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Reading Reviews for Hourglass
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Review #1, by Felpata Lupin 3 years 47 days

20th April 2017:
Hey, Gina! Back again for CTF! ;)

I loved this! Seriously! Your writing is always so enthralling and the plot seems so interesting already, I'm fascinating!

So, who is D.I.Z.? Why should (or shouldn't) Arbus fall in love with them? Already so many questions...

As always, your descriptions were brilliant. I loved how you set the opening scene, and just-awaken Albus trying to figure out if he was still whole... I could relate, I'm not a morning person. Like, at all.

You had a lot of humour in this as well, a few Lines made me chuckle. Like Albus'pros and cons list. Or this description of Rose:

"Rose was not a morning person, but, no matter the hour, she was always the culprit."


I'm also fascinated by Albus and Scorpius' friendship. Why are they even friends, again? I loved the way you expressed it, "accidentale, not necessarily real". :)

I loved Albus' safe haven, it's so nice that he's built himself this place where he can be alone with himself. I also loved that you included a bit of anxiety about school getting to an end, that's very relatable too, endings are scary.

Another lovely work from you, and I really hope I'll remember to come back because I'm very curious to know what it is all about. ;)

Lots of love,

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Review #2, by marauderfan 3 years 31 days

26th January 2017:
Another review for you! I remember reading a few chapters of this quite a while ago, and I loved it, so I'm excited to be getting back into it!

I'm really concerned about Albus' mystery scar that doesn't seem to be caused by magic yet he can't recall ever getting. I mean, I understand finding a bruise and not knowing its origin but a SCAR? that's kind of a big deal, and I can't blame Albus for being worried about it. Also, his memory! You built that up really well, like in earlier chapters it wasn't that serious or mentioned much, but you've subtly added onto it until here Albus is at breakfast and has no idea how he got there. I love how you're building up the mystery to this story and I can't wait to see how everything connects. If it connects? I don't know. I'm full of questions and it's great because this story just stays so interesting.

I'm curious about the love potion incident and whether that girl has anything to do with the note. Is she DLZ? And I'm still wondering about the familiar girl from his dream that he doesn't actually know.

Poor Sophie, too. The girl has it bad, and I know Albus is saying he's not leading her on, but... he so is.

Sidenote: I love that you mentioned the potions class moved up to an airier classroom. THANK YOU. I can't believe I haven't come across this in other fics before but honestly the dungeon with no ventilation makes NO SENSE for a class where you're boiling weird ingredients that produces fumes. So yes, thank you for thinking of health and safety haha.

Another great chapter! I'm so glad to be back reading this :)

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Review #3, by alicia and anne 3 years 40 days

23rd May 2016:
I love this! So much! It brings me so much happiness!

I love how you write Scorpius, Albus and Louis. With Louis and Scorpius bickering amongst each other. :D

I really want Albus to find D.L.Z so I can know what they want. :D

:O Who threw the book at poor Albus' head? That's not very nice :(

I already ship Tracy and Albus and it's literally been a whole scene of them together!

I think that he is definitely dwelling on it, and he needs to work it out so that I can stop dwelling on it too! (I will never stop!)

Can't wait to read more! :D

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Review #4, by TidalDragon 3 years, 23 days

15th May 2016:
Well. I've now realized that in all the reviews I've left you, I've been that idiot who didn't read the summary to see that this is still a WIP. #failsauce But ultimately good because I'm pretty psyched that I'll have the opportunity to keep reading this for awhile on into the future!

Now that I've reached the end (of what there is so far), it's the best time to say that I think you've crafted something truly great here Gina! The characters are both impressive and intriguing, the dynamics authentic and believable, and it's all held together by this (I know I'm repeating this phrase) elegant simplicity that is SO welcome to read because it occupies this delightful middle ground between showy language and excessive minimalism - basically it's the type of writing that I love to read and I think it's incredible.

I'm adding this bad boy to my favorites list.

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Review #5, by TidalDragon 3 years, 30 days

15th May 2016:
Well isn't DLZ just a motherlode of trouble? I am quietly hopeful that it won't screw up this whole Albus/Sophie thing you've got going though - I wondered if Joel was going to try to set them up, but you did a good job misdirecting it with the frosty relationship between those two owing to his Hufflepuff-hate (which how that's a thing, I just don't even know). In any event it's good to see Joel's machinations got Albus's head out of his rear.

