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Reading Reviews for breathless
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Review #1, by marauderfan breathless

15th March 2014:
gaaa this is beautiful. I love it and totally nominating it for a keckers award. Sorry I don't have time to leave a proper review but I just wanted to say thatthis is an amazing little story and I loved how you portrayed Andromeda's emotions and her relationship with Ted and just everything. Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much! This review was really wonderful to read and I'm so glad you enjoyed my story!
Cassie :)

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Review #2, by LilyFire breathless

23rd February 2014:
This was very emotional. Very...I don't even know. You used second pov very well here. I didn't even realize it was second until about halfway through the story. Her slow decent was very nicely done, the way you showed the delicateness of it all was wonderful.

the upturn of the story was amazing too. It was great, building from a firm friendship to a beautiful romantic relationship. I think realizing she has a family was my favorite part.

I honestly have nothing negative to point out about this. Fantastic job, dear.

Author's Response: Hi Lily!
Thank you so much for this lovely review! It was really wonderful to read, and I'm so happy you enjoyed the way I wrote Andromeda and use second POV! Both were new for me, so I'm thrilled that you enjoyed them! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the great review!
Cassie :)

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Review #3, by Gabriella Hunter breathless

27th November 2013:

Wow, this was amazing! I have to say that this was a really unique way of first, narrating the story and I absolutely love the way you've written Andromeda. I can get sucked into the story so much quicker with the way you write this and I can feel how anguished and heartbroken she is. Its just wonderful to see such subtle detail and the steady pain and angst feels like it might burst but then there's Ted.
Oh, I loved all of those scenes and the steady growth of feelings between them. The kindness that he was showing towards her and the way he was able to reach in and pull her back from her sadness was just so lovely to read. Man, I could read a whole story with them! Why have you not done this for me? D':
I have no CC's either, just that this should have been SO much longer.
Darn you!
Much love,

Author's Response: Hi Gabbie!
I'm so happy you enjoyed reading this! I was curious to see what people thought of it, since it's a new writing style for me, so I'm thrilled that it's gotten positive feedback so far!
I really enjoy writing stories about minor characters, and had never written about Andromeda and Ted before, and had been wanting to for a while when this suddenly popped into my head and I basically wrote it all in one go! I think to do something like what Andromeda did and go against your entire family takes a lot of guts, especially when her family and their friends can be so cruel and shut her out after she speaks out. It's similar to what Astoria is trying to do in A Force of Wills, I think, but Andromeda has absolutely no desire to go back to where she came from, and she doesn't have someone like Blaise to be there for her when she's pushed away. I think being that alone would really tear someone apart, which is what I tried to capture in this story.
But, of course, we know Andromeda and Ted end up together, so he had to step in sometime! Something I really liked about writing the two of them is that there's no rush in their relationship, and they're both perfectly happy to just be friends and take things further if that's what happens. Neither of them are pushing for the relationship to be romantic, which I don't read (or write) a whole lot of, so this was a nice change! Haha.
I am so happy you enjoyed this story! Thank you so much for the lovely review!
Cassie :)

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Review #4, by toomanycurls breathless

9th November 2013:
Hi! I saw your post on the forums and thought I'd take a peek at your story.

I really love how you built Ted and Andromeda's relationship. It felt like a slow burning fire. Ted seemed so sweet and compassionate. I really like that he was there for her just because she needed someone. I like that Andromeda came to love him over time.

The only part that left me slightly confused was how/why Andromeda was alienated from her family in the beginning. The books made it sound like her alienation started when she married Ted.

You have a wonderful love story here. So glad I got to read it.


Author's Response: Hello! I feel awful that it's taken me so long to respond to this review, but I've been so busy that I haven't had much time to get over here, unfortunately.
I'm so happy you liked the way I wrote Ted and Andromeda! I wanted their relationship to be gradual, especially because of where Andromeda is in her life when they meet. She's in such a dark place that she wouldn't just jump up and start dating him. Haha. But he knows that she needs someone, even if it's just a friends and he is willing to be that person, so I think that's what brings them together.
The alienation was something that I played with, so yes, it is slightly out of canon from what the books made it sound like, but since we never really get a timeline of when Andromeda met Ted and either left or was kicked out, I took some liberties with it. I thought that she would already disagree with her family's lifestyle by the time she meets Ted, because she does fall for a Muggle-born even though her family is against it, so I just had her speak out about her beliefs before meeting Ted so I could build their relationship the way I do in this one-shot, if that makes sense.
I'm so glad you enjoyed this! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!
Cassie :)

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Review #5, by patronus_charm breathless

9th November 2013:
Sorry for this terrible review (in quality and quantity) I'm meant to be NaNoing but this one-shot was just so great I couldn't resist reviewing!

I thought you really tapped into Andromeda's mindset really well and thus made her and Ted's relationship really work. I've been thinking of doing a short story collection for them and just reading this made me want to write it even more because you made them so adorable and cute that I want to write it!

One other thing I liked was how you made the loner and isolated at the beginning as that fitted really well with my image of her because I always imagined her to be a rebel in some aspects and this worked well with it as she went against her family making her feel outside. Plus, it meant that Ted could slide into her life really easily and make sense too.

The progression of friendship to love was really natural and great and just made me ship them so bad. It was just great! Sorry I keep on repeating it but that's what it is!

Lovely one-shot!


Author's Response: Hi Kiana!
Thank you so much for reviewing! Sorry I'm so late with your response!
I loved writing this one-shot. It wasn't planned out at all, so it was really a chance for me to just free write and see what happened. I liked getting to just spew feelings and description and not worry much about dialogue.
I'm so happy that you liked my characterizations of Andromeda and Ted! I'de never written them before this, but I think I may do it again now that I've tried it once!
Thank you so much for the positive feedback on this story!!! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it enough to review!
Cassie :)

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