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Review #1, by ms simone Watercolors

18th April 2014:
like this dark hermine.. an interesting plot..

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Review #2, by UnluckyStar57 Cigarettes, Whiskey, & Wine

16th April 2014:
Whoa! The story title says "Relapse," and that's certainly an accurate title! :D

So what I'm seeing right now is corruption on all sides. Astoria tries to seduce Draco even after their marriage has ended and she's been called in for questioning. The nerve of that woman! What did Draco see inside her mind? Is she actually innocent, or did he lie for her? Oooh, so much mystery!

And Hermione Granger!! What a surprise! I don't have much experience with Dramione, but darn, Hermione seems to have done a complete one-eighty since the War!! I guess that's what happens when your husband cheats on you... Well, good for her for trying to redefine herself. I hope that she can reach a happy medium between good girl and bad--unless she's converted completely to the dark side? *evil chuckles*

What really amazes me is the complete role reversal. Draco is being the good boy, trying to clear his name for his poor mummy, and Hermione has become the exact opposite of the bookish girl we used to know. It's kind of funny while also being quite severe!

I am very interested to see how their next encounter goes!


For the Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza.

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Review #3, by Brttknee Our Hands

31st March 2014:
I love this story! It's so well written and totally believable! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Brittknee, Thank you Darling. My updating speed has slowed somewhat but please keep up with the story~ happy reading :]


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Review #4, by lola Our Hands

22nd March 2014:
please hurry with the next chapter!

Author's Response: Lola, Thank you thank you for being patient! Dearest apologies for the update delay. Enjoy the new chapter :]


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Review #5, by toothfairyliz Our Hands

17th March 2014:
can not wait for the next chapter! hurry please

Author's Response: Toothfairyliz, Sorry for the update delay. The new chapter has been submitted, it should be up within the next few days :]
Happy Reading~


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Review #6, by Brigitte Cigarettes, Whiskey, & Wine

14th March 2014:
I have to say... You've got the sexiest banner ever!

Author's Response: Brigitte,

Why thank you. It's my own handiwork. Glad you like it. I hope you give the story a chance as well :]


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Review #7, by brttknee Our Hands

13th March 2014:
Really enjoying this story! I would have given a 10, but the chapters are so short :( I still love it though.

Author's Response: I'm in the midst of writing the next chapter, I promise I will make it much longer :]


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Review #8, by brttknee Cigarettes, Whiskey, & Wine

13th March 2014:
I'm always suspicious about Draco/Hermione pairings, but this one looks promising!

Author's Response: brttknee,

yay :]~
thanks for giving it a shot


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Review #9, by Stunned Our Hands

12th March 2014:
This story is getting so good. It's totally dark and twisted, you think you're starting to see the light and then you close the shutters on us again, which is terrific writing.
I'm so excited for the next chapter!
Stunned x

Author's Response: Stunned,

Thank you Darling, as always for being my most loyal and devout follower. I worried a little as this is intended to be a darker story so there isn't going to have a lot of fluff. I'm glad you took to it well :] Happy Reading~


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Review #10, by randomnickname Our Hands

12th March 2014:
Damnt it! EXCELLENT!
I read this lot in one go, catchy and thrilling: new favorite!

you have a nice, elegant style, with love for detail and a lot of ingeniosity and realism: it's a kind of HP- Mad Men. Good, deep characters, man, I want to know the end!

And as a hint: you can afford to be less obvious. A little less statings ("He was attracted to her","she feels disturbed") would be welcome: with your precise, pictural style, you don't need to point it out that much, describing their faces or the way they talk like you already do is way enough.


Author's Response: randomnickname,

Hmm a HP-Mad Men? Haha, how gracious of you. I'm flattered. This is my first fan fiction and it's only just begun so it's bound to be a bit rough. I appreciate your specific comments. Stay tuned & happy reading :]


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Review #11, by Perdaha_Obssesed Shedding

12th March 2014:
O my. Goshthis is awesome. I find it hard to breathe. This is like . Awe struck. I love it. Keep going


Author's Response: Perdaha_Obssessed,

Thank you and welcome in to "Relapse." I'm glad you're enjoying the story thus far. Please stay tuned & feel free to leave comments anytime. Happy Reading ~ :]


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Review #12, by Perdaha_Obssesed Taming the deadly

12th March 2014:
Omg this is soo good. You can basically feel dracos emotions. I wonder what hermione is up to... Can't wait to find out.

