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Review #1, by HeyMrsPotter A Halloween Visit

28th June 2015:
Hi, Angie :D

I knew as soon as I clicked on this story that it was going to break my heart, and I wasn't wrong.

I think your Harry was brilliant. He wasn't overly loquacious which I think is a key thing to bear in mind when writing Harry. He said just enough for this to be realistic, and also to give me such a lump in my throat. I like the little details you've got in there like Remus and Tonks being buried near Lily and James, and Sirius having a headstone event though they couldn't find his body, and the fact that Harry wanted them to be the first to know that he proposed. His little bit about Teddy really made me laugh, the fact that the staff in the nursery kept thinking they'd lost him was hilarious! I thought the little bit of humor in there helped to balance the story out really nicely, it gave it such a bittersweet feel, which ties in nicely with how Harry is feeling about his engagement to Ginny and not having his parents there to celebrate it.

Lovely job on this, Angie! I'm glad I got to stop by your page :)


Author's Response: Hey!

Haha I am glad this broke your heart as that was my aim xP

It's a relief to know that Harry was written okay - he's such a main canon character, the task of writing him is really daunting. I am pleased you found him realistic and also felt for him. And yes I wanted to add some lightness to the story so I am glad Teddy's bit worked there.

Thank you so much once again =)

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Review #2, by Thunderstorm A Halloween Visit

31st May 2015:
Aw, this is so moving. I really like it, although it made me very sad. I don't think I've ever seen a fic where the Marauders are buried together, but I think that's such a lovely idea.

I also found it so believable that Harry would want to have a belated funeral for Sirius. After all, he even made sure Dobby got a proper funeral. Sirius was his godfather and was even more important to Harry than Dobby was. Harry would definitely want to make sure that Sirius got a funeral, even if there was no body.

I have one piece of criticism, but it's absolutely tiny and not really a big deal. It's about Ginny. It's just that, in the books she's portrayed as a bit of a prankster - she's very close to Fred and George and she is always up for some mischief. So I can't imagine her not finding Teddy's nursery mischief amusing. If Harry would find it funny, she definitely would. Hermione seems more likely to be the one who doesn't find it funny.

Other than that, I found this story totally believable and really well done!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

I am glad you found it moving and liked the idea of the Marauders buried together.

It's also good to know that you found the bit about Sirius' funeral believable. I definitely felt Harry could have done that.

Ah well I figured Ginny would be a strict mother figure xP Thanks for the little point though,

Thank you!

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Review #3, by Shadowkat A Halloween Visit

7th May 2015:
Okay, an extra's almost midnight, I have testing tomorrow, and if I hadn't had contained the fangirl squeal those last lines brought, I likely would have been busted.

I love this!

Oh, forgot to mention in the other review, Peeves was never alive. What he is is an embodiment of chaos, created from charged emotions. Creatures like him usually manifest in places with children, and the more energy that went to making them the stronger and wilder they're going to be. They're also nearly impossible to move...actually, the only way to make them leave isn't to make them at all, only if they want to go. Look up his wiki page, it gives a bit of information about one headmaster who tried removing Peeves and having Hogwarts turn into a death trap after the impish spirit took control of everything they were trying to use to capture him...I should totally write that moment now.

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you for reading and reviewing. I am glad you liked this story =)

As for the other story, it is one of my older works and I wasn't very well-thought-out then xP Thanks for pointing out the bit about Peeves though, I'll see whether I can work what I have around something else.

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Review #4, by St. Patrick. A Halloween Visit

13th March 2015:
Ah, Halloween. That used to be a pagan festival, you know, but I always thought that if you want people to accept a new religion you have to be willing to include their traditions within it.

The word "candy" is a little American. "Sweets" would be the more common term in Britain.

I do like the way the three loyal Marauders have their memorials together. And the way Harry informs Remus and Tonks of how Teddy is doing. The way he changes his appearance and confuses the nursery staff is quite amusing.

I also like the way his parents and their friends were watching him and loved him.

