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Review #1, by Sharvi Aqua Hypnocia

23rd January 2014:
Wow, that ending! I wonder how things are going to shape up with Ron overlooking Scorpius' case. Lol, can't wait to see if he finds out it's his own daughter that he's going against. But I think Rose might be too clever to let that happen!

Don't worry about not updating! Boards are uber important, so concentrate on those =) Best of luck!!

Author's Response: Haha, that part cracked me up too. I keep imagining Draco's face when Ernie said 'Auror Ronald Weasley'. And you might not want to think too highly of Rose's cleverness. As Nicole would gladly inform you, Rose is the least cautious in the trio. ;p
Eep, thanks a lot for being so understanding. And for your wishes as well. Good God, I'm so nervous! :S

Have a lovely day,

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Review #2, by tanvi Aqua Hypnocia

23rd January 2014:
awesome as ususal akanksha, great chapter

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Tanvi, it really means a lot :)

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Review #3, by jailbird Aqua Hypnocia

22nd January 2014:
It's Goyle isn't it? He wants his son to be the heir. Well, that's my theory!
I loved this chapter. Something about Aidan seems off though (apart from the whole kidnapping contractor thing). I hope Rose is careful!
The different languages are really cool too. Thanks for putting the translations at the end! I thought you spazzed out on your keyboard during the Welsh part! xD
This is brilliant. Update soon!

Author's Response: Wow. That's exactly what my sister's theory was when she first read this. I will say the same thing I said then: Ahem. I'm not saying anything. *smiles mysteriously*
Adrian is intriguing certainly, but Rose and careful? That'll be the day XD
I really like doing the different languages too, makes everything more authentic. I wasn't so sure about the Welsh though- it seemed like real gibberish when I first proof-read the chapter. But i'm glad you liked it!
Also, thanks for leaving me a review on almost every chapter- it really cheered me up :D


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Review #4, by jailbird Snitched

22nd January 2014:
Poor Scorp. I feel for him! At least his kidnappers are nice!

Author's Response: Hmm, yes. Don't feel too sorry for him, though. Our friend has a trick or two up his sleeve as well ;)

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Review #5, by jailbird The Christmas Ball

22nd January 2014:
This is so cool! Rose sounds so badass! Off to read the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Ah, thanks so much. :) And I hope you enjoy the rest of the story too.

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Review #6, by Holly_Mist Rendezvous

10th January 2014:
oh hai. i apologise profusely for the late review but life has been insanely busy. (hint hint: school). though irony is that im typing this review while im in school.

but, tbh i forgot what happened in the chapter since i read it ages ago so i just skimmed at it - so i'm going to comment on whatever i remember!

ep! i didn't expect Rose to be so nice actually. you know, i expected the typical kidnapper scenario like 'hey you shut up'. bad example but im sure you get the picture! i actually found scorpius pretty cold in this chapter. like, his personality seemed really bland for some reason - rose seemed to glow and scorpius was well - not so much. so, my advice is give scorpius some more depth so that the story is even more interesting :) although it might be the whole third person thing but idk.

so yep! i'm sorry for the crappy review! and hope to see a new chapter soon! :) xx

PS - i think your boards are going to be in march? yeah? so, i know its far (actually not so much) but i'm not sure if you're going to update because of prelims and stuff but good luck!! :D

Author's Response: Hey. No harm done with the late review :) I know how it goes.

I understand what you say about Rose not being like a typical kidnapper, but I think you might change that opinion a bit come next chapter ;) As for your other point, the thing is, I have always intended Rose to be bubbly and feisty and sparkling. She tends to overshadow not just Scorpius, but every other character. Quite honestly, I have too much fun writing her and have thought out her character the best. Scorpius, on the other hand, is meant to be like, reserved and stoic and someone who doesn't display his feelings, so obviously he appears colourless and one-dimensional in comparison to Rose. That, plus it's rather difficult to write him- he's unlike anything I've ever attempted. But don't you worry, he'll try his level best to outshine Rose in the upcoming chapters. And if not that, you (as well as Rose) will at least get to see more sides to him.

Thanks so much for your insightful review,

PS. Believe me, from this side of the New Year, my boards (they start on March 3rd, yeah) look a lot closer than I anticipated. But I might be able to post just one more chapter of this right after my prelims finish :D Deception is my guilty pleasure. And thank you for your kind wishes :)

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Review #7, by tanvi Rendezvous

31st December 2013:
once again awesome as usual

Author's Response: Thanks muchly darling! Btw, Happy birthday once again :)

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Review #8, by HerEyesOnMeGazing Rendezvous

8th December 2013:
Another fantastic chapter. Love the french officer, and am excited to see the infamous French/English distain play out in their parallel narrative.

Also, Rose's outfits sound amazing.

Update soon!

