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Review #1, by carellio Meet Mo

27th March 2014:
I'm so intrigued with this story already!! I love Emma and James and all that tension! I can't wait to learn more about Mo!
Great story, can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hi!

Oh yay! I live to intrigue you! Emma and James are just so cute, and Mo! You will definitely get to learn more about Mo!

Thank you so much for this wonderful review!
Lo :)

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Review #2, by LittleLionGirl Meet Mo

20th January 2014:
Well. this was an er- interesting train ride. Mo huh? Kind of catchy actually... I just wonder what happened where her whole attitude and look changed. I really like that the Emma and James tension is present but it also takes a backseat to the situation. I am really hooked onto that idea now... I wonder how the school reacted? Or maybe this was because they did not offer her headgirl??? Well- I hope I get to find out eventually.

Author's Response: Hello!

Yes, I'm sure Emma would agree with you. And what happened will remain a secret until the end, unfortunately. Well, the school will react as a close-knit school community would - with confusion and rumours! And nope, she's still head girl! I hope so too, although no promises (sorry).


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Review #3, by ReeBee Meet Mo

14th January 2014:
Hi! Review swap!

So so interesting! Firstly, I loves the characterisation! Emma! Ah! So so interesting! I love what you've done done with her!! And James!! He's so fun! And I love their chemistry! So so sweet! And Molly! I love her and I hate her! She's awesome! Great job!

Description was good! You described all needed parts well! There isn't much that could be done with setting description, after all, there's only two, maybe three settings :) so good work with that :)

Plot was so interesting! I can't wait to see where it will go! Ooh, I love that it's Molly! I have a soft spot for Molly, she's in my opinion a really under appreciated character, when there's so much that com be done with her!

And flow was good too! I quite like the pacing! :D

And no major grammar/syntax errors :)

Great job! I'm really looking forward to reading more! :D


Author's Response: Hi Reebee!

Yay! I'm glad you liked Emma! And James! Ah! They don't like each other much, do they? And yes! I *wanted* to evoke that type of reaction with Molly!

Yay! Description is a hassle for me, so I'm glad you liked it in this story! Thank you!

To be honest, I'm super excited with where it goes, and I'm excited for everyone to see what's going to happening, so hopefully I can continue to write and update this! And yes! Molly! And that's exactly why I chose her: people assume she's a clone of Percy, so I wanted to challenge that!

Thank you so much Reebee! This was really appreciated and helpful!

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Review #4, by marauderfan Meet Mo

14th January 2014:
FOR OUR REVIEW SWAP! I'M NOT DRINKING COFFEE, I'M JUST CRAZY! lol, late night reviews really are the silliest. But anyway, this story totally caught my eye. Molly is often portrayed as a Percy-clone so I just loved the idea of this. Here, she does have the Percy-like aspect of being Head Girl, doing her homework early, etc but she's also CRAZY! And I think it holds true to the obsessive side of her personality - she goes all the way about academics, and then about appearance changes. And the nickname too - ahh, I love it. I can't blame Emma for having a hard time adjusting!

I thought it was funny how Emma is such good friends with three of the Weasleys but James is a totally different story. He hasn't made much of a good impression with her so far because of all those attempts to scare other boys away from her - if he likes her that much he should just ask her out! :P The back story about Dom was cute though, and very believable! Poor thing, unrequited love is the worst!

I like the way you write all the Weasley cousins, they are very silly and definitely act like family with their teasing and pinching and punching each other haha.

Oh I am so excited to see how Molly adjusts to her "new" self. I'm going to laugh so hard if she keeps up her punk look and then hides in the library again to get all her work done :D This is a really fun start to what looks to be an entertaining story! Love it so far :)

Author's Response: Hi!
Yes, I fully admit I was not sane at that moment...

Yes! Exactly why I wanted to have a story where Molly wasn't a Percy-clone! And yes! When Molly does something, she goes *all* out! And poor Emma! She was just barely warned!

And yes, the James scenario. He really needs to learn how to flirt with her without scaring away the boys she fancies. I mean... What? James doesn't like Emma! Pshhh (sshhh, he doesn't want her to know ;) and to be honest, she's too ablivious!).

And yes, poor Dominique! But Teddy is taken, and there's nothing she can do about it. And yay! I'm glad you liked the semi-violent Weasleys!

And she might not do that, per say, but she will slip up every once in a while, I assure you! I'm so glad you liked this!

Thank you so much!

