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Review #1, by princesslily_36 3 years, 30 days

11th February 2016:
Finally snuck in some time to drop in :D

I'm definitely going to be gushing about this chapter because Albus and Sophie - Aw!!

That speech when Albus defends Sophie to Joel without knowing it himself - cuteness overloaded!

You know, I was always a James person, but you're making me fall begrudgingly in love with your Albus. Like Frankie said, he's so huggable!

I love your little additions in this chapter :D Like Vanessa being so repentant about PDA - awesome touch, and Albus being uncomfortable because he's Albus *hug*

I hate that Deborah! She just creeps me out!

My favorite lines/phrases/dialogues:

1. wind stealing their breath at each step—

2. 'There she was' - wow. Just wow. That paragraph that preceeded this line, I almost saw the whole thing happening in slow-mo. It was like watching a romcom - with those lines as a voiceover while the incredibly-cute hero gazing so adoringly at the unsuspecting love of his life. *sigh*

3. "You don’t like Hufflepuffs,” Albus said. “It’s your fatal flaw.”

4. "From one Albus to another, thank you,”

I forgot to mention, I love Joel's dry humor. There's something about it which adds a punch!

Aww Gina! Your A/N *hugs* You're the sweetest, really!! So special! Made my day!!

Love, Hugs, Kisses,

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Review #2, by Owlpost68 3 years 47 days

5th February 2016:
Hi, it's Heather, I'll take a crack at this chapter for you. I know the feeling about rewriting a chapter over and over, and it definitely felt like you went over every last detail.

Fittingly, this is where my attention to detail comes in:

Literally, there were details galore here, which, in most ways, really made the chapter interesting, in just a couple of ways, it was a little too much. Like the beginning where you said that Al felt like his bed had moved a little bit to the right. I've never heard of anyone noticing that kind of detail, but even if he did, I wouldn't have put it in the beginning of a chapter. It didn't grab me in to the story.

That being said, it didn't make me turn away from the rest of the story, which was really interesting. I never thought of Al as a person to read biographies with that amount of interest. I think because we always hear about Rose being bookish we don't think of the Potters that way. And then speaking of Rose, you immediately likened her with Ron, not being a morning person, and with Hermione, being nosy and reading his mysterious note. Well done.

I also loved how you incorporated the Room of Requirement as his refuge. I did want to point out, that part of the RoR is that you can think of something you need/want and it appears, so I don't know if he really needed to sneak certain items there, but then again, he doesn't know all its secrets does he? I imagine he's figured out quite a bit though considering he's been there since 1st year.

Then of course, this mystery person, who he's fallen in love with before, but doesn't know yet... I feel like this is the start of where the details of this mystery begins. I will keep it in mind.

Very interesting, it's been a long time since I've read a next gen story that's kept my interest. Ones that have, sadly were not completed. So, I have high hopes for this one!

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Review #3, by princesslily_36 3 years 31 days, part two

5th February 2016:
DLZ!! Finally!!

Zeller. Do I remember a Rose Zeller being sorted sometime during Hogwarts Era?

That whole exchange was so cryptic. I mean, if I hadn't read the previous chapters I would have thought Albus was over reacting, but Zeller, she kinda creeped me out a little bit too. I can't say exactly why, but I do side with Albus on this!

My favorite parts:

1. how he thought of Myrtle then realized she had no breaths! Those small details really give you an edge!

2. The exchange between Lily and Albus - everything about this was amazing. Albus felt like he was his old self again - this showed why I didn't understand Albus before, because he wasn't himself - he is so free and happy around Lily.

3. Harry as an embarrassing dad rotflol!

4. James being the awesome eldest son! I'm sure Harry wouldn't play favorites, but I can see his children thinking he does!

5. The little descriptions that companies the dialogues, bringing greater life to the scenes.

Overall, this is the best chapter I've read so far! Can't wait for more!

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Review #4, by princesslily_36 3 years 31 days

5th February 2016:
Is it just me or is Albus particularly dreamy for a 17 year old? Does this nature of his have anything significant to do with the mystery that's going to unfold? - I got my answer in the later half! Memory lapses!!! Brilliant. I love how you're building this up.

"Tears pressed against his eyes" - this line threw me off to me honest. I can see how he would be shocked, but I don't see what would make him cry?

I like how he's not a stereotypical teenage boy! The beginning kind of reminded me of Luna Lovegood - adorable and preoccupied!