Hope you have a happy St. Patrick's day.

Author's Response: I love these themed reviews! Thank you so much for your comments =) Ah I'll keep that term thing in mind.

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Review #5, by Maelody A Halloween Visit

5th February 2015:
:') How sweet was this? Very sweet! That's how sweet! :3

Especially that ending! With them watching him from above, or even there if they're like apparitions that he can't see or something. It was all just too sweet! I love that he wanted them to be the first to know that he asked Ginny to marry him and that she said yes! And Teddy turning into stuffed animals is just to cute! Oh my goodness! Is it too much to demand to see a one-shot of Teddy as a tot that morphs into a teddy bear and watches as everyone looks for him? The sneaky little bugger. ;)

Really, though. This was really cute, and these last few fics have been awesome! I love that you're challenging yourself to write new stories that you aren't used to, styles that you've never tried, and characters that are new to you! That's half the fun of writing! And of course, you've been doing a fantastic job! I haven't been disappointed yet! You're fantastic, dear! :D And so is this lovely little story! Just thought you should know! ;)


Author's Response: Aw thank you. I am so pleased you liked this and found it sweet. Haha Teddy really is a little bugger but I can imagine him doing this xP

Thank you so much once again for reading and reviewing. I try to write as much variety as I can so I'm pleased you enjoyed it!

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Review #6, by EnigmaticEyes16 A Halloween Visit

4th February 2015:
Hello again! Here for another review!

I don't read Harry much, unless I'm reading the books, but I think you nailed it with this one. His personality and words seem very like him, like things that he would say. He's truly that person who cares about everyone, for all the right reasons, even the dead and you portrayed that very well in this sweet little one-shot. It made me want to smile and cry at the same time because it's both happy and sad.

I think this was all very well put, and nicely written. And I loved reading it.


Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

I don't write Harry either - I'm so nervous about writing him - so it's a huge relief to know you felt I portrayed him well. Thank you for such lovely comments!

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Review #7, by DmsSlytherinPrincess A Halloween Visit

8th July 2014:
It was absolutely amazing. I would have never known it was your first if you didnt mention it.
A few tears escaped my eyes, being honest and also the last bit gave me legit goosebumps. It took me back to the books, which I love when stoties do that. Beautiful.

For 2014 hoyse cup review challenge.

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing. I am glad you liked this, and flattered that it gave you goosebumps and a few tears. Thanks.

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Review #8, by Lostmyheart A Halloween Visit

14th April 2014:
Hi there!

Here for the Slytherin Review Tag.
Even though this isn't what you usually write, it was brilliant! I almost teared up. You wrote it beautifully and so simple, just the way I like short stories. It was awfully short, and I wish you'd written more because it was a very emotional plot and as a reader you'd wish for more. The ending was just perfect and that's the reason I almost teared up. I love that you described how they smiled and that Sirius and Harry's father grinned at each other.

I loved reading it.
- Avi

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for the review =)
I am glad you liked this and that it touched you. It was very short yes but I like to keep it that way, sorry! But I am pleased you liked the ending too along with the Sirius and James moment. Thank you =)

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Review #9, by True Author A Halloween Visit

10th April 2014:
Oh, this was so touching! :(

Wow, I didn't even think you were stepping out of your comfort zone with this. You wrote this with an ease in such a short word count. I personally think that writing a one-shot in less than a thousand words is extremely difficult and that's when we can test an author. And you did a simply great job! The emotions quite moved me.

Even though you said you were writing Harry for the first time, I found him very believable and canon. I always feel bad for him because he is orphan and he lost Sirius and Remus too... So I especially liked this. And Halloween does seem like a perfect day to visit their graves. That's sort of when the story began! :)

Really great job!


Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing =)

I am happy you liked this and that it moved you. It was indeed out of my comfort zone, and writing under 1000 words is surely a challenge, but I did it and it makes me proud especially when I read reviews like yours =)

It's great that you found Harry believable, and the whole Halloween premise. Thanks!

