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Review #1, by marauderfan Overachiever? Meet Bad Boy.

12th November 2014:
Omg. This is gold. I absolutely adore Dramione parodies, as I'm not a huge fan of the ship itself, and this brought out all the cliches in the most hilarious way possible. Hermione randomly being the sexiest person in the room who shows off her legs, Draco being the misunderstood bad boy who secretly just wants love, the instant strike of attraction and hence true love. And Crabbe and Goyle being the same person because who honestly knew the difference between them anyway? Brilliant.

Oh and all the out-of-story narration like this: See, now isnít a co-dependent relationship an awesome plot twist? I told you youíd love reading this story. Let me continue though, because it just keeps getting better. -- Hahahaa... just throughout, the dry humour was the BEST.

I laughed out loud a few times while reading this as the narration was just so much fun and the ideas so silly, but at the same time quite familiar as they do tend to show up! Well done on cobbling together all these cliches into sheer brilliance.

Also, I gotta say - that bit at the end where you mention Hermione apologizing for Draco being stupid and how she imagines that Draco's shortcomings are her fault - I thought that was brilliant too but on a different level, as it wasn't subtle at all the way you pointed out the flaws, I love how you stated it so frankly as it's something that happens to people in real life which is sad as I'm all about women's empowerment. Anyway, I'm not sure if that part of your fic was intended to raise those points but that's how I interpreted it ;)

But I digress. This was seriously a brilliant fic, your parody voice is amazing, and I doubt you'll ever see this review because you seem to have disappeared but just in case you do, know that this was awesome and please write more Dramione parodies. :D

Author's Response: Marauderfan, ! I havent logged on in so long! I apologise.
thankyou sooo much. I have disappeared, and probably wont get to be around much in the future, real life seems to have banned me from writing, but thankyou so much for the review especially given you'd worked out I wasn't around...

uhh.. so yes you pretty much picked up on what I was trying to say in my not so subtle way about stupid relationships, and I will never EVER write another dramione as I really really HATE that ship, but thats ok. your review made it worth the writing. this review was beautiful. I have no idea if you are even around yourself, but will go and investigate as I seem to remember enjoying reading your work myself. Oh this is all so familiar and yet so distant.

Your review was beautiful and I miss this world so much I am tempted to return... hmmm.

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Review #2, by Hogwarts27 Overachiever? Meet Bad Boy.

9th July 2014:
Hi! It looks like I'm a latecomer to this little story, but I loved it! You've written the very first Dramione that I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed! Their heartbreaking saga was SO - well honest and believable. My favorite part was their first kiss. I was definitely feeling the heat of Draco's raging hormones when I read that. Hmm, getting locked in a closet - gee, who would've thunk? I loved your psycho-analysis of the ship - You said everything I ever wanted to say about the ship. And you had me laughing and smiling all the way through. Thanks for writing MY one true Dramione story. It was fantastic.

Author's Response: Oh wow. Thankyou for that review!!! I have been offline for months to a year and so I apologise ofr not having the opportunity to reply to the review!
I am so glad you enjoyed that dramione. I hate the ship (clearly, witness my destruction of it) but making it over the top ridiculous was.. surprisingly therapeutic! Thanks for the review :)

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Review #3, by Rumpelstiltskin Overachiever? Meet Bad Boy.

4th November 2013:
Anthea! (I did it right this time! ^.^)

I saw this and had to give it a go because Dramione is one of my least favorite pairings ever! I knew you wouldn't let me down!

The narration is absolutely brilliant! It not only draws the readers in for more connectivity (hooray!) but also sets the sarcastic tone and humorous mood for the rest of the story. I don't think I've ever actually read a story where the narrator is speaking directly to me or bringing me along in the story. It was really quite fun.

During Hermione's introduction, all I could think of was a parody of a Cover Girl commercial with the "Sleak-Ezy" solution and the phrase "from looking like a nerd to a total knock-out." This. Was. FABULOUS! (Don't mind Rumpel, you know there's something wrong with me.)