Author's Response: Um, yeah, Officier Renaldi. See, he was actually a last-minute addition, a character I hadn't really planned on, and I actually have no further plans for him as such, but we'll see. :)
Rose's closet is the most fascinating, end of.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing,

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Review #9, by magnifique11 Snitched

4th December 2013:
I absolutely adore your Rose & Scorpius. You've put such a great twist on a ScoRose and your writing is just so interesting and well-done! It draws me in and I just want to keep reading more and more. :D Fabulous job and I look forward to the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: I cannot for the life of me write typical scorose stories where they start as enemies and become lovers...hence, this. I'm glad you think so highly of my effort to be different :D.
Btw, next chapter should get into the queue sometime later today.

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Review #10, by HerEyesOnMeGazing Snitched

3rd December 2013:
Ooooh! I'm enjoying this so far! I am super excited to see more of the trio + Scorp... they seem pretty fun :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much...and sorry it took me so much time to respond :)

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Review #11, by tanvi sinha The Christmas Ball

25th November 2013:
hi akansha!
im an idiot i lost my password for hpff but now im back! to good a story should totally get a pillow to muffle ur laughter on this one ;-)

-tanvi s

Author's Response: Hi tanvi!
Sorry for such a late response... Was busy with revision and stuff. I'm glad you :D.

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Review #12, by tanvi AKA the girl who lost her hpff password ;) Snitched

25th November 2013:
pleaase update dying of frikin suspense here

Author's Response: Got your hint! ;) will update as soon as these infernal exams end.

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Review #13, by Enlightened Piglet Snitched

20th November 2013:
Another awesome chapter :) I love how you've characterised Rose, in most fics she's a bumbling, nerdy sort of girl. And I can't wait to find out more about Nicole and Leo, so far they're a riot!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you like Rose's characterization, i really tried to make her different from the usual stereotype. And you're the first one to have asked about Leo and Nicole, so kudos for that! :)


PS. I absolutely adore your penname :D

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Review #14, by Holly_Mist Snitched

15th November 2013:
I have been meaning to review this for quite sometime! sorry it took so long. school was kicking my butt.

certainly a short filler-y chapter but i liked it :) i especially liked Scorpius's pov,especially because of the descriptions provided in the chapter thanks to your use of diction (i just gave an english exam today. can you tell?)

wow. rose is certainly different i would say. a kimono would not be an ideal choice of clothing. ah well. i'm dying to know as to why rose is a kidnapper. i mean, after everything, its definitely not a job someone would wish to hold unless of course you are rebelling everything your parents stood for. that is one of my guesses here but i'll just wait and see how you're going to tell the story :) i'm pretty excited for the next chapter! :D

PS - since i read this the very first time it came out i saw your original A/N and so happy diwali! :D (belated). I was in India and ohmygod the fireworks were so bloody awesome and gah! living the expat life is not fun during diwali.

PPS - answering your question in the last review - yes my tda name is the same as my hpff :)

PPPS- i liked your old summary better!

Author's Response: Hello! I've been waiting for your review so long... And you're not alone, my school's doing the same to mine!

This chapter was basically giving vent to all my description-y needs- all looks, not much substance, you can say. The next chapters will certainly contain more matter and action.

No, certainly not; but then again, this is a girl who possesses a gown made entirely of peacock feathers, so we really can't say much. As for her unusual choice of profession, you'll soon get to know why she does what she does and how she got into it. Your excitement is duly noted- next chapter will come out asap. :)


PS. Thank you and wish you the same. And omg, yes, the fireworks! Americans can have their 4th of July, but nothing beats Diwali ke patakhe! :D

PPS. Now that I know, expect long, irritating messages in the near future ;)

PPPS- Really? Hmm...Quite honestly, I did too, but since no one said anything, I let it be. Now, however, I feel like changing my mind.

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Review #15, by maraudertimes Snitched

10th November 2013:
Gah, I absolutely *loved* this!
The premise of this story is so unique and I really look forward to continuing on reading this as you continue updating (*wink wink, nudge nudge*).
Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Well done!
Lo :)

Author's Response: 'Argedyblargydboo'? That's some surprisingly eloquent keyboard smash. Mine usually resembles 'dfgjidcbjfdsgionvfdxvj'

Let it be known that your beautiful, wonderful review has me absolutely *floored*. I honestly hadn't expected all this appreciation when I thought about this story first.

All my love,

PS. Your hint has been taken. You can expect updates somewhere around the second week of December (sorry, my prelim exams are just round the corner, and they'll last two weeks.)

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Review #16, by EarthsTrueGreen Snitched

6th November 2013:
Funny, I really like your humor and idea. Like I said before I really do think that this is going to be a fun read. I'm hoping that we will find out soon why they had to snitch him to begin with. Anyways nice chapter please update soon.

Author's Response: It's actually hilarious that you should say that, because in real life, i'm rarely funny and make people (except for my best friends) laugh. Being told i'm funny is always nice, though. Thank you . :)

I smiled when I saw your use of the word 'snitch'. :D And don't you worry-secrets shall soon be revealed...