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Review #10, by 1917farmgirl A Halloween Visit

17th March 2014:
Wow, this was very moving, and brought up so many things I'd never thought of.

First of all, I never thought about where everyone would be buried. I really, really like the idea of them all being buried next to each other - the Marauders once more. It's fitting, and very realistic.

It also just crossed my mind, seeing them all together in the end and watching Harry go - I wonder what Tonks and Lily would have thought of each other. There would be quite an age difference, but I think they would have been good friends. They could have talked to each other, commiserated about their husbands' antics.

I like the idea of Harry starting to make piece with all he has lost, and visiting this graveyard is a very good start. And I really love the idea that they are all watching over him. So much love surrounds him, like a protecting shield. I just love it!

And yeah! He proposed! He's finally going to get the family he's wanted so dearly all his life!

Great story! And for a first attempt at Harry I felt like you nailed him. Hopefully you keep writing Harry as I'd love to read more from you.

- Farmgirl

Blackout Battle round 3 review 7/20.

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing.

I am glad you like the idea of the marauders being buried together =)

And yes Tonks and Lily could have made good friends, who knows!

It takes Harry a while but he finally gets there - he is finally able to accept his losses. I enjoyed writing the bit about them watching over him so I am pleased you liked that.

Thank you once again for all your lovely words =)

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Review #11, by MissesWeasley123 A Halloween Visit

7th March 2014:
Wow. This was great.

I've always found it intriguing how in all the books, so many major events happened on Halloween. Sirius breaking into the Gryffindor CR, the Troll entering, etc... But not once did Harry ever know that his parents died on Halloween and he never visited their graves either. And then in this he did, and it was so different than anything I could've imagined it to be.

I loved the reason why he went there in the first place. We know that Harry respects his relationships so much, and it was beautiful to see him that way even after their deaths. It was sweet how he joked about how Ron would react and I even shipped Hinny a little in that moment, which I usually don't do.

Everything was beautifully woven into canon and you managed to create another head canon, Aditi! This piece truly was beautiful. Your descriptions gave me chills, and especially the last one. How their words blew the wind... That part made me gasp like a total idiot, because it was so clever and brilliant.

Don't worry about Harry's characterization, because he was written true to J.K Rowling's Harry, and i don't know what else I could say to make you not worry about it!

Great writing as always!

Blackout 6/15

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing =) I am sorry for such a delayed response!

Yes, I always felt like Halloween was a vital day and so it made sense to me to have Harry visit his loved ones on this day.

I am pleased you liked the way Harry talked about his relationship with his parents and Sirius and Remus. I don't ship Hinny either but I wanted to keep this canon so I went with it and it didn't turn out so bad after all =)

I am glad I created a head canon for you, that is such a huge compliment, thank you! It's flattering that you liked my descriptions so much, thanks a ton.

And omg true to JKR's Harry - that's the best thing anyone could have ever said to me. Thank you so much!

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Review #12, by love_is_magic_ A Halloween Visit

7th March 2014:
Wow, so scrolling through your AP, I was torn between so many of the stories, but when I saw this one... let's just say I clicked on it immediately.

So here we go :D Wow, I love that he's coming back on Halloween - the day his parents died - that was a nice touch… though incredibly sad at the same time. Again, here's another heartbreakingly amazing touch; burying the Marauders (with the obvious exception of Peter) together! My heart is already in pieces, I can't imagine the state it will be in by the end of this chapter!

I love his little speech about proposing to Ginny. I think it's great that you had him tell them first and you're right, those probably would be Ron's possible reactions (:

That bit about Teddy was so smart. I never thought about how a toddler's metamorphology would affect his life in the Muggle world! That was a nice touch!

I also love his comment about wanting to get home before Ginny gets home and thinks he's done a runner (: So great! If you can't tell, I'm just a sucker for Ginny and Harry, so any mention of their adorableness is fine by me :P

Overall, such a great one-shot! I thoroughly enjoyed it!