Love perdaha

Author's Response: (chuckles).. my dear, you're in for a ride ;]

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Review #13, by Stunned Shedding

14th January 2014:
I love the endings of your chapters, they're always a perfect way to end that sort of rounds it off but leaves me wanting more.
And believe me, I want more! I'm glad you updated super quickly, I love this story and I can't wait for the next chapter.
I think this chapter was a clever way to get Draco and Hermione to show that they both do care for each other, fab work!
Stunned x

Author's Response: Dear Stunned, Thank you for ALWAYS keeping up with the story. I do apologize for the VERY VERY late reply & update. You're so wonderful leaving gracious but specific comments on each chapter. Love you, Darling

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Review #14, by Stunned Do 'Good'

11th January 2014:
You're back! You hadn't updated in a while so I feared that you'd give up on the story (please don't!)
I loved this chapter, the story is so deep and sincere but you make it so it's easily accessible and I feel like I'm beginning to understand them both now, amazing job please keep it going!
Stunned x

Author's Response: Stunned, If not for myself then for my few active loyal readers I shan't abandon this story. No worries. I've just submitted the latest chapter. HAPPY READING, DARLING

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Review #15, by LilyKiara Taming the deadly

7th January 2014:
I love your writing and the story plot. The plot is different, good different. I love how you make Hermione irresponsible and laid back after being uptight in school, and Draco the good guy trying to renew his reputation. For a fic like this, it deserves to be continue. Please don't stop! I've read fics with great plot and grammar that doesn't continue and made me feel so mad and regretful because of my curiousity of what will happen next to Draco and Hermione. I may or may not be reviewing much later- because I'm usually a 'silent reader'-, if you continue, but know that I will always be waiting for a chapter update and read it too. And also, LOVE it. I really hope that this will maybe help to motivate you in some ways :)

Author's Response: LilyKiara, Thanks for taking the time to write a review despite usually being a silent reader. I was actually losing fuel for the story but you've given me a little boot back up, so thanks :]
Thank you for the specific feedback, I always appreciate those the most. I posted a new chapter today so it should be up within the weekend. Happy Reading~


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Review #16, by Stunned Taming the deadly

9th December 2013:
Golly Gosh. Another jam-packed chapter (which I loved)
That was an unexpected turn of events at the end there, another thing to add to the thickening plotline!
Once again, I love this story, please keep writing.
Stunned x

Author's Response: Stunned, I can never be grateful enough for your loyal following :]] Thank you for always keeping up with each chapter, I posted a new one so keep an eye out for it over the weekend. Happy Reading

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Review #17, by floometotherain Watercolors

1st December 2013:
Can I get a hell yea!

Author's Response: HELL YEAH ;]]
Keep an eye out for the newest chapter over the weekend


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Review #18, by Stunned Watercolors

30th November 2013:
Your chapters just keep getting better and better! This story is progressing so well, I love the way you present the ongoing tension between Hermione and Draco but perhaps we are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel here? I can't wait to read more about these two!
Draco obviously likes this new Hermione and the fact Harry has realised will add an interesting twist to the story :)
Your descriptions as well are really good, especially how you write about Hermione as being dangerous and wild, it's really interesting.
Your chapters are fabulous, you just put one word after another but you really make magic with them and the emotions you portray in your writing are so deep yet come across so accessible for the reader.
LOVE your story, I hope their are LOADS more chapters to come (I will never want it to end!)
Love, Stunned x

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Review #19, by floometotherain Distracted

24th November 2013:
Please keep writing! Abandon stories are the worst. I feel this is different and exciting. You post new chapters quick enough please continue.

Author's Response: Indeed, I have posted a new chapter which should be up in a few days. Thank you for taking a minute to write a review. Happy Reading :]

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Review #20, by ihate coming up with usernames Distracted

22nd November 2013:
sorry I didn't leave a review last time. Oh wait, did I? If there is a comment about her being a b* and me being a b*, then that's me. Please don't abandon ship. I want to know how it ends. Really really badly. And if you still want to drop it, then you should know I'm getting heart surgery in five days and I love this story, and I really don't want you to end it. Please. I love it. And I am begging you to keep it. Plus, it doesn't matter how many people review or read it, its about writing a great story, which you are doing. Now I am going to tell you (or type you) a story.
There once was an old man walking along a beach, stopping and throwing objects in the water. A young man came closer and saw that he was throwing starfishes in the water. "What are you doing?" the young man asked. "When the low tide comes in, any starfishes left on the beach will die." The old man explained. "That's ridiculous. This beach goes on for miles and miles. You can't possibly think that you will save all the starfish." the young man exclaimed. The man thought about it for a while, then picked up a starfish and threw it into the water, saying "Well it means the world to this one."
Well you are the wise old man, and I am that one starfish. And if you abandon ship I will literaly start to cry. Do you want me to cry. I didn't think so. Now get to your computer, and write, write I say! (And that is my motivational pep talk of the day)

Author's Response: Genuinely, thank you for your words of encouragement. I will definitely try to continue the story, even if it is only for the select few of you. These few starfish are still precious to me :]
I'm really really glad to see there are people that are attached to the story. I tried to make this next chapter a lengthy one. Happy Reading!