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Review #5, by 800 words of heaven Meet Mo

14th January 2014:

I just had to drop in and take a peak, since I am in the middle of writing a Molly II fic myself. This is way different, but I think both of our Mollys might be coming from the same place.

The thing I like about Molly so far is that when she does something, she goes all out. No half-measures with this chick! Fantastic! I can't wait to get to know "Mo" better.

All I can say about Emma so far is that she's seems a little violent. Actually, all her friends seem a little violent. Maybe the Potter-Weasley environment encourages rowdy behaviour? Will she be getting a little less violent later on? Or is she going to to judo flip James? I'd like to see James get judo flipped, actually. Fred could take bets or something.

I'm curious to see where this'll go, actually. I can see it taking a lot of different directions. Obviously, totally cheering for a very jealous James - he needs all the luck he can get with Emma!

Author's Response: Hi! I love the premise of your Molly fic, but I totally see how both of our Molly's are coming from the same place!

Yup, she definitely wants to be drastic, so I'm glad you liked that brashness about her (after all, she's a Gryffindor!). I can't wait to get to know 'Mo' better as well!

Yes, Emma is quite a bit violent. It comes with being friends with Fred, who's a muggle MMA (mixed martial arts) fan, and Dominique, who not only is slightly veela, but who has to fight her mother, sister, and brother just to get to the washroom in the morning, lest any of their hair is frizzy in the morning! And she won't be judo flipping James, but she might get physical with him in a way that will leave him wounded! ;)

I can see how this could go in other directions, so I'm hoping the one I'm taking doesn't disappoint! And what are you saying? James isn't jealous! He doesn't like Emma! (shh! he doesn't want her to know!!)

Thank you so much!

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Review #6, by Lululuna Meet Mo

13th January 2014:
Hello! :)

So as soon as I saw the title I knew I had to review this one. I love seeing the Type-A, mini-Percy stereotype of Molly II being dissected and turned into something completely different, and it's really great to see her make that transformation right in the story. I especially liked the details about her wanting to be called Mo, since it sounds less soft and feminine than "Molly," and how Emma struggled a bit with making that change. And the line about "some girl with pink hair was standing at the door" was a great moment of dramatic irony and made me laugh.

The Weasley cousins seem great so far as well. I was just wondering (I might have missed the explanation) but are Molly, Dom, Fred and James all in the same year?! The poor teachers! :P I liked James a lot, he seemed playful and quite down to earth despite Emma's dislike of him. Is there some larger story or reason about why she doesn't like him, or is she just nervous because she fancies him and doesn't know how to express it? I'm a little inclined to suspect the latter due to her rather extreme reactions to him. :P The look Molly gave him when saying it wasn't Emma's fault that she'd never kissed a boy was great, and I liked the little stories about James keeping other boys away from Emma as well.

Emma's parents seem quite cool as well, I like how they told her to have fun and let loose. Another character who stood out to me was Dominique, I thought her crush on Teddy was so cute and unrequited, and I wonder how that will progress. The idea of her friends using the mistletoe incident against her made me cringe a little, but what can you do! :) I guess that's the problem with being friends with people who have known you since being children.

I'm curious to see how "Mo" has changed and what effect she might have on the professors at Hogwarts- something tells me there might be a bit of an uproar, especially if she really is Head Girl.

This was a great start, I enjoyed reading it! :) Well done!

Author's Response: Hi!

Yay! I love Molly, but I don't necessarily like it when she's a Percy-clone either, so let's go! Yes, I liked the nickname Mo, especially since it throws Emma off so much! Yes, I loved that part! Poor Emma, not knowing what she's in for! :)

I'm glad you like the cousins! And I will definitely make it more clear that they are all, in fact, in the same year. And yes, the professors certainly have their hands full! And yes, James is super sweet and I love him (don't tell Emma or she would get mad at me :P). There is a larger story as to why Emma doesn't take too kindly to James and I will go into detail with that later, and excuse me but Emma does *not* fancy James! (that she knows of) And yes! You have definitely cracked the James thing (although Emma probably doesn't know only because she's too oblivious - he's pretty obvious, isn't he?)

Yes! I love Emma's parents! They're so chill but all they want is the best for their daughter. And poor Dominique! The crush won't progress much, but hopefully she can get over it soon! And yes, the mistletoe incident will, unfortunately for Dominique, never be forgotten!

Ooh, well I don't think you're the only one wondering about that! I'm still excited to see how Mo will write herself! And don't worry, she really is Head Girl! Although I don't know why you *wouldn't* worry with that information...

Anyways, thank you so much!

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