Of course, the moments immediately post-realization gave you a great opportunity to put your more prosaic descriptive talents to work and it was very well done and very true really how in those minutes, days, hours, etc after you've developed an interest in someone you look at them differently, see more, etc. Well done.

Now I suppose all that's left to do is leave this chapter for the grand, post-memory charm finale...

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Review #6, by TidalDragon 3 years 31 days, part two

15th May 2016:
Well...since you've inquired. I'm not at all convinced by Miss DLZ's appearance and explanation. I'm still thinking there's more to it, the note was a warning, something bad happened to Albus as a result (perhaps the something that created the scar?), and that somehow Miss DLZ went 'Claw mode and turned back the clock so that it could be avoided? I don't know...but I have a strong feeling that DLZ is behind the whole scar business because we note that it was burning strongest when Albus was nearest to her, which evokes the Voldemort-Harry connection (though I'm pretty sure DLZ didn't make Albus a horcrux :p).

Anyway, the chapter was a nice installment (especially learning about your conception of Next-Gen Harry and how he is as a dad), and I imagine, will prove to be quite the calm before the storm. I suppose I'll find out soon enough ;)

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Review #7, by TidalDragon 3 years 31 days

15th May 2016:
Well, as you promised, the plot IS thickening. Even independent of the scars and the blackouts and the letters (which I promise to come back to :p), I really enjoyed seeing more of Sophie than we have so far. She's someone who we learned before is quite important in Albus's life and so it's good we got to see a bit more of her identity through her own words and actions. AND she doesn't disappoint. She seems quite caring and earnest and helpful and some might be tempted to bop one Albus Potter over the head with a wand for passing on that. Not saying who. Shrug.

As for the plot stuff (see, returning as promised), I thought it was cool how you connected things from the previous chapter to this one and continued the sort of slower, mysterious feel from before until then it was like BANG - Gone in Sixty Seconds style and we have a mystery girl, a searing scar, and a possibly lying nurse (I can't decide...).

Can't wait to see what comes next!

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Review #8, by TidalDragon 3 years 32 days

15th May 2016:
Leading with something rather minor this time, but if you ever come back to make edits, I thought I'd point out that in the paragraph where Albus notices Joel and Vanessa PDA-ing on the couch, I was confused by your use of "former" on first read, because in the sentence prior Joel had been the former. Maybe it's just me and my addled mind, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

ANYWAY - I think what I liked most about this chapter (surprisingly) was not the development of Albus's character (though I did thoroughly enjoy another of his pro-con lists - the cons are always amusing) and the plot progression, but the way you set up each movement and scene with this elegant simplicity. I noticed it before in an earlier chapter (and I can't remember whether I mentioned it then or not), but for some reason it really stood out to me at the beginning of this one and I wanted to make sure I paid it tribute. You made it all come together so naturally and effortlessly and frankly its something I'm rather jealous of as I feel that's a part of my writing that comes across awkward or mechanistic or something.

I'm interested to see what happens now as the plot is truly beginning to thicken...

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Review #9, by TidalDragon 3 years 35 days

15th May 2016:
I DO like the addition of more characterization through some extra interplay. While I was enjoying it fine before, I think more interactive scenes (done well, like this) can really serve to add another dimension to characters, even if we're already met them and feel as if we've got a good handle on "who they are" so-to-speak.

Of course I also like the extra insight we get into who Joel is (especially since he's come up before and I assume he'll be coming up again). Even if he's not hugely important to the plot (or IS he?), I always like a handful of more developed "minor" characters for realism and helping more clearly define the major characters vis-a-vis their interactions. Kudos on starting that here!

On to Chapter 4!

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Review #10, by TidalDragon 3 years 40 days

15th May 2016:
Hello again!

You really brought out in the beginning just how deep those issues you mentioned between Scorpius and his father run - he got salty FAST when the conversation ran to fathers. He also kept his own, yet distinctly Malfoy-esque tone.

I also enjoyed, for humor value if nothing else, the way you juxtaposed Albus being a Gryffindor and stating emphatically that he was going to pursue life as an auror with the outcome of the library incident and having him get "saved" by a Ravenclaw.

