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Review #1, by Jutta George's Journey On

22nd December 2015:
This really was beautiful!

Author's Response: Thank You!! :)

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Review #2, by Maelody George's Journey On

7th March 2014:
This one was possibly even more sad. Not because George dies, but because we get the chance to see him prepare to die, something Fred didn't get. Fred's life was ripped away, and George's time was coming. When Fred II said "At least I'll get to see you every day" and his voice quivered, my heart literally ached. You broke my heart!

That is a HUGE family! I always imagined the Weasley family expanding to great lengths, too, but I don't think I imagined the excessive use of the same names. Some of these people have quite a while to be dead yet, and there's two Rose's and two Roxanne's and I'd imagine Fabian would get confusing after a while, too!

Speaking of Fabian, I loved the little bit you added with him and his boyfriend! I know it's not meant to make a big deal, but I'm going to make one! I think it's so cute that George and the whole family are totally OKAY with the engagement, and are nothing but happy for them. The reason I'm making a big deal of it, is because it shows how much time has passed. How much views have changed, and how long George has been separated from Fred. Too long! :D

The reunion was great! Even getting to see Percy again (which was sad to see he had gone) was sweet! I loved the whole aspect of these two stories, and I think you did such a lovely job with the both of them! :D Congrats on writing two lovely stories, my dear! :D I hope to read more from you soon!


Author's Response: Hi again!

I know, George has the feeling of it and like you said he has to prepare more than Fred did. That made me so sad writing that, although if George did haunt the shop they could get more customers.

HUGE! I know, I've been meaning to edit this and add the information in about them as there as so many so it is a tad confusing but I just haven't got around to it. The Weasley's are like rabbits, lol :p It certainly would!

I loved writing Fabian and as George said he shouldn't have favourites but Fabian was his, he's mine too despite having a little part. I thought it was cute about how he says he got engaged the night previously so easy like he had gotten a new job or something. But the Weasley family are happy and supportive, no matter what.

I feel Percy would have over worked himself too much, but their reunion was cute and sad at the same time. Thank you for the lovely reviews!

Soph x

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Review #3, by FriendofMolly George's Journey On

18th January 2014:
Thank you for writing the perfect follow up to The Journey. In the books, it was always Fred and George together. When Fred was killed during the Battle, we all knew, no matter what he did after, there would always be part of George that was lost. My favorite part of this one, was that George brought a jumper for Fred. The Treasure Chest was a bonus. I have to say Bravo!

Author's Response: Hi FriendofMolly,

Aww thank you! You're too kind. I love Fred and George and knowing that they would be without each other breaks my heart. I thought the jumpers would a great touch because I think that even though Fred was gone, Molly would still one every year for him.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing and I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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Review #4, by AlexFan George's Journey On

27th October 2013:
Well then, that is one giant family. Like seriously giant, I lost track of the majority of them (I got lost as soon as Fabian and Georgia were mentioned).

Okay, I'm pretty sure it's not the many characters themselves that confused me, it was the grandchildren and the great grandchildren. I've got no idea which character belongs in each category so a suggestion that I would make is perhaps include a list before the story telling where everyone belongs.

There was one part where you accidentally slipped up and wrote in first person point of view instead of third person and a few grammar errors here and there. They didn't really interrupt the flow of the story unless you were looking for them so they're not that big of a deal.

I thought this was incredibly sweet and sad, especially the part where George said goodbye to everyone. The jumper part where he put on both of them was especially sweet and sad.

His entire life and George still doesn't forget about his brother in anything that he does.

And I love how George just knew that he was going to go, it wasn't unexpected or anything like that, he just knew that his time had come to leave and he had prepared for it.

But anyway, good job on the story, it was really sweet yet sad.

Author's Response: I know, haha I just think with the Weasley's being so big that some how even the next gen kids would follow it.

I think even I got a little lost at one point, although that is a really good idea!!

I hadn't noticed that actually so thank you for pointing that out :D

I love Fred and George and sometimes I think they're a little under loved and since the scene in Deathly Hallows where Harry went to Kings Cross it got me thinking, is there really a Kings Cross after you die and voila! Heres the story.

Thank you for the review and I'll be sure to revise the POV changes and grammar :)

Soph :D

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