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Review #21, by Stunned Distracted

22nd November 2013:
Your writing is verging on exquisite it's so intriguing don't lose hope on the story, it's only in it's early stages!
When I first came across the first chapter I wasn't entirely sure if I liked the idea but your writing was good so I kept reading. You have convinced me! I love the idea now and the story is amazing :)
A brilliant chapter again (10/10), really hope you do another one (please?!)
Stunned x

Author's Response: Stunned,

Thank you for continually reviewing my story & keeping up with it. I will try to follow through with it at least for the loyal few :]

And please keep reviewing too! I LOVE LOVE when readers point out parts/characters/dialogue that they enjoyed. Happy Reading~

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Review #22, by AussieLottie Fallen from grace

20th November 2013:
Hello again! :) Thanks for the response, and yes, a beta is someone who checks your chapters before you put them up for validation.

My email is just my pen name at gmail . com . :)

If you email me there we can work out all the details. :)

Great work on this chapter. :)

Author's Response: great! thanks! much appreciation!

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Review #23, by AussieLottie Irony

19th November 2013:
What a novel idea! I'm leaving a review because of your A/N :) but mainly to tell you not to lose faith when people don't review, it is a great feeling to get reviews from people on your story but don't count on it. :/ It takes time and effort and generally when people are reading they aren't bothered to. Focus on the reads... If you get a lot of reads, it means your story is good! But don't stop writing! You should be writing for yourself first and foremost! That's why I do it at least. :D Although anyone who's a writer on this site can relate on how depressing it can be not to get reviews, especially on chapters you think are good yourself!

I'm going to stop now, great work so far!! Your tenses are a little bit inconsistent but nothing that makes your story unreadable!! You might want to consider getting a beta though, it can be good to get consistent feedback from someone, especially if the reviews aren't any more than, "WOAH!!! YAY! I love this story upload another one soon please!" Those reviews are nice, but when you want constructive feedback a beta is great. :) If you're looking for one... I would love to help out! :) Once again, great work so far!


Author's Response: AussieLottie,

THANK YOU for your words of encouragement. They are much appreciated. Although it maybe quite shallow for me to await reviews, I mainly wrote this story in particular to solely see what people had to say or thought about it. I wanted to see if readers could see what I was trying to convey...

And what is a beta? Is that where you would proofread/feedback the chapter ahead of time? If so, then YES!! This story is extremely experimental for me... I've never written in present tense :/
I wanted to try something new to give a more visual/and "NOW" feel to it.

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Review #24, by ihate coming up with usernames Fallen from grace

16th November 2013:
I love it. Hermione is finally being a b* for once and I f* love it. Love it. And I can't wait to read the next chapter. I can see the headlines in the daily profet 'Big job, big b* to deal with, and a ticked off Malfoy added into the equation.'

Author's Response: I wouldn't quite put Hermione as a b* just yet. I just wanted to give a different take on the characters we all know & love... esp because they are human too, they feel, experience, and grow too.

I'm really glad you like the story! Please keep up & the next chapter should be up within the next day or two. Cheers :]

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Review #25, by Stunned Fallen from grace

16th November 2013:
The tension in the air in this chapter is so good it makes you shiver I can literally feel it from the other side of my laptop screen.
I can't wait to read more about this new Hermione she is seriously intriguing and that last line has just set the tone for the next chapter really well.
Only one mistake that really stood out (sorry if I'm being a nag, I know everyone makes these typos I do it all the time but it's hard to spot it yourself so I'm just pointing it out- you wrote 'godddamn mudblood' but it only has two d's. I'm being really picky which is a compliment haha your writing is really good.)
Eagerly awaiting the next chapter!
Stunned x

Author's Response: Thanks for the ongoing reviews :]
I'm really glad the chapter actually evoked tension for the reader (you). And yes, I tend to have a lot of typos. Perhaps I should start rereading the chapters before I post them. lol.
The next chapter should be up in a day or two. Happy reading :]

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