Interested to see what happens next as time seems to continue to tick down...

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Review #11, by TidalDragon 3 years 47 days

15th May 2016:
Howdy Gina! I am picking back up on my review quest after a disastrous yesterday and that means I get to start on your story!

My thoughts will probably be briefer here because this is more of an introductory chapter, but nevertheless, you have given us a lot to think about. I enjoyed the different characterizations you've given us. Albus (if I'm reading correctly by the common room the pillows came from) is a Gryffindor, something of an introvert, and instead of having a fast, tight friendship with Scorpius, has something of a tense connection instead.

What I enjoyed most about the chapter though was the earnestness and simplicity in Albus's voice. But despite that, his descriptions aren't cheap or empty, they're careful and detailed, which I think is fitting for someone who seems to spend a fair amount of time alone.

You also set the ground work for something of a mystery with this note/letter from the mysterious "D.L.Z." Given the title and the language of the letter, I'm left wondering whether time-travel is going to come into play in this somhow, but I guess I'll have keep reading to find out.

See you in Chapter 2!

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Review #12, by MuggleMaybe 3 years, 23 days

6th April 2016:

I can't believe I haven't already read and reviewed this chapter!! The first scene in this chapter does a nice job of building character, especially the side characters like Rose and Louis. Not to mention, the discussion about Sophie was telling. He's trying, he wants to be head over heels for her. But he's not. He's just not. And Sophie is wonderful. She deserves someone who IS head over heels for her.

So, with that stage set, the locker room scene between them feels very natural. Sophie's backstory with her family is really interesting.

Oh, and this line:
Its okay, Soph, you can still be in Hufflepuff if you call your friend an idiot.

BUT THEN WHAT THE HECK WAS THE GHOST FREAKING OUT ABOUT OMG. You know who else isn't gonna sleep very well tonight? (just kidding)

As engrossing as ever.
You are marvelous! ♥

xoxo Renee

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Review #13, by princesslily_36 3 years, 23 days

18th March 2016:
Ahhh, you've blown me away yet again!!! How is your Albus so adorable..? The way he is reluctant to talk about Sophie, but still wants to talk about her...

The conversation with the cousins was soo good, it flowed so well, and I liked how close they were. I'd expect them to be so, especially since the parents must have been so close after the war and all.. Rose is kinda cute, the way she shoves the wand in Louis' face!

Sophie is so sweet! Honestly, I really really like her... sometimes I wonder if she's too nice, you know... but I realized we are seeing her from Albus' PoV and he thinks she is kind of perfect doesn't he...

I love that insight into Sophie's family not being so perfect, and the brother with bipolar is so touching. I am quite interested in knowing how you are going to tackle this further. I have a special interest in working with/for psychiatric disorders which increases my interest in this storyline! I am beginning to think Sophie's extremely nice personality is probably overdone to mask the darker shades of her life.

Ahh the near kiss - omg, I could just see it in slow motion... if only it was real. But the anticipation of it is more exciting than the actual kiss isn;t it... so you are keeping us waiting, which is good :D Is this Albus' first kiss? Or has he kissed girls before? I love how you have captured his frustration...

That climax scene - was quite creepy. I read that in broad daylight and even I felt a chill down my spine. I can quite imagine why Albus couldn't sleep. I mean, it had to take a lot to spook a ghost!

Now I can't wait two weeks to read the next chapter. Nope. You're going to have to send it by sooner than that. Yes you are!


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Review #14, by Owlpost68 3 years 40 days

5th March 2016:
Hi Gina, sorry it took me so long to come back for another review, but I thought with the Review-a-thon going on, it'd be a good time :)

This was a great chapter, it really highlighted their characters and personalities. I loved how you used the simile to describe Scorpius' head blocking the sun, that was so well written! Also how you described Albus' urgency and getting hit with the book drew me right in. Also loved the description of the grass staining the pants because it brought an element of touch into the story which is really hard to do.

Trust me, I'm really trying to find something to crtique... I think the few things I have questions about are just things that I'm sure will be answered in later chapters, like why he's So obsessed and introspective, is that just his character? Did something in particular happen to make him that way? Things like that. It's still the beginning of the story though, so we'll just see what happens :)

Great job!

