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Review #1, by BLONDEbehaviour We All Fall Down

22nd December 2013:
Hiya DracosGirl012, I am here with your review for my Death Eater Challenge :D Thank you so much for entering!

I really enjoyed reading this and I think you did a great job with Rodolphus. You definitely got a hard character!

I have to give you kudos on working with such a character. We know little to nothing about him, apart from him being a Death Eater and married to Bellatrix. I think you did a great job with the plot, and taking from what we know of other dark magic families and incorporating it in a stylized manner into his own life and childhood. The idea that his father would beat him if he didn't get into Slytherin was great. It shows how much of a hold the parents of these dark families had on their children, and the power of corruption. And I think, continuously throughout this story, you tie it back to that idea of corruption, because the guilt begins to seep in. And that' s really effective :D

I especially loved the rhyme at the end. I think it showed that he never really had a childhood, and so it was a haunting realization that he was heading for his death before he even had a chance to live his life full and well.

I liked the flow of this story also. I think the way that you used some words sparingly and sentences were short in some places was effective in showing how Rodolphus was as a person, which was mysterious, leaving a lot to the imagination.It gives the reader a great sense of unanswered questions that they think about afterwards, wondering what kind of person the character really was, and what was the real reason behind it.

The only CC I could think of is perhaps some of the spacing Overall, it works well, there's just a few places where it cuts off at a place that seems a bit odd to me. Like around the place where he is talking about Bellatrix, it cuts off in the middle of the sentence, and it made me bit disorientated for a second! :P

Really good story! I think you did a great job with a hard character and created a story that makes the reader think of what is happening behind the face value. It was a great read, and I found it extremely enjoyable :D Thank you again fro entering my challenge, I wish you all the best for the results :D

Grace :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It was really really hard writing this! I will admit that I did use the Harry Potter Wiki for help. :p thanks again!

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Review #2, by theblacksisters We All Fall Down

20th October 2013:
It's always so much fun to take a minor character and give them a personality, isn't it? Though it can be hard, especially if a character is mentioned, like, twice in the series.

Author's Response: Yes! This was so hard though. If it wasn't for a challenge, I never would've done it though. Thanks for reviewing!

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