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Review #1, by oldershouldknowbetter What's the matter, Hugo?

23rd January 2015:
I am always interested in Hugo stories.

I find that he is a character I just donít have a handle upon. I wonder: what will make him tick; what his likes are; what his reactions will be to any given situation; what is his basic character? It is vital I discover it because I am writing my own Rose/Scorpius fic and it is necessary I get some handle upon his character before he enters the school. So it was with joy that I found that my Secret Santa Giftee had some stories about him/featuring him.

Let us see what this one has in store for us.

I donít know if it is just the stories of yours that I have selected to read or it is a general device you use. But I was smiling and grinning to myself from almost the first paragraph onwards.
I have come fresh from reviewing your humorous Harry vs his Kids story and this Ron has quite a bit more spine than that Harry. It seems he might cave in sometimes to his son but he can actually stand firm when he needs to. You have really captured the personality of the adult Ron I think, especially with his blunt honesty. Then when Hugo throws out a snarky comment in his wake, we realise he has it too (Hermione even comments upon it). Funnily enough in my quest to find the character of Hugo I think I may have found a key element here Ė he should take after one of his parents and probably whomever his sister doesnít. I know Iím supposed to be giving you the gift here, but Iím learning lots and having fun doing so.

The paragraph where he describes the Weasley family pecking order is priceless. Hugoís Ďspecial talentí is whining and crying and heís not bottom of the food chain? How bad/pathetic must Fred be?

Hermione is great too. She was always going to have a high profile career and I get the feeling that as high up as she might be in the Wizarding world she knows she always has to come home to a house containing three big kids. She has their numbers though and gets what she wants from them in the end.

The action moves over to the Granger household. Things just keep making me laugh. The doilies bit is gold and it also offers up a great little titbit of characterisation too. Hugo is bored, pre-emptively, and wants to take down Rose too, but she is having none of it. The promise you gave us of a feisty, no nonsense sort of Rose Ė one who Ďget(s) her way through bullying and punchingí - is being fulfilled. I like a strong Rose, she is one of my favourite characters of the whole Potter milieu and you have done her character justice and then some.

Lunch time is just a progression of horrors for poor old Hugo. I love his reaction to the salad, I have a son myself who I have found is allergic to green. As for no-fat mayonnaise it is a horror inflicted upon the unwary by the twin devices of yoghurt culture and the advocate-of-the-healthy-options. Some of the lunch ends up on Rose and I frankly cannot blame Hugo over much Ė Rose was just pushing, pushing, pushing; she deserved it.

Chaos and fighting ensue. Grandmother Granger arrives to stop the fighting and has had enough of these true scions of the House of Weasley and arranges for them to be taken away from her post haste.

I truly didnít see the ending coming and it was the funnier for it. As well as being funny it was also such a great piece of characterisation. You get the feeling that, even though the fighting was put on for effect, it was close to the surface anyway and they didnít have to stray far from what they would be doing anyhow.

Finishing this Iíll amend my earlier supposition, Hugo should take some elements from both his parents and we see revealed in his character what the disparate elements from his parents bring to the fore. They will make a new character who is entirely his own person. I like your Hugo. Thank you so much for this wonderful slice of Hugo pie served with lashings of Rose; I enjoyed it immensely.

Author's Response: I love Hugo stories! But I blame that entirely on my friend Sam, she writes wonderful Hugo stories!

Oooo I wish you luck on your future Rose/Scorpius story! Aww I'm glad that you're enjoying my stories. And yes, this Ron has more of a spine then in my other stories.

Oh yes, the Weasleys have a pecking order, they have to with a family that big!

Hermione definitely has the most control over the kids, they know how to press poor Ron's buttons.

I wouldn't blame Hugo either, Rose deserved it. She was pushing Hugo too much.

Yay! I'm glad that I could surprise you with the end :D It's the kind of thing that they would regularly do to get out of going places. They know how to play their family members to get what they want.

Thank you so much! I'm so glad that you like my Hugo so much and your reviews are wonderful and brilliant and never fail to give me a bright grin. :D

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Review #2, by HufflePuff_Blitz What's the matter, Hugo?

1st October 2013:
Oh such wonderful shenanigans :) I knew Hugo was so adorably mischievous from the start but I didn't expect rose to be plotting too! Awesome story keep up the awesome work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Oh they are both as mischievous as the other.

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Review #3, by AlexFan What's the matter, Hugo?

30th September 2013:
Oh my goodness this was brilliant! When I gave you that quote I thought for sure that you'd asked to switch because how on earth could someone write a story with a quote like that.

May I just say that you did so brilliantly. That was absolutely hilarious. I seriously bow down to you for being able to use such a random quote in this way.

The relationship between Hugo and Rose is the typical brother-sister relationship that a lot of people have but you made it so funny. Hugo really does whine though, honestly, I've never met anyone in my life who whines more than Hugo and that's including my brother when he's in a bad mood.

The ending though where they high-fived was absolutely brilliant. Right then was when I knew that those two were really evil geniuses. I hadn't seen that coming at all though, I just assumed that they were actually fighting and didn't really get along.

Ron's line where he almost swore had me laughing so hard. It seemed like such a Ron thing to say. That was my favourite line and probably my favourite part from this story.

Brilliant one-shot!

Author's Response: AWww yay!!! I am so happy that you liked this! I must admit I did struggle for a while, and there was a whole Dean and Seamus story planned, but I wasn't sure I'd be able to write it in time. But then this idea happened. :D

Thank you so much!

Haha Hugo does whine a lot doesn't he? I'm not sure if I could put up with him for as long as anyone has :P

Oh yeah, they had been planning this for a while :P

Yay!! When I wrote that I thought it was such a Ron thing to do, so I'm glad that you agree as well.

Thanks so much for the lovely reviews!! You're amazing!!

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Review #4, by The Misfit What's the matter, Hugo?

30th September 2013:
TAMMI! :D I get the first review on this new one-shot, woo!

I love Hugo as a child! He seems very spoilt (in a nice way, if that makes sense?) and it's fun seeing his thought processes as he decides it's no good trying to persuade his dad, he'll have to persuade his mum :P

I haven't read many stories depicting Ron and Hermione as parents, but I have to say I like Hermione's characterization in this one! She's very firm, but sweet - she reminds me a little of Molly :3

Hugo's reaction to salad and extra-light mayo is hilarious XD I love them now, but I remember hating them as a kid :P Tut tut, they shouldn't have been fighting... AND OMG! HE SPOILED THE BOOK! That's readership sinning! :O

I loved the ending though! ♥ It was definitely fun to read and their plan was really amusing and definitely the kind of thing that kids their age with come up with :P Good luck with the challenge, Tammi!

Author's Response: ISOBEL! YAY! I'm so glad!!

I'm so glad that you love Hugo as a child, he is incredibly spoilt and he also knows how to manipulate his parents. :P

Aww I'm so glad that you think that! :D Molly has obviously taught her well! :D

Haha oh Hugo! He really hates salad and light mayo. :P Hugo was so fun to write in this!

Who would have thought that Hugo and Rose would have paired up? :P Thank you so much! *hugs* You're the best!!

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