Harry's tone of letter - so adorable! I'm reusing adjectives because I'm really fond of the Albus Harry relationship here. As the middle child, Albus would tend to gravitate towards Harry (that's become my headcanon now).

Lily. I adore her. A total little-sister-big-brother interaction there. *sigh* the potter-weasley clan rocks!

The ending. Ohhh we're getting closer to the DLZ! Oh no! What's going on with the scar? And Amorentia? This just keeps getting thicker

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Review #5, by princesslily_36 3 years 32 days

5th February 2016:
You know I really did agree with Joel when he said Albus was constantly dwelling on the bad. I got those feels as well.

Albus' letter to his dad showed exactly how close they were, how comfortable he was opening up to him. Also, that part about him idolizing the person he was named after, awesome!

I wonder a few things here - why did Albus think he was wrong for gryffindor? Coming from a family of them, especially as he didn't want to be a Slytherin, wouldn't he have welcomed Gryffindor?

Also, when you said family regarding Albus and Nora, did u mean the cousins only (which makes sense they would care about teenage gossip). It makes sense that Albus cared so much about what his family thought... Given his apprehension about being a Slytherin!

I also like that you're not making him a quintessential Gryffindor. He has his own nervousness and insecurities, and isn't brave in the conventional sense. I'm getting a part-Neville vibe from him :D that's a good thing because Neville showed us that there is a Gryffindor in us in so many other ways.

The description of the Quidditch scene was wonderful! I like how you're building the mystery up in small steps. It doesn't dive right into it, giving us glimpses of it while keeping the usual school life going is quite good. I'm still intrigue by the scar!

I'm betting that figure wasn't Joel. This is an awesome chapter!

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Review #6, by princesslily_36 3 years 35 days

4th February 2016:
Poor thing! Albus having nightmares :( ohh what was that scar all about? The whole nightmares and scar twinging was very Harry Potter ish. Is this the hidden script of cursed child by any chance :D because it's just so wonderfully written. The suspense being intermixed with their friendships and normal teenage angst.

And Rose, I like Rose! I think she's my favorite in this story :D she's a perfect mix of Ron and Hermione! And I love how she and Albus are so close. Not just because they're cousins but because she's just so good for him, you know! She's so cheery and upbeat, and Albus is just so... Serious! He definitely needs her around :D

Joel's inner turmoil - so brilliant, so natural. His bitterness and envy. Ive actually wondered if Lily Evans often felt like that - like if she ever truly belonged anywhere. Joel's feelings bring a wonderful dimension to a Muggleborn that we haven't seen. Harry, for all practical purposes was brought up by muggles, but he didn't identify himself with them enough to feel this way. Leaving behind a twin, that's got to be hard!

I am a bit confused about Albus, though. I can't really make him out you know. I understand that's probably the plot, but I can't seem to get the feel of his character. Joel, I get now. Scorpius too, the little we have seen of him seem to be bang on. Rose is an enigma, but that's what I love best about her - she seems to be very mature and sweet at times but Albus' thoughts on her seem to suggest quite the opposite!

I guess we will see more in the next chapter 😁


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Review #7, by princesslily_36 3 years 40 days

4th February 2016:
Ohh we see more Scorpius this time!

It always feels like the whole Potter-Weasley next gen clan monopolize the school, doesn't it? There's just so many of them!

Ohhh I could see a bit of Draco in Scor in that convo between Louis, Albus and Scorpius! That was so subtle and really well done!

Albus starting to fixate on the note... You know a part of me thought the girl would be the mysterious DLZ too, but then I caught myself thinking she wouldn't have been so forthright if she was. I mean, people write notes only when they're scared to confront! Okay, I'm rambling now :D

Over to the next chapter!

PS: Peeves! Oh Peeves is awesome! I wonder if he had ever tried that on Madam Pince!

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Review #8, by princesslily_36 3 years 47 days

4th February 2016:
Hello Gina!

I know I'm a little late, got caught up gossiping with some friends at work :D

First off the year days thing was super intriguing! And time travel, always fascinating! I wondered what this whole story about!

Ah! I love the way you described Albus feeling his book in real life. I mean, don't we all do it? Dwell in our pages despite coming out of them! I especially loved that part.

Also, I love your descriptions! The words you use, you describe so well - both feelings and events!

Also, the idea of Albus finding his sanctuary was brilliant. I can totally see him as a person who would need that!

This thing about your Albus is - he's not entirely like Harry. Most people seem to make him so. I love that he has his individuality :D

I'm quite curious about this DLZ! Over to the next chapter now!

