Bellatrix's characterization down-pat; she was very believable and honestly, really scary!

As for who the un-named characters are... Hm... I really don't know! You did a great job with maintaining the mystery! I Do have a guess for who it was that kissed Bella - I think it was Voldemort. With all that talk about a prophecy and all. But still, I didn't think he normally wore a mask... Hm...

As for the escapee - I literally have NO idea. For a moment I thought it might be Regulus, or Barty Crouch, Jr. Or maybe even Snape. But I'm really not sure!

Anyway, this is another great piece, dear!

Santa's off to bed now (got a long day tomorrow - hehe :P) In case I don't make it back to finish your reviews before Christmas is over - Merry Christmas!! ♥

Author's Response: Hello again my love!

It was actually the one thing that I found difficult with this, making Bellatrix seem a bit scary. I'm an absolute chicken, the least things terrify me, so just her being there would be enough for me to start screaming!

Right, I can't give everything away ,but no, the person kissing Bellatrix at the end wasn't Voldemort. It was someone else *queue mysterious laughter*

And as for your escapee guesses, one out of the three is a possibility for the role. The other two are very good, but not it. When I was writing this, I left the role open to two characters, so as to enhance the mystery and all that jazz!

I understand that Christmas has been and gone, so I hope you had a wonderful Christmas my dear, if your fabulous reviews are anything to go by, you deserve it :)

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