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Review #17, by Miss Muggle Snitched

3rd November 2013:
For starters,I love the opening. Malfoy's confusion as he tries to figure out where he is, it's perfect.

Also, I love how casual his kidnappers are about the whole thing. Like he's the one reacting weirdly. And Rose is just perfect. (Why is she wearing a kimono?)

Author's Response: I have to admit here, that never myself having been kidnapped, my portrayal of Scorpius' reaction was based solely on imagination. This being said, I'm honestly flattered you think it's perfect. :)

Kidnapping is nothing out of the ordinary for Rose and Co., though of course, it's a less frequent pursuit than burglary :p. Also, Rose is wearing a kimono because she's awesome that way. Just wait till you get acquainted with the rest of her closet.

Thanks so much for R&R'ing,

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Review #18, by Enlightened Piglet The Christmas Ball

28th October 2013:
Very well written, interesting story, can't wait to see where this goes!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, and I hope you like the subsequent chapters as well!

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Review #19, by Holly_Mist The Christmas Ball

20th October 2013:
I will admit, i was hoping you'd talk about updating EC soon, but i guess not. But i completely understand, board classes are killing. Bit of a tip: Develop the best study habits right now because they'll help you so much in 11th grade. AND DON'T DO THE IB PROGRAM. IT'S SO MUCH WORK GAH.

Moving on to the story. You've done a good job engaging me into the story because it's extremely rare that i follow third person stories. Normally, i can't stand them! I'm intrigued as to how the whole mystery thing is going to play out and i can't wait to see how you show it! The way you portrayed the characters was great, especially Scorpius! I know not much was said or shown but he is the character that struck out the most :)

Anyway, don't be a stranger. We all love reading your stories. So, hopefully i'll see you soon :) Also, if you have any questions about boards (which i doubt you will) or something or just want to talk in general - you can always message on tda :) I'd love to talk!

PS- I see your CoB love creeping out through your banner ;)

Author's Response: Hellooo! I haven't talked to you in the longest time I MISSED YOU! :)
You're totally right, of course. As if the task isn't daunting enough, i've got all my family and teachers how IMPORTANT THE BOARDS ARE SO DON'T BREATHE AIR BREATHE YOUR COURSEBOOKS! Gah, it's horrendous. And IB program? I wasn't planning to.
I'm grinning so wide right now, thinking i've catch the attention of a non-third-person-reading person. This is the first of my stories that's well-outlined, so you'll hopefully have many of your answers without month-long waits. And SCORPIUS! Boy, I know Rose is the heroine, but my love for that boy is almost unhealthy. ;)
Thank you, i'll definitely seek you out for any advice and questions. :) Is your TDA penname same as HPFF's, though?

You rock,
PS- I know. 8D I tried not to so obvo, but what can you do. I was thinking of Godfrey Gao as Leo, but then thst seemed a bit too much :p

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Review #20, by EarthsTrueGreen The Christmas Ball

19th October 2013:
This seems like it is going to be a fun story to read and im excited to see what happens next. I really like your writing style. Update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I try my best, and i'm flattered you think so :)
Keep smiling,

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Review #21, by Miss Muggle The Christmas Ball

19th October 2013:
I'm officially hooked. This is great. I love post-Hogwarts ScoRose especially when it involves fun jobs. This is the exact story I didn't know I was looking for.

Now, let's see, what is happening? What is Rose, a professional kidnapper? I have so many questions that I'm sure will be answered in the later chapters. This is an attractive first chapter and I hope to see more soon!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Post-hogworts Scorose is, well, not my favourite, but I certainly find them more believable than the in-school love stories. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) I didn't find many, so I decided to write my own. The gamble paid off, I guess. :)
Rose is actually a professional thief- kidnapping is just something she and Leo and Nico engage in when the whole breaking-and-entering-and-stealing thing gets a bit too dull. :p
I'm glad you enjoyed it, and hope you continue reading.

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Review #22, by navyfail The Christmas Ball

15th October 2013:
A Rose/Scorpius! yay!
Kidnapping Scorpius? Hmm...I wonder what for. I like that you didn't reveal the whole plot yet, only a part of it. And funny 'cause I had to walk in heels all day today just like how she is doing at the ball.

Great start. Can't wait for the next chapter.


Author's Response: Your enthusiasm is much appreciated!
The plot, or part of it, will be revealed in the next two chapters, mainly. This fic is going to be pretty straightforward, see. :)
The one time I had to wear heels for a school play, I got blisters on my feet. So I totally get you.
Thanks for your review!

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Review #23, by no1britishHPfan The Christmas Ball

14th October 2013:
I really like this story so far, I am intreged to know what is going to happen next, update asap xx

Author's Response: I'm so glad to hear that, espesh cosidering this is completely unedited. Thanks, and I'll try to.

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