Gryffindor vs. Slytherin Blackout Battle 3/15

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks so much for choosing to read this. It is one of my more recent pieces and I am more anxious about it because it features Harry.

I always felt like Halloween was a very important day for the Potters so it only seemed fitting for Harry to go back on this day. I am pleased you also liked the idea of the marauders being buried together. *hugs* Hope your heart gets better soon xP

It's nice to know that you liked the little 'speech' about the proposal to Ginny, and also the bit about Teddy. I love writing such little details and it makes me happy when they're noticed.

"So great?" Haha thank you so much, I am so flattered you liked the whole Harry/Ginny dynamic I presented here especially since I'm not much of a harry/ginny fan and it took me some time to write this xP

Thank you!

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Review #13, by Akussa A Halloween Visit

6th March 2014:
Hello! I'm here for the blackout bingo but I've seen this story around before and never got the chance to read it so I'm really happy I got to come back!

I absolutely loved it. The idea that Harry goes back to see his parents' graves on a day like this is beautifuly emotional. Thinking that he's finally found happiness and is ready to settle down in a worryfree (relatively so) life and yet, the only family he can share this news with is lying in a graveyard. That is deeply touching.

I particularily like that he got Remus, Tonks and a memorial for Sirius to this same resting place; letting the friends rest in peace together.

I chuckled at his imagination as to how he thinks Ron will react! Definitly a possibility although I'd hope that by that point, Ron would finally be ok with his bestfriend dating his sister!

That was a great, sweet and moving piece. Flowed beautifully and I didn't spot any spelling or grammatical errors; great job!

Review 1/15

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. I am pleased you liked this story and the idea of it. I was moved while writing it so I'm glad this touched you too. I always felt letting the friends rest together would be a nice touch. And yes Ron should be okay with it after a while haha. Thanks again!

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Review #14, by TheGirlOnFire A Halloween Visit

2nd March 2014:
Hello, this is for the blackout bingo:)

I enjoyed reading this it was enjoyable and had emotion. I feel like you recaptured Harry's feelings but I also felt is was I felt it was too average. I felt that you should have gone deeper into it and show more of Harry's emotions as he relived the deaths of his love's ones.

Don't get me wrong though I did like reading this. It was nice to see Harry's reaction to visiting his parents grave.


Author's Response: Hello! Thanks for reading and reviewing. I am glad you liked this and I definitely didn't take you wrong. I understand some people would rather have me delve deeper but for now I'm satisfied with its length and feel =) Thanks though!

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Review #15, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing A Halloween Visit

2nd March 2014:

Here for the Blackout review battle!

Wow, this was so powerful. From the title I guessed it would be Harry seeing his parents but then when I read that Remus, Tonks and Sirius were all buried next to them my heart just filled with feels! How sweet an idea. I really love it!

The reason for the visit though, the fact he was going to tell them he'd asked Ginny to marry him again made me fill with feels. I don't know, it was so touching and poignant. Obviously it's so sad that he's having to tell them this way but its nice that given his situation, he has them there to talk to when he needs them.

The fact they can't put Teddy in a nursery because the staff think they've lost him is brilliant by the way!

Aww the ending, it's so nice to read that they're looking down on him... I don't doubt it for a second.

This was a great one-shot, so lovely and well written... well done!

Lauren :)

Review 1 of 10

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing. I am glad you found this powerful and liked how I wrote this, along with the ending. Thanks!

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Review #16, by Unwritten Curse A Halloween Visit

1st March 2014:
I literally have tears in my eyes.

Anyway, I'm here for Blackout Bingo and I'm so, so glad that it's brought me to this story. I really needed this today. It's sad, but also hopeful.

When I got to the line "I asked Ginny to marry me last night"... that's when I lost it. What a special moment for Harry, to be able to tell his parents about his engagement. This is especially meaningful to me, because I did the same thing at my father's grave. And you wrote it with such delicacy and grace.

The added humor made this piece really special. I laughed despite my tears at the mention of Teddy changing his appearance and all the nursery workers panicking. You know how to evoke the right emotion at the right time to make this piece meaningful.