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Review #9, by MuggleMaybe 3 years 40 days

3rd February 2016:
Hi Gina!

I know I am so horrifically slow, but I'm here with your 2nd prize review!

I'm sort of struck on reading this by how distinctive a voice your writing has. There's something really unique about it that I love, although I am not very helpful because I can't quite put my finger on what it is. But I really love it!

Also: I WANT TO KNOW WHO DLZ IS! I know, I know, I have to keep reading and that is a Big Question that you can't reveal in chapter 2. But I am dying to know! I would be just like Al about it too, obsessing and distracted by it all the time.

Perhaps your originality is in the details? You've got some really killer ones, without overdoing it. I'm partial to the twirling blade of grass. (Well, I'm partial to Scorpius in general.) ;)

I'm intrigued by the boys' conversation about careers. Does Al actually want to be an Auror? He didn't seem super excited by the idea, but he did seem dedicated to it.

You successfully faked me out with Tracy Hopkins. I was so sure we'd meet DLZ and then NOPE! :P Well done!

Really, your version of ALbus is so unique. I can't wait to read more!

xoxo Renee

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Review #10, by StarFeather 3 years 47 days

30th January 2016:
Hi, Gina. I came here from the Gryffindor Review Battle thread, Team Red!

I respect your description, Gina. I have to learn lots from you. I've just started to write about Next Gen.
I like the scene Albus talked to the parchment, and I felt humor in this, " Albus gave it a pat and nodded. “Breakfast it is.” I smiled at the description, "the whole Gryffindor-Slytherin dichotomy will probably throw the entire Great Hall into a black hole".

His imagination about the cold prison cell reminded me of your other work, "Them". I wondered his darkness started from here.
Hmm, you set a kind of complicated frinedship between Albus and Scorpius, which is interesting. I've never encountered this situation before.

Scorpius got more letters than Albus, it's quite understandable.

The parchment soaked in the sea of syrup reminded me of Curious George, but it turned to be more interesting, it's a love letter? I'm completely hooked. Who sent it to Albus? Who is D.L.Z.?

The idea of "his room" is brilliant! I remembered I played with my friend at our secret base near the small mountain. I pushed the favorite button now.


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Review #11, by alicia and anne 3 years 47 days

10th January 2016:
Hahah I love that Albus is checking his extremities (I don't think I spelt that right) to see if any of them were missing, or had run off in the night.

Oooo he notices his bed being slightly out of place, and he has parchment with pros and cons. I wonder why?

He seems to have a really active imagination, being up all night reading and being lost in the world of the words he's read. He's just like us! :D I also love how he and Scorpius have an accidental friendship haha.

Hahaha always suspect Rose is brilliant advice, I will now always suspect her!

Oooo! I wonder who sent it if it wasn't Rose! :O That's a weird note though, who is he not meant to fall in love with? And again?! Sounds like there's scandal afoot and I'm eager to find out who it's about and why Albus is so frustrated by it!

I can't wait to find out more and I am really excited about finding out who this mysterious person is! :D A fabulously written beginning, I love how you've written Albus and the way he interacts with Scorpius, annoyed by him but still hanging around with him. :D

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Review #12, by MuggleMaybe 3 years 47 days

5th January 2016:
Hello Gina! Congratulations of winning FIRST PLACE in the (Super) Microfiction Challenge! I'm here with the first of your prize reviews. :)

After reading the version of Albus you wrote in Them, I was a little nervous when I saw this story is also about him. As in, I was afraid he was going to hurt someone. But this seems to be a different Albus, so I am safe! ;)

This works really well as a first chapter. At the end, I didn't want to stop and leave a review because I just wanted to go on to chapter two! You've painted an interesting picture of Albus. To me, he comes across as self-conscious, intelligent, pensive, and something of an outsider. I don't know if that's what you had in mind, but for me that's how he came across, and I thought it was very effective. I can't wait to find out who DLZ is!!

I'm not sure if you've edited this chapter yet. If you haven't, there were two thing I might suggest considering for revision -

at the start of the chapter, when he accounts for his fingers and toes, I actually thought he was a baby or a toddler until I got to the part about the parchment. Maybe that's just me being silly.

I also thought this was a Scorpius/Albus ship for a while. I think explaining why Al is meeting him for breakfast, and why/if that's unusual would help to clarify their relationship (assuming you want to - it could be vague on purpose, of course).