This review was written for the Review-a-thon

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Review #15, by MuggleMaybe 3 years, 30 days

27th February 2016:

And, HA! I knew there had to be more to Dee's story that a stupid dare with a friend. She obliviated all those students, and Albus, too! I really, reeeally hope he can still remember the Hogsmeade trip! Speaking of which, yay! Sophie was the date and he *saw* her and it was sweet and lovely and... why do I suspect you're going to throw them into turmoil the next time I read this story? Alas, nothing can be as easy as that, I suppose.

I am really dying to know where that scar came from, more than ever!

You've built things up brilliantly. There's Harry's visit, and the first Quidditch match, and his friendships and romances, and the scar and DLZ and everything hanging on the horizon. I hope chapter 8 brings an answer or two, and perhaps a bit more mystery as well.

xoxo Renee

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Review #16, by MuggleMaybe 3 years 31 days, part two

27th February 2016:
Review number 6!

First of all, I completely understand Lily and Albus's dread of their dad coming to Hogwarts. When I started elementary school, my dad was the school principal. Sometimes it was great. Other times... I'm just thankful it wasn't high school! :P

Anyway, back to the story.

Nopity nope nope - that simply can't be the whole story of DLZ. I don't buy it. I just don't. I know there's time travel in this story at some point and I refuse to accept that DLZ isn't involved. Although, I admit, I didn't find Deborah very likable. I agree with Lily - she seems a bit full of herself.

This chapter provided such a sense of relief. I felt like I finally got to see Albus being his normal self. I needed that. I think it brought the story into greater focus to have an idea of what normalcy looks like for Al.

This is the last of your prize reviews, but I'm definitely sticking with this story. I'm really enjoying it! Congrts on your much deserved win, and thanks for writing this fab story for me to review! :D

Much love!

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Review #17, by MuggleMaybe 3 years 31 days

27th February 2016:
Oh, oh, OH, this chapter was SO GOOD!

I adore Sophie. I want to be Hufflepuff besties with her. She's a sweetheart, and Al is a fool.

Well, he's not. I can tell he's intelligent. But he is a bit out of it, isn't he? You've done a great job conveying the oddness of everything, not just in this chapter but throughout the story. He feels just a bit off - except when he's with his friends. They bring him back to center, somehow.

Al and Lily's interaction was very sweet - you can tell he cares about his little sis. ;,)

Moaning Myrtle's bathroom - that is promising! I can't wait to say what Myrtle has to say about all this :P

More to the point: Did Joel and Vanessa legit give that girl Amortentia? WHAT IS GOING ON? Girl, you can certainly write a suspenseful chapter!

On to chapter 6 because I'm weak andI can't wait another moment!
xoxo Renee

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Review #18, by MuggleMaybe 3 years 32 days

26th February 2016:
Review #4 :)

Why Al thinks Joel had anything to do with the person in the woods is beyond me, but I suppose we all have a tendency to explain away the mysterious at times.

More importantly: I AM EXCITED ABOUT THE DATE. Oh, and I really enjoyed Vanessa. You have a great knack for giving interesting, telling details about your minor characters. But back to the date. Is the girl Sophie? I hope it is! Obviously it can't be Rose, so it's either Sophie, DLZ (doubtful), Tracy Hopkins, or someone we haven't met yet. (Unless I'm forgetting someone. But I don't think so.) I can't wait to read that part, regardless!

Reading after Quidditch practice. Huh. Albus is rather an odd duck, isn't he? (she said affectionately.) The way you write him is so marvelously original. I really appreciate that.

Al's interest in his namesake was a nice touch.

I hope you won't mind if this review is a bit short - I'm a little over eager to read the next chapter!

xoxo Renee

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Review #19, by MuggleMaybe 3 years 35 days

26th February 2016:
Hello lovely! I'm here with your third challenge prize review. (I know, I know, I'm the slowest ever. I'm so sorry! Please forgive me?)

I really enjoyed this chapter, and I felt the characterization did indeed get stronger as a result of more time spent watching Al with his besties. Joel has a fascinating backstory, and your characterization of Rose is brilliant, not to mention a perfect contrast to the solemn Albus. (Also, whoever you used for the ci is a perfect Rose!)