Now I'm convinced that I need to read more of your writing.

xx Gina

Author's Response: You have tears in your eyes? =( I don't know whether to feel happy or sad - happy that my story made you cry or sad that you're crying, but thanks!

I am pleased this was meaningful to you and it's good to know that you think I handled this with grace and delicacy. It means a lot to me coming from a person who's been through it themselves. *hugs*

I am also glad you liked the added "humour" and overall this evoked emotion for you. Thank you!

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Review #17, by monstrosity A Halloween Visit

1st March 2014:

This was such a lovely one-shot! Simple to read and left a really warm feeling in me when I finished :)

I always pictured Harry visiting his parents' grave after the War. With all the activity with Voldemort and during his school years, he never really got the opportunity to think about his parents and miss them. It's nice that once everything has settled down a bit, the first thing he does (er, after proposing to Ginny) is to go and see them.

I think you've got Harry's personality nailed, which is amazing considering how short the story was. He was never one for dramatic speeches and exaggerations. I like how he kept his words short and sweet, that's really his whole character in three words. Even the bouquet was really simple, he didn't cover their graves in flowers or something like that.

I like the whole idea of burying the marauders together (expect for Peter, but no one cares about Peter). It's sort of like life has come full circle and friends truly are forever. I like how Harry doesn't just address his parents, but also takes time to talk to Remus about how his son is growing up. It's like all he's here is to relay current information, not to catch up with friends and family that have died years ago. You could place this very conversation in a living room and it would fit perfectly.

Everything was so personal about this as if Harry was really talking to his parents and the others, not their headstones. That was why the ending wasn't really a surprise, but flowed with the rest of the story. It really was the perfect ending you could have possibly written.

The part about Sirius is truly heart wrenching. Some people believe that if a body is not buried or cremated, the person's soul will be forever wandering, lost without a way to heaven. To think that Sirius spent a majority of life wandering, either running away from his family or running away from the ministry, it's really sad to have him wander in the afterlife. I'm glad he's found his place, right beside James and Remus, which is exactly where it should be.

Overall, this was a wonderful story, just the right length to make the emotions stand out and long enough to let them make an impact on the reader. I'm really glad I got the opportunity to read and review it :)

Author's Response: Hey! Your review totally made my week and I'm not even kidding! So, my heartfelt apologies for such a late response!

I am glad you liked this one-shot, and that the idea of him visiting his parents was something you found believable. I always felt like it would take Harry some time after the war to come to terms with his losses, to recollect himself, to get some support from Ginny and Ron & Hermione, but after that he'd finally be able to visit the graveyard.

It is such a relief to hear that I've gotten Harry's personality right. And yes I felt like he'd go with something simple like a bouquet and small conversation =)

Haha yes no one cares about Peter - he was a traitor - but the other three were true friends and it made sense (to me) to have them rest together, even though Sirius wasn't really there. I am glad the conversation came off as natural to you.

And I am so happy that you felt the ending was perfect. Thank you!

And aww the thing you said about Sirius is so true, and something like what I'd thought when writing this =')

Thanks again for your words!!

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Review #18, by lindslo2012 A Halloween Visit

16th February 2014:
Wow Angie.
This was just beautiful!
It was short, and to the point and it was so sweet it made me wanna cry!
I can just see his family's faces as he is talking... how sweet it was that he still wanted to come and tell his parents and family friends the news about himself and Ginny. :)
I wish none of them have to die still and it breaks my heart that they did. But what you wrote here is such a beautiful way to describe how we can imagine our loved ones on the other side when we are talking to them. Poor Harry... though I am grateful he still has his two best friends and future wife by his side. :)
Loved it!

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing =)
I am glad you found this sweet, and you liked the plot idea it was based on. Yeah, it breaks my heart too that they all had to die so I am pleased you liked the way I portrayed the situation. Thank you once again!