I loved the bit about Al's secret classroom. Hogwarts is full of secrets, and it's amazing how few fics take advantage of that to create new amazing parts of the castle. I'm glad you've done that!

looking forward to chapter 2
xoxo Renee

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Review #13, by GabbysCrossing 3 years 31 days, part two

27th December 2015:
I absolutely love the feeling of the story - your writing captures a lot of the emotion that as a reader, I didn't expect to actually...I dunno, feel alongside with the characters!

Keep up the great work! :*

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! So glad you're enjoying the ride so far. I should have the next chapter up in a couple weeks. :)

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Review #14, by krazyboutharryginny 3 years 31 days, part two

20th June 2015:
Amazing Race - House Cup 2015 - Gryffindor

So... the mystery of D.L.Z.'s identity has been revealed. Al seems satisfied, but I'm definitely not. There's more to it than that. Something's obviously been going on with Albus, and I NEED TO KNOW WHAT IT IS!
It's good that he's feeling better, but I can't imagine that it will last. He's spent a good chunk of this story so far getting more and more out of it, and now he's just fine? After meeting D.L.Z.? I don't think that I buy it!
Oh no, Harry's coming to Hogwarts! You've made the Potter's such a believable family - they care very deeply for each other, but Lily and Albus still don't want their dad to embarrass them!
I have to admit that I don't quite understand what happened with that girl? Did Joel give her Armontentia? I have to be honest - if that's what happened, my respect for Joel just plummeted :/ I'm sure that there are loads of girls in Hogwarts who would love to date Al without being given a coercive potion.
But overall I am still really enjoying this story, and I hope there's a new chapter soon.


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Review #15, by krazyboutharryginny 3 years 31 days

20th June 2015:
Amazing Race - House Cup 2015 - Gryffindor

I'm starting to get very worried about Albus. His behaviour is really concerning. Does it have something to do with D.L.Z. or is it something else entirely? I hope he's okay...
I feel really bad for Sophie. I would be upset too if my friend ran out on me like that. At the same time, though, I understand why Albus did it.
I absolutely love the way you've written the Potter family. They're so loving and it's really clear how deeply they care about each other. It makes me really happy that Lily is so caring towards her brother and worried about her brother. I'm hoping we'll hear from James soon?
WHO is this girl? OMG! I have the feeling that she's not Al's blind date, contrary to what he seems to believe. Also what happened with his scar?! Things are getting more and more alarming and intriguing! I can't wait to read on.
I really am alarmed by Albus' behaviour, though, especially the memory issues. I hope that everything starts to become clear soon!


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Review #16, by krazyboutharryginny 3 years 32 days

20th June 2015:
Amazing Race - House Cup 2015 - Gryffindor

I'm really glad that Al wrote to his dad. It's so wonderful that they have a good enough relationship that Albus is comfortable writing to him about his worries.
The idea of Joel and Vanessa being the designated "Cutest Couple in Gryffindor", as decided by a poll, is completely hilarious to me. Al's discomfort is definitely understandable, though.
I have a feeling that a blind date won't go the way everyone is hoping it will. It seems to me like Al is probably right and it will cause even more problems. It also makes me feel bad for Sophie :(
Albus reading biographies of Dumbledore is a really cool detail. I also love that you made sure to say that Rita Skeeter's had been discredited!
Oooh! Is the mysterious figure D.L.Z.?! I'M SO INTRIGUED.
The only thing I didn't like was the idea of Al's family calling a meeting to discuss his relationship. If my family did that to me I'd be so unbelievably irritated.
Overall I really enjoyed this chapter and I'm excited to read the next one.

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Review #17, by krazyboutharryginny 3 years 35 days

20th June 2015:
Hey! I'm here for the Amazing Race review battle for 2015's House Cup! Go go Gryffindor! (I'm also here because I meant to review every chapter of this AGES ago. Oops. I'm so sorry!)

Have I mentioned before that I absolutely love everything you've got going on with this story? Because I do. I don't even have words for how much I adore your characterization of Rose. It's completely different from anything I've ever seen before and I think it's PERFECT. Her relationship with Albus is wonderful.

I also admire your pacing. I have a tendency to rush, but here we're three chapters in and you're still keeping things mysterious. I have no idea what's going on (I mean, I do, but I don't know WHY) but instead of being confused or put off I'm totally hooked. Who is D.L.Z? Is she the mysterious women in Albus' dream? WHERE DID THE SCAR COME FROM?! Why does Al feel dizzy? I know that these questions will be answered in later chapters, and I can't wait to read on and find out what's happening here.