I a becoming increasingly excited about the moment when I get to learn more about the mysterious story of DLZ, the dream, and the scar. I don't believe for a moment that the scar is "a forgotten Quidditch injury." And Al doesn't either. Thank you for not making your protagonist an idiot. ;)

I found the dialogue in this chapter was really strong. I especially liked Joel's rant that Jen's BF is useless for not knowing about magical sports. It was such a perfectly ridiculous thing for someone to say while feeling stressed - so much irony! I *actually* laughed out loud.

As you implied in the A/N, there is a lot of characterization here, but not as much in the way of plot. I enjoyed getting to know Al better, and as a result of this chapter I feel more invested in the eventual outcome of the story, so I think your edits were successful.

When Al throws out the word "Mudbloods" just like it's nothing, I admit I sort of gasped in my head, but it completely makes sense! I mean, blood prejudice and the war are history, not reality for these characters. I suppose it's like calling someone a "commie" now - it just doesn't have the same weight it would've had 30 years ago. Really interesting choice on your part with that.

On to chapter 4! Yipee!
xoxo Renee

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Review #20, by princesslily_36 3 years, 30 days

11th February 2016:
Finally snuck in some time to drop in :D

I'm definitely going to be gushing about this chapter because Albus and Sophie - Aw!!

That speech when Albus defends Sophie to Joel without knowing it himself - cuteness overloaded!

You know, I was always a James person, but you're making me fall begrudgingly in love with your Albus. Like Frankie said, he's so huggable!

I love your little additions in this chapter :D Like Vanessa being so repentant about PDA - awesome touch, and Albus being uncomfortable because he's Albus *hug*

I hate that Deborah! She just creeps me out!

My favorite lines/phrases/dialogues:

1. wind stealing their breath at each step

2. 'There she was' - wow. Just wow. That paragraph that preceeded this line, I almost saw the whole thing happening in slow-mo. It was like watching a romcom - with those lines as a voiceover while the incredibly-cute hero gazing so adoringly at the unsuspecting love of his life. *sigh*

3. "You dont like Hufflepuffs, Albus said. Its your fatal flaw.

4. "From one Albus to another, thank you,

I forgot to mention, I love Joel's dry humor. There's something about it which adds a punch!

Aww Gina! Your A/N *hugs* You're the sweetest, really!! So special! Made my day!!

Love, Hugs, Kisses,

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Review #21, by Owlpost68 3 years 47 days

5th February 2016:
Hi, it's Heather, I'll take a crack at this chapter for you. I know the feeling about rewriting a chapter over and over, and it definitely felt like you went over every last detail.

Fittingly, this is where my attention to detail comes in:

Literally, there were details galore here, which, in most ways, really made the chapter interesting, in just a couple of ways, it was a little too much. Like the beginning where you said that Al felt like his bed had moved a little bit to the right. I've never heard of anyone noticing that kind of detail, but even if he did, I wouldn't have put it in the beginning of a chapter. It didn't grab me in to the story.

That being said, it didn't make me turn away from the rest of the story, which was really interesting. I never thought of Al as a person to read biographies with that amount of interest. I think because we always hear about Rose being bookish we don't think of the Potters that way. And then speaking of Rose, you immediately likened her with Ron, not being a morning person, and with Hermione, being nosy and reading his mysterious note. Well done.

I also loved how you incorporated the Room of Requirement as his refuge. I did want to point out, that part of the RoR is that you can think of something you need/want and it appears, so I don't know if he really needed to sneak certain items there, but then again, he doesn't know all its secrets does he? I imagine he's figured out quite a bit though considering he's been there since 1st year.

Then of course, this mystery person, who he's fallen in love with before, but doesn't know yet... I feel like this is the start of where the details of this mystery begins. I will keep it in mind.

Very interesting, it's been a long time since I've read a next gen story that's kept my interest. Ones that have, sadly were not completed. So, I have high hopes for this one!

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Review #22, by princesslily_36 3 years 31 days, part two

5th February 2016:
DLZ!! Finally!!

Zeller. Do I remember a Rose Zeller being sorted sometime during Hogwarts Era?

That whole exchange was so cryptic. I mean, if I hadn't read the previous chapters I would have thought Albus was over reacting, but Zeller, she kinda creeped me out a little bit too. I can't say exactly why, but I do side with Albus on this!