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Review #19, by Kinnu A Halloween Visit

4th February 2014:

I liked the way you wrote the story but if you don't mind me saying, I would have liked it better if you would have offered a little more about Harry slipping out of bed or leaving the Burrow, where I think he's staying( it's what I deduced anyway...). If the point of your one-shot is to make it short and sentimental, ignore me!

I liked your description of the graveyard and your attention to details. I could picturise it well in my head.

One more thing, again if you don't mind me saying, as a reader, I found your story to have an extra adverb. The 'looking keenly ahead' would have sounded better to me without the 'keenly'.

Keep writing! Looking forward to reading your other stories,


Author's Response: Hey! Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing.

Thank you so much for your suggestions. If I decide to revamp it, I'll definitely take them into consideration. For now, I want to keep this short and sentimental though =)

I am pleased you liked the description and details as that was my aim.

Thanks for that little grammar thing. I'll go back and edit.

Thank you once again for your lovely words!

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Review #20, by daliha A Halloween Visit

21st January 2014:
Hey the system keeps logging me out.

Sorry for the late tag, RL is going insane, anywho here's what I think.

It;s a short, sweet, and lovely peace you captured Harry's character, and I loved the emotion. I realy enjoyed this piece.

Author's Response: hey! no problem =)
Thanks a lot for your comments. I am glad you liked it!

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Review #21, by 800 words of heaven A Halloween Visit

12th January 2014:
Hello! I am your not-so-secret-and-very-terrible Secret Santa! I'm so sorry for the incredibly late delivery of gifts! I went on an unexpected family holiday in December and there was NO INTERNET, so I only managed to post in your MTA before I left. Sorry once again!

So I've read some of your other stuff, and this is so different! But in a good way. I actually really enjoyed this. I think you captured where Harry was in that particular time of his life. Obviously, he still grieves for the family he's lost, but he's also come to accept that loss and it was very fitting that he go visit their graves on Halloween.

I really liked getting into Harry's headspace at this particular time. The piece, whilst quite short, was very poignant, and a little bittersweet, just like life. And that ending! Well, what can I say about that ending? I'm a sucker for endings like that! Nothing could have been more perfect!

I'd really love to read more stuff like this. It was very delightful to read!

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks for reading and reviewing, I loved the gifts. I am so sorry for the late response and it's perfectly okay =) I didn't even check my MTA so it's partly my fault, I'll have a look and reply soon to the questions too!

It is definitely different from my usual writing so I was very apprehensive about this little one-shot but your comments have me relieved. I am glad you liked the way I've captured Harry here and found the scenario fitting.

Ah I am smiling so big right now that you liked the ending. I reached upon it after a lot of contemplation so it's great to know that you found it perfect.

Thank you so much for all your kind words!

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Review #22, by Violet Gryfindor A Halloween Visit

8th December 2013:
The scene you've created with this story is a lovely one - one that is straight out of canon. This may be your first time writing Harry, but you capture his personality and manner very well, and that's a challenging thing to do. He's a very average sort of person, like an everyman, and he can be reserved and humble in his quiet moments, just like this. He needs to be alone in this moment because, like in the woods at Hogwarts in DH, he needs to converse with the ghosts of those he's lost, the people who gave their lives for him. I'd love to have seen a moment like this in the books - it would have made for a more emotionally powerful epilogue to the series.

There are many lovely descriptions in this story, though the ending line was the most striking for me. It evokes a beautiful image, filled with sadness, yet also with hope - that's an important combination for the series, and especially for Harry's life, he being the boy filled with sadness who gave hope to many. Even when he stands over their graves, he experiences both feelings. Though he doesn't lose himself in that sorrow as he did after Sirius's death - he's grown up a lot and demonstrates here that he can pay homage to what's been lost while also looking forward to a brighter future.

In terms of constructive criticism, I can only offer nit-pickings. The sentence starting with "The Ministry had never been..." needs some smoothing out, and possibly also needs to be broken up. The final part about the empty grave was already mentioned in the previous sentences, so to repeat it isn't really necessary. That's all I've got. It was a wonderful one-shot to read and a fantastic depiction of Harry after the war. :)

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks so much for reading & reviewing. Sorry it took me so long to respond.