I love this so much! I'm sorry it took me so long to get back here.


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Review #18, by Roisin 3 years 31 days, part two

20th June 2015:
Z for Zeller! I think that was one of my guesses :D

I actually kind of liked the 'anti-climax' of it, because it sort of enhanced the mystery. I mean, sending a mysterious note 'not to fall in love' isn't really the BEST plan, once you think about it. Saying it was all a prank seems like a realistic (if maybe desperate) move once she notices Albus is freaking out. And pretending to have pranked him wouldn't SEEM like a great segue into romance, so I get the reasoning.

There was a really weird eeriness to their encounter, where you did a really nice job of moving into stranger and more metaphorical language. I have to assume that that is meant to read as symptomatic of CRAZY MAGIC and WEIRD MEMORY STUFF.

But, GUH, it sucks so bad to be at the last posted chapter! Update, update, update!


House Cup 2015 - Gryffindor

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Review #19, by TreacleTart 3 years 31 days, part two

20th June 2015:
Hey Gina!

I'm here for House Cup 2015- Amazing Race Round 2 - Gryffindor!

Oh! This was so anti-climatic that I feel like it can't be real. After everything that Albus went through over that letter, D.L.Z. is just some random girl who wrote him the letter for a bet. That is not cool. Not cool at all. I did notice that she mentioned her friend Tracy though. I wonder if this is the same Tracy that helped Albus when he got smacked in the face with the book.

I am glad that Albus is starting to feel better now that he knows who this person is. He was getting pretty scary there for awhile with all of his dizziness and weird symptoms. I'm still not convinced that they weren't caused by his scar.

I chuckled a bit at Lily and Albus' reactions to the announcement that their dad would be coming to visit Hogwarts. I could imagine that being pretty tough for them, particularly with the way it sounds like he treats them. To be honest, I do have a bit of a hard time imagining Harry saying things like that, but then again every parent has their favorite child. I guess maybe James is his.

Now I have a small bit of a critique for this chapter and that is that there isn't another chapter for me to read right now. Hurry up and write some more so I can get back and find out what's going on! Good work!


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Review #20, by Roisin 3 years 31 days

20th June 2015:
Hm, it seems like Albus' memory is a bit wonky. This might support my 'he's been obliviated' theory.

I can't help but feel bad for Sophie. She clearly likes Albus, and it's a bummer (for her) that he doesn't seem to reciprocate :(

Hm, maybe Madame Reid is a sketchy one. I mean, she seems to be resistant to offering Albus the tests he's asking for. You said earlier that she said the scar wasn't magical in origin, but I don't remember the palm leaf test happening. MAYBE SHE KNOWS SOMETHING??? Or maybe he's just got shoddy memory (STILL SUSPICIOUS).

So Joel and his girlfriend gave this girl amortentia? That's a pretty sketch move, too! Totally not the best way to hook people up for a date, but quite a creepy and strangely actiony scene!

House Cup 2015 - Gryffindor

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Review #21, by TreacleTart 3 years 31 days

20th June 2015:
Hey Gina!

I'm here for House Cup 2015- Amazing Race Round 2 - Gryffindor!

So we finally get to meet this Sophie that we've heard so much about. She certainly does seem to have a thing for Albus as she's clearly hanging on his every word. I suppose it really would be much kinder of Albus to just tell her flat out that he doesn't feel the same way for her as she does for him.

The whole situation with the scar is interesting. A potion to detect the origin of a scar could be very helpful. Finding out that Madame Reid already did the test and that Albus just doesn't remember is definitely concerning. I couldn't understand forgetting little things here and there, but that seems like a pretty big thing to forget.

Lily's attempts to reach out to Albus were sweet. You can see that she really loves her brother. Good on her for protecting him from the girl who drank Amortentia. That could be a scary situation, so Albus was really luck she was there to give him a chance to escape.

I was a little bit unclear on one thing though. Was it Joel and Victoria who gave this girl amortentia or was it someone else?

The last scene with his scar hurting has me really concerned for Albus. Something is clearly very wrong with him and I'd be willing to bet that the scar is the origin of his sickness.

Another solid chapter! I'm on to the next one! Good work!


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Review #22, by Roisin 3 years 32 days

20th June 2015:
Gonna try reviewing as I go.

Clever Albus, write your dad. Also, hahaha, the "it's man stuff / it's not man stuff" made me giggle.

Hm, curious about Lily. I remember being curious about Lily last chapter, too.