My favorite parts:

1. how he thought of Myrtle then realized she had no breaths! Those small details really give you an edge!

2. The exchange between Lily and Albus - everything about this was amazing. Albus felt like he was his old self again - this showed why I didn't understand Albus before, because he wasn't himself - he is so free and happy around Lily.

3. Harry as an embarrassing dad rotflol!

4. James being the awesome eldest son! I'm sure Harry wouldn't play favorites, but I can see his children thinking he does!

5. The little descriptions that companies the dialogues, bringing greater life to the scenes.

Overall, this is the best chapter I've read so far! Can't wait for more!

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Review #23, by princesslily_36 3 years 31 days

5th February 2016:
Is it just me or is Albus particularly dreamy for a 17 year old? Does this nature of his have anything significant to do with the mystery that's going to unfold? - I got my answer in the later half! Memory lapses!!! Brilliant. I love how you're building this up.

"Tears pressed against his eyes" - this line threw me off to me honest. I can see how he would be shocked, but I don't see what would make him cry?

I like how he's not a stereotypical teenage boy! The beginning kind of reminded me of Luna Lovegood - adorable and preoccupied!

Harry's tone of letter - so adorable! I'm reusing adjectives because I'm really fond of the Albus Harry relationship here. As the middle child, Albus would tend to gravitate towards Harry (that's become my headcanon now).

Lily. I adore her. A total little-sister-big-brother interaction there. *sigh* the potter-weasley clan rocks!

The ending. Ohhh we're getting closer to the DLZ! Oh no! What's going on with the scar? And Amorentia? This just keeps getting thicker

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Review #24, by princesslily_36 3 years 32 days

5th February 2016:
You know I really did agree with Joel when he said Albus was constantly dwelling on the bad. I got those feels as well.

Albus' letter to his dad showed exactly how close they were, how comfortable he was opening up to him. Also, that part about him idolizing the person he was named after, awesome!

I wonder a few things here - why did Albus think he was wrong for gryffindor? Coming from a family of them, especially as he didn't want to be a Slytherin, wouldn't he have welcomed Gryffindor?

Also, when you said family regarding Albus and Nora, did u mean the cousins only (which makes sense they would care about teenage gossip). It makes sense that Albus cared so much about what his family thought... Given his apprehension about being a Slytherin!

I also like that you're not making him a quintessential Gryffindor. He has his own nervousness and insecurities, and isn't brave in the conventional sense. I'm getting a part-Neville vibe from him :D that's a good thing because Neville showed us that there is a Gryffindor in us in so many other ways.

The description of the Quidditch scene was wonderful! I like how you're building the mystery up in small steps. It doesn't dive right into it, giving us glimpses of it while keeping the usual school life going is quite good. I'm still intrigue by the scar!

I'm betting that figure wasn't Joel. This is an awesome chapter!

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Review #25, by princesslily_36 3 years 35 days

4th February 2016:
Poor thing! Albus having nightmares :( ohh what was that scar all about? The whole nightmares and scar twinging was very Harry Potter ish. Is this the hidden script of cursed child by any chance :D because it's just so wonderfully written. The suspense being intermixed with their friendships and normal teenage angst.

And Rose, I like Rose! I think she's my favorite in this story :D she's a perfect mix of Ron and Hermione! And I love how she and Albus are so close. Not just because they're cousins but because she's just so good for him, you know! She's so cheery and upbeat, and Albus is just so... Serious! He definitely needs her around :D

Joel's inner turmoil - so brilliant, so natural. His bitterness and envy. Ive actually wondered if Lily Evans often felt like that - like if she ever truly belonged anywhere. Joel's feelings bring a wonderful dimension to a Muggleborn that we haven't seen. Harry, for all practical purposes was brought up by muggles, but he didn't identify himself with them enough to feel this way. Leaving behind a twin, that's got to be hard!

I am a bit confused about Albus, though. I can't really make him out you know. I understand that's probably the plot, but I can't seem to get the feel of his character. Joel, I get now. Scorpius too, the little we have seen of him seem to be bang on. Rose is an enigma, but that's what I love best about her - she seems to be very mature and sweet at times but Albus' thoughts on her seem to suggest quite the opposite!

I guess we will see more in the next chapter 😁


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