I am glad you liked the scene and think that it fits in canon. It's such a relief to hear that you think I have captured Harry well. It is indeed very challenging. Such a moment would have definitely made for a more powerful epilogue but I guess JKR wanted to keep it light and happy and such a moment would have been more bittersweet. But really, I am flattered by your lovely comments, thank you.

I am pleased you liked my descriptions too. I wasn't sure at first on what note to end this with but when I finally decided on that sentence, it seemed right to me and I am happy to know you liked it too. Yeah, the combination of sadness and hope has been with Harry throughout his life and I think it will never leave him so it was important to emphasise it here as well.

Thanks for the CC too. When I go back to edit I'll surely look into your comments again. Thank you once more for your review, I am pleased you enjoyed this.

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Review #23, by AlexFan A Halloween Visit

9th November 2013:
The ending was my favourite part about all of this. It just pulled at my heart strings and made me smile in happiness but also a little bit sad.

To think that everyone Harry loved was there and had heard everything but he couldn't see them.

I've never seen a one-shot about Harry visiting his parents, Remus, Tonks and Sirius. I can definitely see that he would want to have a funeral for Sirius.

I love the simplicity of this one-shot. The simple dialogue that's easy to read and the dialogue. It sounds like Harry visits the grave every year and catches everyone up on what's going on in his life so that they don't feel like they're missing out on anything.

But the end is definitely my favourite part of this one-shot. Awesome job on this!

Author's Response: Hey! I am awfully sorry for this extremely late reply, have been caught up in RL... but thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

I am glad you liked the ending... it was bittersweet and I am pleased you got that.

Yeah, it's a bit sad ain't it?

I am glad you've never come across such a one-shot, so I'll take that as a compliment xP I always felt that Harry saw Sirius as a very close friend and a father-figure so he'd want to have something to remember him by.

I was afraid it was a little too short and simple but your words put me at ease. I am pleased it all fit in for you.

Thank you for your lovely review!

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Review #24, by BrunetteSlytherin A Halloween Visit

30th October 2013:
No criticism needed your writing is amazingly smooth, and everything connects very well. I love your style of writing :) keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you for reading and reviewing. I am pleased you don't have any criticism to offer and that you enjoyed this as piece as well as my writing style.

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Review #25, by milominderbinder A Halloween Visit

29th October 2013:
Hey hon! Here from review tag :D

I liked Harry's characterisation. I think it's really realistic for him to want to visit the people he loved so much after he proposes, it's a really beautiful sentiment and also very bittersweet. It really made me sad to think that if James and Lily were alive Harry would have told them he was planning to propose, but now he tells them after he's done it, because he was denied them being a significant presence in his life :(

But as well as making me sad this was happy, in a way, as well. You really captured the wistful mood. I feel like this showed his acceptance of all their deaths, even though he's sad and longs for the life he never had, he does have acceptance and can still be happy about things like proposing to Ginny. This was a really gorgeous portrait of post-war Harry moving towards happiness and also a period of calm in his life, after everything that happened. The way you wrote his dialogue here really made me think of epilogue!Harry, calmer and quieter and more adult after the war. That was really nice to read.

I liked the short length, too, it felt perfect for this. It was like just seeing a tiny significant moment into this whole life Harry leads after the series ends. A snapshot, and you picked a great moment to capture.

I really enjoyed reading this, I'm glad review tag brought me here :)


Author's Response: Hey! Thank you for reading and reviewing.

I am pleased you liked Harry's characterisation and that you found it realistic and could understand the sentiments behind his visit. Yeah, it makes me sad too :(

I am glad you liked the wistful mood, and Harry's acceptance of their deaths. It's great to know that you liked the way I portrayed a post-war Harry, and that it matched with the epilogue.

I was worried about the length so it's a relief to hear that you found it suited for the theme and you enjoyed the moment.

Thanks a lot =)

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