The interactions were incredibly hysterical. Actually there were many pieces in this that held ridiculously humorous qualities. You know, the Crabbe/Goyle ghost complex, poisoning people, purple panty-shots, Neville, Draco's newly acquired speech patterns. Eh, there really are too many to list. I loved the spectrum of comedy too. It ranged from low-brow (because who doesn't love boogers and undies) to the hints of high-brow.

I was already all but on the floor with laughter and then I reached the "or did they" continuation.

I think that you may have killed me!

- (X.x) Rumpel (or zombie Rumpel if I am dead and unaware of it)

Author's Response: Author's Response: yay! not the only person in the world who isnt a fan of draco and Hermione!
I have to admit, after writing my anti-ness out, I actually feel quite affectionate about Dramione at the moment.

wasnt sure about Narrator talking in first person, but it was incredibly fun to write, and I think (having never written a parody before) that as it was a parody, I actually decided I didnt care if it would work or not cause it was meant to be bad.

Gave me a lot of licence to enjoy myself actually.
covergirl ads. should totally star hermione aww you made me laugh!

Hints of high brow? certainly not intentionally.
I hope I didnt kill you. killed your laughter or jsut killed you? I m sorry either way. Zombie rumpel would be bad. Im kinda not sorry i wrote it. Excorcised some demons there. the ending was my treat to myself - and if you know any one in a relationship like that, slap them. slap them hard.
then make them read my totally true to life dramione.
thanks for the awesome review :)

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Review #4, by Lululuna Overachiever? Meet Bad Boy.

3rd November 2013:
Hello, here from review tag! :)

I really enjoyed this! Parodies are my not-so-guilty pleasure, and this definitely did not disappoint. While I'm sure there are some good Dramiones out there, you really picked up on some typical aspects of an idealized and unrealistic relationship and made it hilarious. I enjoyed the tone of the writer throughout the story, and all the little jabs and metafictional points you made- it as really effective. :)

The transformation of Hermione into the woman of Draco's dreams was hilarious, and I loved the -slightly random but all the better for it- description of her speech to the students about flexibility, and hearing their reactions after about how on earth she did it? Draco's poisoning people and his sob story made me laugh too, and every time he poisoned someone else I giggled a little.

I think the mention of the ghost of Crabbe/Goyle was one of my favourite parts of the story. Ever since the actor in the movie debacle it's been even harder to tell them apart and you really played into that and what flat characters they are with how he kept recycling the same insults at Hermione.

The ending was a great satire about dependent relationships though it made me almost a little sad for people who are in them! Poor Hermione, having to see Draco go and poison her friends and see him get back with Pansy. :P I'm glad you included the little plot twist at the end, it rounded the story off nicely and helped make it original even in the world of Dramione parodies!

Great job with this, I enjoyed it a lot! :D

Author's Response: Hey! thankyou for such a positive encouraging review!
I confess. Ive never read a parody (well thats a lie, as of 5 minutes ago, I read yours! it was great!), dont know what it is meant to be, and didnt know whether this fit the bill.
so thankyou for the encouragement.

the "voice" in yours cracked me up... i think that was something I tried to achieve with the "tone of the writer" and the meta fictional asides..
I need more of an education. I had to google what metafictional was, and I see now that you are referring to my comments on the plot and the story itself which are thrown threw it. I think. (Pm me and correct me if I wrong? Im here to learn.. my formal education was science, so I dont get grammar and stuff, meaning HPFF is an awesome education for me!

I didnt know there was an actor debacle! Out comes Dr google again! Your reviews are so educational! this is why I love learning so much.

And yeah. I feel sad for anyone in a codependent relationship too. Having been there, I kinda get it, you know, but watching a friend going through the same thing... sucks.

Was a nice opportunity to completely destroy dramione... and exorcise some of those things I really really want to say in real life and just know that it is not a good thing to do.. I am a sucker for disney endings.. it is only ok for a non disney ending in a dramione as far as I am concerned. :P

and I giggled almost continually as I wrote this. Poisioning people - you know, just casually. Glad you did too!

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