Huh, he looked at Vanessa then his scar twinged. I'm smelling a red herring (like when Harry's scar hurt looking at Snape BUT IT WAS ACTUALLY QUIRREL). Is there someone wearing a turban in the room?

Herrumph, that's quite rude and inappropriate of Al's family to make him dump a girl on reputation alone. I mean, what adults listen to teenage gossip? And also even if it were true, WAY TO SEX SHAME, jeez.

I really liked all the description in the scene of Al on the Quidditch pitch. It was really vivid and got the atmosphere across really well. That helped a lot when it came to the shadowy figure, because it gave it a kind of eerie creepyness. The tension in that moment came across specifically because you placed us there so well.

Also, I like how subtly you weave in Albus coping with what I take to be anxiety. He seems a very anxious sort, but you never come out and say it. Nice showing over telling :)

House Cup 2015 - Gryffindor

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Review #23, by TreacleTart 3 years 32 days

20th June 2015:
Hey Gina!

I'm here for House Cup 2015- Amazing Race Round 2 - Gryffindor!

I'm glad that Albus decided to confide in Harry about his scar. It does seem a bit unusual that it would show up out of nowhere and then suddenly twinge the way he says it does. I wish I could say it was nothing, but with the way he's obsessing over it, I'm quite certain it means something.

It's good that Albus has friends who notice that something is wrong with him, but setting him up on a blind date seems to be an odd way of dealing with this. I would think a blind date would just add more stress to it all. Not to mention the fact that blind dates work basically never. It seems even stranger that they want to set him up, but based on their questions it doesn't seem that they have anyone in particular in mind.

The ending of this chapter was quite ominous. I wonder who the shadowy person could've been outside of the Quidditch field. I guess Albus doesn't have his father's curious streak because Harry certainly would've gone after them regardless of sore muscles. I wonder if its D.L.Z.

On to the next chapter now!


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Review #24, by TreacleTart 3 years 35 days

20th June 2015:
Hey Gina!

I'm here for House Cup 2015- Amazing Race Round 2 - Gryffindor!

So the mystery continues. Albus still hasn't figured out who the mysterious D.L.Z. is and seems no closer to having any viable candidates. It's strange too that no one else has any idea of who she might be. I could understand Albus not knowing immediately, but Scorpius, Joel, and Rose don't have any clue either.

The strange nightmare combined with the physical symptoms of sickness is a bit concerning. And I would wager a bet that the scar is something more than everyone is making it out to be. I mean who forgets how they got a scar really? I'm surprised that the new nurse is so cavalier about it. I bet Madame Pomfrey would've been more thorough.

Rose showing up to visit Albus was sweet. This is the type of relationship that cousins should have. They're supposed to watch out for each other in times of need, so it's nice to see Rose doing that.

Finally, I find it incredibly worrisome that Albus just decided to ditch Quidditch practice for no reason. This mystery really seems to be getting to him.

I'm excited to go read more! I'm enjoying this quite a bit so far! Good job!


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Review #25, by Roisin 3 years 35 days

20th June 2015:

I really, really like this characterization of Rose - which I may or may not have mentioned. She's realistically youthy, and a very different combination of Ron and Hermione traits than you usually see. In the books at least (though not quite the films, where he was a bit bafoonish) Ron had a tendency to run his mouth and was the last of the trio to really grow up. He could also be naive at times. I think it makes sense for a teenager, who isn't experiencing a war or anything and has had a pretty nice life, to maintain some naivete and immaturity. But she's still obviously clever, even if she's not super vexed about school, and seems to have elements of Hermione's tenacity. Anyway, she's a refreshing, funny character, and an interesting foil to Albus (who seems rather serious a lot of the time).

I couldn't help but giggle about him wondering if it was normal for scars to twinge. MAYBE TALK TO YOUR DAD ABOUT THAT, DUDE. I can only guess that he's traveled back through time and got the scar in a future he doesn't remember? If so, it seems like he couldn't have aged that much (or people would notice) so the future he can't remember can't be that far off. Which fits with the note, and the whole "don't fall in love with me THIS TIME" thing - I suspect mystery lady is going to appear pretty soon?

And here's my completely bonkers, probably not correct at all, fangirl theory: the only scar we know of to twinge was Harry's horcruxy scar. Maybe in the obliviated future, some sort of Horcrux situation happened with mystery lady? I know that's crackpot, but it's all I have!

So curious about what's all going on!
On to the next!

House Cup 2015 - Gryffindor

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